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City Directory
City of St. John's

Find Surname Alphabetically A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc
Surname Given Name Occupation Address
Nangle Bridget confectioner 96 Queen's Rd
Nangle Frank P liquor dealer 172 Duckworth, h do
Nangle Jas   h 213a New Gower
Nangle James carpenter h 98 Queen's Rd
Nangle John carpenter h 100 Queen's Rd
Nangle Patrick laborer h Walsh's Lane
Napman Mordan fisherman h Battery Rd
Nasco J emp J D Ryan h Water W
Nash James clerk Harbor Master's Office bds 22 Adelaide
Nash John Thomas emp T J Nash bds 22 Adelaide
Nash John packer J D Ryan bds New Gower
Nash Michael emp Mark Chaplin bds 24 New Gower
Nash P cash boy J D Ryan bds 22 Adelaide
Nash Terrence usher Nickel Theatre bds Military Rd
Nash Thomas Joseph carriage mfgr and undertaker 22 Adelaide, h do
National Board of Marine Underwriters of New York   Bowring Bros Ltd, agents 265-167 Water
National Fire Ins Co of Hartford Conn   Job Bros & Co Ltd, agents 137r Water
National Stock Food Co   John Snow agent h Summer
National Stores, Greaves & Sons Ltd   gent's furnishings and drapery, importers of British and Foreign goods of all descriptions 359 Water
Naueffts William motorman Street Ry bds 234 Gower
Nautical Academy     272 Gower
Neal Chas emp S S Beothic bds 163 South Side Rd
Neal David clerk Geo Neal bds 37 Henry
Neal George baker h 8 Bond
Neal George provision merchant, agent Bell Island S S Co Ltd 161r Water, h 37 Henry
Neal Miss Jessie dressmaker bds 8 Bond
Neal John laborer bds 35 LeMarchant Rd
Neal Lawrence clerk Steer Bros bds 21 Water W
Neal Patrick laborer bds 35 LeMarchant Rd
Neal William acct Geo Neal bds 37 Henry
Nearin Catherine J emp Standard Mfg Co Ltd bds 3 Queen's Rd
Nearin John emp Water Works h 3 Queen's Rd
Neary Bella stenog Herald Office bds Bonaventure Ave
Neary Edward clerk F Bradshaw bds Fort Townsend
Neary Hilda stenog W H Howley bds Fort Townsend
Neary Lucy M acct Steer Bros bds 11 LeMarchant Rd
Neary Nicholas fire constable h Bonaventure Ave
Nebucett A conductor R N F Co  
Neil John laborer h 10 Barter's Hill
Neil Thomas culler Baine Johnston & Co bds S A Home
Neil William laborer h 25 Barter's Hill
Neil William emp C F Lester bds Rossiter's Lane
Neilson Charles sailor h 33 Lime
Neilson Charles, Jr emp M Connors bds 33 Lime
Nelder Ann dressmaker Geo Knowling bds 71 McFarlane
Nelder John emp Franklin & Co h 71 McFarlane
Nelder John laborer h 6 Brennan
Nelder John T barber h 64 Central
Nelder John T barber 394 Water, bds 71 McFarlane
Nelder Reginald printer Dicks & Co bds 61 Alexander
Nelder William emp Consol Foundry Ltd h 61 Alexander
Nelson James packer Royal Stores Ltd h 28 Spencer
Nelson James emp Royal Stores h 28 Spencer
Neptine Munden fisherman h 51 Field
Netten Reginald clerk Royal Stores Ltd bds 117 Freshwater Rd
Neville Bride dressmaker G Knowling bds 39 Young
Neville Denis emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd bds Hamilton Ave
Neville George barber E Way bds Topsail Rd
Neville Gertrude emp Tooton's Studio bds 39 Young
Neville James emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd bds 39 Young
Neville Katie dressmaker Miss Furlong bds 39 Young
Neville Michael emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd h 39 Young
Neville Peter farmer h Blackmarsh Rd
Neville William emp Royal Stores bds 39 Young
Newberry Charles printer Times Printing Office bds 77 Pennywell Rd
Newberry Frederick seaman h 77 Pennywell Rd
Newell Abraham fisherman h Battery Rd
Newell Abraham cooper h 95 Cabot
Newell Abraham teamster R N F Co h 34 Buchanan
