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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B "C" D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W YZ
td>Assistant Collector
Cadwallater Wm gardener Hon A J Harvey
Cadwell Azariah carpenter 8 Stuart av
Cadwell James moulder Con Foundry Co h 154 Le Marchant rd
Cadwell James seaman h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Cadwell John moulder Con Foundry Co res 12 Stuart av
Cadwell Stephen seaman h 3 Dammerill's land
Cahill James caretaker Belvidere cemetery h 10 Catherine
Cahill John painter h 32 Darling
Cahill John shoemaker Robert Flinn bds 28 Springdale
Cahill Mary domestic 2 Barnes rd
Cahill Mary wid John h Barnes lane
Cahill Mary domestic C Tessier
Cahill Michael laborer Nfld Railway Co bds Kingsbridge
Cahill Peter wheelwright, W R Oke & Sons h 25 King's rd
Cahill Samuel laborer Nfld F & M Co h 13 Quidi Vidi rd
Cahill Sarah wid James h 44 Barnes rd
Cahill Thomas sectionman Nfld Ry Co res 17 Duckworth
Cain Thomas foreman S March & Sons h Hayward av
Caines John fisherman h 3 College sq
Caines Levi watchman East End fire station h 14 Flavin's lane
Caines Thomas shoemaker res 3 College sq
Cairns Mrs Amelia millinery 305 Water h 303 same
Cairns Wm J clerk M Monroe res 303 Water e
Cake Richard carpenter h 37 New Gower
Calder John moulder Con Foundry Co bds Poor House lane 1 e Water
Caldwell Louisa wid Edward h 16 1/2 Prescott
Caledonian Insurance Co James and William Pitts Agents 261 Water e
Callahan Nicholas laborer P & L Tessier h 167 New Gower
Callahan Cornelius (R & C Callahan) h 404 Water
Callahan Cornelius boatman H M C res 9 Battery rd
Callahan Glass & Co (John Callahan, Wm F Glass, Lewis H Miller) furniture manufacturers Gower cor Duckworth
Callahan Jeremiah master mariner h 63 George
Callahan John (Callahan, Glass & Co) h 9 Balsam
Callahan John   404 Water
Callahan Rodger (R & C Callahan) h 282 Gower
Callahan R & C (Rodger and Cornelius stoves and tinware groceries 384-386 Water 404 Water
Callahan Wm fisherman h 169 1/2 New Gower
Callanan Catherine wid Michael, baker 122 Duckworth h same
Callanan James painter W R Oke & Sons res 122 Duckworth
Callanan James grocer34 Cochrane h same
Callanan James J Grocer 160 and 162 Water w h same
Callanan James P clerk res 160 Water s
Callanan John T clerk res 160 Water w
Callanan Richard baker Mrs C Callanan res 122 Duckworth
Calpin Robert tinsmith, Gear & Co bds 168 Lazy Bank rd
Calver John   h 158 Duckworth
Calver John F clk J H Martin & Co res 158 Duckworth
Calvert James A (Gibb & Calvert) h 21 Queen's rd
Cameron Angus coppersmith Terra Nova Foundry h 4 Forest rd
Cameron Colin porter, Baine Johnston & Co h 15 Holdsworth
Campbell A H Lumber Merchant, 149 Water e h 36 Freshwater rd
Campbell Miss Bertha machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 12 Convent sq
Campbell Colin clerk Baine, Johnston & Co res 203 Water e
Campbell Colin (Wm Campbell) 149 Water e h 130 Hamilton av
Campbell Daniel laborer P & L Tessier h 12 Convent sq
Campbell Mrs David   res 17 Cathedral Hill
Campbell James clerk P O bds 169 Gower
Campbell Jane wid Wm h 12 Scott
Campbell Lizzie assistant cook Atlantic Hotel
Campbell Neil with Baine, Johnston & Co h 203 Water
Campbell Thomas carter Browning & Son h 10 Brennan's lane
Campbell's Wharf     151 Water e
Campbell Wm Hardware, Paints, Lumber and Builders' Supplies 149 Water e
Campbell Wm Butcher, 350 Water e h Topsail rd
Campbel Wm cooper h 34 Hutchings
Canada Life Assurance Co. Whiteway & Johnson Agents 253 Duckworth
Canadian Express of Liverpool Eng W D Morison Agent 301 Water e
Candow Bessie domestic Stephen Knight
Candow David fireman, Nfld Railway Co res Carter's Hill
Candow Margaret cook J Outerbridge  
Candow Walter shoemaker, D Smallwood & Sons res 112 New Gower
Canning Miss Emma   res Miss Mary Canning
Canning Francis purser h 252 Gower
Canning John T clerk Job Brothers & Co res 56 Cochrane
Canning Miss Mary lady supt Church of England Boys' Orphanage res same
Canning Miss Mary   h 132 Water
Canning Samuel T accountant Job Brothers & Co h 56 Cochrane
Canning Wm S first landing waiter H M C h r 34 Signal Hill rd
Cantwell Miss Ellen F clerk Mrs H Power bds same
Cantwell John wines and Liquors 252 Water H same
Cantwell Joseph assistant W T Courtenay res 8 Hutchings
Cantwell Joseph Baker P J Patterson res 4 Victoria
Cantwell Michael asst keeper Block House h Queen's Battery, Signal Hill
Cantwell Patrick shoemaker res 320 Water
Cantwell Redmond cooper h r 246 Gower
Cantwell Thomas seaman h 55 Limekiln Hill
Cantwell Wm pilot h 40 Gower
Carberry Edward cooper Barnes & Burridge h 4 Nunnery Hill
Carberry Miss E millinery 80 Water h 38 Gower
Carberry Maurice works Nfld B & S Mnfg'Co h 29 Princess
Carberry Richard laborer W Stephens & Co h St Mary's lane s s
Carberry Wm chimney sweep h 6 Fleming
Carew Catherine domestic J E Peters  
Carew Clement   res 51 Lazy Bank rd
Carew David fisherman h 14 Alexander
Carew James constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 42 Young
Carew John laborer res 14 Alexander
Carew John undertaker h 10 Carew
Carew John clerk h 5 Darling
Carew John fisherman h 44 Wickford
Carew Margaret domestic J E Peters  
Carew Martin laborer h 27 Cuddihy's lane
Carew Miss Mary grocer 154 1/2 New Gower h same
Carew Michael clerk Wm Campbell h 12 Allan sq
Carew Thomas fisherman h 261 Water w
Carew Thomas clerk A D Rankin h 12 Allan sq
Carew Thomas cashier Shea & Co res 12 Allan sq
Carew Thomas D cashier Shea & Co res 15 Garrison Hill
Carey Augustine laborer h 5 Kickham's lane
Carey Catherine wid James res 15 Garrison Hill
Carey Ellen wid Edward South Side opposite Mill Bridge
Carey Esther laundress St John's Steam Laundry bds 91 Carter's Hill
Carey Frederick   res 5 Kickham's lane
Carey Miss Hannah laundress St John's Steam Laundry res 15 King's rd
Carey Johanna wid Joseph h 16 Carey's lane
Carey John laborer West & Rendell h 12 South
Carey John laborer h 65 King's rd
Carey Josoeph fisherman h 17 Coady's llane
Carey Miss Lizzie tailoress D Galway res James
Carey Margaret wid Thomas res Margaret Brady
Carey Miss Margaret dressmaker bds 15 Garrison Hill
Carey Mary domestic 75 Patrick
Carey Michael laborer h 37 Kickham's lane
Carey Miss Minnie milliner S O Steele res 15 Garrison Hill
Carey Patrick laborer h 91 Carter's Hill
Carey Thomas clerk h 15 Garrison Hill
Carey Thomas fisherman h 31 Patrick
Carey Wm laborer h 89 Dreelan's Well rd
Carlson Wm painter W R Oke & Sons h South Side rd 9 w Long Bridge
Carmichael Harriet wid Archibald h 140 Lazy Bank rd
Carmichael J Adamson buyer S O Steele h 103 Military rd
