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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F G H I J K "L" M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Lacey James cooper P & L Tessier 265 Water w
Lacey Jane (wid Wm)   h Barnes lane
Lacey John watchman h 146 Le Marchant rd
Lacey Kate domestic 179 Water e
Lacey Martin seaman h r 55 Gower
Lacey Mary (wid Michael) confectionery h 12 Livingstone
Lacey Miss Mary   res 28 Livingstone
Lacey Richard captain res 50 Wickford
Lacey Richard   h 36 Barter's Hill
La Chaudelac Mary (wid Joseph)   res 29 Le Marchant rd
Laird Miss Helen   h 11 Cathedral Hill
Lake Lawrence shoreman Vinicombe & King res 54 King's rd
Lake Michael fisherman res 54 King's rd
Lake Solonon[sic] salter Vinicombe & King h 54 King's rd
Lake Stephen fisherman res 54 King's rd
Lalor Rev Wm S R C Cathedral res The Palace
Lamb John laborer res 29 Cuddihy's lane
Lamb Margaret (wid Wm)   h 37 Alexander
Lamb Miss Mary   h 9 South
Lamb Nathaniel laborer h 29 Cuddihy's lane
Lamb Nathaniel jr laborer res 29 Cuddihy's lane
Lamb Thomas F bookkeeper W H Mare, Son & Co h 6 Adelaide
Lambel Rachel wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 28 Nunnery
Lambel Wm   28 Nunnery Hill
Lambert Fanny (wid Thomas)   h 109 George
Lambert George fisherman h lane r 66 Carter's Hill
Lambert John cook h 27 Barter's Hill
Lambert John fisherman h 14 Hayward av
Lambert Luke fisherman h 48 Prescott
Lambert Martin laborer h 4 Brennan's lane
Lambert Mary domestic 3 Maxse
Lancashire Fire Insurance Co   Henry E Hayward agent 253 Water e
Lander Sarah (wid Charles)   h 37 Military rd
Landy Edward fisherman h 32 Plank rd
Landy Edward tailor E M Jackman res 32 Plank rd
Landy Wm cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 32 Plank rd
Lane Daniel fisherman h 8 Goodview
Lane Mary (wid Thomas)   h 26 King's rd
Lane Rose domestic 29 King's Bridge rd
Lane T D stationery 83 Water e h same
Lane Wm master mariner res 39 Long's lane
Lang Charles shoemaker res 14 Adelaide
Langmead Ann (wid George)   res 22 Williams
Langmead Edward laborer h 24 Williams
Langmead Francis master mariner h 24 Pilot's Hill
Langmead George watchmaker 294 Water e h same
Langmead George jr jeweller res 294 Water e
Langmead John laborer h 22 Williams
Langmead Samuel B watchmaker G Langmead res 294 Water e
Langmead Wm painter J T Carnell res 24 Pilot's Hill
Langston Henry H cabinetmaker J Daymond res 241 1/2 Gower
Langston J Charles clerk James Pennock res 241 1/2 Gower
Langston Mary (wid Henry) grocer 241 1/2 Gower h same
Langton Charles trimmer Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 18 Adelaide
Langton Edward E clerk James Baird h 6 1/2 Victoria
Lannigan Ellen (wid John)   h 32 lane w from Courting lane
Lannigan John wharfmaster Bowring Bros h Wharf Premises, South Side e
Lannigan John cooper h 4 Chapel lane
Lannigan Wm cooper Bowring Bros res Wharf Premises, South Side e
Larasey James crockery 328 Water h same
Larasey Maggie domestic 123 Water e
Larasey Patrick clerk Goodfellow & Co res 328 Water e
Larasey Thomas tinsmith res 328 Water e
Larkin Ann (wid John)   h 36 Larkin's lane
Larkin Annie domestic 168 Duckworth
Larkin Edward fisherman h 6 Brewery lane
Larkin James fisherman h 65 Prescott
Larkin John clerk John O'Reilly bds 290 Water
Larkin John cooper P & L Tessier h 36 Larkin's lane
Larkin John messenger Municipal Council h 43 Henry
Larkin Mary (wid Joseph)   bds 43 Henry
Larkin Thomas laborer bds 43 Henry