Newell Anna Bell wid Philip bds 123 Gower
Newell Caroline wid Elijah h 38 Spencer
Newell Crissie emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds 38 Spencer
Newell George sailor bds 10 Lime
Newell Isaac emp Jos Daymond h 100 Duckworth
Newell James cabman h 43 Scott
Newell James mason E Cunningham h 29 Quidi Vidi Rd
Newell John laborer h 14 1/2 Nunnery Hill
Newell Joseph laborer h Battery Rd
Newell Nellie emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds 38 Spencer
Newell Richard clerk Bishop Sons & Co Ltd h 56 1/2 Lime
Newell Samuel fisherman bds 10 Lime
Newell Susan wid Robert h 10 Lime
Newell William laborer h 14 Nunnery Hill
Newell William Thos laborer h Battery Rd
Newfoundland Board of Fire Underwriters   F W Knight, Sect'y Bank of Montreal Bldg
Newfoundland Board of Trade   Ernest A Payne secretary Board of Trade Bldg, 153-155 Water
Newfoundland Boot & Show Mfg Co Ltd   C R Thomson mgr, office Job
Newfoundland Brewery Ltd   J C Jardine mgr Circular Rd
Newfoundland Clothing Co Ltd (The)   W White, mgr 225-227 Duckworth
Newfoundland Consolidated Foundry Co Ltd     127 Hamilton
Newfoundland Employment Bureau     5 Water
Newfoundland Express Co   H B Curtis, supt, office Railway Station Water W
Newfoundland Fresh Fish Packing Co Ltd     O'Dwyer's Cove, Water
Newfoundland Furniture and Moulding Co Ltd   C L Noonan, mgr, Hon John Harvey, President office Harvey Bldg 87 Water, Factory 6-8 Water
Newfoundland Lawn Tennis Club   Club House and grounds Forest Rd
Newfoundland Marine Ins Co   W A Munn, agent Board of Trade Bldg
Newfoundland Mercantile Agency     Room 6, Cabot Bldg, 262 Water
Newfoundland Postal Telegraph & Cable Office   general post office Water, branches 79 Water, 108 Military Rd and Court House
Newfoundland Produce Co Ltd     355 Water
Newfoundland Quarterly (The)   John J Evans, prop and publisher 34 Prescott
Newfoundland Royal Mail Coastal Steamers   Bowring Bros Ltd, agents 265-279 Water
Newfoundland Shipping Co Ltd     O'Dwyer's Cove, Water
Newfoundland Steam Screw Tug Co Ltd     Stewart Cove, Water
Newhook Charles carpenter M & E Kennedy h Cornwall Ave
Newhook James master mariner h 157 Pleasant
Newhook John shoemaker 110 Duckworth, h do
Newhook Lorenzo clerk Royal Stores Ltd h 5 George E
Newhook Mabel stenog Steer Bros bds 110 Duckworth
Newhook William laborer h 62 Gower
Newman A Stanley clerk Harvey & Co h 97 Cabot
Newman Catherine emp F B Wood Co Ltd bds 261 Hamilton Ave
Newman's Celebrated Portwine   Baine Johnston & Co, agents 205-207 Water
Newman Henry teamster C F Lester bds 261 Hamilton Ave
Newman James laborer R N F Co h 261 Hamilton Ave
Newman John F post office clerk h 97 Cabot
Newman Joseph ship's carpenter Dry Dock h 22 Carter's Hill
Newman Mrs Joseph grocer 22 Carter's Hill, h do
Newman Mary wid James h 20 Cochrane
Newman Violet emp F B Wood Co Ltd bds 261 Hamilton Ave
Newman Thomas baker J B Ayre h 6 Codner's Lane
Newton Peter emp R N F Co h 35 Cabot
New Tremont Hotel   Mrs Thos J Bailey, prop 206 Duckworth
New York Underwriters' Agency   Ayre & Sons Ltd agents Water
Neyle Richard hardware merchant 246 Water, h 191 Gower
Nichol, see also Nicholl, Nicholle, Nicol      
Nichol John R piano tuner Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 280 Gower
Nichol Leonard carpenter R N F Co h 54 Gilbert
Nichol Sarah wid Albert bds 54 Gilbert
Nicholas Thos carpenter h 38 Mullock
Nicholl G H agent R N F Co  
Nicholl Joshua cooper h 11 Charlton
Nicholle Annetta asst Telephone dept Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 164 Pleasant
Nicholle Elsie saleslady Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 164 Pleasant
