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Cemeteries Marystown Sacred Heart RC Cemetery updated to be complete in 2018 - Burin District October 14, 2018
Cemeteries Marystown St. Michael's All Angels Anglican Cemetery complete - 2018 - Burin District October 14, 2018
Newspapers The Telegram Obits for April, July & September 2014, March, April, May & December 2015, January, May, June, July August, October, November & December 2016, January, October & November 2017, plus January 2018 & March to September 2018 October 1, 2018
Wills 6 Supreme Court Wills for Hugh Hamlin (5-554), John Hickey (5-566), John Higgins (5-655), Nathaniel Hill  (5-654), John J. Howley (5-657) and Robert Hunt (5-651). October 1, 2018
Wills 1 Supreme Court Will for James Ivamy (5-490). October 1, 2018
Wills 2 Supreme Court Wills for Alexander Jack (5-491) and Catherine G. Joy (5-660). October 1, 2018
Wills 6 Supreme Court Wills for Bridget Keating (5-555), Johanna Kenealy (5-662), James Kenna (5-493), Margaret Kiely (5-664), Henry King (5-492) and John Kinsella (5-661). October 1, 2018
Wills 7 Supreme Court Wills for Mary Lamb (5-496), Ellen Lanigan (5-496), John Larkin (5-494), Thomas Lawler (5-665), Catherine Leonard (5-668), Edward Leonard (5-495) and Eleanor (Ellen) Liddy (5-672). October 1, 2018
Wills 20 Supreme Court Wills for Anne Manning (5-679), Margaret Manwarren (5-497), Francis McDougall (5-557), Michael McGee (5-560), William McGrath (5-561), Susan McKay (5-499), Frances McNamara (5-562), Maria McNeil (5-677), Isaac McNeily (5-563), Charles Mercer (5-500), Rebecca Moore (5-569), Thomas Mullins (5-680), Richard J. Mullowney (5-498), Ann Munden (5-674), Benjamin Murphy (5-676), Bridget Murphy (5-559), Edward Murphy (5-499), John Murphy (5-556), William Murphy (5-568) and James Murray (5-563). October 6, 2018
Wills 4 Supreme Court Wills for Richard Newell (5-572), John Nichols (5-501), James Charles Norman (5- 682) and Alice Nowlan (5-571). October 6, 2018
Wills 2 Estate Files (1885) for John Dunphy (St. John's, Cooper) and John Dwyer (St. John's, Farmer) October 1, 2018
Wills 6 Estate Files (1885) for Ellen Fitzgerald (Fogo), George Filmore (St. John's, Master Mariner), James Foley (St. John's, Farmer), John Follett (Scilly Cove, Fisherman), Patrick Fowlow (Trinity, Master Mariner) and James French (St. John's, Dealer) October 1, 2018
Wills 5 Estate Files (1885) for William Gaze (St. John's, Merchant), George Gibson Geddes ( St. John's, Storekeeper), Morgan Genge (Channel, Planter), Israel Gosse (Spaniards Bay, Dealer) and Mary Griffin (St. John's) October 1, 2018
Wills 5 Estate Files (1894) for Julia Tessier (St. John's), Lewis R. Tessier (St. John's), Mary E. Thompson (Hr. Grace), Francis Trelegan (St. John's, Licensed Publican) and Jesse Troke (Dog Bay, near Fogo, Planter) October 1, 2018
Wills 1 Estate File (1894) for William Voissey (St. John's, Carriage Builder) October 1, 2018
Wills 8 Estate File (1894) for Nicholas Walsh (St. John's, Shoemaker), George Webber (St. John's, Tailor), Anastatia Whelan (St. John's), James Whelan (Brigus), Thomas Whiffen (Long Harbour - Laborer), Sarah Ann White (St. John's), Sarah T. White (St. John's) and George Whitten (St. John's, Fisherman) October 1, 2018



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