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Individual Records of Members
of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment
[and other Newfoundlanders]
who served during the First World War
(1914 - 1918)

#2 Platoon A Coy 1915 Donated by Linda Bell
#5 Platoon 1915 Source
ANTLE, William Regt No. 1947 Donated by Maureen Murphy
ALEXANDER, Walter Regt No. 1504 Donated by Daniel B. Breen
ARNOLD, Chesley Regt No. 1368 Donated by Myron Arnold
ASH, Archibald Sgt. Regt No. 575 Photo donated by
BADCOCK, Arthur Regt No. 2314 Donated by Domino Howse
BALSOM, Ralph Regt No. 2395 Donated by
BANNISTER, Israel Regt No. 2812 Donated by Domino Howse
BARBOUR, Lester Regt No. 3709 Donated by Ed Barbour
BARBOUR, Wilfred Regt No. 3705 Donated by Ed Barbour
BARRETT, Nathan Regt No. 5230 Donated by Michelle Barrett and Tom Barrett
BARROW, Daniel Regt No. 2154 Donated by Danny Axtman
BASTOW, William
BASTOW, Frederick
BASTOW, Gordon
BASTOW, Albert
CRON, James
ATWILL, Duncan
Regt No. 676
Regt No. 700
Regt No. 930
Regt No. 1016
Regt No. 2750
Regt No. 1585
Regt No. 1833
Regt No. 1914
Donated by Geoff Martin
BENOIT, Peter Regt No. 3535 Donated by Veterans Affairs Canada
BENOIT, Walter Regt No. 2683 Donated by Veterans Affairs Canada
BENSON, William James Regt No. 4132 Donated by Robert Benson
BISHOP, Alexander Regt No. 57 Donated by Mark Stares
BISHOP, William George Service No. 2720X Donated by June Janes Hearn
BLAKE, Zachariah Regt No. 4055 Donated by Benson Hewitt
BLANCHARD, Louis Regt No. 4999 Donated by Greg Kehoe
BOYCE, Norman Regt No. 2928 Donated by Tom Lawrance
BRAZIL, Matthew, L/Cpl Regt No. 1368 Donated by Michael Ryan
BRAY, Uriah Regt. No. 4774 Donated by Munden Bray
BREEN, John Regt. No. 67 Donated by Daniel B. Breen
BROCKLEHURST, Samuel Stephen
BROCKLEHURST, George Augustus
BROCKLEHURST, Edward Stanislaus
Regt. No. 1262724
Regt. No. 919858
Regt. No. 848
Regt. No.2519
Donated by Frank Connors
BROWN, John Regt. No. 5442 Donated by Phyllis Chaffey
BROWN, Orlando Regt. No. 2670 Donated by Domino Howse
BROWN, Robert Gill Regt No 1565 Donated by Keith Brown
BROWN, William, Pte Regt No. 4170 Donated by Linda C. Bell
BROWN, William Wilson Regt No 2435 Donated by Keith Brown
BURTON, Willis Gordon Regt No. 3199 Donated by Helen Whiffen
BUTLER, Anthony Regt No 4111 Donated by Ellen Butler
BUTLER, Edward Regt No 1567 Donated by Benson Hewitt
BUTT, Frederick James Service No 1592X Donated by Jean Ward
BUTT, Joseph Hicks Regt No 3802 Donated by Anne Gosse
BUTT, Naboth Service No 2196X Donated by Anne Gosse
BYRNE, Francis Regt No 4022 Donated by Thomas Byrne
BYRNE, Michael 29th Battalion Australian Imperial Force Donated by John Michael Byrne
CHAFFEY, Arthur James Regt No. 3014 Donated by Muriel Chislett
CAINES, John Regt No 2829 Donated by Dorothy Caines Williams
CHATMAN, Albert Regt No. 2278 Donated by Juanita Jacobs
CHATMAN, William Regt No. 2212 Donated by Juanita Jacobs
