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A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R "S" T U V W Y Z
Sage Charles (Sage & Wallace) h 56 South West
Sage James cabman h 23 North
Sage Mrs James grocer 23 North h same
Sage John cabman h 32 Nunnery Hill
Sage John boatman h 5 North
Sage Wm painter 72 Queen's rd h same
Sage & Wallace (Charles Sage Patrick Wallace)   Boot and Shoe Mnfrs 322 Water
Sainthill Richard accountant John Steer h 28 Scott
Salter Elizabeth (wid Wm)   h 60 South West
Salter Miss Elizabeth principal Buchanan st school res 60 South West
Salvation Army Barracks No 1   Miss Ella Williams captain ft of Livingstone
Salvation Army Barracks No 2     e-side Springdale between Nos 16 and 24
Sampson Alfred cooper T & J Grace h South Side
Sampson Wm tailor O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 17 Beck's Cove Hill
Samuelson Alfred cooper South Side opposite Mill Bridge h same
Samuelson Mary (wid Andrew) grocer 104 New Gower h same
Samuelson Samuel seaman h 46 Water w
Samways Wm M accountant Ayre & Sons h 71 Flower Hill st
Sancrow Ellen domestic 176 Water
Satterley John seaman South Side opposite Mill Bridge
Satterley Thomas baker G Browning & Son res South Side w
Saunders Alex J telegraph operator h 51 Quidi Vidi rd
Saunders Elizabeth domestic Church of England Academy  
Saunders Jane (wid Walter)   h 2 Dammerill's lane
Saunders John fireman h St Mary's lane s s
Saunders John ships carpenter h 239 Gower
Saunders Julia domestic 330 Water
Saunders Peter shipwright h 28 Cookstown rd
Saunders Wm storekeeper Goodfellow & Co h 100 Dreelan's Well rd
Saunders Wm seaman h 35 Cuddihy's lane
Savage Coleman messenger J D Ryan res Fort Townshend
Savage Miss Hannah saleslady J B & G Ayre bds 46 New Gower
Savage Jeremiah wharfinger Harvey & Co h 8 Knights
Savage John lobster packer res 8 Knights
Savage John messenger James Baird res Fort Townshend
Savage Michael sr constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Savage Michael jr constable Cavalry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Savin Wm J storekeeper Tel Co h 4 Temperance
Scammels Thomas wks Miller & Co res 64 Hamilton
Scanlan Daniel mate res 14 South
Scanlan Edward seaman h 8 Bulley's lane
Scanlan Kate (wid Daniel   h 14 South
Scanlan Mathew clerk in Landing and Tide Surveyors office H M C h 47 Quidi Vidi rd
Scanlon Thomas D assistant superintendant Telegraph Co h 197 Gower
Scaplen Edward clerk Bavarian Brewery res John E Scaplen
Scaplen Edward clerk res 37 Signal Hill rd
Scaplen George messenger Bavarian Brewery res 37 Signal Hill rd
Scaplen John E bookkeeper Bavarian Brewery h 37 Signal Hill rd
Scarlett George Manager Fishermen's and Sailors' Home h 62 Cochrane
Scarlett George W cabinetmaker res 62 Cochrane
Sclater David General Importer and Commission Merchant 179 Water e
Sclater David H accountant David Sclater h 62 Prescott
Sclater James B Commission and Insurance Agent 151 Water e h South Side near Symes Bridge
Sclater W A B clerk David Sclater h 130 Military rd
Score John Contractor and Builder and Lime Burner, 32 Duckworth h same
Scott Alexander clerk Marshall & Rodger h 39 Hayward's av
Scott Miss Ann   h 101 King's rd
Scott Miss Ann   res 25 Cochrane
Scott Archibald machinist Victoria B & E Co res 45 Henry
Scott Catherine (wid Wm)   h 39 Nunnery Hill
Scott Denis J bookkeeper James Gleeson h 25 Cochrane
Scott Edward seaman res 26 Hutchings lane
Scott Mrs Elizabeth   h 427 Water
Scott Miss Emma machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 18 Henry
Scott Miss Fanny laundry 12 Fleming h same
Scott Florence domestic 3 Albany Cottage, Hamilton av
Scott Francis clerk res 25 Cochrane
Scott Francis keeper Block House h Signal Hill
Scott George fisherman h 23 Cochrane
Scott George jr fisherman res 23 Cochrane
Scott George laborer res 26 Hutchings lane
Scott Hannah (wid Charles)   h 18 Henry
Scott Mrs James C grocer 82 Barnes h 80 same
Scott Rev John R C Cathedral res The Palace
Scott John pilot h 25 Cochrane
Scott John laborer res 26 Hutchings lane
Scott John (Scott & Rahal) h 40 New Gower
Scott John clerk David Sclater h 45 Henry
Scott Mrs John grocer 45 Henry res same
Scott John saddler res 89 Monkstown rd
Scott Joseph laborer James Murray h 44 Gower
Scott Miss Margaret salesladyd Nfld F & M Co (ltd) res 101 Military rd
Scott Mary domestic 144 Gower
Scott Miss Mary E tailoress Michael Darcy res 44 Gower
Scott May domestic W B Grieve
Scott Michael laborer h 26 Hutchings lane
Scott Patrick J, QC Barrister 233 Duckworth h 3 Maxse
Scott Peter clerk James Gleeson res 25 Cochrane
Scott Robert laborer h 16 Buchanan
Scott Thomas major Salvation Army h 14 Pennywell rd
Scott Virtue domestic Renfrew Cottage Hamilton av
Scott Wm laborer bds Michael Broders
Scott Wm fisherman res 23 Cochrane
Scott Wm fisherman res 26 Hutchings lane
Scott Wm F assistant J T O'Mara res 25 Cochrane
Scott Wm R printer The Telegram res 16 Buchanan
Scott & Rahal (John Scott, Edward Rahal)   harnessmakers 40 New Gower