Carmichael James B clerk res 62 Patrick
Carmichael Peter R clerk res 62 Patrick
Carmichael Robert G cleark Rothwell & Bowring res 62 Patrick
Carnell Catherine wid Samuel h 93 Quidi Vidi rd
Carnell George painter W R Oke & Sons h 118 Military rd
Carnell John carpenter res 65 Quidi Vidi rd
Carnell John J baker Alex Harvey & Co h 43 Signal Hill rd
Carnell John T Carriage and Wagon Maker 114 Duckworth h 16 Cochrane
Carnell Mary wid Henry Grocer 220 1/2 New Gower
Carnell Miss Susanna   res 260 Water
Carnell Thomas wheelwright 116 George res 115 Lazy Bank rd
Carnell Thomas clerk Wm Stephen & Co res 43 Signal Hill rd
Carnell Wm road inspector h 65 Quidi Vidi rd
Carrigan Miss Alice saloon, 166 Duckworth h same
Carrigan Ellen wid Thomas h 11 Dammerill's lane
Carrigan Miss Ellen milliner, Mrs Patrick Summers res 43 Darling
Carrigan James fisherman h 60 Barter's Hill
Carrigan Patrick culler, Baine Johnston & Co h 43 Darling
Carrigan Peter laborer P & L Tessier h 1 Limekiln lane
Carrigan Wm cooper res 43 Darling
Carrington Charles messenger res 26 Henry
Carrington Sarah wid Henry, confectionery h 26 Henry
Carroll Ann domestic, Dr Shea  
Carroll Catherine wid Patrick h 14 Hutchings
Carroll Catherine domestic 326 Water e
Carroll Catherine domestic 90 Military rd
Carroll Catherine domestic Thomas Scanlon
Carroll Daniel carver Callahan, Glass & Co res 89 Patrick
Carroll Denis   h 28 Cochrane
Carroll Miss Elizabeth tailoress Wm Foley res 182 Gower
Carroll Ellen domestic 6 Queens
Carroll Francis laborer h r l Kickham's lane
Carroll Hannah domestic 6 Gower
Carroll James seaman h 13 Long's lane
Carroll Johanna wid Thomas h 182 Gower
Carroll John clerk M Monroe h 51 Victoria
Carroll John laborer bds 10 Springdale
Carroll John fisherman h 89 Patrick
Carroll Mrs John   h 4 Dogstown
Carroll Joseph clerk res 18 Water w
Carroll Miss Julia dressmaker 200 New Gower h same
Carroll Lawrence laborer bds 10 Springdale
Carroll Miss Margaret   h 10 Springdale
Carroll Margaret domestic 185 Gower
Carroll Miss Margaret   h lane off Rogerson's lane
Carroll Mrs Mary Ann grocer 91 Monkstown rd h same
Carroll Michael   h 91 Monkstown rd
Carroll Nicholas fisherman h 14 Stephen w
Carroll Richard cooper Shea & Co h 28 Cochrane
Carroll Richard J blacksmith 10 Prescott h 30 same
Carroll Thomas carman McDougall & Templeton res 16 Dammerill's lane
Carroll Thomas fisherman h 12 Covil's lane
Carroll Thomas accountant h 53 Victoria
Carroll Wm carpenter E H & G Davey h 50 Prescott
Carroll Wm laborer res Margaret Carroll
Carroll Wm supt of park res 28 Cochrane
Carter Albert E bookkeeper Harvey & Co res 49 Cochrane
Carter Edward F wines and liquors 30 New Gower h same
Carter Edwin S cashier Edwin Duder res 49 Cochrane
Carter Sir Frederic B T, KCMG Judge, Vice-Admiralty Court h "Jessie Lodge", King's Bridge rd
Carter Fred bookkeeper Alex Harvey & Co bds 72 Cochrane
Carter George captain Mary Parker h 21 Young
Carter George J with Edwin Duder h 22 Monkstown rd
Carter George W B clerk Colonial Secretary's office h Brooklodge, Rennie's Mill rd
Carter Henry D account and teller Commercial Bank of Newfoundland h 11 Maxse
Carter Hugh H barrister Duckworth res Jersey Lodge, King Bridge rd
Carter James orderly Government House h The Lodge, Government House
Carter James sheriff southern district h Barnes rd 2 n Military rd
Carter James C W D Morison & Co h 125 Hamilton
Carter Johannah domestic 121 Hamilton
Carter John baker Alex Harvey & Co res 46 Brewery lane
Carter John cooper Shea & Co h 20 Duckworth
Carter J Charles grocer res 125 Hamilton
Carter Miss Louisa   h 48 Water w
Carter Mary wid John N res 36 Livingstone
Carter Mary A wid Robert h 49 Cochrane
Carter Minnie wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 7 Forest rd
Carter Robert superintendent Mercantile Marine Office h 49 Cochrane
Carter Miss Rose   res 125 Hamilton
Carter Thomas fisherman h r 3 James
Carter Wm Carter, Harvey & Co h 46 Brewery lane
Carter Wm cooper Bavarian Brewery res 20 Duckworth
Carter Wm F bookkeeper res 49 Cochrane
Cartwright Peter fisherman h 16 Limekiln Hill
Carty George T student M H Carty res 86 Barnes rd
Carty Joseph P assistand clerk Supreme Court and commissioner for taking affidavits res 86 Barnes rd
Carty M H Barrister 268 Duckworth h 86 Barnes rd
Carty Paul   h 86 Barnes rd
Carvery Edward Cooper h 3 Nunnery lane
Casey Mrs Andrew   h 1 Flower Hill
Casey John poor commissioner h top Dreelan's Well rd
Casey Kate wid Michael res 38 Thomas
Casey Margaret domestic 60 Water w
Casey Martin works G Browning & Sons South Side
Casey Michael laborer P & L Tessier h 22 Thomas
Casey Michael baker G Browning & Son res South Side w
Casey Patrick butcher 38 Water w h same
Casey Peter   res 22 Thomas
Cash Francis carter h 28 James
Cash James grocer 66 and 182 Water h same
Cash Jessie domestic 29 Monkstown rd
Cash Margaret widow James h 66 Water
Cashin Miss Ellen   h 85 Carter's Hill
Cashin Lawrence culler h 220 Duckworth
Cashin Richard   h 168 Water w
Cassidy Wm wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 30 Hutchings
Castelle Henry Restaurant 121 Duckworth h same
Castle Ann domestic 18 British sq
Cathedral (C E) Right Rev Llewellyn Jones DD Lord Bishop of Newfoundland Rector s s Gower bet Cathedral Hill and Cathedral st
Cathedral (R C) Right Rev Dr Thomas J Power Bishop of St John's Military cor Allandale rd
Caton John storekeeper h 103 New Gower
Caul John fisherman h lane off Rogerson's lane
Caulder John moulder Con Foundry Co res Poorhouse lane
Cavanagh Arthur laborer P & L Tessier res 120 Le Marchant rd
Cavanagh Edward laborer Victoria B & E Co res Patrick
Cave Joseph carpenter Josiah Laird h 11 Barter's Hill
Cave Robert D master mariner h 31 John
Central District Court Daniel W Prowse Q C, James G Conroy Q C Judges Court House
Central Hotel George G Crosbie Prop 173 Water e  
Central Ward Fire Station Wm Dunn in charge Queens's rd ft of Long's Hill
Chafe Alfred clerk G S Milligan jr h 31 Long's Hill
Chafe David laborer H J Stabb h 99 Gower
Chafe Mrs David grocer 99 Gower h same
Chafe David M wheelwright 124 George h 19 Princess
Chafe Emma J domestic 19 Gower
Chafe Miss Fannie dressmaker Mrs Amelia Clayton res South Side
Chafe Fanny domestic 198 Gower
Chafe Frederick coachman M Monrow h 13 Maxse
Chafe Miss Harriet dressmaker Mrs Amelia Clayton res South Side
Chafe Henry coachman A J Harvey h 45 Monkstown rd
Chafe Herbert B clerk J Pack res South Side
Chafe Jacob cooper Goodfellow & Co h 138 Dreelan's Well rd
Chafe Jacob laborer h 18 Livingstone
Chafe James messenger Thomas McMurdo & Co h 1 New Gower
Chafe Josoeph laborer 31 Hayward av
