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City Directory
City of St. John's

Find Surname Alphabetically A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc
Surname Given Name Occupation Address
Oakley Arthur carpenter R N F Co h 172 Hamilton Ave
Oakley Charles emp R N F Co bds 323 Water W
Oakley Charles emp R N F Co h 14 Adelaide
Oakley Ellen wid Frederick bds 172 Hamilton Ave
Oakley Frederick emp Jackman The Tailor h 323 Water W
Oakley Isabella teacher Springdale St School bds 14 Knight
Oakley James 1st turnkey H M Penitentiary h 14 Knight
Oakley John emp Consolidated Foundry bds 126 Casey
Oakley John J mining engineer h 171 Gower
Oakley Lawrence O boilermaker R N F Co bds 323 Water W
Oakley Marion emp Geo Knowling bds 14 Knight
Oakley Minnie   bds 36 LeMarchant Rd
Oakley Sybil Nurse General Hospital bds do
Oakley W J emp T & M Winter h 53 Casey
O'Brien Annie wid William h 34 Pleasant
O'Brien Augustus mgr Garrett Bryne h 28 1/2 Lime
O'Brien David emp City Works h 50 Signal Hill Rd
O'Brien Dennis cooperate 8-10 Belvidere, h do
O'Brien Dennis blacksmith Jos Miller h Portugal Cove Rd
O'Brien Edward laborer h 24 Duggan
O'Brien Elizabeth wid John bds Mundy Pond Rd
O'Brien Ellen wid Sergt Joseph h 85 Bond
O'Brien Miss Ivetta prop Ivy Hotel 278 h Water
O'Brien Jas J grocer 45 Job, h do
O'Brien John clerk T J Edens bds 26 Mullock
O'Brien Kitty saleslady John B Ayre bds 46 New Gower
O'Brien Leo emp J Roper bds Barter's Hill
O'Brien Margaret wid Patrick h 41 Cuddihy
O'Brien Margaret emp General Hospital bds 41 Cuddihy
O'Brien Miss Mary J   h 46 Bannerman
O'Brien Maurice teamster Lawrence Bros bds 85 Bond
O'Brien Michael groceries and provisions 42 New Gower, bds 45 Job
O'Brien Michael foreman Col Cord Co h Mundy Pond Rd
O'Brien Michael clerk Parker & Monroe bds 41 Cuddihy
O'Brien Nora emp Horwood Lumber Co bds 34 Pleasant
O'Brien Patrick cooper Harvey & Co h 16 Hayward Ave
O'Brien Patrick J emp R N F Co bds 1 Alexander
O'Brien Thomas carpenter h 37 Job
O'Brien Thomas sailor bds 34 Pleasant
O'Brien Timothy emp H McPherson h Newtown Rd
O'Brien William City Health Inspector h 4 Carnell
O'Brien William painter bds 25 Pleasant
O'Brien William cabinet maker Pope's Furnit Facty bds 85 Bond
O'Brien William clerk Peter Casey bds Brazil's Field
O'Brien William carman h Brazil's Field
O'Brien William wharfinger Shea & Co h 22 Gower
O'Brien William grocer 58-58a Colonial, h do
O'Callahan Rev Daniel Catholic bds Bishop's Palace
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Ltd   Percie Johnston agent  
O'Connell Rev Brother teacher, St Bonaventure College  
O'Connell Ignatius physician 338 Duckworth, h 330 do
O'Connor Andrew   h 4 Victoria
O'Connor Bridget   bds 4 Victoria
O'Connor Nora wid William h 4 Spencer
O'Dea Alfred emp Carnell's Carriage Fcty bds 16 York
O'Dea Ethel clerk P F Collins bds 16 York
O'Dea John electrician R N F Co h 16 York
O'Dea J V & CO commission merchants 2 Custom House Hill
O'Dea John V of J V O'Dea & Co h 52 LeMarchant Rd
O'Dea Leo upholsterer bds 16 York
O'Dea Lillian tailoress J Maunder bds 16 York
O'Dea Samuel emp R N F Co h 31 Holloway
O'Donnell Mrs A wid Thomas h 339 Duckworth
O'Donnell Elizabeth music teacher 63a Duckworth, h do