Scully Michael seaman h 72 New Gower
Scurry Miss Johanna tailoress Michael Darcy res 229 1/2 New Gower
Scurry John laborer h 229 1/2 New Gower
Scurry Michael laborer res 229 1/2 New Gower
Scurry Patrick fisherman h 23 James
Sealey Johanna domestic 37 Lazy Bank rd
Sealey Mary Ann domestic 78 Queen's rd
Searle Aaron laborer h 16 Boggan's lane
Searle Edward clerk R H & J Whiteway res 16 Boggan's lane
Searle James   res 16 Boggan's lane
Searle John carpenter James Johnston h 37 Long's Hill
Searle John carpenter h 12 Belvidere
Searle Wm (Jerrett & Searle) h 168 Lazy Bank rd
Sears James steward h 4 Dammerill's lane
Sears Wm blacksmith h 14 Cathedral Hill
Seerup Gustave E watchmaker John Lindberg res 267 New Gower
Sevier Charles steward res 14 West
Sevier Edward baker h 9 Barnes lane
Sevier Garriet fisherman h 8 Catherine
Sevier John watchman Job Bros & Co h 14 West
Sevier Laura domestic 309 Water e
Sevier Richard watchman Job Bros & Co bds James e
Sevier Thomas seaman h 355 Water w
Seward Elizabeth domestic 58 Allendale rd
Sexton John attendant Lunatic Asylum  
Sexton Robert wheelwright Lawrence Bros h 108 Barnes rd
Seymour Henry W clerk P & L Tessier h 23 Cathedral
Seymour Solomon laborer h 4 Brewery lane
Seylour Wm fisherman h r 84 Duckworth
Shallow Mrs Ann grocer 222 Water w h same
Shallow Richard fisherman h 222 Water w
Shamler Albert sailmaker John Shamler h 108 Gower
Shamler George sailmaker John Shamler res 23 Prescott
Shamler John sailmaker Duckworth cor Prescott h 23 Prescott
Shana Archibald fisherman h 31 Alexander
Shana Charles shoemaker res Wm L Shana
Shana Wm L carpenter h lane r 66 Carter's Hill
Shanahan Mary (wid John)   h 11 Flavin's lane
Shanahan Miss T barmaid Atlantic Hotel  
Shanahan Catherine domestic 28 Scott
Shanahan Margaret (wid John)   h 216 Water w
Shannon Charles shoemaker H Heath res head of Balsam
Shannon Wm carpenter Ayre & Sons h head Balsam
Sharpe John General Commission Agent 342 Water h 119 same
Shaw Alfred cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 18 Hutchings
Shaw Ambrose shoemaker H Heath res Shaw's lane
Shaw Annie (wid David)   h 9 Princes
Shaw Archibald feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co res 18 Hutchings
Shaw George carman res 9 Princes
Shaw Henry moulder Con Foundry Co h 66 Alexander
Shaw John laborer Terra Nova Foundry h 41 Water w
Shaw Samuel carter Con Foundry Co h 18 Hutchings
Shaw Wm wks Government Works h Shaw's lane
Shea Bridget domestic 8 Adelaide
Shea Miss C housekeeper Atlantic Hotel  
Shea Daniel laborer h r 21 Barter's Hill
Shea Mrs Daniel grocery res 4 r 21 Barter's Hill
Shea David clerk res 350 Water w
Shea Edward Solicitor 251 Duckworth res "Engineer House" King's Bridge rd
Shea Hon Edward D cashier Nfld Savings Bank h "Engineer House" King's Bridge rd
Shea Elizabeth (wid Richard)   h 46 Barnes rd
Shea Ellen (wid James)   h 194 1/2 New Gower
Shea George (Shea & Co) Insurance Agent h "Engineer House", King's Bridge rd
Shea Henry, MD Resident Physician St John's General Hospital  
Shea James blacksmith Richard Carroll res Portugal Cove rd
Shea James laborer res 194 New Gower
Shea John fisherman h 49 Forest rd
Shea John P Groceries and Provisions Arcade Buildings, 345 Water e h 303 Water w
Shea Joseph student Whiteway & Johnson res St John's Hospital
Shea Lizzie domestic 33 Military rd
Shea Margaret domestic 1 Queen's rd
Shea Mary (wid Wm)   h off Waterford Bridge rd
Shea Mary (wid Edward) grocer 350 Water w h same
Shea Patrick clerk M Tobin res 335 Water
Shea Richard baker G Browning & Son res 350 Water w
Shea Rosanna domestic 9 Garrison Hill
Shea Wm fisherman h 61 Carter's Hill
Shea & Co   Steamship Agency and General Commission Agents Water e ft Cochrane
Shea's Wharf     73 Water e
Shears John trunkmaker Nfld F & M Co res 21 Carter's Hill
Shears Alfred H clerk Bowring Bros bds 187 Duckworth
Shears Gilbert clerk Thorburn & Tessier h 213 Gower
Shears Wilfred clerk Nfld Savings Bank res 213 Gower
Sheaves Martha (wid Wm) grocer 321 Water w h same
Sheehan Bryan fisherman h r 309 Water w
Sheehan Bryan laborer h 4 South
Sheehan Edward baker John Eagan res 34 Thomas
Sheehan Francis laborer h 13 Hayward av
Sheehan James fisherman h 34 Thomas
Sheehan Miss Johanna dressmaker res 34 Thomas
Sheehan Miss Johanna machine operator Parker & Monroe res 4 South
Sheehan John jr tinsmith res 16 Adelaide
Sheehan Miss Julia machine operator Parker & Monroe res 4 South
Sheehan Lawrence seaman h 50 Alexander
Sheehan Mary (wid John) grocer lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd h same
Sheehan Miss Mary machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 52 Alexander
Sheehan Miss Mary A dressmaker res 34 Thomas
Sheehan Richard seaman res r 309 Water w
Sheehan Thomas laborer P & L Tessier h s s Waterford Bridge rd
Sheehan Thomas header Vincombe & King h Duckworth
Sheehan Thomas fisherman h 2 Walshe's sq from 14 Dogstown
Shelly James fisherman res 4 Dogstown
Shelly Patrick watchman James Murray h 30 Duke of York