Chafe Levi G clerk John Steer h South Side rd 3 w Gas House
Chafe Mary domestic 262 Duckworth
Chafe Nathaniel blacksmith Hamlyn & Brooking bds 340 Duckworth
Chafe Philip carman McDougall & Templeton h 93 Long's Hill
Chafe Miss Sarah clerk A C Tupper bds Duckworth
Chafe Thomas carpenter h 50 Barnes rd
Chafe Wm confectionery 390 Water h same
Chafe Wm laborer h 47 Williams
Chamber of Commerce Hon James S Pitts pres, Thomas R Smith and Walter B Grieve vice-pres, James Goodfellow sec   235 Duckworth
Chancey George carpenter res 15 Freshwater rd
Chancey Herbert L clerk Edwin Duder res 13 Freshwater
Chancey Kenneth S shoemaker res 40 Alexander
Chancey L Thomas Sub-Sheriff Central District h "Hillsview Cottave", 82 Freshwater rd
Chancey Robert J storekeeper Edwin Duder 13 Freshwater rd
Chancey Susannah wid John N h 40 Alexander
Chancey Wm R clerk C Macpherson h 15 Freshwater rd
Chancey Willia boilermaker Victoria B & E Co h 47 Alexander
Channing James J clerk J T O'Mara res 5 British sq
Channing John jr shoemaker res 5 British sq
Channing John jr carter Bowring Bros h 5 British sq
Channing Lewis shoemaker M Wadden res 5 British sq
Chaplin Annie domestic 226 Water e
Chaplin Edwin tailor Gibb & Calvert res 7 Knight
Chaplin Miss Emily tailoress Mark Chaplin res 7 Knight
Chaplin John F clerk Gear & Co h 10 Plymouth rd
Chaplin Mark Merchant Tailor 128 Water h 66 Cochrane
Chaplin Mark sr tailor h 7 Knight
Chaplin Samuel tailor Gibb & Calvert res 7 Knight
Chapman Edward manager Bowring Bros h 122 Le Marchant rd
Chapman I E clerk Bowring Bros h 122 Le Marchant rd
Chapman John carman McDougall & Templeton h 21 Fleming
Chapman Robert clerk Ayre & Sons res 123 Le Marchant rd
Chapter Joseph laborer h 10 South West
Chard Eliza domestic 55 Henry
Charles Emanuel clerk res 208 Duckworth
Charles Thomas fruit and confectioner 208 Duckworth h same
Chase Joseph seaman h 14Brine
Chaster John cooper h 26 Adelaide
Cheater Edward gardener W J Barnes  
Cheater Jessie domestic 203 New Gower
Cheater Maria domestic 45 Cochrane
Cheek George laborer h 37 Barter's Hill
Chidley Christopher laborer h 36 Nunnery Hill
Chidley Elizabeth wid John res 35 Nunnery Hill
Chidley Joseph laborer h 72 Rogerson's lane
Chidley Joseph shoemaker 80 Dreelan's Well rd h same
Chidley Lena domestic 12 Beck's Cove
Chidley Mary domestic 62 New Gower
Chidley Mary domestic 11 King's rd
Chidley Thomas laborer h 51 James
Chipman Mrs Henry   h 226 Duckworth
Chipman Joshua sailmaker John Shamler h 59 Monkstown rd
Chipman Wm sailmaker J & G Dicks h 226 Duckworth
Chipman Wm H clerk 112 Duckworth
Chipman Mrs Wm H fruit and confections h 112 Duckworth
Chisholm J F Bookseller and Stationer 175 Water e h 3 Tasker ter Duckworth
Chislett Geroge shipwright h r 245 Gower
Chislett Nicholas shipwright res 272 Gower
Chisman Amelia wid Robert res 14 Limekiln Hill
Chown F H clerk h 31 King's Bridge rd
Christian Alexander clerk Blackwood & Blair bds 87 Lazy Bank rd
Christian Archibald H clerk Blackwood & Blair h 86 Lazy Bank rd
Christian George clerk Bowring Bros res 37 William
Christian Brothers' Monastery Rev Bro Richard B Fleming director   Allandale cor Newtown rd
Christian James clerk Blackwood & Blair bds 37 William, Georgetown
Christian Wm clerk h 37 William
Christopher Ellen laundress St John's General Hospital  
Christopher Emma wid John res 15 Kickham's lane
Christopher Garrett printer The Colonist h 5 James, Monkstown
Christopher John Carpenter h 299 New Gower
Christopher John laborer h 5 Kickham's lane
Christopher John T laborer res 20 South
Christopher Martin machinist Victoria B & E co res 16 George e
Christopher Mary wid Garrett h 5 James
Christopher Patrick master mariner h 9 Delahunty's lane
Christopher Richard laborer res 20 South
Christopher Thomas laborer h 20 South
Christopher Wm laborer James Murray h 20 South West
Christopherson Martin engine driver h 16 George
Church of England Academy Rev Adam Currie FRGS   w s South West
Church of England Boys' Orphanage Miss Mary Canning lady superintendent Military cor King's Bridge rd
Church of England Cathedral     s-e cor Cathedral Hill and Gower
Church of England Girls' Orphanage Miss Ellen S Stabb lady superintendent Miss Sophia Hogarth matron Cathedral cor Gower
Church of England Girls' School Miss Fanny Cowling principal Synod Hall   Queen's rd cor Cathedral Hill
Churchill Agnes domestic 7 Monkstown rd
Churchill Ambrose engineer 16 Waldegrave
Churchill Cain fisherman res 78 Duckworth
Churchill Mrs Elizabeth boarding-house keeper h 78 Duckworth
Churchill Mrs Elizabeth   res 15 Holdworth
Churchill Elizabeth domestic Mrs S Collier  
Churchill Miss Emily   res 55 Henry
Churchill Emily domestic Allan Mann  
Churchill Jacob laborer res 15 Holdworth
Churchill Marian domestic 7 Monkstown rd
Churchill Wm master machanic for public buildings h Topsail
Churchill Boat Club K H Rennie sec boat house Quidi Vivi lake address 127 Water e
City Club (LTD) Hon A M Mackay Pres Frank D Lilly Sec 127 Water e
City Club Rifle Co Gustavus H Dickinson capt, Leslie G Mackay tres H W LeMessurier sec 127 Water e
City of London Fire Insurance Do (Ltd) Johnson & West Agents 9 Water w
City Skating Rink J W Foran prop 18 Prescott
Clancey Ann do Poor House
Clancey Bridget wid Dennis h 10 Covil's lane
Clancey James pictures and picture frames 183 Duckworth h Victoria
Clancey John laborer res 10 Covil's lane
Clancey Maggie domestic 29 Queen's rd
Clancey Mary A domestic 29 Queen's rd
Clancey Richard bookkeeper J D Ryan bds Globe House
Clancey Thomas sub insp Sanitary Dept Municipal Council h 60 George w
Clancey William laborer res 10 Covil's lane
Clancey William laborer h 12 Nunnery lane
Clapp Gilbert   h 72 Cochrane
Clapp John S   res 72 Cochrane
Clapp Wiliam M barrister Telegram Building Duckworth h 72 Cochrane
Clare Ann wid Michael res John Clare
Clare Ann wid John h 75 Dreelan's Well rd
Clare Bridget wid Patrick h 41 Coady's lane
Clare Bridget domestic John Kelly  
Clare John seaman h 34 lane w from Courting lane
Clare Laurence laborer h Lahey's lane
Clark Ambrose blacksmith h 216 Gower
Clark Benjamin laborer h 48 George
Clark Emma cook 102 Water
Clark Elizabeth wid John res 59 Flower Hill st
Clark Elizabeth domestic 69 Flower Hill st
Clark Ellen wid Noah h 41 Young
Clark Miss Emily saleslady G S Milligan jr h 156 Lazy Bank rd
Clark George clerk John Anderson res 16 James, Georgetown
Clark James fisherman hss Waterford Bridge rd 8 W Water
Clark John seaman h 21 Bulley's lane
Clark John spinner Col Cord Co h Mundy's Pond rd
Clark John fisherman h 71 King's rd
Clark Mrs John confectionery 71 King's rd h same
