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District Photos 1 photo (Coronation Day) for Corner Brook, in the St. Georges District January 1, 2018
District Photos 1 photo (M91)for the "Can You Identify" Section, of District Photos January 19, 2018
Newfoundland Disasters Newfoundland Fishermen Lost at Sea (Myles 1941 added) January 16, 2018
Newfoundland Disasters Newfoundlanders Lost at Sea January 11, 2018
Newfoundland Disasters Halifax Explosion of 1917 (addition of Kirby name) January 20, 2018
Newspapers The Beacon for November & December 2017, Fogo District

January 2, 2018

Newspapers Burin Peninsula Funeral Home Obits for October, November & December 2017 January 1, 2018
Newspapers The Cape Breton Post for July to December 2018 January 1, 2018
Newspapers The Halifax Herald for July to December 2018 January 1, 2018
Newspapers The Packet News for September to December 2017 January 2, 2018
Newspapers The Western Star Obits updated for November 2016 to January 2018 January 11, 2018
Wills 1 Estate File (1887) for David Baird (St. John's, Merchant) January 18, 2018
Wills 6 Estate Files (1886) for Alexander Bremmer (Trinity, Merchant), James Brennan (St. John's, Dealer), Catherine Brennock (Petty Harbor), Catherine Brine (St. John's), Joseph Brushett (Mortier Bay, Fisherman) and Aaron Bugden (Catalina) January 2, 2018
Wills 1 Estate File (1886) for William Campbell (St. John's, Architect) January 2, 2018
Wills 5 Estate File (1894) for Nathaniel Gosse (Spaniard's Bay, Planter), James Gould (Pouch Cove, Fisherman), Alexander Graham (St. John's, Master Mariner), Bridget Grant (St. John's) and William Greenslade (Long Pond, Conception) January 18 2018
Wills 5 Estate File (1894) for William Hackett (St. John's, Master Mariner), Philip Halley (St. John's, H.M. Customs), Thomas Hanrahan (Hr. Grace), Johanna Hartigan (Rencontre, Fortune Bay) and William Hart (Trinity, Accountant) January 18 2018
Wills 1 Estate File (1888) for Stanley Knee (Pool's Island, Fisherman) January 1, 2018
Wills 4 Estate File (1888) for Michael Lahey (St. John's), Lawrence Lawlor (St. John's, Farmer), William Lewis (St. John's, Pilot) and Elizabeth Linnegar (Petty Harbor) January 1, 2018
Wills 5 Estate Files (1886) for Robert Matthews (St. John's, Accountant), Henry Miles (Salt Harbor, Herring Neck), Isaac Morgan (Coley's Point), Richard Morgan (Port de Grave) and James Murphy (St. John's) January 1, 2018
Wills 4 Estate Files (1888) for Patrick McDonald (Portugal Cove Road, Farmer), Johanna Maher (St. John's), Robert Malcolm (Little Bay, Green Bay, Tinsmith) and William Martin (St. John's, Farmer) January 1, 2018
Wills 5 Estate Files (1888) for Flora, Alexander, & May Mclachlan (St. John's), William Meek - St. John's, Engineer, Susanna Miller (Trinity), James J. Milley (St. John's, Barrister) and Elizabeth Mitchell (St. John's) January 5, 2018
Wills 2 Estate Files (1886) for Thomas Neary (Bonavista) and William Netten (St. John's, Clerk in Holy Orders) January 1, 2018
Wills 1 Estate File (1888) for William Lewis Pike (Mosquito, near Harbor Grace, Mariner) January 1, 2018
Wills 1 Estate File (1886) for James Wiseman (Heart's Delight, Planter) January 1, 2018



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