Nicholle George G of Nicholle Inkpen & Chafe Ltd h 74 Springdale
Nicholle Inkpen & Chafe Ltd   dry goods merchants 315 Water
Nicholle John office clerk Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 164 Pleasant
Nicholle Thos ship's carpenter h 164 Pleasant
Nicholls, see also Nichols      
Nicholls Chas Capt day boat, H M Customs bds 47 Monkstown Rd
Nicholls John clerk Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 18a Hayward Ave
Nichols Alice emp Imp Tob Co bds Battery Rd
Nichols Hilda emp Imp Tob Co bds Battery Rd
Nichols James boilermaker R N F Co h 11 Golf Ave
Nichols James H printer Evening Telegram h Battery Rd
Nichols Prof J W art master h 159 Pleasant
Nichols William clerk A Goodridge & Sons bds Battery Rd
Nicholson William B Canadian Trade Commissioner Bank of Montreal Bldg, h Balsam Place
Nickel Theatre Co   John P Kiely, mgr St Patrick's Hall, Military Rd
Nickerson Freeman ex-master mariner h 31 Princes
Nickerson Freeman master mariner h 29 Princes
Nickerson George salesman J C Baird h 267 Water W
Nickerson Isabella clerk J C Baird bds 29 Princes
Nicol Chas N second clerk G P O h 53 Parade
Nicol Henry T storekeeper W & G Rendell h 11 Flavin
Nicolson Donald manufacturers representative Board of Trade Bldg, bds 106 Queen's Rd
Nippard Bride emp John B Ayre bds 16 Hagerty
Nippard Mary Elizabeth emp Ropewalk bds 16 Hagerty
Nixon Ernest stovefitter Consol Foundry h 54 Monroe
Nixon Fanny wid Henry bds 54 Monroe
Nixon George harness-maker F J Connors h 39 Job
Nixon Laura clerk G Knowling bds 19 John
Nixon Rosanna wid Charles bds 39 Job
Nixon William laborer bds 78a Casey
Noah John emp Malen Noah bds 93 New Gower
Noah Kaleem dry goods and clothing 320-322 Water, h 150 Water W
Noah Malen variety store 48 New Gower and 382 Water, h 93 New Gower
Noah Stephen emp Kalleem[sic] Noah bds 150 Water W
Noel Ella emp F B Wood Co Ltd bds 77 McFarlane
Noel Ernest W boilermaker R N F Co h 66a Brazil Sq
Noel Ronald engineer R N F CO bds 77 McFarlane
Noel Stanley engineer R N F CO h 77 McFarlane
Noel Thomas electrician R N F Co bds 21 Gear
Noel William first surveyor Dept agricul and mines h 239 Gower
Noftall Allan laborer bds 9 Wickford
Noftall Edward clerk G Knowling bds Rocky Lane
Noftall Frederick laborer h 41 Wickford
Noftall George painter 44 Livingstone, h do
Noftall Henry emp Geo Neal h Rocky Lane
Noftall John emp S G Collier h 32 Casey
Noftall John laborer h 11 Cabot
Noftall Joseph painter h 123 Gower
Noftall Julia wid James bds 53 Springdale
Noftall Katie emp Col Cordage Co bds Pleasant
Noftall Thomas painter Geo Noftall h 40 Livingstone
Noftall William emp Bowring Bros Ltd h 9 Wickford
Noftall William teamster Callahan & Glass bds 9 Wickford
Nofte James emp R N F Co h 188 Water W
Nolan Edward emp St John's Gas Co h Brazil's Field
Nolan Frederick tanner MacKeen & Co bds 27 Patrick
Nolan Jeremiah fisherman bds Waterford Bridge Rd
Nolan John emp F B Wood Co Ltd h 27 Patrick
Nolan John gardener Park h Waterford Bridge Rd
Nolan Michael moulder h 99 Hamilton
Nolan Michael J emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd h 2 Pleasant
Nolan Philip emp Park bds Waterford Bridge Rd
Nolan William emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd h 247 Water West
Noonan Arthur W grocer Harvey & Co bds 235 South Side Rd
Noonan Claude emp Harvey & Co's Tub Factory bds 235 South Side Rd
Noonan Claude L mgr Nfld Furniture & Moulding Co Ltd h 21 Victoria
Noonan Edward clerk Harvey & Co h 10 Barnes Rd
Noonan Miss Ellen   h 12 1/2 James
Noonan James L emp R N F Co h 235 South Side Rd