Clark John H clerk Post Office res 59 Flower Hill st
Clark John printer McDougall & Templeton res 41 Young
Clark Joseph master mariner h 37 Queen's rd
Clark Kate domestic 9 Balsom
Clark Mrs Margaret grocer 216 Gower res same
Clark Robert restaurant 9 Adelaide h same
Clark Robert laborer h 38 Thomas
Clark Robert laborer Samuel Eales bds same
Clark Susan domestic 7 West
Clark Susannah wid George h 156 Lazy Bank rd
Clark Thomas fisherman h r 71 New Gower
Clarke Edward laborer h 19 South
Clarke Edwin mason h 26 William
Clarke Miss Emily saleslady J B & G Ayre bds 46 New Gower
Clarke Emma wid Wm h 16 James
Clarke Esther domestic 33 Hayward av
Clarke George seaman res 6 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Clarke Harvey laborer h 4 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Clarke John rope spinner h 182 Lazy Bank rd
Clarke Louisa wid Joseph h 6 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Clarke Louisa domestic 62 Hamilton
Clarke Moses H bookkeeper Mark Chaplin h 75 Gower
Clarke Patrick tobacco maker res 240 New Gower
Clarke Patrick clerk h 218 Water w
Clarke Richard laborer h 218 Water w
Clarke Wm J laborer h 7 Long's lane
Clatney John   81 King's rd
Clayton Amelia wid James, dressmaker h 29 Prestott
Cleary Ellen wid Thomas h 18 Delahunty's lane
Cleary Hannah domestic 34 Victoria
Cleary James laborer res 30 Cochrane
Cleary John laborer h 25 Covil lane
Cleary John carter Gas Co h 29 Patrick
Cleary John coachman res 18 Delahunty's lane
Cleary John N student Winter, Morison & Hayward res 31 Monkstown rd
Cleary Miss Mary   res 40 Cochrane
Cleary Michael fisherman res 29 Patrick
Cleary Moses clerk Parker & Monroe res 35 Long's Hill
Cleary Nicholas cooper Mogue Power h 30 Cochrane
Cleary Patrick seaman res 35 Long's Hill
Cleary Peter fisherman h 42 Barnes rd
Cleary Hon P Manager Simpson Improved Dry Dock h 31 Monkstown rd
Cleary Philip accountant Dry Dock h 15 Cathedral Hill
Cleary Richard acting sergeant Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 52 Gower
Cleary Mrs Sarah   h 35 Long's Hill
Cleary Stephen culler h 34 Prescott
Cleary Stephen fisherman h 11 1/2 Carter's Hill
Cleatney Daniel J storekeeper James Gleason h 10 Pilot's Hill
Cleatney Miss Margaret   res 11 Long's Hill
Cleatney Nora wid Daniel h 11 Long's Hill
Cleatney Patrick laborer h 10 lane North Pilot's Hill
Clemens Elizabeth wid Wm h 65 King's rd
Clifford Bridget wid Thomas h 28 Henry
Clifford Francis shoemaker res 28 Henry
Clifford James sr carpenter h 9 Allen's sq
Clifford James jr shoemaker, 9 Allen's sq h same
Clifford Martin laborer res 28 Henry
Clifford Miss Sarah dressmaker Mrs Amelia Clayton res 9 Allen's sq
Clifford Thomas coachman h 98 Dreelan's Well rd
Clift Charles N Clift, Wood & Co h 71 Rennie's Mill rd
Clift Miss Frederica F   res 71 Rennie's Mill rd
Clift Hugh C   res "Riverdale", 77 Rennie's Mill rd
Clift J Augustus Barrister and Solicitor 5 Cathedral Hill H Gower
Clift Jane wid James S "Riverdale" h 77 Rennie's Mill rd.
Clift Thomas B clerk Clift, Wood & Co res 71 Rennie's Mill rd
Clift Theodore accountant h 6 Gower
Clift Wood & Co Charles N Clift and the Estates of Thomas and Shannon M Clift Ship Brokers and General Commission Merchants Water opp Market House
Clift's Wharf     West Side Clift's Cove
Clinton John seaman h 5 Holloway
Clooney Ellen wid Patrick bds 10 Barter's Hill
Clooney James laborer res 83 New Gower
Clooney John seaman h 37 Maxse
Clooney John works Nlfd B & S Mnfg Co res 85 Gower
Clooney John laborer Michael Connoars h Quidi Vidi rd
Clooney Michael laborer res 83 New Gower
ClooneyPatrick cooper h 83 New Gower
Clooney Thomas laborer h 8 Catherine
Clouston John tinsmith W J Clouston res Thomas Clouston
Clouston John mason h 71 Plymouth rd
Clouston Thomas tinsmith R Peace & Co h 48 Duckworth
Clouston Walter   h 61 Patrick
Clouston Wm J Stoves and Tinware 188 Water
Clow Marmaduke super cargo h 138 Gower
Coady Andrew fisherman h 42 Thomas
Coady Catherine domestic Hon E D Shea  
Coady Fanny domestic 1 Le Marchant rd
Coady Francis shoemaker h 42 South West
Coady Hannah domestic 17 Garrison Hill
Coady Miss Hannah   res 14 Chapel
Coady James laborer res 12 lane we from 27 Barter's Hill
Coady James fireman res 39 Williams
Coady James fisherman h 126 George
Coady James wharfinger A. Goodridge & Sons h 217 New Gower
Coady James fisherman South Side opp Mill Bridge
Coady Johanna wid Patrick res 14 Chapel
Coady John wines and liquors, 274 Water h Pennywell rd
Caody Johannah wid Lawrence h 42 Hutchings
Coady Miss Josephine   res 68 George
Coady Miss Mary grocer Hughes lane h same
Coady Mary wid James h 39 Williams
Coady Mary A wid Stephen grocer 6 South West h same
Coady Matthew shoemaker h 38 Flavin's lane
Coady Michael seaman h 12 Carew
Coady Michael laborer h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Coady Michael messenger Wm Campbell res 39 Williams
Coady Nicholas boot and Shoemaker, 194 Water h same
CoadyPatrick shoemaker Partker & Monroe h 14 Chapel
Coady Priscilla wid Wm h 20 Flavin's lane
Coady Richard fisherman h 14 Buchanan
Coady Thomas fisherman h r 246 Gower
Coady Thomas laborer h 40 Hutchings
Coady Thomas fisherman h 82 Dreelna's Well rd
Coady Thomas with John Coady h n a Pennywell rd 1 w Riel's lane
Coady Walter laborer h 39 Coady's lane
Coady Wm laborer res 39 Williams
Coady Wm seaman h 261 Water w
Coady Wm blacksmith Wm McGrath h 42 Gower
Coaker John carpenter Hereder & Halleren h 15 William, Monkstown rd
Coacker Wm carpenter h South Side e
Coastal Wharf     West Side Houle's Cove
Cobbett George seaman h 42 lane w from Courting lane
Cochrane     see also Corcoran
Cochrane James printer The Telegram res 51 Long's Hill
Cochrane James   h Long's lane
Cochrane Edward laborer h 23 Delahunty's lane
Cochrane Ellen wid Wm res 23 Delahunty's lane
Cochrane Lawrence   h 14 Long's lane
Cochrane Patrick laborer h 57 Long's Hill
Cochrane Phillip bookkeeper Lyon & Vey bds 51 Long's Hill
Cochrane Wm carpenter h 51 Long's Hill
Cochrane Wm laborer res 51 Long's Hill
Cochrane Wm carpenter h 52 George
Codner Elizabeth cook 271 Water e
Codner John fisherman h r 238 New Gower
Codner Wm shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co bds 18 Wickford
Coen George C clerk Commercial Bank of Nfld bds 9 Maxse
Coen Grace wid Peter, grocer 18 Allen's sq h 17 Livingstone
CoesSameul laborer h 55 Carter's Hill
Coffey Miss Catherine   res 26 Carter's Hill
Coffey Denis butler h 124 Duckworth
Coffey Gerald letter carrier h 3 James
Coffey John seaman h 26 Carter's Hill
Coffey Michael mate h 157 Gower
Coffey Miss Minnie dressmaker Miss Ellen Aylward res 124 Duckworth