Sheppard Amelia domestic 333 Water w
Sheppard Austin lighthousekeeper h Fort Amherst
Sheppard Edward laborer h 230 1/2 New Gower
Sheppard Emma domestic 2 New Gower
Sheppard Jessie domestic 112 Duckworth
Sheppard John assistant doorkeeper H A h 39 Monkstown rd
Sheppard Levi constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Sheppard Robert seaman res Lighthouse, Fort Amherst
Sheran Ellen (wid Richard) groceries 29 Barnes rd h same
Sheriff's Office   Hon T Talbot Sheriff, L T Chancey Sub Sheriff Court House
Shine Catherine cook 3 Park place Rennie's Mill rd
Shirran Alexander F (Shirran & Pippy) h 317 Water e
Shirray Wm clerk Shirran & Pippy res 315 Water e
Shirran & Pippy (A F Shirran, Jos Pippy)   Dry Goods, etc. 315 Water e
Short Benjamin cabinetmaker J Daymond res 344 Gower
Short Miss Fanny forelady C Macpherson res 234 Theatre Hill
Short George G wharfinger h 243 Gower
Short Miss Laura principal (Girls' Department) Colonial Continental Church Society School res 235 Gower
Shortall James cooper Bowring Brothers h 20 Brine
Shortall Michael shoemaker M Kehoe h 120 Barnes rd
Shortall Peter laborer P & L Tessier h 24 Brine
Shortall Richard carman res Waterford Bridge rd, 2 w Water
Shortall Robert grocer h[sic] 1 Job's lane h same
Shortall Thomas laborer h 22 Brine
Shortall Thomas clerk J & W Stewart res 372 Waterford Bridge rd
Shortall Thomas fisherman h 87 New Gower
Shortall Thomas jr   bds 87 New Gower
Shortall Thomas farmer h n s Waterford Bridge rd, 2 w Water
Shortall Thomas jr clerk res Waterford Bridge rd, 2 w Water
Shortall Wm tailor Gibb & Calvert res 20 Brine
Shortis Henry Government telegraph operator h 34 Darling
Shougharue Daniel seaman h 9 Carew
Shout Peter footman Government House  
Shute Mary I domestic 329 Duckworth
Simmonds Edith M domestic 131 Quidi Vidi rd
Simmonds George farmer h Mount Pleasant, Hamilton av
Simmonds Wm cabman h 102 Barnes
Simmons Annie (wid Robert)   res 65 Limekiln Hill
Simmons Dora domestic James Pitman  
Simmons James seaman h 144 Le Marchant rd
Simmons Josiah painter h 47 Williams
Simmons Levi blacksmith h 144 Le Marchant rd
Simmons Wm carpenter h 65 Limekiln Hill
Simms Abraham watchman J & W Stewart h Walshe's lane
Simms Alfred W clerk J S Simms res 37 King's Bridge rd
Simms Frank   res 14 Queen's rd
Simms Henry grocer 118 New Gower h same
Simms Henry cooper h 18 Stephen West
Simms James auctioneer res 37 King's Bridge rd
Simms John driver h 1 Tank Hill
Simms John S auctioneer 4 Prescott h 37 King's Bridge rd
Simms Joseph planter h 63 Duckworth
Simms Julia (wid Wm)   h 14 Queen's rd
Simms Miss Marion   res 2 Queen's rd
Simpson John keeper cemetery h s s Topsail rd, 7 w Water
Simpson J E & Co lessees Simpson Improved Dry Dock Long Bridge, Water w
Simpson Peter laborer bds Logy Bay rd
Simpson Thomas M clerk Blackwood & Blair h 19 Garrison
Simpson's Improved Dry Dock   J E Simpson & Co Lessees Long Bridge Water w
Sinclair John fisherman 4 Stuart av
Singala Antonia Spanish Consul bds Tremont Hotel
Singer Rev George Reformed Episcopal bds 233 Water w
Sinnair Miss Anne tailoress res 26 Adelaide
Sinnair Kate (wid Wm)   h 26 Adelaide
Sinnair Wm storekeeper res 26 Adelaide
Sinnott Anastasia (wid John)   h 16 Buchanan
Sinnott Bridget (wid David) grocer 214 Duckworth h same
Sinnott Edward Groceries and Provisions 111 Water e h 27 Parade
Sinnott Ellen (wid Peter)   h 14 Delahunty's lane
Sinnott Miss Mary tailoress D Galway res George w
Sinnott Wm laborer h 22 Hunt's lane
Sinyard Abel carpenter h 34 Williams
Sinyard Charles feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co res 60 Alexander
Sinyard Thomas feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co res 60 Alexander
Sisters of Mercy Convent   Rev Mother Mary B Clune superioress Military rd
Skammel John laborer J & W Pitts h 64 Hamilton
Skammel Michael laborer res 64 Hamilton
Skammel Wm shoe laster res 64 Hamilton
Skeans Amelia (wid James)   res 17 Dogstown
Skeans Bridget assistant cook Lunatic Asylum  
Skeans Catherine domestic Poor House  
Skeans James carman Barnes & Burridge h 12 Dogstown
Skeans James blacksmith Terra Nova Foundry h 47 Forest rd
Skeans James fisherman h 21 Carter's Hill
Skeans John laborer h 33 North
Skeans John cabinetmaker res 21 Carter's Hill
Skeans John T laborer res 12 Dogstown
Skeans Louisa (wid James)   h 12 Dogstown
Skeans Miss Maria milliner res 21 Carter's Hill
Skeans Mary (wid John)   h 41 Nunnery Hill
Skeans Robert plumber Gough & Moore res 21 Carter's Hill
Skeans Thomas laborer h 24 Carter's Hill
Skeans Wm laborer h 98 Gower
Skeans Wm fisherman h 35 Adelaide
Skeans Wm laborer h 1 Carew
Skeins James carman Barnes & Burridge h 12 Dogstown
Skelton George physician h "Piacenza" King's Bridge rd
Skeock John (Robert Peace & Co) h 77 Le Marchant rd
Skiffington John watchman h 56 1/2 King's rd
Skinner Edward carpenter Jerrett & Searle h 5 Knight
Skinner Elizabeth (wid Thomas)   bds 26 Cochrane
Skinner John Prop Terra Nova Marble Works 327 Duckworth h Cockpit rd
Skinner John engineer Thorburn & Tessier h 36 Victoria