O'Donnell Ellen wid Thomas h 122 George W
O'Donnell James teacher h 1 Larkin's Sq
O'Donnell Jeremiah D operator Nfld Postal Teleg h 22 Dick's Sq
O'Donnell Miss L bkkpr Rankin & Co bds 339 Duckworth
O'Donnell Miss P emp Atlantic Book Store bds 339 Duckworth
O'Donnell Richard emp Franklin & Co bds 122 George
O'Donnell Wing (The)   St Patrick's Hall Queen's Rd
O'Donovan Michael butcher h 29 Spencer
O'Driscoll Cornelius emp R N F Co h 130 Water W
O'Driscoll Edward clerk J Baird Ltd h 8 Chapel
O'Driscoll Elizabeth wid John h 17 Hamilton
O'Driscoll Elizabeth wid Thomas h 78 Bond
O'Driscoll J operator R N F Co  
O'Driscoll John shoemaker 213a New Gower, h do
O'Driscoll John acct P C O'Driscoll bds 31 Queen's Rd
O'Driscoll Katie operator Nfld Postal Teleg bds John
O'Driscoll Leo emp Parker & Monroe bds Water W
O'Driscoll Miss Maggie   bds 27 Gower
O'Driscoll Michael acct Job Bros Ltd h 7 Military Rd
O'Driscoll P emp Ry Shop R N F Co  
O'Driscoll Patrick C auctioneer, notary public and commission agent 248 1/2 Water, h 31 Queen's Rd
O'Driscoll Patrick, Jr acct F McNamara h 78 Bond
O'Driscoll Richard emp C J Ellis bds 130 Water W
O'Dwyer Angus clerk Baine Johnston & Co bds 33 Military Rd
O'Dwyer Richard H commissioner Public Charities h 33 Military Rd
Office Specialty Mfg Co Ltd   F Chesman, agent 178 Water
O'Flaherty Edward constable East End Police Station  
O'Flaherty Elizabeth wid James h 71 Military Rd
O'Flaherty John, Jr acct F McNamara bds 61 LeMarchant Rd
O'Flaherty John, Sr acct Imp Tob Co h 61 LeMarchant Rd
O'Flanagan & Co   dry goods 430 Water
O'Flanagan Martin of O'Flanagan & Co h 341 Duckworth
O'Flanagan Rev O B teacher Mt St Francis  
O'Flanagan Thomas emp Burt & Lawrence h 26 McDougall
O'Grady Jeremiah J painter h 15 Carter's Hill
O'Grady Kitty saleslady Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 59 Bannerman
O'Grady P painter h 95 Hamilton
O'Grady Stephen longshoreman bds 5a Signal Hill Rd
O'Grady Theresa emp Imp Tob Co bds 4 Temperance
O'Grady William fireman h 82 Gower
O'Hihir Rev M O teacher bds Mt St Francis
O'Hurley Rev A P teacher bds Mt St Francis
Oke A clerk Royal Stores Ltd bds 80 Forest Rd
Oke Edward L clerk Bank of Nova Scotia bds 80 Forest Rd
Oke G emp R N F Co  
Oke Gordon wheelwright John C Oke bds 80 Forest Rd
Oke Harris law student John Fenelon bds 80 Forest Rd
Oke John C carriage builder and undertaker 7-9 Prescott, h 80 Forest Rd
Oke Rebecca wid Austin h 47 Quidi Vidi Rd
Oke Robert acct Marshall Bros bds 14 Quidi Vidi Rd
Oke Robert J engineer h 127 Gower
Oke William C   h 114 Quidi Vidi Rd
Oke's Carriage Factory   J C Oke prop 7-9 Prescott
O'Keefe Agatha saleslady Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 240 Duckworth
O'Keefe Andrew mason h 3 William
O'Keefe Charles post office clerk h 90 Queen's Rd
O'Keefe Frederick grocer 84-88 Hamilton, h do
O'Keefe Rev J M teacher bds Mt St Francis
O'Keefe John cooperage 79 Hamilton, h do
O'Keefe Lawrence emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd h 31 Angel Place
O'Keefe M clerk Geo Knowling  
O'Keefe M J carpenter h Old Torbay Rd
O'Keefe Michael butcher bds 84 Hamilton
O'Keefe Michael fireman Govt House h 128 Bond
O'Keefe Patrick emp I F Perlin & Co h 34 Belvidere
O'Keefe Peter gardener J D Ryan h 28 Fleming