Coffiel Jane domestic 63 Rennie's Mill rd
Coffield Wm seaman h 3 James
Coffield Mrs Wm grocer r 3 james res same
Coffin Augustus E prin boys' dept Col Cont Church Socy School h 24 Scott
Coffin Charles jeweller T J Duley & Co res 16 North
Coffin George B engineer res 16 North
Coffin Henry tannery nr Rennie's Bridge h 84 Barnes rd
Coffin John storekeeper Thorburn & Tessier h 156 Gower
Coffin John clerk D Schlater res 156 Gower
Coffin Thomas tide waiter and guager H.M>C. h 16 North
Colbert James butcher res 7 New Gower
Colbert Maggie domestic 282 Gower
Colbert Maurice tailor P Kelley res 3 n a Mackay
Colbert Wm fisherman h r 47 Gower
Cole Andrew baker 9 Holloway h same
Cole Bessie domestic 158 Duckworth
Cole Bridget domestic 167 Duckworth
Cole Ellen wid Wm rms 23 King's rd
Cole James fisherman h 11 Limekiln Hill
Cole James jr laborer res 11 Limekiln Hill
Cole James seaman res 16 John
Cole Cole wheelwright David Chafe res 26 Young
Cole Kate wid Patrick h 82 Dreelan's Well rd
Cole Mary wid Wm h 16 John
Cole Philip fisherman h 26 Young
Cole Robert laborer h 56 King's Bridge rd
Cole Samuel laborer h 21 James
Cole Mrs Samuel grocer 21 James res same
Cole Solomon cabman h 12 Wickford
Cole Theresa wid John h 14 Catherine
Cole Thomas grocer 7 Allen's sq h same
Coleman Miss Catherine tailoress Patrick Coleman res 163 New Gower
Coleman Edward shoemaker H Heath h 36 Cookstown rd
Coleman Edward fisherman h 102 Gower
Coleman Edward G locksmith 224 Duckworth bds 39 North
Coleman Elizabeth wid Joseph h 87 Gower
Coleman George clerk J F Chisholm res 38 Fleming
Coleman John J carpenter, builder and contractor 38 Fleming h same
Coleman Miss Julia   res 169 Gower
Coleman Patrick stationery 99 New Gower h same
Coleman Patrick tailor 163 New Gower h same
Coleman Wm laborer h 71 King's rd
Colfer Miss Ellen M dressmaker 95 New Gower h same
Colfer Miss Margaret dressmaker 95 New Gower h same
Colford Ellen wid Martin h 12 Stephen
Colford Miss Kate milliner Mrs J Haviland res 5 Holdworth
Colford Miss Kate machine operator Parker & Monroe res 12 Stephen
Colford Lizzie domestic 92 Water e
Colford Miss Mary machine operator Parker & Monroe res 12 Stephen
Colford cooper h 13 Coady's lane
Collett Maria wid James h 142 Hamilton
Collier Frederick painter J W Collier res Forest House, Forest rd
Collier John W painter, glazier and paperhanger, 6 Victoria h same
Collier Nicholas J foreman wheelwright J T carnell h Forest rd
Collier Samuel G carriagemaker, 73 George h 109 Lazy Bank rd
Collier Sarah wid Charles h Forest House, Forest rd
Collin Jeremiah fisherman h 49 Lazy Bank rd
Collins Amelia F wid John grocer h 39 Lazy Bank rd
Collins Anastasia wid John h 16 Thomas
Collins Miss Annie dressmaker Mrs M Sommerville res Gower
Collins Arthur clerk Marshall & Rodger h 61 Prescott
Collins Ellen wid Michael h 18 Brine
Collins George brakeman Nfld Railway Co h 83 Gower
Collins Mrs George grocer 83 Gower h same
Collins James clerk Parker & Monroe res 80 New Gower
Collins James coachman res 16 Delahunty's lane
Collins James pilot h 29 Duke of York
Collins James carter James Scott res 16 Delahunty's lane
Collins James J confectionery 168 Water h same
Collins James J real estate 348 Duckworth h same
Collins James R tobacconist 189 Duckworth h same
Collins John laborer res 16 Thomas
Collins John carpenter res 7 James
Collins Joseph seaman h 39 Cuddihy's lane
Collins Joseph fisherman h 38 Barter's Hill
Collins Joseph school teacher h r 246 Gower
Collins Kate wid Patrick h 16 Delahunty's lane
Collins Martin carpenter h Walsh's sq
Collins Martin laborer h 38 Limekiln Hill
Collins Michael sergeant Cavalry Nfld Constabulary res Forest Townshend
Collins Michael captain h 23 James
Collins Mary wid James h 263 Gower
Collins Patrick baker Thomas Mitchell res 16 Delahunty's lane
Collins Patrick F clerk D Sclater res 23 James, Monkstown
Collins Peter seaman h 20 Convent sq
Collins Richard cooper res 7 James
Collins R H feather renovator 123 Duckworth h 7 James e
Collins Sarah wid Wm h 7 James
Collins Terrence R accountant h 15 North
Collins Thomas carpenter h 53 Alexander
Collins Thomas lumber surveyor h s s Merry Meeting rd 4 w Parade
Collins Wm coachman res 16 Delahunty's lane
Collins Wm farmer h 37 Long Hill
Collins George seaman h 16 Hayward av
Collins Henry G Way Office and dealer in groceries and temperance beer 237 Water w h same
Collins Wm seaman h 8 Chapel
Colonial Buildings     Military rd
Colonial Continental Church Society School August E Coffin principal Queen's rd w Garrison Hill
Colonial Cordage Co Hon M Monroe President F Alderdice Secretary, J H Monroe Managing Director Factory and Office Mundy's Pond rd
Colonial Penitentiary John R McCowan superintendent Forest rd
Colonial Secretary's Office Hon R Bond Colonial Secretary Colonial Buildings
Colonist Printing & Publishing Co Charles B Kickham Chairman P R Bowers Editor and General Manager Duckworth cor King's Beach
Colquboun Alexander seaman bds Thomas Rochford
Colton Arthur mate res 112 George
Colton Edward F storekeeper P & L Tessier h 39 Queen's rd
Colton Ethelbert accountant P & L Tessier h 23 Water w
Colton Mrs John   h 47 Queen's rd
Colton John cooper South Side rd 2 Long Bridge h same
Colton Samuel G S storekeeper P & L Tessier h South Side 10 w of the Bridge
Colyer Frederick H manager James Murray 240 Water h 25 Long's Hill
Comerford John laborer h r 2 Darling
Comerford John fisherman h 18 South
Comerford Mary wid Richard res Thomas Kavanagh
Comerford Miss Mary tailoress P Kelly rs 123 New Gower
Comerford Mary domestic 24 Water w
Comerford Mary wid John, grocer 12 Stephen wh same
Comerford Mary E domestic 94 Prescott
Comerford Michael shoemaker 100 Duckworth h same
Comerford William clerk h 15 Fleming
Comfort Miss Bride dressmaker 123 New Gower h same
Comfort Miss Laura tailoress E M Jackman res 12 Stephen
Comfort Miss Mary tailoress Miss B Comfort bds 123 New Gower
Comfort Mary E domestic 120 Water
Comford Richard cooper h 1 Limekiln hill
Commercial Bank of Newfoundland Henry Cooke Manager Henry D Carter Accountant and Teller Duckworth
Commercial Rooms     235 Duckworth
Commerical Society T H Goodridge manager 235 Duckworth
Commercial union Assurance Co Henry J Stabb Agent 47 Water e
Condon Miss Annie tailoress res 109 New Gower
Condon Miss Bertha tailoress res 109 New Gower
Condon Mrs Ellen clerk J W Foran bds same
Condon Miss Ellen saleslady Mary Keefe res same
Condon Ellen wid Kyran h 14 Williams
Condon Miss Fanny machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 14 Williams
Condon John wks Nfld F & M Co res 14 Williams
Condon John shoemaker Robert Smyth h lane e from 52 King's rd
