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A B C D E F G H I J K L "M" N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
McCarthy Denis fisherman res 33 Dreelan's Well rd
McCarthy Elizabeth domestic 45 New Gower
McCarthy George laborer h 20 Cookstown rd
McCarthy James fisherman res 33 Dreelan's Well rd
McCarthy John Groceries and Provisions 438 Water h Leslie
McCarthy Joseph junk dealer 7 Brennan's lane h 435 Water
McCarthy Miss Julia dressmaker Mrs M Sommerville bds Temperance
McCarthy Lizzie domestic 49 Rennie's Mill rd
McCarthy Margaret, wid Thomas   h 33 Dreelan's Well rd
McCarthy Miss Margaret   res 22 Limekiln Hill
McCarthy Martin clerk John McCarthy res 438 Water
McCarthy Martin shoemaker h 60 Rogerson's lane
McCarthy Michael fisherman h 8 Lazy Bank rd
McCarthy Michael fisherman res 14 Stephen
McCarthy Michael clerk John McCarthy res 438 Water
McCarthy Rachel domestic 34 Cochrane
McCarthy Theresa housekeeper 44 Rennie's Mill rd
McCarthy Thomas grocer 435 Water h same
McCarthy Thomas laborer West & Rendell h 13 Dreelan's Well rd
McCarthy Thomas watchman h 21 Victoria
McCarthy Thomas laborer res 60 Rogerson's lane
McCarthy Wm boatman res 21 Victoria
McCarthy Mrs Wm grocer 14 Adelaide h same
McCarthy Wm grocer 142 George h same
McCarthy Wm fisherman h 33 Patrick
McCartney David seaman h 30 Yonge
McClarty Miss Mary   res 143 Gower
McClarty Miss Mattie forelady millinery dept S O Steele res 143 Gower
McCoubrey Adam tinsmith A G McCoubrey h 97 Lazy Bank rd
McCoubrey A George Stoves and Tinware 236 Water h 17 Gower
McCoubrey Miss Elizabeth clerk Mrs M McCoubrey res same
McCoubrey John W Proprietor and Publisher "The Times and General Gazette" 148 Water h same
McCoubrey Margaret, wid John W   res 148 Water
McCoubrey Mrs Mary crockery 192 Water h same
McCoubrey Richard A printer "The Times" h 148 Water
McCourt Philip grocer 65 Duckworth h same
McCowan John R Supt Colonial Penitentiary h "The Lodge" Forest rd
McCrae Mrs E A   h 308 Water
McCreden John pensioner h 16 Signal Hill rd
McCrindle David machinist Terra Nova Foundry h 18 Plymouth rd
McCrindle David engineer bds 35 Duckworth
McCue Mary domestic 16 Cochrane
McDermotte Patrick constable Cavalry Nfld Constabulary res FortTownshend
McDonald     see also Macdonald
McDonald Annie domestic 61 Prescott
McDonald Miss Betsy   res 13 Dammerill's lane
McDonald Fannie domestic 260 Duckworth
McDonald George boilermaker Terra Nova Foundry h 16 King's rd
McDonald Hannah, wid John   res 40 Cochrane
McDonald James laborer bds Edward Kerrivan
McDonald Mrs James   h 10 Springdale
McDonald Miss Johannah seamstress h 60 King's rd
McDonald John laborer h 43 Rogerson's lane
McDonald Joseph mate h 51 Rogerson's lane
McDonald Mrs Joseph grocer 51 Rogerson's lane res same
McDonald Josie domestic 276 Gower
McDonald Mrs Louisa keeper Custom House res same
McDonald Miss Mary grocer h 13 Dammerill's lane
McDonald Michael seaman res 43 Rogerson's lane
McDonald Michael rope buyer h 4 Flavin's lane
McDonald Peter tidewaiter H M C h 16 King's rd
McDonald Peter J clerk James Murray h 186 Duckworth
McDonald Stephen fisherman h 40 Thomas
McDonald Wm wood turner Nfld F & M Co res 4 Flavin's lane
McDonald Wm tinsmith Goudie & Diamond res 14 British sq
McDougall Alexander Goodfellow & Co h 245 Water e
McDougall Arthur clerk McDougall & Templeton res 8 Adelaide
McDougall Edwin B brokerage and mnfrs' agent 5 McBride's Hill h 215 Gower
McDougall Francis   h 203 New Gower
McDougall John McDougall & Templeton h 8 Adelaide
McDougall & Templeton John McDougall, Robert Templeton Brookers and General Commission Merchants 337 Water e
McDougal's Wharf     East Side Codner's Cove
McElvanie Miss Agnes tailoress P Kelly res 14 Belvidere
McElvanie Mary, wid Hugh tailoress Michael Hickey h 14 Belvidere
McElvanie Rose domestic 47 Cochrane
McFarlane James cooper h 47 Rogerson's lane
McFarlane Mrs James dressmaker 47 Rogerson's lane res same
McFarlane John engineer h 35 Duckworth
McFarlane Mrs John grocer 35 Duckworth h same
McFarlane Miss Kate dressmaker 47 Rogerson's lane bds same
McGettigan James machinist Nfld Ry Co h 332 Water w
McGettigan Mathew laborer Terra Nova Foundry res 332 Water w
McGhee Leonard J insurance agent 235 Duckworth h 5 Tasker terrace
McGillivray Duncan D tanner Nfld Tannery h 8 lane n Pilot's Hill
McGillivray Mary, wid Thomas   h 27 Prescott
McGillivray Thomas laborer res 27 Prescott
McGillivray Wm carpenter Nfld F & M Co res 27 Prescott
McGinn Catherine, wid Wm   h 12 Duckworth
McGinn Edward baker Alex Harvey & Co res 12 Duckworth
McGinn Frederick baker Alex Harvey & Co res 12 Duckworth
McGinn Patrick tanner res 12 Duckworth
McGloudy John baker h 34 Belvidere
McGrath Andrew laborer M Monroe h 84 Dreelan's Well rd
McGrath Bridget, wid John wines and liquors 10 Queen h same
McGrath Mrs Catherine grocer 164 Duckworth h same
McGrath Denis tailor P Kelly h 15 Beck's Cove
McGrath Denis J printer The Colonist h 164 Duckworth
McGrath Edward shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 64 Lazy Bank rd
McGrath Edward farmer h r 117 New Gower
McGrath Edward shoemaker Parker & Monroe res 14 Covil's lane
McGrath Elizabeth, wid Simeon   h 6 Rocky lane
McGrath Ellen, wid Thomas   h 23 Cuddihy's lane
McGrath Henry laborer h lane off Rogerson's lane
McGrath James fisherman res 84 Dreelan's Well rd
McGrath James cooper h 97 New Gower
McGrath James tailor John McGrath res 6 Brazel's sq
McGrath James F MHA, commissioner Bait Protection bds Tremont Hotel
McGrath Miss Johanna wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 52 Carter's Hill
McGrath John carpenter M Morey h 64 Lazy Bank rd
McGrath John laborer M Monroe h Dreelan's Well rd
McGrath John tailor 6 Brazel's sq h same
McGrath John tailor P Kelley h 20 Henry
McGrath John laborer res Susan McGrath
McGrath John laborer h 1 Long's Hill
McGrath John painter Moses Wellman res Water w
McGrath John carman h 12 Boncloddy
McGrath John J Carriage and Wagon Maker 131 Gower h 14 same
McGrath Joseph cooper 17 Dreelan's Well rd h 21 same
McGrath Mrs J proprietress Tremont Hotel 293 Water
McGrath Miss Lizzie grocer 31 Hayward av h 39 Williams
McGrath Miss Maggie machine operator Parker & Monroe res 14 Cobble lane
McGrath Margaret, wid Wm grocer 90 Prescott h same
McGrath Mary J wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 52 Carter's Hill
McGrath Nicholas tailor res 20 Henry
McGrath Patrick fireman h 64 Hamilton
McGrath Patrick laborer h 52 Carter's Hill
McGrath Patrick cooper 39 Springdale h same
McGrath Patrick accountant Thomas McMurdo & Co res 210 Duckworth
McGrath Philip steward res 97 New Gower
McGrath Roger carpenter h 184 Le Marchant rd
McGrath Susan, wid Matthew   h lane off Rogerson's lane
McGrath Mrs Thomas grocer 49 Carter's Hill res same
McGrath Thomas laborer h 49 Carter's Hill
McGrath Thomas rigger h 14 Covil's lane
McGrath Thomas J manager Wm McGrath h 46 Water
McGrath Thomas R harnessmaker W S McGrath res 210 Duckworth
McGrath Timothy wines and liquors 376 Water h same
McGrath Wm Blacksmith 46 Water e h same
McGrath Wm laborer h 11 Tank Hill
McGrath Wm S Harness Maker 210 Duckworth h same
McGregor     see also Macgregor
McGregor Bridget, wid Matthew   h 10 Bell
McGrory David machinist Victoria B & E Co bds 340 Duckworth
McGrow Miss Annie matron Lunatic Asylum  
