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A B C D E "F" G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Facey James carpenter h r 34 Signal Hill rd
Facey Samuel master mariner h 61 Lazy Bank rd
Fagan Ellen cook Gordon House  
Fagan Hannah (wid John)   res 66 New Gower
Fagan James watchman Clift, Wood & Co h 41 Wickford
Fagan Kate (wid Peter)   h Cockpit rd
Fagan Mary Ann domestic 46 Rennie's Mill rd
Fagan Thomas laborer h 27 Stephen w
Fahey Andrew gardener 122 Hamilton
Fahey Bridget domestic 338 Water
Fahey Elizabeth domestic 267 Duckworth
Fahey Frank works Col Cordage Co h Barter's Hill
Fahey Miss Jane machine operator H Heath res 26 Stephen
Fahey John fisherman res 233 1/2 New Gower
Fahey John fisherman h 118 Dreelan's Well rd
Fahey John laborer h 26 Stephen
Fahey Joseph fisherman res 233 1/2 New Gower
Fahey Wm laborer h 233 1/2 New Gower
Fanciberg Mr jeweller bds 200 Gower
Fane Cecil private secretary to the Governor res Government House
Fanning Alice domestic h 60 George
Fanning Anastasia (wid James)   res 14 Allen's sq
Fanning James shoemaker J H Dee h 14 Allen's sq
Fanning Wm shoemaker Parker & Monroe res 14 Allen's sq
Fardy Anastasia (wid Martin)   h r 211 New Gower
Fardy Andrew wks G H Gaden bds 15 Darling
Fardy Catherine (wid Patrick)   h 46 lane w from Courting lane
Fardy James cooper h 2 Limekiln Hill
Farrell see also O'Farrell    
Farrell Annie domestic Hon Jas Pitts  
Farrell James fisherman h 1 Plymouth rd
Farrell John laborer res 18 Rocky lane
Farrell Miss Margaret tailoress bds 30 Springdale
Farrell Miss Mary tailoress bds 30 Springdale
Farrell Mary domestic 59 Military rd
Farrell Michael wks dry dock h 224 New Gower
Farrell Mrs Michael grocer 224 New Gower res same
Farrell Michael laborer res 18 Rocky lane
Farrell Patrick chandler bds 161 Duckworth
Farrell Thomas watchman J & W Stewart h 18 Rocky lane
Fawcett Col Morris J Inspector and General Superintendent Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Fawcett Thomas seaman h 182 Water w
Fearn George C commission merchant 347 Water
Feaver Wm blacksmith Hughes lane h r same
Feehan Bridget (wid Pierce)   h 2 Monkstown rd
Feehan Bros (Patrick and Joseph)   coopers Buchanan
Feehan Joseph (Feehan Bros) h 5 Princes
Feehan Mrs Joseph grocer 142 New Gower res 5 Princes
Feehan Margaret (wid James)   h 344 Water w
Feehan Mary (wid Patrick)   h 1 Hutchings
Feehan Mary domestic 151 Le Marchant rd
Feehan Miss Mary   res 135 George
Feehan Mary (wid Patrick) saloon 72 Water w h same
Feehan Michael cooper h 129 George
Feehan Michael saloon 58 Water w h same
Feehan Patrick (Feehan Bros) h 7 Princes
Feehan Sarah domestic A M Mackay  
Feehney John laborer h 95 Monkstown rd
Fenelon Maurice (M Fenelon & Co) summer res "Bella Vista" cottage, Torbay Rd, Winter res "Sunny Side" Rennie's Mill rd
Fenelon M & Co Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods, etc 238 Water
Fenelon Sarah (wid Patrick)   h 68 King's Bridge rd
Fennell Bridget (wid Michael)   h 12 Bell
Fennell Kate domestic 29 Henry
Fennell Mrs Johannah milliner 136 Duckworth h same
Fennell Mrs Mary housekeeper 162 Water
Fennell Richard (St John & Fennell) h 136 Duckworth
