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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F G H I "J" K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Jack Alexander clerk h 65 Military rd
Jackman Miss Anna   res 53 Long's Hill
Jackman Annie school mistress res 41 Wickford
Jackman Arthur master mariner h 2 Gower
Jackman Bridget (wid Wm)   h 28 Brine
Jackman Catherine (wid Thomas)   h 41 Wickford
Jackman David tinsmith res 17 Holdsworth
Jackman Edward M Merchant Tailor 380 Water res 17 Holdsworth
Jackman Francis seaman h 33 Alexander
Jackman George messenger H A h 53 Long's Hill
Jackman James grocer 30 North h same
Jackman James clerk Bowring Bros res 28 Brine
Jackman John blacksmith S G Collier res 6 Lazy Bank rd
Jackman John mate h 154 New Gower
Jackman Mrs John grocer 154 New Gower h same
Jackman John J inspector of roads, western division h 2 Gower
Jackman Julia domestic 13 Williams lane
Jackman Miss Margaret dressmaker Miss Julia Ennis res 6 Lazy Bank rd
Jackman Miss Mary tailoress res 17 Holdsworth
Jackman Michael fisherman h 17 Holdsworth
Jackman Miss Minnie machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 6 Lazy Bank rd
Jackman Philip watchman John Steer h 105 New Gower
Jackman Philip sub-inspector Sanitary Dept Municipal Council h 6 Lazy Bank rd
Jackman Thomas master mariner res 2 Gower
Jackman Thomas P clerk res 28 Brine
Jackman Tobias laborer h 72 Patrick
Jackman Tobias laborer Bowring Bros h 35 Alexander
Jackman Wm laborer h 102 George
Jackson John clerk Thorburn & Tessier bds Gordon House
Jackson John seaman h 11 lane e from 52 King's rd
Jackwell Wm laborer Victoria B & E Co h George
Jacobs Annie domestic 107 Hamilton
Jacobs James shoemaker h 9 College sq
Jacobs Moses laborer Victoria B & E Co h r 34 Buchanan
James James fisherman res 26 Livingstone
James Jane (wid Thomas)   h 12 Gower
James John master mariner h 16 British sq
James John carpenter h 26 Livingstone
James Patrick F manager James Phelan h 145 Water e
James Thomas fisherman res 26 Livingstone
James Wm crockery 298 Water h 170 Lazy Bank rd
Janes Alexander tinsmith res 14 Goodview
Janes Charles laborer h 43 James
Janes George P clerk Blackwood & Blair h 145 Lazy Bank rd
Janes Henry laborer h 14 Wickford
Janes James clock repairer h 75 New Gower
Janes John storekeeper Job Bros & Co h 68 Cochrane
Janes John fisherman h 38 Dreelan's Well rd
Janes John blacksmith W S Pope res 75 New Gower
Janes John laborer h 73 King's rd
Janes John P tidewaiter H M C h 48 King's rd
Janes Jonathan fisherman h 18 Wickford
Janes Leonard porter J H Martin bds same
Janes Miss Lucy cadet No 2 S A Barracks bds 18 Pennywell rd
Janes Mary (wid John)   h 8 lane w from Courting land
Janes Miss Minnie machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 75 New Gower
Janes Moses watchman Job Bros & Co h 25 Plymouth rd
Janes Moses laborer h 14 Goodview
Janes Peter fisherman res 38 Dreelan's Well rd
Janes Wm fireman Nfld Ry Co res 14 Goodview
Jardine James examiner H M C h 20 Catherine row, Beck's Cove
Jardine John B clerk Ayre & Sons res 20 Catherine row, Beck's Cove
Jardine Wm engineer h 48 Brine
Jaynes Frederick cooper h 11 Hutchings
Jaynes Henry wks G Browning & Son h 190 Water w
Jaynes John fisherman h 23 Alexander
Jeffreys Jessie (wid Thomas)   h 93 King's rd
Jenkins Wm laborer h r 190 Duckworth
Jennings George carpenter H J Stabb h 17 William
Jerrett Wm H (Jerrett & Searle) h 5 Henry
Jerrett & Searle (Wm H Jerrett, Wm Searle)   builders 88 Queen's rd
Jewer Annie domestic 31 John
Jewer Henry engineer h 4 Brine
Jewer James H master mariner h 37 John
Jewer Jane domestic 100 Water
Joachim Michael blacksmith bds 78 New Gower
Job Bros & Co (Thomas R, Robert A, Wm Job)   Vessel Owners, Steamship, Insurance and General Commission Agents 137-139 Water e
Job Robert A (Job Bros & Co) res Liverpool, Eng.
Job Thomas R (Job Bros & Co) res Liverpool, Eng.
