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Newfoundland Wills from England

Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Found by searching "Newfoundland"
ANDERSON Alexander Mariner belonging to His Majesty�s ship the Enterprise Burnt Island, Newfoundland 1723
ANGELL Samuel   Pitty Harbour, Newfoundland 1735
ANTLE John Planter New Perlican, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland 1841
ARCHER Christopher   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1736
BAAL George   Rencontre, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland 1856
BARNES (otherwise LOVEL) John   Placentia, Newfoundland 1816
BARRY Thomas Servant Newfoundland 1822
BARTON Phoebe Widow Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1803
BEACHAMP William Planter Barenes, Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1847
BEADON Solomon Merchant Twillingate, Newfoundland 1834
BENGER John   Ferryland, Newfoundland 1793
BENNETT Thomas Planter Newfoundland 1821
BEST (otherwise MAY) Thomas Joiner Trinity, Newfoundland 1813
BICKLEY Benjamin   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1801
BLAND John   Newfoundland 1826
BLATCHFORD John   Seal Island, Labrador, Newfoundland 1836
BOWER Joseph   Harbour Grace, Newfoundland 1793
BOWERS/BOWER William Carpenter Bay de Verds, Newfoundland 1742
BRADSTREET John Lieutenant Governor, His Majesty�s Garrison of Saint Johns Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1774
BRAGG Mary Widow Grand Bank, Newfoundland 1832
BRAKE Ralph Planter Bay of Islands, Newfoundland 1844
BRIEN David   Newfoundland 1808
BROADRICK Andrew Merchant Saint John's, Newfoundland 1785
BROOK John Planter Bay of Islands, Newfoundland 1834
BROWN Henry Planter Northern District, Salvage, Newfoundland 1846
BROWN William   Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland 1776
BROWNE Robert Sailmaker Saint John, Newfoundland 1784
BURRY/BURREY David   Greenspond, Newfoundland 1815
BUTT Roger   Crocker's Cove (one of the early recorded people in Conception Bay) 1693
CAREY Thomas   Witless Bay, Newfoundland 1783
CARTER William   Ferryland, Southern District, Newfoundland 1841
CHURCHILL Nicholas Mariner Ochre Pit Cove, Newfoundland 1786
CLINCH John Clerk Trinity, Newfoundland 1820
CLOTHIER Andrew   Trinity, Newfoundland 1844
COATS Philip   Trinity, Newfoundland 1813
COCK Charles   Saint John, Newfoundland 1830
COCK John   Saint John, Newfoundland 1731
COLBOURNE Joseph   Twillingate, District of Fogo, Newfoundland 1853
COLE Thomas Fisherman Bird Island Cove, Newfoundland 1844
COLLIN John Planter Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1742
COLLINS William   Placentia, Newfoundland 1797
COLLIS James   Trinity, Newfoundland 1828
COLLIS Thomas Serving Messrs. Robert and John SLADE Co, in the capacity of an Agent Twillingate, Newfoundland 1826
CONNOR Sarah Widow Lawn, Newfoundland 1843
COOPER Christopher late Planter Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1697
COOPER William Planter Newfoundland 1729
CREASY Elizabeth Widow Twillingate, Newfoundland 1835
CREW Martin Planter Connergie Bay, Newfoundland 1852
CULL John   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1817
DENNIS/DINNIS Ann   Toads Cove, Newfoundland 1699
DICKS Christopher   Harbour Beaufet, Newfoundland 1849
DOBIE James Surgeon in the Royal Navy of Saint Johns Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1826
EARLE John Planter Lance Cove, Great Bell Island, Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1751
EDGAR John Surgeon Greenspond, Newfoundland 1832
EDGCUMBE Robert Clerk of the Cheque to His Majesty�s Office of Ordnance of Placentia Placentia, Newfoundland 1770
ELLIOTT John   Fort William, Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1716
EWEN James   Saint John, Newfoundland 1686