Fennell Thomas hairdresser P J O'Neil bds 226 Water
Fennell Thomas shipwright h 11 Princes
Fennell Wm shipwright h 2 Brine
Fennessy John cooper J & W Stewart h 107 George
Fennessy Mrs Margaret domestic Mess Room Fort Townshend
Fennessy Marjorie domestic 140 Water
Fennessy Patrick clerk M F Smyth res 107 George
Fenton Charles shoemaker M Kehoe h 97 Carter's Hill
Fenton Mary domestic 6 Young
Fewer Ellen domestic 178 Water
Fewer Lizzie domestic 426 Water
Fewer Mary domestic 10 Balsam
Fewer Patrick laborer res 19 Delahunty's lane
Fewer Mrs wks Victoria Tobacco Wks bds 30 Thomas
Fidell Annie cook 225 Water e
Fidell Elizabeth domestic 238 Gower
Fidell John laborer res 13 Allen's sq
Fidell Mary Ann domestic Albany Cottage Hamilton av
Fidell Nicholas jr laborer res 13 Allen's sq
Fidell Nicholas fisherman h 13 Allen's sq
Fidell Patrick laborer res 13 Allen's sq
Field Agnes domestic 2 King's rd
Field Mrs Charles grocer 44 Prescott h 42 same
Field Edward steward res 44 Prescott
Field Elizabeth domestic 76 Gower
Field John seaman res 42 Prescott
Field John laborer h 34 Flavin's lane
Field John laborer bds Abram Northcott
Field Richard watchmaker John Lindberg bds 121 Duckworth
Field Richard carman Col Cordage Co h s s Mundy Pond rd 2 w Pennywell Rd
Field Samuel shoemaker D Smallwood & Sons h 46 Darling
Field Thomas laborer h 24 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Field Walter carpenter Josiah Laird res 42 Prescott
Fifield Alfred seaman h 13 Garrison Hill
Fifield Mary domestic 123 Hamilton
Fifield Frederick laborer h 20 West
Financial Secretary's Office   John Studdy Financial Secretary Colonial Buildings
Finch George W wks St John's Nail Mnfg Co h 34 Convent sq
Findlater Allan accountant T & M Winter h New Gower cor James
Findlater Miss Isabell saleslady C Macpherson res 37 Cochrane
Finlay Frederick W (Lloyd Finlay & Co) bds Gordon House
Finn James laborer West & Randell h n s Newtown rd 2 w Allandale rd
Finn John carman h n s Newtown rd 2 w Allandale rd
Finn John cooper res 23 Water w
Finn Lawrence seaman h 3 Limekiln Hill
Finn Mrs Lawrence grocer 3 Limekiln Hill res same
Finn Miss Marsella   res 33 Water w
Finn Miss Mary grocer 120 Military rd h same
Finn Wm laborer h 23 Water w
Finnerty Michael foreman Oil Cloth Factory h 330 Water
Finnety Michael grocer 33 Dreelan's Well rd h same
Finney James carpenter h 19 Barter's Hill
Finton Miss Alice dressmaker res 97 Carter's Hill
Finton Charles shoemaker h 97 Carter's Hill
Firth Margaret (wid Wm)   h 17 British sq
Firth Wm R   res 17 British sq
Fischer Carl engineer h 54 Prescott
Fisher Ann domestic 108 Barnes rd
Fisher Wm J asst manager Nfld Col & Mining Co h 4 Devon row, Duckworth
Fisheries Commission Office   Hon A W Harvey chairman, Rev M Harvey secretary Adolph Nielson Superintendent Athenaeum Building
Fishermen and Sailors' Home   Geo Scarlett Manager 353 Duckworth
Fishwick's Express Halifax, N.S. W D Morison & Co Agents 301 Water e
Fitzgerald Agnes domestic 46 Victoria
Fitzgerald Andrew cooper h 20 Princes
Fitzgerald Andrew fisherman h 32 Convent sq
Fitzgerald Catherine (wid Patrick)   h 8 Livingstone
Fitzgerald Catherine (wid John)   res 12 Balsam
