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City Directory
City of St. John's

Find Surname Alphabetically A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc
Surname Given Name Occupation Address
McAllister David watchman Bowring Bros h 58 Brazil Sq
McAllister Julia Anne wid William h 21 Brennan
McAllister Martin engineer R N F Co h 35 1/2 Flower Hill
McAllister Mary emp J B Ayre bds 42 McFarlane
McAllister William emp Horwood Lumber Co H 42 McFarlane
McArdle Charles J clerk W F Butler h Newtown Rd
McArdle John clerk S E Garland bds 47 New Gower
MacAudie William commission merchant h Waterford Bridge Rd
McAudie William hardware, etc 330 Duckworth, h do
MacAvoy Andrew truckman h 53 Cabot
McBay Donald watchman F Barnes bds 31 Cook
McBay James machinist h 122 New Gower
McBay Mrs James temperate drinks 122a New Gower, h 122 do
McBay John emp U S Picture & P Co bds 31 Cook
McBay Samuel Joseph painter McGrath Bros h 31 Cook
McCafferty Patrick tailor C J Ellis h 52 Springdale
McCaffrey Mrs Ellen grocer 94 Duckworth, h do
McCaffrey Gertrude clerk John Anderson & Co bds 94 Duckworth
McCaffrey & Johnston   props Rennie's River Tannery Old Portugal Cove Rd
McCaffrey Mary saleslady Mrs A Mitchell bds 94 Duckworth
McCaffrey Patrick J of McCaffrey & Johnston h 94 Duckworth
McCart George upholsterer h 176 Water W
McCarthy Annie tailoress Spurrell Bros bds Newtown Rd
McCarthy Brothers   grocers 432-434 Water
McCarthy Charles laborer G M Barr h 23 Barter's Hill
McCarthy Charles laborer City Works bds Salvation Army Hotel
McCarthy Charles J emp W F Butler h Newtown Rd
McCarthy Edward emp R N F Co h 13 Cookstown Rd
McCarthy Mrs Eliza h 7 Sheehan's Shute
McCarthy Ellen wid Thomas h 52 Flower Hill
McCarthy Ellen emp J H Farrell bds Barter's Hill
McCarthy F emp R N F Co h 24 Buchanan
McCarthy James teamster Consol Fdry Co Ltd  
McCarthy John emp R N F Co bds 52 Flower Hill
McCarthy John laborer Baine Johnston & Co h 32 Casey
McCarthy John J supt Money Order Dept Post Office bds Leslie
McCarthy Joseph grocer 141 New Gower, h do
McCarthy Mrs L wid Michael bds 3 Lime Kiln Lane
McCarthy M emp Mach Shop R N F Co  
McCarthy Maria wid James h 13 Victoria
McCarthy Martin of McCarthy Bros bds Leslie
McCarthy Michael of McCarthy Bros bds Leslie
McCarthy P emp R N F Co  
McCarthy Patrick J musician Nickel Theatre bds Leslie
McCarthy T F emp Empire W W Co bds Newtown Rd
McCarthy Thomas groceries and provisions 439 Water, h 23 Patrick
McCarthy Thomas seaman bds 7 Sheehan's Shute
McCarthy Thomas seaman h 3 Lime Kiln Lane
McCarthy William fisherman h Quidi Vidi Village
McCarthy William longshoreman h 23 Water W
McCarthy Mrs William confectionery 23 Water W, h do
McCormack Annie emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd bds 487 South Side Rd
McCormack Edward laborer h South Side Rd
McCormack James laborer bds 487 South Side Rd
McCormack Mark watchman Sudbury Mfg Co h 487 South Side Rd
McCormack Nicholas tinsmith L Diamond bds Gower
McCoubrey Adam, Sr emp Standard Mfg Co Ltd bds 18 Prescott
McCoubrey Adam, Jr tinsmith 168 New Gower, h 59 Pleasant
McCoubrey Catherine wid Henry T h 77 Bond