Noonan John H cashier H M Customs h 41 Monkstown Rd
Noonan Louise stenog Geo Knowling bds 41 Monkstown Rd
Noonan Robert A clerk H M Customs bds 41 Monkstown Rd
Norberg Augustus emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd h 83b Pleasant
Norberg Charles emp Harvey & Co bds 81 Gower
Norberg Menea wid Charles h 81 Gower
Norcott Miss A tailoress E M Jackman bds Wickford
Norman Annie emp Mark Chaplin 36 Brazil Sq
Norman Bertram tinsmith Alex James h 337 Water W
Norman Emma wid James h 44 Water W
Norman Jacob T office asst Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 23 New Gower
Norman John emp C L March & Co h 36 Central
Norman Lionel clerk Royal Stores Ltd h 99 George W
Norman Thos carpenter Horwood Lumber Co h 37 Water W
Norman Walter boilermaker R N F Co bds 24 Monroe
Norman William laborer bds 109 South Side Rd
Norman William sexton George St Meth Church h 36 Brazil Sq
Norris A J conductor R N F Co h 66 Alexander
Norris Alice bkkpr Singer Sew Mach Co bds 15 Brazil Sq
Norris Annie emp F B Wood Co Ltd bds 11 Bambrick
Norris Edward painter h 72 Barnes Rd
Norris Elizabeth wid Thomas bds 22 Flower Hill
Norris James J inspector Municipal Council h 41 Hayward Ave
Norris John boilermaker h 21 Hamilton
Norris Johanna wid Edward h 21 New Gower
Norris Marion stenog Singer Sew Mach Co bds 110 Queen's Rd
Norris Samuel laborer h King's Bridge Rd
Norris Susan emp Rennie's Bakery bds King's Bridge Rd
Norris William moulder Consol Fdry Co h 238 Hamilton Ave
Norris William H boilermaker R N F Co h 237 Hamilton Ave
Norris William L cashier Queen Fire Ins Co bds 41 Hayward Ave
North British Mercantile Ins Co     61 Water
North Henry repairer R N F Co h 235 Hamilton Ave
North Isaac boilermaker R N F Co bds 254 Hamilton Ave
Northcott Andrew baker J B Ayre bds 33 Goodview
Northcott Eliza tailoress E M Jackman bds 33 Goodview
Northcott Mary wid Michael h 33 Goodview
Northern Ins Co of London England Ltd   Jas Baird Ltd, agents  
Northfield Alfred bkkpr h 12 Bell
Norwegian Consul   T Cook 284 Water
Norwich Union Fire Ins Society Ltd   Monroe & Knight agents room 11-12 Bank of Montreal Bldg, Water
Noseworthy Albert emp R N F Co bds 15 Victoria
Noseworthy Alexander carpenter R N F Co h 5 Murray
Noseworthy Alexander train mail clerk bds 12 John
Noseworthy Alfred steward City Club bds 12 John
Noseworthy Ambrose longshoreman h 56 Bond
Noseworthy Annie saleslady Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 6 Adelaide
Noseworthy Charles carpenter h 16 Monroe
Noseworthy Charles laborer Harvey & Co bds 16 Wickford
Noseworthy Charles moulder Consol Fdry Co  
Noseworthy Charles conductor R N F Co h 29 John
Noseworthy Chesley engineer bds 5 Murray
Noseworthy Chesley tinsmith W G Pippy bds 184 Duckworth
Noseworthy Edward sailmaker I C Morris bds Central
Noseworthy Edward fisherman h 20 Clifford
Noseworthy Edward teamster Hearn & Co h 85 King's Rd
Noseworthy Ernest clerk W V Drayton bds 17a Parade
Noseworthy Florence   bds 68 Adelaide
Noseworthy Frank clerk T J Edens h 27 Freshwater Rd
Noseworthy Frank sailmaker I C Morris bds Central
Noseworthy Fred wharf asst Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 16 Wickford
Noseworthy Fred sailor h 31 Bannerman
Noseworthy Frederick photographer Holloway bds 84 Duckworth
Noseworthy George mason St John's Gas Co h 43 Brazil Sq
Noseworthy George conductor R N F Co h 42 Power
Noseworthy George cooper h 97r Southside Rd
Noseworthy George cooper South Side Rd, h 4 do
Noseworthy Harold mason bds 17a Parade
Noseworthy Harris emp R N F Co bds 5 Murray
Noseworthy Heber cooper bds 491 South Side Rd
Noseworthy Henry cooper F Pippy h 32 Field