Fitzgerald Edward fisherman h 60 Rogerson's lane
Fitzgerald Edward shoemaker 27 Henry h same
Fitzgerald Edward butcher 150 Gower h same
Fitzgerald Edward watchman h 8 South West
Fitzgerald Elizabeth domestic 65 Military rd
Fitzgerald Ellen (wid John)   h r 261 Water w
Fitzgerald James constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Fitzgerald James fisherman h 94 Dreelan's Well rd
Fitzgerald James laborer Nfld Tannery h 34 Convent sq
Fitzgerald John grocer 11 Brennan's lane h same
Fitzgerald John laborer h 67 Gower
Fitzgerald John cooper J & W Stewart h 16 Stephen w
Fitzgerald John laborer res 2 Cookstown rd
Fitzgerald John shoemaker Parker & Monroe res 261 Water w
Fitzgerald Miss Maggie   res 94 Dreelan's Well rd
Fitzgerald Miss Mary dressmaker 355 Duckworth res same
Fitzgerald Mary A (wid John)   h 20 Carter's Hill
Fitzgerald Mary A (wid Patrick)   h 2 Cookstown rd
Fitzgerald Miss Mary J   res 94 Dreelan's Well rd
Fitzgerald Maurice laborer h 66 Barnes rd
Fitzgerald Michael laborer h Cockpit rd
Fitzgerald Michael fisherman h 260 Gower
Fitzgerald Michael cooper h 30 Carter's Hill
Fitzgerald Michael jr cooper res 30 Carter's Hill
Fitzgerald Michael butcher 36 Cochrane h same
Fitzgerald Patrick wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 44 Coble lane
Fitzgerald Patrick culler h 355 Duckworth
Fitzgerald Patrick fisherman h 94 Dreelan's Well rd
Fitzgerald Stephen fisherman h 3 Flower Hill
Fitzgerald Thomas laborer h 23 Rossiter's lane
Fitzgerald Wm farmer h n s Topsail rd, 13 w Water
Fitzgibbon Margaret (wid Edmond)   h 19 Maxse
Fitzgibbon Thomas Groceries, Provisions, Wines, Liquors, etc. 380 and 426 Water h 426 same
Fitzhenry Alice domestic 18 Brazil's sq
Fitzhenry Elizabeth (wid Miles)   h 41 James
Fitzhenry James cooper 50 James h same
Fitzhenry Michael cooper J & W Stewart h 12 Bulley's lane
Fitzpatrick Daniel painter h 112 George
Fitzpatrick Ellen (wid James)   h 36 Flavin's lane
Fitzpatrick John works Col Cordage Co h Mundy's Pond rd
Fitzpatrick John jr machinist Col Cordage Co res Mundy's Pond rd
Fitzpatrick John T manager municipal stores h Signal Hill rd
Fitzpatrick Joseph   works Col Cordage Co res Mundy's Pond rd
Fitzpatrick Margaret (wid Wm)   h Signal Hill rd
Fitzpatrick Mary Ann (wid Joseph)   res 14 Tank Hill
Fitzpatrick Michael engineer Harvey & Co's butterine factory h 12 South West
Fitzpatrick Miss Rose tailoress Wm Foley res King's Bridge rd
Fitzpatrick Thomas driver Timothy Phelan bds 338 Water
Fitzpatrick Wm watchman Bowring Bros h 14 Plank rd
Flaherty Johanna domestic 222 Water
Flannery John J barrister 284 Duckworth h 248 Water
Flannery John J sr   h 248 Water
Flannigan see also O'Flannigan    
Flannigan Ellen domestic Thomas Shortall  
Flannigan Margaret (wid John) grocer Gambier h same
Flannigan Thomas coachman res Gambier
Flavin David laborer John O'Deady h 16 Cookstown rd
Fleet George seaman h 3 Livingstone
Fleet John second turnkey Penitentiary h 23 Long's lane
Fleet Kenneth boilermaker res 23 Long's lane
Fleet Wm J tailor J A Adrain h 3 Livingstone
Fleming Alice domestic 23 Long's lane
Fleming Miss Ann dressmaker h 70 Gower
Fleming Edward   h r 246 Gower
Fleming Elizabeth (wid John)   h 12 Carew