Skinner Miss Margaret   bds 26 Cochrane
Skinner Mary (wid Patrick) saloon 60 Water w h same
Skinner Thomas cabman bds 26 Cochrane
Skinner Thomas apprentice John Skinner res 5 Knight
Skinner Wm shoemaker Parker & Monroe res 41 Signal Hill rd
Skirving David engineer h 180 Le Marchant rd
Slater Ellen domestic 199 Gower
Slattery Miss Ann   h 200 Duckworth
Slatter Rev Bro president St Bonaventure College res same
Slattery James lumber surveyor h 43 Duckworth
Slattery James boilermaker res 43 Duckworth
Slattery John L accountant Water Dept Municipal Council h 43 Duckworth
Slattery Miss Maggie tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 43 Duckworth
Slattery Michael A clerk James Baird res 43 Duckworth
Slattery Wm A cashier Thorburn & Tessier res 43 Duckworth
Sleater Robert L Watchmaker and Jeweller 146 Water h same
Sloan Edward laborer h 61 Dreelan's Well rd
Sloan James tailor h 43 Darling
Sloan James laborer Victoria B & E Co h 87 Patrick
Sloan John cooper res 61 Dreelan's Well rd
Sloan Patrick seaman h 23 Waldegrave
Smaddick Michael boxmaker Victoria Tobacco Works h 8 Limekiln Hill
Smale Wm shoemaker 180 New Gower h same
Smallcombe Henry seaman res 32 Buchanan
Smallcombe Josephine tailoress res 32 Buchanan
Smallcombe Kate (wid Patrick)   h 32 Buchanan
Smallwood Alexander (D Smallwood & Sons) res 13 New Gower
Smallwood David (D Smallwood & Sons) h 13 New Gower
Smallwood David J bookkeeper D Smallwood & Sons res 13 Gower[sic]
Smallwood D & Sons (David Frederick and Alexander) Boot and Shoe Mnfrs 312 Water
Smallwood Frederick (D Smallwood & Sons) h 12 Victoria
Smart John seaman h 21 Barnes rd
Smart Wm master mariner h 37 North
Smeardon Francis F cabinetmaker Nfld F & M Co h 5 Spencer
Smeardon Richard carpenter h 12 Hutchings
Smith Alexander Prop St John's Marble Works 276 Gower h same
Smith A G (A G Smith & Co) Notary Public 219 Water e h 5 Park pl, Rennie's Mill rd
Smith Alexander jr marble worker Alex Smith res 276 Gower
Smith Alfred G (A G Smith & Co) h 5 Park pl, Rennie's Mill rd
Smith A G & Co   Brokers and Commission Merchants, Insurance Agents, etc. 219 Water e
Smith Alfred P clerk Goodfellow & Co res 34 Lazy Bank rd
Smith Charles wharfmaster Upper Dundee South Side e
Smith Duncan clerk James Baird h 61 Long's Hill
Smith Edward Mnfrs' Agent 152 Water h 124 Water w
Smith George fisherman h 17 Thomas
Smith George carpenter h 41 Alexander
Smith George captain h 3 Spencer
Smith George carpenter h 40 Wickford
Smith George J wharfinger Edwin Duder h 42 Maxse
Smith Miss Isabella teacher Buchanan st school res 80 Water w
Smith James bookkeeper Wm Parker & Co h 51 Le Marchant rd
Smith James storekeeper Goodfellow & Co res 34 Livingstone
Smith James watchman J Steer h Wharf Premises, South Side e
Smith Jessie (wid Joseph T)   res Mrs A Winter
Smith John carpenter res 25 Long's Hill
Smith John carman J & W Pitts h 51 William w
Smith John laborer h 17 Hayward av
Smith John J cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 34 Lazy Bank rd
Smith Miss Laura T forelady Blackwood & Blair res 34 Lazy Bank rd
Smith Martha domestic 22 British sq
Smith Miss Mary A   res 34 Lazy Bank rd
Smith Mary J domestic 19 Princes
Smith Michael laborer Barnes & Burridge h 5 Duke of York
Smith Michael laborer h 20 South West
Smith Michael laborer h 5 Pilot's Hill
Smith Nathaniel inspector's servant Nfld Constabulary h 29 Parade
Smith Patrick planter h 80 Water w
Smith Patrick seaman h 31 Flower Hill
Smith Patrick jr tailor Gibb & Calvert res 80 Water w
Smith Robert C accountant Tel Co h Logy Bay rd
Smith Samuel fisherman h 21 Dreelan's Well rd
Smith Thomas R (C F Bennett & Co) h 358 Water
Smith Wm laborer Con Foundry Co res 1 Princes
Smith Wm G pupil teacher res Methodist College Home
Smithwick Wm fisherman h 12 Signal Hill rd
Smyth George cooper res 46 Gower
Smyth Headley clerk M F Smyth res 26 Cook
Smyth M F pianos 286 Water h same
Smyth Robert clerk P O res 70 Water e
Smyth Robert boot and shoemaker 70 Water h same
Smyth Thomas cooper 46 Gower h same
Smyth Thomas clerk James Stott res 70 Water e
Smyth Mrs Thomas grocer 46 Gower h same
Smyth Thomas J clerk W H Mare, Son & Co res 46 Gower
Snelgrove Benjamin laborer h 26 Princes
Snelgrove Gilbert cooper 16 Goodview h same
Snelgrove John fisherman h 34 Wickford
Snelgrove Levi fisherman res 21 Bulley's lane
Snelgrove Mary Ann domestic 260 Water w
Snelgrove Nicholas fisherman h 16 South West
Snelgrove Samuel clerk J R Knight h 27 North
Snelgrove Wm fisherman h 21 Bulley's lane
Snook Angelina (wid Wm)   res 63 Carter's Hill
Snook Edward seaman h 63 Carter's Hill
Snooks George   res 16 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Snooks James laborer h 16 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Snow Abraham storekeeper Hayward & Co h 140 Dreelan's Well rd
Snow Alfred H spinner res 196 Water w
Snow Benjamin coachman J B Curran  
Snow Bridget domestic T Vivien  
Snow Charles shoemaker T Whitten res 196 Water w
