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A B C "D" E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Dady Daniel laborer h 12 Limekiln Hill
Dady Mary domestic 38 Job's lane
Dahl Bernard seaman h 78 Water w
Dahl Mrs Eliza umbrella repairer 78 Water w h same
Dalton Alice (wid Wm)   h 19 Darling
Dalton Hannah domestic 119 Duckworth
Dalton John storekeeper T & M Winter h 29 Barnes rd
Dalton Joseph cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 19 Darling
Dalton Margaret (wid John) grocer 172 Water w h same
Dalton Mary (wid Thomas)   h 12 Catherine
Dalton Michael miner h 38 North
Dalton Michael laborer h 65 Hayward av
Dalton Patrick cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 19 Darling
Dalton Patrick accountant res 172 Water w
Dalton Patrick miner h 58 King's rd
Dalton Patrick J clerk Shirran & Pippy h 12 Hayward av
Dalton Philip J shoemaker John T Congdon res King's Bridge rd
Dalton Miss Rose milliner Mrs Amelia Cairns res 1 Patrick
Dalton Wm carman h 81 King's Bridge rd
Dalton Wm carter J D Ryan bds 267 Duckworth
Daly Miss Bridget clerk Mrs G G White bds 147 Gower
Daly James clerk G Knowling bds 15 Adelaide
Daly John shoemaker P Wadden bds 368 Water
Daly Joseph J blacksmith h 190 Duckworth
Daly Kate domestic 149 New Gower
Daly Lawrence J shoemaker P Daly res 270 Duckworth
Daly Miss Maggie machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co rear 118 New Gower
Daly Mary (wid Robert) stamper Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h r 118 New Gower
Daly Michael A bartender A W & R O'Reilly  
Daly Patrick tailor h 149 Lazy Bank rd
Daly Patrick shoemaker 270 Duckworth h same
Daly Patrick laborer h 92 Dreelan's Well rd
Danielle Charles H restaurant 112 Water h same
Daniels Ann (wid Wm)   h 46 Hayward av
Daniels Thomas printer res 46 Hayward av
Darcy Michael tailor 16 New Gower h same
Darsie Walter bartender J C Strang bds 135 Water
Davenport see Devenport      
Davey Charles carpenter E H & G Davey res 183 Gower
Davey Edward H (E H & G Davey) h 85 Military rd
Davey and George E H & G (Edward Builders and Contractors 31 Darling
Davey Frederick carpenter E H & G Davey res 183 Gower
Davey George (E H & G Davey) h 83 Military rd
Davey John carpenter E H & G Davey res 183 Gower
Davey Susan (wid Richard)   h 183 Gower
Davey Wm carpenter res 183 Gower
Davidson Malcolm clerk W H Davidson res 6 Adelaide
Davidson Wm H Groceries and Provisions 367 Water h 6 Adelaide
Davies John master mariner h 11 Gower
Davis Betsy E (wid Patrick)   h 69 King's rd
David David captain h 166 Le Marchant rd
Davis Emma domestic 141 Hamilton
Davis James brassfitter bds 340 Duckworth
Davis James assistant storekeeper Job Brothers & Co bds 166 Water e
Davis John tinsmith Goudie & Diamond bds Job's Lane
Davis John J clerk G E Barnes h 43 Cochrane
Davis Miss Laura   res 56 Flower Hill st
Davis Priscilla (wid Wm)   h 34 Carter's Hill
Davis Samuel engineer Con Foundry Co h 103 Lazy Bank rd
Davis Miss Selina   bds 44 King's rd
Davis Susannah domestic 13 William
Davis Thomas painter Nfld Furniture & Moulding Co (ltd) h 61 King's rd
Davis Wm fisherman h 61 King's rd
Dawe Abraham carpenter h 25 Princess
Dawe Emma (wid George) cook The Rectory  
Dawe Emma domestic A W & R O'Reilly  
Dawe George carpenter James Johnston h James
Dawe George tinsmith Gear & Co res 25 Princess
