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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F G H I J "K" L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Kains Michael laborer h 3 Job's lane
Kane see also Kean    
Kane Andrew laborer h 36 Limekiln Hill
Kane Annie domestic h 2 Rennie's Mill rd
Kane Miss Annie   res 38 George
Kane Bridget (wid Michael)   h 2 Holdsworth
Kane Charles laborer h 85 Long's Hill
Kane David laborer h 12 James
Kane Ellen (wid Edward)   res 8 Carey's lane
Kane Ellen domestic 273 Duckworth
Kane James seaman h 22 James
Kane Miss Johanna   res 8 Carey's lane
Kane John laborer h 12 Carey's lane
Kane Joseph carman h 30 Plank rd
Kane Joseph fisherman h 26 Kickham's lane
Kane Miss Mary dressmaker res 8 Carey's lane
Kane Mary domestic 68 Victoria
Kane Mathew shoemaker M Kehoe res 2 Holdsworth
Kane Maurice laborer h 18 Carey's lane
Kane Maurice laborer h 196 Water w
Kane Michael fisherman h 9 Holdsworth
Kane Patrick laborer Baine, Johnston & Co h 243 1/2 Water w
Kane Patrick constable Cavalry Nfld Constabulary h 32 Prescott
Kane Richard laborer res 9 Holdsworth
Kane Rose domestic 66 Cochrane
Kane Sarah (wid John)   h 83 Long's Hill
Kane Stephen fisherman h 234 1/2 New Gower
Kane Thomas laborer h 25 Thomas
Kane Thomas fisherman h 8 Carey's lane
Kane Wm timekeeper bds 8 Carey's lane
Kanes Jemima domestic 61 Long's Hill
Kanna Mary Ann domestic 247 Duckworth
Karivan Bridget domestic 24 Nunnery Hill
Karivan Mary (wid Michael)   h 29 Gower
Karivan Thomas currier res 29 Gower
Kates John laborer h 25 Goodview
Kates Richard fisherman h 14 James
Kates Richard laborer res 25 Goodview
Kavanagh Ann domestic 57 Military rd
Kavanagh Miss Annie dressmaker h 32 Darling
Kavanagh Arthur laborer h 179 Le Marchant rd
Kavanagh Miss Bridget dressmaker res 32 Darling
Kavanagh Cornelius machinist Col Cord Co h 36 Hutchings
Kavanagh Edward laborer h 25 Cuddihy's lane
Kavanagh Edward laborer h 10 West
Kavanagh Edward laborer res Sarah Kavanah [sic]
Kavanagh Edward cooper h Barnes lane
Kavanagh Miss Ellen tailoress D Galway res 181 Le Marchant rd
Kavanagh Frederick cooper h 20 Nunnery Hill
Kavanagh Garrett clerk res 25 South West
Kavanagh James laborer res Sarah Kavanagh
Kavanagh James laborer bds Martin Avoy
Kavanagh John laborer h 181 Le Marchant rd
Kavanagh John laborer Hearn & Co h 12 Dammerill's lane
Kavanagh John watchman W Stephens & Co h 10 Hamilton
Kavanagh John (Hearn & Co) h 25 South West
Kavanagh John cooper James Murray h 4 Duke of York
Kavanagh Joseph fisherman h 50 Patrick
Kavanagh Martin miner h 24 Limekiln Hill
Kavanagh Miss Mary tailoress res 26 Adelaide
Kavanagh Miss Mary finisher Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 50 Buchanan
Kavanagh Patrick cooper Edwin Duder h 11 Flower Hill
Kavanagh Peter laborer h 7 Dammerill's lane
Kavanagh Sarah (wid Patrick)   h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Kavanagh Simon porter Bowring Bros h 42 Wickford
Kavanagh Simon laborer Barnes & Burridge h 11 Quidi Vidi rd
Kavanagh Thomas laborer h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Kavanagh Thomas messenger Bavarian Brewery res 10 West
Kays Samuel shipwright h 85 Patrick
Kean See also Kane    
Kean John shoemaker 87 Limekiln Hill h 85 same
Kean Mary (wid Thomas)   h 81 Limekiln Hill
Kean Owen tailor 344 Water h same
Kean Selby laborer Victoria Tobacco Works res 16 Hayward av
Kearney Edward carman Johnson & West h 36 Plank rd