McGuire Bernard shoemaker T Grant res 22 Water w
McGuire Miss Bridget   h 220 Water w
McGuire James sailmaker res 22 Water w
McGuire Johanna, wid Thomas   res 18 Stephen
McGuire John sailmaker res 22 Water w
McGuire Margaret, wid James   h 15 Darling
McGuire Matthew grocer 51 Alexander h same
McGuire Michael laborer h 5 Holdsworth
McIntosh Robert clerk h 2 Cathedral
McIntyre Hector carpenter Herder & Halleren h Hill of Chips
McIntyre Hugh storekeeper J & W Stewart h s s Pennywell rd 2 w Boncloddy
McIntyre James Prop Standard Marble Works 4 New Gower h same
McIver Malcolm seaman h 66 Cookstown rd
McKay     see also Mackay
McKay Andrew student R J Kent res 341 Water e
McKay Miss Edith   res 69 Prescott
McKay George bartender h 5 Garrison Hill
McKay George S surveyor Engineer's Office Municipal Bldg h 69 Prescott
McKay James   res 341 Water e
McKay Mrs J saloon 341 Water e h same
McKay Miss Maud   res 69 Prescott
McKay Michael fisherman h 12 r 21 Barter's Hill
McKay Wm storekeeper res 69 Prescott
McKay Wm clerk Mrs J McKay res 341 Water e
McKenzie     see also Mackenzie
McKenzie Alexander lobster packer h 53 Patrick
McKenzie John harnessmaker 130 Water h same
McKenzie M A, wid Thomas fancy goods 296 Water h same
McKillop John wks Col Cord Co h Mundy's Pond rd
McKillop Thomas wks Col Cord Co h Mundy's Pond rd
McKinlay Joseph bookkeeper Terra Nova Foundry h 95 Quidi Vidi rd
McKinlay Margaret, wid Cornelius   h 39 Cuddihy's lane
McLachlan Alexander engineer h 140 Le Marchant rd
McLaughlan Hon James MLC h 82 Water w
McLaughlan Mrs Thomas   h 203 New Gower
McLaughlan's Wharf     19 Water w
McLean David turner bds 340 Duckworth
McLean Janet, wid John   h 111 Gower
McLean Neil apprentice Nfld Ry Co res 111 Gower
McLellan Hugh engineer h 51 Military rd
McMahon Richard cooper h 12 Dick's sq
McMahon Mrs Richard grocer 12 Dick's sq h same
McMannus Joseph storeman T & J Grace res 11 Job's lane
McMannus Mary, wid Lawrence confectionery 11 Job's lane h same
McMurdo Thomas & Co (John McNeil) Druggists 210-212 Water
McMurray Mary domestic 416 Water
McNairn James Veterinary Surgeon 56 New Gower bds same
McNamara Alfred watchmaker W J Allan res 23 Garrison Hill
McNamara Frank clerk Hearn & Co res 23 Garrison Hill
McNamara Johanna, wid Austin   h 23 Garrison Hill
McNamara John accountant res 23 Garrison Hill
McNamara Joseph clerk Victoria Tobacco Works res 23 Garrison Hill
McNamara Kate domestic 197 New Gower
McNamara Terrence attendant Insane Asylum h 223 New Gower
McNamara Mrs Terrence grocer 223 New Gower res same
McNeil Hector accountant Hon M Monroe bds 56 New Gower
McNeil James wheelwright J T Carnell h 29 Hayward av
McNeil John Thomas McMurdo & Co h Summer Grove Hill, Waterford Bridge rd, Winter res 210 Water
McNeil Oliver seaman h 10 Limekiln Hill
McNeil Samuel lumber surveyor h 16 Pilot's Hill
McNeil W W & Co John McNeil, druggists 333 Water
McNeily A J W QC, Chief Clerk and Registrar Supreme Court and Registrar of Deeds, Court House res Musgrave ter
McNeily I R Barrister and Solicitor, Athenaeum Building, Duckworth  
McNiven Alexander foreman Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 36 Job's lane
McNiven Frederick wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 36 Job's lane
McNiven Frederick shoemaker h 17 Brazel's sq
McPherson     see Macpherson
McShinnock Mary A, wid Peter dressmaker 18 Victoria h same
Mabin Henry J accountant The Telegram h 27 Adelaide
Macandie Wm salesman Thorburn & Tessier h 40 Bulley's lane
Macdonald     see also McDonald
Macdonald Nelson superintendent Nfld Tannery h 55 Military rd
Macgregor     see also McGregor
Macgregor James O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds Atlantic Hotel
Macintosh Robert buyer Wm Frew h 33 Victoria
Mack Anna domestic 75 Rennie's Mill rd
Mackay     see also McKay
Mackay Hon Alexander M General Superintendent Anglo-American Telegraph Co, President St. John's Electric Light Co h "Devon Row", 49 Duckworth
Mackay Lawrence fisherman h 46 Barter's Hill
Mackay Leslie G   res 49 Duckworth
Mackay Mary housekeeper The Palace  
Mackay Patrick laborer Thorburn & Tessier h 107 New Gower
Mackay Thomas blacksmith W S Pope h 114 New Gower
Mackay Wm fisherman h 51 Wickford
Mackay Wm laborer Shea & Co h 10 Duckworth
Mackay Wm painter Nfld Furniture & Moulding Co (ltd) res 10 Duckworth
Mackay Wm A clerk Telegraph Co res 49 Duckworth
Mackay's Wharf     17 Water e
Mackeen Anderson Tanner Waterford Bridge rd h 357 Water w
Mackenzie     see also McKenzie
Mackenzie Kenneth D MD, Visiting Physician to the Lunatic Asylum, 1 Cathedral Hill h same
Mackey James constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Mackey John fisherman h Barnes lane
Macpherson     see also McPherson
Macpherson Archibald accountant C Macpherson h 8 Queen's rd
Macpherson Campbell dry goods 279 Water e h 114 Military rd
Macpherson James clerk Job Bros & Co bds 290 Duckworth
Macpherson Michael mason res 2 n s Mackay
Macpherson Samuel moulder Con Foundry Co h 73 Patrick
Macpherson Susan, wid Peter   h 8 Queen's rd
Madand Drusalla domestic 191 Water e
Madden Frances, wid Dennis   res 116 Water w
Madden George laborer M Monroe bds 17 Carter's Hill
Madden Louisa, wid John   h 5 Stephen
Madden Luke fisherman M Morey h South Side rd r 5 w Long Bridge
Madden Mary domestic D Galway  
Madden Patrick laborer J & W Stewart h 116 Water w
Madden Patrick jr laborer res 16 Water w
Madden Peter farmer h 14 Thomas
Maddick Wm H Plumber, Steam and Gasfitter 6 McBride's Hill h 38 Livingston
Maddigan Edward laborer res 39 Bulley's lane
Maddigan Frank fisherman h 33 Coady's lane
Maddigan James tailor E M Jackman h 2299 Water w
Maddigan James laborer h 39 Bulley's lane
Maddigan James jr laborer res 39 Bulley's lane
Maddigan John fisherman res 33 Coady's lane
Maddigan Maggie domestic 230 Water
Maddigan Michael fisherman h 79 Dreelan's Well rd
Maddigan Michael fisherman h 54 Wickford
Maddigan Michael wks Riverhead Brewery h nr same
Maddigan Mrs Michael grocer 54 Wickford res same
Maddigan Richard laborer Gas Co h 299 Water w
Maddigan Wm laborer h 300 Water w
Maddock Elizabeth, wid Henry   res 38 Livingstone
Maddock Miss Elizabeth   res 38 Livingstone
Maddock Mary domestic Poor House  
Maddock Catherine, wid Wm grocer 24 Dammerill's lane res same
Maddock Daniel baker Terra Nova Bakery res 13 Delahunty's lane
Maddock Edward fisherman h 24 lane w from Wickford
Maddock Edward plumber Gough & Moore res 45 Cochrane
Maddock Edward fisherman h 3 Long's Hill
Maddock Elizabeth domestic 76 Prescott
Maddock Francis engineer res 45 Cochrane
Maddock James clerk Alex Harvey & Co bds 3 Long's Hill
Maddock Jane, wid Edward   h 199 Gower
Maddock John Crown Lands surveyor h 45 Cochrane
Maddock John jr tailor res 45 Cochrane
Maddock John fisherman h 13 Dogstown
Maddock John seaman h 11 Waldegrave
Maddock John linemaker h 175 Le Marchant rd
Maddock Mary domestic James Gleeson  
Maddock Patrick shoemaker 59 Duckworth h same
Maddock Richard tinsmith h 138 New Gower
Maddock Sylvester carpenter M Morey h 5 James
Maddock Thomas A telegraph operator res 45 Cochrane
Maddock Wm laborer P & L Tessier h 23 James
Maddock Wm carman Nfld F & M Co h 29 Plymouth rd
Maddock Wm tanner J & T Martin h 2 William
Maddock Wm fisherman h 22 James
Mahon Mary domestic 138 Duckworth
Mahon Michael clerk h 32 Victoria