Snow Charles officer Board of Health h 42 Quidi Vidi rd
Snow Edward seaman 23 Hayward av
Snow Ellen domestic A A Parsons Carter's Hill
Snow Miss Fanny grocer 20 Prescott res 29 James
Snow George cabinetmaker h 58 South West
Snow George blacksmith W S Pope h 23 Job's lane
Snow George seaman h 12 Flavin's lane
Snow George carpenter h 39 Flower Hill
Snow George carpenter E H & G Davey h 95 Lazy Bank rd
Snow Henry painter bds 37 Hayward av
Snow Henry harnessmaker J McKenzie h Quidi Vidi
Snow Isaac carpenter res 29 James
Snow James barber 35 Prescott h James, Georgetown
Snow John laborer h 23 Le Marchant rd
Snow John captain h 30 James
Snow John grocer h 29 James
Snow John fisherman h 25 Le Marchant rd
Snow Joseph stablekeeper Municipal Council h 43 Maxse
Snow Joseph porter h 68 Barnes rd
Snow Kate domestic Wm Syme  
Snow Levina domestic 214 Water
Snow Lizzie domestic Mrs J Haviland 365 Water
Snow Margaret domestic 11 Cathedral Hill
Snow Mrs Margaret grocer 34 Belvidere h same
Snow Mary domestic 66 Cochrane
Snow Mary A (wid John)   res 7 Balsam
Snow Nathaniel clerk Bowring Bros res 7 Balsam
Snow Solomon ships carpenter h 40 Henry
Snow Thomas fisherman h 36 Williams
Snow Wm fisherman h 196 Water w
Snow Wm cooper J & W Stewart h South Side
Snow Mrs Wm   h 56 Williams
Sommerville John H clerk Ayre & Sons h 153 Duckworth
Sommerville Mrs Margaret dressmaker 153 Duckworth h same
Sommerville Wm clerk Brown & Milley res 153 Duckworth
Soper Albert clerk John Steer res 7 British sq
Soper Alice domestic 33 Queen's rd
Soper Dinah (wid Samuel)   h 7 British sq
Soper Edgar seaman res 7 British sq
Soper Miss Eliza tailoress A W Martin res 126 Hamilton
Soper James fitter Con Foundry Co h 126 Hamilton
Soper James jr wks Con Foundry Co res 126 Hamilton
Soper John carpenter h 70 Hamilton
Soper Julia domestic 163 Duckworth
Soper Wesley carpenter Josiah Laird h 97 Hamilton
Soper Wm clerk John Steer res 7 British sq
Soper Wm grocer 97 Hamilton h same
Sopp Wm master mariner h 58 Cochrane
Sopp Wm J mate res 58 Cochrane
Sorsoleil Philip   res 22 British sq
Southcott James T (J & J T Southcott) h "Exton" Long Pond rd
Southcott John (J & J T Southcott) h 60 Prescott
Southcott John T Architect and Builder 14 Monkstown rd h 12 Maxse
Southcott J & J T (James T and John) Limekiln Monkstown rd opposite William
Sparks Abner fisherman h 19 James
Sparks Bertha domestic 339 Duckworth
Sparks Charlotte (wid John)   h 44 Freshwater
Sparks Henry coachman Hon Jas Pitts h 15 Carew
Sparks Henry carpenter E H & G Davey res 53 Lazy Bank rd
Sparks James gardener 141 Hamilton
Sparks James laborer h 23 Alexander
Sparks James   res 31 Duke of York
Sparks John seaman h 4 Belvidere
Sparks Martha (wid Joseph)   h 248 Gower
Sparks Moses laborer Victoria B & E Co h 53 Lazy Bank rd
Sparks Nathan polisher James McIntyre res 109 Hamilton
Sparks Nathaniel laborer h 109 Hamilton
Sparks Stephen seaman h 26 Williams
Sparks Wm cook h 132 Dreelan's Well rd
Spark [sic] Wm porter res 19 James
Sparrow Robert sergeant Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 36 Darling
Spearns Alfred laborer res 14 Kickham's lane
Spearns Bernard laborer res 14 Kickham's lane
Spearns Catherine (wid Michael)   h 14 Kickham's lane
Spearns Martin laborer res 14 Kickham's lane
Spearns Thomas fisherman h 9 Kickham's lane
Spence Hannah B (wid Stephen) dressmaker 60 Flower Hill st h same
Spence John seaman h 6 Prescott
Spencer Isaac laborer J & W Stewart h 44 Water w
Spencer John ships carpenter h 15 Barter's Hill
Spencer Wm shoemaker J & T Martin h 4 Fleming
Sperlls Elizabeth domestic Torrington Hotel  
Sperlls John cabinetmaker J Daymond res 51 Monkstown rd
Sperlls Moses coachman h 51 Monkstown rd
Sperlls Wm assistant storekeeper Clift, Wood & Co res 51 Monkstown rd
Spiatt John tinsmith R & C Callahan res 6 Limekiln Hill
Spooner Marian domestic 19 Gower
Spracklin Emeline domestic 64 Patrick
Spracklin Sarah domestic 150 Le Marchant rd
Spratt Thomas mason h 6 lane w from Courting Lane
Springdale st school     e s Springdale opposite No. 73
Spry Edward laborer J & W Pitts h 58 Rogerson's lane
Spry J W W grocer 55 Monkstown rd h 55 1/2 same
Spry Robert clerk G Knowling res 55 1/2 Monkstown rd
Spry T W Real Estate and Insurance, General Brokerage 132 Water h "Spryton"
Spry Wm bookkeeper Wm Campbell h Mundy's Pond rd
Sprukiem Mrs Ellen domestic 241 Water e
Spurdens Samuel seaman h 319 Water w
Spurrill John letter carrier P O res 31 Long's lane
Spurrill Levi sexton h 30 Livingstone
Spurrill Moses coachman Dr Shea h 30 Livingstone
Spurrill Moses gardener 77 Rennie's Mill rd
Spurvey Martin fisherman h s s Waterford Bridge rd, 2 w Water
Spurvey James works Col Cord Co h Mundy's Pond rd
Squires Abel ships carpenter h 20 Livingstone
Squires Andrew carpenter h 42 Flavin's lane
Squires Ann domestic 345 Duckworth
Squires Benjamin carpenter h 320 Water w
Squires Charles porter res 59 Alexander
Squires Ebenezer carman h 59 Alexander
Squires Fannie domestic 183 Gower
Squires George seaman h 8 Lion's sq
Squires George coachman h 48 Wickford