Kearney John J Wines and Liquors 119 Duckworth h same
Kearney John R landing and tide surveyor H M C h 57 Military rd
Kearney Miss Mary confectionery h 67 King's rd
Kearney Mary A (wid Michael) confectionery 198 New Gower h same
Kearney Matthew A university student res "Hillside" Circular rd
Kearney Michael sailmaker res 83 Monkstown rd
Kearney Michael B special appraiser Municipal Council h "Hillside Cottage" Circular rd
Kearney Miles laborer h r 23 Barter's Hill
Kearney Peter wks Col Cordage Co h n s Mundy Pond rd 1 w Lazy Bank rd
Kearney Richard fireman h 14 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Kearney Richard cooper Nfld F & M Co h 16 Livingstone
Kearney Richard captain h 83 Monkstown rd
Kearney Wm J clerk P Jordan & Son res 83 Monkstown rd
Kearsey Henry carman h 10 Boncloddy
Kearsey James vanman James Baird h 12 West
Kearsey John laborer h 12 West
Keating Bridget (wid Thomas) grocer 81 Military rd h same
Keating James cooper h 242 Gower
Keating James waterman h 20 King's rd
Keating John cooper h 251 Water w
Keating John laborer Goodfellow & Co h 103 New Gower
Keating John S second clerk Treasury Department H M C h 81 Military rd
Keating Miss Sarah matron Penitentiary res same
Keating Miss Nora school teacher res 20 King's rd
Keating Thomas wines and liquors 134 Water h same
Keats Miss Mary   res 11 Holdsworth
Keefe see also O'Keefe    
Keefe Bridget domestic 210 Water
Keefe Bridget (wid Thomas)   h Hughes lane
Keefe James laborer h 46 Carter's Hill
Keefe Miss Johanna grocer 11 East res same
Keefe John laborer h 20 Fleming
Keefe John blacksmith J T Carnell h Hughes lane
Keefe John laborer Victoria B & E Co h 257 Theatre Hill
Keefe Mrs John grocer 257 Gower res same
Keefe Mary (wid John) grocer 186 New Gower h same
Keefe Mary domestic Government House  
Keefe Mary domestic 46 Water e
Keefe Michael wharfinger J Fox & Sons h 11 East
Keefe Michael shoemaker M Wadden h 132 Water w
Keefe Michael butcher res 42 Hutchings
Keefe Michael tailor 412 Water h same
Keefe Peter carman James Baird h 18 Fleming
Keegan Lawrence E, MD Physician 261 Duckworth h same
Keele Rose domestic 52 Cochrane
Keely Michael culler h 20 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Keenan Andrew cabman h 11 Garrison Hill
Keenan Patrick   h 2 Nunnery lane
Keeping Benjamin clerk Telephone Co h 88 Queen's rd
Keeping Mrs Benjamin grocer 8 Queen's rd h same
Kehoe see also Keough    
Kehoe Andrew laborer h 11 North
Kehoe Miss Catherine   58 Larkin's lane
Kehoe Martin master mariner h 36 Buchanan
Kehoe Michael Boot and Shoemaker 300 Water h same
Keiley see also Kiely    
Keiley Miss Elizabeth dressmaker res 77 Gower
Keiley Ellen (wid James)   h 47 Henry
Keiley James grocer 273 Duckworth h same
Keiley James laborer James Murray h 66 King's Bridge
Keiley Miss Lizzie milliner Mrs J Haviland bds 47 Henry
Keiley Mrs Mary Ann cook Lunatic Asylum  
Keilley Wm cabinetmaker Callahan & Co res Tank lane
Keith Michael laborer Government House h Duke of York
Keleher Mary (wid Philip) domestic 37 Darling
Kelligrew Thomas   h 71 Limekiln Hill
Kelly Alice domestic Bannerman House Circular rd
Kelly Miss Anastasia grocer 24 South h same
Kelly Ann (wid John)   h 33 Goodview
Kelly Annie (wid John) grocer 63 1/2 New Gower h same
Kelly Miss Catherine tailoress P Jordan & Son res 14 Boggan's lane
Kelly Catherine domestic 191 Water e
Kelly Charles laborer res 12 Water w
Kelly Christopher laborer h 33 Barter's Hill
Kelly Edward laborer P & L Tessier h 33 Carter's Hill
