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City Directory
City of St. John's

Find Surname Alphabetically A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc
Surname Given Name Occupation Address
Abbott Absalom laborer h 12 Stuart Ave
Abbott Albert laborer h 25 Walsh's Sq
Abbott Alphonsus clerk P J Shea h 20 Pennywell Rd
Abbott Esther wid William h 43 Bannerman
Abbott George agent R N F Co  
Abbott George C customs officer bds 12 Stuart Ave
Abbott Henry fisherman h Battery Rd
Abbott Herbert emp N W Chown h 79 Hayward Ave
Abbott Ida clerk G Knowling bds 84 Carter's Hill
Abbott James carpenter h 24 Cabot
Abbott James fireman S S Fiona bds 18 York
Abbott John longshoreman bds 43 Cuddihy
Abbott Mark longshoreman h 43 Cuddihy
Abbott Matthew emp R N F Co bds 24 Cabot
Abbott Phenie saleslady John B Ayre bds 46 New Gower
Abbott Stanley K carpenter h 101 Springdale
Abbott William longshoreman h 27 1/2 Mullock
Abbott William longshoreman h 18 York
Abbott William emp Sudbury Tannery bds 4 Rossiter's Lane
Acadia Fire Ins Co   S D Blandford, agent Duckworth
Adams Agnes wid William h 59 Merry Meeting Rd
Adams Albert foreman I C Morris bds 22 Gower
Adams Aubrey J operator Anglo Amer Tel Co bds Sudbury Hall, Water W
Adams Barbara dressmaker Miss B Crocker bds Pennywell Rd
Adams Caroline wid Joseph h Pennywell Rd
Adams Charles teamster h Pennywell Rd
Adams Chesley salesman Ayre & Sons bds 3 Balsam
Adams Edward longshoreman h 15 Garrison Hill
Adams Ellen M wid Abraham h 21 Hutchings
Adams Ernest emp Royal Stores bds 87 Pennywell Rd
Adams George printer Daily News h 87 Pennywell Rd
Adams George clerk Bowring Bros Ltd  
Adams George J registrar of deeds h Sudbury Hall, Water W
Adams Gertrude clerk John B Ayre bds 21 Hutchings
Adams Hilda saleslady Ayre & Sons bds Pennywell Rd
Adams James laborer C W G Tessier h 56 Pennywell Rd
Adams James emp St John's Gas Co bds Water W
Adams James sailmaker I C Morris bds Pennywell Rd
Adams James emp Horwood Lumber Co bds Pennywell Rd
Adams John tinsmith J Clouston h 22 Colonial
Adams John longshoreman h 23 Scott
Adams Joseph longshoreman h 35 Wickford
Adams Joseph emp J Baird Ltd  
Adams Kenneth salesman Ayre & Sons Ltd h 66 Flower Hill
Adams Lilly emp A Harvey & Co bds 10 Colonial
Adams Marion emp M Chaplin bds Pennywell Rd
Adams Mary saleslady John B Ayre bds 46 New Gower
Adams Mary emp Imp Tob Co bds 39 McDougall
Adams Nathaniel emp Summer's Fruit Store bds 59 Merry Meeting Rd
Adams Minnie man. John B Ayre bds 21 Hutchings
Adams Stanley lettercarrier bds 21 Hutchings
Adams Thomas G caretaker Orange Hall h 43 Field
Adams W J sailor h 16 1/2 Young
Adams William expressman Ayre & Sons Ltd h 23 Tessier Place
Adams William printer Evening Herald bds Pennywell Rd
Adams William emp Nfld Brewery Ltd h 28 Scott
Adams William F printer Bowring Bros h 92 Springdale
Adey H steward R N F Co  
Adey Reuben emp Martin Hardware Co h Merry Meeting Rd
Adrain John merchant tailor 165 Water, h 38 LeMarchant Rd
Adventure S S Co   A Harvey & Co, agents 43 Water
Aerated Water Works   J R Bennett, prop 166-168 Duckworth
