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A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V "W" Y Z
Waddell Michael boot and shoemaker 256 Water h same
Wadden Francis laborer h 23 Stephen w
Wadden John cooper h 30 Buchanan
Wadden Joseph shoemaker 414 Water h same
Wadden Michael Boot and Shoemaker 256 Water h same
Wadden Nicholas shoemaker h 205 New Gower
Wadden Patrick boot and shoe mnfr 368 Water h same
Wadden Patrick cooper h 38 Hutchings
Wadden Patrick planter h 45 James
Wadden Philip cooper h 20 Hutchings
Waddleton George laborer h 20 Balsam
Waddleton James fisherman h Barnes lane
Waddleton John clerk h 25 Waldegrave
Waddleton Mary (wid Samuel)   h 11 Hayward av
Waddleton Mary (wid Wm)   res 19 Waldegrave
Waddleton Miss Mary clerk J & G Lash res 257 Gower
Wade Bridget domestic 4 Tasker terrace
Wade Bridget domestic 24 Henry
Wade Elizabeth domestic 6 Queen's rd
Wadland Mrs Harriot grocer h 106 Duckworth
Wadland John B principal East End C of E schools res 106 Duckworth
Wadland Wm carpenter h 20 Hayward av
Wakeham Ann (wid Edward)   res Thomas Wakeham
Wakeham James laborer h 44 Dreelan's Well rd
Wakeham Johanna (wid Patrick)   h r 3 James
Wakeham Thomas laborer h Rogerson's lane
Walburn Susan domestic Hon Jas S Pitts  
Waldron Wm laborer h 21 Allen's sq
Walker Bertha domestic 64 Cochrane
Walker James teacher Methodist College h 42 Le Marchant rd
Walker Mary attendant Lunatic Asylum  
Walkins Bridget (wid Henry)   h 10 South
Walkins James J storekeeper and cooper Johnson & West h 8 South
Walkins James J jr cooper Johnson & West res 8 South
Walkins Patrick J weighmaster Job Bros & Co res 10 South
Wall Bernard laborer res 36 lane w from Wickham
Wall Catherine   res 14 Livingstone
Wall David butcher h 16 James
Wall Edward grocer and boilermaker 5 New Gower h same
Wall Ellen domestic 13 Queen's rd
Wall Ellen (wid Michael)   h 36 lane w from Wickham
Wall James cooper h 14 Livingstone
Wall John carpenter h 28 Princes
Wall John cooper N Cousens res 50 Flower Hill st
Wall Kate domestic 217 Gower
Wall Margaret (wid Edward)   res 14 Livingstone
Wall Margaret domestic 25 Gower
Wall Mary domestic 44 Lazy Bank rd
Wall Michael confectioner 57 New Gower h same
Wall Michael laborer res 36 lane w from Wickham
Wall Michael storekeeper Dryer & Greens res 14 Livingstone
Wall Patrick grocer 14 Dreelan's Well rd h same
Wall Peter watchman Baine, Johnston & Co h 115 Gower
Wall Philip (Wall & Voisey)   h 14 Dreelan's Well rd
Wall Philip laborer h 226 New Gower
Wall Robert fisherman h 50 Flower Hill st
Wall Timothy fisherman h 12 Tank Hill
Wall & Voisey (Philip Wall, Richard Voisey)   carriage and waggon makers and undertakers 7 Springdale
Wallace Bridget (wid John)   h 11 Buchanan
Wallace Edward laborer res 52 South West
Wallace Miss Ellen dressmaker Miss Ellen Aylward res 52 South West
Wallace James cooper res 7 Livingstone
Wallace James fisherman h 52 South West
Wallace Patrick (Sage & Wallace) h 120 George
Wallace Mrs Patrick grocer 120 George h same
Wallace Susanna (wid Samuel)   res 30 Duke of York
Wallace Thomas laborer bds 29 Covil lane
Wallace Thomas laborer h 7 Livingstone
Wallace Wm laborer Job Bros & Co h 7 Livingstone
Walsh Andrew fisherman h 2 Goodview
Walsh Alice (wid Michael)   res 11 Tank Hill
Walsh Amelia domestic 17 King's rd
Walsh Amelia (wid John)   h 27 Coady's lane
Walsh Ann (wid James)   h 8 Rocky lane
Walsh Ann (wid Michael)   h 39 Long's Hill
Walsh Annie domestic 308 Duckworth
Walsh Annie domestic 47 Flower Hill
Walsh Annie waitress 110 Water
Walsh Bartholomew tanner Anderson Mackeen h Waterford Bridge rd, 12 w Water
Walsh Bridget domestic Tremont House  
Walsh Bridget domestic 23 Gower
Walsh Bridget (wid James) confectionery h 107 Gower
Walsh Bridget (wid John)   h 176 Water w
Walsh Mrs Bridget grocer 90 Duckworth h same
Walsh Catherine (wid Edward)   h 27 Covil lane
Walsh Catherine (wid Philip)   h 7 Plank rd