FARNHAM John Carpenter Trinity, Newfoundland 1833
FIANDER Samuel Planter Fortune Bay, Newfoundland 1856
FISHER James   Gander Bay, Newfoundland 1769
FLEMING Right Reverend Michael Anthony Roman Catholic Bishop Newfoundland 1851
GALE Edward Planter God Roy River, Newfoundland 1826
GATE James Planter Great River of Cordroy near Cape Ray, Newfoundland 1853
GILLIM/GUILLAM Michael   Channel Islands near Cape Ray, Newfoundland 1850
GLEDHILL Joseph Commander in Chief for the time being of His Majesty�s Town and Garrison of Placentia Placentia, Newfoundland 1747
GOSSE John   Carboniar, Newfoundland 1835
GRAHAM Richard Late surgeon of His Majesty's Ship Circe in Trepassey Hatbour Newfoundland, Bachelor Trepassey, Newfoundland 1797
GREEN Thomas Planter Newfoundland 1830
GRINAWAY/GRINWAY John Planter Harbour of Croke, Newfoundland 1774
GRUTHY Thomas   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1716
GUSHUE George Planter Brigus, Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1837
GUSHUE James Master of the Merchant Schooner Success at Sea of Brigus in Conception Bay Brigus in Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1813
GUY John   Founder of the first Colony in Newfoundland in 1610 at Cupid's 1625
(Prob 11/155)
HARDY Edward   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1761
HARVEY William   Trinity, Newfoundland 1723
HAWKINS Thomas Planter Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1724
HAY Peter Boatkeeper Petty Harbour, Newfoundland 1771
HEIGHINGTON Conway Merchant, now One of His Majesty�s Justices of the Peace and Lieutenant in His Majesty�s Royal Navy of Harbour Grace, Conception Bay Harbour Grace, Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1796
HICKMAN Jonathan Planter Grand Bank, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland 1850
HITCHOCK Henry   Harbour of Old Pellican, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland 1831
HOLBROOK George Papps Surveyor General of Saint Johns Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1834
HOLBROOK James Doctor Andover Villa Tivoli Circus in the Town of Cheltenham 1851
HOLWELL/HOLWILL Samuel   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1836
HOYLES Newman Wright Merchant Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1855
HUGHSON/HUDSON John   Adams Cove, Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1766
HUTTON William Master of the Barque Speculation of Saint Johns Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1800
IVAMEY John Planter New Bonaventure, Newfoundland 1834
IVAMY William Fisherman New Bonaventura, Trinity, Newfoundland 1815
JENKINS John   Harbour of Renewse, Newfoundland 1737
JENKINS John Gentleman Trinity, Newfoundland 1816
JOHNSON William   Renews, Newfoundland 1833
KAVANAGH Joseph Hair Dresser and Barber Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1817
KEDDEL/KIDDEL John   Little Bay, Newfoundland 1841
KEEN William Merchant Saint John, Newfoundland 1755
KELLAND William Planter Saint John, Newfoundland 1824
KNIGHT Stephen   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1814
LAKE John   Fortune, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland 1841
LANGALLER/ LANGALLY/ LANGLEE Nicholas Planter Petty Harbour, Newfoundland 1716
LANGWORTHY John Sailor Saint John, Newfoundland 1785
LEEMING Peter   Harbour Grace, Newfoundland 1822
LLOYD Thomas Captain of Her Majesty�s Independent Company of Newfoundland Newfoundland 1710
LONG William Ordnance Mason Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1760
LUDLOW/LADLIE James Batchelor Placentia, Newfoundland 1752
LUONY Dennis   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1678
LYTE Thomas Maximilian Merchant Twillingate, Newfoundland 1852
MARSHALL John   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1717
MARTEN Henry   Petty Harbour, Newfoundland 1758