Kelly Edward shoemaker Patrick Maher bds 59 Duckworth
Kelly Edward laborer h 38 Carter's Hill
Kelly Edward carpenter res 12 Water w
Kelly Edward laborer h 50 Wickford
Kelly Edmund clerk h 35 Patrick
Kelly Geoffrey third turnkey Penitentiary h Quidi Vidi rd
Kelly Henry shoemaker h 70 Cookstown rd
Kelly James shoemaker h 12 Barnes rd
Kelly James cooper h 8 Long's lane
Kelly James laborer res 7 Dammerill's lane
Kelly James cooper h 11 Delahunty's lane
Kelly Jamas[sic] cooper 9 Chapel lane h 12 Boggan's lane
Kelly Johanna domestic 252 Gower
Kelly John cabman h 50 Cochrane
Kelly John liquors junction Waterford Bridge and Topsail rd h same
Kelly John laborer h 12 Carew
Kelly John tailor Wm Cox res 121 Gower
Kelly John cooper Bowring Bros h 48 Victoria
Kelly John jr baker John Dunn res 4 Victoria
Kelly John stone cutter James McIntyre res 14 South West
Kelly John shoemaker N Coady h 27 Long's Hill
Kelly John machinist Nfld Ry Co h 16 East
Kelly John fisherman res 10 New Gower
Kelly John laborer res 39 James
Kelly Margaret (wid Charles) grocer 12 Water w h same
Kelly Miss Margaret tailoress J Dunsterville res 5 Holdsworth
Kelly Mary (wid Michael)   h 275 1/2 Water w
Kelly Miss Mary   h 109 Military rd
Kelly Michael laborer h 33 Long's lane
Kelly Michael fisherman h 32 Carter's Hill
Kelly Michael cutter P Kelly h 58 Allendale rd
Kelly Michael fisherman h 39 James
Kelly Moses cooper 9 Chapel lane h 6 Delahunty's lane
Kelly Nicholas cooper J & W Stewart h 50 George
Kelly Patrick Merchant Tailor 282 Water h same
Kelly Patrick clerk Goodfellow & Co res 43 Patrick
Kelly Patrick clerk Timothy Phelan bds 161 Duckworth
Kelly Patrick tinsmith Gear & Co res 33 Barter's Hill
Kelly P W Secretary Municipal Council h 4 James, Georgetown
Kelly Richard farmer h 131 George
Kelly Sarah domestic 77 Rennie's Mill rd
Kelly Thomas cooper N Cousens h 40 Buchanan
Kelly Thomas tidewaiter H M C h 14 South West
Kelly Thomas carter John B & G Ayre h 3 Stephen
Kelly Mrs Wm grocer 10 New Gower res same
Kelly Wm jr sailmaker bds 35 Wickford
Kelly Wm sailmaker J & G Dicks h 33 Wickford
Kelly Wm mason h 15 Garrison Hill
Kelly Wm laborer h 12 Rossiter's lane
Kelly Wm fisherman h 10 New Gower
Kelly Wm clerk h 52 Victoria
Kelly Mrs Wm grocer 52 Victoria h same
Kelly Wm driver Henry Blatch res 8 Carew
Kelly Wm tide water[sic] H M C h 14 South West
Kelly Wm O D student G H Emerson res 4 James, Monkstown
Kemp Charles wks Col Cord Co res Mundy's Pond rd
Kemp John wks Col Cord Co res Mundy's Pond rd
Kemp Jules wks Col Cord Co h Mundy's Pond rd
Kendrick John master mariner h 24 Buchanan
Kenna Annie (wid James)   h 28 James
Kenna John coachman h 36 Barnes rd
Kenneally Joseph cutter h 204 New Gower
Kenneally Patrick asst gardener Government House h 59 South West
Kenneally Mary domestic 16 British sq
Kennedy Ann (wid John)   h Lahey's lane
Kennedy Annie domestic 312 Duckworth
Kennedy Archibald laborer Upper Dundee h South Side e
Kennedy Catherine (wid George)   h 80 New Gower
Kennedy Daniel printer The Herald res 10 Rossiter's lane
Kennedy Edmund plasterer res 2 Boggan's lane
Kennedy Edward fisherman h 339 Water w
Kennedy Edward constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Kennedy Edward fisherman h 6 Stephen
Kennedy Elizabeth (wid John)   h 18 South West
Kennedy Ellen (wid John)   h 34 Cookstown rd
Kennedy Ernest laborer h s s Topsail rd 4 w Water
Kennedy George feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co res 11 Barter's Hill