Mahoney Bridget, wid Robert   h 22 Stephen w
Mahoney Cornelius fisherman h 192 New Gower
Mahoney Mrs Cornelius grocer 192 New Gower h same
Mahoney Dennis laborer h 87 King's rd
Mahoney Elizabeth, wid Wm   res 26 Dreelan's Well rd
Mahoney Francis laborer h 26 Dreelan's Well rd
Mahoney George clerk James Bryden res 39 Flower Hill
Mahoney Mary F domestic 234 Duckworth
Mahoney Patrick seaman h 26 Kickham's lane
Mahoney Philip grocer 402 Water h same
Mahoney Thomas fisherman res 192 New Gower
Mahoney Wm wks Shoe Factory res 1 Garrison Hill
Maiden Maggie attendant Lunatic Asylum  
Maidment Mary domestic Cyrus Warren  
Mainwaring James shoemaker 18 Cuddihy's lane h same
Major Cornelius carman h 34 Young
Major Elizabeth, wid Charles   h 5 West
Major Frank clerk Goodfellow & Co res 5 West
Major John farmer h s s Pennywell rd 4 w Boncloddy
Major Wm mate res 5 West
Malcolm Mrs Mary   res 400 Water
Malcolm Wm tinsmith 400 Water h same
Maley Bridget, wid James   res 50 Flower Hill st
Maley Patrick butcher Wm Cook h Long Pond rd
Mallam Miss Emily   res 29 Gower
Mallam Emma, wid George   h 15 Dick's sq
Mallam Miss Sylvia asst teacher Springdate st school res 15 Dick's sq
Mallard Mrs Bessie   h 9 College sq
Mallard Denis laborer 21 1/2 King's rd
Mallard Mrs Denis grocer 21 1/2 King's rd h same
Mallard Edith domestic "Torosay", Circular rd  
Mallard Eliza, wid Wm   h 9 College sq
Mallard Francis laborer h Barnes lane
Mallard John printer Bowden Bros res 54 Barnes rd
Mallard Michael laborer h 18 South
Mallard Michael gardener 44 Rennie's Mill rd
Mallard Wm laborer h 54 Barnes rd
Malley Ann nurse St. John's General Hospital  
Malloy Thomas laborer h 244 New Gower
Malone Miss Catherine grocer 59 King's rd h same
Malone Catherine domestic 126 Water w
Malone Edward J cutter P Jordan & Son h 332 Duckworth
Malone Ellen, wid Michael   res 59 King's rd
Malone James laborer h 67 Monkstown rd
Malone John fisherman h 10 South
Malone Josephine domestic 88 Freshwater
Malone Kate, wid James   h 332 Duckworth
Malone Miss Lilla dressmaker res 332 Duckworth
Malone Maggie domestic 5 Queen's rd
Malone Martin laborer Bowring Bros h 29 Plank rd
Malone Martin oil clothes manufacturer h 35 Mazse
Malone Miss Mary A   res 59 King's rd
Malone Miss Mary A dressmaker res 332 Duckworth
Malone Maurice wines and liquors 410 Water h same
Malone Michael seaman h 22 Delahunty's lane
Malone Michael shipwright J Ryan & Brother res 120 Water e
Malone Michael clerk W P Walsh h 59 King's rd
Malone Patrick laborer h 6 lane n Pilot's Hill
Malone Phillip blacksmith Wm McGrath bds 46 Water
Malone Thomas laborer h r 246 Gower
Maloney Ann, wid Cornelius   bds 17 Tank Hill
Maloney Ann, wid Richard   h 23 King's rd
Maloney Charles seaman h 30 Limekiln Hill
Maloney Mrs Charles confectionery h 30 Limekiln Hill
Maloney Edward seaman h 50 Victoria
Maloney Eliza domestic 10 Queen's rd
Maloney Miss Ellen   h 25 Cathedral
Maloney Francis blacksmith E & W Doutney res 23 Queen's rd
Maloney Francis carpenter h 2 n s Mackay
Maloney James messenger M Morley & Co res 23 King's rd
Maloney Johannah, wid Joseph grocer 297 Water w h same
Maloney John blacksmith h 107 New Gower
Maloney John coachman Sir R J Pinsent  
Maloney Kate, wid John   h 22 Barnes rd
Maloney Margaret cook Fishermen's and Sailors' Home  
Maloney Mary domestic 224 Water
Maloney Thomas clerk res 23 King's rd
Manchester Fire Assurance Co of England   R J Kent Agent 255 Duckworth
Maney Bridget, wid John   h 26 Nunnery Hill
Maney James laborer res 26 Nunnery Hill
Maney John cooper res 26 Nunnery Hill
Mann Allan engineer h "Pembroke Lodge," Gower
Mann James W cashier W H Mare Son & Co h 122 Military rd
Mann John Mann & Barnes res "Pembroke Lodge," Gower
Mann & Barnes John Mann, Alexander Barnes Butchers 151 Duckworth
Manning Mrs A crockery 330 Water h same
Manning James master mariner h 26 Cochrane
Manning Mary, wid William 5 Quidi Vidi rd  
Manning Michael constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Manning Patrick foreman h 42 Victoria
Manning Thomas blacksmith Nfld Railway Co res 26 Hunt's lane
Mansfield James laborer 169 New Gower
Manuel Miss Ann   h 75 King's rd
Manuel Elizabeth, wid John grocrey h 9 Dreelan's Well rd
Manuel Henry ships carpenter h 2 lane w from Courtin lane
Manuel John tidewaiter H M C h 28 King's rd
Manuel Mary J domestic 229 Water e
Manuel Minnie domestic 4 Park place, Rennie's Mill rd
Manuel Wm fisherman h 36 Dreelan's Well rd
March Alexander constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
March Miss Amelia tailoress A W Martin res 33 Le Marchant rd
March Archibald carman Barnes & Burridge h 24 Belvidere
March Avalon L dentist 273 Duckworth h same
March Miss Christiana saleslady John B & G Ayre res same
March Elias baker John B & G Ayre res 3 Cuddihy's lane
March Miss Esther tailoress A W Martin res 3 Cuddihy's lane
March Fanny domestic 75 Le Marchant rd
March Isabella domestic 54 Rennie's Mill rd
March John baker J B & G Ayre h 3 Cuddihy's lane
March Levi General Superintendent S March & Son h 29 Monkstown rd
March Nathaniel S March & Son h Circular rd foot of Bannerman rd
March Olivia domestic 35 John
March Miss Sarah teacher Methodist College res Nathaniel March
March Stephen truckman Herder & Halleren h Hill of Chips
March Stephen J clerk S March & Sons h 50 Nunnery Hill
March Stephen R S March & Sons h 89 Water e
March Stephen & Sons (Nathaniel & Stephen R) Ship Owners, Coal Merchants and Fishery Suppliers 89 Water e
March Victoria, wid Wm   h 3 Cuddihy's lane
March Wm J constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
March's Wharf     89 Water e
Mare Robert Langrishe W H Mare, Son & Co, Notary Public 182 Water e h "Bannerman House" Circular rd
Mare W H W H Mare, Son & Co res London, England
Mare W H Son & Co (W H and Robert L Mare, A S Rendell) Ship Brokers and General Commission Agents 183 Water e
Mareburg J R   bds Atlantic Hotel
Market House     190 Water
Marles Anthony laborer h 72 Kings' Bridge rd
Marnell John clerk h 67 Cochrane
Marnell Miss Margaret machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 17 Stephen
Marr Daniel baker res 13 Delahunty's lane
Marr Julia, wid James   h 13 Delahunty's lane
Marr Moses shoemaker 13 Delahunty's lane h same
Marriott Frederick L private tutor res 70 Queen's rd
Marriott Joseph W supt Col Con Church Socy School h 70 Queen's rd
Marshall Alexander merchant h "Kelvin House" 49 Rennie's Mill rd
Marshall Ambrose clerk James Murray h 29 Goodview
Marshall Caleb carpenter bds 4 Duckworth
Marshall Mrs Charity   h 61 King's rd
Marshall Charles clerk res 49 Rennie Mill rd
Marshall David F printer The Telegram h 29 Long's Hill
Marshall George culler h 4 Pilot's Hill
Marshall George jr printer The Telegram h 4 Pilot's Hill
Marshall George W fisherman h 44 King's rd
Marshall Henry cooper 16 Plymouth rd h same
Marshall Herbert wks Nfld F & M Co res 14 Stephen
Marshall John lime burner bds 4 Duckworth
Marshall John lime burner Barnes & Burridge res 16 Plymouth rd
Marshall John mason h 107 Gower
Marshall John C Marshall & Rodger h Rennie's Mill rd
Marshall Phillip laborer W & G Rendell h 2 Pilot's Hill
Marshall Richard laborer h 14 Stephen
Marshall Robert cooper Edwin Duder h 35 Bulley's lane
Marshall Samuel butcher 80 Queen's rd h same
Marshall Thomas mason h 3 Flavin's lane
Marshall Wm clerk h 49 Rennie's Mill rd