Agriculture and Mines Office     233-235 Duckworth
Ahern Rev M C teacher Holy Cross School bds Mount St Francis
Ainsworth John cooper Baine Johnston & Co bds 161 Gower
Aitken Robert salesman Lawrence Nfld Co Ltd h 123 r New Gower
Aitken William storekeeper bds Rocky Lane
Aloysius Mother Presentation Convent bds Cathedral Sq
Albion Hotel   Miss C Windson, prop 8-10 Water
Alcock Sophie wid Clement h 22 King's Rd
Alcock Patrick stevedore  
Alderdice Frederick asst mgr. Col Cordage Co h 185 LeMarchant Rd
Alderdice Norman acct Col Cordage Co h 66 LeMarchant Rd
Aleix Bessie stenog Martin Hardware Co bds 7 Cook
Alexandra House     47 New Gower
Allan Alfred H organist C of E Cathedral h 71 Rennie's Mill Rd
Allan Arthur E emp Nfld Brewery Ltd h 42 McDougall
Allan Benj painter h 4 Plymouth Rd
Allan John fisherman h 180 Beaumont
Allan Line S S Co   Shea & Co, agents 61 Water
Allan Michael tinsmith L Diamond bds 14 Water
Allan Patrick   h 14 Water W
Allan Thomas tallyman Bowring Bros Ltd  
Allan Thomas J grocer 22-24 Water, h do
Allan William emp Jos Roper bds Queen's Hotel
Allan Wm J asst clerk G P O bds 322 City Terrace
Allarayce Henry emp St John's Meat Co bds 280 Gower
Alliance Fire and Life Ins Co, of London   Baine Johnston & Co, agents 205-207 Water
Allison Robert chief chef R N F Co h 40 Power
Allison William J grocer 152 New Gower, h 1 Barron
Alsop Ethel clerk F Smallwood bds 70 Freshwater Rd
Alsop Robert crier Supreme Court h 70 Freshwater Rd
Ambrose Alfred painter bds 16 York
American Consulate   commercial chambers  
American Tailor, The   W P Shortall, prop 300 Water
American Vacuum Cleaner Co   Henry Blatch, agent 49 Long's Hill
Amminson Arthur laborer h 3 Duckworth
Amminson Ethel emp L J Aylward  
Amminson Joseph teamster J Hennebury bds Quidi Vidi Village
Amminson W emp St John's Nail Mfg Co bds King's Bridge Rd
Anderson Annie emp I F Perlin & Co bds King's Bridge Rd
Anderson Axel emp R N F Co  
Anderson Bert clerk Geo Knowling  
Anderson Mrs Elizabeth wid George h 161 Gower
Anderson Florence emp J Maunder  
Anderson Francis sailor h 23 Waldegrave
Anderson George I commission merchant h Torbay Rd
Anderson Hugh acct John Anderson & Co h Circular Rd
Anderson Hugh A bds 21 Circular Rd  
Anderson James emp W & G Rendell h 83 Gower
Anderson John & Co dry goods 283 Water
Anderson Hon John of John Anderson & Co h 21 Circular Rd
Anderson John stevedore h 264 Hamilton
Anderson John W tinsmith h 13 Parade
Anderson Miss Mary superint C of E Orphanage Military Rd
Anderson Robt H mgr Bank of Nova Scotia 5 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Rd
Anderson Dr Thomas vistg phys Gen Hosp h 224 Duckworth
Anderson William S civil engineer bds 5 Park Place, Rennie's Mill Rd
Andrews Albert messenger John W Taylor bds 249 Water W
Andrews Alfred   bds 18 Hamilton
Andrews Alexander agent h 117 New Gower
Andrews Arthur clerk Geo Knowling bds 47 Bond
Andrews Benjamin carpenter h 47 Bond
Andrews Charles asst shipper Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 20 Clifford
Andrews Charles carpenter bds 249 Water W
