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A B C D E F G "H" I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Hackett Miss Dinah   h 326 Duckworth
Hackett Ellen (wid John) grocer 22 Cathedral h same
Hackett Francis dresser Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 355 Water w
Hackett James laborer h 26 Darling
Hackett James seaman h 51 Victoria
Hackett John tallyman h 119 New Gower
Hackett John clerk S O Steele res 26 Darling
Hackett John clerk Shea & Co bds 185 Gower
Hackett Mary domestic 290 Water
Hackett Stephen J machinist Nfld F & M Co h 26 Darling
Hackett Wm master mariner h 185 Gower
Hackett Mrs Wm grocer 185 Gower res same
Hackett Wm P clerk J T Gillard res 185 Gower
Hackwood Wm laborer h 52 1/2 Williams
Haddon Bridget domestic 12 Chapel
Haddon John land surveyor 58 Monkstown rd h same
Haddon Patrick clerk bds 162 Water e
Hafey Mrs Johanna wks Riverhead Brewery h 44 Stephen
Hafey Patrick farm laborer John Casey bds same
Hagen John captain h 15 Convent sq
Hagarty Bartholomew cabinetmaker Patrick Hagarty res 15 Queen
Hagarty Bartholomew porter JJ & L Furlong res 38 Lazy Bank rd
Hagarty John pilot h 38 Lazy Bank rd
Hagarty John jr salesman Miller & Co res 38 Lazy Bank rd
Hagarty Miss Mary Ann   res 282 Water
Hagarty Michael carpenter bds 282 Water
Hagarty Patrick cabinetmaker 15 Queen h same
Hagarty Mrs Patrick grocer 15 Queen h same
Haines Isaac lime burner John Score bds 34 1/2 Dreelan's Well rd
Haines Wm pupil teacher bds 55 Henry
Haley Miss Esther   h 1 Dreelan's Well rd
Haley Fannie domestic 22 Queen's rd
Haley Frank laborer Nfld Ry Co res 8 Brewery lane
Haley Henry coachman bds 122 Dreelan's Well rd
Haley James messenger Bavarian Brewery bds 2 Livingstone
Haley Margaret domestic 22 Queen's rd
Haley Martin fisherman h 53 Rogerson's lane
Haley Maurice fisherman h Rogerson's lane
Haley Michael sailmaker J & G Dicks h 14 Cathedral
Haley Theresa domestic Convalescent Home  
Halfyard Clara domestic 21 Gower
Halfyard Emily domestic 232 Duckworth
Halfyard Ida domestic Capt W Knight  
Halfyard Richard master mariner h 123 Gower
Halfyard Samuel pupil teacher res Methodist College Home
Halfyard Wm tailor John Maunder res Gower
Hall Archibald clerk G Knowling res 2 Gower
Hall Charles seaman res 47 Prescott
Hall Elizabeth (wid Richard)   h 2 Gower
Hall Ellen domestic 37 King's Bridge rd
Hall Frank seaman res 47 Prescott
Hall George accountant G Knowling res 2 Gower
Hall George coachman h 37 Maxse
Hall Miss Louisa   res 47 Prescott
Hall Richard M clerk Goodfellow & Co res 2 Gower
Hall Thomas seaman h 47 Prescott
Hallahan James carter S March & Sons h 32 Nunnery Hill
Hallaren Miss Mary A   h 39 Nunnery lane
Hallaren Michael laborer res 39 Nunnery lane
Halleran Catherine (wid Terrence)   h 21 Monkstown rd
Halleran Jeremiah (Herder and Halleren) h Hill of Chips
Halleran Miss Maggie saleslady John Lindberg res 105 Long's Hill
Hallett John overseer h 22 Balsam
Hallett Thomas L Dentist 128 Water h same
Halley James fisherman h 10 Duckworth
Halley John dynamo man Electric Light Co res 41 Victoria
Halley Kate Attendant Lunatic Asylum  
Halley Michael sailmaker h 14 Cathedral Hill
Halley Michael F grocer 34 William h same
Halley Phillip locker H M C h 24 Henry
Halley Wm D accountant h 41 Victoria
Halley Wm J clerk James Baird res New Gower
Halligan Edward laborer Nfld Ry Co res 8 Alexander
Halligan Nicholas moulder Con Foundry Co 17 Brazil sq
Halligan Patrick laborer h 8 Alexander
Halloran James tanner Nfld Tannery h 5 Signal Hill rd
Halloran Mary domestic Presentation Convent
Halpin Bridget domestic Harvey place Circular rd
Hamilton Patrick fisherman h 136 Hamilton
Hamlin Franklin hotel and barber 253 and 365 Water e h 253 same
Hamlon Wm blacksmith h 2 Belvedere
Hamlyn Charles painter J T Carnell h 56 Signal Hill rd
Hamlyn Paul carpenter h 12 King's rd
Hamlyn Mrs Paul grocer 12 King's rd h same
Hamlyn Robert (Hamlyn & Brooking) h 26 Rocky lane
Hamlyn Wm blacksmith J T Carnell h 2 Belvedere