Dawe George carpenter h 11 Barnes lane
Dawe George clerk G Knowling res 22 Catherine row, Beck's Cove
Dawe Mary domestic 51 Duckworth
Dawe Mary Ann domestic 193 Water e
Dawe Mary domestic 4 New Gower
Dawe Mary domestic 1 Tasker ter
Dawe Rebecca domestic J B Curran  
Dawe Samuel sergeant Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 2 William
Dawe Thomas planter h 22 Beck's Cove
Dawe Wm J clerk Brown & Milley h 33 Adelaide
Dawley Miss Eliza retoucher S H Parsons res 159 Gower
Dawley Elizabeth (wid Richard)   h 159 Gower
Dawson James salesman Job Brothers & Co bds 187 Duckworth
Dawson John grocer 275 Water w h same
Dawson John fireman h 49 Alexander
Day Ebenezer carter S March & Son bds 12 Covil's lane
Day Edward laborer res 50 King's Bridge rd
Day Miss Ellen   res 22 Kickham's lane
Day Ellen (wid Thomas)   h 50 King's Bridge rd
Day James Chairman Board of Works h 346 Water w
Day John barber h 14 Carey's lane
Day Mary (wid Charles)   h 12 Covil's lane
Day Richard laborer res 12 Covil's lane
Day Samuel fisherman h 22 Kickham's lane
Day Wm laborer h 73 Long's Hill
Daymond Joseph Furniture Manufacturer 272 Duckworth h same
Daymond Samuel farmer h Quidi Vidi rd
Daymond Wm   h 231 Gower
Deady see also O'Deady    
Deady Miss Alice   res 126 New Gower
Deady Annie (wid Wm)   h s s Waterford Bridge rd 6 w Water
Deady John boilermaker h 12 Dicks sq
Deady Miss Margaret baker 128 New Gower h 126 same
Deady Michael baker G Browning & Son res Bay Bull's rd
Deagen Patrick fisherman h 2 Delahunty's lane
Deagon John fisherman h 36 Dreelan's Well rd
Dearin Albert F   162 Water e
Dearin Azariah fisherman h 12 Signal Hill rd
Dearin Bridget (wid Joseph)   h 23 Delahunty's Lane
Dearin Frederick   bds 52 New Gower
Dearin John J (estate of) druggist 162 Water
Dearin Joseph fireman h 2 Pennywell rd
Dearin Mary T (wid George H)   h 56 Queen's rd
De Bourke Richard cabinetmaker J Daymond h 84 Duckworth
Dee Jeremiah H Boot and Shoemaker 186 Water bds 140 Gower
Deer John laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi rd
Deigulewir Joseph F seaman h 4 Princes
Delahunty Johanna (wid Lawrence)   h 246 New Gower
Delahunty Margaret (wid John)   h 6 Bell
Delahunty Thomas storekeeper Rothwell & Bowring h 11 Carew
Delahunty Thomas fisherman res 246 New Gower
Delaney Miss Annie machine operator Parker & Monroe res 96 Gower
Delaney Annie domestic 114 Water e
Delaney Miss Margaret   h 23 King's rd
Delaney Miss Mary   h s s Waterford Bridge rd 11 w Water
Delaney Miss Mary   h 1 Allandale rd
Delaney Mary domestic 15 Adelaide
Delaney Mary Ann domestic 10 Victoria
Delaney Patrick captain "Volunteer" h 10 Victoria
Delaney Patrick laborer h 15 Tank hill
Delaney Patrick fireman h 344 Duckworth
Delaney Miss Sarah   h 29 Dreelan's Well rd
Delgado Andrew A fruit and confectionery 304 Water h same
Dempsey Bridget domestic 67 Duckworth
Dempsey Miss Ellen   bds 6 South West
Dempsey Miss Ellen   h Poorhouse lane 1 e Water
Dempsey John teamster Nfld Tannery h 73 Plymouth row
Dempsey Miss Kate tailoress D Galway res 5 Flower Hill
Dempsey Margaret domestic 41 New Gower
Dempsey Mary domestic 15 Cochrane
Dempsey Patrick laborer h 5 Flower Hill
Dempster James E clerk G Knowling h 9 Queen's rd
Denieffe Ann (wid Patrick)   h 10 Chapel lane
Denieffe Edward engineer h 2 Quidi Vidi rd
