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City Directory
City of St. John's

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Surname Given Name Occupation Address
Vacuum Oil Co   E Collishaw, mgr 433 Water
Vail Annie bkkpr Can Iron & Metal Co h 30 Lime
Vail George fisherman h 25 Hayward Ave
Vail Jacob fisherman h 46 Hayward Ave
Vail Mary Ann emp S B Kesner h 7r Dammerill's Lane
Vail Michael police constable bds East End Police Station
Valentine J clerk G Knowling bds Water
Vasey Henry J tailor 80 Gower
Vatcher George fisherman h Battery Rd
Vatcher Joseph fisherman h Battery Rd
Vaughan Albert baker bds Leslie
Vaughan Charles H telegraph operator h 3 Leslie
Vaughan Frank machinist Sudbury Mfg Co h Waterford Bridge Rd
Vaughan George clerk Geo Knowling bds Leslie
Vaughan Henry, Jr draper T J Barron bds Leslie
Vaughan Henry H emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd h Leslie
Vaughan Herbert J delivery asst Ayre & Sons Ltd bds Leslie
Vaughan Joseph emp F B Wood Co Ltd bds Leslie
Vaughan O driver R N F Co bds Alexander
Vaughan Oscar tanner bds Leslie
Vavasour Albert N clerk W Fraser bds 72 Pleasant
Vavasour Charles emp Bowring Bros bds 72 Pleasant
Vavasour Elsie emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds Duckworth
Vavasour Ernest V salesman Ayre & Sons Ltd h 76 Pleasant
Vavasour George baker A Harvey & Co h 35 Plymouth Rd
Vavasour Henry J cooper h 76 Pleasant
Vavasour Hugh cooperage 76a Pleasant, h 72 do
Vavasour Minuetta emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds 37 Plymouth Rd
Vavasour Samuel T H acct Nfld Clothing Co h 1 Parade
Vavasour Thomas carpenter A Harvey & Co h 37 Plymouth Rd
Vavasour Thomas emp Gen Post Office h Brazil's Field
Vavidge Nora wid Thomas h 55 Gower
Veitch Frederick laborer bds 53 Buckley's Lane
Veitch George J asst supt Nfld Postal Teleg h 1 Spencer
Veitch P conductor R N F Co  
Veitch Thomas mechanic R N F Co h 53 Buckley's Lane
Verge James carpenter h Mundy Pond Rd
Verge Philip laborer h 107 Pleasant
Vey Alice wid Robert h 16 Walsh's Sq
Vey Jabez J mgr St John's Nail Mfg Co Ltd h 89 Pleasant
Vey James photographer, Bank of Montreal Bldg h 195 LeMarchant Rd
Vey Samuel emp Jas Vey h 10 Atlantic Ave
Vey Walter piano tuner bds 89 Pleasant
Viccars J emp Ry Dept R N F Co  
Victoria Hall Loyal Orange Lodge     Gower
Victoria Park     Water W
Viguers Francis H baker h 47 King's Rd
Vincent Albert fisherman h 19 Walsh's Sq
Vincent Alfred emp H M Customs h 71 Queen's Rd
Vinicombe Nicholas J choice wines and liquors 122 Duckworth, h do
Vinnicombe Miss Elizabeth   h 12 Cochrane
Vinnicombe Hugh laborer h 35 McDougall
Vinnicombe James emp Marine & Fisheries Dept h 58-59 Gower
Vinnicombe John laborer h 35 Cook
Vinnicombe Miss Mary   h 42 Gower
Vinnicombe William artist bds 57-59 Gower
Voisey Albert cooper Lawrence Wadden bds 2 Hagerty
Voisey Augustus emp R N F Co h 155 New Gower
Voisey Edward tailor W P Shortall h 41 Cabot
Voisey Edward emp Consol Fdry Ltd bds 2 Hagerty
Voisey G emp Ry Car Dept R N F Co  
Voisey Henry G temperance drinks 374 Water, h do
Voisey Henry J emp Consol Fdry Ltd h 74 Gower
Voisey John refreshments 129 New Gower, h do
Voisey Leo emp Consol Fdry Ltd bds 2 Hagerty
Voisey Mary wid William h 109 Hamilton
Voisey May emp Parker & Monroe bds 2 Hagerty
Voisey R emp Mach dept R N F Co  
Voisey Richard, Sr wheelwright John Jackman h 2 Hagerty
Voisey Richard, Jr machinist Horwood Lumber Co bds 2 Hagerty
Voisey Richard clerk Martin Hardware Co bds 3 York
Voisey Thomas cabman h 3 York
Voisey William emp Horwood Lumber Co bds 2 Hagerty
Vokey Albert laborer Baine Johnston & Co bds 83 South Side Rd
Vokey Edith emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds 10 Plymouth Rd
Vokey George clerk Martin Hardware Co bds 10 Plymouth Rd
Vokey George carpenter bds 49 Colonial
Vokey James carpenter Lindberg Brew Co h 10 Plymouth Rd
Vokey William emp Bowring Bros h 83 South Side Rd

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (April 2004)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 26, 2013
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