Job Wm C (Job Bros & Co) h 44 Rennie's Mill rd
Job's Wharf     West Side, Hunter's Cove
Jocelyn Annie domestic 61 Flower Hill st
Jocelyn John farmer res 93 Quidi Vidi rd
Jocelyn Margaret (wid John J)   h 42 Hayward av
Jocelyn Maud domestic 33 Gower
Jocelyn Wm wheelwright J T Carnell res 24 Hayward av
Johensson Emil piano tuner and watchmaker bds Tremont Hotel
Johns August master mariner res 119 Gower
Johnson Andrew fisherman h r 45 Rogerson's lane
Johnson Miss Emma tailoress P Kelly res 14 Bulley's lane
Johnson George M (Whiteway & Johnson) h 4 Tasker terrace
Johnson Jacob laborer Victoria B & E Co res 66 Lazy Bank rd
Johnson John laborer h 66 Lazy Bank rd
Johnson Robert seaman h 10 lane w from Wickford
Johnson Robert fisherman h r 45 Rogerson's lane
Johnson Percie N R (Johnson & West) res Gordon House
Johnson Samuel shipwright h 14 Bulley's lane
Johnson Wm fisherman h 55 Williams
Johnson Wm fireman h 12 lane w from Wickford
Johnson & West (Percie N, R Johnson, Walter B. West)   Wholesale Provisions and Coal 9 Water w
Johnston Bridget (wid Henry) dressmaker 9 Hayward av h same
Johnston Charles seaman h 48 George
Johnston Charles fisherman h Circular rd
Johnston Charles carman Riverhead Brewery bds Circular rd
Johnston Christopher shipwright h 6 Hamilton
Johnston David accountant Tel Co res "Fernlea Cottage" Long's Pond rd
Johnston Edward blacksmith h 14 Hunt's lane
Johnston Eliza (wid James)   h Circular rd
Johnston Henry peddler h 142 George
Johnston Jacob carpenter James Johnston h Circular rd
Johnston James R Carpenter, Builder and Grocer 129 Gower h 28 Belvedere
Johnston John seaman h 8 Rossiter's lane
Johnston Joseph coachman Hon J McLaughlan  
Johnston Robert G cutter O'Flaherty and Macgregor h 78 Barnes rd
Johnston Thomas tanner Nfld Tannery h 22 Cochrane
Jolliffe Arthur civil engineer bds Tremont Hotel
Jolliffe Esther domestic 168 Lazy Bank rd
Jolliffe Capt James   h 427 Water e
Jolliffe James messenger Job Bros & Co res 96 Gower
Jolliffe James fisherman h 96 Gower
Jolliffe James jr porter res 98 Gower
Jolliffe Miss Jane tailoress John Maunder res 19 Gower
Jolliffe Thomas laborer Job Bros & Co h British sq
Joncas Archibald wines and liquors 116 Water h same
Jones Edwin clerk Marshall & Rodger bds 209 Gower
Jones Emily domestic 120 George  
Jones George clerk M Monroe res 209 Gower
Jones Johannah (wid James)   h 8 Signal Hill rd
Jones Right Rev Llewellyn, DD Lord Bishop of Newfoundland,
Rector of St John the Baptist Cathedral
h The Rectory, Cathedral Hill
Jones Margaret domestic 128 Duckworth
Jones Maria (wid Richard)   h 74 Gower
Jones Mary (wid Wm)   res 134 Water
Jones Michael clerk J J & L Furlong bds Albert Hotel
Jones Sarah domestic 107 Military rd
Jones Thomas buyer Bowring Bros h 209 Gower
Jones Wm E clerk Marshall & Rodger bds Globe House
Jordan Andrew   res 222 Water
Jordan Andrew P grocer 178 Water h same
Jordan James (P Jordan & Son) h 222 Water
Jordan Patrick clerk P Jordan & Son res 222 Water
Jordan P & Son Dry Goods, Clothing and Merchant Tailoring 222 Water
Jordan Wm J   res 178 Water
Joy Miss Bridget dressmaker h 38 Buchanan
Joy James G master mariner h 7 Victoria
Joy Jane (wid Thomas)   res 32 Princes
Joy John fisherman h 33 Long's Hill
Joy Joseph laborer h 16 Springdale
Joy Mrs Joseph grocer 16 Springdale h same
Joy Kate (wid John)   h 24 Princes
Joy Margaret domestic J Outerbridge  
Joy Miss Mary J   res 32 Princes
Joy Miss Nora   bds 24 Princes
Joy Richard master mariner h 100 Gower
Joy Mrs Richard grocer 108 Gower h same
Joy Samuel cooper h Cockpit rd
Joy Thomas clerk W W McNeil & Co res 33 Long's Hill
Joy Wm engineer h 32 Princes
Joy Wm clerk Kennedy & Co res 7 Victoria
Joyce Denis laborer h 3 Coady's lane
Joyce George clerk Ayre & Sons h 18 Beck's Cove
Joyce Mary A nurse St John's General Hospital  
Joyce Selby clerk Ayre & Sons res 18 Beck's Cove
Joyce Wm F clerk Railway Comr's office res 18 Catherine rd, Beck's Cove
Judge John laborer M Monroe h 62 James
Judge Peter ships carpenter h 130 Dreelan's Well rd

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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