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A "B" C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Babstock Joseph fisherman h 20 Wickford
Babstock Louisa domestic 35 Duckworth
Badcock Charlotte domestic 213 Gower
Badcock James seaman h 6 Walsh's sq
Badcock Miss Jane tailoress A W Martin bds 93 Lazy Bank rd
Badcock John   bds 2 Livingstone
Baggs Cecilea Ann domestic 29 King's Bridge rd
Bailey see also Bayly    
Bailey Adam coachman Circular rd
Bailey Andrew shoemaker 29 Cochrane h same
Bailey James fireman h 126 Lazy Bank rd
Bailey John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 29 Cochrane
Bailey Richard fisherman h 14 James
Bailey Susannah domestic 17 Hutchings
Bailey Thomas shoemaker 238 New Gower h same
Bailey Zebedee trader h 4 North
Bailham John seaman res 176 Gower
Baine Johnston & Co Importers and Exporters of General Merchandise 205 Water e
Baine-Johnston's Wharf     209 Water e
Baird Miss Betay dressmaker 111 New Gower h same
Baird Daniel laborer res 4 Williams lane
Baird David bookkeeper James Baird res 7 Cathedral Hill
Baird Edward blockmaker Myler Bros res 16 Brennan's lane
Baird George fisherman h St Mary's lane s s
Baird Henry laborer Nfld Fish Drying Co h 56 Larkin's lane
Baird Hugh manager James Baird res 7 Cathedral Hill
Baird Miss Isabella   res 9 Cathedral Hill
Baird James General Merchant Pres Nfld B &am; S Mnfg Co h 7 Cathedral Hill
  St John's Gas Light Co and Terra Nova Country Residence  
  Bakery Vice-Pres Nfld Con Foundry Co "Hawthorndell"" 195 197 and 217 Water e Freshwater rd
Baird James hostler Riverhead Brewery res ft Water w
Baird James C mngr grocery department Jas Baird h 22 Queen's rd
Baird John laborer h 4 William's lane
Baird John fisherman h 14 Brennan's lane
Baird John Dry Goods Clothing etc 187 Water e h same
Baird Miss Lizzie tailoress D Galway res South Side
Baird Miss Mary   h 9 Cathedral
Baird Miss Mary A dressmaker res 111 New Gower
Baird Michael cooper South Side rd res r 5 W Longbridge
Baird Patrick cooper Robert Moore res 111 New Gower
Baird Thomas cooper N Cousens South Side rd res r 5 W Longbridge
Baird Wm fisherman h 16 Brennan's lane
Baird Wm fisherman bds South Side rd r 2 - W Longbridge
Baird Wm fireman res St Mary's lane s s
Baird Wm wks floating dock h South Side w
Baker Miss Bella factory worker bds r 5 Tank Hill
Baker Bridget (wid John)   h 7 George
Baker George laborer bds 34 Wickford
Baker Miss Hanna   h r 5 Tank Hill
Baker Henry fisherman h Battery rd
Baker Miss Isibell[sic] mach operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 5 Lion's sq
Baker John seaman res 7 George
Baker Mary J domestic 292 Water
Baker Minnie domestic 56 New Gower
Baker Thomas storekeeper P & L Tessier h 150 New Gower
Baker Mrs Thomas grocer 150 New Gower res same
Baldwin John cooper h 41 Duckworth
Baldwin John shoemaker 45 Lazy Bank rd h same
Baldwin Joseph grocer 42 King's rd h same
Baldwin Lizzie domestic 146 Water
Baldwin Michael laborer res 41 Duckworth
Baldwin Rebecca domestic 146 Water
Balfour Francis H surveyor city engineer's office res Virginia Water
Ballem John C laborer M Morey h r 2 Brine
Ballot Livenia domestic 147 Lazy Bank rd
Balsom John painter h 143 Gower
Bambrick David shoemaker T Whitten res 230 Water w
Bambrick Francis shoemaker T Grant res 30 Water w
Bambrick Miss Margaret tailoress J Dunsterville res 230 Water w
Bambrick Martin cooper res 230 Water w
Bambrick Mary (wid James)   h 230 Water w
Bambrick Michael road inspector h 30 Water w
Bambrick Samuel fisherman h 85 Dreelan's Well rd
Banking Mutual Marine Insurance Club Hon M Monroe ppres James R Moss sec-treas 342 Water  
Banville Annie domestic 163 Duckworth
Barnes Alexander (Mann & Barnes) res 16 Balsam
Barnes Andrew carpenter and builder 16 Balsam h same