Andrews Charles printer Daily News h 17 Monroe
Andrews Elizabeth B emp I F Perlin & Co bds 123 Pleasant
Andrews Fannie emp Mrs C R Duder bds 249 Water W
Andrews Francis emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds 46 1/2 Barter's Hill
Andrews George H emp Daily News h 87 Pennywell Rd
Andrews George M caretaker Springdale Commercial School h 123 Pleasant
Andrews Harold clerk Ellis & Co bds 80 McFarlane
Andrews James laborer bds 27 Brazil Sq
Andrews John Chas barber T H Garland bds 57 Bannerman
Andrews Joseph tinsmith R Templeton bds 249 Water W
Andrews Miss Kate   h 280 Gower
Andrews Kenneth tailor D Galway bds 101 Quidi Vidi Rd
Andrews L R acct Franklin & Co bds Hutchings
Andrews Laura stenog bds 47 Bond
Andrews Lizzie emp I F Perlin & Co bds 23 Pleasant
Andrews Mary wid Stephen bds 17 Monroe
Andrews Nathaniel inspector Street Ry, R N F Co h 18 Hamilton
Andrews Phoebe, Miss   h 101 Quidi Vidi Rd
Andrews Ralph M acct Board of Health Dept bds 18 Hamilton
Andrews Rebecca emp Cash Dept, Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 280 Theatre Hill
Andrews Robert, Sr tinsmith R Templeton h 249 Water W
Andrews Robert, Jr tinsmith R Templeton bds 249 Water W
Andrews Robert laborer h 57 Bannerman
Andrews Robert H salesman Ayre & Sons Ltd h 9 1/2 Freshwater Rd
Andrews Sarah A emp I F Perlin & Co bds 123 Pleasant
Andrews William laborer h 55 Cabot
Angel Fred W Consulting and contracting engineer, city chambers Water, h 165 LeMarchant Rd
Angel Herbert fisherman bds 3 Battery Rd
Angel J laborer Bishop Sons & Co Ltd  
Angel J E foreman of Machine Shops, R N F Co  
Angel Hon Jas   h 132 Hamilton
Angel James   h 136 Hamilton Ave
Angel James laborer h 15 Simms
Angel John engineer h 130 Hamilton
Angel Joseph rigger h 3 Battery Rd
Angel Robert salesman Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 12 Balsam
Angel Samuel fisherman h 48 Hamilton
Angel Stephen wharfinger Bishop Sons & Co Ltd h 12 Balsam
Angel Stephen emp Franklin & Co h 6 Hamilton
Angel Wm J longshoreman h 9 Bannerman
Angela Sister Mary teacher St Michael's Convent bds do
Anglo American Garage     2 Gower
Anglo-American Telegraph Co Ltd   R C Smith, general supt. Head office 244 Water, Branches 96 and 351 Water
Ansell John emp Light House Dept h Pilot's Hill
Anthony Abraham laborer Geo M Barr h 11 Barron
Anthony John teamster Harvey & Co h 26 Springdale
Anthony John, Sr laborer bds 17 Sheehan's Shute
Anthony John laborer Bowring Bros h 32 John
Anthony John, Jr laborer h 17 Sheehan's Shute
Anthony Joseph peddlar h 8 Casey
Anthony Joseph emp R N F Co bds 10 b Murphy's Sq
Anthony Josiah motorman R N F Co h 64 Springdale
Anthony N laborer Bishop Sons & Co Ltd  
Anthony Solomon baker A Harvey & Co h McNeil
Anthony Thomas emp Bowring Bros h 17 Barter's Hill
Anthony William stoker Gas Works bds Walsh's Lane
Anthony William laborer G M Barr bds 11 Barron
Anthony William laborer h 49 Spencer
Anthony William laborer h 64 Brazil Sq
Anthony William, jr emp Parker & Monroe bds 64 Brazil Sq
Anthony William mason St John's Gas Co bds Hutchings
Antinori Angelo tinsmith h 25 Stephen
