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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S "T" U V W Y Z
Taaffe Henry nurse St John's General Hospital h Quidi Vidi rd
Taberner Walter clerk H K Dickinson res 174 Gower
Tacker Robert laborer bds 47 James
Tadford Ernest tinsmith Wm Malcolm res 39 New Gower
Taff Edward painter h Quidi Vidi rd
Tait Henry seaman h 39 Prescott
Tait J Sinclair, MD Physician 257 Duckworth h same
Talbot Julia domestic 1 Tasker terrace
Talbot Hon Thomas Sheriff of Central District, Court House h 27 Cochrane
Tannery Wharf     15 Water e
Tapper Elizabeth (wid Jonas)   bds 9 Dreelan's Well rd
Tapper Henry clerk W H Davidson h 92 New Gower
Tapper Miss Jane   res Casey's lane
Tapper John C clerk J & W Stewart res 46 Dreelan's Well rd
Tapson Mrs Jane   h 4 East
Tarbett Catherine domestic 180 Duckworth
Tarchan John asst J T O'Mara h 58 Prescott
Tarchan Patrick clerk res 58 Prescott
Targett Charles clerk and storekeeper Nfld Constabulary h s s Merry Meeting rd, 1 w Parade
Tarrahan Miss Catherine   h 29 Le Marchant rd
Tarrahan Miss Julia   res 29 Le Marchant rd
Tarrant James fisherman h 14 Dammerill's lane
Tarrant James P messenger Ayre & Sons res 14 Dammerill's lane
Tarrant Thomas seaman h 11 Le Marchant rd
Tavener Andrew lumber surveyor h 174 Gower
Taylor Abraham shipwright h 326 Duckworth
Taylor Alexander (Robert Peace & C h "Ashton Cottage", Cathedral
Taylor Ann (wid Robert)   6 Chapel lane
Taylor Mrs Annie   h 147 New Gower
Taylor Augustus F accountant h 66 Gower
Taylor Miss Bessie principal Carew st Methodist School res 66 Gower
Taylor Charles F bookkeeper Goodfellow & Co res 66 Gower
Taylor Edmund ships carpenter bds 148 Gower
Taylor Mrs Elizabeth   res 15 1/2 James
Taylor Elizabeth domestic 37 Cochrane
Taylor Esther (wid Jonathan)   res 122 Dreelan's Well rd
Taylor Eugene W bookkeeper John Lindberg h 267 New Gower
Taylor George tallyman Job Bros & Co h South Side e
Taylor George seaman res 50 Brine
Taylor George E clerk Edwin Duder h 60 Victoria
Taylor Giles accountant Hon J J Rogerson h 50 Brine
Taylor Hannah domestic 47 Cochrane
Taylor Henry laborer h 34 North
Taylor Horatio cooper h South Side rd 2 w Gas House
Taylor Jacob wood turner Nfld F & M Co bds 6 Water
Taylor Jessie domestic Methodist College Home  
Taylor Jonathan laborer h South Side e
Taylor John ships carpenter h 10 Dreelan's Well rd
Taylor John laster h 42 Larkin's lane
Taylor John engineer Job Bros & Co h 87 Patrick
Taylor John D master mariner h 5 Cookstown
Taylor John H clerk Blackwood & Blair bds 210 Gower
Taylor John W clerk Ayre & Sons h 40 Le Marchant rd
Taylor Joseph laborer res 6 Chapel lane
Taylor Leah (wid Thomas)   h South Side rd 3 w Long Bridge
Taylor Leonard J wharfmaster Job Bros & Co h Wharf Premises, South Side e
Taylor Levi culler h South Side e
Taylor Michael shoemaker Parker & Monroe res 28 Lazy Bank rd
Taylor Philemon cooper h 35 John
Taylor Rebecca domestic 52 Rennie's Mill rd
Taylor Miss Rose teacher Carew st Methodist School res 66 Gower
Taylor Sarah (wid Charles)   h 14 British sq