CLARKE, Alexander Service No 269X Donated by Donald Dooley
CLOUSTON, William John Regt No. 3460 Donated by Craig and Deanna Hutchings
CHRISTIAN, William Coaker Regt No. 3371 Donated by Creative Printer & Publishers Ltd
COBB, George Service No. 621X Donated by Diane Johnson
COISH, Harold Regt No. 1400 Donated by Craig Penney
COISH, William Regt No. 3200 Donated by Craig Penney
COLE, Samuel Regt No. 465 Donated by Sandy Cole-Michael
COLLIER, Archibald Regt No. 5067 Donated by Leslie A. Winsor
COLLINS, James Joseph Regt No. 567 Donated by James J. Collins
COLLINS, Matthew Sgt. Regt No. 710 Donated by Sandra Collins
CONNORS, James Patrick Regt No 209 Donated by John (Jack) Connors
CONNORS, John Charles Regt Nos 1278/3271 Donated by Daniel B. Breen
CONRAN, William Regt No. 4795 Donated by Jim Conran
COOPER, Charley Service # 1051X Donated by Jonathan Brooks
COOPER, James Regt No. 98 Donated by Jan Ball
COSTELLO, Edward Regt No. 4561 Donated by Mary Duggan
COULTAS, William Norman Regt. No. 1058 Donated by Daniel B. Breen
CRANE, Eldred Regt No. 2678 Donated by John Crane
CRITCH, Francis Regt No. 4939 Donated by Linda Elkins-Schmitt
CRITCH, William Regt No. 4926 Donated by Linda Elkins-Schmitt
CURRAN, Dominic Regt No. 1022 Donated by Pam Dodd
DAWE, Frank Regt No. 3011 Donated by Julie Tan
DEAN, Kenneth W. Regt No. 8214 Donated by Gloria Young
DELANEY, James Thomas Regt No. 2225 Donated by Steve Delaney
DUNN, Ron Regt. No. 1088 Donated by Daniel B. Breen
DURNFORD, Frederick Regt. No. 2631 Donated by Cynde Durnford-Branecki
DYER, William Regt. No. 4605 Donated by Janice [Dyer] Dunne
EARLE, Charles Service # 1120X Donated by Diane Park-Filion
EBSARY, Samuel
EBSARY, Albert
EBSARY, William
EBSARY, Herbert
EBSARY, Frederick
Regt No. 501
Regt No. 3292
Regt No. 3189
Regt No. 2569
Regt No. 1138
Regt No. 1133
Donated by Jackie Ebsary
ELDRIDGE, Richard Regt No. 1279 Donated by Robert G. Eldridge
ENNIS, Louis Regt No. 3616 Donated by Robert Ennis
ETHERIDGE, Richard Regt No. 1345 Donated by Benson Hewitt
FARRELL, Martin Patrick Regt No. 1798 Donated by Camilla Farrell
FARRELL, Samuel Regt No. 1761 Donated by Camilla Farrell
FEWER, William USS Maine Donated by Jim Lane
FISHER, Hubert W. Regt No. 2077 Donated by Shirlie Philion [Fisher]
FOOTE, Benjamin Regt No. 734286 Donated by Domino Howse
FORD, Joseph Regt No. 3432 Donated by David Pike
FOWLER, James Francis Regt No. 311 Donated by Bren Power
FREEMAN, Charles W. Regt No. 3545 Donated by Terry Rowsell
FREW, Mackintosh Regt No. 2246 Donated by Nicolette Courte
FRIZZELL, Henry Joseph
FRIZZELL, William Charles
Regt No. 3310
Regt No. 3279
Donated by Chris Shelley
FRY, Richard Regt No. 2625 Donated by Martha Fry Boudreau
FRY, William Regt No. 1550 Donated by
FUDGE, Freeman Regt No. 3538 Donated by Donald W. Fudge
GALE, Neil Regt. No. 8295 Donated by Helen Whiffen
GALLISHAW, Alonzo John Regt No. 1369 Donated by Philip Smith