Squires Israel fisherman h 15 Delahunty's lane
Squires Jessie domestic Henry Hayward  
Squires John head constable Cavalry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Squires John shoemaker h 70 Limekiln Hill
Squires John jr porter M Monroe res 70 Limekiln Hill
Squires John porter res 14 Goodview
Squires John fisherman h 40 North
Squires John shipwright res 38 Victoria
Squires John laborer h 44 Gower
Squires John blacksmith Nfld Ry Co h 68 William
Squires Joseph shipwright h 38 Victoria
Squires Margaret domestic 93 Quidi Vidi rd
Squires Mary M domestic 66 Gower
Squires Samuel messenger John Steer res 59 Alexander
Squires Samuel constable Cavalry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Squires Susan domestic Henry Hayward  
Squires Thomas laborer h 49 Gower
Squires Walter shipwright res 38 Victoria
Squires Wm shipwright h 7 Parade
Squires Wm culler h 44 Wickford
Squires Wm jr engineer res 44 Wickford
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church   Rev Wm Graham pastor n-e cor Duckworth and Gower
St Bonaventure College   Rev Bro J L Slattery president Allandale rd
St Brides Boarding School (R C) for young ladies   Rev Mother Mary B Clune directoress, Littledale Waterford Bridge rd
St George Thomas carpenter James Johnston h Allen's sq
St George's Hospital   Mrs Hannah Dwyer matron Signal Hill
St John Miss M F   res 6 Limekiln Hill
St John Catherine (wid Timothy) grocer 79 Hamilton h same
St John Ellen domestic 12 Darling
St John Francis councillor No 2 Ward h 167 Duckworth
St John John butcher res 112 Water w
St John John fisherman h 6 Princes
St John John (St John & Fennell) h 107 Military rd
St John Timothy butcher res 112 Water w
St John Thomas carpenter h 6 Limekiln Hill
St John Wm butcher h 112 Water w
St John the Baptist Cathedral   Right Rev Llewellyn Jones DD Bishop of Nfld Rector s s Gower bet Cathedral Hill and Cathedral
St John & Fennell (John St John, Richard Fennell)   Groceries and Provisions 134 Duckworth
St John's Athenaeum Library and Reading Room   Charles Barnes Librarian Athenaeum Duckworth
St John's Billiard Club   A J McNeily pres, D J Green sec 236 Duckworth
St John's Electric Light Co (Ltd)   Hon Alexander M McKay President, Walter B Grieve Vice-President, Hon Moses Monroe, Secretary Prescott cor Flavin's lane
St John's Floating Dry Dock Co   G A Hutchings President, W M Gray Secretary, Job Brothers & Co. Managers South Side Office 143 Water e
St John's Gas Light Co   James Baird President, Robert N Prowse, Vice President, W F Rennie, Secretary-Treasurer 151 Water e
St John's General Hospital   Henry Shea resident physician, Miss Agnes, Cowan Matron Quidi Vidi rd
St John's Livery Stables   Henry Blatch Proprietor  
St John's Marble Works   Alexander Smith Proprietor 276 Gower
St John's Municipal Council Offices     235 Duckworth
St John's Museum, The   James P Howley FGS curator Post Office Building, Water e
St John's Mutual Insurance Club   Sir Robert Thorburn KCMG chairman, WS Grieve vice-chairman, Leonard McGhee, secretary 235 Duckworth
St John's Nail Mnfg Co (Ltd), The   Hon M Monroe President, Hon James S Pitts, Vice-President, George Hutchings, Secretary, JJ Vey, Manager 36 Hamilton
St John's Poor House   Edward Morris suuperior Poor House lane
St John's School of Art   J W Nichols FSA Principal Duckworth opp Commercial Bank
St John's School of Music   George J Rowe Mus Bach principal 31 South West
St John's Skating Rink   John Lindberg Proprietor 27 South West
St John's Steam Laundry Co   L J Gearn MHA President, L Parker, Secretary-Treasurer 191 Duckworth
St John's Theological College   Rev John Rouse MA (Oxon) principal Forest rd
St John's Training School   Miss Isabella Radford principal Monkstown rd
St Joseph's School (R C)     Hunt's lane
St Joseph's School (R C)   Rev Mother Mary C Clune Hoylestown
St Mary's Church (C of E)   Rev Edward Botwood rector South Side rd opp Long Bridge
St Mary's School (C of E)     South Side rd r of Rectory
St Michael's Convent of Mercy   Rev Mother de Chantal superioress Belvidere
St Michael's Orphanage for Girls   Rev Mother de Chantal in charge Belvidere
St Patrick's Church (R C)   Very Rev John Ryan PP e s Patrick
St Patrick's Hall     s e cor Garrison Hill and Queen's rd
St Patrick's Hall Christian Brother's School   Rev Bro Richard B Fleming principal Garrison Hill cor Gower
St Patrick's Presentation Convent   Rev Mother Patrick Keilly superioress Convent sq
St Peter's School (R C)   Rev Mother Mary B Clune directoress 12-16 Queen
St Thomas' Church (C of E)     King's cor Military rd
St Thomas' Rectory     King's Bridge rd
St Thomas' School (C of E)     King's Bridge rd opp Forest rd
Stabb Miss Ellen S superintendent Church of England Girl's Orphanage res Church of England Girls' Orphanage
Stabb Frederick physician 87 Water e res same
Stabb Henry J Merchant, Ship Owner, Italian Consul and Insurance Agent 47 Water e h 35 Military rd
Stabb Rachel (wid Nicholas)   h 7 Military rd