Hamlyn & Brooking (Robert Hamlyn, Mrs Thomas Brooking)   Blacksmiths 2 Hamilton
Hammond Charles sr farmer h Shaw's lane
Hammond Charles jr moulder h Shaw's lane
Hammond George carpenter h r 6 Duckworth
Hammond Jessie domestic Hon A J Harvey  
Hammond Miss Mary   h 8 Livingstone
Hammond Peter fisherman bds 110 Duckworth
Hammond Philip carpenter h 68 Cookstown rd
Hammond Richard orderly Penitentiary res Ordnance Yard
Hammond Robert carver res Wm Hammond
Hammond Thomas machinist Nfld Tobacco Works h 12 Plymouth rd
Hammond Wm porter Commercial Bank of Nfld h 98 Duckworth
Hammond Wm   h Ordnance Yard, Duckworth
Hancock Rev Walter curate St John the Baptist Cathedral res Clergy House, Gower
Hand Bessie wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 99 Georgetown rd
Hand Ellen wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 99 Georgetown rd
Hand Miss Ellen   res 46 Darling
Hand Kate (wid John)   h 273 Duckworth
Hand John painter res 46 Darling
Hand Wm tidewaiter H M C h 46 Darling
Handcock Emile U L principal General Protestant Academy h Pennywell rd
Handcock Miss Kate nurse St George's Hospital  
Handcock Martha domestic 90 Freshwater rd
Haney Miss Ann wks Nfld Furniture & Moulding Co (ltd) res 68 King's rd
Hanley Bernard cooper h r 2 Darling
Hanley John painter Richard Hanley res 1 Covil lane
Hanley Philip tidewaiter H M C h 1 King's rd
Hanley Richard painter 1 Covil lane h same
Hanley Richard jr   res 1 Covil lane
Hanlon Charles moulder Con Foundry Co h Shaw's lane
Hanlon Daniel laborer res 14 Nunnery lane
Hanlon Honora (wid Michael)   res 12 lane n Pilot's Hill
Hanlon James laborer Victoria B & E Co h 3 Nunnery lane
Hanlon Miss Johanna   h 20 Henry
Hanlon John laborer Bowring Bros h 28 Plank rd
Hanlon John shoemaker res 14 Nunnery lane
Hanlon Joseph laborer h 21 Kickham's lane
Hanlon Thomas   h 14 Nunnery lane
Hanlon Wm mason h 12 lane n Pilot's Hill
Hann John laborer bds 99 Monkstown rd
Hann Thomas fisherman h 99 Monkstown rd
Hann Mrs Thomas dressmaker bds 59 Flower Hill st
Hannaford John fisherman h 52 Hamilton
Hannebury Richard carman Edwid[sic] Duder h Pennywell rd
Hannen Ellen (wid John)   h 16 Tank Hill
Hannon Bridget domestic 232 Duckworth
Hannon Miss Catherine   h 29 Lazy Bank rd
Hannon John fisherman h 33 Cookstown rd
Hanrahan Johanna stewardess "Volunteer" h 45 Duckworth
Hanrahan Mary domestic 21 Cochrane
Hanrahan Mary domestic 3 Queen's rd
Hanrahan Roderick cook h 342 Duckworth
Hanrahan Thomas laborer h 31 Quidi Vidi rd
Hapburn John C accountant Baine, Johnston & Co h 3 Scotland row Cathedral Hill
Hapgood Wm carpenter h 265 Gower
Harbor Master's Office   Commander George Robinson RN Harbor Master Queen's Wharf
Harding Amelia domestic 29 South West
Harding Edward laborer W & G Rendell h 42 Flavin's lane
Harding James fisherman h 34 Coady's lane
Harding James tallyman h 16 Convent sq
Harding James shoemaker H Heath bds 23 South West
Hardy George F porter J & W Stewart h 88 Dreelan's Well rd
Hardy John laborer h 36 Young
Hardy Robert laborer h 7 Walshe's sq
Harley James mason res 84 George
Harley Kate (wid James)   h 84 George
Harman Theresa domestic 45 Henry
Harrigan Julia (wid John) nurse St George's Hospital  
Harrigan Mary domestic 33 Military rd
Harrington Daniel lime burner h Barnes lane
Harrington John carpenter h Barnes lane
Harris Ann domestic Joseph Reilly Fort Townshend
Harris Annie domestic 22 Balsam
Harris Arthur cooper G Browning & Son res 333 Water w
Harris Daniel cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 46 George
Harris Elizabeth (wid John) teacher St Mary's School h South Side rd e Long Bridge
Harris George laborer Alex Harvey & Co h 3 Carew
Harris George B clerk C Macpherson bds 23 Cathedral
Harris Jacob trader h 31 James
Harris James clerk Board of Works res 37 Monkstown rd
Harris John laborer h 97 King's rd
Harris John (Hearn & Co) h 37 Monkstown rd
Harris John engineer steam launch Job Bros & Co h South Side e
Harris John laborer h 74 Rogerson's lane
Harris John laborer Terra Nova Foundry h 97 Plymouth row