Denieffe Miss Fanny dressmaker Miss Ellen Tobin res 2 Quidi Vidi rd
Denieffe James attendant Lunatic Asylum
Denieffe John laborer h 48 Queen's rd
Denieffe Joseph P captain h 36 Water w
Denieffe Mrs Mary grocer 2 Quidi Vidi rd h same
Denieffe Patrick engineer Terra Nova Foundry res 2 Quidi Vidi rd
Denine William laborer res 53 Cookstown rd
Dermody John tallyman P & L Tessier h 26 Princes
Devan Bridget (wid John)   h n s Mundy Pond rd 3 w Pennywell path
Devaney Patrick seaman res 8 Dogstown
Devanna Michael gunsmith 59 New Gower h same
Devenport Daniel E railroad contractor h 60 Cochrane
Devenport Wm mason h 51 Military rd
Devereux Bridget domestic 45 Military rd
Devereux Edward leather and finding's 5 McBride's hill h 100 New Gower
Devereux Edward jr clerk P O res 100 New Gower
Devereux Miss Johanna grocer 67 Carter's Hill res same
Devereux John laborer h 67 Carter's Hill
Devereux Lizzy domestic 118 Water
Devereux Louisa (wid James)   h 3 James
Devereux Mary (wd Wm)   h Barnes lane
Devereux Patrick messenger The Palace
Devereux Richard   bds 187 Duckworth
Devereux Thomas printer h 25 Bulley's lane
Devereux Wm laborer South Side opp Mill Bridge
Devine Mrs Joanna wines and liquors 170 Water h same
Devine Margaret (wid Thomas)   res 170 Water
Devine Maurice A journalist h "Laconia" Portugal Cove rd
Devine Richard porter Atlantic Hotel
Dewling Ann (wid Richard)   res Wm Wiseman
Dewling Mark laborer James Murray h 59 Gower
Dewling Phoebe domestic 59 Cochrane
Dewling Thomas boatman Harbor Master's office h 44 Williams e
Dewling Thomas polisher Nfld Furniture and Moulding Co (ltd) res 59 Gower
Dewling Wm laborer h 1 Cookstown rd
Diamond Alexander clerk Goudie & Diamond res 200 Gower
Diamond Ann domestic 70 Queen's rd
Diamond Arthur bookkeeper Goudie & Diamond res 200 Gower
Diamond Edward assistant storekeeper Edwin Duder h 70 New Gower
Diamond Miss Eliza   res 91 Long's Hill
Diamond Eliza domestic 87 Long's Hill
Diamond Levi (Goudie & Diamond) h 200 Gower
Diamond Robert fisherman h 91 Long's Hill
Diamond Sarah domestic John Squires Fort Townshend
Dickinson Charles K cashier Thorburn & Tessier res 46 Water e
Dickinson G H (H K Dickinson) Notary Public 127 Water e h 7 Monkstown rd
Dickinson H K (G H Dickinson) Commission Merchant and Broker 127 Water e
Dickinson Mary (wid Henry)   res 44 Water e
Dicks Ann (wid George)   h 122 Hamilton
Dicks Jacob shipwright h 4 Williams lane
Dicks John sailmaker J & G Dicks res 18 Dicks sq
Dicks J & G (Winser Dicks) Sailmakers Adelaide cor New Gower
Dicks Margaret domestic 235 Water w
Dicks Mary J (wid Robert)   h 263 Water e
Dicks Winser (J & G Dicks)   h 122 Hamilton
Dicks & Co   Bookbinders, Books & Stationary, Fancy Goods, etc 263 Water e
Dillon Edward baker G Browning & Son res 334 Water w
Dillon Matthew seaman h 334 Water w
Dillon Peter tinsmith h 35 Gower
Dingle Edward captain h 37 Hayward av
Dinn Miss Alice clerk M Tobin bds 335 Water e
Dinn Bridget domestic 124 Water e
Dinn Miss Ellen grocer 29 North h same
Dinn Mary domestic W G Strong
Dinn Michael watchman Edwin Duder h 22 Hagarty's lane
Dinn Wm cabinetmaker Nfld Furniture Co bds 24 Hunt's lane
Dinning Maria (wid Charles)   h r 63 Long's Hill
Dinsmore Francis attendant Lunatic Asylum
Discom Patience (wid Samuel)   res 77 Carter's Hill
Dobbin David diver h 48 Barnes rd
