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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F G H I J K L M N "O" P Q R S T U V W Y Z
O'Brien     see also Brien and Bryan
O'Brien Mrs Catherine grocer 23 Freshwater rd h same
O'Brien Christopher cooper h 27 Waldegrave
O'Brien Edward seaman h 20 Brazel's sq
O'Brien Edward carpenter Nfld Ry Co h 49 South West
O'Brien Mrs Maria   h 10 South West
O'Brien Mary, wid Patrick   h 89 Gower
O'Brien Mary A, wid Timothy   h 8 Springdale
O'Brien Mary E tailoress O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 10 South West
O'Brien Matthew clerk bds Albert Hotel
O'Brien Rev Patrick RC Cathedral res The Palace
O'Brien Richard manager C H Danielle res 100 Water
O'Brien Sir Terence N KCMG, Governor, Commander-in-Chief and Vice-Admiral over the Island and its Dependences res Government House, Military rd
O'Brien Thomas seaman h 27 James
O'Brien Timothy cabman h 23 Freshwater rd
O'Brien Wm acting sergeant Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 124 Barnes rd
O'Connell     see Connell
O'Connor     see also Connors
O'Connor David clerk bds 267 Duckworth
O'Connor John T clerk res 42 King's rd
O'Connor Timothy wines and liquors 374 Water h same
O'Dea John V Provisions and Commission Merchant r 155 Water e h 42 Freshwater rd
O'Deady     see also Deady
O'Deady John baker 351 Duckworth h same
O'Donaghue     see also Donahoe
O'Donaghue Patrick fisherman h 22 Dreelan's Well rd
O'Donnell Ann, wid Wm   res 80 Limekiln Hill
O'Donnell Fanny, wid John F   h 58 Freshwater rd
O'Donnell Jeremiah clerk bds Tremont Hotel
O'Donnell John teacher res 58 Freshwater rd
O'Donnell Margaret, wid Wm   h 2 William
O'Donnell Wm fisherman h 22 Kickham's lane
O'Donovan     see also Donvan
O'Donovan Catherine, wid Timothy saloon 168 Duckworth h same
O'Driscoll     see also Driscoll
O'Driscoll Miss Margaret   h 234 Gower
O'Driscoll Patrick C Mnfrs' Agent n-w cor Water and Queen h same
O'Dwyer     see also Dwyer
O'Dwyer John L General Commission Merchant 287 O'Dwyer's Cove, Water h 57 Rennie's Mill rd
O'Dwyer Hon Richard H Receiver-General H M C h 33 Military rd
O'Dwyer's Wharf     West Side Beck's Cove
O'Farrell     see also Farrell
O'Farrell Maurice storekeeper J L O'Dwyer h 308 Duckworth
O'Flaherty Edward baker 17 New Gower h same
O'Flaherty Edward jr clerk Thomas Fitzgibbon res 17 New Gower
O'Flaherty James O'Flaherty & Macgregor h 71 Military rd
O'Flaherty John cashier Hon M Monroe h 63 Le Marchant rd
O'Flaherty Michael farmer res 17 New Gower
O'Flaherty & Macgregor   James O'Flaherty, James Macgregor, Gents' Outfitting 221 Water e
O'Flanagan     see also Flannigan
O'Flanagan Martin clerk C Macpherson h 37 Patrick
O'Grady Joseph P teamster Nfld Tannery h 7 Quidi Vidi rd
O'Keefe     see also Keefe
O'Keefe Johanna, wid Owen   h 38 lane w from Wickford
O'Keefe Michael stoker h 6 Duke of York
O'Keefe Robert cooper h 22 Wickford
O'Keefe Thomas cooper P & L Tessier h 66 New Gower
O'Keefe Thomas tailor O'Flaherty & Macgregor res 23 New Gower
O'Keefe Wm mason h 45 Harvey rd
O'Leary     see also Leary
