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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D "E" F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Eagan Cornelius P clerk T J Edens res 26 Alexander
Eagan Elizabeth (wid Daniel)   res 14 Tank Hill
Eagan Miss Ellen grocer 15 Cookstown rd h same
Eagan James master mariner h 13 Waldegrave
Eagan John baker 197 New Gower h same
Eagan John baker 42 Water w h same
Eagan John pilot h 98 Duckworth
Eagan John laborer h 28 Alexander
Eagan Martin laborer h 7 Cuddihy's Lane
Eagan Patrick laborer h 26 Alexander
Eagan Sarah domestic 198 Water
Eagan Wm seaman h 5 Darling
Eales Miss Emma   h 429 Water
Eales Samuel farmer h s s Topsail rd 11 w Water
Eales Wm farmer res 429 Water e
Earle A Charles H accountant Nfld Coasting Co bds 45 Cochrane
Earle Benjamin carpenter h South Side e
Earle Edward laborer res 13 Dogstown
Earle Edward laborer res 8 Dogstown
Earle Eliza domestic 203 Gower
Earle Ellen (wid Richard)   h 99 Long's Hill
Earle George laborer h r 8 Plymouth rd
Earle George laborer h 3 Quidi Vidi rd
Earle George laborer h 43 Williams
Earle George stevedore h 40 Nunnery lane
Earle George tailor Mark Chaplain res 97 Dreelan's Well rd
Earle Henry Builder and Contractor corner Gower and Allen's sq h 24 British sq
Earle Jacob shipwright h n s Lazy Bank rd 4 w Le Marchant rd
Earle James laborer H J Stabb h 25 Victoria
Earle John fisherman h 37 Nunnery Hill
Earle John fisherman res 54 Williams
Earle Miss Julia teacher St John's Training School res 24 British sq
Earle Mary (wid Edward)   res 13 Dogstown
Earle Mary domestic 38 Freshwater rd
Earle Miss Mary Ann   h 40 Quidi Vidi rd
Earle Mrs Patience   h 4 Lion's sq
Earle Patrick laborer res 40 Nunnery lane
Earle Reginald H jeweller 216 Water h same
Earle Richard seaman h 31 Stephen w
Earle Robert porter F Parnell res 8 Limekiln Hill
Earle Samuel storekeeper P & L Tessier h 97 Dreelan's Well rd
Earle Solomon laborer h r 45 Harvey rd
Earle Thomas sailmaker J & G Dicks h 255 Gower
Earle Wm laborer Baine, Johnston & Co h 48 Limekiln Hill
Earle Wm laborer res 40 Nunnery lane
Earle Wm laborer h 8 Dogstown
Earle Wm laborer h 13 Dogstown
East End Church of England Schools   John B Wadland principal Kings Bridge rd opp Forest rd
East End Fire Station   James Wall captain King's cor Military rd
Ebbs Miss Kate tailoress Wm Foley res Georgetown
Ebbs John cabman h 10 Fleming
Ebbs Thomas laborer h 35 William
Ebbs Wm cabman h 79 King's Bridge rd
Ebsary Alan wharf master W Stephens & Co h Wharf Premises, South Side e
Ebsary Arthur clerk M Monroe res South Side
Ebsary Edwin cooper Upper Dundee h South Side e
Ebsary Elizabeth (wid Samuel)   res 24 Buchanan
Ebsary Henry miner h South Side e
Ebsary James laborer W Stephens & Co h South Side e
Ebsary Jessie (wid Mark)   h 105 Gower
Ebsary John grocer South Side e h same
Ebsary Mary (wid Thomas)   h South Side
Ebsary Newman engineer h South Side e
Ebsary Richard laborer Job Brothers & Co h 174 Gower
Ebsary Stephen E wharf master Goodfellow & Co h Wharf Premises, South Side e
Eddicott Thomas carman h 33 Cookstown rd
Eddy Bella domestic 271 Gower
Eddy Wm carpenter E H & G Davey h Gower
Edens George W accountant T J Edens bds 187 Duckworth
Edens Mrs Selena domestic 44 Le Marchant rd
Edens Thomas J Groceries and Provisions 153 Water e h 45 Water e
Edens Wharf     157 Water e
Edey Reuben gardener Hopdale Cottage Circular rd
Edgar John tugboat master h 19 Young
Edgecombe Albert cooper W R Withycombe h 35 Job's lane
Edmond Louisa domestic Hon A J Harvey  
Edmunds Mary A domestic 10 John
Edney Samuel mason 18 William
Edstrom Elizabeth (wid James)   h 122 Dreelan's Well rd
Edstrom James telegraph operator bds Michael Cantwell
Edstrom Mary (wid Wm)   h 232 Water w
Edwards Andrew carpenter h r 36 Buchanan
Edwards James blacksmith Lawrence Bros h 49 James, Georgetown