MAYNE John Surgeon Harbor Grace, Newfoundland 1817
McDONELL Charles late Captain in Colonel Frasiers Regiment of Highlanders at Newfoundland, Batchelor Grove, Newfoundland 1763
McKIE Peter late Surgeon of His Majesty�s Customs at Saint John's Saint John's, Newfoundland 1837
McKIE Rachael Widow Saint John's, Newfoundland 1845
MERIFIELD/MERRYFIELD Willliam   Torbay, Newfoundland 1788
MILLER Joseph   New Bonaventure, Newfoundland 1856
MILLER Samuel Bookeeper Bonoventure, Newfoundland 1827
MILLER\MILLAR Thomas Planter New Bonaventure, Newfoundland 1835
MONIER John late Surgeon in His Majesty�s Garrison of Saint John Saint John, Newfoundland 1762
MULLENS Richard Bookkeeper Western Bay, Newfoundland 1762
MULLENS Anne Widow Western Bay, Newfoundland (listed under Sturminster Newton, Dorset because Anne Mullens had returned from WesternBay and died in Dorset.) 1763
MUNDEN William   Brigns [sic] Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1851
NEWMAN William Merchant Dartmouth, Devon 1822
NEWTON Richard Gentleman and Mariner Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1770
OGDEN Jonathan Ordnance and Garrison Surgeon Saint Johns, Middlesex, Newfoundland 1816
PAGE James Surgeon of Great Placentia Great Placentia, Newfoundland 1777
PARKER John   Bonavista Harbour, Newfoundland 1786
PARSONS Ann Widow St George�s Bay, Newfoundland 1848
PARSONS James Fisherman Fortune Bay otherwise Little Bay, Newfoundland 1813
PARSONS Margaret\Margret   Fortune Bay, Newfoundland 1834
PARSONS William Planter Bay of Saint George, Newfoundland 1834
PEARCE Andrew   Twillingate, Newfoundland 1842
PECKHAM John Planter North Side, Trinity, Newfoundland 1854
PELLEY/PELLY Richard Planter Hants Harbor, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland 1838
PENNY William Senior Planter English Harbour, Newfoundland 1854
PHILLIPS Nathaniel Merchant Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1800
PIKE Thomas Mariner Poole, Dorset 1708
PILLGREM Thomas Lanbert   Trinity, Newfoundland 1824
PITTMAN Margaret Widow Sop�s Island, White Bay, Newfoundland 1846
PITTMAN William   New Perlican, Newfoundland 1837
POLLARD Christopher Gentleman Caplin Bay, Newfoundland 1693
POLLARD John   Capeling Bay, Newfoundland 1717
POWELL James   Saint John's, Newfoundland 1784
POWER William   Little Placentia, Newfoundland 1752
PRESTON James   Twillingate, Newfoundland 1845
PRIAUX, William   Newfoundland 1813
PUDNER Edward   Bonavista, Newfoundland 1819
PUDNER Mary   Bonavista, Newfoundland 1822
PUNTON William   Harbour Grace, Newfoundland 1845
QUIN Jeremiah Fisherman Trinity, Newfoundland 1835
QUINTON James Planter Bonavista, Newfoundland 1780
RATTRY heretofore BEARDSLEY Martha Widow Saint John, Newfoundland 1818
REID George Assistant Surgeon to the Hospital of Saint John Saint John, Newfoundland 1784
RENNELL John Surgeon of Saint Johns Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1820
RICHARDS Sarah   Bristol, England 1772
RIDER Richard   Bonavista, Newfoundland 1831
RIDOUT Joseph Planter Rogue�s Harbour, Northern District, Newfoundland 1844
ROBE Alexander Watt Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Engineers Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1849
ROBERTS Thomas Planter Brigus, Newfoundland 1836
ROBERTS William Fisherman Ferryland, Newfoundland 1677
ROBINSON Thomas Francis   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1818
aka ROACH(E)
John Mariner Placentia
ROMERILLE/ROMERIL Francise\Francis   Broad Cove, Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1807
ROOKE Samuel Merchant Saint John, Newfoundland 1727
ROWSELL Sarah Widow Halls Bay, Newfoundland 1822
SALMON William Warren Planter Bell Island, Newfoundland 1813
SANDERS James   Bonavista, Newfoundland 1770
SAUNDERS Joseph Planter King�s Cove, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland 1850