Dobbin James shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 100 Gower
Dobbin Patrick culler h 96 Gower
Dobbin Richard carpenter h 38 Quidi Vidi rd
Dobbin Thos cabinetmaker Nfld F & M Co res 98 Gower
Docherty Mary tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 10 Brazil's sq
Docherty Wm tailor J Adrain bds 38 Le Marchant rd
Dodd George master Convalescent Home res same
Dodd Mrs George matron Convalescent Home res same
Dodd Matthew laborer h 79 1/2 King's rd
Dodd Miss Nora dressmaker Miss Ellen Aylward res King's Bridge rd
Dodd Thomas coachman h 14 Boncloddy
Dodd Thomas seaman h 1 Kickham's lane
Doheney Mary (wid Patrick)   h 105 Gower
Doheney Michael seaman res 105 Gower
Doheney Thomas cooper h 103 Gower
Doherty Amelia domestic 27 Cathedral
Doherty Ann attendant Lunatic Asylum
Doherty Catherine (wid James)   h 100 Dreelan's Well rd
Doherty Hugh engineer h 254 Gower
Doherty Mary A (wid Patrick)   h 52 Limekiln rd
Doherty James messenger Jas Phelan res 52 Limekiln rd
Doherty John carman B & T Mitchell h 22 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Doherty John shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 45 Flower Hill
Doherty Patrick steward res 100 Dreelan's Well rd
Doherty Phoebe domestic 45 Cochrane
Doherty Richard   h 60 Limekiln Hill
Doherty Thomas shoemaker res 100 Dreelan's Well rd
Dominey Jessie domestic 8 Adelaide
Donahoe see also O'Donahoe    
Donahoe Johanna (wid James)   h 33 Bulley's lane
Donohoe Daniel laborer h 40 Flavin's lane
Donahue Susan (wid John)   res 56 Flower Hill st
Donnelly Annie domestic 17 Monkstown rd
Donnelly Miss Betsy   h Signal Hill
Donnelly Miss Catherine   h 13 Monkstown rd
Donnelly Jeremiah laborer h 34 Hutchings
Donnelly John tide waiter H M C h 13 North
Donnelly John coachman Mrs C Browning h Forest rd
Donnelly John jr tinsmith res 13 North
Donnelly Miss Minnie   h 13 Monkstown rd
Donnelly Richard harnessmaker J McKenzie res 13 North
Donnelly Wm watchman M Monroe h 1 Barter's Hill
Donnelly Wm clerk h 38 Gower
Donnelly W J S   h 27 King's Bridge rd
Donnelly Wm L clerk Union Bank of Nfld res 27 King's Bridge rd
Donovan see also O'Donovan    
Donovan James laborer h 11 South
Donovan James wks Harvey & Co's butterine factory h 10 George
Donovan John blacksmith res 39 Buchanan
Donovan John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 11 William, Georgetown
Donovan John blacksmith Terra Nova Foundry h 33 Buchanan
Donovan Patrick mason res 39 Buchanan
Donovan Thomas laborer h 18 Carey's Lane
Donovan Wm laborer Nfld F & M Co h 67 Gower
Doody Bridget cook 119 Duckworth
Doody Ellen domestic 62 Prescott
Doody Lucy domestic Union Bank
Doody Miss Minnie barmaid J & G Lash bds 6 South
Dooley see also Duley    
Dooley Denis butcher 108 Water h same
Dooley Edward laborer h 194 New Gower
Dooley Ellen (wid Richard)   h 5 Cochrane
Dooley Francis baker Alex Harvey & Co h 20 South West
Dooley Hannah domestic 308 Water
Dooley Miss Harriet   res 64 Water
Dooley James ships carpenter h 71 Prescott
Dooley James J clerk Nfld Ry Co res 71 Prescott
Dooley John tanner Nfld Tannery h 45 Signal Hill rd
Dooley Mark carpenter h 59 Gower
Dooley Mary (wid James)   h 7 Dammerill's Lane
Dooley Michael   h 106 New Gower
Dooley Michael coachman 31 Monkstown rd
Dooley Michael butcher res 108 Water
Dooley Mrs. Michael grocer 106 New Gower res same