Edwards Wm wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 120 Water w
Efford George carpenter Josiah Laird h 11 Barter's Hill
Efford John W carpenter h South Side e
Egan see Eagan    
Egers Mary waitress Atlantic Hotel
Eldon Charles candymaker bds 165 New Gower
Elgar Annie domestic 202 Gower
Elgar John laborer h 36 Wickford
Ellard Augustine J cooper Michael F Ellard res 231 Gower
Ellard Kate domestic 12 Queen's rd
Ellard Michael F cooper 231 Gower h same
Ellard Patrick printer The Colonist res 232 Gower
Elliott John carter h Railway Wharf foot Water e
Elliott John fisherman h 20 Goodview
Elliott Mary (wid James)   h 31 Queen's rd
Elliott Samuel mason Barnes & Burridge res Battery rd
Ellis Archer manager Floating Dock h 174 Le Marchant rd
Ellis Charles clerk S E Garland res 31 Gower
Ellis Charles Plumber, Steam and Gasfitter 292 Water h same
Ellis Cyphren A machinist Victoria B & E Co res 292 Water
Ellis Edwin A plumber Charles Ellis res 292 Water
Ellis George inspector meters Gas Co h 58 Flower Hill st
Ellis Henry Mnfrs' Agent 263 Water h 31 Gower
Ellis James engineer Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h Leslie
Ellis John contractor h 23 Lazy Bank rd
Ellis Lizzie domestic 7 Battery rd
Ellis Mary (wid David)   res 162 New Gower
Ellis Samuel gardener Government House res Government House Lodge
Ellis Wm shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res Riverhead
Ellis Wm A clerk James Stott bds 117 Water e
Ellis Wm builder 162 New Gower h same
Elms Miss Elfrida tailoress A W Martin res Mundy Pond rd
Elms John fisherman h n s Lazy Bank rd 2 w Le Marchant rd
Elms Wm coachman Lunatic Asylum
Elmsley George   h s s Topsail rd 12 w West
Elson Miss Bridget   h 30 Gower
Emberley James carpenter S March & Sons h 7 College sq
Emberley Margaret (wid Joseph) grocer 9 New Gower h same
Emberley Mary (wid James)   h 30 Dreelan's Well rd
Emberley Miss Mary wks Harvey & Co butterine factory h 62 Barnes rd
Emberley Mary (wid Patrick)   h 61 Barnes rd
Emberley Mary domestic 54 King's Bridge rd
Emberley Maurice shoemaker res 30 Dreelan's Well rd
Emerson Charles H Solicitor Old Home Industries Hall 226 Duckworth h "Quinnipiac" King's Bridge
Emerson George H QC Barrister and Speaker H A 3 Cathedral Hill h 33 Monkstown rd
Emerson Otto civil engineer res 33 Monkstown rd
Emerson Mrs P (wid Prescott)   h King's Bridge rd
England Charles stone cutter James McIntyre res 12 Cathedral
England Charles gardener h 60 James
England George laborer h 12 Cathedral
England George coachman res 23 Victoria
England John chimney sweep h 23 Victoria
England John blacksmith S Feaver res Parade
England John shoemaker 71 Long's Hill h same
England John jr blacksmith J J McGrath h 23 Victoria
England Miss Lizzie cadet No 1 S A barracks bds 18 Pennywell rd
England Wm shoemaker 36 Prescott h same
English Albert baker G Browning & Son h 124 Hamilton
English Allan boilermaker res 124 Hamilton
English Ann domestic 153 Duckworth
English Mrs Annie grocer 152 Gower res same
English Arthur finisher Callahan, Glass & Co res Freshwater rd
English Capt Edward asst examnr of master mates Queen's Wharf h 152 Gower
English Miss Elizabeth dressmaker res 3 Hayward av
English Elizabeth (wid James) grocer 330 Duckworth h same
English Elizabeth (wid John)   h 233 Water w
English Miss Ellen dressmaker Mrs M Sommerville res 103 King's rd
English James laborer res 103 King's rd
English James fisherman h 62 Lazy Bank rd
English Miss Jane   res 13 Delahunty's lane
English Joseph prop Terra Nova Advocate h 277 Duckworth
English Joseph clerk T J Edens res 277 Duckworth
English Joseph carman h s s Merry Meeting rd 2 w Parade
English Margaret (wid Edward)   res 20 Gower
English Margaret (wid James)   h 39 North
English Miss May tailoress J A Adrain res Newtown rd