Barnes Miss Annie tailoress M Chaplin res 33 Young
Barnes Arthur teacher Church of England Academy res same
Barnes Charles librarian Athenaeum Library h "Sudbury" Water w
Barnes Charles carpenter Andrew Barnes res 16 Balsam
Barnes Charles J (Barnes & Burridge) h 55 Duckworth
Barnes Francis J clk M Monroe bds 20 Queen's rd
Barnes George grocer 68 Carter's Hill h same
Barnes Jemima (wid Arthur)   h 79 Long's Hill
Barnes John gardener Lunatic Asylum  
Barnes Joseph boilermaker Victoria B & E Co res 68 Carter's Hill
Barnes Joseph carpenter h 14 Balsam
Barnes Levi carpenter h 83 1/2 Gower
Barnes Miss Louisa private school 217 Gower res 3 Queen's rd
Barnes Maggie wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 14 Signal Hill rd
Barnes Mary Ann domestic 230 Domestic
Barnes Miss Rachel   res Young
Barnes Richard laborer h 33 Young
Barnes Richard A accountant Edwin Duder h "Jetson Cottage" Torbay rd
Barnes Robert merchant h 3 Queen's rd
Barnes Silas shoemaker P Wadden h Springdale
Barnes Miss Sophia teacher Miss Louisa Barnes res 3 Queen's rd
Barnes Susan domestic 155 Water e
Barnes Thomas carpenter Andrew Barnes res 16 Balsam
Barnes Wharf     111 Water e
Barnes Wm laborer South Side e
Barnes Wm fisherman h 32 Fleming
Barnes Wm seaman h 40 Duckworth
Barnes Wm fisherman h 235 New Gower
Barnes Wm cooper r 115 Lazy Bank rd
Barnes Wm jr carpenter h 172 Gower
Barnes Wm J (Gear & Co) h "Sudbury" Water w
Barnes & Burridge (Charles J Barnes Charles T Burridge) Contractors Builders & Lime Burners Battery rd, Hoylestown
Barr Sophia nurse St John's General Hospital  
Barrett Arthur teacher General Protestant Academy h r 70 Queen's rd
Barrett Eleazer baker res 73 Long's Hill
Barrett Eleazer seaman res 114 Gower
Barrett Elizabeth C domestic 59 Lazy Bank rd
Barrett George seaman h 13 Young
Barrett James seaman res 114 Gower
Barrett James laborer h 6 Lazy Bank rd
Barrett John laborer h 73 Long's Hill
Barrett John carpenter h n s Lazy Bank rd 1 w Le Marchant
Barrett Joseph laborer h 114 Gower
Barrett Miss Mary tailoress John Maunder res 73 Long's Hill
Barrett Simeon laborer 35 Fleming
Barrett Thomas shoemaker J & T Martin res 73 Long's Hill
Barrett Thomas tailor J Curran bds 44 King's rd
Barrington John fisherman h 11 Dogstown
Barron Denis baker Alex Harvey & Co res 14 Signal Hill rd
Barron Denis J telegraph operator res 114 New Gower
Barron Edward tallyman P & L Tessier h 113 New Gower
Barron Johanna (wid Pierce)   h 114 New Gower
Barron James fisherman res 99 Carter's Hill
Barron John clk J J & L Furlong h South Side rd 5 w Longbridge
Barron John laborer bds 229 1/2 New Gower
Barron Matthew clk Edward Sinnott bds 27 Parade
Barron Martin laborer h 130 Dreelan's Well rd
Barron Martin mate h 37 Bulley's lane
Barron Miss Mary boarding house h 45 New Gower
Barron Michael laborer res 56 King's rd
Barron Peter seaman h 99 Carter's Hill
Barron Peter laborer h 56 King's rd
Barron Patrick fisherman h 14 Signal Hill rd
Barron Patrick seaman res 37 Bulley's lane
Barron Richard fisherman res 99 Carter's Hill
Barron Richard laborer h 18 Belvidere
Barry David engineer Nfld Tannery h 46 South w
Barry Ellen domestic 88 Queen's rd
Barry Johanna (wid John)   h 1 1/2 Dreelan's Well rd
Barry Martin fisherman r 3 Delahunty's lane
Barry Mary (wid John)   h 52 Barnes rd
Barry Patrick laborer res 52 Barnes rd
Barsford Miss Minnie dressmaker Mrs J J Norris res 115 Lazy Bank rd
Barter Miss Ann   h 17 Garrison Hill
Barter George baker John B & G Ayre h 15 Barter's Hill
Barter George farmer h n s Mundy Pond rd 5 w Longbridge
Barter James boilermaker Victoria B & E Co bds St Mary's lane s
Barter Jonas moulder res George Barter
Barter Jonas clerk Sidney Woods bds 61 Prescott
Barter Louisa (wid Samuel)   h 11 Darling
Barter Mary (wid Edward)   h Moreton's lane