Taylor Sarah waitress Fishermen's and Sailors' Home  
Taylor Silas ships carpenter h 11 Long's lane
Taylor Stephen carpenter h 118 Water w
Taylor Stephen clerk S O Steele bds Central Hotel
Taylor Susannah (wid James)   h 35 Le Marchant rd
Taylor Wm cooper h 28 Lazy Bank rd
Taylor Wm ships carpenter h 54 Flower Hill st
Taylor Wm ships carpenter h 9 James
Taylor Wm clerk Crown Lands Office res 210 Gower
Taylor Wm J sexton h 22 Brazel's sq
Taylor Wm J sailmaker res 118 Water w
Tearns Patrick laborer h 15 Dogstown
Telegraph Office   Alex M Mackay Manager 181 Water e
Telephone Company   Owned and Managed by the Ango-American Telephone Co. 163 Water e
Temperance Hall     w s Victoria near Duckworth
Templeton Robert (McDougall & Templeton) h 280 Gower
Terra Nova Advocate   Joseph English proprietor 279 Duckworth
Terra Nova Bakery (Ltd)   James Baird President, Augustus F Goodridge Vice-President. Hon Geo T. Rendell, Secretary Prescott cor Flavin's lane
Terra Nova Foundry Engine and Boiler Works   John Ledingham Proprietor 21-23 Water e
Terra Nova Foundry Wharf     23 Water e
Terra Nova Marble Works   John Skinner Proprietor 327 Duckworth
Terrence James laborer res 16 James
Terry Eliza domestic 13 Garrison Hill
Tessier Caroline (wid Peter G)   h "Weston Cottage" Water w
Tessier Charles W Hutchings (P & L Tessier) h 1 Union terrace, Barnes rd
Tessier George J accountant Thorburn & Tessier res 150 Le Marchant rd
Tessier Isabel (wid John)   h 63 Rennie's Mill rd
Tessier James C (Thorburn & Tessier) h 150 Le Marchant rd
Tessier Lewis Robert (P & L Tessier) res 234 Duckworth
Tessier Peter George (P & L Tessier) h 234 Duckworth
Tessier P & L (Peter George Lewis Robert and Charles Wm Tessier) General Importers and Exporters 309 Water e
Tessier's Upper Wharf     417 Water e
Tessier's Wharf     315 Water e
Thistle Alexander laborer Job Bros & Co h 96 Dreelan's Well rd
Thistle James fisherman h 16 Hagarty's lane
Thistle John carpenter h 108 Dreelan's Well rd
Thistle John shoemaker 120 Water h same
Thistle John warehouseman Baine, Johnston & Co h 25 Barnes rd
Thistle Mrs John grocer 25 Barnes rd h same
Thistle Joseph cooper res 122 Water
Thistle Mary (wid Thomas)   h 122 Water
Thistle Matthew laborer P Wadden res 125 Barnes rd
Thistle Nathaniel fisherman res 55 Williams
Thistle Thomas shoemaker D Smallwood & Sons h 122 Water e
Thistle Wm seaman h 40 Williams
Thomas Alice (wid St Clare)   h 55 Henry
Thomas Charles blacksmith W R Oke & Sons h 49 Prescott
Thomas Mrs Charles   res 39 Nunnery lane
Thomas Edward carpenter h 10 Barnes rd
Thomas George hairdresser N Thomas res 157 Water e
Thomas Henry clerk N Thomas res 157 Water e
Thomas Henry carpenter h 11 Barnes lane
Thomas John C constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 43 Young
Thomas Matthew carman h 69 Freshwater rd
Thomas Nathaniel hairdresser 157 Water e h same
Thomas Wm carpenter h 26 James
Thomas' Wharf     165 Water e
Thompson Miss Beatrice tailoress A W Martin res 32 Brine
Thompson Elizabeth (wid James W)   h 45 Monkstown rd