Stacey Miss Annue   h 19 Cathedral Hill
Stack Lizzie domestic J C Oke  
Stafford James laborer h 15 Coady's lane
Stafford John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 13 Coady's lane
Stafford Peter cooper h 47 Victoria
Stafford Thomas rigger South Side rd 7 w Long Bridge
Stafford Wm   bds 67 Cochrane
Stafford Wm tinsmith W G Pippy res South Side
Stamp James laborer res 35 Limekiln Hill
Stamp Jane domestic 204 Duckworth
Stamp John laborer h 66 Carter's Hill
Stamp Joseph laborer h 9 North
Stamp Patrick laborer h 35 Limekiln Hill
Stamp Richard stevedore h 20 Limekiln Hill
Stamp Thomas laborer h 232 New Gower
Stamp Thomas soap maker Albert Soap and Candle Works h 80 Duckworth
Stanard Thomas seaman h 133 New Gower
Stanard Mrs Thomas grocer 133 New Gower h same
Stancombe John carman h 5 Pennywell rd
Standard Life Assurance Co   Henry J Stabb Agent 47 Water e
Standard Marble Works   James McIntyre Proprietor 4 New Gower
Stanford James laborer h r 331 Water w
Stanley Wm seaman h 16 Belvidere
Stansburry Robert laborer h 38 Duckworth
Stansburry Wm H laborer Nfld F & M Co h 24 Forest rd
Stapleton Edward blacksmith res 146 Gower
Stapleton Ellen (wid John)   h 146 Gower
Stapleton James fisherman res 11 Long's lane
Stapleton John clerk Morris & Morris res 23 Forest rd
Stapleton John laborer res 146 Gower
Stapleton John fisherman h 11 Long's lane
Stapleton Lizzie domestic 21 Monkstown rd
Stapleton Patrick carpenter h 39 Long's Hill
Stapleton Peter shoemaker Wm Howlett res 144 New Gower
Stapleton Thomas mason h 58 South West
Star Life Assurance Co   T W Spry Agent 132 Water
Star of the Sea Hall     top of Chapel lane
Stark Allan assistant Thomas McMurdo & Co h 198 Gower
Staunton Andrew tailor O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 94 Duckworth
Staunton Miss Maria   h 52 Cochrane
Staunton Miss Nora   res 52 Cochrane
Steacklum John B clerk James Murray res 40 Victoria
Steacklum Robert clerk Parker & Monroe res 40 Victoria
Steam Screw Tug Co   Capt John Green manager 385 Water
Steed Wm accountant h 110 Gower
Steel Mora (wid Charles)   h Lahey's lane
Steele S O Dry Goods and Millinery 129 Water e h 31 Plymouth rd
Steer Alfred T buyer John Steer res 381 Water
Steer Charles R accountant John Steer h 14 Beck's Cove
Steer John merchant 379 Water h 381 Water
Steer John E mngr John Steer res 381 Water
Steer's Wharf     West Side Rennie's Cove
Stein Robert master mechanic Nfld Ry Co h 36 Forest rd
Stephen Wm & Co Seymers Bowman Manager 131 Water
Stephens Kate F (wid Richard) grocer 12 Victoria h same
Stephens Maria domestic 171 Duckworth
Stephens Thomas blacksmith h 28 Williams
Stephenson Selby laborer Victoria Tobacco Works res 25 Prescott
Stevens Charles laborer h 14 Long's lane
Stevens James painter h 237 Gower
Stevens James E porter Atlantic Hotel  
Stevenson Alfred farmer h 30 Duckworth
Stevenson Charles bookkeeper G Knowling bds Central Hotel
Stevenson Ellen (wid Thomas)   h 103 Gower
Stevenson Henry fisherman h 11 lane e from 52 King's rd
Stevenson John carver and guilder res 184 Duckworth
Stevenson John machinist Victoria B & E Co h 9 Brazel's sq
Stevenson Patrick fisherman h 72 Gower
Stevenson Phoebe (wid John)   h 37 Barter's Hill
Stevenson Thomas machinist Victoria B & E Co h 28 Carter's Hill
Stevenson Wm carman h 52 Monkstown rd
Stevenson Wm fireman h 25 Prescott
Stewart Colin G clerk Wm Campbell res 108 Military rd
Stewart Eliza domestic 92 Freshwater rd
Stewart James spinner Col Cord Co h n s Lazy Bank rd, 5 w LeMarchant rd
Stewart James (J & W Stewart) "Blackhouse", Skelmorlee, Scotland
Stewart James S joint manager J & W Stewart res 359 Water
Stewart John clerk h 108 Military rd
Stewart J & W General Merchants, Importers and Exporters of Produce, Fish, Oils and Seal skins 359 Water
Stewart Mary domestic 92 Freshwater rd
Stewart Thomas engineer Nfld Tannery h 5 Chapel lane
Stewart Wm N joint manager J & W Stewart res 359 Water
Stewart's Wharf     east side Stewart's Cove
Stick James R salesman Job Bros & Co h 89 Military rd
Stick Thomas machinist Victoria B & E Co res 18 George
Stidstone Charles painter John Stidstone h 16 Dick's sq
Stidstone John painter cor Dick's sq and Henry h 49 Henry
Stirling Charles clerk res 43 Victoria
Stirling John M agent h 43 Victoria
Stirling Wm R clerk Financial Secretary's Office h Torbay rd
Stockman Mary domestic 18 Cochrane
Stoddard Lawrence B with Bowring Bros h 1 Devon place, Forest rd
Stokes Margaret domestic J J Tobin  
Stone Albert farmer res Henry Stone
Stone Charles rigger h 18 King's rd
Stone Henry farmer h Cockpit rd
Stone Henry jr farmer res Henry Stone
Stone James cooper J & W Stewart h 56 Young
Story Rev George P guardian and chaplain Meth College Home h same
Stott David supt Government Tel Line, Anglo-Am Tel Co res 123 Water
Stott James Grocer, Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant, 123-125 Water e Summer Res "Cove Cottage" Cove rd, City res 123 Water e
Stowe Hannibal blacksmith Richard Carroll h 118 Hamilton
Stowe James messenger Con Foundry Co res 118 Hamilton