Noseworthy Ida tailoress Royal Stores bds 16 Wickford
Noseworthy Jacob fireman h 16 Gear
Noseworthy James harness-maker F Connors bds 202 Cornwall Ave
Noseworthy James mason h 17a Parade
Noseworthy James cooper h 491 South Side Rd
Noseworthy Jane wid Samuel h 37 Alexander
Noseworthy Jane wid William bds 82 Pleasant
Noseworthy John blind dept Ayre & Sons Ltd h 71 Pennywell Rd
Noseworthy John carriage maker J C Oke bds Battery Rd
Noseworthy John fireman R N F Co h 202 Cornwall Ave
Noseworthy John fisherman h 27a Prospect
Noseworthy John baker Rennie Baking Co bds 56 Bond
Noseworthy John fisherman h Hanley Place
Noseworthy John electrician h 74 Patrick
Noseworthy Jonathan emp A H Murray h 160 Casey
Noseworthy Jonathan prospector h 15 Victoria
Noseworthy Jonathan N laborer h 24 Carew
Noseworthy Joseph emp Imp Tob Co bds Hanley Place
Noseworthy Joseph   43 Pennywell Rd
Noseworthy Joseph emp Imp Tob Co bds 27a Prospect
Noseworthy Kenneth emp Job Bros bds Brazil's Field
Noseworthy Levi fisherman h 22 1/2 Tessier Place
Noseworthy Lloyd emp Withycombe & Son h Brazil's Field
Noseworthy Mary emp Imp Tob Co bds Hanley Place
Noseworthy Matthew shoemaker 63 Cookstown Rd, h do
Noseworthy Matthew electrician h 30 Prescott
Noseworthy Moses laborer h 111 South Side Rd
Noseworthy Richard gardener D M Browning h Shaw's Lane
Noseworthy Robert emp Job Bros h Brazil's Field
Noseworthy Samuel grocery and restaurant 184 Duckworth, h do
Noseworthy Samuel mate D P Ingram (tug) h 230 Hamilton Ave
Noseworthy Samuel packer Royal Stores Ltd bds Duckworth
Noseworthy Samuel emp Imp Tob Co bds Hanley Place
Noseworthy Stanley emp R N F Co bds 37 Alexander
Noseworthy Stanley painter M Wellman bds 5 Murray
Noseworthy Stephen sergeant Western Police Sta  
Noseworthy Thomas fisherman h 16 Wickford
Noseworthy Thomas motorman R N F Co h 12 John
Noseworthy Thomas carpenter h Battery Rd
Noseworthy Thomas coachman S Garrett bds Battery Rd
Noseworthy William fisherman h 161 New Gower
Noseworthy William cooper Harvey & Co bds 20 Clifford
Noseworthy William emp R N F Co h 82 Pleasant
Noseworthy William fisherman h 4 Hanley Place
Noseworthy William longshoreman bds 56 Bond
Noseworthy William laborer h 51 Cabot
Noseworthy William mason St John's Gas Co h Adelaide
Noseworthy William draper Royal Stores Ltd bds 5 Murray
Noseworthy William brick layer h 6-8 Adelaide
Noseworthy William cooper Wm Bold bds 14 Burke Square
Nova Scotia Fire Ins Co   Steer Bros agents 379-383 Water
Nugent John emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd h 21 1/2 r Patrick
Nugent John fireman A Harvey & Co h Outer Cove Rd
Nugent John F policeman h 331 Water W
Nugent Joseph grocer 65 New Gower, h Barron
Nugent Thomas P blacksmith N Murphy h 236a New Gower
Nunns Joseph foreman piano dept Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 51 Long's Hill
Nurse Anna wid Theodore h 73 Patrick
Nurse Annie dressmaker Miss B Crocker bds 6 Long's Hill
Nurse Charles emp Jas McIntyre bds 6 Long's Hill
Nurse Gladys stenographer Lawrence Nfld Co Ltd bds 73 Patrick
Nurse John clerk C P Eagan bds 6 Long's Hill
Nurse Mary dressmaker Miss B Crocker bds 6 Long's Hill
Nurse Muriel stenographer Geo Knowling bds 73 Patrick
Nurse Olive stenographer Regist of Deeds bds 133 LeMarchant Rd
Nurse Purcell salesman Ayre & Sons Ltd h 51 LeMarchant Rd
Nurse Mrs Stella   bds 51 LeMarchant Rd
Nurse Thomas J mining engineer h 133 LeMarchant Rd
Nurse Mrs T pianist Rossley's Star Theatre h 133 LeMarchant Rd

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (April 2004)

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