Lash John F clerk Railway Commissioner's Office h 126 Water w
Lash J & G Liquors and Confectionery 303 Water e
Lash Mary Ann (wid George)   56 Rennie's Mill rd
Lash Mortimer G (J & G Lash) h 214 Gower
Lash Wm H bookkeeper Nfld Coastal Co h 5 Maxse
Laskey George laborer h 1 Carey's lane
Lateman Ann (wid Wm)   h 5 Dogstown
Law Society of Newfoundland   R J Kent QC president and treasurer, A J W McNeily QC Secretary Court House
Lawley Edward police officer res 52 Wickford
Lawley Lawrence blacksmith res 52 Wickford
Lawley Thomas laborer h 52 Wickford
Lawlor Miss Annie clerk Mrs A Lawlor res 330 Water
Lawlor Mrs A wines and liquors 330 Water h same
Lawlor Catherine domestic 33 Alexander
Lawlor Edward cooper Patrick McGrath h 32 Lazy Bank rd
Lawlor James cabman res 158 Gower
Lawlor Johanna (wid Lawrence)   h 158 Gower
Lawlor John laborer h 45 Brine
Lawlor Miss Josie clerk Mrs A Lawlor res 330 Water
Lawlor Lizzie domestic 98 Barnes rd
Lawlor Miss Margaret tailor P J O'Neil res 76 Water w
Lawlor Miss Mary tailoress E M Jackman res 52 Wickford
Lawlor Michael clerk Wm Parker & Co h 205 Gower
Lawlor Nicholas cooper h 76 Water w
Lawlor Thomas carman Rothwell & Bowring bds 205 Gower
Lawlor Thomas   res 198 Water
Lawlor Thomas carter Clift, Wood & Co res 158 Gower
Lawlor Thomas gardener Harvey Pl Circular rd
Lawlor Wm tinsmith h 184 Gower
Lawn Tennis Ground     Forest rd
Lawrence Abraham carman h 83 King's Bridge rd
Lawrence Alexander wharfinger h 104 Lazy Bank rd
Lawrence Bros (James M & Thomas H)   Carriage and Wagon Makers Victoria cor Duckworth
Lawrence James M (Lawrence Bros) h 35 Hayward av
Lawrence John restaurant 1 Holdsworth h same
Lawrence Robert laborer h 9 British sq
Lawrence Thomas A foreman Nfld Furniture Co bds 140 Gower
Lawrence Thomas H (Lawrence Bros) h 33 Hayward av
Lawrie Robert manager dry goods dept Thorburn & Tessier h 47 Cochrane
Lawrie Wm J clerk Railway Commissioner's Office res 47 Cochrane
Lawson Wm F clerk Ayre & Sons bds Globe House
Lay Richard fisherman h 126 Barnes rd
Lay Samuel machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 85 Lazy Bank rd
Lazaretto The   Robert French master, Mrs Robert French matron Signal Hill
Leahy Hannah cook 40 Signal Hill rd
Leahy James tailor O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 26 South West
Leahy John shoemaker D Smallwood & Sons res 129 Gower
Leahy Miss Margaret tailoress J Adrain res 26 South West
Leahy Mary (wid Martin)   h 26 South West
Leamon Elizabeth domestic 3 Brazel's sq
Leamon John (Dick's & Co) h 263 Water e
Leamon Wm shoemaker h 27 Princes
Leard Joshia McL Carpenter, Builder and Contractor 7 Barter's Hill h 5 Allen's sq
Learning George carpenter Job Bros & Co h 31 James
Learning James laborer h 7 East
Learning Lavinia domestic 7 Darling
Learning Miss Maria wks Nfld F & M Co (ltd) res 31 James, Monkstown
Leary see also O'Leary    
Leary Bridget wks Victoria Tobacco Works res Dreelan's Well rd
Leary Catherine (wid James)   h 5 Plymouth rd
Leary Daniel laborer h 38 Nunnery lane
Leary Edward butcher Michael Connolly bds 193 Duckworth
Leary Francis master mariner h 51 South West
Leary John laborer h 86 Dreelan's Well rd
Leary John carpenter res 32 Gower
Leary John fisherman h 309 Water w
Leary Joseph grocer 64 King's Bridge rd h same
Leary Margaret (wid James) wines and liquors 32 Gower h same
Leary Martin laborer res 5 Plymouth rd
Leary Michael driver A Cole res Kickham's lane
Leary Patrick coachman h 48 New Gower
Leary Patrick jr clerk John Steer res 48 New Gower