Stowe James carp Nfld Ry Co res 42 North
Stowe John moulder Con Foundry Co res 118 Hamilton
Stowe Miss Levenia tailoress Mark Chaplin res 118 Hamilton
Stowe Miss Susan teacher Methodist College res James, Monkstown
Stowe Wm carpenter h 36 James
Strang John C wines and liquors 136 Water h same
Stranger Charles clerk M Monroe res 206 Gower
Stranger James clerk Goodfellow & Co res 206 Gower
Stranger Wm surveyor h 206 Gower
Strathie Maud domestic 61 Patrick
Strathie Ralph Grant bookkeeper R Prowse & Son bds Central Hotel
Stratty Duncan carpenter Jerrett & Searle bds 168 Lazy Bank rd
Street Wm fisherman h 25 Fleming
Strickland Emily nurse St John's General Hospital  
Stringer Susan (wid Joseph)   h 55 Rogerson's lane
Strong Aaron laborer h 165 New Gower
Strong Albert laborer h 4 Wickford
Strong Archibald carpenter h Walshe's lane
Strong Jabez seaman h 22 Hunt's lane
Strong Mathias fisherman res 19 Rossiter's lane
Strong Samuel fisherman h 50 Nunnery Hill
Strong Wm wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 19 Rossiter's lane
Strong Wm G captain h South Side rd, 10 w Long Bridge
Stroubridge Samuel laborer h 49 James
Stubbridge James J laborer h 25 Wickford
Stuckles John accountant The Herald res 37 Fleming
Stuckles Mark coachman h 37 Fleming
Studdy John Financial Secy Res "Mount Pearl", Waterford Bridge rd
Studely Mary E domestic 11 Victoria
Sullivan Alice (wid John)   bds 31 Prescott
Sullivan Ann domestic 45 Water e
Sullivan Bridget (wid Jeremiah)   h 200 Water e
Sullivan Cornelius watchman J & W Stewart h 16 Springdale
Sullivan Denis pilot h 112 Gower
Sullivan Dennis laborer h 3 Kickham's lane
Sullivan Eliza domestic 173 Duckworth
Sullivan Elizabeth cook 75 Rennie's Mill rd
Sullivan Ellen (wid James)   h 1 Garrison Hill
Sullivan Hannah domestic 72 Cochrane
Sullivan James fisherman h 10 r 21 Barter's Hill
Sullivan James farmer res 19 Delahunty's lane
Sullivan James laborer h 27 Barter's Hill
Sullivan James cooper J & W Stewart h 1 Garrison Hill
Sullivan Jane (wid James)   res 10 Lion's sq
Sullivan Jane (wid James)   South Side opposite Mill Bridge
Sullivan Jeremiah carman Goodfellow & Co h 34 Plank rd
Sullivan Johanna (wid Patrick)   res 27 Barter's Hill
Sullivan John sub-inspector Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Sullivan John laborer res 102 Duckworth
Sullivan John wheelwright S G Collier h 20 North
Sullivan John caretaker Mount Carmel Cemetery h 66 King's Bridge rd
Sullivan Kate domestic 44 Water
Sullivan Margaret (wid John)   h 19 Delahunty's lane
Sullivan Margaret (wid Wm)   res 242 New Gower
Sullivan Mary domestic Edward Goss  
Sullivan Michael shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 19 Delahunty's lane
Sullivan Patrick gardener res 19 Delahunty's lane
Sullivan Patrick gardener 75 Rennie's Mill rd
Sullivan Thomas carman h 15 Rossiter's lane
Sullivan Thomas carpenter h 23 South West
Sullivan Thomas laborer h South Side opposite Mill Bridge
Sullivan Thomas laborer h 5 Livingstone
Sullivan Wm baker Alex Harvey & Co h 46 Duckworth
Sullivan Wm billiard marker Total A Hall res 16 Springdale
Sullivan Wm domestic 261 Duckworth
Sullivan Wm laborer h 242 New Gower
Sullivan Wm carman h 10 Lion's sq
Summers Kate (wid Patrick)   h 92 Prescott
Summers Lucy domestic 71 Military rd
Summers James grocer and storekeeper J Murray, 116 Military rd h same
Summers John clerk John Baird res 92 Prescott
Summers John butcher 143 New Gower and 320 Water res 320 Water
Summers Michael clerk Wm Frew h 217 Gower
Summers Patrick butcher h 324 Water
Summers Mrs Patrick millinery 326 Water e h same
Summers Patrick J barrister 236 Duckworth res Prescott
Summers Peter laborer Baine, Johnston & Co h Quidi Vidi rd
Summers Thomas jr butcher Thomas Summers res 320 Water
Summonds Mary A domestic 60 Victoria
Sun Fire Office London W H Mare, Son & Co Agents 183 Water e
Sun Life Assurance Co of Montreal   W D Morison & Co Agents 301 Water e
Supreme Court   Hon Sir Frederick B T Carter, KCMG, Chief Justice A J W McNeily, QC, Chief Clerk and Registrar of Deeds Court House
Surveyor-General's Department   Hon H J B Wood Surveyor General Athenaeum Buildings, Duckworth
Sutherby John R tailor h 10 Chancey's lane
Sutton Miss Ann tailoress John McGrath res 72 Queen's rd
Sutton Ann (wid Wm) grocer 109 Long's Hill h same
Sutton Catherine (wid James)   h 42 New Gower
Sutton Mary (wid Thomas) caretaker Barnes Wharf Premises h same
Sutton Miss May clerk M Fenelon & Co res 42 New Gower
Sutton Peter tidewaiter H M C h 30 King's rd
Sutton Thomas grocer 41 William h 70 Queen's rd
Sweeney Anthony laborer h 1 Quidi Vidi rd
Sweetland Albert cook h 4 Wickford
Syme John general accountant Municipal Council h "Summerles", Waterford bridge rd
Syme Thomas clerk Wm Frew res John Syme
Synod Hall Church of England School   s-w cor of Queen's rd and Cathedral st
Syrup Gustave watchmaker bds 267 Gower

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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