Walsh Catherine domestic 166 Duckworth
Walsh Cornelius laborer Baine Johnston & Co h 1 Battery rd
Walsh Cornelius jr fisherman h 1 Battery rd
Walsh David seaman h 4 Stephen
Walsh Edward tallyman h 111 Gower
Walsh Edward tallyman Thorburn & Tessier h 7 Bell
Walsh Edward laborer res 22 Henry
Walsh Mrs Edward   h 17 Tank Hill
Walsh Ellen (wid John B) confectionery h 115 Gower
Walsh Mrs Ellen machine operator Parker & Monroe res 32 Coady's lane
Walsh Miss Ellen domestic 335 Water e
Walsh Ellen domestic 134 Water
Walsh Ellen domestic 382 Water
Walsh Ellen (wid Edward)   h 68 Prescott
Walsh Ellen (wid Thomas)   h 19 Delahunty's lane
Walsh Miss Ellen   res 128 George
Walsh Ellen domestic 4 Queen
Walsh Miss Ellen tailor P J O'Neil res 22 Henry
Walsh Ellen (wid James)   res 94 Prescott
Walsh Ellen domestic Jas Gordon  
Walsh Emma cook 222 Water
Walsh Miss Fanny   h 4 Lazy Bank rd
Walsh Francis painter 24 Boggan's lane h same
Walsh Frank jr clerk bds 24 Boggan's lane
Walsh George seaman h 32 Coady's lane
Walsh George printer The Times h 102 Water
Walsh George laborer h 87 King's rd
Walsh Miss Hannah dressmaker Miss Julila Carroll bds 21 Lazy Bank rd
Walsh Harry   res 6 Duke of York
Walsh James laborer h 5 Coady's lane
Walsh James fisherman h 188 New Gower
Walsh James seaman h 14 Wickford
Walsh James seaman res 8 Rocky lane
Walsh James seaman h 7 Cochrane
Walsh Mrs James grocer 7 Cochrane h same
Walsh James laborer h lane off Rogerson's lane
Walsh James shoemaker res 68 King's Bridge rd
Walsh James laborer Nfld Ry Co res 38 King's Bridge rd
Walsh James gardener 1 Bannerman House, Circular rd
Walsh James F clerk James Stott h 47 Henry
Walsh Johanna (wid John)   h 279 Water w
Walsh Mrs John restaurant 102 Water h same
Walsh John wheelwright J J McGrath res 6 Duke of York
Walsh John laborer Baine, Johnston & Co res 3 Battery rd
Walsh John hawker h 24 Dreelan's Well rd
Walsh John laborer h 12 Convent lane
Walsh John cooper bds 27 James
Walsh John laborer h 49 Rogerson's lane
Walsh John wks Harvey & Co's Butterine Factory h Barnes lane off Barnes rd
Walsh John fisherman h 38 King's rd
Walsh Joseph wks Gas Co h 192 Water w
Walsh Miss Kate nurse St George's Hospital  
Walsh Kate (wid John) wines and liquors 51 Harvey rd h same
Walsh Lawrence cooper h 9 Tank Hill
Walsh Miss Lucy dressmaker res 68 Prescott
Walsh Lucy domestic 60 Cochrane
Walsh Maggie domestic 392 Water
Walsh Miss Margaret   res 45 Water e
Walsh Miss Margaret   h r 119 New Gower
Walsh Miss Margaret   h 156 Duckworth
Walsh Margaret (wid Wm L)   h 63 Military rd
Walsh Margaret (wid James)   South Side opp Mill Bridge
Walsh Miss Mary   res 87 King's rd
Walsh Miss Mary   res 45 Water e
Walsh Mary (wid Wm)   h South Side r, r 2 w Long Bridge
Walsh Mary domestic Mrs L Taylor  
Walsh Mary (wid Michael)   bds 15 Dreelan's Well rd
Walsh Mary (wid Wm) fancy goods 196 New Gower h same
Walsh Mary domestic 60 Gower
Walsh Mary (wid Patrick)   h 43 Rogerson's lane
Walsh Mary domestic 15 Freshwater
Walsh Miss Mary   h Quidi Vidi rd
Walsh Mary (wid John) domestic John McCarthy Leslie
Walsh Mary domestic 13 Queen's rd
Walsh Mary (wid Edward)   h 22 Henry
Walsh Miss Mary A   h 27 Dreelan's Well rd
Walsh Miss Mary A tailoress John McGrath res South Side
Walsh Miss Mary A dressmaker Miss Julia Ennis bds 177 New Gower
Walsh Miss Mary A   res 24 Boggan's lane
Walsh Maurice laborer h 10 Livingstone
Walsh Michael porter James Stott res 22 Henry
Walsh Michael carpenter James Johnston h 17 King's rd
Walsh Michael seaman South Side opp Mill Bridge
Walsh Michael seaman h 50 Queen's rd
Walsh Michael grocer 17 King's rd h same
Walsh Michael grocer 135 Gower h same
Walsh Michael fisherman h 128 George
Walsh Michael laborer h 13 South
Walsh Michael carpenter h 51 King's rd
Walsh Michael   bds 71 Dreelan's Well rd
Walsh Michael butcher 178 Water w h same
Walsh Miss Minnie machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 27 Coady's lane