Harris John M cooper P & L Tessier h 11 New Gower
Harris Margaret (wid Stephen)   h 15 1/2 James
Harris Mary (wid Samuel)   h 24 Brine
Harris Robert clerk Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 42 South West
Harris Sarah domestic 60 Prescott
Harris Thomas clerk J J & L Furlong res 37 Monkstown rd
Harris Wm cooper Bowring Bros h 24 Brine
Harris Wm cooper G Browning & Son h 333 Water w
Harris Wm builder 39 Monkstown rd h 37 same
Harris Wm grocer and carpenter 12 James h same
Harris Wm cook h 42 South West
Harris Wm E fireman Dry Dock h 22 Hutchings
Harrison Margaret (wid John) grocer 9 Cuddihy's lane h same
Harrower Robert seaman h 17 Hayward av
Harrower Thomas laborer Terra Nova Foundry bds 32 Barnes rd
Hart Ann (wid George)   h 49 Queen's rd
Hart Eliza (wid Edward)   res 26 Carter's Hill
Hart Miss Ellen   res 26 Carter's Hill
Hart Frederick clerk McDougall & Templeton bds 290 Duckworth
Hart George clerk McDougall & Templeton bds 35 Young
Hart Isaac stone cutter James McIntyre bds 4 New Gower
Hart John carpenter Josiah Laird h 8 New Gower
Hart Mrs Mary grocer 6 New Gower h same
Hart Michael seaman h 9 Stephen
Hartery Agnes domestic 10 Darling
Hartery Edmond seaman res 33 James
Hartery Elizabeth (wid Michael)   res 70 New Gower
Hartery Jeremiah sailmaker Stephen Hartery res 11 Dick's sq
Hartery Kate domestic 250 New Gower
Hartery Kate (wid John)   res 26 North
Hartery Margaret (wid George)   h 33 James
Hartery Mary domestic 53 Cochrane
Hartery Mary domestic 31 Queen's rd
Hartery Michael sailmaker Stephen Hartery res 11 Dick's sq
Hartery Minnie (wid John E) fancy goods 1 New Gower h same
Hartery Monica domestic 193 Duckworth
Hartery Stephen sailmaker h 11 Dick's sq
Hartery Wm cooper T & J Grace h 70 Queen
Hartless Bridget (wid Wm)   h 17 Waldegrave
Hartley Michael mate h 98 George
Hartwell Bartholomew fisherman h 52 Larkin's lane
Hartwell John feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co res Larkin's lane
Harvey Albert wheelwright h 36 Buchanan
Harvey Alexander & Co Biscuit Mnfrs 2 Water e
Harvey Hon Alexander (Alex Harvey & Co) secretary - treasurer Nfld Coastal Co (Ltd) h 2 Devon row, Duckworth
Harvey Alfred J, MBCM (Edin) (Harvey & Rendell), Physician h 230 Duckworth
Harvey Augustus W (Harvey & Co) president Nfld Coasting Co (ltd) h "Omrac" King's Bridge rd
Harvey Mrs Charles J   h 77 Military rd
Harvey Charles McK manager Nfld Tobacco Works res 45 Cochrane
Harvey Charlotte (wid James)   h 60 Hamilton
Harvey Frederick clerk M Monroe res 3 Devon row, Duckworth
Harvey George G clerk J J & L Furlong bds Globe House
Harvey James fisherman h 110 George
Harvey Rev James C   h 78 Queen's rd
Harvey John R cooper Bowring Bros h South Side e
Harvey Mary J domestic 152 Gower
Harvey Rev Moses Presbyterian minister h 3 Devon row, Duckworth
Harvey Peter fisherman res 130 George
Harvey Capt Richard W master mariner P & L Tessier h 118 Lazy Bank rd
Harvey Richard laborer h South Side rd 1 w Gas House
Harvey Richard lobster packer h "Winterstorm" King's Bridge rd
Harvey Wm laborer res 110 George
Harvey Wm captain h 13 William
Harvey Wm fisherman h 130 George
Harvey Wm clerk res 60 Hamilton
Harvey Wm machinist Victoria B & E Works res 118 Lazy Bank rd
Harvey Wm laborer Upper Dundee h South Side e
Harvey Wm cooper Upper Dundee h South Side e
Harvey's Butter Factory   Harvey & Co Props, Mnfrs of Butterine Brewery lane
Harvey's Wharf     91 Water e
Harvey & Co (A W Harvey J Outerbridge)   Commission Merchants, Steamship, Insurance and General Agents 113 Water e
Harvey & Rendell (Alfred J Harvey, Herbert Rendell)   Physicians and Surgeons 230 Duckworth
Harwood R E ship carpenter bds 32 Wickford
Hasey Wm F reporter The Herald bds 18 Adelaide
Hatch Richard laborer h 146 Le Marchant rd
Hatcher Emily domestic Robert Whiteway  
Hatfield Stephen seaman h 26 Hutchings
Hattendorf Louis manager Bavarian Beer Depot bds 267 Gower
Hatton Ann A (wid George)   h 61 Duckworth
Hatton Patrick J clerk res 61 Duckworth
Haviland Mrs John millinery 365 Water h same