Barter Richard carpenter h 10 Cathedral lane
Barter Thomas boilermaker Victoria B & E Co res South Side
Bartlett Abram laborer P & L Tessier h 4 Convent sq
Bartlett Denis cooper P & L Tessier h 222 New Gower
Bartlett Eliza (wid James)   h 23 Princes
Bartlett Elizabeth domestic 55 Military rd
Bartlett Elizabeth domestic 75 Rennie's Mill rd
Bartlett George laborer h 222 New Gower
Bartlett George seaman h 30 Barnes rd
Bartlett Henry laborer h 348 Duckworth
Bartlett Henry cooper h 22 Buchanan
Bartlett Henry sailmaker Charles Hutchings h 50 Williams
Bartlett James carpenter Josiah Laird res 222 New Gower
Bartlett John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 12 Brine
Bartlett John W laborer Goodfellow & Co h 27 Henry
Bartlett Louisa (wid John)   h 33 Adelaide
Bartlett Mary domestic 2 Bannerman House Circular rd
Bartlett Miss Mary A   bds 34 Flavin's lane
Bartlett Minnie domestic 136 Water
Bartlett Robert messenger Goodfellow & Co res 6 Brine
Bartlett Selina domestic 80 Gower
Bartlett Susanna domestic 4 Darling
Bartlett Miss Susanna forelady Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 12 Brine
Bartlett Thomas constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Bartlett William pipe layer Gas Co h 8 Rocky lane
Bartlett William messenger James Murray res 12 Brine
Bartlett William H hairdresser 200 Water h 8 Rocky lane
Barton Miss Eliza matron Methodist Girls' Orphanage res same
Bascombe Bridget (wid Foster)   res 10 East
Bassett Christopher blacksmith Richard Carroll bds 30 Prescott
Bassett Lewis tinsmith R & C Callahan res 8 Carter's Hill
Bassett Robert carpenter h 44 James
Bassett Robert carpenter h 8 Young
Bassett Thomas mason res 8 Young
Bastow Frederick clerk M A Bastow res Pennywell rd
Bastow Marldon A Auctioneer Beck's Cove h same
Bates Bridget (wid John) grocer 165 Gower h same
Bates James J clerk James Baird h 165 Gower
Bates Thomas tinsmith Gear & Co bds 49 Military rd
Bates Thomas bookkeeper Michael Thorburn h 165 Gower
Bates Thomas shipwright h 49 Military rd
Batherton James mate h 24 Brazel's sq
Batherton Thomas cooper N Cousens res 24 Brazel's sq
Bathgate Sarah M (wid Andrew)   h 20 Queen's rd
Batson Jane domestic 136 Water
Batson John tide waiter H M C h 24 King's rd
Batten Emma domestic 69 Freshwater rd
Batton Ann domestic h 17 Queen's rd
Batton Isaac blacksmith Miller & Peet res 11 Allan's sq
Bavarian Beer Depot J L Lindberg Prop Duckworth  
Bavarian Brewery John Lindberg Prop n s Signal Hill rd
Baxter Duncan wharfinger Shea & Co h 18 Cochrane
Baxter Francis carpenter dry dock h 140 Water w
Bay Bulls Bank Fishing Concern Job Bros & Co Props 137-139 Water e  
Bayly see also Bailey    
Bayly Albert J clerk The Museum bds 20 Queen's rd
Bayly Elizabeth domestic 5 Tasker ter
Bayly Hubert J clerk Harvey & Co bds 20 Queen's rd
Bazan Wm watchman West End fire hall h 240 New Gower
Beach Wm tinsmith h 59 Prescott
Bearnes George E Groceries and Provisions Wholesale and Retail 139 Water e, h Rennie's Mill rd
Bearns Mrs Alice groceries and furniture 361 Water h same
Bearns Ann (wid Thomas)   h 132 Military rd
Bearns Miss Catherine dressmaker h 24 lane w from Courting lane
Bearns Miss Maggie   res 24 lane w from Courting lane
Bearns Thomas   24 lane w from Courting lane
Bearns Wm clerk G E Bearnes h 361 Water
Bearns Wm M accountant h 128 Military rd
Beavis Catherine (wid James)   h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Beavis James seaman h 22 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Beavis Joshua fisherman h 30 Dreelan's Well rd
Beck James J (Beck & Graham) h 240 Gower
Beck Wm H mngr dry goods dept Job Bros & Co h 7 West
Beck & Graham (James J Beck Thomas Graham) Painters, Paperhangers, etc 9 Barter's Hill
Beckett Caroline domestic 172 Gower
Beckford Miss Mary   h 3 West