Kennedy George coachman res 81 King's rd
Kennedy George seaman h 6 Brennan's lane
Kennedy Hugh shoemaker Parker & Monroe res 80 New Gower
Kennedy James clerk J & W Pitts res 44 Lazy Bank rd
Kennedy Jamas[sic] cooper Nicholas Hayes res 81 King's rd
Kennedy James laborer h 81 King's rd
Kennedy James laborer h 16 Henry
Kennedy James fisherman h 10 Rossiter's lane
Kennedy James S wines and liquors 124 Water h same
Kennedy John seaman h 12 James
Kennedy John fisherman h 83 Hamilton
Kennedy John clerk J & W Pitts res 44 Lazy Bank rd
Kennedy John seaman h 14 Limekiln Hill
Kennedy John   h 2 Boggan's lane
Kennedy John fisherman h r 211 New Gower
Kennedy John carter Col Cord Co h Mundy's Pond rd
Kennedy Miss Kate grocer 124 New Gower h same
Kennedy Kate domestic 20 Gower
Kennedy Margaret (wid Thomas)   h 12 Cookstown rd
Kennedy Mary bartender M Malone bds same
Kennedy Mary (wid Michael)   h 70 Patrick
Kennedy Mary (wid Patrick)   h Lahey's lane
Kennedy Mary E domestic 21 Gower
Kennedy Michael dresser Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 211 New Gower
Kennedy Michael plasterer h 2 Boggan's lane
Kennedy Michael laborer h Floating Dock premises, South Side e
Kennedy Michael master mariner h 66 Prescott
Kennedy Minnie domestic C Hammond jr res Shaw's lane
Kennedy Patrick shoemaker 12 Lion's sq h same
Kennedy Patrick merchant tailor 276 Water h same
Kennedy Patrick jr tailor P Kennedy res 276 Water
Kennedy Thomas grocer h 212 Gower
Kennedy Thomas machinist Victoria B & E Co res 44 Lazy Bank rd
Kennedy Thomas laborer h 35 Flower Hill
Kennedy Thomas C (Kennedy & Co) h Queen's rd
Kennedy Thomas C grocer 103 Hamilton h same
Kennedy Virtue domestic 89 Long's Hill
Kennedy Wm J pattern maker Victoria B & E Co res 101 Hamilton
Kennedy & Co   Groceries, Wines, etc. 207 Water
Kenney Caroline (wid Thomas)   h 35 Duke of York
Kenney David cooper Michael F Ellard h 77 New Gower
Kenney Miss Ellen   h 33 New Gower
Kenney Miss Ellen   res 15 Adelaide
Kenney Frank wheelwright J T Carnell res 33 Duke of York
Kenney Frederick J plumber 45 Gower h same
Kenney James wheelwright Wm Voisey res 27 Water w
Kenney James baker Terra Nova Bakery h 17 North
Kenney James cooper h 12 George
Kenney James jr cooper res 12 George
Kenney Johannah (wid James) confectioner 20 Water w h same
Kenney John spinner Col Cord Co h 261 Water w
Kenney John T clerk R J Kent res 41 Hamilton
Kenney Johannah (wid James)   h 20 Water w
Kenney Kate (wid John)   res 12 North
Kenney Michael sailmaker bds 33 New Gower
Kenney Patrick blacksmith Dry Dock h 15 Adelaide
Kenney Patrick tailor 13 James h same
Kenney Patrick shoemaker h s s Waterford Bridge rd, 10 w Water
Kenney Wm engineer Alex Harvey & Co h 11 Temperance Hill
Kenney Wm cooper P & L Tessier h 41 Hamilton
Kenney Wm blockmaker Myler Bros res 12 George w
Kenney Wm jr clerk John Anderson res 41 Hamilton
Kensing Henry engineer Lunatic Asylum h 247 Water w
Kent Miss Agnes dressmaker res 9 Cookstown rd
Kent Alfred storekeeper Barnes & Co h 156 1/2 Gower
Kent Ann (wid John)   h r 303 Water w
Kent Charlotte (wid Wm)   res 19 South
Kent Edward shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 303 Water w
Kent Garrett collector The Colonist bds 18 Quidi Vidi rd
Kent James E receiving teller Commercial Bank of Nfld h 90 Military
Kent James M student res 255 Duckworth
Kent John P student res 255 Duckworth
Kent Margaret domestic 105 Water e
Kent Mary domestic 33 Military rd