Leary Mrs Patrick grocer 48 New Gower res same
Leary Philip fisherman h 85 Gower
Leary Thomas fisherman h 37 George
Leary Wm tinsmith J J Norris res 85 Gower
LeBuff Mary Ann (wid Charles W)   h 26 Hayward av
Ledingham John Prop Terra Nova Foundry and Engine and Boiler Works, Water e h 51 Duckworth
Ledrew Elfrida tailoress John Maunder res 122 Dreelan's Well rd
Ledrew Hannah (wid Robert J)   h 140 Gower
Ledrew Jonas seaman res 7 College sq
Ledrew Rebecca J domestic 86 Lazy Bank rd
Ledrew Richard fisherman h 122 Dreelan's Well rd
Ledrew Wm fisherman h 7 College sq
Ledwell James shoemaker bds 271 Water w
Ledwell Miss Kate dressmaker, Miss E M Lynch res 271 Water w
Ledwell Thomas shoemaker h 29 Adelaide
Lee Bridget domestic, A J Harvey  
Lee Catherine (wid James)   h 5 Holloway
Lee John fisherman res 5 Holloway
Leek John fisherman res 4 Limekiln Hill
Leemay Ann (wid Michael)   h 262 Water
Leese James clerk Wm Frew bds Globe Hotel
Leese Mrs Johannah cook St Bonaventure College  
Lee-Whiting Charles seaman bds 56 Flower Hill st
LeGett Robert seaman h 7 Coady's lane
Legg Sarah domestic 65 Le Marchant rd
Le Marquand George captain h 17 Scott
Le Messurier Alexander clerk h 22 British sq
Le Messurier Arthur clerk T & M Winter res Circular rd
Le Messurier A J clerk Ayre & Sons res 37 Water w
Le Messurier Edwin M accountant Alan Goodridge & Sons h 322 Duckworth
Le Messurier George First Clerk and General Accountant Post Office h Post Office Building
Le Messurier George W assistant accountant P O h "Lilac Cottage" Carter's Hill
Le Messurier Hannah (wid James)   h 37 Water w
Le Messurier Henry C (H Le Messurier & Son) h 63 Cochrane)
Le Messurier Henry W (H Le Messurier & Son) h "Riverside" King's Bridge rd
Le Messurier H & Son (Henry C and Henry W) General Brokers and Commission Merchants 159 Water e
Le Messurier John H clerk J & W Stewart h 123 Hamilton av
Le Messurier Peter clerk h 38 Freshwater
Le Messurier Peter F clerk Ayre & Sons h 207 New Gower
Lennon Patrick laborer h 91 1/2 Carter's Hill
Lennox James carpenter h 1 1/2 College sq
Lenond John messenger J & G Lash res Wickford
Leo Miss Eliza grocer 53 Duckworth h same
Leonard John fisherman M Morey bds 6 Flavin's lane
Leonard John carpenter h 10 Brine
Leonard Mary domestic 116 Water
Leonard Michael laborer res 28 Limekiln Hill
Leonard Patrick hawker h 72 Rogerson's lane
Leonard Patrick bookkeeper h 74 Limekiln Hill
Le Shana Wm carpenter h 28 Stephen
Lester Bros (Wm and Charles) Watchmakers and Jewellers 427-429 Water
Lester Charles (Lester Bros) bds 131 George
Lester Wm (Lester Bros) bds 131 George
L'Estrange Peter impounder and caretaker of fish markets h n s Lazy Bank rd 1 w Le Marchant
Lewis Charles boilermaker Terra Nova Foundry res 4 West
Lewis Charles pilot h 88 Duckworth
Lewis Eleazer blacksmith res 83 Long's Hill
Lewis Eliel pilot res 88 Duckworth
Lewis Elizabeth (wid Wm)   h 16 Gower
Lewis Miss Emma milliner Miss N Mercer res 80 Duckworth
Lewis Eusebius boatman h Gower cor Cochrane
Lewis Frank Custom House boatman h 6 Duckworth
Lewis Frederick pilot h 44 Cochrane
Lewis Frederick pilot h 36 Gower
Lewis John boilermaker Victoria B & E Co res 33 W [sic]
Lewis John H laborer h r 33 Water w
Lewis John fisherman h 25 Rossiter's lane
Lewis John seaman h 4 West
Lewis Joseph sailmaker res 83 Long's Hill
Lewis Michael coachman Dr J S Tait res 57 Gower
Lewis Moses laborer h 83 Long's Hill
Lewis Thomas letter carrier P O bds 120 Water e
Lewis Wm pilot h Moreton's lane
Lewis Wm J carpenter res 83 Long's Hill