Dooley Nora domestic 24 Brazil's sq
Dooley Patrick butcher h 132 George
Dooley Patrick F laborer res 132 George
Dooley Peter laborer h 41 Cookstown rd
Dooley Richard laborer Nfld Ry Co h 96 Cookstown rd
Dooley Thomas shipwright h 20 South
Dooley Wm butcher h 54 Signal Hill rd
Dooley Wm ships carpenter h 63 Prescott
Dooling Miss Annie milliner Miss E Carbery res 110 Duckworth
Dooling Hannah domestic 228 Water
Dooling Thomas assistant harbor master h 44 William
Dooling Winifred domestic 11 Monkstown rd
Doran Bridget domestic 21 Forest rd
Doran Edward carpenter h 36 Barnes rd
Doran John carpenter h 39 Duckworth
Doran Patrick laborer bds 6 Chapel
Doran Wm messenger, The Lazaretto
Dormidy Anastatia (Wid James)   h 57 South West
Dormidy Richard laborer res 57 South West
Douay Miss Julia   res 12 Wickford
Dougherty Bernard cabman h 246 Gower
Dougherty Mrs. Bernard grocer 246 Gower res same
Doutney Edward (E & W Doutney)   h 4 West
Doutney E & W (Edward and Wm) blacksmiths r 331 Duckworth
Doutney Wm (E & W Doutney)   res 4 West
Dove Arthur J clerk Goodfellow & Co res Rev J Dove
Dove Miss Bertha teacher Methodist College res Rev J Dove
Dove Rev James Methodist minister h South side rd 12 w Long Bridge
Dowden Alfred shoemaker D Smallwood & Sons res 21 Hutchings
Dowden Allan messenger Wm Frew res 13 James, Monkstown rd
Dowden George cooper h 21 Hutchings
Dowden Mark blacksmith Samuel Feaver res Fleming
Dowden Richard laborer bds 27 Plymouth
Dowden Thomas tinsmith res 13 James
Dowden Walter clerk H LeMessurier & Son res 13 James
Dowden Wm watchman Job Bros & Co h 13 James
Dowden Wm carpenter Josiah Laird res 21 Hutchings
Dower James fisherman h 59 Monkstown rd
Down Albert shoemaker R Down res Roger Down
Down Archibald shoemaker R Down res Roger Down
Down Charles tanner Roger Down h 44 King's rd
Down Rodger tanner and shoemaker 244 Water h n s Mundy Pond rd 5 w Pennywell path
Down Wm shoemaker R Down bds 2 Livingstone
Downey Catherine domestic Hon J McLaughlin  
Downey Daniel shoemaker Jos Wadden h 12 Springdale
Downey James captain h 34 Cookstown rd
Downey Joseph F laborer h 53 Job's lane
Downey Mary (wid Daniel)   res 14 Williams
Downs Charles tanner bds 42 King's rd
Downs John tailor O'Flaherty & Macgregor h 21 Victoria
Downs Robert laborer h 19 Brazil's sq
Downs Robert shoemaker h 7 Holdsworth
Downton Aram sawyer h 41 Fleming
Downton Frederick carpenter res 41 Fleming
Downton George carpenter Col Cordage Co h 176 Lazy Bank rd
Doyle Anastatia (wid Robert)   h 6 Rossiter's lane
Doyle Bridget (wid Edward)   h 53 Cookstown rd
Doyle Charles carpenter res 10 Chapel
Doyle Edward planter h 134 Water w
Doyle Elizabeth (wid James)   127 Quidi Vidi rd
Doyle Elizabeth (wid James)   h 68 New Gower
Doyle Ellen A (wid Michael) grocer 160 Gower res same
Doyle Ellen (wid Patrick)   h 31 Bulley's lane
Doyle Ellen (wid Peter)   h 9 William
Doyle Francis J instructor to masters' mates h 144 Gower
Doyle James coachman Dr. Murphy 260 Duckworth
Doyle James laborer P & L Tessier h 2 Stephen
Doyle James miner h 21 Job's lane
Doyle James cooper h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Doyle John seaman h 10 Chapel
Doyle John seaman res 24 Coady's lane
Doyle John J shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 31 Job's lane
Doyle John T grocer 91 Gower h same