GEAR, James Edward Regt. No. 67275 Donated By William Anderson
GEORGE, William Arthur Regt. No. 720 Donated by Dayle James
GILLAM, Charles LLewelyn Regt No. 3148 Donated by Muriel Chislett
GILLINGHAM, Henry Regt. No. 3008 Donated by Chris Gillingham
GILLINGHAM, Maurice Regt. No. 3636 Donated by Lillian Whittaker
GOODLAND, Oliver Regt No 1834 Donated by Anne Gosse
GOSSE, Nathan Regt. No. 1421 Donated by Nathan Gosse
GOSSE, William Joseph Regt No. 963 Donated by William G. Martin
GOUGH, Chesley James Regt No. 893 Donated by Anne Gosse
GOUGH, Joseph E. Regt No 8123 Donated by Anne Gosse
GOUGH, Newman Regt No. 1918 Donated by Anne Gosse
GULLICKSEN, Ernest Regt No. 1385 Donated by Myron Arnold
HAINES, Albert Regt No. 1110 Donated by Gerald Curtis
HALEY, William Pte Regt No. 2984 Donated by Ed Barbour
HANN, George Regt No 2605 Donated by Anne Gosse
HARNETT, Frank Regt. No. 1612 Donated by Benson Hewitt
HART, Roland Regt No. 4176 Donated by Benson Hewitt
HAYLEY, Leonard Pte Regt No. 1000 Donated by Len Hayley Jr.
HEANEY, James Patrick Regt No. 476 Donated by Larry Kavanagh
HOCKLEY, John Herbert Regt No. 216 Donated by Tom Lawrance
HODDINOTT, Ludwig Duncan Regt. No. 2234 Donated by William Logan
HOPSON, Frank Regt. No. 2915 Donated by Nicolette Courte
HOUSE, George Hall Regt. No. 3349 Donated by Domino House
HOWLETT, James Regt. No. 3313 Donated by Leonard Howlett
HULAN, Edward Moses Service No. 1645X Donated by Muriel Chislett
HULAN, Gerald Gordon Service No. 3764 Donated by Muriel Chislett
HULAN [Huelin], Howard Regt No. 1568 Donated by Muriel Chislett
HYNES, [HAAS], Frank Regt. No. 4117 Donated by Ellen Butler
HYNES, Harry and Alfred Regt Nos. 1621, 1453 Donated by Bill Meadus
JANES, Edward Taylor Regt No. 1704 Donated by George Warren
JANES, George Robert Regt No. 1642 Donated by George Warren
JANES, Stephen Regt No. 1113 Donated by George Warren
JEDDORE, Peter Regt No. 6327 Donated by
KELLY, Frank Regt No. 2679 Donated by Bill Meadus
KENNEDY, Alexander Service # 951X Donated by Carol Kennedy-Hopkins
KENNEDY, John Thomas U.S. Army Donated by Carol Kennedy-Hopkins
KING, Albert Victor Regt. No. 1168 Donated by Frank Gogos (October 2003)
KING, Ephraim Regt. No. 1572 Donated by Frank Gogos (October 2003)
KING, John F. Regt. No. 2224 Donated by McHugh
KING, William Regt. No. 2618 Donated by McHugh
KING, William Wallace Regt. No. 5841 Donated by Betty Eleanor King DeRego
KNIGHT, George Samuel Regt. No. 309 Donated by Sandra Knight Churchill
LACEY, Roland Regt. No. 77 Donated by Patricia Lacey
LAWLOR, Edward Regt No. 477 Donated by Michael Laurie
LeDREW, John L. Regt No. 2988 Donated by Brian Fancy
LeMessurier, Francis Ernest Regt No. 853 Donatded by Chris Morry
LESEMAN, Roy Bennett Regt No. 220 Donated by Vicki Coutu
LEWIS, William
LEWIS, Fredrick
Regt No. 1213
Regt No. 950
Donated by Mary Abbass
LILLY, Paul M. Sgt Regt No. 1323 Donated by Paul Kinsman