Beckford Susannah (wid James)   h r Mrs Elizabeth Costello
Beenlen Miss Maria   h 126 Military rd
Beer James fisherman h 33 George
Beer John cabman h 107 Long's Hill
Beer Kate (wid Samuel)   res 7 George
Beer Wm cabdriver h 1 Williams
Bell Miss Ellen   res 15 Cathedral Hill
Bell George carter T J Edens h 28 South West
Bell Mary (wid Wm)   h 8 Le Marchant rd
Bell Mary domestic 75 Le Marchant rd
Bell Mary (wid Walter)   h 11 Hayward av
Bell Samuel ship carpenter h 39 John
Bellam Henry wks G Browning & Son h 267 Water w
Belvedere Cemetery James Cahill caretaker Newtown rd
Bemister Susan (wid Wm)   h 5 Dick's sq
Bemister Wm gardener h 4 Plymouth rd
Bendell Frank messenger Atlantic Hotel  
Bendell Miss Lilla M   res 90 George
Bendell Wm carpenter h 90 George
Bendell Wm N engineer h 95 Hamilton
Bending John custom house boatman h Quidi Vidi Pond rd
Benmore Sarah domestic 2 Queen's rd
Bennett Miss Amelia grocer 136 New Gower h same
Bennett C F & Co General Merchants 385 Water
Bennett David music teacher 7 Garrison Hill h same
Bennett Edward laborer h r 329 Water w
Bennett Edward W storekeeper C F Bennett & Co h 40 George
Bennett E W jr (E W Bennett & Co) h 260 Water w
Bennett E W & Co Props Riverhead Brewery Riverhead, Water w
Bennett Francis blacksmith Hamlyn & Brooking h Water w
Bennett George Constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Bennett James cooper res Floating Dock Premises, South Side e
Bennett John musician h 50 Monkstown rd
Bennett John laborer h 61 1/2 Limekiln Hill
Bennett John R accountant Riverhead Brewery res 260 Water w
Bennett Kate domestic 20 British sq
Bennett Michael cooper res Floating Dock Premises, South Side e
Bennett Peter fisherman h 33 Le Marchant rd
Bennett Philip culler James Murray h 4 Haywoods av
Bennett Thomas fisherman h 13 Rosetter's lane
Bennett Walter letter carrier P O res James Georgetown
Bennett Wm shipwright h 4 Brine
Bennett Wm fisherman h Floating Dock Premises South Side e
Bennett's Wharf     East Side Bennett's Cove
Benson Alexander mate h 9 Victoria
Benson Edmund fisherman h 31 Goodview
Benson Eli carpenter Josiah Laird h 67 Limekiln Hill
Benson Joseph seaman h r 36 Buchanan
Benson Rachel (wid Joseph)   h 30 Boggan's lane
Benson Thomas storekeeper h 20 Stephen w
Benson Thomas wharfinger John Steer h 20 Stephen
Bentley Wm lineman Telephone Co h 75 Plymouth
Bernie Michael   h 4 Queen's rd
Berrigan Edward J clerk James Baird h 221 New Gower
Berrigan John clerk Victoria Tobacco Works res 268 Water
Berrigan Patrick tailor M Gladney 268 Water h same
Berrigan Patrick J bookkeeper James Baird res 221 Gower
Berrigan Wm grocer 221 Gower h same
Berry Denis seaman h 125 New Gower
Berry Mrs Denis grocer 125 New Gower res same
Berry George cooper Job Bros & Co h 26 Victoria
Berry James bricklayer h 20 Victoria
Berry Mary A (wid John)   h 20 Victoria
Bert John laborer h 37 Yonge
Bertheau A Le C solicitor 152 Water h 2 Military
Bertheau Francis C clerk Colonial Secretary's Dept h 9 Maxse
Bess Lucy waitress Fishermen's and Sailors' Home  
Best Johanna domestic 115 Duckworth
Bethune Malcolm cabinetmaker h 21 Hayward av
Bibbings Henry hairdresser F Hamlin res South Side 3 w Long Bridge
Bibbings John cooper h South Side rd e 2 Long Bridge
Bibby Margaret (wid Edward)   res 101 King's rd
Bibby Patrick wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 3 Chapel lane
Biggs Miss Bella bobbin-winder Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 79 New Gower
Biggs Edmund clerk bds 79 New Gower
Biggs Josiah cooper Charles Cook h 31 Alexander
Biggs Mary J (wid John)   h 79 New Gower
Billingsley Wm burnisher shoe factory h 21 Patrick
Binden John boatman res Ft Townsend
Bird James fisherman h 20 Coady's lane
Bird Thomas laborer h 28 Livingstone
Bishop Ann (wid Emanuel)   h 47 James