McCoubrey Charles engineer R N F Co h 208 LeMarchant Rd
McCoubrey James emp Standard Mfg Co Ltd bds Leslie
McCoubrey-White Mrs Elizabeth crockeryware 428 Water, h do
McCourt Elizabeth wid Philip h 190 Duckworth
McCowan Elizabeth S wid John R h 50 Sheehan Place
McCrindle David, Sr grocer 10 Duckworth, h do
McCrindle David engineer h 49 Gower
McCrindle David A emp Imp Tob Co bds 10 Duckworth
McCrindle William emp Imp Tob Co bds 160 New Gower
McCrudden Patrick painter h 10 King's Rd
McCrudden Walter painter h 4 Colonial
McCurdy F B & Co Bond and Stock Brokers, C A C Bruce, mgr Board of Trade Bldg
McDermott Henry P police sergeant h 28 Bannerman
McDermott Rev J J (Rom Cath) h Patrick
McDonald A emp machine shop R N F Co  
McDonald Augustus carpenter and contractor 47 McFarlane, bds do
McDonald Bella emp Col Cor Co bds Mundy Pond Rd
McDonald Daniel engineer Nfld Steam Screw Tug Co h 16 Queen
McDonald David emp C F Lester h Mundy Pond Rd
McDonald Elizabeth emp J M Devine bds 37 Duckworth
McDonald Ellen wid John bds 19 Flower Hill
McDonald Miss F clerk Geo Knowling bds 30 Belvidere
McDonald George mach dept R N F Co h 30 Belvidere
McDonald George painter W G Carlson bds 26 Brazil Sq
McDonald Gus emp P Warren bds 42 Hayward Ave
McDonald Miss H clerk John W Taylor h 30 Belvidere
McDonald Henry carpenter h Pleasant
McDonald James carman h 42 Hayward Ave
McDonald James engineer R N F Co h 31 Brine
McDonald John teamster P Joy bds 50 Pleasant
McDonald John emp Wm Brennan h 31 Waldegrave
McDonald John M architect bds Bonaventure Ave
McDonald Kenneth blacksmith 14a Duggan, bds do
McDonald Leo clerk Geo Knowling  
McDonald Luke emp Col Cord Co bds Mundy Pond Rd
McDonald Margaret wid James h 44a Cuddihy
McDonald Margaret wid James bds 53 Flower Hill
McDonald Margaret wid Michael bds 14 Pleasant
McDonald Mary A tailoress Spurrell Bros bds 18 Colonial
McDonald Mary Ann wid Samuel h Mundy Pond Rd
McDonald Michael tinsmith R N F Co h 14 Flower Hill
McDonald Michael J steamer contractor 19 Flower Hill, h do
McDonald Peter J checker h 39 Prescott
McDonald Peter M baker 151 New Gower, h 54 McFarlane
McDonald Richard painter McGrath Bros  
McDonald Richard laborer City Works bds S A Hotel
McDonald Robert clerk T McMurdo & Co h 25 Colonial
McDonald Ronald clerk Jas Baird Ltd h British Sq
McDonald Sarah emp Col Cord Co bds Mundy Pond Rd
McDonald Stephen laborer h 31 Carnell
McDonald Stephen J laborer h 15 Barter's Hill
McDonald Thomas teamster h 10r Pilot's Hill
McDonald Thomas emp Col Cord Co bds Mundy Pond Rd
McDonald William emp Col Cord h Mundy Pond Rd
McDonald William Wood-turner Pope's Furniture Fcty h 4 Flavin
McDonnell Mary wid James bds 64 Pleasant
McDougall Alexander emp St John's Meat Co bds 280 Gower
McDougall Alexander merchant h 155 LeMarchant Rd
McDougall Arthur emp J Baird Ltd bds 123 Hamilton
MacDougall F shipping clerk Job Bros & Co bds Patrick
McDougall Margaret wid John h 123 Hamilton
McDougall Marion stenographer Smith Co Ltd bds 123 Hamilton
MacDougall Mary H wid Alexander h Topsail Rd
McDougall W A emp R N F Co h 26 Cochrane
McEvoy J emp A Harvey & Co bds 22 Goodview