LOCKE, Adolphus Regt No. 3403 Donated by Domino Howse
LUCAS, Frederick William Regt No. 2808 Donated By Steve Rudowski
LUFF, Harry Regt No. 3742 Donated by Domino Howse
LUKINS, George
Regt No. 544
Regt No. 547
Donated by Rich Johnston
LUSH, Stanley Regt No. 5557 Donated by Joan Lush Haggett
MACKLIN, Robert Regt No. 3732 Donated by Anne Gosse
MADORE, Reuban Regt No. 2566 Donated by
MAHANEY, James Albert Service No. 2216X Donated by Harold Ford
MARCH, William Regt No. 3131 Donated by Juanita Jacobs
MARKS, Chesley Regt No. 1950 Donated by William Anderson
MARKS, Levi Regt No. 2961 Donated by William Anderson
MARSH, William Luther Regt No. 2083 Donated by Bill Meadus
MARTIN, George Chesley Regt No. 836 Donated by Geoff Martin
MARTIN, George Nicholas Regt No. 4119 Donated by Sarah Sharpe
MAYNARD, John Regt No. 4096 Donated by Krithia McHugh
MAYNARD, William Regt. No. 5496 Donated by Eric McHugh
MEYERS, Cornelius Regt No. 2601 Donated by Rita Pearce
McCORMACK, James Regt No. 2658 Donated by Daniel B. Breen
McHUGH, John F. Regt. No. 5016 Donated by McHugh
MICHELIN, Joseph Jr Regt. No. 637 Donated by Jean Ward
MICHELIN, Robert Regt. No. 1730 Donated by Jean Ward
MILLER, Jacob Service # 488657 Donated by Diane Johnson
MOORE, Daniel Joseph Regt No 741 Donated by Shelley Moore
MORGAN, William Regt No 865 Donated by Robin Morgan
MORRIS, James Robert Regt No. 1624 Donated by Muriel Chislett
MORRIS, Stephen Pte Service # 33416 Donated by Robert Mullan
MORRIS, William Service # 1581 Donated by Muriel Chislett
MORRISSEY, Michael William Regt No. 427 Donated by Betty Morrissey and the Morrissey Family
MORRY, Howard Regt No. 726 Donated by Chris Morry
MULLETT, George Regt No 2760 Donated by Anne Gosse
MURPHY, James   Donated by Sandra Knight Churchill
MURPHY, Michael Regt No. 754 Donated by Brendan Murphy
MURPHY, William J. Regt No. 975 Donated by Maurice Charette
NEWELL, Kenneth S. Regt No. 1692 Donated by Linda Perron and Albert Kenneth Newell
NEWELL, Victor Perrin Regt No. 3598 Donated by Linda Perron and Albert Kenneth Newell
NICOL, John Regt No. 336 Donated by Douglas Bursey
NOSEWORTHY, Frederick Regt No. 527 Donated by Ron Noseworthy
O'BRIEN, Andrew Joseph Regt No. 1375 Donated by Jim Roache
O'NEILL, Ambrose Regt No. 2545 Donated by Mary van Thiel
O'NEILL, Patrick Regt No 2263 Donated by Mary van Thiel
PADDICK, Levi Regt No 2558 Donated by Chris Paddick
PARRILL, John Richard Regt No 2871 Donated by Bradley Way
PARSONS, J.A. Regt No. 3784 Donated by Creative Printers & Publishers Limited
PARSONS, Pierce Regt No. 3425 Donated by Creative Printers & Publishers Limited, St. John's, NF
PAUL, Francis Regt No. 4667 Donated by Natasha Jones
PAUL, Reginald Regt NO. 731 Donated by Dale Riggs
PAUL, Stephen Regt No. 2331 Donated by Natasha Jones
PEARCE, Samuel Regt No. 2835 Donated by Jim Crawford
PELLEY, Frederick George Regt No. 1056 Donated by Michael Pelley