Marshall & Rodger John C Marshall, Alexander Rodger Dry Goods, Grocers, etc 161 Water e
Martery Augustine   h 17 Stephen
Martin Albert H bookkeeper W & G Rendell h 84 Gower
Martin Alfred machinist Victoria B & E Co res 56 Barter's Hill
Martin Ambrose fisherman h 41 Williams
Martin Amelia, wid Adam   h 245 Theatre Hill
Martin Miss Annie E saleslady res 44 New Gower
Martin Arthur W merchant tailor 67 New Gower h 69 same
Martin Azariah laborer h 45 Williams
Martin Bridget wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 1 Cathedral Hill
Martin Charles tinsmith res 13 Cochrane
Martin Charles shoemaker 135 New Gower h same
Martin Edward fisherman Dreelan's Well rd
Martin Elizabeth, wid Edward   h 32 Carter's Hill
Martin Mrs Elizabeth grocer 148 Duckworth h same
Martin Emma, wid Frederick   res 52 Barter's Hill
Martin Ernest carpenter Henry Earle h r 36 New Gower
Martin Frank clerk res 100 Water
Martin Frederick W harnessmaker J McKenzie res 44 New Gower
Martin George coachman h 38 Barter's Hill
Martin Hugh W wks Ayre & Sons h 52 Barter's Hill
Martin James fisherman h 1 1/2 Dreelan's Well rd
Martin James coachman Dr N S Fraser h 11 John
Martin James laborer h 45 Cookstown rd
Martin James T undertaker 3 Lion's sq h 2 Allen's sq
Martin James tailor h 13 Cochrane
Martin James F clerk J H Martin & Co res 100 Water
Martin James H J H Martin & Co, Crockery 100 Water e h same
Martin J H & Co (James H and Wm Martin) hardware 143 Water e
Martin John, CE Water Works Engineer Municipal Council h 148 Duckworth
Martin John sailmaker Charles Hutchings h 161 Gower
Martin John carman John Woods & Son h 53 Plymouth rd
Martin John carman Riverhead Brewery h 21 Delahunty's lane
Martin John laborer h 41 Nunnery Hill
Martin John blacksmith h 17 Beck's Cove
Martin John grocer 38 New Gower h same
Martin John B grocer 44 New Gower h same
Martin John D J & T Martin h 3 British sq
Martin Jonathan first turnkey Penitentiary h Marsh Hill
Martin J & T (John D and Thomas) Boots and Shoes 141 Water e
Martin Miss Kate laundress St. John's Steam Laundry res 44 Garrison Hill
Martin Miss Lucy   res 44 New Gower
Martin Luke fisherman h 19 South
Martin Miss Margaret laundress St. John's Steam Laundry res 44 Garrison Hill
Martin Mary, wid Joseph   h 35 Cookstown rd
Martin Michael G salesman Job Bros & Co bds 65 Gower
Martin Patrick laborer h 44 Queen's rd
Martin Patrick fisherman h 28 Livingstone
Martin Robert broom maker Nfld F & M Co h 18 Duckworth
Martin Robert porter McDougall & Templeton h 17 South
Martin Robert laborer h r 86 Duckworth
Martin Robert laborer h 70 Rogerson's lane
Martin Sarah tailoress John Goss bds 218 Water
Martin Solomon fisherman h 20 Stephen w
Martin Mrs Solomon confectionery res 20 Stephen w
Martin Thomas J & T Martin res Tilt Cove
Martin Thomas watchman Bowring Bros h 57 Limekiln Hill
Martin Thomas laborer h 20 Dammerill's lane
Martin Wm J H Martin & Co h 56 Prescott
Martin Wm coachman J W Foran bds same
Martin Wm watchman Alex Harvey & Co h 7 Flavin's lane
Martin Wm shoemaker 42 Gower h same
Martin Wm clerk James Baird h 8 Rennie's Mill rd
Martin Wm nailer St. John's Nail Mnfg Co h 214 1/2 New Gower
Martin Wm seaman h 16 Cuddihy's lane
Martin Wm laborer bds 21 1/2 King's rd
Martin Wm C clerk J Pack bds 56 Flower Hill st
Martin Wm H lobster canner h Forest rd
Martin Wm J cashier Clift, Wood & Co res 65 Gower
Masher John clerk P O bds 11 Queen
Mason Annie domestic 95 Quidi Vidi rd
Mason Mary, wid John   h 12 Alexander
Mason Thomas blaster h Walshe's lane
Masonic Hall     ss Harvey's rd bet Garrison Hill and Long's Hill
Matchim Mary cook Central Hotel  
Mathieson John clerk J J & L Furlong bds 278 Gower
Mathieson John D clerk Ayre & Sons h 203 Gower
Mathieson Oliver clerk Kennedy & Co h 278 Gower
Matthews Hannah domestic 35 King's Bridge rd
Matthews Miss Harriet   res 374 Water
Matthews Mary, wid Wm   h 29 Covil's lane
Matthews Mary domestic 35 King's Bridge rd
Matthews Wm sawyer h 14 Young
Matthews Wm jr tinsmith R Peace & Co res 14 Young
Matthias Robert seaman h 26 Darling
Maud James   bds 2 Beck's Cove Hill
Maudes Andrew R seaman h 16 Belvidere
Maunder George shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 17 1/2 Balsam
Maunder Henry shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h r Mrs Elizabeth Costello
Maunder John tailor 286 Duckworth res 275 same
Maunder Thomas lime burner John Score h 78 Limekiln Hill
May Anastasia, wid Thomas   res 13 Kickham's lane
May Andrew laborer res 13 Kickham's lane
May Michael seaman h 13 Kickham's lane
May Richard B seaman h 82 New Gower
May Thomas fisherman res 13 Kickham's lane
Maynard Francis carpenter h 96 Limekiln Hill
Mayo James confectionery 412 Water h same
Mayo John laborer res 71 Long's Hill
Mayo Robert laborer h 77 Carter's Hill
Mayo Susannah, wid Wm   res Wm Mayo
Mayo Wm laborer h 71 Long's Hill
Mayo Wm laborer h r 1 Kickham's lane
Meaden Delphine cook 90 Military rd
Meadows Elizabeth domestic 119 Quidi Vidi rd
Meagher Richard A broker h 54 Cochrane
Meagher Thomas J bookkeeper M Morey & Co res 54 Cochrane
Meagher Miss Theresa tailoress Mark Chaplin res 41 Delahunty's lane
Mealey David fisherman h 39 Bulley's lane
Mealey James fisherman res 39 Bulley's lane
Mealey John fisherman res 39 Bulley's lane
Mealey Margaret, wid John confectioner 182 New Gower h same
Mealey Richard captain res 344 Water w
Mealey Thomas fisherman res 39 Bulley's lane
Mealey Wm baker res 182 New Gower
Meaney Daniel fisherman h 49 Fleming
Meaney Miss Kate dressmaker Miss Ellen Aylward res Nunnery Hill
Meaney Mary domestic J M Perez  
Meaney Sylvester laborer Thorburn & Tessier res Waterford Bridge rd
Meaney Miss Theresa private school 100 Military rd h same
Mearns Ann, wid Andrew   h 59 Patrick
Mearns Mary, wid Frederick   h 54 Williams
Mechanics' Hall     Gambier
Meddus Hannah domestic 156 1/2 Gower
Medemcy Matthew laborer h 61 1/2 Carter's Hill
Meehan Allan clerk Shirran & Pippy res 236 Gower
Meehan Charles E teller Union Bank of Nfld h Rennie's Mill rd
Meehan John saloon 91 Military rd h same
Meehan Mary Ann, wid John   h 236 Gower
Meehan Wm J Barrister and Solicitor, Office Home Industries' Bldg 226 Duckworth res Avilon House, 20 Queen's rd
Meek Mrs Christoper   h 4 Gower
Meek Frank W clerk Harvey & Co bds 20 Queen's rd
Melvin Miss Esther   res 187 1/2 New Gower
Melvin George wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 13 Convent lane
Melvin James porter James Stott res 121 Gower
Melvin James W accountant Hayward & Co h 245 Gower
Melvin Miss Lucy machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 137 New Gower
Melvin Mary, wid Thomas   h 121 Gower
Melvin Stephen cooper res 121 Gower
Melvin Stephen fisherman h 187 1/2 New Gower
Melvin Stephen jr fisherman res 187 1/2 New Gower
Melvin Thomas cooper h 9 British sq
Memory Edward blacksmith Victoria B & E Co h 3 Alexander
Memory George blacksmith Patrick Buckley h 15 James
Menchington Wilhelmina domestic Stephen Noseworth Fort Townshend
Mentition Luke seaman h r 246 Gower
Mercantile Marine Office   Robert Carter supt 74 Water
Mercer Bertha domestic 10 Maxse
Mercer Charles assistant, Fishermen's and Sailors' Home  
Mercer Elizabeth domestic 83 Gower
Mercer Emma domestic, Rev Wm Pilot  
Mercer George carpenter h 46 George
Mercer Herbert clerk Crown Lands Office bds 2 New Gower