Doyle Lawrence cooper res 31 Bulley's lane
Doyle Luke shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 185 New Gower
Doyle Mary (wid Peter)   h 58 George
Doyle Mary (wid Thomas)   h 13 East
Doyle Mary domestic Hillside Circular rd
Doyle Mary (wid Edward) grocer 54 James h same
Doyle Mary Ann dressmaker 7 William h same
Doyle Michael fisherman h 17 Coady's lane
Doyle Michael cooper h 239 Gower
Doyle Michael   res 9 King's rd
Doyle Miss Minnie milliner Mrs J Haviland res 160 Gower
Doyle Patrick J accountant A G Smith & Co h 160 Gower
Doyle Peter coachman 9 Military rd
Doyle Richard carpenter res 68 New Gower
Doyle Richard seaman h 24 Coady's lane
Doyle Sarah (wid James)   h 9 Flavin's lane
Doyle Thomas cooper h 37 Darling
Doyle Thomas laborer res 13 East
Doyle Thomas laborer h lane off Rogerson lane
Doyle Wm canvasser R H Collins res 58 George
Doyle Wm wks R H Collins res 57 South West
Drake Ann domestic 13 North
Drake John stone cutter James McIntyre res 21 King's rd
Drake Richard mate h 21 King's rd
Dreelan Elizabeth (wid Michael)   h 12 Limekiln Hill
Dreelan James messenger Thornburn & Tessier h 30 Darling
Dreelan John assistant caretaker Belvedere Cemetery h 30 Darling
Dreelan Miss Mary   h 33 Alexander
Drew Mary domestic Captain E White  
Driscoll see also O'Driscoll    
Driscoll Absolam laborer h 16 Hunt's lane
Driscoll George carpenter h 42 Hayward av
Driscoll John captain h 17 Hamilton
Driscoll John shoemaker John Thistle res 36 George
Driscoll Leah domestic 10 North
Driscoll Samuel seaman res 36 George e
Driscoll Selina M (wid John)   h 77 Dreelan's Well rd
Driscoll Wm laborer Nfld F & M Co h 77 Dreelan's Well rd
Driscoll Wm laborer M Monroe h 36 George e
Drodge J seaman h 60 Williams
Drogan Eliza domestic Presentation Convent  
Drooken Mary Ellen domestic Tremont Hotel  
Drover Cicely domestic 233 Water e
Drover James boiler maker Victoria B & E Co res 222 1/2 New Gower
Drover Nathaniel carpenter Floating Dock h 149 Lazy Bank rd
Drover Thomas laborer Ayre & Sons h 35 Buchanan
Druken John laborer h 9 Buchanan
Dry Dock The Hon P Cleary Manager Long Bridge Water w
Dryer Henry B (Dryer & Greene) h 104 Military rd
Dryer John P hairdresser 346 Water e h 64 George e
Dryer Wm G fifth clerk H M C res 102 Military rd
Dryer & Greene (Henry B Dryer, Michael Greene) auctioneers, Market House Water
Duchemin James B clerk res 367 Water
Duchemin James L block and pump maker 366 Water h 367 same
Duchemin Louis F clerk res 367 Water
Duchemin Mary (wid Peter)   res 367 Water
Duder Alexander   res 3 Waldegrave
Duder Charles R accountant Edwin Duder h 23 Monkstown rd
Duder Edwin General Merchant, Importer and Exporter, Special Attention Given to the Collection and Exporting of Furs, 352-355 Water h 351 same
Duder Kate (wid Charles)   h 3 Waldegrave
Duder Sarah (wid George)   h 65 Alexander
Duder's Wharf     353 Water e
Duder's Upper Wharf     391 Water e
Dudey Miss Maria   bds 11 King's rd
Dudey Mary domestic 33 Monkstown rd
Dudley Edward upholsterer Nfld F & M Co (ltd) res 15 Military rd
Dudley John carpenter 15 Monkstown rd
Duff Edward machinist Nfld Ry Co res 164 New Gower
Duff Miss Fanny bartender John Tobin bds same
Duff James engineer Terra Nova Foundry res 55 Patrick
Duff James carman h 68 Williams
Duff John constable Infantry Newfoundland Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Duff Margaret (wid Edward) confectioner 11 Cochrane h same