Haviland Sarah domestic 51 Harvey rd
Hawcoe Alice (wid Wm)   h 8 Stephen
Hawcoe Anastatia domestic 21 Forest rd
Hawcoe Annie domestic 23 Thomas
Hawcoe Sarah (wid Samuel)   h 18 Dreelan's Well rd
Hawe James grocer 28 New Gower h same
Hawe Maggie wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 5 Plank rd
Hawe Mary (wid Wm)   h 5 Plank rd
Hawe Sarah wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 5 Plank rd
Hawkins Henry fisherman h 4 Coady's lane
Hawkins Laura nurse St George's Hospital 102 Water
Hawkins Maud domestic 58 Flower Hill st
Hawkins Robert fisherman h 23 Stephen
Hawkins Samuel bookbinder Dick & Co bds 23 Stephen
Hawley Edmund commission agent 232 Water h same
Hayden Catherine (wid Patrick)   h 10 Plank rd
Hayden Elizabeth domestic 49 Hamilton
Hayden James fisherman h South Side rd r 5 w Long Bridge
Hayden John fisherman h 222 Water w
Hayden Lawrence fisherman res 10 Plank rd
Hayden Martin laborer h 31 Duke of York
Hayden Miss Mary school teacher bds 6 Williams lane
Hayden Patrick master mariner h 230 New Gower
Hayden Mrs Patrick grocer 230 New Gower res same
Hayden Richard boarding house 176 Water
Hayes Miss Anatasia   res 116 Duckworth
Hayes Miss Annie assistant clk Poor Commissioner's Office res 316 Duckworth
Hayes Bride domestic 25 Gower
Hayes Mrs Catherine grocer 20 Kickham's lane h same
Hayes James laborer h 64 James
Hayes Johanna (wid John)   res 7 Long's lane
Hayes John cabinetmaker R Goff res 64 James
Hayes John junk merchant h n s Mundy Pond rd 1 w Lazy Bank rd
Hayes John   h 106 Military rd
Hayes Keziah (wid John)   h 96 George
Hayes Miss Maggie tailoress Mark Chaplin res 4 Military rd
Hayes Nicholas cooper 31 Cochrane h same
Hayes Patrick cooper h 59 Gower
Hayes Patrick cooper 8 West h same
Hayes Patrick laborer h 22 North
Hayes Richard F grocer and cooper 62 King's Bridge rd h same
Hayes Samuel plumber Gear & Co h 53 George
Hayes Thomas trader h 141 New Gower
Hayes Timothy messenger Convalescent Home res 106 Military rd
Haynes Edward shoemaker Wm Haynes res 102 New Gower
Haynes Harriot domestic 174 Le Marchant
Haynes Henry boilermaker Victoria B & E Co res 355 Water w
Haynes Margaret domestic 10 Maxse
Haynes Thomas keeper Lunatic Asylum h 355 Water w
Haynes Wm shoemaker 102 New Gower h same
Hayward Arthur clerk C F Bennett & Co h 13 Queen's rd
Hayward Augustus O Q.C. Barrister-at-Law 256 Duckworth h 263 same
Hayward Charles cashier Tel Co res 79 Prescott
Hayward Frederick W cashier Bowring Bros bds 117 Water e
Hayward George F chief clerk Treasury Dept HMC h 17 Queen's rd
Hayward George J accountant Baine, Johnston & Co h 7 Maxse
Hayward George M broker 200 Water bds 117 Water
Hayward Harrison R (Winter, Morison & Hayward) bds 117 Water
Hayward Henry E (Hayward & Co) h Springdale cor Water
Hayward Henry F clerk C F Bennett & Co res 79 Prescott
Hayward John W patentee h 79 Prescott
Hayward Laura W (wid Judge John)   h 43 Monkstown rd
Hayward Rhoda domestic 137 George
Hayward Wm bookkeeper C F Bennett & Co bds 117 Water
Hayward & Co (Henry E. Hayward) Wine, Spirit and Commission Merchants and Vessel Owners 253 Water e
Heafey John mate h 10 Livingstone
Heaggie Jane (wid George)   h 33 Water w
Heale James storekeeper G Knowling h Prowse Wharf Premises South Side
Heale John coachman R Prowse h 81 Le Marchant rd
Healey Edward fisherman h South Side 5 w Gas House
Healey Miss Elizabeth dressmaker 149 New Gower res same
Healey Geoffrey laborer h 12 Cathedral
Healey John grocer 173 New Gower h same
Healey Miss Mary saleslady John Healey res 173 New Gower
Healey Michael laborer h 52 Cookstown rd
Healey Nicholas cooper W R Whittycombe res South Side 5 w Gas House
Healey Nicholas shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 2 Plank rd
Healey Patrick shoemaker res South Side 5 w Gas House
Healey Patrick fisherman h 175 New Gower
Healey Philip engineer A Mackeen res South Side
Healey Miss Sarah tailoress res 173 New Gower
Healey Thomas laborer Bowring Bros h South Side w