O'Keefe Richard constable h 17 William
O'Keefe Robert telegraph operator bds 84 Hamilton
O'Keefe Thomas confectionery 412 Water, h do
O'Keefe William baker Wiseman & Buckley bds 28 Fleming
Oldford Isabella   bds 216 LeMarchant Rd
Oldford Martha wid Edward h 72 Forest Rd
O'Leary Agnes telephone operator bds Freshwater Rd
O'Leary Anastasia tailoress Spurrell Bros bds 18 Duggan
O'Leary Catherine wid Philip h 21 Scott
O'Leary Dennis laborer h 40 McFarlane
O'Leary Edward J emp T J Edens h 16 Carew
O'Leary Francis M salesman Meehan & Co bds 41 York
O'Leary James emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd bds 21 Scott
O'Leary Miss Katie grocer 109 Long's Hill, h do
O'Leary Miss M clerk Imp Tob Co bds 41 York
O'Leary Thomas blacksmith h 6 Stephen
O'Leary Thomas laborer h 18 Duggan
O'Leary W J clerk Imp Tob Co bds 41 York
Oliphant George police sergeant h 1 1/2 Maxse
Oliphant George L police sergeant h 43 William
Oliver Ellen wid William bds 49 Flower Hill
Oliver George T printer Gray & Goodland h 6 King's Rd
Oliver James emp C F Lester bds Merry Meeting Rd
Oliver James truckman h 21 Goodview
Oliver Jane milliner Mrs Conway bds 66 Bannerman
Oliver John laborer h McNeil
Oliver Joseph laborer h 15 Sheehan's Shute
Oliver Mary emp Imp Tob Co bds Freshwater Rd
Oliver May emp Imp Tob Co bds Freshwater Rd
Oliver Michael laborer h 44 Cabot
Oliver Peter J laborer W & G Rendell h 66 Bannerman
Oliver Reuben laborer h 20 Stephen
Oliver Miss T clerk John Fenelon bds 66 Bannerman
Oliver Walter emp I F Perlin & Co bds 6 King's Rd
Oliver William draper S Milley h 17 Atlantic Ave
Olivius Manuel watchmaker h Pleasant
Olsen Anten emp R N F Co  
Olsen Charles emp City Works h 87 Signal Hill Rd
Olsen Charles, Jr teamster Harvey & Co bds 87 Signal Hill Rd
Olsen Emma wid Alfred h 396 1/2 South Side Rd
Olsen Henry sea captain h 106 Queen's Rd
Olsen Joseph teamster Harvey & Co bds 87 Signal Hill Rd
Olsen Thomas emp R N F Co bds 396 1/2 South Side Rd
O'Mara James janitor Star of the Sea Hall h 2 Duggan
O'Mara John clerk T J Edens bds 105 King's Rd
O'Mara Leo A clerk T McMurdo & Co bds 112 1/2 Military Rd
O'Mara Mary wid David h 105 King's Rd
O'Mara Mrs Mary   h 14 1/2 Duckworth
O'Mara Mary J wid John T h 112 1/2 Military Rd
O'Mara May A emp Museum Hall bds 112 1/2 Military Rd
O'Mara Michael J Inspector of Weights and Measures Colonial Bldg, h Mullock
O'Mara Peter druggist 46-48 Water W, h 28 Henry
O'Mara Thomas   10 Mullock
O'Mara Thomas draper Jas Baird Ltd h 31 Barnes Rd
O'Neil Aileen stenographer Jas Baird Ltd bds 22 Cabot
O'Neil Alice wid Arthur h 39 Cabot
O'Neil Andrew emp Fire Dept h 29 Patrick
O'Neil Andrew cooper h 49 Angel Place
O'Neil Ann wid James h 22 Barter's Hill
O'Neil Annie wid James h 194 Water W
O'Neil Arthur cabman h 62 Pennywell Rd
O'Neil B emp Ry Dept R N F Co  
O'Neil Bridget wid Arthur bds 62 Pennywell Rd
O'Neil Charles blacksmith S H Pitt bds 149 New Gower
O'Neil Christina stenographer McGrath Bros bds 82a Queen's Rd
O'Neil Edward acct Geo Knowling bds Topsail Rd
O'Neil Edward cooperage 25 Brazil Sq, h 18 do
O'Neil Edward cooper Baine Johnston & Co h 71 New Gower
O'Neil Edward teamster h 129 Freshwater Rd
O'Neil Elizabeth wid Thos h 168 Water