Walsh Nicholas proprietor Albert Hotel Beck's Cove
Walsh Nicholas foreman Stock Room Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 25 James Monkstown
Walsh Patrick messenger James Baird h 20 Darling
Walsh Patrick fisherman h s s Waterford Bridge, 13 w Water
Walsh Patrick wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 30 Lazy Bank rd
Walsh Patrick fisherman h South Side rd r 2 w, Long Bridge
Walsh Patrick stoker Gas Co h 16 Water w
Walsh Patrick wks Gas Co h 214 Water w
Walsh Patrick carman h 7 Young
Walsh Patrick steward res 7 Plank rd
Walsh Patrick coachman h 50 Monkstown rd
Walsh Patrick A tide waiter H M C h 22 Victoria
Walsh Patrick J printer Royal Gazette h 31 William
Walsh Patrick J tide waiter H M C h 45 Springdale
Walsh Peter laborer h South Side rd r 3 w, Long Bridge
Walsh Peter carpenter h 90 Duckworth
Walsh Philip shoemaker D Smallwood & Sons res 7 Plank rd
Walsh Richard tailor J Adrain res 10 Livingstone
Walsh Richard carman h 63 King's rd
Walsh Richard coachman C Loughnan  
Walsh Richard captain res 156 Duckworth
Walsh Richard shipwright h 25 Water w
Walsh Robert grocer 27 King's rd h same
Walsh Robert fireman h 228 Water w
Walsh Robert fisherman res 149 Lazy Bank rd
Walsh Samuel captain "Conscript" h 1 Cochrane
Walsh Sarah (wid Wm)   bds 10 Bulley's lane
Walsh Sarah (wid Wm)   res 5 Chapel lane
Walsh Stanislais carpenter res 18 East
Walsh Stephen carpenter and builder 20 East h same
Walsh Mrs Stephen grocer 20 East h same
Walsh Theophilus laborer Terra Nova Foundry h 13 Coady's lane
Walsh Theresa domestic 344 Duckworth
Walsh Thomas clerk Bowring Bros res 5 Beck's Cove
Walsh Thomas cutter Parker & Monroe h 68 Lazy Bank rd
Walsh Thomas messenger h 344 Duckworth
Walsh Thomas seaman h 56 South West
Walsh Thomas wks St John's Steam Laundry res 15 Wickford
Walsh Thomas tallyman Bowring Bros h 39 Wickford
Walsh Thomas coachman h 44 Brewery lane
Walsh Thomas grocer 18 Water w h same
Walsh Thomas coachman Hon A J Harvey  
Walsh Thomas F barrister 236 Duckworth bds Tremont Hotel
Walsh Thomas J priner The Colonist h 27 Covil lane
Walsh Walter laborer h 10 Bulley's lane
Walsh Wm watchman Nfld Ry Co res 73 Dreelan's Well rd
Walsh Wm wines and liquors 96 Prescott h same
Walsh Wm cabman h r 178 Water w
Walsh Wm jr tinsmith R & C Callahan res r 178 Water w
Walsh Wm cooper Baine, Johnston & Co h 122 George
Walsh Wm clerk Bryan Mitchell bds 99 Water e
Walsh Wm fisherman h 36 Thomas
Walsh Wm farmer h 26 James
Walsh Wm seaman h 12 Hagarty's lane
Walsh Wm tailor 231 New Gower h same
Walsh Wm laborer h 31 Coady's lane
Walsh Wm P Groceries and Provisions 86 Water h 45 same
Walters Elizabeth domestic 91 Gower
Walters George laborer bds 23 Princes
Walters John laborer h 13 Covil lane
Walters Thomas H clerk P & L Tessier res 51 Le Marchant rd
Ward Ann domestic 12 Victoria
Ward Robert grocer 117 Gower h same
Ward Robert jr painter res 117 Gower
Ward Wm tinsmith h r 3 Tank Hill
Wareham Edward fisherman res Gunner's Cove
Wareham John fisherman res Gunner's Cove
Wareham Joshua fisherman res Gunner's Cove
Warford Jacob laborer Job Brothers & Co h South Side
Warford Lizzie domestic 120 Duckworth
Warford Susannah (wid John C)   h 31 James
Warr Mahala domestic 228 Duckworth
Warr Susannah domestic 9 Maxse
Warren Miss Cecilia housekeeper 47 Flower Hill
Warren Cyrus cooper South Side rd h 3 w Long Bridge
Warren Edward cooper South Side e
Warren Egbert G cooper and grocer 2 Rocky lane h same
Warren Miss Eliza grocer h South Side e
Warren George messenger G E Barnes bds 7 Adelaide
Warren James (Wm Parker & Co) h 69 Military rd
Warren Jesse (wid Wm H)   h 57 Cochrane
Warren Leah domestic 11 Queen
Warren Leah cook 110 Water
Warricker James painter h 148 Gower
Wash Bridget domestic 88 Freshwater
Washer Elizabeth domestic Sunnyside Circular rd
Washer Samuel W wheelwright res 45 Prescott
Washer Walter wheelwright Wall & Voisey res 15 Prescott