McFarlane Annie dressmaker 31 Duckworth, bds do
McFarlane Catherine dressmaker 47 McFarlane, h do
McFarlane David M asst boiler inspector h 35 Temperance
McFarlane James cooperage 49 McFarlane, h 47 do
McFarlane James, Jr cooper Jas McFarlane bds 47 McFarlane
McFarlane James chief engineer S S Kyle bds 31 Duckworth
McFarlane John emp F B Wood Co Ltd h 140 Gower
McFarlane John engineer R N F Co h 31 Duckworth
McFarlane Leo cooper Jas McFarlane bds 47 McFarlane
McGarry Bernard J emp British Amer House bds 376 Water
McGeory David emp R N F Co h 83 Patrick
McGeory David, Jr laborer bds 83 Patrick
McGeory James emp R N F Co bds 83 Patrick
McGeory John emp F B Wood Co Ltd bds 83 Patrick
McGettigan Matthew engineer Bowring Bros Ltd h Leslie
McGill Joseph Ship builder and General commission merchant Shelburne, Nova Scotia
McGillivray Thomas emp Rennie Baking Co bds 28 Forest Rd
McGillivray William emp Harvey's Tub Factory h 28 Forest Rd
McGinn Edward fire constable h 24 Gill Place
McGinn Mary C emp Standard Mfg Co Ltd bds 89 Signal Hill Rd
McGinn Patrick fire constable h 89 Signal Hill Rd
McGinn William shoemaker F Smallwood bds 24 Gill Place
McGrath Agnes emp Imp Tob Co bds 39 Water W
McGrath Agnes wid Robert bds 26 Mullock
McGrath Andrew laborer Monroe & Co h 9 Bambrick
McGrath Ann wid James h 97 New Gower
McGrath Bartholomew laborer h 6 Convent Sq
McGrath Bernard timber merchant 272 Duckworth, h do
McGrath Bros   painters and paper hangers 166 Water
McGrath Edward longshoreman h 39r Water W
McGrath J emp Ry Car Dept R N F Co  
McGrath Mrs J F prop Osborne House h 351 Water
McGrath James fisherman bds Mundy Pond Rd
McGrath James laborer h 70 Patrick
McGrath James emp Rossiter & Co Ltd bds Kenmount Rd
McGrath James tinsmith T Cook bds 113 New Gower
McGrath James emp The Evening Telegram  
McGrath James grocer 32 Central, h do
McGrath James J barrister, solicitor, etc. 263 Duckworth, h Upper Long Pond Rd
McGrath Jennie emp Miss McCrotty bds 64 Water
McGrath John laborer h 30 Casey
McGrath John sailor h 6 Convent Sq
McGrath John cooper h 94 Pleasant
McGrath John fireman S S Prospero h 113 New Gower
McGrath John engineer J Baird Ltd h 18 Balsam
McGrath John painter Carnell's Carriage Factory bds 2 William
McGrath Kate wid John h 18 Brine
McGrath Kate wid John, emp F B Wood bds 97 New Gower
McGrath Leo cooper P McGrath bds 41 Springdale
McGrath M emp Monroe & Co  
McGrath M laborer W J Ellis  
McGrath Maggie emp Imp Tob Co bds 39 Water W
McGrath Mary nurse Gen Hospital bds do
McGrath Mary J wid Edward, variety store 241 Water W, h do
McGrath Nicholas laborer h 2 Bulley
McGrath Hon P T managing director Evening Herald h 6 Gower
McGrath Patrick engineer Parker & Monroe h 90 Hamilton
McGrath Patrick, Jr cooper, P McGrath h 49 Job
McGrath Patrick cooperage 41 Springdale, h do
McGrath S emp Imp Tob Co bds Simms
McGrath Thomas laborer h 441 South Side Rd
McGrath Thomas cooper Patrick McGrath bds 41 Springdale
McGrath Thomas emp H M Customs h 131 Military Rd
McGrath Thomas emp Central Pharmacy bds 46 Water
McGrath Thomas clerk Parker & Monroe bds 24 Henry
