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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F G H I J K L M "N" O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Nanard Wm seaman h r 63 Long's lane
Nash Bridget domestic 51 Le Marchant rd
Nash Patrick clerk J D Ryan bds 267 Duckworth
Nash Thomas wheelwright Lawrence Bros bds 184 Water e
National Board of Marine Underwriters New York   Bowring Bros Agents 275 Water e
Naugle Miss Bridget   h 84 Queen's rd
Naugle Ellen, wid Thomas   h 3 Queen's rd
Naugle Francis carpenter res 92 Queen's rd
Naugle James carpenter res 92 Queen's rd
Naugle Miss Maggie   res 84 Queen's rd
Naugle Matthew grocer 92 Queen's rd h same
Naugle Patrick carpenter res 84 Queen's rd
Neagle Miss Bridget saleslady John Neagle res 151 New Gower
Neagle James cooper P & L Tessier h r 211 New Gower
Neagle John grocer 153 New Gower h 151 same
Neal     see also Neil and O'Neill
Neal Edward attendant Lunatic Asylum  
Neal George bookkeeper James Murray h 105 Military rd
Neal George caretaker Rennie's Mill Bakery h Rennie's Mill rd
Neary Nicholas coachman h 52 Gower
Neil Amelia domestic 2 Barnes rd
Neil Amelia domestic C Tessier  
Neil Anastasia domestic Government House
Neil James farmer n s Pennywell rd 2 w Boncloddy
Neil James cabman h 7 Le Marchant rd
Neil James fireman Nfld Ry Co bds Quidi Vidi
Neil Jane domestic C Tessier  
Neil Martin sr carman John Woods & Son h 1 Walshe's sq
Neil Martin baker Alex Harvey & Co res 1 Signal Hill rd
Neil Mary domestic 435 Water  
Neil Miss Mary   res 51 Victoria
Neil Mary domestic James Neil  
Neil Mary A domestic 3 Tasker ter
Neil Moses carman h 43 Long's Hill
Neil Wm watchman h 25 Brennan's lane
Neil Wm clerk T J Edens h 55 Plymouth rd
Neil Wm coachman h 10 Chapel
Neilson     see also Nielson
Neilson Peter fisherman h 38 Hayward av
Neilson Mrs Peter groceries 38 Hayward av h same
Nelder Janet E domestic Rev Wm Graham  
Nelder John laborer h 8 Buchanan
Nelder Robert seaman h 22 Coady's lane
Nelligan Bridget, wid Patrick   h 15 lane e from 52 King's rd
Nelligan Catherine, wid Michael   h 78 Dreelan's Well rd
Nelligan James laborer res 15 lane e from 52 King's rd
Nelligan Maggie wks Victoria Tobacco Workds res 15 South West
Nelson Andrew wines and liquors 228 Water h same
Nelson Elizabeth, wid Nicholas   res 46 Signal Hill rd
Neville Miss Ada florist 198 Duckworth h Waterford Bridge rd
Neville Alice domestic 63 Military rd
Neville James farmer res Peter Neville
Neville John carman h 32 Water w
Neville John T Inspector of Lighthouses and Public Buildings h Waterford Bridge rd
Neville Michael shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 18 Maxse
Neville Peter farmer h s s Topsail rd 9 w Water
Newall Isaac laborer h 42 Nunnery Hill
Newall Louisa domestic 45 Prescott
Newberry Frederick laborer h 4 Goodview
Newell Annie domestic 257 Duckworth
Newell Miss Bertha pupil teacher res Methodist College Home
Newell Bertha domestic 57 Le Marchant
Newell Elijah shoemaker 27 Victoria h same
Newell Hannah, wid Philip   h 48 Signal Hill rd
Newell John laborer h 40 Larkin's lane
Newell John messenger C H Danielle bds 48 Signal Hill rd
Newell Sarah domestic 38 Le Marchant rd
New Era Gardens     n s Harvey rd opp Long's Hill
Newfoundland Boot & Shoe Manufacturing Co (Ltd)   James Baird President, M Monroe Vice-President, James S Pitta Secretary, C R Thompson Manager Job's lane
Newfoundland Coastal Co (ltd)   Hon A W Harvey president, Alexander J Harvey secretary-treasurer 1 Water e
Newfoundland Colonization & Mining Co   Wm Wingfield-Bonnyn General Manager and Engineer 4 Devon row, Duckworth
Newfoundland Consolidated Foundry Co The (Ltd)   James Goodfellow President, James Baird Vice-President, Kenneth Prowse Secretary, John Angel Manager 27 Hamilton
Newfoundland Fishing Drying Co (ltd)   Edward Robinson managing director South Side e