Antle Andrew salesman h 19 James
Antle Edgar clerk Empire Wood Working Co bds 11 Pilot's Hill
Antle Harry teamster Harvey & Co bds Battery Rd
Antle Henry fisherman h Battery Rd
Antle John customs officer h 11 Pilot's Hill
Antle Thomas P emp Consol Foundry Co Ltd h 198 LeMarchant Rd
Antle Willis stevedore h 16a Bell
Antle William emp J J Henley bds 16a Bell
Arcade Bowling Alley     363 Water
Archer W C show-man h 47 Hamilton
Archibald Mazie nurse General Hospital bds do
Armette William emp R N F Co h Mundy Pond Rd
Armine Gosling   bds 77 LeMarchant Rd
Armstrong Gordon plumber J Walsh bds 24 Young
Armstrong James asst Dry Goods Dept, Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 11 LeMarchant Rd
Armstrong James of Howlett & Armstrong h 14 Cabot
Armstrong John emp Harvey & Co bds 15 Adelaide
Armstrong John laborer h Battery Rd
Armstrong Thomas emp R N F Co h 110 Circular Rd
Armstrong Timothy cooper Harvey's Tub Factory bds 4 Bond
Armstrong William shoemaker 110-a Queen's Rd, h 24 Young
Arnos Wm baker A Harvey & Co  
Arnott C emp R N F Co h Mundy Pond Rd
Arnott Edwin G clerk Bowring Bros Ltd h Mundy Pond Rd
Arnott George W agent bds Mundy Pond Rd
Arnott Thomas emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co bds Brazil's Field
Ash James emp Consol Foundry Co Ltd h Beaumont
Ash Jessie, Miss   bds 125 Bond
Ash Joseph laborer Smith Co Ltd h 19 Holdsworth
Ash Mary wid James bds 12 Gear
Ash Richard G of R G Ash & Co h Waterford Bd Rd
Ash R G & Co Commission merchants T A Building, 288 Duckworth
Ash Richard stevedore J Baird Ltd h 42 Spencer
Ash Robert carpenter Consol Foundry Co Ltd h 27 Young
Ash William wharfinger Ayre & Sons Ltd h 12 Gear
Ashley Daniel custom house officer h 69 Patrick
Ashley Isabella milliner Royal Stores bds 9 Atlantic Ave
Ashley James emp Consol Foundry Co Ltd h 9 Atlantic Ave
Ashley John laborer h 1 Goodview
Ashley John cooper h 12 Henry
Ashley Lewis emp Consol Foundry Co Ltd bds 9 Atlantic Ave
Ashley Thomas junk dealer South Side Rd h 6 do
Ashley Thorburn A agent Cabot Bldg h 60 Cochrane
Ashley William J operator Nfld Postal Teleg bds 69 Patrick
Ashman Patrick laborer h 30 Wickford
Ashman Thomas laborer Baine Johnston & Co h 30 Wickford
Ashman William fireman h 3 1/2 Dammerill's Lane
Aspell Carrie wid John h 21 Tessier Place
Aspell James fireman bds Battery Rd
Aspell John fisherman h Battery Rd
Aspell John, sr laborer h 4 St John Place
Aspell John, jr laborer bds 3 St John Place
Aspell Patrick laborer h Battery Rd
Aspell William emp House of Assembly h 33 Gower
Asprone Thomas   h 105 Cabot
Association for the Prevention of Consumption     Room 4 Harvey Bldg, 87 Water
Asylum for Insane     Waterford Bridge Rd
Atfield G emp R N F Co  
Atfield Stephen grocer 17 Coronation, h do
Atkins Edward checker R N F Co h 13 John
Atkins Henry blacksmith Oke's carriage factory h Pleasant
Atkins John   h 116 New Gower
Atkinson James M of K & A Store h 106 Military Rd
Atlantic Book Store   G Byrne, prop, W F Power, mgr 136 Water
Atwell Daniel emp Bowring Bros  
Atwell Jas emp Bowring Bros  
Atwell John janitor Bank of Montreal h 204 Pleasant