O'Neil Gerald emp W H Bartlett bds 2 Power
O'Neil J brakeman R N F Co  
O'Neil James cooper bds 108 Pleasant
O'Neil James laborer bds 24 Dammerill's Lane
O'Neil James shoemaker Nfld B & Shoe Co bds 149 New Gower
O'Neil James emp Monroe & Co h 2 Power
O'Neil James cooperage 273 Water W, h do
O'Neil John baker bds 149 New Gower
O'Neil John brakeman R N F Co bds 58 Pleasant
O'Neil John blacksmith R N F Co h 45 Charlton
O'Neil John laborer h 24 Dammerill's Lane
O'Neil John baker J B Ayre h 20 John
O'Neil Josephine bookkeeper C P Eagan bds 22 Cabot
O'Neil Lawrence clerk Steer Bros bds Topsail Rd
O'Neil Leo barber J T Nelder h 4 Stephen
O'Neil Lizzie milliner S Milley bds 82 Queen's Rd
O'Neil Martin painter R N F Co h 8 Barron
O'Neil Mrs Mary   bds 273a Water W
O'Neil Mary wid Constantine bds 24 Dammerill's Lane
O'Neil May emp F Smallwood bds 21 Burke's Sq
O'Neil Moses   h 96 Cabot
O'Neil Nicholas foreman carpenter W J Ellis bds 12 George
O'Neil Patrick cooper h 108 Pleasant
O'Neil Patrick constable Western Police Sta  
O'Neil Patrick J emp Custom House h 22 Cabot
O'Neil Richard brakeman R N F Co h 279 Water W
O'Neil William cooper h 6 Clifford
O'Neil Mrs William fruit and confectionery 82 Queen's Rd, h do
O'Neil William coachman Archbishop Howley h 82a Queen's Rd
O'Neil William laborer bds 24 Dammerill's Lane
O'Neil William baker h 149 New Gower
O'Neil William emp Sudbury Mfg Co bds 273 Water W
O'Neil William J emp Evening Herald h 127 Bond
Opitz Frederick emp Geo Kampf h 63 Military Rd
Oram Frederick engineer bds 23 Patrick
Orange (Victoria) Hall     Gower
Orchard Frederick clerk St John's Meat Co bds 90 Pleasant
O'Regan Catherine wid James h 291 Water W
O'Regan Catherine wid John, café 182 Water, h do
O'Regan Michael butcher 1 LeMarchant Rd, bds 182 Water
O'Regan T A teacher Mt Cashel Orphanage bds do
O'Reilly Albert W salesman, Callahan Glass & Co h 307 Water W
O'Reilly Annie emp J Tobin bds 58 Monroe
O'Reilly Bridget grocer 210 Water W, h do
O'Reilly Edward asst hardware dept Ayre & Sons bds 307 Water W
O'Reilly Ellen wid Peter bds Cockpit Rd
O'Reilly Emily wid John J h 290 Water
O'Reilly George h 33 Barnes Rd  
O'Reilly James emp St John's Nail Mfg Co bds 15 Mullock
O'Reilly Johanna wid Robert h 39 Bannerman
O'Reilly John carman Sanit Dept h 15 Mullock
O'Reilly Joseph Inspector of Revenue h 84 Circular Rd
O'Reilly May emp Parker & Monroe bds 58 Monroe
O'Reilly Michael farmer h Cockpit Rd
O'Reilly Michael plumber R Callahan h 59 Monroe
O'Reilly Patrick J liquors 124 Water, h do
O'Reilly Patrick J F wines and liquors 290a Water, h Long Pond Rd
O'Reilly William fisherman h 58 Monroe
Organ Michael janitor Knights of Columbus Hall h 122 Military Rd
Organ William laborer h 4 Moore
Ornamental Park     Gower
O'Rourke Joseph clerk P J Fortune bds 16 John
O'Rourke Kate emp W P Shortall bds 21 Butler Place
O'Rourke Michael tallyman J Baird Ltd h 16 John
O'Rourke Michael laborer Baine Johnston & Co h 27 1/2 James
O'Rourke Michael plumber W J Ryan h 54 Charlton
O'Rourke Nellie emp May Stick bds 52 Gower
O'Rourke Thomas clerk Jas Baird Ltd bds 16 John
O'Rourke William carpenter W J Ellis h 52 Gower
O'Rourke William, Sr cooper h 21 Butler Place
O'Rourke William, Jr tailor W P Shortall bds 21 Butler Place