Newfoundland Furniture & Moulding Co (ltd)   Charles E Archibald Manager Factory Brewery lane, Warehouse 715-181 Duckworth
Newfoundland Law Institute   George H Emerson, QC, president, W H Horwood secretary-treasurer Telegram Building, Duckworth
Newfoundland Piano & Organ Agency   Hon H J B Woods manager 7 Water e
Newfoundland Railway The   Frank H Evans President and Receiver, Thomas Noble General Manager Ft William
Newfoundland Savings Bank   Hon A D Shea cashier Athenaenum Bldg Duckworth
Newfoundland Steam Sealing & Whaling Co (Ltd)   Sir Robert Thorburn, KCMG, President 177-179 and 185 Water e
Newfoundland Tannery   Newfoundland Boot & Shoe Co (Ltd) Props 9 Water e
Newfoundland Tobacco Works   Harvey & Co Props Water e
Newhook John jr wheelwright J T Carnell res 4 North
Newhook John shipwright h 4 North
Newhook Sarah F domestic 76 Cochrane
Newhook Wm carpenter h 97 King's rd
Newman Alice domestic 2 Holdsworth
Newman John letter carrier P O res 22 Carter's Hill
Newman Joseph grocer 22 Carter's Hill h same
Newman's Wharf     3 Water w
Newport George watchman J & W Stewart h Tank lane
Newport Thomas fireman h 54 Gower
Neyle Miss Elizabeth teacher General Protestant Academy res 234 Water e
Neyle Maud teacher General Protestant Academy res 234 Water e
Neyle Richard Hardware and Fishing Tackle 234 Water h same
Nicholas Miss Amelia   res 4 Duke of York
Nicholas Elizabeth, wid James   h 21 Duke of York
Nicholas Wm trunk maker h 10 Chancey's lane
Nicholl Albert carpenter Job Bros & Co h 6 Convent sq
Nicholl Caroline, wid John   h 22 West
Nicholl Edward culler res 52 Flower Hill st
Nicholl Elizabeth domestic The Lazaretto  
Nicholl George clerk M Monroe h 52 Flower Hill st
Nicholl Henry fisherman bds 18 Wickford
Nicholl John   res 39 Prescott
Nicholl Nicholas laborer Job Bros & Co res Convent sq
Nicholl Joseph tailor 22 Lazy Bank rd h same
Nicholl Joshua cooper h 83 Patrick
Nicholl Thomas wks Job Bros & Co h 39 Prescott
Nichols Eben G printer The Telegram res 22 Lazy Bank rd
Nichols James printer The Telegram h 33 Maxse
Nichols James fisherman res 33 Maxse
Nichols JW FSA, Principal St. John's School of Art Duckworth opp Commercial Bank h 44 Le Marchant rd
Nichols Levina domestic 271 Water e
Nichols Rebecca domestic "Craig Miller" Cockpit rd
Nichols Thomas carpenter h 38 James
Nicholson Albert clerk W D Morrison & Co res 94 New Gower
Nicholson Peter seaman h 94 New Gower
Nicol Henry T clerk W & G Rendell res 22 West
Nield Wm gardener h Chapel
Nielson     see also Neilson
Nielson Adolphe Superintendent of Fisheries h 9 Monkstown rd
Nisbet Robert captain h 51 Patrick
Nixon Charles seaman h St. Mary's lane s s
Nixon Henry engineer h 348 Water w
Nixon Thomas carpenter res St Mary's lane s s
Nixon Wm blacksmith Wm S Pope res South Side
Noble Arthur S station agent Nfld Ry Co res 80 Gower
Noble Mary domestic 43 Cochrane
Noble Thomas general Manager Nfld Ry Co h 80 Gower
Noel Aaron fisherman h 35 Le Marchant rd
Noel Agnes domestic 240 Duckworth
Noel Alfred master mariner h 23 Lazy Bank rd
Noel Mrs Alfred grocer 23 Lazy Bank rd res same
Noel Ann domestic Methodist College Home  
Noel Elizabeth, wid Isaac   h r 134 Gower
Noel Herbert assistant Money Order Department P O res P O Bldg
Noel John clerk Alan Goodridge & Sons res 207 New Gower
Noel John laborer Job Brothers & Co h Hamilton
Noel Martha, wid George   res 4 Boggan's lane
Noel Stanley fisherman h 99 Long's Hill
Noel Stuart tinsmith h 8 John
Noel Miss Susannah P   h 14 Springdale
Noel Wm clerk Crown Lands Office bds 207 New Gower
Noftall Henry laborer bds 7 Long's lane
Noftall John culler h Rogerson's lane
Noftall Sarah, wid Wm   h 263 Gower
Noftall Wm   h 43 Cuddihy's lane
Noftall Wm laborer res 263 Gower
Noftall Wm J laborer res John Noftall
Nolan Bridget, wid Michael grocer 2 Lazy Bank rd h same