McGrath Thomas emp Thos McGrath h 18 Brine
McGrath Thomas F mgr McGrath Bros h 49 King's Rd
McGrath Thomas J blacksmith 46 Water, h do
McGrath Wilfred student bds 272 Duckworth
McGrath William emp Nfld B & Shoe Mfg Co Ltd h 27 Central
McGrath William emp G M Barr h 265 Water W
McGrath William cooper h 30 Central
McGrath William laborer h 13 Pope's Lane
McGrath William laborer h Mundy Pond Rd
McGrath William tinsmith R Callahan bds 113 New Gower
MacGregor Cecil clerk Jas MacGregor bds King's Bridge Rd
MacGregor Edward J Post Office clerk h 72 Bannerman
MacGregor James gents furnishings 185 Water, h King's Bridge Rd
McGuire Bernard N manager McGuire's Bakery h 77 Springdale
McGuire Miss Bridget   h 218a Water W
McGuire Christiana stenog Job Bros bds 22 Henry
McGuire George T prop McGuire's Bakery h 22 Henry
McGuire John B sailmaker I C Morris h 22 Henry
McGuire's Bakery   Geo McGuire, prop 35 Bond
McIntyre James prop Standard Marble Works 361 Duckworth, h do
MacIntyre James   bds 68 Cochrane
McIsaac Duncan   bds 11 Bulley
McKay Edmund emp Parker & Monroe bds 269 Water W
McKay Elizabeth wid Alexander h 205 Gower
McKay Fred machinist Parker & Monroe bds 35 Alexander
MacKay Miss G dressmaker G Knowling bds 48 Barnes Rd
McKay James emp F Smallwood bds 13 Pleasant
McKay James of Campbell & McKay h 78a Circular Rd
McKay John fisherman bds 11 Patrick
Mackay Michael ex constable h Merrymeeting Rd
McKay S fisherman h 11 Patrick
McKay William emp R N F Co bds 269 Water W
MacKay William, Sr painter R N F Co h 48 Barnes Rd
MacKay William, Jr printer Trade Review bds 48 Barnes Rd
McKay William J liquors 156 Water, h do
MacKeen Anderson of MacKeen & Co h Waterford Bridge Rd
MacKeen & Co   props West End Tannery Waterford Bridge Rd
McKellop Bernard J teamster Horwood Lumber Co bds 16 Duckworth
McKellop Daniel teamster E J Horwood h 45 Goodview
McKellop John emp Col Cor Co h Mundy Pond Rd
McKellop Lizzie emp Royal Stores bds 16 Duckworth
McKellop Thomas carpenter h 16 Duckworth
McKenrick John emp S S Stephano h 37 Water W
MacKenzie Anna wid Alexander h 53 Patrick
MacKenzie James A mgr Imperial Life Assurance Co of Canada, Law Chambers bds 269 Theatre Hill
MacKey A J agent R N F Co  
Mackey Ellen wid Thomas bds 267 Water W
Mackey James sergt constabulary dept h 7 Quidi Vidi Rd
Mackey John, Sr laborer City Works h 121 Duckworth
Mackey John, Jr emp Nfld Brewery bds 121a Duckworth
Mackey M emp car dept R N F Co  
Mackey Maggie emp Tooton Photo Studios bds Merry Meeting Rd
Mackey Michael letter carrier bds Merry Meeting Rd
Mackey Michael emp Sanitary Stables bds 51 Fleming
Mackey Michael teamster bds 121a Duckworth
MacKey P brakeman R N F Co  
Mackey P baggeman R N F Co bds 46 Plank Rd
Mackey Peter bricklayer h 97 King's Rd
Mackin Bridget wid James h 11 Deady's Lane
McKinley Alexander engineer S S Eagle Bowring Bros Ltd h 21 Cook
McKinley Ellen telephone operator bds Cookstown Rd
McKinley James engineer Bowring Bros Ltd h 79 Springdale
McKinley Joseph engineer R N F Co bds 21 Cook
McKinnon Mary J wid Wm h 63 Rennie's Mill Rd
Mackintosh Colin P chart acct G N Read Son & Watson bds Balsam House