Condon Margaret wid Daniel h 312 Duckworth
Condon Miss Mary dressmaker res 109 New Gower
Condon Mary wid Patrick res 55 New Gower
Condon Robert miner h 34 South West
Condon Robert shipwright res 312 Duckworth
Condow David blacksmith h 22 Carter's lane
Congdon James master mariner h 16 Dick's sq
Congdon John T shoemaker 26 Prescott h same
Congdon Richard shipwright h 38 George
Congdon Samuel shipwright h 4 James
Congdon Wm shipwright res 4 James
Congregational Church     s w cor Chapel and Queen's rd
Connamore John fisherman h 42 Hayward av
Connell David law student bds 165 Duckworth
Connell Edward carman h 166 Lazy Bank rd
Connell John laborer h 48 Williams
Connell John fisherman h 40 lane w from Courting lane
Connell Johanna wid Thomas Grocer 10 Gower h same
Connell Kate Wid John grocer 88 Prescott h same
Connell Patrick butcher Denis Dooley h 6 Chapel
Connell Thomas engineer h 44 Lazy Bank rd
Connell Mrs Thomas grocer 44 Lazy Bank rd res same
Connelly James hairdresser 366 Water h same
Connelly Miss Mary milliner Mrs Patrick Summers res 366 Water e
Connolly Miss Agnes dressmaker Mrs M Sommerville res 49 Monkstown rd
Connolly Catherine wid Michael h 232 Water w
Connolly Elizabeth wid Edward h 17 Dogstown
Connolly Geofery fisherman h Walshe's lane
Connolly Miss Hannah machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res Walshe's lane
Connolly James cooper res 49 Monkstown rd
Connolly James fisherman h 52 Larking's lane
Connolly Jeremiah shoemaker 73 King's rd
Connolly Mrs Jeremiah confectioner 73 King's rd h same
Connolly John painter Richard Hanley re 2 Flavin's lane
Connolly John cooper James Murray bds 3 Chancey's lane
Connolly John plasterer h 76 Patrick
Connolly Lawrence   h 2 Flavin's lane
Connolly Lawrence jr coachman res 2 Flavin's lane
Connolly Miss Maggie restaurant 118 Water h same
Connolly Maria domestic 215 Water
Connolly Mary wid Edward res 118 Water
Connolly Michael fireman h 15 Kickham's lane
Connolly Michael Grocer and Butcher 193 Duckworth h same
Connolly Patrick clerk Michael Connolly res 193 Duckworth
Connolly Thomas cooper James Murray h 49 Monkstown rd
Connolly Thomas laborer res Walshe's lane
Connolly Thomas laborer h 15 Patrick
Connolly Wm fisherman h 17 Patrick
Connors Andrew supt Harvey & Co's butterine factory h 2 Victoria
Connors Betsy wid Francis res 79 Dreelan's Well rd
Connors Bridget domestic 166 Water
Connors Miss Bridget   res 2 Victoria
Connors Bridget wid Patrick h lane e from 52 King's rd
Connors Ellen domestic 170 Water
Connors Ellen tailoress Michael Hickey bds 38 Signal Hill rd
Connors James fisherman res 47 Wickford
Connors John rope spinner Col Cordage Co h 179 Lazy Bank rd
Connors John fisherman 47 Wickford
Connors John Blockmaker J L Duchemin h 51 George
Connors John cooper 7 Brazels sq h same
Connors John butcher Michael Connors res 154 Water
Connors M druggist 358 Water w h same
Connors Owen fisherman h 5 Holdsworth
Connors Patrick butcher Michael Connors res 154 Water
Connors Patrick wks Col Cordage Co h Mundy's Pond rd
Connors Patrick jr wks Col Cordage Co res Mundy's Pond rd
Connors Stephen fisherman res 47 Wickford
Connors Thomas butcher Michael Connors res 154 Water
Connors Thomas P roadmaster Nfld Ry Co h Forest rd
Connors  cooper John Connors res 7 Brazel's sq
Connors Thomas wks Col Cord Co res Mundy's Pond rd
Connors Wm servant Wm Syme  
Conran Lizzie domestic 45 Quidi Vidi rd
Conroy James QC Stipendiary Magistrate for the Island and Judge of the Central District Court h "Escasoni" Portugal Cove rd
Constantine James watchman P & L Tessier h 40 Lazy Bank rd
Constantine John laborer h 17 Tank hill
Constantine John laborer P & L Tessier h 23 Flower hill
Constantine Miss Lizzie mach operator Nlfd B & S Mnfg Co res 40 Lazy Bank rd
Constantine Peter baker Thomas Mitchell h 5 Carter's Hill
Constantine Philip seaman h 23 Flower Hill
Constantine Philip fisherman h 81 Dreelan's Well rd
Convalescent Home George Dodd master Mrs George Dodd matron, adjoining The Lazaretto Signal Hill
Convent of Mercy School Rev Mother Mary B Clune directress Military rd
Conway Charles plasterer res 38 William
Conway John fisherman h 43 Hamilton
Conway Miss Mary Ann   h 64 James
Conway Thomas Contractor and Plasterer 38 Williams e h same
Conway Thomas clerk h 27 Queen's rd
Cook Ann wid James h 37 Cuddihy's lane
Cook Miss Bessie domestic John McCarthy Leslie
Cook Charles cooper 19 Dreelan's Well rd h 10 Brazel's sq
Cook Charles jr cooper Charles Cook res 27 Alexander
Cook George carpenter h 54 Henry
Cook James E cooper Charles Cook res 10 Brazel's sq
Cook James laborer h 2 South
Cook James cooper res South Side e
Cook John carpenter h 8 North
Cook John seaman h 28 Princes
Cook John A carpenter h South Side
Cook Joseph cooper 27 Alexander h same
Cook Mary domestic 259 Duckworth
Cook Peter N cooper h 41 James
Cook Tasker butcher Wm Cook res 278 Water
Cook Thomas storekeeper Lunatic Asylum  
Cook Mrs Thomas   res 12 Bell
Cook Wm Butcher 278 Water h same
Cook Wm cooper Charles Cook h 109 Lazy Bank rd
Cook Wm fisherman South Side e
Cook Wm R cooper Ayre & Sons h 95 Dreelan's Well rd
Cook Mrs W R grocer 95 Dreelan's Well rd res same
Cooke George cooper W Stephens & Co h South Side e
Cooke Henry Manager Commerical Bank Newfoundland res Bank Bldg
Cooke James H cooper Goodfellow & Co res South Side e
Cooke John laborer Job Bros h South Side e
Cooke Joseph grocer and engineer 4 Brazel's sq h same
Cooke Philip seaman res 31 Wickford
Cooke Richard jr clerk bds 31 Wickford
Cooke Richard laborer h 31 Wickford
Cooke Robert coachman Mrs J Crowdy  
Cooke Wm J cooper Goodfellow & Co h South Side e
Cooke Wm R wharfinger Ayre & Sons h 4 Brazel sq
Cooksley Wm S dockmaster Simpson & Co's Dry Dock h Dockyard
Coombs Charles laborer h 27 Kickham's lane
Coombs Margaret wid Arthur res 27 Dickham's lane
Coombs Mary wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 26 South West
Coombs Thomas gardener h 26 South West
Coombs Thomas jr miner res 26 South West
Coonan Ann wid Patrick grocer 66 Duckworth h same
Coonan James laborer h 63 Gower
Coonan James jr printer The Colonist res 63 Gower
Coonan Mrs James confectionery res 63 Gower
Coonan Patrick clerk C Macpherson bds 66 Duckworth
Cooney Patrick cooper P & L Tessier h 10 Lazy Bank rd
Cooney John miner bds 26 Hunt's lane
Cooney Michael grocer h 13 Hutchings
Cooney Peter laborer h 9 Dammerill's lane
Cooper Catherine wid Henry h 8 Dreelan's Well rd
Cooper Edward messenger S H Parsons res Casey's lane
Cooper Ellen wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 8 Dreelan's Well rd