Mercer Isaac laborer Victoria B & E Co res Bay Roberts
Mercer Israel watchman Edwin Duder h 17 Allen's lane
Mercer James laborer h 6 Belvidere
Mercer Jane domestic 3 Holdsworth
Mercer Jane domestic 22 Beck's Cove
Mercer John wks Col Cordge Co h Spry Town
Mercer John clerk M Monroe h 57 Flower Hill st
Mercer John cooper N Cousens res 17 Allen's sq
Mercer Jonathan fireman h 16 Livingstone
Mercer Margaret, wid John   h 124 Lazy Bank rd
Mercer Miss N millinery 2 McBride's Hill res 234 Water
Mercer Robert pressman The Telegram res 27 Prescott
Mercer Samuel carpenter h South Side e
Mercer Selina domestic 6 Chapel lane
Mercer Wilhelmina domestic Rev Wm Pilot  
Mercer Wm brass fitter res 57 Flower Hill st
Merchant Wm   h McCalman's lane
Merils Samuel blacksmith J T Carnell bds 16 Cochrane
Merner Martin carman Johnson & West h 4 Brennan's lane
Merner Patrick coachman Mrs C Tessier  
Merrigan Mary domestic 56 Gower
Merrigan Pierce fisherman h 20 King's rd
Merry John shoemaker James Raftus res James off Gower
Merry Margaret, wid John   h 26 Plank rd
Merry Michael works shoe factory h 26 Plank rd
Mesher Samuel pupil teacher res Methodist College Home
Messer John messenger PO bds 11 Queen's
Methodist Church   Rev Frederick R Duffill pastor Coachrane
Methodist Church   Rev Arthur D Morton MA pastor George cor Buchannan
Methodist Church   Rev Wm H Adams pastor Alexander
Methodist Church   Rev Humphrey P Cowperthwaite pastor n s Gower opp Cathedral Hill
Methodist College   Robert E Holloway, BA, FAC, principal e s Long's Hill
Methodist College Home   Rev George P Story guardian and chaplain e s Long's Hill
Methodist Girls' Orphanage   Miss Eliza Barton matron n s Mundy's Pond rd, 2 w Pennywell rd
Methodist School   Miss Bessie Taylor principal Carew
Mews Arthur accountant J & W Stewart res 334 Duckworth
Mews Cecil A clerk John Steer res 59 lazy Bank rd
Mews Miss Christiana   res 39 Lazy Bank rd
Mews Christiana, wid James L   res 39 Lazy Bank rd
Mews Edwin clerk J H Martin & Co res 59 Lazy Bank rd
Mews Frederick A cashier J & W Stewart res 334 Duckworth
Mews George clerk res 59 Lazy Bank rd
Mews George W clerk Board of Works h 334 Duckworth
Mews James C clerk John Steer h 59 Lazy Bank rd
Mews James L clerk Goodfellow & Co res 59 Lazy Bank rd
Mews Miss Mary   res 39 Lazy Bank rd
Mews Miss Rachel S   res 39 Lazy Bank rd
Mews Wm J clerk Ayre & Sons res 334 Duckworth
Mews Wm J Pittman & Mews h 82 Lazy Bank rd
Meyers Charles seaman h 41 William
Middleton G H railway engineer bds Atlantic Hotel
Midgley John clerk G Knowling bds Central Hotel
Midland Richard painter bds 93 King's rd
Mignionette Joseph laborer h 39 Williams
Mignionette Joseph laborer h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Miles Eli constable Infantry nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Miles John teacher bds 55 Henry
Miller Alexander turner Terra Nova Foundry res 18 Plymouth row
Miller Anna domestic 112 Military rd
Miller Annie domestic 9 Dick's sq
Miller Arthur W clerk Edwin Duder h 63 Lazy Bank rd
Miller Benjamin cooper Baine, Johnston & Co h 79 Gower
Miller Mrs Benjamin grocer 31 King's rd h 79 Gower
Miller Charles steward "Fiona" h 28 Williams
Miller Eliza, wid Mark   h 26 Livingstone
Miller Henry shipwright h 8 Hamilton
Miller John laborer South Side opp Mill Bridge
Miller Joseph Miller & Peet h off Le Marchant rd
Miller Joseph shoemaker J & T Martin res 99 King's rd
Miller J Walter clerk Ayre & Sons res 154 Lazy Bank rd
Miller Lawrence cabinetmaker Callahan, Glass & Co bds 11 Garrison Hill
Miller Lewis H Miller & Co, Callahan, Glass & Co h 34 Signal Hill rd
Miller Lizzie domestic Poor House  
Miller Nathaniel carpenter E H & G Davey bds 188 Duckworth
Miller Robert pattern maker Con Foundry Co h 154 Lazy Bank rd
Miller Susannah domestic 52 Rennie's Mill rd
Miller & Co Lewis H Miller Mineral Water Mnfrs Ordnance Yard, Duckworth
Miller & Peet Joseph Miller, Samuel Peet blacksmiths 61 George
Milley Annie wks Victoria Tobacco Words res 72 George
Milley Miss Catherine teacher Alexander at Methodist school res 15 Hamilton
Milley Eli laborer h 20 Carter's Hill
Milley Henry carpenter Henry Earle res 29 South West
Milley James grocer 76 Hamilton h same
Miller John tide waiter H M C h 24 Williams
Milley John laborer E H & G Davey h 43 Nunnery lane
Milley John watchman C F Bennett & Co h 78 George
Milley Jonathan fisherman h 15 Hamilton
Milley Rachael domestic 30 Prescott
Milley Samuel Brown & Milley res 29 South West
Milley Solomon culler h 29 South West
Milligan Archibald H with G S Milligan jr res 55 Le Marchant rd
Milligan Rev G S, LLD Methodist school inspector h 55 Le Marchant rd
Milligan G S jr Books and Stationery 299 Water e h 57 Le Marchant rd
Mills Hezekiah foreman S March & Sons h 50 Young
Mills Joshua broom maker Nfld F & M Co res Kickham's lane
Mills Margaret domestic "Torosay" Circular rd
Mills Samuel shoemaker h 16 Flavin's lane
Mills Thomas fisherman h 52 Signal Hill rd
Mills Mrs Thomas   h 12 Covil's lane
Mills Wm blacksmith h 26 Buchanan
Milroy Arthur broker 151 Water e res 33 King's Bridge rd
Milroy Mrs   bds 33 King's Bridge rd
Minnit Timothy laborer h 183 New Gower
Minnit Mrs Timothy grocer 183 New Gower h same
Miron Ann, wid James   h 50 1/2 Limekiln Hill
Miron James shoemaker res 9 South
Miron Patrick blacksmith Nfld Ry Co res 70 Cookstown rd
Miron Thomas boilermaker Terra Nova Foundry h 62 Limekiln Hill
Miskell Francis laborer res 5 Flower Hill
Mission Room   CE e s Flower Hill st opp No. 73
Mitchard Ellen domestic "Richmond" Shaw's lane
Mitchell Mrs A Millinery, Dress and Mantlemaker 189 Water e h same
Mitchell Miss Bertha clerk res 102 Water
Mitchell Bryan Grocers, Wines and Liquors 99 Water e h same
Mitchell B & T (Thomas Mitchell) Groceries, Provisions and Bakers 318 Water and 81 Prescott
Mitchell Eliza, wid John   h 24 Lazy Bank rd
Mitchell Eliza domestic Robert Holloway  
Mitchell Emanuel laborer h 57 Limekiln Hill
Mitchell Mrs George domestic The Lazaretto  
Mitchell John carpenter res 4 Quidi Vidi rd
Mitchell John school teacher res 21 Long's Hill
Mitchell Mary A domestic 207 Gower
Mitchell Robert cooper h 21 Long's Hill
Mitchell Sarah, wid Josiah   h 4 Quidi Vidi rd
Mitchell Miss Theresa saleslady Thomas Mitchell res 1 Queen's rd
Mitchell Thomas (B & T Mitchell), Baker 81 Prescott h 1 Queen's rd
Mitchell Thomas baker Alex Harvey & Co res 4 Quidi Vidi rd
Mitchell Wm clerk Marshall & Rodger h 81 Gower
Mitchell Wm wks Alex Harvey & Co res 4 Quidi Vidi rd
Moakler Edward laborer Shea & Co h 22 North
Moakler Elizabeth, wid Edward   h 22 North
Moakler John tinsmith res 22 North
Moakler Richard master mariner h 4 Stephen w
Moakler Thomas tallyman Shea & Co h 9 Dogstown
Moakler Thomas boarding house 78 New Gower
Moakler Wm shipwright h 7 Carew
Moghan John cooper h 2 Wickford
Moist Joseph seaman h 3 Dammerill's lane
Molloy Edward cooper h 21 Bulley's lane
Molloy James ropeworker Col Cord Co h 1 n s Mackay
Molloy James wharfmaster M Morey h 35 Bulley's lane
Molloy James fireman h 34 Thomas
Molloy John saddler J McKenzie res 65 Long's Hill
Molloy John laborer h 30 Coady's lane
Molloy John painter res 35 Bulley's lane
Molloy Mary, wid James grocer 3 Carter's Hill h same
Molloy Miss Mary dressmaker 3 1/2 Carter's Hill res same
Molloy Michael fisherman h 25 Job's lane