PENNEY, Alexander Regt No. 2696 Donated by Bill Meadus
PENNEY, Charles Regt No. 2394 Donated by Bill Meadus
PENNEY, Ernest Regt No. 5514 Donated by Craig Penney
PENTON, Ignatius Regt. No. 2589 Donated by Benson Hewitt
PENTON, Leonard Regt No. 3269 Donated by Len Penton
PERRY, Reuben Oliver Regt No. 3118 Donated by Linda and Brendon Bromley
PETERS, Edward Samuel Howard Regt No. 307047 Donated by Edith Lundrigan
PEYTON, Stephen Regt No. 2514 Donated by Benson Hewitt
PIKE, George Edward Regt No. 898 Donated by Tom Lawrance
PINSENT, Stewart Regt No. 1158 Donated by Sandra Churchill
PITCHER, Herbert Redvers Regt No. 1729 Donated by Leslie Winsor
PITCHER, Frederick Charles Regt No. 3348 Donated by Leslie Winsor
PITTMAN, Abel Regt No. 3706 Donated by Bill Meadus
PITTMAN, John Regt No. 3997 Donated by Domino Howse
PITTMAN, Thomas Regt No 1733 Donated by Brian Mullins
PHILLIPS, Robert Service # 1441 Donated by Bill Meadus
POWELL, Garland Pte Regt No. 2816 Donated by Charles Powell
POWER, David Regt No. 310 Donated by Bren Power
POWER, Herbert J. Regt No. 1555 Donated by Jim Martin
PUDDISDTER, Thomas Regt No. 4388 Donated by Parker Nadeau
QUIRK, James Regt No. 1298 Donated by Bill White
QUIRK, Peter Regt No. 5748 Donated by Bill White
RANDELL, Sydney Service No. 1084X Donated by Diane Johnson
READ, Alexander Regt No. 2008 Donated by Erica Walters
READ, Bertram Regt No. 5060 Donated by Erica Walters
READ, Charles Regt No. 2009 Donated by Erica Walters
REID, Bramwell Booth Regt No. 3120 Donated by Domino Howse
RIGGS, Frederick L/Cpl Regt No. 1059 Donated by Fred Bailey
ROACH George (Roche) Regt No. 4595 Donated by Jim Roache
ROBERTS, Ray Maxwell Service No. 2538x Donated by Amanda Roberts
ROOST, William Regt No. 76 Donated by Tom Rossiter
ROSE, Frederick Augustine Service No 1007041 Donated by David Rose


Regt No. 2724
Regt No. 1466
Donated by Terry Rowsell
RUSSELL, Melville Royston Regt. No. 2365 Donated by Warren Marrs
RYAN, Samuel Patrick Regt. No. 884 Donatded by Jack Melanson
SCANLON, David Regt. No. 2088 Donated by Dom DiBattista
SCANLON, John Service # 2149X Donated by Dom DiBattista
SCOTT, Frederick George Regt. No. 4097 Donated by Glenda Poirier
SHAVE, Edwin Regt. No. 1699 Donated by Benson Hewitt
SHEARS, John Regt. No. 1274 Donated by Marilyn Woodworth
SHORT, John Charles Regt No. 1683 Donated by Dan Porter
SHORT, William James Regt. No. 878 Donated by Hubert Short
SIMMS, Frank Frederick Hayward Regt No. 2959 Donated by Harold G. Simms
SIMMS, John Henry Regt No. 88 Donated by Benson Hewitt
SKINNER, John Matthew Regt No. 3383 Donated by Patrick Morrissey
SLADE, William Service No. 501160 Donated by Gavin May
SMALL, Frank Regt No. 2231 Donated by Hugh Small and Family
SMALL, Fred Regt No. 4035 Donated by Hugh Small and Family
SMALL, George Regt No. 1516 Donated by Hugh Small and Family
SMALL, Percy Regt No. 4033 Donated by Hugh Small and Family