Washer Wm seaman h 45 Prescott
Washer Woodley wheelwright Wall & Voisey res 15 Prescott
Waterman Walter clerk John Steer bds 16 Queen
Watkins Abel ships carpenter h 8 Balsam
Watkins Hannah (wid Martin)   h 56 Victoria
Watson E C storekeeper P & L Tessier h 433 Water
Watson James H clerk H A h 52 Rennie's Mill rd
Watson Richard H accountant J & W Stewart res 433 Water
Watson Robert accountant Clift, Wood & Co res 433 Water
Watson Wm W ledger-keeper Union Bank of Nfld h 22 Freshwater rd
Waugh Edward moulder Con Foundry Co h 9 Brazel's sq
Waugh Wm baker John B & G Ayre bds 9 Brazel's sq
Way Carrie domestic 71 Flower Hill st
Way Miss Emily dressmaker Mrs J J Norris res 60 Alexander
Way Fanny domestic 8 Gower
Way Gideon blacksmith St John Nail Mnfg Co h 60 Alexander
Way Joanna (wid John) grocer 50 New Gower h 52 same
Weatheardon Robert sailmaker J & G Dicks bds 7 Chapel lane
Weatherton Wm carpenter h 25 Hayward av
Webb George seaman res 8 Quidi Vidi rd
Webber Miss Bella tailoress P Kelly res 20 Stephen
Webber Charles F clerk Marshall & Rodger bds 18 Cochrane
Webber Frederick fisherman h 11 Holdsworth
Webber George clerk bds 18 Cochrane
Webber George T tailor 96 New Gower h same
Webber Miss Jessie machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 9 Holdsworth
Webber John grocer 68 Water w h same
Webber John coachman Edwin Duder h 89 Long's Hill
Webber Jonathan laborer h 20 Stephen
Webber Joshua tinsmith res 11 Holdsworth
Weeks Robert laborer r 63 Long's Hill
Weeks Thomas laborer h 38 Dreelan's Well rd
Weir Thomas cabinetmaker Robert Goff h 70 Prescott
Weir Wm laborer h 79 1/2 King's rd
Weir Wm J wks Job Brothers & Co h 70 Prescott
Wellman Elizabeth (wid Edward)   res 91 Gower
Wellman Moses Painter 128 Gower h 91 same
Wells Bertha domestic 8 John
Wells Christina domestic 85 Military
Wells Francis clerk T W Spry res 170 Gower
Wells John fireman bds 32 Nunnery lane
Wells Thomas constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Wesleyan Church     n s George bet Hutchings and Buchanan
West End Carriage Factory   Wm Voisey Proprietor 19 Brennan's lane h Hamilton
West End Fire Hall   David Mulroolay captain ft New Gower
West End Tannery   A Mackeen Proprietor Waterford Bridge rd
West John B A Vice-President Methodist College bds Methodist College Home
West John N (West & Rendell) 91 Gower
West Walter B (Johnson & West) h 151 Le Marchant rd
West & Rendell (J W West, R G Rendell)   commission agents 163 Water e
Westcott Mrs George   h 107 Lazy Bank rd
Westcott Wm fisherman h 25 James
Weston Frank seaman h r 3 Delahunty's lane
Wetherdon Robert sailmaker bds 7 Chapel lane
Wheeler Bessie domestic 77 Le Marchant rd
Wheeler George fisherman h 27 James
Wheeler Miss Janie tailoress John Maunder res 5 Spencer
Wheeler John seaman h 5 Spencer
Wheeler Joseph laborer h 19 James
Wheeler Peter wks foundry h 21 Alexander
Wheeler Simeon fisherman h 10 Barter's Hill
Wheeler Wm constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Whelan Alice (wid Michael)   res 50 Flower Hill st
Whelan Alice domestic 51 Quidi Vidi rd
Whelan Anestatia[sic] domestic 11 Maxse
Whelan Miss Bridget   res 38 Barter's Hill
Whelan Miss Bridget   h 30 Thomas
Whelan Edward foreman Parker & Monroe h 44 New Gower
Whelan Edward fireman res 132 New Gower
Whelan Edwin shoemaker bds 134 New Gower
Whelan Frances domestic 56 Cochrane
Whelan Francis finisher Callahan Glass Co res Freshwater rd
Whelan Gerald accountant h 85 New Gower
Whelan James laborer P & L Tessier h 16 Rocky lane
Whelan James jr laborer P & L Tessier res 16 Rocky lane
Whelan James fisherman h 8 Flavin's lane
Whelan James fisherman h Lahey's lane
Whelan James fisherman h 8 Walshe's sq
Whelan James laborer h 120 New Gower
Whelan John foreman James Murray h Murray's Lodge, Circular rd
Whelan John boarding house 204 Duckworth h same
Whelan John carman h 34 Hamilton
Whelan John T   res 120 New Gower
Whelan Joseph laborer h 5 Battery rd