Bishop George laborer h 19 Boncloddy
Bishop Joseph laborer Victoria B & E Co h 17 Boncloddy
Bishop Mary waitress Central Hotel  
Bishop Robert K with Hon M Monroe h 65 Le Marchant rd
Bishop Sarah domestic W B Grieve  
Bishop Wm laborer h 21 Cuddihy's lane
Bishop Wm seaman h 29 Quidi Vidi rd
Bitt Wm baker John B & G Ayre bds 46 New Gower
Black Diamond Line Harvey & Co Agents 113 Water e
Black James Dry Goods and Millinery 68 Gower h 66 same
Black Wm clerk J J & L Furlong bds 56 New Gower
Blackem George confectionery 368 Water h same
Blacklaw Mary domestic John Baird  
Blackler Charles seaman res South Side rd 3 w Long Bridge
Blackler Edward cooper h 72 George
Blackler Fanny domestic Clergy House Gower
Blackler George cooper N Cousens h South Side 3 w Long Bridge
Blackler Miss Hannah house-keeper 1 Cathedral Hill
Blackler John laborer h 8 Brine
Blackler Miss Julia private school 72 George
Blackler Miss Leah   res 72 George
Blackler Mary domestic 187 Water e
Blackler Miss Sarah   h St Mary's lane s s
Blackler Wm cabinetmkr Callahan Glass & Co res South Side 3 w Long Bridge
Blackler Wm wheelwright h 8 Brine
Blackler Wm cooper h South Side rd 3 w Gas House
Blackler Wm captain h South Side rd 3 w Long Bridge
Blackwood Andrew (Blackwood & Blair) h 240 Water e
Blackwood James clerk res 240 Water e
Blackwood &am; Blair (Andrew Blackwood Henry Blair) General Importers 289 Water e
Blair Henry (Blackwood & Blair) h Cathedral Hill opposite The Rectory
Blair Wm   bds 132 Duckworth
Blanche Edward seaman h 31 Covil lane
Blanche Edward printer P J Brien res King's rd
Blanche John blacksmith Richard Carroll bds 30 Prescott
Blanford Archibald carpenter h 39 Monkstown rd
Blanford Samuel captain h "Hopedale Cottage" Circular rd
Blanford Sydney D student Whiteway & Johnson res "Hopedale" Circular rd
Blatch Henry Proprietor St John's Livery Stables 8 Carew h 2 Rennie's Mill rd
Block House Francis Scott keeper Michael Cantwell asst keeper n s The Narrows Signal Hill
Blundon James tailor 9 James h same
Blyde George laborer h 54 Monkstown rd
Blyde John carman h 35 Maxse
Board of Agriculture Office   Athenaeum Building Duckworth  
Board [of] Agriculture Stables   14 Hamilton  
Board of Works Department Capt James Day Chairman Colonia[sic] Building
Boden Miss Alice M   res 66 Cochrane
Boggan James cooper r 12 Boggan's lane h 251 Gower
Boggan John steamship superintendent Harvey & Co h 15 Cochrane
Boggan Kate domestic 272 Water
Boggan Richard cooper h 29 Long's lane
Boggan Thomas mason res 73 New Gower
Bolan Bridget domestic G W LeMessurier Carter's Hill
Bolan Elizabeth domestic 187 Duckworth
Bowden William pattern maker Con Foundry Co h 61 New Gower
Bowden William F moulder h 61 New Gower
Bowden William H (Bowden & Sons) h 12 Darling
Bowden & Sons (F W George F and Wm H) Printers and Stereotypers Custom House Hill
Bowdridge Martin laborer h 12 Catherine
Bowdridge Patrick laborer J & W Pitts h 260 Gower
Bowe Minnie domestic Cockpit rd
Bowell Francis watchmaker R L Sleater res Robert Bowell
Bowell Robert laborer h n s Lazy Bank rd 3 w Le Marchant rd
Bowers James seaman h 20 Signal Hill rd
Bowers P R Editor and General Manager the Evening Daily Colonist h 45 Military rd
Bowman Seymers Manager Wm Stephen & Co h 61 Military rd
Bown Leah domestic h 12 Flavin's lane
Bown Susannah (wid Edward)   res 4 Tasker ter
Bowring Brothers General Merchants Commission Insurance and Shipping Brokers 271, 273, 275, 277, Water e
Bowring Charles   res 1 Devon place Forest rd
Bowring Edgar R (Bowring Brothers) h 273 Water e
Bowring John (Rothwell & Bowring) h 273 Water e
Bowring Laura (wid Charles) h 1 Devon place Forest rd
Bowring's Wharf     275 Water e
Boyd John merchant bds 11 Cathedral Hill
Boyd Joseph sergeant-at-arms H A h 43 Military rd
Boyd's Wharf     323 Water e