Healey Thomas fisherman h 2 Plank rd
Heaney Ann (wid Wm)   h 68 King's rd
Heaney Eliza (wid Simon)   h 9 Princes
Heaney James carman Barnes & co h 68 King's rd
Heaney James carman h 12 South West
Hearn Ann domestic 61 Cochrane
Hearn Miss Bridget clerk M Tobin bds 335 Water e
Hearn Denis laborer h 45 Rogerson's lane
Hearn Elizabeth domestic 14 Queen's rd
Hearn John laborer h 13 Dreelan's Well rd
Hearn John saloon 128 Duckworth h same
Hearn Miss Mary   h 25 Delahunty's lane
Hearn Nora (wid Thomas)   res 48 Long's Hill
Hearn & Co (Miss Johanna Fox, John Kavanagh, John Henderson, John Harris)   Commission Merchants and Auctioneers Hunter's Cove
Hearn & Co's Butterine Factory     20 Quidi Vidi rd
Heartry Alexander works Nfld F & m Co res Quidi Vidi rd
Heartry John laborer Michael Connors h Quidi Vidi rd
Heartry Thomas engineer Nfld F & M Co h Signal Hill rd
Heath Hannah (wid Archibald)   h 31 Long's lane
Heath Henry Boot and Shoe Mnfr 214 Water h same
Heath Jane (wid George)   h 68 Lazy Bank rd
Heath Nancy (wid Henry) grocer 142 Gower h same
Heath Richard carpenter res 68 Lazy Bank rd
Heatley Wm hairdresser P J O'Neil bds 267 Gower
Heavin Lawrence gardener h 99 Monkstown rd
Heavin Philip shoemaker res 99 Monkstown rd
Heffernan Arthur carpenter Josiah Laird h 17 Barter's Hill
Heffernan Mary domestic 41 Victoria
Heffernan Richard laborer h r 1 Kickham's lane
Heffernan Susannah (wid Wm)   res 17 Barter's Hill
Hegarty see Hagerty    
Hellyer Mrs Agnes dressmaker 196 Duckworth
Hellyer John shoemaker 186 Duckworth h same
Hellyer Mary A (wid Wm)   h 31 Bully's lane
Hellyer Patrick laborer h 66 Cookstown rd
Hellyer Thomas leather and findings 196 Duckworth h same
Hellyer Wm shoemaker J Hellyer res 196 Duckworth
Helps Mrs Fanny cook Government House  
Henderson Daniel J inspector of mines h 26 Scott
Henderson Henry clerk Wm Frew h 56 Henry
Henderson John (Hearn & Co) h 29 Queen's rd
Hendry Jessie (wid Thomas) boarding house 218 Gower
Hendry Richard farmer h "Craig Miller" Cockpit rd
Hendry Richard jr engineer bds "Craig Miller" Cockpit rd
Hennebury George printer The Telegram h 6 Knight
Hennebury George cooper res Mrs M Hennebury
Hennebury John coachman h 27 Plymouth rd
Hennebury John cooper res Mrs M Hennebury
Hennebury Marion (wid Richard)   h s s Pennywell rd 1 w Boncloddy
Hennebury Richard farmer res Mrs M Hennebury
Hennebury Robert cutter h 18 British sq
Hennebury Wm carpenter E H & G Davey res Freshwater rd
Hennebury Wm seaman h 18 British sq
Hennessy Amelia domestic 234 Duckworth
Hennessy Dennis coachman h 40 Darling
Hennessy Miss Ellen   h 355 Duckworth
Hennessy James laborer h 39 Nunnery Hill
Hennessy John cooper h 29 Henry
Hennessy John grocer 141 Gower h same
Hennessy John baker h Circular rd
Hennessy John fisherman h Circular rd
Hennessy Patrick laborer h 311 Water w
Hennessy Robert laborer h 54 Queen's rd
Hennessy Sarah (wid Patrick)   h 31 Williams
Hennessy Wm laborer h Circular rd
Henry Richard jr engineer Terra Nova Foundry res Cockpit rd
Hepbridge Richard laborer h 14 Dogstown
Hepbridge Thomas sawyer Nfld F & M Co h Dreelan's Well rd
Hepburn John C clerk Baine, Johnston & Co h 3 Cathedral Hill
Herd see Hurd    
Herder Henry G (Herder and Halleren) h Hill of Chips
Herder Mary (wid Thomas)   h 138 Water w
Herder Patrick laborer res 138 Water w
Herder Sarah (wid John)   h 151 Gower
Herder Wm J Publisher and Proprietor The Evening Telegram h 4 Park row, Rennie's Mill rd
Herder & Halleren (Henry G Herder, Jeremiah Halleren)   builders Hill of Chips
Hesketh J F royal engineer bds Atlantic Hotel
Heweardine Joseph conductor Henry Blatch h 79 Military rd
Heweardine Mary confectionery 79 Military rd h same
Heweardine Rose domestic 271 Water e
Heweardine Thomas driver Henry Blatch h 4 Knight
Heweardine Wm porter h 79 Military rd
Heygate Rev Ambrose, M.A. curate St John the Baptist Cathedral h "The Clergy House" Gower
Heyllerd Robert messenger St George's Hospital  
Hezer Henry blacksmith Patrick Buckley h Long's Hill
Hibbs Bertha domestic 2 Park Place Rennie's Mill rd