Fleming Ellen (wid Patrick)   h 31 Adelaide
Fleming George laborer res Dogstown
Fleming James laborer W & G Rendell h 70 Gower
Fleming John B   h r 246 Gower
Fleming Kate (wid John)   h r 246 Gower
Fleming Mary (wid Thomas) confectionery h 33 Covil's lane
Fleming Matthew clerk h 136 Gower
Fleming Matthew shoemaker 4 Prescott h same
Fleming Michael   h r 246 Gower
Fleming Nicholas laborer h 15 Dogstown
Fleming Patrick   h r 246 Gower
Fleming Patrick wks Clift, Wood & Co 31 Long's Hill
Fleming Richard seaman h 31 Adelaide
Fleming Rev Richard B principal Christian Brothers' School res Christian Brothers' Monastery
Fleming Street Chapel School     near 40 Fleming
Fleming Thomas fisherman h 94 Limekiln Hill
Fleming Wm   h r 246 Gower
Fleming Wm clerk G Knowling bds Central Hotel
Flett Kenneth turner Terra Nova Foundry res 23 Lion's lane
Flett John keeper Penitentiary h 23 Long's lane
Flett John carpenter Herder & Halleren bds Quidi Vidi rd
Fling James laborer C F Bennett & Co h Job's lane
Fling John laborer h Ordnance Yard, Duckworth]
Fling Julia (wid James)   bds 27 Dreelan's Well rd
Fling Patrick laborer bds 17 Tank Hill
Fling Patrick fisherman h 18 James
Flynn Mrs Alice wines and liquors 372 Water h same
Flynn Andrew D accountant John Cormack h 2 Holdsworth
Flynn Ann domestic 14 Dreelan's Well rd
Flynn David constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Flynn Edward cooper h 105 George
Flynn Elizabeth (wid John)   h r 211 New Gower
Flynn Ellen (wid Wm) confectionery h 16 Stephen
Flynn Ellen domestic 127 Military rd
Flynn Francis grocer 211 New Gower h same
Flynn Gregory messenger Atlantic Hotel  
Flynn James tanner Hy Coffin res 49 William
Flynn James cooper h 18 Hagarty's lane
Flynn James shoemaker 56 George h same
Flynn James storeman h 33 Job's lane
Flynn John cooper res 105 George
Flynn John waterer to Municipal Council h Ordnance Yard
Flynn John F clerk M Tobin h 378 Water
Flynn Joseph seaman h 49 Job's lane
Flynn Miss Lizzie machine operator M Kehoe res 9 James
Flynn Miss Maud dressmaker h 105 George
Flynn Michael cooper h 16 Convent lane
Flynn Patrick laborer h 29 1/2 Flower Hill
Flynn Robert shoemaker 28 Springdale h same
Flynn Robert shoemaker res 56 George
Flynn Patrick carpenter h 19 James
Flynn Patrick cooper res 56 George
Flynn Patrick cooper res 105 George
Flynn Patrick fisherman h 49 William
Flynn Thomas upholsterer Callahan, Glass & Co res 274 Gower
Flynn Thomas clerk res 56 George
Flynn Wm fisherman h 7 Flower Hill
Flynn Mrs Wm grocer 7 Flower Hill res same
Flynn Wm fisherman h 24 Dammerill's lane
Flynn Wm machinist Victoria B & E Works res 49 Job's lane
Floating Dock   Archibald Ellis, Manager South Side e
Flood Garrett cooper Feehan Bros res 1 Princes
Flood Michael blacksmith h 1 Princes
Foden Dennis royal marine h r 1 Kickham's lane
Fogarty James carman G Browning & Son h 19 1/2 Carter's Hill
Fogarty John laborer h 61 Hayward av
Fogarty Joseph butcher h 5 Adelaide
Fogarty Michael brewer Miller & Co res 19 1/2 Carter's Hill
Fogarty Theresa domestic 47 Rogerson's lane
Fogwill George W clerk P & L Tessier res 69 Flower Hill st
Fogwill Samuel clerk John Steer h 69 Flower Hill st