Whelan Kate (wid John)   h 117 New Gower
Whelan Kate (wid Thomas)   h 76 George
Whelan Mrs Letitia   res 120 New Gower
Whelan Lucinda domestic 1 Holdsworth
Whelan Margaret domestic 43 Scott
Whelan Miss Margaret   res 38 Barter's Hill
Whelan Margaret (wid James)   h r 53 Gower
Whelan Mary domestic 8 Queen's rd
Whelan Mary A (wid Walter)   h 21 Cuddihy's lane
Whelan Michael laborer h 24 Duke of York
Whelan Michael tailor P Jordan & Son h 5 Battery rd
Whelan Patrick fisherman h 3 Williams
Whelan Patrick gardener J J Tobin  
Whelan Peter clerk G J Keough bds 78 Water w
Whelan Robert shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 44 New Gower
Whelan Robert shoemaker h 134 New Gower
Whelan Robert shoemaker res 117 New Gower
Whelan Samuel laborer h 64 Barnes rd
Whelan Stephen laborer h 45 Rogerson's lane
Whelan Stephen fisherman h 9 North
Whelan Thomas carpenter h Chapel lane
Whelan Wm blacksmith bds 45 Rogerson's lane
Whidden Joseph carpenter h 124 Barnes rd
White Arthur M surveyor Crown Lands Office h 124 Military rd
White Carrie domestic 7 Queen's rd
White Catherine (wid Thomas)   res 19 New Gower
White Catherine (wid George)   h 147 Gower
White Charles boilermaker Victoria B & E Co h 97 King's rd
White Daniel clerk S O Steele bds Tremont Hotel
White Dennis wheelwright Thomas Carnell res 27 Patrick
White Douglas tailor A W Martin res 15 Young
White Edward captain h South Side rd opp Gas House
White Edward   h 13 Cuddihy's lane
White Edward M clerk G Knowling h 10 Balsam
White Miss Elizabeth   h r 57 Gower
White Ellen domestic John Fling  
White Fanny domestic 3 Queen
White George seaman h 11 Spencer
White George blacksmith J T Carnell h 54 Victoria
White Mrs G G groceries 152 Water h Gower
White Hannah domestic 77 Rennie's Mill rd
White Hugh Groceries and Provisions 91 Water e h same
White James cooper h 3 West
White James blacksmith h 15 Young
White James laborer P & L Tessier h 88 Dreelan's Well rd
White Janet domestic Hopedale Cottage Circular rd
White Jessie domestic 208 Duckworth
White John storekeeper West & Rendell h 349 Water w
White John pedlar h 262 Water
White John laborer res 88 Dreelan's Well rd
White John tinsmith res 349 Water w
White John super cargo h 258 Gower
White John L clerk J J & L Furlong res 291 Water e
White John W student Morris & Morris res 18 Queen's rd
White Lawrence   h "Silver Oak Cottage", Allendale rd
White Lawrence groceries 291 Water e h same
White Louisa (wid Frederick) machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 50 South West
White Maria domestic 2 Queen's rd
White Martha (wid Thomas)   res 18 Flavin's lane
White Martin seaman h 7 Barnes lane
White Mary (wid John)   h 12 Dammerill's lane
White Miss Mary   h r 303 Water w
White Mary (wid Stephen)   h 13 Hayward av
White Michael tinsmith R & C Callahan res 349 Water w
White Miriam domestic 4 Queen
White Philip D fourth clerk H M C h "Groom Cottage", 18 Queen's rd
White Richard clerk Board of Works h South Side rd opp Gas House
White Richard saddler and trimmer J T Carnell h Military rd
White Richard clerk Light House Office h South Side
White Samuel   bds r 5 Tank Hill
White Thomas clerk res "Silver Oak Cottage", Allendale rd
White Thomas fisherman h 253 Water w
White Thomas carpenter h 27 Patrick
White Thomas laborer h 11 Dreelan's Well rd
White Thomas clerk Lawrence White res 291 Water e
White Thomas F captain res 19 New Gower
White Thomas M Carriage and Wagon Maker 36 New Gower h same
White Wm fisherman res South Side e
White Wm landing waiter H M C h South Side rd 12 w, Long Bridge
White Wm master mariner h 6 Darling
White Wm lobster packer h 63 New Gower
White Wm laborer P & L Tessier h South Side w
Whiteford James A jeweller, watchmaker and optician 224 Water
Whiteford Wm M (James A Whiteford) 224 Water h same
Whitehead John railway conductor h 18 Brine
Whitehead Thomas A clerk Ayre & Sons bds Globe House