O'Leary Ann, wid Patrick grocer 146 Duckworth h same
O'Leary Edward grocer 101 Long's Hill h same
O'Leary Michael clerk A P Jordan res 146 Duckworth
O'Leary Miss Minnie   res 101 Long's Hill
O'Mara Catherine, wid John   h 1 Nunnery lane
O'Mara James shoemaker N Coady res 9 Stephen
O'Mara John fisherman h 9 Stephen
O'Mara J T Chemist and Druggist 151 Water e h 23 Musgrave ter
O'Mara Mary, wid David   h 129 Military rd
O'Mara Mary A, wid Patrick   h 11 Kickham's lane
O'Mara Michael J Barrister 236 Duckworth h 21 Cochrane
O'Mara Michael J foreman The Colonist h 18 New Gower
O'Mara Patrick watchman Thorburn & Tessier h 50 Hamilton
O'Mara Thomas ship carpenter h 18 New Gower
O'Neil James shoemaker Patrick maher res 40 Hayward av
O'Neil James clerk Lawrence Parker res Freshwater rd
O'Neil Wm baker 416 Water h same
O'Neill     see also Neal and Neil
O'Neill Andrew carpenter h 21 Stephen
O'Neill Andrew cooper h 2 r 21 Barter's Hill
O'Neill Annie domestic 105 Long's Hill
O'Neill Mrs Arthur   h 89 Gower
O'Neill Christopher fisherman h 233 New Gower
O'Neill Clement grocer 182 Duckworth h same
O'Neill Constantine laborer h 40 Limekiln Hill
O'Neill Edward cooper h 18 Brazel's sq
O'Neill Elizabeth, wid Patrick   h 1 Nunnery lane
O'Neill Ellen clerk Timothy Phelan bds 338 Water
O'Neill Ellen, wid Wm   res 34 Williams
O'Neill James storekeeper M Monroe h 10 Darling
O'Neill James cooper res 273 Water w
O'Neill James cooper h 24 Barter's Hill
O'Neill James carter h 108 Lazy Bank rd
O'Neill Mrs James grocer 5 Cuddihy's lane and 24 Barter's Hill res same
O'Neill Jeremiah cooper Michael Power res 18 Waldegrave
O'Neill John laborer h 23 Kickham's lane
O'Neill John cooper h 128 lazy Bank rd
O'Neill Miss Mary A   res 21 Stephen
O'Neill Michael cooper 273 Water w h same
O'Neill Michael laborer bds 1 Nunnery lane
O'Neill Michael fisherman res Mrs C Fardy
O'Neill M tailoress O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 40 Hayward av
O'Neill Morgan butcher h 18 Waldegrave
O'Neill Patrick cooper bds 108 Lazy Bank rd
O'Neill Patrick res 23 Kickham's lane  
O'Neill Patrick J hairdresser and tailor 226 Water h same
O'Neill Rodger clerk W P Walsh res Pennywell rd
O'Neill Sarah domestic Hon Moses Monroe  
O'Neill Thomas wines and liquors 140 Water h same
O'Neill Thomas jr bookkeeper J T O'Mara res 140 Water
O'Regan     see also Regan
O'Regan Cornelius shoemaker Sage & Wallace h 9 Job's lane
O'Regan James shoemaker 291 Water w h same
O'Reilly     see also Reilly
O'Reilly Albert W A W & R O'Reilly h 170 Water w
O'Reilly A W & R (Albert W O'Reilly, Robert O'Reilly) saloon 170 Water w h same
O'Reilly Miss Annie clerk T Fitzgibbon res T Fitzgibbon
O'Reilly Edward clerk George O'Reilly h 45 King's rd
O'Reilly George Groceries, Wines and Liquors 198 Water h same
O'Reilly John laborer h 61 Hayward av
O'Reilly John J Importer of Provisions, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, Wholesale and Retail 290 Water and 43 and 45 King's rd h same
O'Reilly Michael works Col Cordage Co res Mundy's Pond rd
O'Reilly Patrick works Col Cordage Co h Mundy's Pond rd
O'Reilly Mrs Peter   h Cockpit rd