Fogwill Samuel captain h South Side rd 3 w Long Bridge
Foley David laborer h 34 1/2 Limekiln Hill
Foley Edward baker W H Goudie bds 43 Prescott
Foley Ellen (wid Wm)   h 40 Barnes rd
Foley James tailor O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 15 Long's Hill
Foley James shipwright h 38 George
Foley Johannah (wid Patrick)   h 226 Water w
Foley John plasterer bds 76 Patrick
Foley Joseph fisherman h 20 Williams
Foley Margaret (wid James)   h 17 Fleming
Foley Mary (wid Patrick)   h 21 Waldegrave
Foley Miss Mary   bds 66 Carter's Hill
Foley Miss Mary laundress h 8 Hayward av
Foley Mary Ann (wid Patrick)   h 52 King's Bridge rd
Foley Miss Mary E tailoress Wm Foley res 41 Darling w
Foley Michael laborer Thorburn & Tessier h 226 Water w
Foley Michael laborer res 103 King's rd
Foley Wm tailor 41 Darling h same
Foran James laborer h 89 King's rd
Foran John W wines and liquors 105 Water e h same
Foran Mary E wks Victoria Tobacco Wks res 89 King's rd
Foran Thomas sailmaker h 8 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Forbes John engineer res 62 Hamilton
Forbes Robert engineer h 62 Hamilton
Ford Mrs Elizabeth (wid Wm)   h South Side e
Ford James cooper Goodfellow & Co res South Side e
Ford Julia domestic 10 Plymouth rd
Ford Lizzie domestic 235 Water e
Ford Richard cooper h South Side
Ford Wm wharfinger Barnes & Co h 172 Lazy Bank rd
Forrestal Edward laborer Nfld F & M Co h 47 Long's Hill
Forrestal Gregory carpenter Bowring Bros h 47 Long's Hill
Forrestal John laborer h 14 Tank Hill
Forrestal John carpenter J L Duchemin h 47 George
Forrestal John laborer h 8 South
Forrestal Julia   res 105 Long's Hill
Forrestal Miss Kate J   res 47 Long's Hill
Forrestal Patrick fisherman res 14 Tank Hill
Forrestal Richard shoemaker Parker & Monroe res 47 Long's Hill
Forrestal Thomas shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 105 Long's Hill
Forrestal Very Rev Wm archdeacon R C Cathedral res The Palace
Forsberg Arvid watchmaker N Ohman res 210 Gower
Forsey Richard clerk h s s Merry Meeting rd 3 w Parade
Forsey Thomas P draper P & L Tessier h 140 Duckworth
Fort Amherst Light House   Austin Sheppard keeper, South Head St John's Harbor
Fort Townshend   Col Morris J Fawcett inspector and general supt Nfld Constabulary Allendale rd opposite The Palace
Fort William     junction Military rd and Duckworth
Fortune Annie domestic 276 Duckworth
Fortune Mrs Edward grocer 187 1./2 New Gower res same
Fortune Michael laborer M Morey h Job's lane
Fortune Patrick J clerk D Sclater bds 23 North
Forward George sailmaker h 14 King's rd
Forward John sailmaker h 8 King's rd
Forward John jr plumber res 8 King's rd
Forward Marmaduke carpenter h 17 Darling
Foster Catherine (wid Henry H) grocer res 2 Plymouth rd
Foster Henry H engineer res 2 Plymouth rd
Foster Herbert machinist Victoria B & E Works h 2 Plymouth rd
Foster James shipwright h 272 Gower
Foster Mary (wid Thomas)   h 216 New Gower
Foster Wm cooper h 33 Carter's Hill
Foster Wm shipwright res 272 Gower
Fowler Abram laborer res 198 Water
Fowler Miss Annie   res 10 Queen
Fowler Caroline domestic Alexander Taylor  
Fowler Daniel laborer Baine, Johnston & Co res Mundy Pond rd