SNOW, Joseph Service # 1758X Donated by Irving Snow [son] and Jean Ward [granddaughter]
SOPER, John Service # 1009X Donated by Linda Fraser and Kirsten Muller
SPENCER, John Albert Regt No. 3884 Donated by Cleon E. Spencer
SPENCER, Roy Regt No. 859 Donated by George Spencer
SPURRELL, Richard Regt No. 1745 Donated by Bill Meadus
STARES, Frank William Regt No 1449 Donated by Marjorie (Stares) Fudge
STARES, Harry Matthew   Donated by Marjorie (Stares) Fudge
STICK, Edward Moyle Regt No. 2145 Donated by Paul Hillyard
STREET, Augustus George Regt No. 4812 Donated by Larry Arnold
STRONG, Norman Wheatley Regt No. 1522 Donated by Barbara Pederson
TAYLOR, Albert E. 2nd Lt Regt No. 1554 Donated by
TAYLOR, Baxter Regt No. 5519 Donated by Daryl Sparkes
THISTLE, Walter L. Regt No. 215 Donated by Frank Gogos
THOMAS, Walter Regt No. 722 Donated by Dara Curle
TOBIN, Walter Regt No. 1556 Donated by DRC Publishing
TRASK, Heber Regt No 3156 Donated by Anne Gosse
TUCKER, Thomas Regt No. 4187 Donated by Leonard Tucker
VOKEY, Herbert John Regt No. 2614 Donated by Bill Meadus
WALSH, James Regt No. 2341 Donated by Leonard Howlett
WALSH, Richard Joseph Regt. No. 942 Donated by Steve Stuart
WARREN, Alexander Regt No. 1413 Donated by George Warren
WARREN, Alphaeus Regt No. 6113 Donated by William Warren
WARREN, Ernest Edwin   Donated by Warren Martin
WEIR, Victor Regt No. 5481 Donated by Craig Penney
WELLS, Robert Regt No. 6339 Donated by David Wells
WHEELER, Arthur Regt No. 2465 Donated by Hugh Small and Family
WHEELER, Walter Regt No. 4071 Donated by Les and George Wheeler
WHEELER, James Joseph Regt No. 1432 Donated by Chris Morry
WHEELER, William James Regt No. 1739 Donated by Mel Wheeler
WHELAN, Patrick Regt No. 3428 Donated by Patrick Whelan
WHITE, Albert Clarence Regt No. 1374 Donated by Frank Gogos
WHITE, Alexander Regt No. 5945 Donated by Helen Whiffen
WHITE, Richard Regt No. 1473 Donated by Suzanne Sheppard
WHITE, Richard Regt No. 2354 Donated by Kevin R. Brinkman
WHITTEN, Fredick Thomas Regt No. 5275 Donated by Bonita Wells
WILLIAMS, Albert Regt No. 5322 Donated by T.E. Williams
WILLIS, John Hector Service # 1830X Donated by Trishe Willis
WINSOR, George Regt No 1845 Donated by Anne Gosse
WINSOR, Hedley Regt No 5066 Donated by Anne Gosse
WISEMAN, Herbert Regt No. 2820 Donated by Bill Meadus
WISEMAN, Sidney Hayward Service No. 2212X Donated by Craig Penney
WOOD[S], William Royal Newfoundland Veterans Corps Donated by Jeff Wood
WORNELL, Frederick John Regt No 1839 Donated by Anne Gosse
YOUNG, Harry Bray Regt No. 3207 Donated by Brenda Young
YOUNG, William Regt No. 4872 Donated by Helen Whiffen
Unknown Soldiers   Donated by Tom Lawrance
Unknown Couple   Donated by Oscar Locke

These entries have been donated by individuals who want to add to the original works.
Our thanks at NGB to them for their unselfishness.

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