Orr Newfoundland Co Ltd   G A Moulton agent Martin Building
Orth Percy emp Rossley's Star Theatre bds 280 Duckworth
O'Ryan John Terra Nova Constabulary h 18 Prospect
Osborne Ella emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds 8 William
Osborne Gerald seaman bds 8 William
Osborne House   boarding 351 Water
Osborne Hubert baker Rennie Baking Co bds 8 William
Osborne James tinsmith J Clouston h 8 William
Osborne Margaret wid John, nurse h 54 Pennywell Rd
Osborne Mark carpenter E H & G Davey h 49 William
O'Shea Daniel emp J V O'Dea & Co bds 105 Long's Hill
Osmond Albert carpenter A Harvey & Co h 4 Smart Ave
Osmond Arthur G engineer Bowring Bros h 42 Cookstown Rd
Osmond Augustus engineer A Harvey & Co h 69 Gower
Osmond B emp R N F Co  
Osmond Beatrice emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds 8 William
Osmond Bert emp Rennie's Bakery bds Rennie's Mill Rd
Osmond Bertram carpenter h 114 Casey
Osmond Ella emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd bds 8 William
Osmond George carpenter Davey Bros h 35 William
Osmond James tinsmith L Diamond bds 8 William
Osmond Joseph carpenter h 114 Casey
Osmond Joseph carpenter J Baird Ltd h 21r Hayward Ave
Osmond Nathan carpenter h 38 Gilbert
Osmond Robert boiler maker R N F Co h 41 John
Osmond Samuel carpenter Baine Johnston & Co h 68 Hayward Ave
O'Toole Annie wid John h 31 1/2 Angel Place
O'Toole Annie stenographer Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 275 Water W
O'Toole Bride clerk J C Baird bds South Side Rd
O'Toole Bridget wid John bds 26 Pleasant
O'Toole Edward boilermaker R N F Co h Shaw's Lane
O'Toole Francis teamster F B Wood Co Ltd h Pierce Ave
O'Toole Frank emp Bowring Bros  
O'Toole Mrs James grocer 275 Water W, h do
O'Toole James emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd bds 31 1/2 Angel Place
O'Toole James caretaker Belvidere Cemetery h Newtown Rd
O'Toole John printer Daily News h 6 Casey
O'Toole John laborer Jas Baird Ltd h 29 Coronation
O'Toole John barber J T Nelder bds 274 Water W
O'Toole Mary asst cash dept Ayre & Sons Ltd bds 275 Water West
O'Toole Mary dressmaker bds 31 1/2 Angel Place
O'Toole Mary wid Bernard bds 10 Balsam
O'Toole Michael emp J V O'Dea h 12 Colonial
O'Toole Mollie emp W P Shortall bds 73 McFarlane
O'Toole Susan wid Patrick h 265 Water W
O'Toole Susan wid William h 12 Casey
O'Toole Thomas ship fireman h 44a Brazil Sq
O'Toole Mrs W wid Michael h 295 South Side Rd
O'Toole William laborer h 22 Finn's Lane
O'Toole William laborer h 73 McFarlane
O'Toole William laborer h 26 Pleasant
O'Toole William fire constable bds East End Station
Otterson James shoemaker F Smallwood bds 13 Pleasant
Otterson Peter master mariner 13 Pleasant
Outerbridge Herbert A of Harvey & Co h King's Bridge Rd
Outerbridge Sir Joseph of Harvey & Co h King's Bridge Rd
Outerbridge Norman A of Harvey & Co h 26 Monkstown Rd
Outerbridge Philip E salesman R G Ash & Co bds King's Bridge Rd
Owen John carpenter C F Lester h 291r Hamilton Ave
Owen Richard fisherman h 295 Hamilton Ave
Owen Sophia wid William bds 295 Hamilton Ave
Owen William fireman bds 295 Hamilton Ave

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (April 2004)

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