Kent Philip carman John B & G Ayre h 9 Cookstown rd
Kent Robert J, QC Barrister 255 Duckworth
Kent Thomas grocer h 18 Quidi Vidi rd
Kent Wm clerk res 156 1/2 Gower
Kent Wm master mariner h 29 Stephen w
Keon James cabman h n s Waterford Bridge rd, 1 w Water
Keough see also Kehoe    
Keough Barbara domestic 165 Duckworth
Keough Daniel fisherman h 30 Henry
Keough Frances (wid James)   h 91 King's rd
Keough George J Provision, Grocery and Wine Merchant 362 and 364 Water and 2 Queen
Keough John laborer h 1 Bulley's lane
Keough Miss Mary A dressmaker h 77 Gower
Keough Mary J domestic 189 Water e
Keough Patrick     res 9 Military rd
Keough Thomas J clerk Wm Frew bds 24 Henry
Keough Thomas J QC Acting Master in Chancery h 9 Military rd
Keough Wm cooper h 47 Prescott
Kerby John fisherman h 32 Coady's lane
Kerby Susannah domestic 28 Cathedral
Kerby Wm cooper James Boggan res 32 Coady's lane
Kerr Alexander gardener Avalon House Waterford Bridge rd
Kersey James carter Clift, Wood & Co h 10 Boncloddy
Kersey Minnie domestic 166 New Gower
Kersey Thomas laborer h 11 Delahunty's lane
Kersey Wm harnessmaker J McKenzie res 12 South West
Kerwin Edward fisherman h South Side rd r 5 w Lonbridge
Kerwin Elizabeth domestic 15 Darling
Kerwin Ellen wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 10 Stephen
Kerwin James fisherman h 26 Plank rd
Kerwin Lizzie domestic John Donnelly  
Kerwin Mary domestic J Burridge  
Kerwin Michael laborer h 10 Stephen
Kerwin Patrick laborer res 10 Stephen
Kerwin Thomas currier Nfld Tannery res 29 Gower
Kerwin Wm fisherman South Side rd r 2 w Long Bridge
Keys Bessie domestic 35 Monkstown rd
Kickham Charles J chairman Evening Daily Colonist h 21 Nunnery Hill
Kidney Jeremiah cooper M Monroe h 25 Adelaide
Kiely see also Keily    
Kiely Miss Agnes mach operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 5 Cuddihy's lane
Kiely Alice (wid John)   res 39 Buchanan
Kiely Miss Ann   h 5 Chapel lane
Kiely Bessie domestic Mrs J Crowdy  
Kiely Edward clerk James Stott res Duckworth
Kiely James captain h 3 Knights
Kiely James carpenter h 164 Le Marchant rd
Kiely John watchman Dry Dock h 22 Convent sq
Kiely John fisherman h r 246 Gower
Kiely Wm laborer h 5 Cuddihy's lane
Kiely Wm F painter and grocer h 84 New Gower
Killegrew Julia (wid Wm)   h 74 Cochrane
Kilpatrick Francis   h 153 Gower
King Agnes domestic 49 Quidi Vidi
King Alfred seaman h 12 Barter's Hill
King Ananias seaman h 35 Young
King Ann laundress Lunatic Asylum  
King Charles fisherman h 134 Dreelan's Well rd
King Charles fisherman h 12 Barter's Hill
King Charles clerk h 51 Hamilton
King Daniel fisherman h 90 Dreelan's Well rd
King Mrs Daniel grocer 90 Dreelan's Well rd h same
King David (Vinnecombe & King) grocer 72 Duckworth h same
King David F fisherman res Cahill's Point, South Side e
King Eli janitor Methodist College h 69 Long's Hill
King Elizabeth (wid John)   h 27 James
King Elizabeth domestic The Lazaretto  
King Ellen laundress Government House  
King George fisherman bds 134 Dreelan's Well rd
King James seaman h 19 South
King James laborer h s s Waterford Bridge rd, 19 w Water
King James laborer h 31 Covil lane
King James grocer 29 King's rd h same
King Jane domestic 65 Le Marchant rd
King Jeremiah fisherman h 43 Nunnery Hill
King John fisherman res 43 Nunnery Hill
King John planter h Cahill's Point, South Side e
King John laborer res 26 Forest rd
King Julia A (wid James)   bds 32 Boggan's lane