Lewood Jacob cadet Salvation Army res 91 Hamilton
Liddy Mrs Ellen   h 102 Freshwater rd
Liddy Wm H conductor Nfld Ry Co res Tor Bay
Lidston Nathaniel fisherman h 37 Le Marchant
Lidston Thomas tailor h 6 Water e
Life Association of Scotland   H E Hayward agent 253 Water e
Light House Department   John T Neville Inspector Colonial Bldgs
Lilly Miss Celia A   h 75 King's rd
Lilly Frank D Barrister-at-Law, Home Industries Hall, Duckworth h 58 Cochrane
Lilly George A Carpenter and Builder 3 South West h same
Lilly Robert R W, QC Justice of the Peace for Newfoundland, Clerk of the Peace for Central District Court and Regististrar Vice Admirlty Court, Court House h 59 Cochrane
Linaham Augusta domestic 16 Brazel's sq
Linaham Belinda domestic 134 George
Lindberg John Manufacturing Jeweller and Watchmaker, and Proprietor Bavarian brewery 171 Water h "Castle Lindberg" Signal Hill rd
Lindberg John clerk res 35 Le Marchant
Lindberg John jr brewer Bavarian Brewery h 11 Queen's rd
Lindsay Alexander steward h 12 Goodview
Lindsay Archibald clerk Baine, Johnston & Co res 100 Barnes rd
Lindsay Eugene clerk Baine, Johnston & Co res 100 Barnes rd
Lindsay George R clerk Marshall & Rodger h 13 Dick's sq
Lindsay Harold tinsmith W G Pippy res 4 Limekiln Hill
Lindsay Henry tinsmith res 4 lane w from Courting lane
Lindsay James master mariner h 100 Barnes rd
Lindsay Mary J (wid Wm)   h 4 lane w from Wickford
Lindstrom August Watchmaker and Jeweller 378 Water h same
Lindstrom John watchmaker A Lindstrom res 378 Water
Linegar Ellen (wid James)   h 64 George
Linegar Luke carpenter h 18 Boggan's lane
Linegar Michael cooper James Murray h 76 Prescott
Linegar Mrs caretaker "Willow Cottage" Freshwater rd
Linnigan John cooper Bowring Bros h Chapel lane
Linthorn Annie domestic 34 Freshwater rd
Lion Insurance Co (Ltd) of London England James Pitman Agent 226 Duckworth
Lisburn Gabriel laborer res 25 Dreelan's Well rd
Lisburn Mary (wid Philip)   h 25 Dreelan's Well rd
Liscombe Lizzie domestic 216 Water
Liston Amelia domestic 15 Barter's Hill
Liston Thomas culler h 38 Duckworth
Little Eliza domestic G F Bowden  
Little Joseph I Judge Supreme Court h 3 Park place, Rennie's Mill rd
Littlejohn Thomas carman John Woods & Son h Portugal Cove rd
Littlejohn Wm shoemaker J & T Martin res Portugal Cove rd
Liverpool & Glasgow Underwriters   Bowring Bros Agents 281 Water e
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co   Bowring Bros Agents 281 Water e
Lloyd Finlay & Co Shipping and Commission Merchants 133 Water e
Lloyd George B assistant money order office P O h 47 Hamilton
Lloyd Kate (wid Michael)   h 2 College sq
Lloyd Wm F teacher Church of England Academy  
Lloyd's Agents   Bowring Bros 281 Water e
Locke David fisherman h 21 Brennan's lane
Locke George feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co res 20 Hamilton
Locke John cooper P & L Tessier h 120 Hamilton
Lockyer Miss Lucy milliner Brown & Milley res 20 James e
Lockyer John bookkeeper McDougall & Templeton bds 290 Duckworth
Lockyer John clerk John Baird res 20 James, Georgetown
Lockyer Keziah (wid John)   h 20 James
Loder Silas carpenter h 33 Le Marchant rd
London Assurance Corporation   James Murray agent 7 McBridge's[sic] Hill
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co   Harvey & Co Agents 113 Water e
Loneragan Patrick shoemaker 13 Carter's Hill h same
Long Allen land surveyor 67 Flower Hill st h same
Long Diana (wid Joseph)   h 82 New Gower
Long Edward messenger Bowring Bros h 1 Cookstown rd