Cooper Miss Ellen skiver Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 14 James
Cooper Fanny domestic Sunnyside Circular rd
Cooper Frank steward bds 45 New Gower
Cooper Frederick seaman h 8 Duckworth
Cooper Henry laborer res 8 Dreelan's Well rd
Cooper James cooper James Boggan res 14 James
Cooper James carpenter h 44 Scott
Cooper John fisherman h 14 James
Cooper Thomas laborer h 83 King's rd
Corbell Johanna wid Joseph res 29 Duke of York
Corbett Bridget laundress Lunatic Asylum  
Corbett Ellen domestic 24 South
Corbett Thomas cooper Chapel lane h same
Corbett Wm Wines and Liquors and Cooperage, 2 Le Marchant rd h 4 same
Corbin James dynamo man Electric Light Co res 47 Queen's rd
Corbin Margaret wid James h 47 Queen's rd
Corcoran Catherine wid Lawrence h 132 New Gower
Corcoran James assistant doorkeeper and messenger L C h Queen's rd cor Gower
Corcoran James laborer h 16 Stephen
Corcoran Lawrence cooper h 17 Stephen
Corcoran Miss Mary Ann mac operator D Smallworth & Sons res 132 New Gower
Corcoran Maurice farmer h 3 Dreelan's Well rd
Corcoran Maurice jr laborer res 3 Dreelan's Well rd
Corcoran Miss Nellie machine operator D Smallwood & Sons res 132 New Gower
Corcoran Sarah wid Timothy fruit and confectionery 118 Duckworth h same
Corcoran Thomas laborer res 132 New Gower
Cormack James third clerk H M C res 247 Duckworth
Cormack John agent Queen's Insurance Co of Liverpool 249 Duckworth h 247 same
Cormack Mark baker G Browning & Sons h South Side w
Cormack Mary wid James res 247 Duckworth
Cormack Michael carter Thomas Fitzgibbon bds same
Cormick Richard clerk H M C h 112 Military rd
Corner Arthur H clerk J & W Stewart h 94 Lazy Bank rd
Cornick Frederick mason h 12 William
Cornick Frederick C storekeeper Harvey & Co h 4 Darling
Cornick Henry J carpenter res 12 William
Cornick John machinist Victoria B & E Co h 148 Lazy Bank rd
Cornick John carpenter Henry Earle res James, Georgestown
Cornick Rueben mason h 8 William
Cornick Thomas mechanical engineer Lighthouse Dept h 150 Lazy Bank rd
Cornick Thomas mason h 114 Dreelan's Well rd
Cornick Wm clerk W & G Rendell res 8 William, Monkstown
Cornick Wm accountant Nfld Con Foundry Co h 6 Darling
Cose Samuel assistant storekeeper Alan Goodridge & Sons h 55 Carter's Hill
Cosgrove Miss Ellen milliner h 32 South West
Cosgrove James porter J H Martin & Co h 32 South West
Costello Anastatia wid Patrick res 62 King's rd
Costello Elizabeth wid Matthew grocer Stephen w h same
Costello Ellen domestic 21 Forest rd
Costello James sacristan R C cathedral h 4 Delahunty's lane
Costello Martin shipwright h 12 Brennan's lane
Costello Mary domestic 110 Water
Costello Miss Mary A dressmaker Miss E M Lynch res 26 Courting lane
Costello Michael porter C R Pool h 21 Delahunty's lane
Costello Richard carpenter h 26 Wickford
Costello Wm grocer 253 Gower h same
Costello Wm P shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 81 Hamilton
Costigan Miss Bridget machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 8 Stephen
Costigan Miss Ella tailoress E M Jackman res 8 Stephen
Costigan Mary grocer 274 Gower res same
Costigan Mary A wid Maurice h 8 Stephen w
Costigan Patrick cooper h 31 Princes
Costigan Patrick fisherman h 274 Gower
Costigan Richard carpenter Herder & Halleren h 8 Stephen
Cotter John assistant M Connors res 76 Duckworth
Cotter Johanna domestic 63 Prescott
Cotter Mary domestic Government House  
Cotter Noah fisherman h 27 1/2 Queen's rd
Cotter Patrick laborer h 76 Duckworth
Cotter Wm P clerk M & J Tobin res 76 Duckworth
Couch Clement captain h 24 Hutchings
Coughlan Anthony   res "Allandale", Allandale rd
Coughlan Miss Ellie tailoress John McGrath bds 158 Gower
Coughlan Miss Emma tailoress John McGrath bds 158 Gower
Coughlan George acting librarian H A res Fort Townshend
Coughlan James railway mail clerk PO res 165 Duckworth
Coughlan John tanner h "Allendale", Allandale rd
Coughlan Miss Louisa confectioner 212 Water w h same
Coughlan Margaret domestic 346 Water w
Coughlan Wm sergeant Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Coughan Wm jr engineer res Fort Townshend
Coughlan Wm mail contractor h 165 Duckworth
Coul Annie domestic 252 Water
Coultas Joseph wks Con Foundry Co h 3 Hamilton
Coultas Miss Mary milliner Mrs J Haviland res 365 Water
Coultas Myles iron grinder h 3 Hamilton
Courage Charlotte domestic 196 Duckworth
Court House     Duckworth opp Cathedral Hill
Courtenay Henry asst W T Courtenay res 147 Lazy Bank rd
Courtenay Henry foreman Col Cordage Co h 147 Lazy Bank rd
Courtenay Henry works Col Cordage Co res 147 Lazy Bank rd
Courtenay Wm T Druggist 423 Water h 147 Lazy Bank rd
Courtney Miss Agnes   res 418 Water
Courtney Richard butcher 418 Water h same
Courtney Wm butcher 71 Gower h same
Couse Samuel wks A Goodridge & Sons h 55 Carter's Hill
Cousens James H wharfinger Goodfellow & Co h 235 Gower
Cousens Robert H cooper res 235 Gower
Cousins Nicholas cooper South Side rd 3 w Longbridge h same
Cousins Thomas W cooper Job Bros & Co h South Side e
Cove Robert laborer Victoria B & E Co h 40 Hamilton
Coves Samuel laborer 40 Larkin's lane
Coveyduck John tailor John Maunder bds 3 George
Coveyduck Richard lab P & L Tessier h South Side
Coveyduck Wm H laborer h 113 New Gower
Cowan Miss Agnes H matron St John's General Hospital res same
Cowan John with J & W Stewart h 357 Water
Cowan Robert A cooper J & W Stewart h 13 Brazel's sq
Cowan Samuel clerk res 13 Brazel's sq
Cowley Jane wid John bds 36 North
Cowling Miss Fanny principal C E Girl's School bds Aubyn Pierce
Cowperthwaite Rev Humphrey P pastor Gower at Wesleyan church h Wesleyan parsonage, Gower
Cowperthwaite Walter student res Wesleyan parsonage
Cox Miss Alice   res 166 Water
Cox Ann wid Charles h 67 Long's Hill
Cox Celia domestic 106 Water
Cox Daniel J accountant The Colonist h 166 Water e
Cox Eliza domestic 32 james
Cox Miss Elizabeth   res 90 Queen's rd
Cox James J railway mail clerk PO res 90 Queen's rd
Cox John hairdresser J Connelly res 40 Wickham
Cox John fisherman h 27 Hayward av
Cox Joseph seaman h n s Lazy Bank rd 2 w Le Marchant rd
Cox Wm Merchant Tailor 166 Water h same
Cox Zaccaeus Groceries and Provisions 286 Water h 19 Hamilton
Coxwain Wm caretaker h 2 Bulley's lane
Coyell Wm cooper res St. Mary's lane ss
Coyell Thomas cooper Job Brothers & Co h St. Mary's lane South Side w
Coysh Wm custom House Boatman h r 34 Signal Hill rd
Cragg Thomas W bookbinder 218 Duckwroth h 255 same
Craig John hardware 280 Water h same
Cram Agnes domestic 125 Hamilton
Crane Miss Elizabeth   res Mrs J O'Keefe
Crane Fenwick clerk Job Brothers & Co bds 187 Duckworth
Crane Rev George district clergyman C & E h n s Mundy Pond rd, w Pennywell path