Fowler Edward laborer h 202 Water w
Fowler Henry sawyer h 89 Carter's Hill
Fowler James laborer h rear 29 Limekiln Hill
Fowler Lawrence laborer Baine, Johnston & Co h Mundy Pond rd
Fowler Mary domestic John Barron  
Fowler Stephen carpenter h 198 Water w
Fowler Thomas laborer Goodfellow & Co h 15 Tank Hill
Fowler Wm laborer Baine, Johnston & Co h 196 Water w
Fox Bridget M (wid James)   h 10 Queen's rd
Fox Mrs Charlotte   h 154 Gower
Fox James & Sons General Merchants 129 Water
Fox James P (James Fox & Sons) h 35 King's Bridge rd
Fox Jane (wid Charles)   res 89 Lazy Bank rd
Fox Miss Johanna (Hearn & Co) res 29 Queen's rd
Fox John   res 10 Queen's rd
Fox John laborer h r 50 Monkstown rd
Fox's Wharf     129 Water e
Foxworthy Laskey mate h 6 Tank Hill
Frampton Ambrose fisherman h 21 Alexander
Frampton Mary Ann attendant Lunatic Asylum  
Frampton Wm fisherman h 46 Signal Hill rd
Francis Joseph mate h 53 South West
Francis Mary J (wid Alonzo) grocer 55 South West h same
Franklin John laborer bds 15 Waldegrave
Fraser Alexander laborer h 265 Gower
Fraser D clerk bds 20 Queen's rd
Fraser Hugh H accountant Nfld Ry Co h "Forosay" Circular rd
Fraser Jane (wid Wm)   h 56 New Gower
Fraser Johanna (wid Alexander)   res 11 Livingstone
Fraser James O Postmaster General h "Forosay" Circular rd
Fraser John McL Manufacturers' Agent 255 Water res 340 Duckworth
Fraser Miss Marion   res 228 Duckworth
Fraser Nutting S MB Physician 228 Duckworth
Fraser Oliphant barrister Duckworth res "Forosay" Circular rd
Fraser Wm B clerk J & W Pitts bds 16 Queen's
Freeman Albert clerk Marshall & Rodger h 33 Springdale
Freeman Elizabeth domestic 70 Cochrane
Freeman John clerk P O h 74 New Gower
Freeman John clerk G Knowling bds 2 Holdsworth
Freeman Robert bookkeeper Browning & Son h 15 Victoria
Freeman Stephen carpenter E H & G Davey h 15 Victoria
Freeman Stephen jr shoemaker 15 Victoria res same
Freeman Thomas clerk James Baird h adjoins Mrs Elizabeth Costello
Freeman Wm carpenter Herder & Halleren h 11 Balsom[sic]
Freeman Wm T   res 74 New Gower
French Ann (wid James)   h 82 Gower
French Bessie domestic 7 Military rd
French Eliza (wid Azariah)   h 98 Dreelan's Well rd
French Elizabeth domestic 16 Barter's Hill
French Miss Elizabeth tailoress John Maunder res Lazy Bank rd
French Ellen domestic Mrs M H Ayre  
French Fanny domestic 72 Duckworth
French Hannah (wid John)   6 Water e
French James cooper Feehan Bros res 12 Stephen
French Mary Jane (wid Henry)   h 46 Signal Hill rd
French John school teacher h 79 King's rd
French John printer The Telegram res 6 Water e
French Mary (wid Wm)   h 50 Signal Hill rd
French Mary (wid George)   res 79 King's rd
French Mary Jane (wid Henry)   res 50 Signal Hill rd
French Olivia domestic 2 James
French Patrick clerk Wm Parker & Co h 26 Cookstown rd
French Peter wks Miller & Co res 9 Victoria
French Robert master The Lazaretto res same
French Mrs Robert matron The Lazaretto res same
French Samuel grocer 13 New Gower res 7 Williams lane
French Samuel sr fisherman h 7 Williams lane
French Miss Sarah tailoress John Maunder res Lazy Bank rd
French Stephen wks Miller & Co res 9 Victoria
French Wm wks Miller & Co res 9 Victoria