O'Reilly Robert A W & R O'Reilly res 170 Water w
O'Reilly Wm fisherman h 243 Water w
O'Rourke     see also Rorke
O'Rourke Patrick laborer Shea & Co h 15 Barnes lane
O'Sullivan     see Sullivan
O'Toole     see also Toole
O'Toole Miss Agnes tailoress P Kelly res 14 Duckworth
O'Toole Catherine, wid Jeremiah   h 261 Water w
O'Toole Ellen domestic The Palace  
O'Toole James fisherman res 14 Duckworth
O'Toole Miss Johanna   res 9 Delahunty's lane
O'Toole John fisherman res Thomas O'Toole
O'Toole John grocer 208 Water w h same
O'Toole Martha domestic 128 Duckworth
O'Toole Mary, wid Bernard   h 14 Duckworth
O'Toole Michael laborer Bowring Bros h South Side e
O'Toole Patrick laborer res 261 Water w
O'Toole Thomas fisherman h n s Mundy Pond rd 3 w Pennywell parth
Oakley James fisherman h 33 Lazy Bank rd
Oakley Mrs James grocer 33 Lazy Bank rd res same
Oakley Sarah (wid James)   res 33 Lazy Bank rd
Oakley Wm E clerk Shirran & Pippy bds Globe House
Oates Louisa domestic 176 Le Marchant rd
Oberg Frederick jeweller John Lindberg h 8 Balsom
Ohman N Watchmaker and Jeweller Atlantic Hotel Buildings, Water bds Atlantic Hotel
Oke Edward L W R Oke & Sons h Quidi Vidi rd
Oke John C W R Oke & Sons h Forest rd
Oke John L storekeeper Clift, Wood & Co h 219 Gower
Oke Robert engineer h 36 Victoria
Oke Wm C W R Oke & Sons h 119 Quidi Vidi rd
Oke Wm R W R Oke & Sons h 11 Prescott
Oke W R & Sons (Wm R, John C, Edward L and Wm C Oke), Carriage and Wagon Makers Prescott cor Duckworth
Oldford Flora domestic 283 Water
Oldridge Ann, wid Henry wines and spirits 114 Water e h same
Oldridge Charlotte, wid Richard   h 13 Victoria
Oldridge Richard   res 114 Water e
Oldridge Richard cook res 13 Victoria
Oliphant George act sergt Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Oliver Francis laborer h 27 Boncloddy
Oliver George T printer The Telegram h 58 Young
Oliver Jas wks Col Cord Co h Mundy's Pond rd
Oliver James machinist bds Bridget Devan
Oliver James   h 32 Nunnery lane
Oliver James jr laborer res 32 Nunnery lane
Oliver John fisherman h 35 Cookstown rd
Oliver Mrs J   bds Gordon House
Oliver Mary domestic 31 Plymouth rd
Oliver Peter messenger Kennedy & Co h 16 Boncloddy
Oliver Peter laborer James Murray h 36 North
Oliver Wm fisherman h 37 Le Marchant rd
Ollerhead Thomas H clerk James Baird h 1 Spencer
Olsen Charles seaman h 12 Duckworth
Olson Henry master mariner h 187 Gower
Olson John F master mariner h 25 Queen's rd
Orange Hall     south side Gower foot of Long's Hill
Osborne John seaman res 1 Stephen
Osborne Thomas fisherman h 1 Stephen
Osmond Albert foreman Alex Harvey Co h 2 Steward's av
Osmond Amelia domestic 82 Lazy Bank rd
Osmond Arthur storekeepr Alex Harvey & Co res 2 Steward's av
Osmond Augustus tinsmith res 2 Stuart av
Osmond George   res Gambier
Osmond James tinsmith h 6 Stuart av
Osmond Samuel carpenter h Gambier
Outerbridge Joseph Harvey & Co h "Sutherland House," King's Bridge rd
Owens Sara, wid Patrick   h 64 King's rd
Owles Thomas seaman h 16 South

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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