Molloy Michael baker res 34 Thomas
Molloy Peter carpenter h 65 Long's lane
Molloy Peter tailor P Kelly res 30 Coady's lane
Molloy Thomas N Ship Broker, General Commission Agent and US Consul 93 Water e h 40 Signal Hill rd
Molloy Wm wks Gas Co h 202 Water w
Moloney     see Maloney
Molton Abraham clerk Marshall & Rodger h 25 William
Monahan John laborer South Side opp Mill Bridge
Monahan Michael fireman h South Side rd 6 w Long Bridge
Monckton Mrs Susan   res Church of England Boys' Orphanage
Monckton Wm sailmaker John Shamler h 50 South West
Monk Agnes, wid Wm   res 12 Young
Monk Charles carpenter h 12 Young
Monk James fisherman res 39 Long's Hill
Monk James fisherman h 149 Lazy Bank rd
Monks Mary J domestic 78 Water e
Monroe Daniel Parker & Monroe h 147 Le Marchant rd
Monroe James H manager Colonial Cordage Co h 153 Le Marchant rd
Monroe Hon Moses President St. John's Nail Mnfg Co (Ltd), Vice-President Nfld Boot & Shoe Mnfg Co, General Importer and Exporter 317, 319, 339 Water e, Office 342 same h 339 same, Summer Residence "Rosevale Cottage", Waterford Bridge rd
Monroe Thomas accountant bds 132 Duckworth
Monroe Walter S clerk Hon M Monroe res 339 Water e
Monroe's Wharf     West Side Codner's Cove
Mooney Catherine domestic 26 Scott
Mooney Theresa domestic 218 Water
Moore Alexander printer Royal Gazette h 14 Waldegrave
Moore Alfred painter John Stidstone res Waldegrave
Moore Miss Annie   h 8 Patrick
Moore Bridget domestic 97 Lazy Bank rd
Moore Daniel carpenter P & L Tessier h 8 Dreelan's Well rd
Moore Edward lobster canner h 51 Plymouth rd
Moore Elfrida domestic 3 Water
Moore Miss Ellen tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 8 Limekiln Hill
Moore Emily domestic 3 Water e
Moore Miss Emma   bds r 57 Gower
Moore Fanny cook Methodist College Home  
Moore George painter h 7 Darling
Moore Henry F   h 14 John
Moore Isaac fisherman h 76 Queen's rd
Moore James sailmaker John Shamler h 14 Waldegrave
Moore James fisherman South Side rd h r 5 w Long Bridge
Moore James cooper h 78 Patrick
Moore James tinsmith bds 1 Holdsworth
Moore James P Prop Torrington Hotel Waterford Bridge rd (West End) res same
Moore Jane domestic 11 Hamilton
Moore John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 70 George
Moore John fisherman h 9 Plymouth rd
Moore John sailmaker J & G Dicks h r 38 New Gower
Moore John seaman h 10 Young
Moore John farmer h Signal Hill rd
Moore John fisherman h 49 Long's Hill
Moore John T carpenter h 17 Barnes lane
Moore Mrs John T grocer 17 Barnes lane h same
Moore Joseph plumber Gear & Co h 98 Brazel's sq
Moore Joseph baker John B & G Ayre bds 37 New Gower
Moore Julia domestic 25 Queen's rd
Moore Lavinia domestic 52 Flower Hill st
Moore Lena domestic 16 Queen's
Moore Mrs Lizzie domestic 147 Le Marchant rd
Moore Mary, wid Wm   h 41 William
Moore Mary A, wid Henry   h 26 Pilot's Hill
Moore Matthew fireman h 8 Limekiln Hill
Moore Michael fisherman h 8 Quidi Vidi rd
Moore Philip F Gough & Moore res 76 Gower
Moore Robert cooper A Goodridge & Sons h 270 Gower
Moore Theodore shoemaker R Down h 9 Dick's sq
Moore Thomas assistant lighthouse keeper h Fort Amherst
Moore Thomas cooper h 10 Brine
Moore Walter carpenter res 76 Queen's rd
Moore Wm sailmaker John Shamler h 14 Waldegrave
Moore Wm fireman h 61 Plymouth rd
Moore Wm laborer h 4 Alexander
Moore Wm butcher Michael Connolly bds 193 Duckworth
Moore Wm harnessmaker J McKenzie res 10 Young
Moores Hayward laborer res 32 Young
Moores James laborer h 8 Belvidere
Moores Joseph clerk S Moores res 260 Water
Moores Robert watchman h 27 1/2 Covil's lane
Moores Sarah A domestic 7 Adelaide
Moores Solomon Wines and Liquors 260 Water h same
Moores Solomon laborer h 14 Williams
Moores Wm fisherman h 21 Barter's Hill
Moores Young laborer h 32 Young
Moran Miss Mary A kindergarten school h 353 Duckworth
Mores Silas clerk Mrs A Bearnes h 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Morey Miss Annie private school 202 Gower res same
Morey Eliza, wid Thomas   h 202 Gower
Morey Henry constable Cavalry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Morey James laborer h 1 Kickham's lane
Morey Miss Lizzie dressmaker Miss B Comfort res 12 Carter's Hill
Morey Mathias M Morey & Co bds Central Hotel
Morey M & Co (Mathias Morey), Shipping Agents, Importers of Coal and Foreign Produce 173 Water
Morey Nicholas laborer h 20 Dammerill's lane
Morgan Abraham laborer C F bennett & Co h 21 Princes
Morgan Caroline, wid Wm   h 47 James
Morgan Edward laborer Bavarian Brewery h Signal Hill rd
Morgan Elizabeth domestic St. John's General Hospital  
Morgan George printer Royal Gazette res 21 Princes
Morgan Mrs James polisher Nfld Furniture & Moulding Co h 34 North
Morgan James seaman h 34 North
Morgan John laborer h 61 Barnes rd
Morgan John seaman h 53 Williams
Morgan John porter Alex Smith bds 276 Gower
Morgan Patrick laborer bds 13 Covil's lane
Morgan Sarah domestic 130 Water
Morgan Susannah domestic 11 Brazel's sq
Morine Alfred BM, HA, res junction Torbay rd and Portugal Cove rd
Morison     see also Morrison
Morison Donald Winter, Morison & Hayward h 185 Water
Morison Wm D W D Morison & Co h 125 Hamilton
Morison W D & Co (Wm D Morison, James C Carter), Grocers 301 Water e
Morris Benjamin   h 75 Lazy Bank rd
Morris Miss Bridget dressmaker Miss Ellen Tobin res Stuart av
Morris Catherine, wid Edward   h 61 Cochrane
Morris Charles boatman h 12 King's rd
Morris Edward supt St. John's Poor House Poor House lane
Morris Edward door keeper UC h Forest rd
Morris Edward laborer h 69 Quidi Vidi rd
Morris Hon Edward P (Morris & Morris) actg Attorney-Genl h 23 Forest rd
Morris Elizabeth, wid Jacob   h lane r 66 Carter's Hill
Morris Miss Ella music teacher bds 68 Cochrane
Morris Ellen, wid Geoffrey   h 81 Hayward av
Morris Frank J Morris & Morris res Poor House lane
Morris George marble worker John Skinner h 14 James, Georgetown
Morris George sailmaker J & G Dicks h 66 Limekiln Hill
Morris George seaman h 47 Gower
Morris George shoemaker h 27 Young
Morris George storekeeper H J Stabb h 14 South
Morris Mrs George grocer 64 Limekiln Hill res 66 same
Morris Henry sailmaker Isaac Morris h 17 Princes
Morris Isaac C sailmaker 9 1/2 Queen h 81 Lazy Bank rd
Morris Jessie, wid Jabez   h 21 Balsam
Morris John weighmaster John Woods & Son h 32 Livingstone
Morris Joseph cabinetmaker J T Martin res 21 Balsam
Morris Maria domestic 36 Forest rd
Morris Martin fisherman res 78 Dreelan's Well rd
Morris Noah seaman h 9 Carew
Morris Patrick porter Union Bank of Nfld h 3 Chancey's lane
Morris Sarah domestic 302 Water
Morris Stephen master mariner h 77 Long's Hill
Morris Thomas clerk Board of Works h 12 Stewart av
Morris Thomas shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 81 Hayward av
Morris Thomas jr plumber Gear & Co res 12 Stewart av
Morris & Morris Hon E P and Frank J Barristers, Solicitors, etc Duckworth
Morrissey Annie domestic 86 Barnes
Morrissey Miss Annie clerk G J Keough bds same
Morrissey Catherine domestic 213 1/2 New Gower
Morrissey Charles laborer h 21 Allen's sq
Morrissey Daniel carpenter h 109 New Gower
Morrissey Edward tailor Gibb & Calvert res 43 Duckworth
Morrissey Edward laborer Baine, Johnston & Co h Battery rd
Morrissey Ellen, wid John confectioner 20 Barnes rd h same
Morrissey Hannah domestic 57 Duckworth
Morrissey Henry asst Thomas McMurdo & Co h 34 Victoria