Nolan Margaret domestic 28 New Gower
Nolan Michael J shoemaker res 2 lazy Bank rd
Noonan Edwin clerk Thorburn & Tessier h 39 Queen's rd
Noonan James L Assistant Collector of Customs h Torbay rd
Noonan James L jr clerk Bowring Bros h 49 Quidi Vidi rd
Noonan Johanna, wid Philip   h 261 Gower
Noonan John H second clerk and cashier H M C h 29 King's Bridge rd
Noonan Miss Louisa   res 21 Queen's rd
Norberg Charles brewer Riverhead Brewery h Poor House lane
Norcotte Miss Mary tailoress Gibb & Calvert res Mundy Pond rd
Norman Caroline, wid Charles   h r 49 Gower
Norman Hannah, wid Edward   h 97 George
Norman Henry Jewellery 35 New Gower h same
Norman James hairdress 298 Water h 213 Gower
Norman Robert tailor O'Flaherty & Macgregor h 1 1/2 College lane
Norman Wm H printer The Telegram h 40 Livingstone
Normore Henry laborer Job Brothers & Co h 176 Gower
Norris Amelia wks Victoria Tobacco Works bds 20 Stephen
Norris Annie domestic res 219 New Gower
Norris Edward   h 4 Long's lane
Norris Elizabeth, wid Thomas   bds 240 Gower
Norris James J Stoves, Tinware and Gothic Grates 242 Water h 41 Hayward av
Norris Johanna J, wid Edward J dressmaker 19 New Gower h same
Norris Michael laborer h 48 King's Bridge rd
Norris Samuel laborer h 17 lane e from 52 King's rd
Norris Samuel J laborer Nfld F & M Co h 17 South West
Norris Wm moulder Terra Nova Foundry h Battery rd
North British Mercantile Insurance Co   George Shea Agent Water e foot Cochrane
North Henry blacksmith Victoria B & E Co res 225 New Gower
North John blacksmith h 225 New Gower
Northcott Abraham laborer Col Cord Co h s s Mundy Pond rd, 2 w Pennywell rd
Northcott Johanna, wid Wm   h s s Mundy Pond rd 1 w Penneywell path
Northcott Michael fisherman h 27 Kickham's lane
Northern Assurance Co   A O Hayward Agent 256 Duckworth
Noseworthy Ambrose carman John Steer h 7 Chapel
Noseworthy Edward seaman h 51 Williams
Noseworthy George seaman res 108 Dreelan's Well rd
Noseworthy Jacob fisherman h 134 Hamilton
Noseworthy James carpenter res 88 Limekiln Hill
Noseworthy James jr mason h 88 Limekiln Hill
Noseworthy Jane, wid Thomas   h 13 Allen's sq
Noseworthy Miss Jessie machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 67 Alexander
Noseworthy Jonathan laborer Gas Co h 88 Limekiln Hill
Noseworthy Levi master mariner h 63 Limekiln Hil
Noseworthy Nora domestic 1 Waldegrave
Noseworthy Philip fisherman h 5 College sq
Noseworthy Miss Phoebe confectionery h 192 Duckworth
Noseworthy Samuel wks Gas Works h 67 Alexander
Noseworthy Stephen constable Cavalry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Noseworthy Thomas seaman h 315 Water w
Noseworthy Thomas laborer West & Rendell h 18 Tank lane
Noseworthy Wm machinist Nfld F & M Co res 51 Williams w
Noseworthy Wm timekeeper Victoria B & E Works res 9 Young
Noseworthy Wm fisherman h 29 Kickham's lane
Noseworthy Wm fisherman South Side e
Notts Wm tallyman h 30 Nunnery lane
Nowlan Ellen, wid Patrick   res 66 Prescott
Nowlan James laborer h 34 Flavin's lane
Nowlan John coachman C R Thomson  
Nowlan John fisherman h 192 Water w
Nowlan Michael moulder Con Foundry Co h 72 Patrick
Nowlan Rebecca, wid James   h 22 Waldegrave
Noyer Sarah domestic 124 Military rd
Nugent Hannah domestic A J Harvey  
Nugent John constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Nugent Lizzie domestic A J Harvey  
Nugent Richard laborer M Morey h 41 Coady's lane
Nugent Wm clerk Nfld Ry Co res Belvidere
Nugent Wm J engineer Nfld Ry Co h 2 Forest row, Forest rd
Nurse Charles P tinsmith James Pennock h 14 Pilot's Hill
Nurse Miss Johannah grocer 7 Long's Hill h same
Nurse John plumber Gough & Moore res 19 Cochrane
Nurse Mary, wid Thomas   h 19 Cochrane
Nurse Mary, wid John   h 43 Henry
Nurse Thomas accountant M Tobin h 269 Gower

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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