Hibbs George fisherman h 259 Gower
Hibbs Mary domestic Rev E Botwood  
Hibbs Thomas teamster John Score bds 34 1/2 Dreelan's Well rd
Hibbs Wm cooper Robert Moore bds 270 Gower
Hickey Annie domestic 95 Hamilton
Hickey Bridget (wid Joseph) grocer 39 New Gower h 41 New Gower
Hickey Bridget domestic 326 Water e
Hickey Miss Ellen   h 74 Lazy Bank rd
Hickey Ellen (wid David)   h 24 Delahunty's lane
Hickey Esther (wid Wm)   res 24 Springdale
Hickey James dresser Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 26 Springdale
Hickey James carman J & W Stewart h 48 Barter's Hill
Hickey James jr carman h 48 Barter's Hill
Hickey James cooper res 41 New Gower
Hickey Jeremiah ships carpenter h 3 Garrison Hill
Hickey Jeremiah jr ships carpenter res 3 Garrison Hill
Hickey John fisherman h 10 Barter's Hill
Hickey John farmer h n s Topsail rd 8 w Water
Hickey John cooper Bowring Bros res 3 Garrison Hill
Hickey Miss Kate   res 68 Prescott
Hickey Miss Kate   bds 32 Thomas
Hickey Lawrence cooper Riverhead Brewery h 22 Young
Hickey Lawrence laborer h 41 Barter's Hill
Hickey Margaret domestic 233 Water w
Hickey Matthew cooper bds 24 Springdale
Hickey Michael fisherman h 22 New Gower
Hickey Michael tailor 250 Gower h same
Hickey Michael laborer South Side rd h r 5 w Long Bridge
Hickey Michael J shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 23 Covil lane
Hickey Patrick coachman h 97 Monkstown rd
Hickey Patrick ships carpenter h 158 Gower
Hickey Patrick cooper res 41 New Gower
Hickey Patrick J tailor Michael Hickey h 21 Waldegrave
Hickey Richard fisherman h 46 Barter's Hill
Hickey Richard laborer h 7 Long's lane
Hickey Wm fireman Dry Dock h 21 South West
Hickey Wm J tailor Michael Hickey res 250 Gower
Higgins James fireman H A h 95 Military rd
Higgins John clerk P O h 39 Patrick
Higgins John F blockmaker J L Duchemin h 149 Gower
Hill James cooper res 47 Prescott
Hill John clerk Ayre & Sons h 67 Prescott
Hill John C agent 233 Gower h same
Hill Miss Mary   h 29 Gower
Hill Susanna domestic James Gordon  
Hill Thomas cooper h 46 Prescott
Hill Wm T grocer 38 Cochrane h same
Hines Alice domestic 341 Water e
Hines Anastasia (wid Michael)   h 22 lane w from Wickford
Hines Harriet (wid Thomas)   res 343 Duckworth
Hines John fisherman h 20 James
Hines Jane   bds 3 Williams
Hines Mary A domestic 6 Stephen w
Hines Richard carpenter h 353 Duckworth
Hines Isaac carpenter John Woods & Son h 42 Fleming
Hingston Wm watchman Thorburn & Tessier h r Job's, South Side e
Hippiditch Miss Caroline K   res 13 Darling
Hippiditch David laborer h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Hippiditch Elizabeth (wid Patrick)   res David Hippiditch
Hippiditch Susannah (wid Richard)   res 13 Darling
Hipson Wm engineer h 39 Victoria
Hiscock Arthur foreman hardware dept M Monroe h 12 Chapel
Hiscock Elizabeth domestic 33 Victoria
Hiscock Emily domestic 54 Rennie's Mill rd
Hiscock Frederick seaman h r Job's Wharf, South Side e
Hiscock George master mariner h 35 Victoria
Hiscock Henry boilermaker h 164 Lazy Bank rd
Hiscock James M shoemaker Parker & Monroe bds 24 Darling
Hiscock John seaman h 10 Hayward av
Hiscock John trader h 41 Water w
Hiscock Mary G domestic 22 Monkstown rd
Hiscock Nora domestic A M Mackay  
Hiscock Miss Patience   h 93 Monkstown rd
Hiscock Richard messenger W Campbell res 43 Water w
Hiscock Robert engineer St John's Nail Mnfg Co h 114 Dreelan's Well rd
Hiscock Miss Sarah   res 35 Victoria
Hiscock Sarah domestic 136 Duckworth
Hiscock Susannah domestic 34 Water w
Hoare Edwin cooper Job Brothers & Co bds 32 Hutchings
Hoberg Michael master mariner h 12 Balsam
Hobbs David laborer res 81 Long's Hill
Hobbs Elizabeth (wid Wm)   h 81 Long's Hill
Hobbs John tinsmith res 81 Long's Hill
Hobbs Joseph carpenter res 81 Long's Hill
Hobbs Rebecca domestic 13 Cathedral Hill
Hobson Mrs Ellen wines and liquors 388 Water e h same
Hodder Alfred painter J Udle & Son h 36 Springdale
Hodder Annie domestic 56 Signal Hill rd