Morrissey Honora, wid Walter   h 44 Allandale rd
Morrissey Honora, wid Patrick   h 84 Dreelan's Well rd
Morrissey James laborer h 19 Carter's Hill
Morrissey James captain h Poor House lane 2 e Water e
Morrissey John bootman H M C h 34 Victoria
Morrissey Kate domestic Fishermen's and Sailors' Home  
Morrissey Mrs Kelly grocer 36 South West h 38 same
Morrissey Kelly tidewaiter h 38 South West
Morrissey Martin laborer h Casey lane
Morrissey Miss Mary confectionery 128 Water w h same
Morrissey Miss Mary tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 44 Allandale rd
Morrissey Mary, wid John grocer 94 Duckworth h same
Morrissey Matthew fisherman h Battery rd
Morrissey Michael laborer res 19 Carter's Hill
Morrissey Patrick laborer bds 79 1/2 King's rd
Morrissey Patrick fisherman res 19 Carter's Hill
Morrissey Patrick seaman h 269 Water w
Morrissey Peter tailor Gibb & Calvert h 35 North
Morrissey Peter painter h 9 Carter's Hill
Morrissey Terrence clerk Thomas Fitzgibbon h 57 New Gower
Morrissey Thomas laborer res 19 Carter's Hill
Morrissey Wm tailor h 21 Allen's sq
Morrissey Wm fisherman h 102 George
Morrissey Mrs Wm grocer 102 George h same
Morrissey Wm laborer h 6 Flavin's lane
Morrissey Wm shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 34 Victoria
Morrison Johanna, wid Robert grocer 49 Prescott h same
Morrison Margaret, wid Wm   h 58 Queen's rd
Morry Benjamin boarding house 187 Duckworth
Morton Rev Arthur D, MA Pastor George st Meth church h 117 Hamilton
Moss James R sec treas Banking Marine Insurance Club h 16 West
Mott Henry Y piano tuner 81 Water e bds 53 New Gower
Motty George E storekeeper Alan Goodridge & Sons res 60 New Gower
Motty John clerk G Knowling res 60 New Gower
Motty Philip sailmaker 60 New Gower h same
Motty Wm sailmaker Philip Motty h 14 Barter's Hill
Mount Carmel Cementery     Quidi Vidi Lake rd
Mount St Francis Convent   Rev Bro R B Fleming superior Allandale rd
Mountain Mary Ann, wid Edward   h 55 Cookstown rd
Moutford Samuel laborer h 28 Wickford lane
Moville Luce carpenter h 11 Bell
Moxham Charles carpenter h 50 Barter's Hill
Moyst Wm curier Nfld Tannery h 30 Duckworth
Mudford Georgina domestic 3 Waldegrave
Mugford Wm fisherman h 7 Carter's Hill
Muir Charles F marble worker Alex Smith res 276 Gower
Muir Miss Isabella milliner Mrs Amelia Cairns res 276 Gower
Muir John McLellan planter h 278 Gower
Mulahy Thomas steward h 8 South
Mulcahy Andrew   res 214 1/2 New Gower
Mulcahy Edward seaman h 54 Larkin's lane
Mulcahy Miss Johanna dressmaker res 214 1/2 New Gower
Mulcahy John clerk James Baird res 12 John
Mulcahy Miss Mary   res 45 Carter's Hill
Mulcahy Michael fisherman h 80 Dreelan's Well rd
Mulcahy Thomas tallyman Baine, Johnston & Co h 45 Carter's Hill
Mulcahy Wm master mariner h 12 John
Mullaley Miss Catherine   bds 37 Dreelan's Well rd
Mullaley James fisherman h 25 Patrick
Mullaley Michael cooper J & W Stewart h 45 Queen's rd
Mullaley Michael shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 29 Job's lane
Mullaley Patrick carpenter h 247 Water w
Mullett Miss Bridget boarding house 132 Duckworth h same
Mulley Benjamin tallyman M Monroe h 88 Lazy Bank rd
Mulley John tailor res 45 Queen's rd
Mulley Miss Martha wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 83 Lazy Bank rd
Mullings Joseph tide waiter H M C h 3 Parade
Mullins Edward carman h n s Mundy Pond rd opp Mullins rd
Mullins Miss Elizabeth S T res 206 New Gower
Mullins John shoemaker res 239 1/2 Water w
Mullins Margaret, wid Wm   h 239 1/2 Water w
Mullins Patrick carman h n s Mundy Pond rd opp Mullins lane
Mullins Philip farmer h n s Mundy Pond rd opp Mullins lane
Mullins Thos wharfmaster Baine, Johnston & Co h Wharf Premises, SouthSide e
Mullins Wm carman h n s Mundy Pond rd opp Mullins lane
Mulloney     see Maloney
Mulloy Miss Mary Ann   h 71 Brine
Mulrooney Daniel captain West End Fire Hall h 29 Coady's lane
Mulrooney Edward boxmaker Albert Soap & Candle Wks h 61 King's Bridge rd
Mulrooney Joseph fisherman h 36 Boggan's lane
Mulrooney Miss Mary   res 5 Livingstone
Mundy Christopher messenger H A h 40 James, Monkstown
Mundy Mary N domestic Alfred Parsons  
Mundy Thomas clerk P & L Tessier bds 110 George
Municipal Stores   J T Fitzpatrick manager Water e
Murent John bailiff Central District h William, Monkstown
Murphy Alice, wid James   h 61 Military rd
Murphy Alice, wid Garrett grocer 6 lane r 21 Barter's Hill h same
Murphy Andrew harnessmaker W S McGrath res McCalman's lane
Murphy Ann, wid James   h 44 Water e
Murphy Ann, wid Luke   h 269 Duckworth
Murphy Ann, wid Richard   res 23 Gower
Murphy Miss Annie   res 32 Prescott
Murphy Benjamin carpenter h 41 Cuddihy's lane
Murphy Benjamin cooper h 2 Patrick
Murphy Bridget, wid James   res 46 George
Murphy Bridget, wid James grocer 66 Water w h same
Murphy Caroline domestic 23 Garrison Hill
Murphy Catherine domestic 7 Maxse
Murphy Catherine, wid David   h 28 Williams
Murphy Catherine, wid Simon   h 9 Livingstone
Murphy Miss Catherine   h 336 Water w
Murphy Catherine, wid Thomas   h 51 Gower
Murphy Charles farmer h s s Waterford Bridge rd 14 w Water
Murphy Charles laborer h 18 Stephen
Murphy Cornelius seaman h 10 South
Murphy Daniel laborer h 92 Dreelan's Well rd
Murphy Daniel carpenter h 27 Goodview
Murphy Daniel carpenter M Morey h Tank lane
Murphy Daniel tinsmith res 331 Water w
Murphy Edward shoemaker 114 Water w h same
Murphy Edward laborer h McCalman's lane
Murphy Edward storekeeper B & T Mitchell h 22 William, Monkstown
Murphy Miss Elizabeth   res 126 Dreelan's Well rd
Murphy Elizabeth domestic 150 Gower
Murphy Ellen, wid Felix   h 78 Hamilton
Murphy Ellen, wid John housekeeper 59 Gower
Murphy Ellen domestic T Vivien  
Murphy Felix line finisher (rope walk) res 78 Hamilton
Murphy Frances, wid John grocery h 6 Lion's sq
Murphy Isabella, wid Thomas   h 32 Nunnery lane
Murphy James baker Terra Nova Bakery res Covil's lane
Murphy James cooper res 41 Flower Hill
Murphy James fisherman res 18 George
Murphy James laborer Victoria B & E Co h 37 Coady's lane
Murphy James cabinetmaker res 328 Duckworth
Murphy James laborer h 18 Livingstone
Murphy Jane, wid Thomas   res 39 Cookstown rd
Murphy Jeremiah cooper h 24 Duckworth
Murphy Johanna, wid Patrick   h 1 College sq
Murphy John baker Thomas Mitchell res 41 Flower Hill
Murphy John carpenter M Morey h 68 Hamilton
Murphy John laborer M Morey h 62 Barnes rd
Murphy John storekeeper Terra Nova Bakery h 20 William, Georgetown
Murphy John carman h 330 Water w
Murphy John fisherman res 36 George
Murphy John cooper res 269 Duckworth
Murphy John cabman res 161 Gower
Murphy John harnessmaker J McKenzie re 20 Cookstown rd
Murphy John assistant storekeeper Hearn & Co h Lion's sq
Murphy John tinsmith h 44 Darling
Murphy John fisherman h 28 Thomas
Murphy John laborer h 21 Thomas
Murphy John F bookkeeper Johnson & West bds Albert Hotel
Murphy Josie waitress Central Hotel
Murphy Joseph carpenter Thorburn & Tessier h 21 Le Marchant rd
Murphy Joseph engineer St John's Steam Laundry h 93 Carter's Hill
Murphy Joseph fisherman res 68 Hamilton
Murphy Joseph telegraph operator bds 141 Gower
Murphy Kate, wid Edward   h 18 Gower
Murphy Lance farmer h 244 New Gower
Murphy Lawrence seaman h 28 Darling
Murphy Lewis painter Thomas Carnell res 114 George
Murphy Miss Maggie tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 23 Adelaide