Whiteway Edwin storekeeper Ayre & Sons h 31 New Gower
Whiteway Eli clerk h 22 Hayward av
Whiteway Jesse (R H & J Whiteway) res "Alma Place", Flower Hill st
Whiteway Robert (R H & J Whiteway) h "Alma Place", Flower Hill st
Whiteway R H & J (Robert H and Jessie) Dry Goods 349 Water e
Whiteway Wm porter Shirran & Pippy h 22 Queen
Whiteway Wm planter h 16 Queen
Whiteway Wm mason h 18 Boncloddy
Whiteway Mrs Wm boarding house 16 Queen h same
Whiteway Hon Sir W V KCMG Premier and Attorney-General h "Riverside Cottage", 75 Rennie's Mill rd
Whiteway & Johnson (Sir Wm V Whiteway, QC, KCMG, George M. Johnson)   Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries 253 Duckworth
Whitham Emma domestic 35 Military rd
Whitley Wm H planter h 1 Military rd
Whitley James engineer res 1 Military rd
Whitten Allen wks McDougall & Templeton h South Side
Whitten Ann (wid Wm)   h South Side e
Whitten Charles cooper Harvey & Co h 157 Gower
Whitten Edward storekeeper McDougall & Templeton h 10 John
Whitten Elizabeth (wid Henry)   h South Side e
Whitten Elizabeth domestic h 71 Plymouth rd
Whitten George fisherman res South Side e
Whitten George laborer Upper Dundee h South Side e
Whitten George B laborer W Stephens & Co h South Side e
Whitten Henry fisherman h South Side e
Whitten Henry shoemaker h 230 Water w
Whitten Henry cooper Patrick Hayes h 76 King's Bridge rd
Whitten James laborer Nfld Fish Drying Co h St Mary's lane
Whitten James boilermaker Victoria B & E Co res South Side
Whitten Jessie domestic 150 Le Marchant rd
Whitten John laborer M Morey h South Side e
Whitten John planter h South Side e
Whitten John carpenter res South Side e
Whitten John tidewaiter h 113 George
Whitten Joseph engineer res 51 Limekiln Hill
Whitten Laura domestic 80 Freshwater rd
Whitten Mrs Lucy tailoress Mark Chaplin h 30 Duke of York
Whitten Miss L J clerk S E Garland res 210 Gower
Whitten Mary Ann (wid Charles)   h South Side e
Whitten Mary A (wid George) boarding house 210 Gower
Whitten Mary H domestic 235 Water w
Whitten Miss Mary J milliner James Black res 157 Gower
Whitten Robert keeper the Athenaeum res same
Whitten Samuel fisherman h South Side e
Whitten Theodore laborer Job Bros & Co res South Side e
Whitten Thomas laborer res South Side e
Whitten Thomas shoemaker 21 Water w h same
Whitten Mrs Walter   h 30 Duke of York
Whitten Wm laborer Job Bros & Co h South Side e
Whitten Wm fireman Dry Dock h 214 New Gower
Whitten Wm H fisherman h South Side e
Whitten Wm J laborer Job Bros & Co h South Side e
Whittington Life Insurance Co of London   T W Spry Agent 132 Water
Whittle Kate (wid David)   h 9 Buchanan
Whittle Mary (wid Peter)   h 39 Buchanan
Whittle Peter wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 27 Buchanan
Whittle Richard coachman res 9 Buchanan
Whitty Edward fisherman h 48 Hamilton
Whitty George carpenter res 1 Military rd
Whitty John Manager Atlantic Hotel res same
Whitty Sylvester cooper Michael F Ellard res 48 Hamilton
Wickford John wharf master h 16 Wickford
Wickham J J superior R C School h King's Bridge rd
Wickham Margaret (wid Thomas)   h 79 Dreelan's Well rd
Wickham Richard seaman h 39 Flower Hill
Wilcox Edward painter 54 Victoria h same
Wilcox Frank fisherman h 53 Gower
Wilcox Woodley accountant h 101 Long's Hill
Wiley Ellen (wid Robert)   h 247 Gower
Wiley Patrick agent res 247 Gower
Wiley Robert clerk res 247 Gower
Wilkinson Mrs Eliza   res 35 Gower
Wilkinson Samuel blacksmith Con Foundry Co h 140 Hamilton
Wilkinson Walter moulder Con Foundry Co res 140 Hamilton
Wilkinson Wm moulder Con Foundry Co res 140 Hamilton
Wilkinson Wm boarding house 2 New Gower
Willar Archibald sailmaker h 9 Barnes lane
Willar Bessie wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 22 Darling
Willar George sailmaker 8 Halloway h 2 Covil's lane
Willar John moulder Con Foundry Co res 21 Alexander
Willar Peter laborer Con Foundry Co h 22 Alexander
Willar Richard sailmaker G Willar h 19 Yonge