Hodder Charles constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Hodder David tinsmith R C Callahan h 56 King's rd
Hodder David jr tinsmith h 56 King's rd
Hodder Ellen domestic 43 Military rd
Hodder Fanny domestic Harvey pl Circular rd
Hodder Rebecca domestic 57 Cochrane
Hodder Rosanna   bds 2 Beck's Cove Hill
Hodder Wm fisherman h 116 Dreelan's Well rd
Hodder Wm painter 27 1/2 Queen's rd h same
Hodge Thomas D broker 139 Water e h 4 Gower
Hoffman Charles sailmaker John Shamler h 30 Adelaide
Hogan Daniel M clerk R J Kent h 86 Duckworth
Hogan Dora domestic 251 Gower
Hogan Johanna cook Tremont Hotel  
Hogan John master mariner h 64 King's rd
Hogan Mrs John grocer 64 King's rd h same
Hogan John wks Col Cordage Co h r 21 Barter's Hill
Hogan Mary (wid Patrick)   h 13 r 21 Barter's Hill
Hogan Patrick wines and liquors 316 Water h same
Hogan Patrick T clerk Brown & Milley res 86 Duckworth
Hogan Patrick laborer h 26 Stephen w
Hogan Richard seaman h 17 Bell
Hogan Wm fisherman h 243 Water w
Hogan Mrs Wm   h 262 Duckworth
Hogarth Miss Sophia matron Ch of E Girls' Orphanage res same
Holden Miss Annie asst East End Church of England Schools res 10 Gower
Holden Miss Ellen   res 25 Fleming
Holden John fisherman South Side opposite Mill Bridge
Holden Patrick laborer h 25 Fleming
Holden Patrick clerk h 24 James
Holden Richard B   h 63 Monkstown rd
Holden Richard K clerk Bowring Bros res 10 Gower
Holden Sarah (wid Peter)   h 10 Gower
Holden Thomas seaman h 220 Water w
Holland Frederick laborer h 74 Lazy Bank rd
Holland James laborer h 24 Kickham's lane
Holland James jr laborer res 24 Kickham's lane
Holland John shoemaker 49 New Gower h 51 same
Holland John jr shoemaker John Holland res 49 New Gower
Holland Wm watchman Con Foundry Co h 27 Rossiter's lane
Hollett Ann (wid George)   h South Side rd 1 w Gas House
Hollett Henry T laborer res 125 Lazy Bank rd
Hollett John fisherman res 127 Lazy Bank rd
Hollett Robert fisherman h 127 Lazy Bank rd
Hollett Robert laborer M Monroe h 126 Lazy Bank rd
Hollett Wm laborer h 125 Lazy Bank rd
Holloway Robert E BA FCS principal Methodist College h "Methodist College Residence" Long's Hill
Holloway Susannah (wid Wm)   h 79 Hayward av
Holly John laborer h 50 Dreelan's Well rd
Holly Wm fisherman h 24 Pilot's Hill
Holly Wm messenger John Steer res 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Holwell Augustus fisherman h 7 Pilot's Hill
Holwell George fisherman res Gunner's Cove
Holwell George fisherman h 12 Pilot's Hill
Holwell Henry fisherman h Gunner's Cove
Holwell Wm fisherman res Gunner's Cove
Holy Cross Christian Brothers' School   Rev Bro Richard B Fleming principal r 71 Patrick
Honeywell Sarah (wid Daniel)   h 70 King's Bridge rd
Hooker Ann (wid Samuel)   h 26 Duke of York
Hookey James seaman h 51 Gower
Hookey John laborer h 38 Williams
Hookey John clerk Telephone Co res 38 Williams
Hookey Joshua superintendent Telephone Co bds 2 Holdsworth
Hookey Samuel ship carpenter h 6 Goodview
Hoolahan Edward laborer r 3 Delahunty's lane
Hoolahan James laborer h 5 Walshe's sq
Hooper Elizabeth (wid Charles)   h 18 Dammerill's lane
Hooper Wm laborer h 88 George
Hope Henry rigger h 70 Cookstown rd
Hope Richard constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Hopkins Amelia domestic 65 Le Marchant rd
Hopkins Annie domestic 60 Rennie's Mill rd
Hopkins Augustus shoemaker res 11 Queen
Hopkins George carman h 32 Convent sq
Hopkins Leah domestic 88 Barnes rd
Hopkins Mary domestic James Howe  
Hopkins Richard carman h 22 Belvedere
Hopkins Richard carpenter h 11 Queen
Hopkins Selina domestic 14 Beck's Cove
Horan Patrick clerk M Monroe h 21 Freshwater rd
Horwill James manager G Knowling h 13 Cathedral Hill
Horwood Joseph fireman Central Fire Station h 15 Long's Hill
Horwood J Thomas baker 155 Water e h same
Horwood Miss Marian pupil teacher res Methodist College Home
Horwood Mary (wid Robert)   bds r 134 Gower
Horwood Susanna domestic 17 Gower
Horwood Wm H barrister 226 Duckworth h 155 Water e
Hoskins David wharfinger W & G Rendell h 10 Pilot's Hill