Duff Mary domestic Atlantic Hotel  
Duff Monica domestic 47 Military rd
Duff Thomas captain h 55 Patrick
Duff Thomas jr engineer res 55 Patrick
Duffett George laborer res Stephen J March
Duffett George watchman h 2 Darling
Duffett George laborer res 2 Bulley's lane
Duffett Henry fisherman h 12 Bell
Duffett Louisa domestic 267 Gower
Duffett John storekeeper James Baird h Queen's rd nr fire hall
Duffett John laborer Ayre & Sons h 2 Bulley's lane
Duffett John clerk h 3 Livingstone
Duffett John fisherman res 12 Bell
Duffett Thomas wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 10 Buchanan
Duffett Thomas laborer res 2 Bulley's lane
Duffill Rev Frederick R pastor Cochrane at Meth church h 73 Military rd
Duffy Catherine (wid Andrew)   h 51 Carter's Hill
Duffy James painter bds 101 Carter's Hill
Duffy James seaman h 44 Carter's Hill
Duffy John barber Franklin Hamlin res 51 Carter's Hill
Duffy Michael clerk Parker & Monroe res 51 Carter's Hill
Duffy Patrick fireman 101 Carter's Hill
Duggan Miss Bridget wines and liquors 206 Water h same
Duggan Daniel laborer h 6 South
Duggan James fisherman res 213 1/2 New Gower
Duggan James laborer h 8 Bell
Duggan Miss Margaret tailoress res 213 1/2 New Gower
Duggan Michael laborer h lane e from 52 King's rd
Duggan Thomas fisherman h 334 Water w
Duggan Timothy fisherman h 49 Williams
Duggan Walter   h 213 1/2 New Gower
Duggan Walter laborer h r 211 New Gower
Duggan Wm grocer 76 Dreelan's Well rd h same
Duke Mary (wid Thomas)   h 99 Carter's Hill
Duke Patrick shoemaker Patrick Maher res 99 Carter's Hill
Duley see also Dooley    
Duley T J & Co Watchmaker and Mnfg Jeweller 255 Water e h 33 Queen's rd
Dumphey see Dunphy    
Duncan Charles K clerk Baine, Johnston & Co bds 278 Gower
Duncan Miss Elsie saleslady James Black res 18 Cathedral
Duncan John storekeeper h 18 Cathedral
Duncan John jr clerk J F Chisholm res 18 Cathedral Hill
Duncan Mrs John private school 18 Cathedral h same
Dundee Seal & Whale Fishing Co   Michael Thorburn agent 93 Water e
Dunfield Rev Henry curate St Thomas church (CE) h 3 Military rd
Dunn Alice (wid Thomas)   h 33 Cuddihy's Lane
Dunn Catherine (wid John)   h 77 Dreelan's Well rd
Dunn Dennis grocer 57 Lazy Bank rd h same
Dunn Henry fisherman h 4 Chapel
Dunn Jeremiah laborer h r 2 Darling
Dunn James laborer res 77 Dreelan's Well rd
Dunn James cabman h 9 Catherine
Dunn John baker 50 Victoria h same
Dunn John laborer res 29 Duke of York
Dunn John laborer res Jeremiah Dunn
Dunn Margaret (wid John)   h Poorhouse lane 2 w Water
Dunn Martin tinsmith res 42 Allandale rd
Dunn Miss Mary   h 8 Livingstone
Dunn Miss Mary Ann grocer 17 Monkstown rd h same
Dunn Mary (wid John)   h 36 King's rd
Dunn Matthew planter 65 New Gower h same
Dunn Mrs Matthew grocer 65 New Gower h same
Dunn Michael superintendent fire brigade h 22 Livingstone
Dunn Patrick wks Col Cordage Co h Spry Town
Dunn Patrick cooper res 42 Allendale rd
Dunn Philip cabinetmaker res 17 Monkstown rd
Dunn Richard baker Thomas Mitchell h Topsail rd
Dunn Richard laborer h 26 North
Dunn Robert laborer Terra Nova Foundry h 19 William, Monkstown rd
Dunn Thomas painter Nfld F & M Co (ltd) res 36 King's rd
Dunn Wm watchman h 66 King's rd
Dunn Wm cabman h 51 Hayward av
Dunn Wm laborer h 8 Battery rd
