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Those Who Came After The Original 500

John Scanlon, Service # 2149X
Royal Naval Reserves

Photo was taken in 1916
Donated by Dom DiBattista

John Scanlan was born in St. John's, Newfoundland on 1 Jan 1901 to Daniel Scanlan Jr. [6 Oct 1862] and Elizabeth Ann Walsh Scanlan [16 Sep 1873].
Daniel was born in St. John's, the son of Daniel Scanlan Sr. and Katherine Gibbons Scanlan.
Elizabeth Ann Walsh Scanlan was born in Tilt Cove to William J. Walsh of St. John's and Jane(Johannah) Angell [24 April 1840] from Petty Harbour.

Brother to David Scanlon Regt # 2088 [Royal Newfoundland Regiment]

John joined the RNR on 30 Aug. 1916 [lied about his age]
The following are the vessels and/or bases where he served until July 1919:

H.M.S. Briton [Calypso] - 30 Aug. 1916 to 14 Nov. 1916 [MacDermitt - Commander]
Vivid(Devonshire, England, base)15 Nov. 1916 to 11 Dec. 1916 [Hamilton - Commander]
H.M.S. Victorian-12 Dec. 1916 to 19 April 1917 [W.A. Hawkes, Lt. Commander, R.N.R.]
Idaho(Milford Haven, South Wales) 26 April 1917 to 28 June 1917 [Speareble]
Vivid(Devonshire, England, base)29June 1917-5 Oct. 1917 [Hamilton - Commander]
Dreel Castle(Sardius, Pendance,Cornwall,England) 6 Oct. 1917 to 3 March 1918 [Dickes - Commander]
Vivid-4 March 1918 to 16 March 1918 [Hamilton - Commander]
H.M.S. Briton-17 March 1918 to 11 August 1919 [Hutchings - Commander] . He was actually at the wireless station [Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland]
Devonshire pass 30 days - Discharged in July 1919.

John traveled quite a bit during the war. He stopped at France, Ireland, Liverpool, Dover, Ramsgate [Wales], Glasgow [Scotland], Iceland, Arkangelsk [Russia], and the Shetland Islands.

John Scanlon died 4 Oct. 1989 in Lowell, Ma.

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