Freney Miss Mary   res 33 Flower Hill
Freney Patrick fisherman h 33 Flower Hill
Frew Wm Dry Goods, etc. 191 Water e h same
Frew Wm jr clerk Wm Frew res 191 Water e
Froud Nathaniel porter Blackwood & Blair h 72 Hayward av
Fry Annie cook Dr Shea  
Fry Annie domestic 19 Garrison Hill
Fry Eliza domestic 209 Gower
Fry Enoch coachman h 66 Williams
Fry John shoemaker J & T Martin h Portugal Cove rd
Fry Priscilla domestic 147 New Gower
Frys Elizabeth domestic John Pear  
Fryze John laborer h r 331 Water w
Fuer James seaman h 76 Limekiln Hill
Fuller Mrs Amelia   h 243 1/2 Water w
Furl John shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 16 Barter's Hill
Furlong Alexander jr clerk M Fenelon & Co res 23 Bulley's lane
Furlong Alexander shoemaker h 23 Bulley's lane
Furlong Mrs Ann matron St Bonaventure College  
Furlong Miss Annie dressmaker Miss Ellen Aylward res King's Bridge rd
Furlong Miss Elizabeth clerk S H Parsons res 22 Henry
Furlong Frederick L bookkeeper Nfld F & M Co (ltd) res 173 Duckworth
Furlong James tallyman Bowring Bros h 8 Allen sq
Furlong James culler Baine, Johnston & Co h 27 Bulley's lane
Furlong James cooper James Murray h 48 King's rd
Furlong James pilot h 16 Dogstown
Furlong James P (J J & L Furlong) h 11 Monkstown rd
Furlong Jeremiah fisherman h 11 Dogstown
Furlong Miss Johanna   res 27 Queen's rd
Furlong John seaman h 23 Stephen
Furlong John fisherman h 32 Limekiln Hill
Furlong John laborer h 27 Bulley's lane
Furlong J J & L General Importers 343 and 389 Water e
Furlong John T (J J & L Furlong) h 46 Rennie's Mill rd
Furlong John T Manager Powers' Hardware Store 232 Water bds Garrison Hill
Furlong Kate (wid Peter)   h 22 Henry
Furlong Lawrence baker Terra Nova Bakery h Portugal Cove rd
Furlong L O B (J J & L Furlong) h 53 Cochrane
Furlong Miss Maggie clerk M Fenelon & Co res 173 Duckworth
Furlong Margaret (wid Martin)   h 350 Duckworth
Furlong Margaret (wid James)   h 27 Queen's rd
Furlong Martin W Barrister 266 Duckworth h 173 Same
Furlong Mary (wid Peter)   h 6 Cookstown rd
Furlong Mary (wid Thomas) grocer 52 South West h same
Furlong Mary (wid John)   h 5 Flower Hill
Furlong Mary housekeeper 106 Dreelan's Well rd
Furlong Miss Mary A dressmaker bds 42 North
Furlong Matthew N grocer 50 Water w h same
Furlong Michael seaman h 30 Lazy Bank rd
Furlong Michael laborer h r 3 James
Furlong Miss Minnie   bds 15 Stephen
Furlong Miss May milliner Miss E Carbery res 4 St John row, Duckworth
Furlong Patrick   h 173 Duckworth
Furlong Patrick laborer res 28 Young
Furlong Patrick J clerk res 173 Duckworth
Furlong Peter constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 28 Young
Furlong Richard clerk h 3 Tank Hill
Furlong Thomas servant D Galway bds same
Furneaux John E A Proprietor Evening Herald h 27 Monkstown rd
Furrs Susan tailoress O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds Queen
Fury Elizabeth domestic Dr. Shea  
Furze Miss Emma dressmaker res 5 Queen's
Furze Martha (wid Samuel) boarding house 5 Queen's h same
Furze Miss Susan   res 5 Queen's
Fynn Martha domestic 50 Rennie's Mill rd

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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