English Michael shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 330 Duckworth
English Norah (wid Thomas)   h 124 Hamilton
English Patrick gardener h Merry Meeting rd opp Scott
English Richard laborer h 70 Barnes rd
English Richard fisherman h 103 King's rd
English Thomas fisherman h 3 Hayward av
English Wm watchmaker 284 Duckworth h Freshwater rd
English Wm printer The Colonist h Bulley's lane
English Wm baker 20 Gower h same
Ennis Miss Bridget tailoress P Jordan & Son res 16 Henry
Ennis James engineer h Warberry Cottage, Leslie
Ennis Miss Julia dressmaker 177 New Gower res same
Ennis Martha (wid John)   h 177 New Gower
Ennis Miss Martha   res 177 New Gower
Ennis Mary (wid John)   h 16 Henry
Ennis Patrick trader h 13 Knight
Ennis Walter clerk John O'Reilly res 13 Knight
Ensley Morris wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 30 Flower Hill
Episcopal Residence   Right Rev Dr Thomas J Power, Bishop of St John's cor Allendale and Military rd
Epworth Wm porter McDougall & Templeton h 52 Limekiln Hill
Epworth Wm carpenter McDougall & Templeton h 52 Gower
Equitable Life Assurance Society of US   J A Clift Agent 5 Cathedral Hill
Erles Wm laborer James Murray h Hunt's lane
Escott Albert shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 29 Flower Hill
Escott George laborer h 6 Young
Escott John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 29 Flower Hill
Escott Mary Ann (wid James)   h 29 Flower Hill
Escott Richard laborer h 31 Cuddihy's lane
Escott Thomas asst storekeeper Edwin Duder h 29 Flower Hill
Escott Wm laborer h lane off Rogerson's lane
Etchingham Miss Jose clerk Mrs J McKay res same
Evans Mrs Agnes groceries 24 Hayward av h same
Evans Bridget waitress Atlantic Hotel  
Evans Elizabeth domestic 39 Prescott
Evans Frank president and receiver Nfld Ry Co res London, Eng
Evans George sailmaker Charles Hutchings h 25 Prescott
Evans Henry seaman h 214 Water w
Evans Henry sailmaker J & G Dicks h 118 Water w
Evans James watchman h 6 Signal Hill rd
Evans James H cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 99 Hamilton
Evans John printer The Herald h 4 Hayward av
Evans John wks Riverhead Brewery h 1 Alexander
Evans John laborer h 69 King's rd
Evans John laborer h 20 Tank Hill
Evans John fisherman h 40 Dreelan's Well rd
Evans Joseph messenger h 64 George
Evans Joseph jr steward res 64 George
Evans Miss Maggie tailoress D Galway res George w
Evans Michael laborer res 214 Water w
Evans Philip shoemaker bds James Evans
Evans Robert laborer h 20 Hunt's lane
Evans Sarah domestic 23 Gower
Evans Theophilus fisherman h 21 Barter's Hill
Evans Thomas carpenter James Murray h 14 Fleming
Evans Thomas laborer bds James Evans
Evans Wm fisherman h 24 Hayward av
Evans Wm   res 20 Hunt's lane
Evans Wm seaman 11 King's rd
Evans Mrs Wm confectioner 11 King's rd h same
Evans Wm A laborer h Gambier
Evening Daily Colonist   The Colonist Printing & Publishing Co, Publishers and Props Duckworth cor King's Beech
Evening Herald The J E A Furneaux Proprietor and Publisher 14 Prescott
Evening Telegram The W J Herder Publisher and Proprietor Gregory's lane
Everatt Miss E clerk J T Horwood res 3 Carew
Everatt Mary domestic 71 Rennie's Mill rd
Everatt Peter painter h 3 Carew
Eville Ann E (wid Charles)   res 73 Flower Hill st
Ewing Alexander coastal mail clerk PO h 15 British sq
Ewing John clerk h 15 British sq
Ewing Miss Ruth clerk T & D Lane h 15 British sq
Ewing Thomas sub-insp sanitary dept municipal council h 10 Flavin's lane
Ewing Wm H shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 18 John 's
Exchange Buildings     235 Duckworth
Ezekiel Annie clerk C R Pool bds same
Ezekiel Elizabeth clerk C R Pool bds same
Ezekiel Martha domestic 320 Water

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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