Murphy Margaret, wid John   h 41 Rocky lane
Murphy Margaret domestic City Club  
Murphy Margaret domestic 15 Long's lane
Murphy Margaret grocer 21 Le Marchant rd h same
Murphy Maria cook Torrington Hotel  
Murphy Martin grocer 331 Water w h same
Murphy Martin grocer 8 Dick's sq h same
Murphy Martin coachman 2 Barnes rd
Murphy Martin shoemaker M Kehoe bds 300 Water
Murphy Martin constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Murphy Martin farmer h s s Waterford Bridge rd 15 w Water
Murphy Mary, wid John grocer h 9 Waldegrave
Murphy Mary, wid John   h 95 Long's Hill
Murphy Mary, wid John   h 100 George
Murphy Miss Mary tailoress P Jordan & Son res 9 Livingstone
Murphy Mary domestic 378 Water
Murphy Miss Mary tailoress D Galway res 36 Hamilton
Murphy Mary domestic Gordon House  
Murphy Mary   res 47 Flower Hill
Murphy Mary, wid James h 20 Cookstown rd  
Murphy Mary A, wid John   h 41 Flower Hill
Murphy Matthew laborer h 18 Tank Hill
Murphy Maurice laborer h 28 Williams
Murphy Michael culler Baine, Johnston & Co h 87 Carter's Hill
Murphy Michael jr messenger res 87 Carter's Hill
Murphy Michael sailmaker J & G Dicks h 328 Duckworth
Murphy Michael billiard marker Atlantic Hotel bds 28 Stephen
Murphy Michael wharf master Thorburn & Tessier h Wharf Premises, South Side e
Murphy Michael carman T J Allan h 68 Hamilton
Murphy Michael cooper res 51 Gower
Murphy Michael seaman h 5 Livingstone
Murphy Michael fisherman res 9 Livingstone
Murphy Michael J grocer 2 Alexander h same
Murphy Mortimor seaman h 122 Water w
Murphy Nicholas wks Col Cordge Co h 78 Hamilton av
Murphy Nicholas carman h 68 George
Murphy Mrs Nicholas grocer 68 George h same
Murphy Nicholas blacksmith David M Chafe res 114 George
Murphy Nicholas shoemaker 241 Water w h same
Murphy Miss Nora tailoress P Jordan & Son res 9 Livingstone
Murphy Patrick cutter Parker & Monroe res 28 Stephen
Murphy Patrick clerk F Parnell h 16 James, Georgetown
Murphy Patrick cooper Thorburn & Tessier res Premises South Side
Murphy Patrick laborer h 68 Hamilton
Murphy Patrick jr fisherman res 68 Hamilton
Murphy Patrick fisherman h 11 Patrick
Murphy Patrick fisherman res 9 Livingstone
Murphy Patrick cabman h 338 Water w
Murphy Patrick fisherman h 62 Barnes rd
Murphy Peter cooper h 5 Patrick
Murphy Peter carman John McCarthy h 8 Hamilton
Murphy Peter clerk B & T Mitchell res 20 William, Monkstown
Murphy Philip laborer h 114 George
Murphy Philip ships carpenter h 126 Dreelan's Well rd
Murphy Richard cabman res Martin Murphy
Murphy Sarah, wid Lawrence   h 161 Gower
Murphy Thomas constable Infantry nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Murphy Thomas cooper N Cousens res South Side w
Murphy Thomas carpenter h 17 James
Murphy Thomas fisherman h 34 Limekiln Hill
Murphy Thomas clerk Lawrence Parker res 18 George
Murphy Thomas cooper h 3 Lazy Bank rd
Murphy Thomas inspector of roads res 57 Duckworth
Murphy Thomas laborer h 39 Cookstown rd
Murphy Thomas stevedore Thorburn & Tessier h Carter's Hill
Murphy Thomas painter h 28 Buchanan
Murphy Thomas carpenter h 120 Dreelan's Well rd
Murphy Thomas boilermaker h 24 Alexander
Murphy Thomas JM HA Barrister, 288 Duckworth h 57 Duckworth
Murphy Thomas JF MD, Physician, 260 Duckworth h same
Murphy Wm seaman res 41 Flower Hill
Murphy Wm sailmaker J & G Dicks res McCalman's lane
Murphy Wm master fisherman h 23 Adelaide
Murphy Wm carman h 276 Water w
Murphy Wm tanner A Mackeen h Waterford Bridge rd
Murphy Wm laborer h 21 William
Murphy Wm wheelwright S G Collier h 9 Waldegrave
Murphy Wm laborer h 34 Boggan's lane
Murphy Wm laborer res 18 Livingstone
Murphy Wm fisherman res 68 Hamilton
Murphy Wm laborer res 161 Gower
Murphy Wm K clerk John Baird h 47 Flower Hill
Murran David domestic Mrs Peter O'Rielly Cockpit rd
Murrant John T bailiff h 45 William, Monkstown
Murray Abraham laborer h Battery rd
Murray Absolam fisherman h 18 Pilot's Hill
Murray Agnes tailoress O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 15 Allen's sq
Murray Anthony blacksmith Victoria B & E Co h 3 Holdsworth
Murray Catherine, wid Michael   res 21 Kickham's lane
Murray Edwin bookkeeper J & W Pitts h 73 Rennie's Mill rd
Murray Miss Ellen tailor P J O'Neil res 8 Limekiln Hill
Murray Miss Elizabeth tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 18 Brazel's sq
Murray Elizabeth, wid Eugene   h 8 Limekiln Hill
Murray Garrett laborer bds 100 Gower
Murray Miss Harriet tailoress P Jordon & Son res 18 Brazel's sq
Murray James Importer of Produce, Dry Goods, Groceries, etc., Office 7 McBride's Hill, Stores 55 and 240 Water and 339 Duckworth h Circular rd
Murray James nail feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co h 32 Plank rd
Murray James blaster h 172 Duckworth
Murray James fisherman h 20 Limekiln Hill
Murray James laborer h 19 Brazel's sq
Murray John wks Hearn & Co's Butterine Factory h 10 Carey's lane
Murray John blacksmith Victoria B & E Co h 241 Gower
Murray John grocer 233 Water w h same
Murray John cooper h 67 Monkstown rd
Murray John shoemaker res 24 James
Murray Mrs J   h 73 Rennie's Mill rd
Murray Lydia, wid Wm grocer 51 Water w h same
Murray Martin cabman h 29 Cookstown rd
Murray Mrs Martin grocer 31 Cookstown rd h 29 same
Murray Miss Mary finisher Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 8 Limekiln Hill
Murray Miss Mary dressmaker res 29 Cookstown rd
Murray Mary A, wid Wm   h 10 Chancey's lane
Murray Michael laborer J & W Stewart h 32 Thomas
Murray Michael laborer h 24 James
Murray Patrick laborer h 21 Kickham's lane
Murray Patrick fisherman h 66 Hamilton
Murray Patrick tailor P Kelly res 29 Carter's Hill
Murray Patrick blacksmith r 10 Stephen w h 6 same
Murray Robert baker G Browning & Son res 233 Water w
Murray Robert laborer h 10 Cookstown rd
Murray Stewart nail feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co res 19 Brazel's sq
Murray Thomas cab driver h 8 New Gower
Murray Mrs Thomas grocer 8 New Gower res same
Murray Wm laborer bds 7 Kickham's lane
Murray Wm constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Murray Wm jr shoemaker res Fort Townshend
Murrin Ann, wid Richard   h r Long's Hill
Museum, The   Jame P Howley, FGS, curator Post Office Building, Water e
Mutch Ernest A secretary Nfld F & M Co (ltd) bds Gordon House
Mutford Barbara cook 5 park place, Rennie's Mill rd
Mutford Harriet domestic 58 Renni's Mill rd
Mutual Fishing Insurance Co of Gloucester Mass   Stephen March & Sons Agents 89 Water
Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York   A S Rendell Agent 183 Water e
Myer John seaman bds 6 Lazy Bank rd
Myler Adams clerk res 1 Adelaide
Myler Ann, wid Wm h 27 Bulley's lane  
Myler Mrs Bridget   bds 27 Bulley's lane
Myler Bros Wm and John Blockmakers 340 Water
Myler Charles blockmaker Myler Bros res 1 Adelaide
Myler James cooper res 27 Bulley's lane
Myler John Myler Bros h 255 Gower
Myler Patrick J messenger Commerical Rooms res 27 Bulley's lane
Myler Thomas blockmaker h 1 Adelaide
Myler Wm Myler Bros h 11 Adelaide
Myles Ellen domestic 34 Freshwater rd
Myrick Miss Catherine tailoress P Kelly res 10 Catherine
Myrick James carpenter h 10 Catherine
Myrick Michael W Undertaker 87 Military rd h 1 Knights

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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