Long Henry cooper J & W Pitts h 53 William w
Long Jeremiah laborer h 48 Limekiln Hill
Long Miss Johanna   res 48 Limekiln Hill
Long John shoemaker h 122 Barnes rd
Long John cook h 20 Williams
Long Joseph seaman h 48 Queen's rd
Long Miss Maggie tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 48 Queen's rd
Long Patrick trader h 4 Convent place
Long Patrick messenger H A  
Long Thomas first clerk Crown Lands Office, Survey General's Department h 169 Duckworth
Long Wm constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 23 Young
Long Wm agent res 169 Duckworth
Looney Timothy laborer h r 161 Gower
Loughlan Charles   h 92 Water e
Loughlan Charles jr   h 21 Forest rd
Loughnan Michael   res 92 Water e
Lovitt Ann domestic 21 Queen's rd
Low Point Association of Victoria   Hon H H Rogerson Agt Water
Lowe John carpenter James Murray h 12 Williams
Lowe Wm fisherman h 32 Thomas
Lower Dundee Room   Wm Stephen & Co proprietors South Side
Lower Dundee Wharf     South Side east of Floating Dock
Luby Andrew watchman J Fox & Sons h 36 Nunnery Hill
Luby Wm laborer bds 82 Gowerr
Lucas Celina (wid Thomas) trimmer Nfld B & S Mnfg Co bds 12 Brine
Lucas Frederick engineer res Josiah Lucas
Lucas Josiah wharfmaster J & W Stewart h Wharf Premises, South Side e
Luce Amelia domestic 38 Henry
Luce Henry laborer h 57 Gower
Luce Jane (wid Stephen)   res 57 Gower
Luce Silas fisherman h 33 James
Luce Wm pilot h Moreton's lane
Luckman Ellen domestic 147 Gower
Luke Nicholas fisherman res 11 King's rd
Lumsden Andrew K clerk James Baird h 16 Queen's rd
Lunatic Asylum Newfoundland   Kenneth D Mackenzie Physician, Miss Ann Mcraw Matron, Henry Preston, Supervisor Waterford Bridge rd, 2 mls w of City Limits
Lundrigan Peter seaman h 10 Lazy Bank rd
Lunergan Ellen (wid Nicholas) saloon 126 Duckworth h same
Lundstrum John mason h 17 Boncloddy
Luscombe David coachman res 74 Gower
Luscombe George cooper 55 King's rd h same
Luscombe John laborer Job Brothers & Co h South Side e
Luscombe John baker h 74 Gower
Lush Alexander clerk J J & L Furlong bds 19 King's rd
Lush Austin caretaker Church of England cemetery h Forest rd
Lush James tinsmith Gear & Co res Church of England cemetery
Lush John marble worker John Skinner res Austin Lush
Lush Miss Louisa dressmaker res 19 King's rd
Lush Margaret (wid Wm J)   res 19 King's rd
Luskey Miss Mary saleslady James Black res 19 King's rd
Lyle Charles engineer Terra Nova Foundry res 7 King's rd
Lyle John H storekeeper Terra Nova Foundry h 7 King's rd
Lyle Mrs John H confectioner 7 King's rd
Lyman Jane domestic 6 Darling
Lynch Amelia domestic J Outerbridge  
Lynch Anastatia (wid James)   h South Side rd 9 w Long Bridge
Lynch Miss Anastatia saleslady J J O'Reilly bds 290 Water e
Lynch Miss Elizabeth M dressmaker 62 New Gower res same
Lynch Frank fireman Electric Light Co h 36 Barnes rd
Lynch James master mariner h s s Topsail rd 3 w Water
Lynch Joseph M grocer, dry goods, etc. 2 Barter's Hill and 62 New Gower h same
Lynch Kate domestic 7 Princes
Lynch Mary Ann domestic 130 Military rd
Lynch Michael clerk David Sclater h 5 Flavin's lane
Lynch Thomas seaman h 5 Long's lane
Lyon Augustus clerk res 306 Water
Lyon Miss Charlotte S   res 306 Water
Lyon Edwin W (Lyon & Vey) h 37 Victoria
Lyon Henry B watchmaker 306 Water h same
Lyon Robert photographer res 306 Water
Lyon & Vey (Edwin W Lyon James Vey) Photographers 206 Water

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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