Willar Sydney sailmaker h 2 Livingstone
Williams Agnes domestic 27 Parade
Williams Alfred fisherman h Gunner's Cove
Williams Arthur clerk res 31 Parade
Williams Benjamin laborer South Side opp Mill Bridge
Williams Benjamin clerk C Macpherson h 16 Allen's sq
Williams Miss Bertha clerk C H Davielle bds 54 Cochrane
Williams Caroline domestic John Casey  
Williams David laborer res 30 Brine
Williams Edward carpenter res 31 Parade
Williams Miss Ella captain No 2 Salvation Army Barracks h 18 Pennywell rd
Williams Earnest[sic] carpenter res 46 Williams
Williams George wharfinger Job Bros & Co h 28 Victoria
Williams George clerk res 46 Williams
Williams George tinsmith Gear & Co h 46 Williams, Georgetown
Williams Henry C sailmaker Isaac Morris h 14 Springdale
Williams Janet domestic 93 Hamilton
Williams John coachman h 23 Darling
Williams John h 25 Cuddihy's lane  
Williams John canvasser R H Collins h 23 Darling
Williams John clerk G Knowling h 46 Williams
Williams John cooper P & L Tessier res 30 Brine
Williams John H clerk Browning Bros res 43 Queen's rd
Williams John sr clerk Browning Bros h 43 Queen's rd
Williams Mary domestic 198 Gower
Williams Matilda housekeeper 21 Nunnery Hill
Williams Philip wks Clift, Wood & Co h 31 Parade
Williams Richard cabman h 10 Lion's sq
Williams Robert carpenter res 31 Parade
Williams Robert E watchmaker N Ohman res 43 Queen's rd
Williams Samuel shoemaker T Whitten res 30 Brine
Williams Sarah tailores O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 30 Brine
Williams Stephen clerk Lawrence Parker res 11 Garrison Hill
Williams Thomas fisherman h 33 Barter's Hill
Williams Mrs Walter crockery and glassware 106 Water h same
Williams Wm planter Gunner's Cove
Williams Wm seaman h 50 Carter's Hill
Williams Wm storekeeper P & L Tessier h r 23 Patrick
Williamson George clerk J F Chisholm bds Globe House
Willis Miss Louisa clerk M & J Tobin res Pennywell rd
Willis Clara (wid George)   h 170 Gower
Willis Evert H wharfinger Nfld Coastal Co bds 85 Military rd
Willis Harriet (wid Henry)   res 21 Long's lane
Willis Henry laborer h 51 Limekiln Hill
Willis Ida domestic Convalescent Home  
Willis Jane domestic 20 Queen's rd
Willis Mary domestic 56 Prescott
Willis Pascoe carpenter h 220 New Gower
Willis Jesse servant St John's Theological College  
Willis Richard plumber 22 Prescott h 39 James, Monkstown
Willis Richard R foreman Royal Gazette h 29 Queen's rd
Willis Robert H baker J W Foran h 21 Long's lane
Willis Samuel   res 15 Dick's sq
Willis Selina domestic 51 Water w
Willis Wm plumber Gear & Co h 220 New Gower
Wilmore Robert clerk Michael Thorburn bds 65 Monkstown rd
Wilson Henry servant T Vivien  
Wilson James master mariner h 13 Cochrane
Wilson James   bds 10 Queen
Wilson James manservant Church of England Academy h 30 Barnes rd
Wilson John engineer Victoria B & E Co res 163 Gower
Wilson Joseph confectioner 14 New Gower h same
Wilson Thomas engineer res 163 Gower
Wilson Wm grocer 62 Gower h 1 South West
Wilson Wm engineer h 163 Gower
Wiltshire Albert fitter Con Foundry Co h 144 Lazy Bank rd
Window Thomas seaman h 2 Limekiln Hill
Windsor Amanda domestic 2 Holdsworth
Windsor Ford captain h 17 Maxse
Windsor Ford engineer East End Fire Station h 12 Knight
Windsor Margaret domestic Atlantic Hotel  
Windsor Mary (wid James)   h 68 Victoria
Wingfield-Bonnyn Wm general manager Nfld Colonization and Mining Co (ltd) 4 Devon row, Duckworth
Winsborrow Francis clerk Job Bros & Co res 13 Gower
Winsborrow James   h 13 Gower
Winsborrow Wm clerk McDougall & Templeton h 168 Gower
Winslow George wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 33 Lazy Bank rd
Winsor Alvina (wid John)   h 11 Knight
Winsor Dan Jennings lobster packer res 11 Knight
Winsor Harriet (wid Washington)   h 144 Hamilton
Winsor James jeweller N Ohman bds cor Victoria and Queen's rd
Winsor John miner h 2 Stephen w
Winsor Peter rigger h 96 Le Marchant rd
