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Those Who Came After The Original 500

Howard Morry
Howard Morry: Regt # 726

Donated by Chris Morry

Howard Morry was in "C" Company, 1st Battalion, of the RNR and was among the survivors of Galipoli and Beaumont Hamel. He died in Ferryland, where he was born, on February 8, 1972, and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Ferryland.

Group Photo 1

In the group photo 1 link above, Howard Morry is the tall fellow in shirt sleeves and hat, second from the right in back. The remainder of the individuals in the photograph are unknown but among his close friends overseas, Howard counted Victor and Vincent Carew (cousins of his who both died overseas), Jim Carter and Matthew Rossiter.

Group Photo 2

I found this photo among my grandfather's (Howard L. Morry's) papers recently and thought it would be of interest to others as well. I'm afraid I don't know who any of the others in the photo are but suspect it won't be too difficult to figure out from the outfit that "Dad" Morry fought with at Gallipoli and Beaumont Hamel. I'm only guessing, but from the kit they are wearing I think this was taken before they even left Newfoundland. The hats were replaced with proper ones overseas. My grandfather (under the X) even appears to be wearing mostly civies - a suit coat and tie).

Newspaper Clipping

The newspaper clipping below is from the Telegram about the visit to Beaumont Hamel, in which Howard Morry took part, 45 years after the event (July 1,1961). He also went over for subsequent visits.

Howard L. Morry's Memoirs by Chris Morry

The transcription of my grandfather's handwritten diaries was undertaken by my brother, Howard Glendon Morry. This was a Herculean task as "Dad" Morry's handwriting was never the best and his notebooks were not well looked after over the years and tended to degrade pretty badly.

Like all of his diaries, in this one he tended to wander back and forth between his two great interests in history, the story of the founding of Ferryland and the Morry's part in it, and the story of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, focussing on his own personal experiences.

If people want to segregate the two they should feel free to download the file and do so.

For our purposes, we are inclined to keep our grandfather's accounts as faithful as possible to the original. Glen and I have, however, taken advantage of some of the fantastic resources available online (including your own site) in order to research a bit of the background and provide some editorial notes, especially on the people mentioned. Thus you will find at the back of this version of the memoirs an appendix with information on those RNR soldiers whom we were able to identify with some degree of certainty (though not always absolute certainty).

This is actually a second major segment of Dad Morry's memoirs to be published. The first was transcribed by our cousin Jamie Morry, who died of cancer at the tragically young age of 37 in 1999. The rest of us are carrying on this work in his honour and in memory of Dad Morry, a wonderful old story teller.

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