King Michael fisherman res Cahill's Point, South Side e
King Patrick laborer res 26 Forest rd
King Philip carpenter h 37 Alexander
King Richard watchman h r 3 New Gower
King Solomon rigger h r 115 Lazy Bank rd
King Solomon fisherman h 4 Dreelan's Well rd
King Theophilus fireman h 228 Water w
King Thomas storeman h 16 Catherine
King Thomas fisherman res 22 Thomas
King Wm fisherman res Cahill's Point, South Side e
King Wm fisherman h 26 Forest rd
King Wm butcher T Summers bds 120 Water
King Wm fireman Electric Light Co h 24 North
Kinsella Miss Catherine   res 13 Garrison Hill
Kinsella Daniel miner h 54 King's rd
Kinsella Esther domestic 4 Park pl, Rennie's Mill rd
Kinsella John laborer h 58 King's rd
Kinsella John W coastal mail clerk P O h s s King's Bridge rd nr Bridge
Kinsella Wm seaman h 24 Wickford
Kinsella Wm fisherman h 13 Garrison Hill
Kinsmen C H bookkeeper Kennedy & Co h 3 British sq
Kirby Elizabeth domestic Jesse Whiteway  
Kirby Isaac fisherman h 53 Gower
Kirby James fisherman h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Kirby Stephen laborer res 53 Gower
Kirby Susannah domestic 50 James
Kirkland Ann (wid George)   res 26 New Gower
Kirkland George grocer and brass finisher 26 New Gower h same
Kirkwood John G clerk Ayre & Sons bds 290 Duckworth
Kitchen Mary J (wid Thomas)   h 262 Duckworth
Knee George carpenter Thorburn & Tessier h 2 West
Knee Martin W clerk Wm Campbell h 2 West
Knee Miss Theresa milliner S O Steele res 2 West
Knee Wm carpenter h r 31 James
Knight Allen carpenter and builder 2 Brazel's sq h same
Knight Amos outer doorkeeper H A h 13 Knight
Knight Ann (wid James)   h 35 Queen's rd
Knight Arthur W official reporter H A h Leslie
Knight Charles carpenter h 27 William
Knight Charles clerk Ayre & Sons res 2 Brazel's sq
Knight Ebenezer carpenter h Quidi Vidi rd
Knight Edward shipwright h 94 George
Knight Edwin J storekeeper Baine, Johnston & Co h 339 Duckworth
Knight Miss Emma D clerk Brown & Milley res Waterford Bridge rd
Knight Frederick W clerk J & W Stewart res 238 Gower
Knight George carpenter h 27 William
Knight Herbert E Barrister 251 Duckworth h Barnes rd
Knight James fireman Victoria Tobacco Works h 84 Duckworth
Knight James R Commission Agent 121 Water e h 12 Queen's rd
Knight Johanna domestic 5 Cookstown rd
Knight John laborer h 10 Convent sq
Knight Michael T accountant h 2 Bannerman House, Circular rd
Knight Silas G storekeeper h 238 Gower
Knight Stephen engineer h 80 Patrick
Knight Stephen H acct Nfld Savings Bank h w s Barnes rd 1 n Military rd
Knight Wm striker Victoria B & E Co h 18 Convent lane
Knight Capt Wm   h Spring Cottage, Leslie
Knowling Miss Elizabeth asst teacher C E Girls' School res 223 Water e
Knowling George clerk G Knowling res 331 Duckworth
Knowling G Importer of British Manufactured Goods, 223-225 Water e h same
Knowling John fireman h 23 Patrick
Knowling John carman h 345 Water w
Knowling John fireman Dry Dock h 22 Patrick
Knowling Michael moulder h 68 Patrick
Knowling Wm clerk Shirran & Pippey h 331 Duckworth
Knowling's Wharf     229 Water e
Knox Bartholomew fisherman h 65 Carter's Hill
Knox Miss Hannah saleslady Thomas Mitchell bds 1 Queen's rd
Knox James cooper res 79 Carter's Hill
Knox Mrs Johanna (wid Thomas)   res 79 Carter's Hill
Knox Patrick laborer h 16 Cookstown rd
Knox Wm cook res 79 Carter's Hill
Kough see Kehoe and Keough    

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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