Winter Ann (wid John M)   "Stour Cottage", Waterford Bridge rd
Winter Sir James S, KCMG, QC (Winter, Morison & Hayward) h "Pringlesdale", Old Portugal Cove rd
Winter Hon John physician "Wintertown", King's Bridge rd
Winter John third landing waiter H M C bds 117 Water
Winter Marmaduke (T & M Winter) h 8 Gower
Winter Morison & Hayward (Sir James S Winter, RCMG, QC, Donald Morris, Harrison . Hayward) Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries, Telegram Bldg Duckworth
Winter Thomas (T & M Winter) h 2 Park place, Rennie's Mill rd
Winter T & M (Thomas and Marmaduke) Commission and Insurance Agents, Wholesale Provisions ans Groceries Water cor Custom House Hill
Wiseman Ellen (wid John)   h 31 Carter's Hill
Wiseman Francis laborer h r 238 New Gower
Wiseman Henry printer Royal Gazette h 2 Stephen
Wiseman Henry grocer 34 Dreelan's Well rd h same
Wiseman James watchman Edwin Duder h 39 Young
Wiseman James steward h 12 lane n Pilot's Hill
Wiseman James fisherman h 74 Queen's rd
Wiseman Miss Johanna dressmaker res 31 Carter's Hill
Wiseman John S carpenter Herder & Halleren h 48 Hayward av
Wiseman Louisa domestic 151 Le Marchant rd
Wiseman Patrick showmaker M Fleming res 30 Carter's Hill
Wiseman Robert carpenter J & W Stewart h 3 Stephen
Wiseman Susan domestic 59 Cochrane
Wiseman Thomas porter W H Davidson h 46 Dreelan's Well rd
Wiseman Thomas laborer h 15 Delahunty's lane
Wiseman Wm seaman h lane r 66 Carter's Hill
Withers John Collier publisher and prop The Royal Gazette h 2 Harvey's place, Rennie's Mill rd
Withers John W Royal Gazette h Harvey Place, Circular rd
Withycombe Gilbert J trunkmaker W G Withycombe  
Withycombe W G Trunkmaker South Side e 10 e, St. Mary's hurch
Withycombe Wm R cooper South Side rd 11 w Long Bridge h same
Wittle Mary (wid Peter) stamper Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 37 Buchanan
Wolfe John master mariner h 29 Henry
Wood Albert clerk res St Thomas Rectory
Wood Rev Albert, CF, MA rector St Thomas' Church (C E) h The Rectory, King's Bridge rd
Wood Eliza M (wid Wm)   h 41 Scott
Wood Frederick H clerk Commercial Bank bds 41 Scott
Wood Henry K bookkeeper Harvey & Co h St Thomas Rectory
Wood Jessie (wid James B)   h 71 Rennie's Mill rd
Wood L A O clerk West & Rendell res St Thomas Rectory
Wood Miss Margaret   h 89 King's rd
Wood Wm laborer h 13 Coady's lane
Wood Wm E student Winter, Morison & Hayward res 41 Scott
Woodford Alice domestic 21 Freshwater rd
Woodford Ann domestic John Butler Leslie
Woodford Annie domestic 3 n s Mackay
Woodford Kate domestic 12 South
Woodford Sarah (wid Wm)   h 2 Convent sq
Woodley Wm farmer h Quidi Vidi rd
Woods Miss Eliza teacher Springdale st school h 35 Water w
Woods Emily (wid Thomas)   h 35 Water w
Woods Francis fisherman h 35 Flower Hill
Woods Hon H J B (John Woods & Sons) Surveyor-General Crown Lands Office, Athenaeum Building, Duckworth h 3 Water e
Woods James stone cutter John Skinner h 9 Battery rd
Woods John (John Woods & Son) h 5 Water e
Woods John & Son (John and H J B) Coal and General Commission Agents 7 Water e
Woods Mary (wid Richard)   h 10 William
Woods Sidney Hardware, Paints and Oils 193 Water e h same
Wood's Wharf     5 Water e
Woolgar Albert R clerk P & L Tessier h 64 Patrick
Woolgar Richard captain h 182 Le Marchant rd
Woolgar Wm machinist Victoria B & E Co res 182 Le Marchant rd
Worrall James clerk J & W Stewart h 73 Flower Hill st
Worsley Nicholas Wholesale Fruits and Crockery 302 Water h same
Woundy Thomas ships carpenter h 41 James
Wrick Patrick baker John B & G Ayre h Tank lane
Wright Mrs Amelia waitress Central Hotal  
Wright Emily domestic Harvey place Circular rd
Wright Mrs Fanny   res 148 Water
Wright Robert buyer Goodfellow & Co h 310 Duckworth
Wylie Robert clerk James Bryden bds 47 Gower
Wylie Wm seaman h 47 Gower

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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