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Ernest Edwin Warren

Ernest was the son of James S. Warren[born in Trinity] and Annie Alcock,
and the grandson of William Warren and Margaret Piercey
Ernest died in 1925

Ernest was the captain of a ship. He was kidnapped towards the end of WW I while doing some undercover work ?? for the Admiralty. After the war he was held captive in Australia for some time. An extortion scheme was put in place by a gang.
His father, James, spent a considerable amount of money in this matter. Ernest was eventually discovered, the gang arrested and he was returned to England. He had been heavily drugged and did not survive long. He and several others were kept in what was supposedly a mental hospital. Below is a letter that he wrote to his father during the war describing a sea battle.

24 Courtland Avenue The Drive, Ilford
Aug 22, 1915

My Dear Father & Sister
You will be pleased to hear that I am safe back again in England, and I am sure it is through an unseen providence. They are taking two plates out of my vessel just now where a Torpedo struck me, and failed to explode. The Admiral think it is marvelous, and apart from that I had only one man die from pneumonia, as a result from shock and being exposed?.
I have been in Bombay Colombo and off Aden, I was off the latter port when they took it but only for a short time in 30 hours we had the Turks and Germans out of it again and in a fortnight they completely gave up and surrendered.
I was ordered on to the Dardanelles and remained there 11 days and I saw some pitiful sights. I was for 6 days and nights in sight and near the trenches watching the effect of shell fire and through all that & after making the same trip as the Royal Edward, which was blown up with two others. I escaped alright but had some shells come mighty near me.
Two ships of my own class were struck and badly damaged longside of me killing 14 in one and nine in the other before they got away. The admiral told me he was glad to shake hands with me and that he was pleased I did not have cold feet (that is the term they use for Fright). Two days after that he told me he was going to give me mails and dispatch for the Government in London. I said to him I will land them or sink with them. He said he knew and felt I would not let them fall into the hands of any one hostile.
I left at night and steamed with lights out all the way and I can tell you it makes you sit up a bit. I feel thankful to God that I got him with them safe and behind London docks with the Royal Pennant flying.
(They)?? sunk 11 ships in my track and yet I got clear and came in alright it is wonderful. I knew a lot of those men that are gone and you can hardly realize that it is so.
One sad thing about my stay in the Dardanelles was Lord ????? Walden, Captain Alex? And Lieutenant Shirring?? Cer??? on board out of the Trenches in the dark and asked me for a whiskey and soda. I gave it to them and made up a hamper of cold boiled ham and beef and anything I had cooked and going back Shirring got killed, and bring him away from home in the first place. I was sorry it upset me.
Then again after I arrived home they made an attack with their air ships dropped one bomb in the street running parallel and one in our station but the worst was at Leyrim? about 10 miles from here. I took the children down to see it and it was an awful sight. They were digging in the ruins for two little girls that they did not find.
Now about Percy I cannot find him if I had his number and the Barracks he was in I could find out about him and where he is. Iím afraid that he is away before this for I cannot get any news from anyone of a man of that name. Rest assured Iíll do my best to discover his whereabouts and so will Julia. She went everywhere but could not find him.
Will ???? you all, and ????? you bearing up I am mighty glad you are over on that side, for it is anything but safe here. Still Father dear such is life a man must be British and do his duty. If I die to-day Iíll not have to do it again next year and after all a man is born to die, and if I ran away to-day death would run faster and catch me somewhere and someday.
You would hardly think this was war if you were here in London but for the soldiers always on the move. Cheer up and pray for me. I am sailing under sealed orders in 10 days time again and will write you from where I can. I cannot write you when I am in service very well.
Give my love to ????; kiss the children for me and cheer up and things will come out alright by & by. God bless and comfort you all & always the constant prayer of your ????? Ern/ ???? feel like a rest if I manage to come through alright, and if I can manage it Iíll try and come and see you.
God bless you. Good night.

Sea Service as an Officer

Time (served)
Golden Fleece 1st mate 13 mos ~ 6 days Hayward & Co.
Mistle Toe 1st mate 5 days G & L Tessier
Mary E Mallet 1st mate 7 mos ~ 1 day Baxter Bros.
Rita 1st mate 4 mos ~ 18 days Shaftner (wrecked)
Florence B. Edget 1st mate 8 mos ~ 16 days Howard D. Group
A J Stowel 1st mate 9 mos ~ 17 days Metcalf & Co.
S. S. Glenfarg 4th mate 12 MOs ~ 22 days McGregor & Co.
S. S. Glenfarg 3rd mate My present ship McGregor & Co.

 Have been in last named ship since March 1897.
Carrying passengers and scrap, mail and freight between London, China, and Japan direct.

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