Boyle Miss Annie saleslady Miss Bridget Tobin bds same
Boyles Henry laborer h 47 Fleming
Brace Alfred seaman h Leslie 3 n Water
Bradbrook Miss Annie laundress St John's steam laundrdy res 4 Dogstown
Bradbrook Wm laborer h 4 Dogstown
Bradbury Charles W cabinetmaker Nfld F &am; M Co res 18 Cathedral
Bradbury James engineer h 18 Cathedral
Bradbury Jane clerk W Bradley res Duckworth
Bradbury Jeremiah laborer h 23 South West
Bradbury John shoemaker 38 Cookstown rd h same
Bradbury Mary (wid Henry)   res 33 Bulley's lane
Bradbury Stephen clerk Hon J J Rogerson h 48 Carter's Hill
Bradbury Wm laborer h 24 Hutchings lane
Bradbury Wm cadet Salvation Army res 91 Hamilton
Bradford Miss Mary   res 54 Prescott
Bradley Charles bookkeeper Barnes & Burridge h 7 Queen
Bradley George (Wm & George Bradley) h 1 Duckworth
Bradley Noah N cabinetmaker Richard Goff h 81 1/2 Gower
Bradley Thomas boilermaker Victoria B & E Co bds 340 Duckworth
Bradley Thomas boilermaker bds 340 Duckworth
Bradley Wm (Wm & George Bradley) h 1 Duckworth
Bradley Wm & George (William and George) butchers and grocers 1 and 194 Duckworth
Bradshaw Francis clerk Government Engineer's Office h 39 Military rd
Bradshaw Henry F accountant Thorburn & Tessier h 39 Military rd
Brady John finisher Callahan, Glass & Co res 71 Dreelan's Well rd
Brady Margaret (wid Wm)   h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Brady Mary (wid Francis) grocer 71 Dreelan's Well rd h same
Bragg Agnes domestic Rev M Harvey  
Bragg James fisherman h Barnes lane
Bragg John fisherman h 7 Chapel lane
Bragg Lydia domestic 33 Monkstown rd
Branscombe James A cashier Harvey & Co res 37 Military rd
Branscombe Margaret (wid George)   h 251 Gower
Bransfield Miss Susan   h 10 Carey's lane
Bransfield Thomas fireman h 2 North
Brazel Richard clerk res 170 New Gower
Brazel Wm farmer h 170 New Gower
Breaker James sailmaker John Shamler res 101 New Gower
Breaker Rachel (wid Charles) confectioner 101 New Gower h same
Breaker Ronald blacksmith Miller & Pett res 101 New Gower
Breen Miss Anastasia   res 30 lane w from Courting lane
Breen Ann (wid John)   res 5 1/2 Dreelan's Well rd
Breen Edward seaman res 80 George
Breen Edward clerk J & R Anderson res Moreton's lane
Breen Ellen domestic Government House  
Breen James watchman h Moreton's lane
Breen James H painter Moses Wellman res Moreton's lane
Breen Jennie domestic 136 Water
Breen John cooper Nicholas Hayes h Logy Bay rd
Breen John printer The Herald h 38 King's rd
Breen John   h 12 Careys lane
Breen John laborer res 5 Delahunty's lane
Breen John fisherman h 28 Dreelan's Well rd
Breen Josephine milliner Mrs I Fennell res 38 King's rd
Breen Maria (wid John)   h 80 George
Breen Mary (wid James)   h 38 King's rd
Breen Mary domestic 132 Water
Breen Maurice seaman h 18 Rocky lane
Breen Patrick finisher Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 5 1/2 Dreelan's Well rd
Breen Patrick laborer h 5 Delahunty's lane
Brehm Almon assistant J T O'Mara res 53 Military rd
Brehm Balthazar C accountant John Steer res 53 Military rd
Brehm Frank T clerk Hearn & Co's butterine factory res 53 Military rd
Brehm Robert A manager Hearn & Co's butterine factory res 53 Military rd
Bremner Robert accountant h 70 Cochrane
Bremner Mrs Wm   h 21 Cathedral Hill
Bren Thomas fisherman h 16 Thomas
Brennan Annie domestic Lewis Miller  
Brennan Catherine (wid Matthew)   h 13 Flower Hill
Brennan Edward baker h 27 Le Marchant
Brennan James boarding house 14 George h same
Brennan James blacksmith T Curran h 112 New Gower
Brennan John wharfinger Baine, Johnston & Co h 40 Henry
Brennan Miss Kate   res 40 Henry
Brennan Margaret domestic 126 Military rd
Brennan Miss Mary   res 21 Lazy Bank rd
Brennan Michael blacksmith Patrick Murray bds 6 Stephen w
Brennan Michael cooper h 26 Stephen