Mackintosh J C & Co investment securities, Mercantile Chambers 193 Water
McLachlan Alexander boiler inspector marine and fisheries dept h 166 Duckworth
McLaughlin James P physician 82 Water W, h do
McLaughlin Julia Anne nurse Poor Asylum h do
McLaughlin Mary emp J Adrain bds 30 Lime
McLaughlin Michael emp Nfld Clothing Co Ltd h 30 Lime
McLaughlin Stephen emp Mark Chaplin bds 30 Lime
MacLean Edmund M of MacLean's Tannery h Leslie
McLean James R emp R N F Co bds 160 LeMarchant Rd
McLean Kate acct Crosbie Hotel bds 160 LeMarchant Rd
MacLean's Tannery   tanners and curriers 255 Water W
MacLellan Hugh engineer R N F Co h 233 South Side Rd
McLellan Katie saleslady Chas Hutton bds 110 Queen's Rd
McLellan Murdock carman bds 235 Water W
McLellan Neil stenographer Agric and Mines Office bds 233 South Side Rd
McLeod Ernest emp H M Penitentiary bds 149a Gower
McLeod Hugh emp F B Wood Co Ltd bds 28 McDougall
McLeod John laborer Sewerage Dept h 363 Duckworth
McLeod Murdo acct R N F Co h Allandale Rd
McLeod Neil emp M Peckham bds 149a Gower
McLeod Norman clerk G Knowling bds 149a Gower
MacLeod Peter K clerk Royal Stores Ltd h 32 Gower
McManus Clemens emp C F Lester bds 8 Pope's Lane
McManus John laborer bds 8 Pope's Lane
McManus Joseph emp Bowring Bros h 8 Pope's Lane
McManus T D teller Bank of Montreal bds Bank Chambers
McMillan Mrs Margaret   h 42 Duckworth
McMurdo Thomas & Co Druggists, T M McNeil, prop 210-212 Water and cor Military Rd & Prescott
MacNab Egerton M of T A MacNab & Co bds 27 Queen's Rd
MacNab Thorburn Ashley of T A MacNab & Co h 60 Cochrane
McNairn James, F R C, V S Veterinary Surgeon 239r Water, h 21 Duggan
McNamara Alfred watchmaker, jeweller and optician 293 Water, h Old Portugal Cove Rd
MacNamara Mrs Elizabeth emp Fred Fitzpatrick bds 51 Pennywell Rd
McNamara Frank commission merchant 14 Queen, h 59 LeMarchant Rd
McNamara Terrence   h 365 Duckworth
McNeil Donald emp C D Sleater bds McNeil
McNeil Elizabeth wid Samuel h 47 Merry Meeting Rd
McNeil Fannie wid James h McNeil
McNeil Harvey clerk Steer Bros bds McNeil
McNeil Hector emp elect dept R N F Co bds 47 Merry Meeting Rd
McNeil Hector M auditor R N F Co h 41 Queen's Rd
MacNeil Mary wid John, Flower store Waterford Bridge Rd, h do
McNeil Thomas H liquor dealer 168 Water, h 170 do
McNeil Thomas M prop T McMurdo & Co h Cornwall Ave
McNeily Alice wid Isaac R h 37 King's Bridge Rd
McNeily James acct Franklin & Co bds 2 Queen
McNeily J A W barrister and solicitor 287 Duckworth, h 2 Queen
McNeily James W clerk Agric and Mines Office h 1 Barnes Rd
McNevin Alexander emp Parker & Monroe bds 25 Angel Place
McNulty Charles emp R N F Co bds 340 Duckworth
MacPherson Archibald R H president Royal Stores Ltd h 76 Circular Rd
McPherson Cluny, M D Physician 26 Queen's Rd, h do
McPherson Harold secy-treas Royal Stores Ltd h 46 Rennie's Mill Rd
McPherson J emp Horwood Lumber Co  
McPherson Samuel Joseph moulder Consol Fdry Co h 11 Atlantic Ave
McRae David A watchmaker and jeweller 295 Water, h 308 do
McRae Mrs E A   h 308 Water

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (April 2004)

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