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Those Who Came After The Original 500

Pte. John Matthew Skinner Regt # 3383
Donated by Patrick Morrissey

Pte Skinner enlisted in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment on Jan. 02 1917. He was discharged June 13 1919.

Family tradition states, John Matthew Skinner stowed-away on a salt boat from Harbor Breton to St.Johnís to enlist for service in the First World War.

War Records Timeline
  • 1917 Jan. 2: First Newfoundland Regiment Attestation of John M. Skinner
  • 1917 Jan. 2: Extract from Daily Orders 3383 Pte. J. Skinner attested this day, posted to "E Company and assigned number."
  • 1917 July 31: Extract from Nominal Roll of Officers and men embarked St.Johnís sailed Halifax S.S.Ausonia April 16 1917.
  • 1917 Nov.27: Telegraph to Mr. Cornelius Skinner of Harbor Breton informing of Pte. John M. Skinner admitted to Wandsworth suffering a gunshot wound in the right shoulder.
  • 1917 Dec. 4: Extract of Casualty, 3383 Pte. J. Skinner wounded Nov.20 1917 in France.
  • 1918 Jan. 29: Army Form W.3016 outlining Pte. Skinner J. has been granted a furlough from 29 Jan to 7 Feb, his address while on leave will be 58 Victoria St.
  • 1918 March 27: Extract of Nominal Roll, 3383 Pte. J. Skinner embarked Southampton.
  • 1918 Oct. 27: Extract from War Office, admitted 32 STY. H. Wimereux with B.W. Hand L.
  • 1918 Nov. 3: Extract from Telegram from Synoptical London, 3383 Pte. J. Skinner 32nd Stationary Hospital Wimereux Oct 31st seriously ill Gun Shot Wound, Hand & Influenza.
  • 1918 Nov. 3: Urgent Postal Telegram to Officer i/c Records Newfoundland Contingent stating Pte. J. Skinner is seriously ill Bullet Wound hand & influenza.
  • 1918 Nov. 4: Telegraph to Mr. Cornelius Skinner of Harbor Breton informing of Pte. John Skinner at 32 Stationary Hospital Wimereux Oct.31st seriously ill G.S.W. hand and influenza.
  • 1918 Nov. 6: Extract from Casualties, 3383 Pte. J. Skinner, 32nd Stationary Hospital Wimereux, dangerously ill of Influenza.
  • 1918 Nov. 6th: "Extract from Telegram from synoptical London. 32nd Stationary Hos. Wimereux Nov.1st dangerously ill influenza 3383 Skinner."
  • 1918 Nov. 7: Medical Progress Report Ė BW. Hand & influenza
  • 1918 Nov. 7: letter from Minister of Militia to Cornelius Skinner stating "your son, No. 3383, Private John M. Skinner was admitted to 32nd Stationary Hospital Wimereux Nov.1st dangerously ill suffering from influenza."
  • 1918 Nov.7: Extract from Synoptical London, removed from seriously ill list November 3rd, 3383 Skinner.
  • 1918 Nov.7: Extract from casualties received from Pay & Record Office "O.C., 32nd Stationary Hospital, Wimereux, Reports: 3-11-18. No longer seriously ill. 3383 Pte. J. Skinner."
  • 1918 Nov. 8: Medical Progress Report Ė BW. and Influenza.
  • 1918 Nov. 8: letter from Minister of Militia to Cornelius Skinner stating your son, No. 3383, Private John M. Skinner removed from seriously ill list Nov.3rd."
  • 1918 Nov.9: "Extract from Telegram from synoptical 3383 Skinner removed from seriously ill list Nov.3rd."
  • 1918 Nov. 9: Extract from Nominal Roll of Sick and Wounded from France admitted to hospital, 3383 Pte. J. Skinner.
  • 1918 Nov. 11: Extract from Telegram from Synoptical London, at Wandsworth, 3383 Skinner.
  • 1918 Nov. 13: letter from Minister of Militia to Cornelius Skinner stating "your son, No. 3383, Private John M. Skinner is now at 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth."
  • 1918 Dec. 20: Extract of casualties, 3383 Pte. J. Skinner was granted Xmas leave from 3rd London General Hospital from 20/12/1918 to 31/12/1918.