Brennan Patrick baker John O'Deady h 43 Flower Hill
Brennan Patrick watchman P & L Tessier h 14 George
Brennan Sarah (wid Matthew)   h 1 Dreelan's Well rd
Brennan Mrs Thomas domestic 18 Queen's rd
Brennan Walter fisherman h 21 Lazy Bank rd
Bulger Nicholas moulder Con Foundry Co h 115 Lazy Bank rd
Bulger Patrick shoemaker 115 New Gower
Bulger Patrick cooper res 27 Long's lane
Bulger Wm laborer James Murray h 3 Hunt's lane
Bulger Wm cooper res 27 Long's lane
Bulger Wm clerk Marshall & Rodger bds British sq
Bulley Charles clerk Goodfellow & Co h 218 Gower
Bulley George laborer res 47 Williams
Bulley George bookkeeper John Woods & Son bds 218 Gower
Bulley James laborer res 1 College sq
Bulmer Joseph clerk G Knowling bds 278 Gower
Bunting Frederick E M Barrister-at-law 280 Duckworth res 259 same
Bunting Frederick G physician 259 Duckworth
Burchell Herbert C Government Engineer Athenaeum Building h 34 Freshwater rd
Burfitt Miss Lizzie tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 32 New Gower
Burfitt Thomas asst M Connors res 32 New Gower
Burford Edward captain res 11 Hamilton
Burfort Ellen (wid Francis J) tailoress bds 107 New Gower
Burke Alexander clerk res 74 Prescott
Burke Miss Ann private school 146 Duckworth h same
Burke Miss Annie   res 39 Gower
Burke Bridget domestic 27 King's Bridge rd
Burke Clara domestic 12 Balsam
Burke Ellen (wid Richard)   h 134 George
Burke Ellen (wid Patrick)   res 39 Gower
Burke George laborer J & W Stewart h Fahey's lane
Burke James bailiff res 39 Gower
Burke James fisherman 189 1/2 New Gower
Burke John librarian Law Library and crier and tipstaff Supreme Court h 39 Gower
Burke John Constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Burke John grocer 74 Prescott h same
Burke John laborer h Leahy's lane
Burke Miss Kate   h 15 Stephen
Burke Kate domestic 4 Tasker ter
Burke Martin laborer M Monroe South Side opp Mill Bridge
Burke Martin fisherman h 1 Dammerill's lane
Burke Mrs Martin grocery h 1 Dammerill's lane
Burke Michael watchman Thornburn[sic] & Tessier h 6 Bulley's lane
Burke de Richard cabinetmaker J Daymond h 84 Duckworth
Burke Sarah (wid John)   res 74 Prescott
Burn James custom house officer h 280 Duckworth
Burnham Frederick manager d g dept G Knowling h 16 Beck's Cove
Burns See also Byrne    
Burns James laborer 218 1/2 New Gower
Burns Miss Maude   res 193 Water e
Burns Patrick hostler S March & Sons h r 51 Gower
Burns W Fletcher Dentist 229 Water h same
Burray Alexander teacher bds 55 Henry
Burridge Charles T (Barnes & Burridge) h Battery rd, Hoylestown
Burridge Ernest cooper res South Side rd 3 w Long Bridge
Burridge Harold mason res South Side rd 3 w Long Bridge
Burridge John mason h South Side rd 3 w Long Bridge
Burridge Thomas seaman h 19 Barter's Hill
Bursell Catherine (wid George) grocer 32 Hutchings h same
Bursell Eva (wid Wm) grocer 45 Freshwater rd h same
Bursell Frederick undertaker 64 Water w h same
Bursey Albert finisher D Smallwood & Sons bds 4 Wickford
Bursey Fannie works Victoria Tobacco Works bds 27 Young
Bursey Wm seaman h r 23 Barter's Hill
Bursey Wm fisherman h 28 Stephen w
Burt James carman Barnes & Burridge h 45 William Monkstown
Burt John laborer James Murray h Long's Hill
Burt Joshua Constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Burt S M clerk Power's hardware store res 8 Brazel's sq
Burt Wm storekeeper J & W Stewart h 8 Brazel's sq
Burt Wm laborer bds 50 Dreelan's Well rd
Burton Mrs Daniel   res 4 Bell
Burton John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 50 King's rd
Burton John shipwright h 6 William
Burton John fisherman h 58 Larkin's lane
Burton Thomas fireman h 2 Young
Burton Wm R carpenter Geo Lilly h 6 William Monkstown
Bussey Isaac fisherman h 9 South
Bussey Miss Jessie clerk A Neville bds 178 Limekiln Hill
