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Historical A Letter from Fogo and Area to the King 1771, in the Colonial Office Records June 1, 2018
Newspapers The Telegram Obits for October to December 2017 and March to June 2018 June 14, 2018
Newspapers The Western Star Obits updated for April & May 2017, plus March, April & May 2018 June 7, 2018
Wills 5 - 1889's Wills for James Harvey (5-407 St. John's, Builder), James Stephenson Hayward (5-403 St. John's), Thomas Howley (5-402 St. John's, Physican), Susan Humphries (5-409/412 Greenspond) and Mary Ann Hutchings (5-404/406, St. John's (Also names Hr. Grace)) June 7, 2018
Wills 3 - 1889's Wills for Patrick Kenny (5-416/417 , St. John's, Farmer), John Kersey (5-412/413, Portugal Cove, Farmer) and Mary Kitchen (5-412/413, St. John's) June 7, 2018
Wills 2 - 1889's Wills for Leonard Lodge (5-417/418 St. John's) and Ann Lynch (5-418/419, Hr. Grace June 7, 2018
Wills 4 - 1889's Wills for Patrick McNamara (5-421/422, St. John's, Fisherman), Richard Meagher (5-419/420, St. John's), Edwin Miller (5-420/421, St. John's) and Patrick Murphy (5-423, Placentia) June 7, 2018
Wills 2 - 1889's Wills for William John Reynolds Parnell (5-424 St. John's, Merchant) and Ann Purchase (5-425 Lamaline) June 7, 2018
Wills 4 - 1889's Wills for Henry Radford (5-429, St. John's, Trader), Ellen Rawlins (5-428, St. John's), Hannah Reardon (5-425/427, St. John's) and John Rowsell (5-429/430, Ward's Hr., Fisherman) June 7, 2018
Wills 5 - 1889's Wills for William Scott (5-431/432, St. John's, Clerk), Archibald Sillars (5-432/434, St. John's, Merchant), William Simms (5-431, St. John's, Doctor of Medicine), William St Croix (5-435/437, St. Mary's, Trader) and Margaret Sutton (5-434/435, Trepassey) June 7, 2018
Wills 4 - 1889's Wills for Aaron Tilley (5-437/438 Upper Shoal Hr.), James Toms (5-440, Shoe Cove), Henry Trapnell (5-438/439, Hr. Grace, Shopkeeper) and James Tucker (5-440/441, St. John's, Watchmaker) June 7, 2018
Wills 6 Estate Files (1895) for John Hart (Harbor Grace, Farmer), William Hasey (St. John's, Butcher), John Hearn (St. John's), Richard Hiscock (Trinity, Blacksmith), Johannah Howley (St. John's) and John R. Hughes (St. John's, Sanitary Inspector) June 1, 2018
Wills 2 Estate Files (1895) for Harriet Johnston (St. John's) and Nigel Jones (St. John's, a Minor) June 1, 2018
Wills 11 Estate Files (1895) for James Keefe (Conception Harbor, Fisherman), Mary Keefe (Kelligrews), John P. Kent (St. John's, Barrister at Law), Jacob Kennedy (Long Pond, Farmer), John Kennedy (Western Bay, Fisherman), John Kenny (St. John's, Accountant), Susan Kerley (Burnt Islands), William King (White Point, Trinity Bay, Fisherman), Susannah Kitchin (Hr. Grace), Thomas Kough (St. John's) and William Kough (Bonavista, Merchant) June 1, 2018
Wills 6 Estate Files (1895) for John Lacey (Bareneed, Fisherman), Anna Ledingham (St. John's), Alexander LeMoine (Channel, Lobster packer), Florence, John, Muriel, Francis LeMoine (Channel - Children), Charles Loughnan Jr. (St. John's) and Charles Loughnan Sr. (St. John's, Dealer) June 1, 2018
Wills 13 Estate Files (1895) for Margaret Mahon (Torbay), Mary McGrath (St. John's), Aiden McLoughlen (St. John's), Robert Miller (Topsail, Farmer), Solomon Miller (New Bonaventure, Trinity Bay, School Teacher), Caroline Milley (St. John's), Moses Monroe (St. John's, Merchant), James Moore (Bay de Verde, Merchant), Abraham Morgan Sr. (Coley's Point, Conception Bay, Fisherman), Eliza Morris (Burin, Trader), Emma Morris (St. John's), Robert Munn (Hr. Grace, Merchant) and Mary Ellen Murphy (St. John's) June 1, 2018
Wills 2 Estate Files (1895) for John O'Dwyer (St. John's, Merchant) and Thomas O'Neil Sr. (St. John's, Licensed Publican) June 1, 2018
Wills 8 Estate Files (1895) for Rachel Parsons (Salmon Cove), James Petten (Middle Bight), Edward Spencer Pike (Carbonear, Merchant), Henry Pope (St. John's, Cabinet Maker), Daniel Powell (Carbonear, Fisherman), Thomas Power (Bell Island, Farmer), Anne Price (St. John's) and Robert Prince (Tickle Cove, Bonavista Bay, Planter) June 1, 2018
Wills 1 Estate File (1895) for James Quinlan (Holyrood, Planter) June 1, 2018
Wills 4 Estate Files (1895) for Clara Roberts (Spaniard's Bay - Minor), Susan Rolls (St. John's), Thomas Rossiter (St. John's, Dealer) and Nicholas Rourke (Portugal Cove Road, St. John's, Farmer) June 1, 2018
Wills 11 Estate Files (1895) for James Scott (Upper Gully, Fisherman), James Searle (Bell Island, Farmer), Thomas Shortall (St. John's, Grocer), Bridget Sinnott (St. John's), William Smart (St. John's, Master Mariner), William Sopp (St. John's, Master Mariner), John Southcott (St. John's, Builder), Samuel Spence (Flowers Cove, Planter), Neil Stewart (Hr. Grace, Shopkeeper), Philip St. John (St. John's, Farmer) and Mary Stoneman (Trinity) June 1, 2018



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