Crane John cooper P & L Tessier h 22 Limekiln Hill
Crane John laborer P & L Tessier h 8 Convent lane
Crane John constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Crane Miss Mary   res Mrs J O'Keefe
Crane Stanley engineer bds 120 Hamilton
Crane Edward cooper res r Job Bros & Co South Side
Cross Francis J clerk John Baird res Wm H Cross
Cross George clerk J H Martin & Co res Wm H Cross
Cross Wm G master mariner res Wm H Cross
Cross Wm H master mariner h Church Hill r Presbyterian church
Crossman James wks E G coleman bds 41 Prescott
Crossman Wm engineer h 41 Prescott
Crotty Daniel trader h 18 Signal Hill rd
Crotty James clerk Bowring Bros res 3 Signal Hill rd
Crotty Margaret Wid Michael res 11 Dogstown
Crotty Miss Mary Ann grocery 64 Water h same
Crotty Maurice wks Col Cord Co h Mundy's Pond rd
Crotty Michael laborer h 57 Gower
Crotty Wm grocer 3 Signal Hill rd h same
Crotty Wm trader h 10 Quidi Vidi rd
Crotty Wm lumper Newfoundland Tannery h Forest rd
Crouch Joseph engineer Nfld Fishdrying Co h Wharf Premises South Side e
Croucher Alfred laborer h 16 James
Croucher Stephen laborer bds 42 Dreelan's Well rd
Croucher Thomas fisherman h 20 Hagarty's lane
Crow Thomas laborer h 8 Flavin's lane
Crowdell James clerk J D Ryan h 30 Stephen w
Crowdell Mrs James grocer res 30 Stephen w
Crowdell Miss Maggie dressmaker Mrs J J Norris res Freshwater rd
Crowdy Charles P ledgerkeeper Coml Bank of Nfld res "Avalon Cottage", Forest rd
Crowdy Joseph   res "Avalon Cottage", Forest rd
CrowdyJulia wid Dr Charles h "Avalon Cottage", Forest rd
Crowdy Wm H teller Union Bank of Nfld h 357 Water
Crowley Miss Anastasia housekeeper 6 Long's lane
Crowley Daniel fisherman h 56 Queen's rd
Crowley Mary Ann domestic Sir F Carter  
Crowley Mary E domestic 38 Water w
Crowley Wm fisherman h 57 Alexander
Crown Lands Office Hon H J B Wood Surveyor General Athenaeum Building Duckworth
Crutch Joseph wks Nfld Fishdrying Co (ltd) h South Side e
Cuddihy Ann   res 55 New Gower
Cuddihy Catherine wid Michael grocer 11 Cuddihy's lane h same
Cuddihy James fisherman h South Side opp Mill Bridge
Cuddihy John mason h 33 Flower Hill
Cuddihy Kate wid John h 24 North
Cuddihy Kate   res 55 New Gower
Cuddihy Michael shoemaker John Holland h Cuddihy's lane
Cuddihy Michael F seaman h 55 New Gower
Cuddihy Richard harnessmaker W S McGrath h 42 Nunnery Hill
Cuddihy Thomas laborer Victoria B & E Co res South Side
Cuddihy Thomas fisherman h 134 George
Cuddihy Thomas laborer P & L Tessier h 189 New Gower
Cuddihy Wm carpenter res 24 North
Cull Emma Jane domestic 175 Lazy Bank rd
Cullen John teamster Newfoundland Tannery res same
Cullen John seaman h 228 New Gower
Cullen John porter h 40 Flavin's lane
Cullen Miss Kate tailoress Michael Hickey bds 107 Georges
Cullen Miss Margaret tailoress J Dunstervill res James e
Cullen Mary domestic 348 Water e
Cullen Miss Mary wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 337 Water w
Cullen Patrick moulder Victoria B & E Co h 337 Water w
Cullen Patrick laborer bds 34 1/2 Limekiln Hill
CullenSusannah wid Michael grocer 44 South West
Cullen Thomas tallyman Baine, Johnston & Co h 2 Bell
Cullen Thomas fisherman h r 21 James
Cullen Mrs Thomas grocer 2 Bell h same
Cullen Wm   h 348 Water e
Culleton Annie domestic 259 Gower
Culleton Miss Ellen   h 15 Rossitter's lane
Culleton James porter Lawrence White bds 22 Boggans's lane
Culleton James fisherman h 35 George
Culleton James baker Mrs C Callanan h 5 Cochrane
CulletonJohn planter h 16 Hutchings
Culleton Joseph laborer res 48 Gower
Culleton Miss Mary A   res 22 Boggan's lane
Culleton Sarah wid David h 49 Limekiln Hill
Culleton Wm clerk Bowring Bros h 22 Boggan's lane
Culleton Wm laborer h 7 Tank Hill
Culleton Wm cooper h 48 Gower
Cummings George carpenter James Murray h 44 Hayward av
Cummings John T tide waiter H M C h 64 Cochrane
Cummings Miss Margaret   res 64 Cochrane
Cummins Bridget domestic 10 Queen's rd
Cummins Edward clerk bds 63 Prescott
Cummins Fannie domestic George Herder  
Cummins Fannie fisherman h 2 Chapel
Cummins Henry porter John Steer h 15 Carew
Cummins Henry T fisherman res 2 Chapel
Cummins John clerk res 120 Military rd
Cummins John C seaman res 2 Chapel
Cummins Livinia wid Joseph h 15 Carew
Cummins Mary wid Patrick h 6 Dogstown
Cummins Maurice mate h 14 Pilot's Hill
Cummins Peter machinist res 2 Chapel
Cummins Sarah domestic 15 Cathedral Hill
Cunningham Edward steward h 38 North
Cunningham Ellen wid Michael h 33 Williams
Cunningham Ellen wid Wm h 44 Cookstown rd
Cunningham Henry laborer res 82 Dreelan's Well rd
Cunningham Henry cooper res 44 Cookstown rd
Cunningham John shoemaker J H Dee res 84 Hamilton
Cunningham John fireman h 18 Balsam
Cunningham Mary wid John h Poorhouse lane 2 w Water
Cunningham Miss Mary tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 44 Cookstown rd
Cunningham Patrick laborer h 37 Flower Hill
Cunningham Patrick tinsmith F Gushua res 13 Holdsworth
Cunningham Wm S bookbinder Dicks & Co bds 22 Queen
Curlew John seaman h 2 Pennywell rd
Curnew Isaac laborer h 28 Boggan's lane
Curran Eliza wid Adam res 38 Cochrane
Curran John Merchant Tailor 94-96 Water h same
Curran John fisherman h Flower Hill
Curran John B J B Curran & Co h s s Lazy Bank rd 1 w Le Marchant rd
Curran John B & Co John B Curran, Auctioneers Beck's Cove
Curran Mary barmaid 119 Duckworth
Curran Miss Mary J   res 96 Water
Curran Thomas laborer h 11 Stephen
Curran Thomas blacksmith 2 Holdsworth bds 4 same
Currie Rev Adam FRGS, head master C & E Academy res same
Currie Daniel clerk Custom House h 8 Scott
Curtin Daniel fisherman h 95 King's rd
Curtin Daniel jr clerk St John & Fennell res 95 King's rd
Curtin Daniel jr grocer 95 King's rd res same
Curtin James seaman h 22 Nunnery Hill
Curtin James tailor h 10 James
Curtin James fisherman res 95 King's rd
Curtin John manager W W McNeil & Co 333 Water e h 16 Prescott
Curtin John fisherman res 95 King's rd
Curtin John freightman Nfld Ry Co h 1 Carew
Cutrin Kate wid John h 16 Prescott
Curtin Peter tailor res 10 James
Curtis Catherine wid Patrick h 180 Water w
Curtis James engineer res 180 Water w
Curtis James engineer res 180 Water w
Curtis Margaret wid John h 337 Water w
Curtis Miss Mary grocer 3 Adelaide h same
Curtis Miss Mary domestic 53 New Gower
Curtis Thresa housekeeper Union Bank Duckworth
Curtis Wm laborer h 13 Cuddihy's lane
Cushing Mrs Michael   res Michael Townsend
Custom House James R Noonan Water opp Queen Wharf
Cutler Albert seaman h 44 Young

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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