SHAMBLER James   Bonaventure, Newfoundland 1769
SHEXAM William Mariner on board Her Majesty�s ship Pendennis St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland 1703
SKEFFINGTON Joseph   Bonavista, Newfoundland 1789
SLAUGHTER William Boat Keeper Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1736
SMALL George Boat Ciper [sic] of Odearing\Anderin Newfoundland 1811
SNOOK Morgan Planter Fortune, Newfoundland 1820
STEVENS George   Newfoundland 1767
STREET John Comptroller of His Majesty�s Customs Newfoundland 1811
STRIPLING John   Saint John, Newfoundland 1781
SWEET John   Trinity, Newfoundland 1792
SWEET Mary   Trinity, Newfoundland 1792
SWEETLAND Henry Merchant Ferryland, Newfoundland 1792
SWETT Joseph Cooper Boston, Newfoundland 1696
TERRINGTON John Civil Officer in Her Majesty�s Ordnance Saint John, Newfoundland 1833
TILSED William Seafaringman Lamaline, Newfoundland 1820
TOBIN Nicholas Gunner of His Majesty�s ship Pluto now lying in the Harbour of Saint Johns Harbour of Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1804
TREEN,TRWN George   Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1768
TUFF Sarah Widow Western Bay, Newfoundland 1842
TUFF William Blacksmith Western Bay, Newfoundland 1832
TURNER William   Keels, Newfoundland 1820
VALLENS William Trader Burin Island, Newfoundland 1816
VERGE John Planter Trinity, Newfoundland 1828
VIBERT (WEBBER) James Boat-keeper, parish of Saint Mary, Island of Jersey Western Bay, NL 1762
WALKER Thomas   Bay Bulls, Newfoundland 1730
WALTON/WALDEN John   Saint Francis Harbour, Coast of Labrador, Newfoundland 1804
WARDEN Thomas   Cranborne, Dorset 1764
WATTS Richard   Bear Cove, Newfoundland 1838
WAY Catharine   Trinity, Newfoundland 1823
WEATHERALL Joseph Boat Keeper Trinity, Newfoundland 1818
WEBBER John Planter,Batchelor Twillingate 1764
WEBBER Jonathan   Harbour Grace, Conception Bay, Newfoundland 1787
WELSH Richard Merchant Great Placentia, Newfoundland 1771
WELSH,WALSH John Publican Little Placentia, Newfoundland 1775
WILLDON Reverend Thomas Clerk Trinity, Newfoundland 1803
WILLIAMS Thomas   Newfoundland 1749
WILSHEAR John Planter and Fisherman Carbonear, Newfoundland 1850
WILTON Nowell Mariner Charles Town, County of Middlesex - in Newfoundland 1689
WISEMAN Richard Batchelor Newfoundland 1747
WOODLEY Samuel Planter Saint Johns, Newfoundland 1832
Found by searching "New Found Land"
FRANCIS Eugene (or Owen) Planter Bouavista, New Found Land, Canada 1847
Found by searching "Newfound Land"
GREEN William Planter, Batchelor Trinity, Newfound Land 1754
Found by searching "New Foundland"
O�KENNEDY William Captain of His Majesty�s Regiment of Foot called the Sixth Irish Brigade Placentia Bay, New Foundland 1799
Found by searching "Avalon"
BALTIMORE Frederick Lord   Avalon 1772
Found by searching "Bonavista"
BROWN Joseph   Bonavista 1820
Found by searching "Catalina"
MANUEL Joseph   Catalina 1841
Found by searching "Cupid's"
HILL James   Cupid's Cove, North America 1675
Found by searching "Labrador"
BLANDFORD Thomas   Battle Harbour, Labrador 1833
GANGE/GENGE Abraham   Forteau Bay, Coast of Labrador 1832
JEANES Morgan   Forteaux Bay, Coast of Labrador 1830
MACY Robert Planter Square Island, Labrador 1805
MACY James   Coast of Labrador 1797
SWEETAPPLE Timothy Planter Battle Harbour, Labrador 1847
Found by searching "Trepassey"
DANELL or DANIELL Timothy   Trespassey 1742
Found while researching "Family Surnames"
MORRY John Mariner Dartmouth, Devon 1807
MORRY Mary Foale Widow Dartmouth, Devon 1809

Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces,
Royal Marines, Coastguard and Related Bodies

Found by searching "Topsail"
PARMITER Richard   Topsail, Newfoundland 1867
Found by searching "Labrador"
LE BURN George   Labrador 1867

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