Atwill Harriett, Mrs milliner Ayre & Sons Ltd h 63 Pleasant
Atwill Mabel bookkeeper H Roberts bds 63 Pleasant
Atwill Samuel carpenter R N F Co h Brazil's Field
Atwill William G P O Clerk h 427 Water
Attwood William clerk Bowring Bros Ltd  
Auchinleck Isabella wid James h Merry Meeting Rd
Auchinleck James, jr laborer h Merry Meeting Rd
Auchinleck Jean wid Alex h Merry Meeting Rd
Auchinleck William tailor W E Jackman & Co bds Merry Meeting Rd
Auditor General's Office     233-235 Duckworth
Austin Charles tailor E M Jackman h Merry Meeting Rd
Austin Chesley plumber Pittman & Shaw h Summer
Austin Elizabeth wid Samuel h 28 Forest Rd
Austin James carpenter J & F Davey h 75 Casey
Austin William fisherman h 33 Spencer
Austin William carpenter Harvey & Co h Summer
Avalon Fisheries Ltd     161 Water
Avalon Store   dry goods 67 New Gower
Avery Adam emp Job Bros & Co h 27 Coronation
Avery Archibald emp R N F Co h Brazil's Field
Avery J emp G Browning & Son  
Avery Norman mortorman[sic] R N F Co h 11 Coronation
Avery Robert carpenter h 9 Charlton
Axford F H custom officer h 55 South Side Rd
Axford Mrs F H grocer 55 South Side Rd, h do
Aylward Andrew carpenter h 45 Merry Meeting Rd
Aylward Ellen wid William h 22 Hagerty
Aylward Frank baker Rennie Bkg Co h 14 Pilot's Hill
Aylward James clerk J Stott bds 45 Merry Meeting Rd
Aylward James laborer Bowring Bros h 21 Job
Aylward James farmer h 23 Livingstone
Aylward John J tailor T J Aylward bds old Portugal Cove Rd
Aylward Joseph messenger Nfld Postal Teleg bds 3 Howe Place
Aylward Margaret saleslady Marshall Bros bds 45 Merry Meeting Rd
Aylward Mary emp Rennie Bkg Co bds 14 Pilot's Hill
Aylward Matthew gas-fitter St John's Gas Co bds 23 Livingstone
Aylward Maurice laborer h 3 Howe Place
Aylward Michael F P O Clerk bds old Portugal Cove Rd
Aylward Timothy J custom tailor and clothier 292 Water, h old Portugal Cove Rd
Aylward William tailor T J Aylward h 40 McDougall
Ayre Arthur salesman Ayre & Sons Ltd bds Circular Rd
Ayre Chas P mang director Ayre & Sons Ltd res "Burnbrae", Waterford Bridge Rd
Ayre Eric S direct Ayre & Sons Ltd res "Brookdale", Circular Rd
Ayre Fred W mang director Ayre & Sons Ltd res "Northview", Circular Rd
Ayre George W B, LLB barrister Renouf Bldg, h 44 Circular Rd
Ayre Gerald W salesman Ayre & Sons Ltd bds Circular Rd
Ayre Gertrude wid Chesley h Circular Rd
Ayre Harold C corres Ayre & Sons Ltd h 96 Military Rd
Ayre Hon. J. B. director Ayre & Sons Ltd res "Thornlea", Waterford Bridge Rd
Ayre James S buyer Ayre & Sons Ltd h 12 Rennie's Mill Rd
Ayre John Bulley baker & crockeryware dealer 204 Water, h 46 New Gower
Ayre Lilian   bds Freshwater Rd
Ayre Marion   bds Freshwater Rd
Ayre Robert traveller Ayre & Sons Ltd bds Circular Rd
Ayre & Sons Ltd   general merchants and importers 231 to 235 and 249 to 253 Water, general office 233 do
Ayre Wilfrid D asst dry goods dept Ayre & Sons Ltd bds Burn Brae

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (April 2004)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 26, 2013
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