  • 1919 Jan. 01: Medical Report completed at "Hazeley Down Camp". Report states Pte. J. Skinner was wounded in France in Nov. 11 1917 with a GSW (Gun Shot Wound) back, second report states "wounded in France Nov.20 1917 GSW back. Wound now healed. Second wound Oct.25 1918, GSW right hand. Present condition is stated " small scar in back. Painful on pressure. No disability. 2nd wound , scar at base of ring finger right hand palmar surface Dorsal surface between ring of middle finger. Point of exit bullet. Complains of numbness in ring finger right hand. He is recommended for "Repatriation".
  • 1919 Jan. 01: Extract of Orders by Lt. Col. B.J. Barton, D.S.O., Commanding 2nd Battalion Royal Newfoundland Regiment, 3383 Pte. J. Skinner has reported back from the 1st Battalion is taken on the strength and posted to "H" Company from 1919 Jan. 17.
  • 1919 Jan. 08: Extract from Casualties from Payroll & Records Office, 3383 Pte. J. Skinner was discharged from 3rd London General Hospital and granted furlough to 1919 Jan. 17. Marked fit for duty.
  • 1919 March 27: Army Form W.3119. Stating 3383 Pte. John Skinner 2nd Newfoundland Regt. "H" Co. was admitted to this Hospital on 1919 March 25 from Mil. HP. Hazeley Down. Stamped "Orderly Room Crown Hill, Devon. Mily. Conv. Hosp. 27 Mar. 1919".
  • 1919 April 8: Skinner is reported by the O.C. Magdalen Camp Hospital, Winchester, seriously ill of Pneumonia.
  • 1919 April 8: Extract from Synoptical to MIL, Magdalen Camp Military Hospital, Winchester, seriously ill Pneumonia, 3383 Skinner.
  • 1919 April 10: Form typed letter from Minister of Militia to Mr. C. Skinner, 18 Colonial St., stating No.3383 Pte. John M. Skinner was admitted to Magdalen Camp Military Hospital, Winchester seriously ill suffering from Pneumonia.
  • 1919 April 24: Post Office Telegraph stating Skinner greatly improved.
  • 1919 April 25: "Extract from Telegram from Synoptical, London "in answer to your telegram April 22nd., 3383 Skinner much improved."
  • 1919 April 28: letter from "GGB", Captain, Military Secretary, replying to Mrs. C. Skinnerís enquiries as to the condition of her son is now much improved.
  • 1919 April 29: "To be Discharged Tomorrow" form from Magdalen Camp Hospital Winchester.
  • 1919 June 13: "The Royal Nfld. Regiment Demobilization, 3383 Skinner warned for demobilization.
  • 1919 June 13: Demobilization Form 3. Enlistment date is 2-1-17, discharge approved for 13-6-19.
  • 1919 June 13: Civil Re-establishment Committee form.
  • 1919 June 18: Extract from Daily Orders. 3383 Pte. J. Skinner on "Corsican" which sailed from Liverpool 1919 May 22.
  • 1919 June 29: Form stating discharge approved on demobilization, his address was 18 Colonial St.
  • 1919 June 29: Demobilization Form 2. Proceedings On Discharge.
  • 1919 June 29: Extract from Daily Orders. The discharge of 3383 Pte. J. Skinner on demobilization has been confirmed.
  • 1919 June 29: Typed note stating, please find enclosed Discharge Certificate No.2524
  • 1919 June 29: "Descriptive Report On Enlistment". Form states Pte. John Skinner joined in St.Johnís on January 2nd 1917 and was discharged June 29 1919. Duration of service: 2 years 179 days. Embarked St.Johnís S.S.Florizel to Windsor N.S. 1917 Jan. 31. Embarked for BGR. 1917 Oct.20. Joined Battalion in France 1917 Nov. 14. Wounded 1917 Nov. 20. Admitted 89th gun shot wound shoulder 1917 Nov. 21. Invalids to England 1917 Nov. 23 and admitted 3rd London General Wandsworth 1917 Nov. 24. Furlough then join with Battalion 1918 Feb. 7. Embarked for BRG. 1918 March 27. Joined Battalion in the field 1918 Aug. 4. Admitted for gun shot wound hand 1918 Oct. 26. Transferred to England 1918 Nov. 9. Admitted 3rd London General Wandsworth from 1918 Dec. 20 to 1918 Dec. 31.
  • Winchester 1919 Jan. 17 reported by the O.C. Magdalen Camp Hospital Winchester seriously ill of influenza 1919 April 6. To Newfoundland for demobilization 1919 May 22. Arrived Newfoundland 1919 June 1.

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