Bussey John clerk G S Milligan jr h 159 Gower
Bussey Joseph carpenter h 29 Alexander
Bussey Robert clerk C Macpherson h 22 Prescott
Butler Albert tailor A W Martin bds 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Butler Anastasia (wid John)   h 13 1/2 Carter's Hill
Butler Ann   h Leslie 1 n Water
Butler Annie (wid David)   h s s Leslie 2 n Water
Butler Bridget domestic 283 Water e
Butler Catherine domestic Thomas Coady
Butler Catherine domestic 274 Water
Butler Charles shipwright h 25 Wickford
Butler Miss Delphia tailoress John McGrath res 25 Carter's Hill
Butler Edward hostler S March & Sons h 6 Brennan's lane
Butler Eliza domestic Mrs M H Ayre  
Butler Eliza (wid Samuel)   h 3 Walshe's sq
Butler Fanny domestic Stephen Knight  
Butler Isaac clerk W D Morison & Co res 3 Walshe's sq
Butler James carpenter h 146 New Gower
Butler Mrs James confectioner 146 New Gower res same
Butler John miner h n s Mackay
Butler John baker G Browning & Son res South Side w
Butler John carpenter h 4 Long's lane
Butler John fireman h 46 Young
Butler John seaman h 34 Young
Butler John   res 20 Dammerill's lane
Butler John laborer Con Founddry Co h 261 Water w
Butler John K tinsmith res 261 Water w
Butler Joseph farmer res Thomas Butler
Butler Joseph storekeeper Thorburn & Tessier bds 2 Lion sq
Butler Margaret domestic 21 Garrison Hill
Butler Mary (wid James)   h 39 Maxse
Butler Mary domestic F J Glasgow  
Butler Mary (wid Lawrence)   res 35 George
Butler Mary domestic 54 Flower Hill st
Butler Mary domestic 9 Garrison Hill
Butler Samuel shoemaker J & T Martin res 3 Walshe's sq
Butler Solomon boatman H M C h 104 Barnes rd
Butler Stephen laborer h 21 Butler's lane
Butler Stephen shipwright 4 Chapel lane
Butler Thomas fisherman h 22 Dammerill's lane
Butler Thomas farmer h s s Topsail rd 10 w Water
Butler Walter J cooper J & W Stewart h 68 Alexander
Butt Alice domestic 238 New Gower
Butt Amelia domestic 141 Hamilton
Butt Miss Barbara   res 52 Young
Butt Dina domestic 376 Water
Butt Edward T messenger Sidney Woods res 21 Stephen
Butt Elizabeth (wid Joseph)   res 82 George
Butt Francis fisherman h 15 South
Butt George seaman h 83 Carter's Hill
Butt George tinsmith h 18 Convent sq
Butt Henry T cabinetmaker Nfld F & M Co h 119 Quidi Vidi rd
Butt Jacob fisherman h 12 Hagarty's lane
Butt Miss Jane   res 9 Adelaide
Butt John seaman h r 3 James
Butt John C wharfinger J Steer h Wharf Premises South Side e
Butt Joseph seaman h 82 George
Butt Moses blacksmth 22 George h 20 same
Butt Samuel laborer h 47 Harvey rd
Butt Sarah domestic 5 Water e
Butt Solomon carpenter h 21 Stephen w
Butt Miss Susan   res 6 Livingstone
Butt Thomas F clerk T & M Winter h 6 Livingstone
Butt Wm laborer bds 7 Long's lane
Butt Wm carpenter h 52 Young
Butt Wm seaman h 52 Williams
Butten George laborer h 37 Young
Butters Miss Mary   res 11 Livingstone
Butters Michael culler h 11 Livingstone
Butterworth George furnaceman St John's Nail Mnfg Co h n s Lazy Bank rd 2 w Le Marchant
Button James laborer h 5 Livingstone
Buzan Martha (wid Thomas)   h 240 New Gower
Buzan Wm watchman res 240 New Gower
Byrne see also Burns    
Byrne Catherine (wid John)   h 4 Stephen
Byrne Charles tailor Wm Cox res 80 Prescott
Byrne Bridget domestic C R Thomson  
Byrne Denis cooper Thorburn & Tessier h 80 Prescott
Byrne Edward shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 6 Brine
Bryne Ellen domestic 194 Water
Byrne Garrett Bookseller and Stationer, Fancy Goods and Jewellery and Agent Domestic Paper Patterns 365 Water h 219 New Gower
Byrne James fisherman h 13 Coady's lane
Byrne James laborer h 4 South
Byrne James laborer h 7 Dogstown
Byrne James laborer A H Campbell res 80 Prescott

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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