Dunn Wm fireman Central Fire Station h 66 King's rd
Dunphy Anastasia (wid John) grocer 237 New Gower h same
Dunphy Catherine (wid Michael)   149 New Gower
Dunphy Edward clerk James Baird h 253 Gower
Dunphy Elizabeth clerk Mrs A Lawler res 330 Water
Dunphy James fisherman res 181 New Gower
Dunphy James laborer h 13 Delahunty's lane
Dunphy James jr steward res 13 Delahunty's lane
Dunphy James officekeeper Colonial Secretary's Office bds 6 Rennie's Mill rd
Dunphy Johannah (wid James) grocer 6 Rennie's Mill rd h same
Dunphy John inspector of poor h 17 Cathedral Hill
Dunphy John fisherman h 258 Gower
Dunphy John M printer res 6 Rennie's Mill rd
Dunphy Kate wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 285 Gower
Dunphy Miss Mary tailoress D Galway res Flower Hill st
Dunphy Michael laborer h 181 New Gower
Dunphy Michael fisherman h 5 Holloway
Dunphy Michael jr fisherman res 181 New Gower
Dunphy Patrick cooper P & L Tessier h 27 Flower Hill
Dunphy Patrick seaman h 6 Wickford
Dunn Mrs. Patrick grocer 6 Wickford res same
Dunphy Peter fisherman res 181 New Gower
Dunphy Sarah A wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 48 Limekiln Hill
Dunphy Thomas cooper P & L Tessier h 25 Flower Hill
Dunphy Mrs Thomas grocer 25 Flower Hill res same
Dunphy Wm fisherman res 181 New Gower
Dunstervill James merchant tailor 254 Water h same
Durney Anastatia (wid John)   h 99 King's rd
Du Tot Charles G clerk and translator P O h 16 Pennywell rd
Dwyer see also O'Dwyer    
Dwyer Alexander constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Dwyer Ambrose fisherman res 96 Duckworth
Dwyer Miss Annie   res 27 Cathedral
Dwyer Eli carpenter Goodfellow & Co h 36 Henry
Dwyer Miss Eliza   h 43 Gower
Dwyer George watchmaker J A Whiteford res 36 Henry
Dwyer Hannah (wid Thomas) matron St George's Hospital res same
Dwyer Henry nail feeder St John's Nail Mnfg Co res 26 Lazy Bank rd
Dwyer James carpenter Herder & Halloren res 36 Henry
Dwyer James fisherman h 16 Catherine
Dwyer James carpenter res 18 John
Dwyer Jane (wid Henry)   h 18 John
Dwyer Johanna nurse St John's General Hospital  
Dwyer John farmer Oak Farm Longpond rd
Dwyer John watchman St John's Nail Mnfg Co h 26 Lazy Bank rd
Dwyer John carpenter h 96 Duckworth
Dwyer John blacksmith Wm McGrath bds 46 Water e
Dwyer John laborer h 41 Harvey rd
Dwyer Joseph boilermaker Victoria B & E Co res 18 John
Dwyer Margaret domestic 4 Temperance
Dwyer Miss Mary cook St Georges Hospital  
Dwyer Mary (wid Michael)   h 64 Gower
Dwyer Michael messenger Job Bros & Co h 50 Queen's rd
Dwyer Michael weighmaster res 18 John
Dwyer Michael blacksmith res Freshwater rd
Dwyer Teresa domestic 15 Queen
Dwyer Thomas carpenter h 3 James
Dwyer Mrs Thomas   bds Gordon House
Dwyer Thomas S supt Money Order Office P O h 27 Cathedral
Dwyer Wm apprentice Thomas McMurdo & Co res 2 Darling
Dyer Catherine (wid George)   h 9 Parade
Dyer Daniel jeweller W J Allan res 9 Parade
Dyer George shipwright res 9 Parade
Dyer Hannah domestic 223 Water e
Dyer Michael boilermaker Terra Nova Foundry res 99 Long's Hill
Dyer Michael clerk J H Martin & Co res 9 Parade
Dyer Patrick I reporter H A bds 20 Hutchings
Dyer Richard planter res 99 Long's Hill
Dyer Wm seaman h 57 South West

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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