Hoskins Edward J wks Nfld Ry Co bds 141 Gower
Hoskins Wm wks St John's Steam Laundry res 16 Wickford
Hotville Ernest tinsmith res 93 New Gower
Hotville George   res 93 New Gower
Hotville Louis G grocer 93 New Gower h same
Hotville Wm H mariner res 93 New Gower
House Jane domestic 37 Gower
House Jessie domestic 200 Gower
House Joseph steward S S Conscript h 74 Hayward av
House Maria domestic John Sullivan Fort Townshend
Howard James fisherman h 3 Dogstown
Howard Joseph cook res 3 Dogstown
Howard Patrick seaman h 7 Dogstown
Howe James accountant h r 46 Quidi Vidi rd
Howe James jr   res r 46 Quidi Vidi rd
Howell Leander laborer h 14 r 21 Barter's Hill
Howell Wm clockmaker R L Slater res 14 r 21 Barter's Hill
Howey Israel laborer h 16 South
Howlett James wks rope walk bds 232 Water w
Howlett James engineer res S Rogers
Howlett James constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Howlett John clerk Bowring Bros h 73 Prescott
Howlett Stephen brakeman Nfld Ry Co h 10 Brewery lane
Howlett Wm cabinetmaker Callahan, Glass & Co res 75 Prescott
Howlett Wm boot and shoemaker 196 Water h same
Howlett Wm blacksmith Victoria B & E Co h 113 New Gower
Howlett Wm laborer h Battery rd
Howley Miss Eliza   res Cockpit rd
Howley Hannah (wid Alexander E)   h 67 Duckworth
Howley Edward St John collector Municipal Council h Duckworth opp Ordnance Yard
Hurley Johanna (wid Wm)   h 3 Plymouth rd
Hurley Lizzie wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 11 Quidi Vidi rd
Hurley Miss Maggie tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 14 Chapel
Hurley Maggie wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 41 Delahunty's lane
Hurley Margaret domestic 145 Water e
Hurley Mary domestic 286 Water
Hurley Mary (wid Wm)   h 24 Delahunty's lane
Hurley Maurice wks foundry h 31 Patrick
Hurley Patrick boarding-house 352 Duckworth
Hurley Robert laborer h 30 Boggan's lane
Hurley Sarah domestic 170 Lazy Bank rd
Hurley Wm   res 1 Long's lane
Hurley Wm seaman res 8 Delahunty's
Hush John engineer h 110 Dreelan's Well rd
Hussey Edward laborer h 21 Covil lane
Hussey John laborer h 38 Boggan's lane
Hussey John laborer h r 45 Harvey rd
Hussey Joseph cooper h lane r 66 Carter's Hill
Hussey Joshua carpenter Henry Earle h 52 Dreelan's Well rd
Hussey Wm culler h 48 Dreelan's Well rd
Husson Wallace shoemaker 20 New Gower h same
Hutchings Arthur clerk G Knowling bds 223 Water e
Hutchings Charles clerk G Knowling bds 46 Scott
Hutchings Charles sailmaker George cor Adelaide h 2 Freshwater rd
Hutchings Charles H student I R McNeily res 112 Long's Hill
Hutchings George A pres St John's Floating Dry Dock summer res Sydney, Portugal Cove rd, winter res 143 Water e
Hutchings George P clerk G Knowling h 46 Scott
Hutchings Henry clerk G Knowling res 223 Water e
Hutchings James carman 37 Fleming
Hutchings Joseph seaman h 20 Pilot's Hill
Hutchings Mary (wid Thomas)   h 138 Gower
Hutton Charles bookkeeper Hearn & Co res 41 Military rd
Hutton Elizabeth (wid George)   h 41 Military rd
Hyde Ellen domestic 190 Water
Hyde Mary domestic 39 Patrick
Hyde Mary domestic 414 Water
Hyde Wm laborer h 45 Long's Hill
Hynes Ann (wid Lawrence) grocer 71 New Gower h 73 same
Hynes Annie domestic 27 Monkstown rd
Hynes Catherine domestic Mrs C Tessier  
Hynes Catherine domestic 95 Quidi Vidi rd
Hynes Clara domestic Mrs C Tessier  
Hynes Elias carman h n s Mundy Pond rd 1 w Mullin's Lane
Hynes Elizabeth domestic 9 Queen
Hynes Mrs Ellen janitress Municipal Council h 235 Duckworth
Hynes Isaac laborer h 35 Fleming
Hynes James auctioneer 142 Water h 7 Dick's sq
Hynes Miss Jane milliner Mrs J Haviland res 7 Dick's sq
Hynes John laborer h 31 Cookstown rd
Hynes John clerk James Hynes res 7 Dick's sq
Hynes John laborer h 38 Cookstown rd
Hynes John cabman bds 33 Lazy Bank rd
Hynes Mary (wid Patrick)   h 11 Long's Hill
Hynes Michael fisherman h 8 Prescott
Hynes Susan domestic 25 Duckworth

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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