Thompson Elizabeth (wid Henry)   res 21 Carter's Hill
Thompson Ellen domestic 53 Cochrane
Thompson George clerk P O h 32 Brine
Thompson Gilbert foreman h 102 Dreelan's Well rd
Thompson James S cooper h 45 Duckworth
Thompson John fisherman h 5 John
Thompson Wm farmer h 82 King's Bridge rd
Thompson Wm seaman h 29 Rossiter's lane
Thompson Wm J salesman P & L Tessier h 202 New Gower
Thompson Wm M baker res 45 Monkstown rd
Thomson Charles R manager Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h "Sudbury Cottage" Water w
Thomson James tallyman Bowring Bros h 8 Courting lane
Thomson Wm A salesman Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 176 Le Marchant rd
Thoms Mrs Charles   res 39 Nunnery
Thorburn Andrew clerk Thorburn & Tessier res 2 Devon pl, King's Bridge rd
Thorburn James   h 78 Prescott
Thorburn Michael Broker and Commission Merchant 93 Water e h 179 Water e
Thorburn Sir Robert KCMG (Thorburn & Tessier) h 2 Devon pl, King's Bridge rd
Thorburn Robert M accountant Thorburn & Tessier res 2 Devon pl, King's Bridge rd
Thorburn & Tessier (Sir Robert Thorburn KCMG James C Tessier)   Vessel Owners, Importers, Exporters and General Mderchants 185 Water e
Thorburn & Tessier's Wharf     East Side Clift's Cove
Thormey Edward laborer h 4 Hayward av
Thorne Charles watchman Ayre & Sons h 12 Wickford
Thorne Miss Elizabeth   bds 12 Flavin's lane
Thorne Ellen domestic 205 New Gower
Thorne Miss Emma A   res 4 Brazel's sq
Thorne Henry fireman h 71 Quidi Vidi rd
Thorne James clerk Richard Neyle res 12 Wickford
Thorne Richard carpenter James Johnston res 43 Fleming
Thorne Robert captain h 43 Fleming
Thornton Joseph coachman Government House res same
Thorpe Catherine (wid David)   h 287 Water w
Thorpe David laborer res 287 Water w
Thorpe Mary (wid Benjamin)   h 33 Darling
Tibbett Robert laborer h 28 Boggan's lane
Tibbo Caleb clerk Ayre & Sons bds 210 Gower
Tibbo James fisherman h 3 Flower Hill
Tibbo John laborer h 228 1/2 New Gower
Tibbo Richard laborer h 2 Dreelan's Well rd
Tibbs John laborer P & L Tessier h 93 Lazy Bank rd
Tierney Dora domestic 185 New Gower
Tiller Matilda (wid John)   res r 34 Buchanan
Tilley Elizabeth domestic Dr G Skelton  
Tilley Ellen domestic 80 Freshwater rd
Tilley Emma domestic 94 Lazy Bank rd
Tilley George machinist Victoria B & E Co h South Side
Tilley James laborer Alex Harvey & Co h 32 North
Tilley John watchman h 6 Duckworth
Tilley Joseph laborer West & Rendell h 16 Dammerill's lane
Tilley Lydia domestic 55 King's rd
Tilley Wm fireman h 1 Temperance
Times and General Gazette The   J W McCoubrey Proprietor and Publisher 148 Water
Timmonds Edward fisherman h 13 South
Tizzard Annie domestic 16 Dick's sq
Tizzard Jane domestic 148 Duckworth
Tobin Miss Bridget grocer 185 New Gower h same
Tobin Bridget domestic 109 Long's Hill
Tobin Bridget (wid Michael)   res 10 Bell
Tobin David clerk res Albert Hotel
Tobin D F laborer Ayre & Sons res 3 Beck's Cove
Tobin Miss Ellen dressmaker 60 King's rd h same
Tobin Esther domestic 48 Brine
Tobin Fanny domestic 109 Military rd
Tobin Fanny A (wid Thomas)   res 247 Duckworth
Tobin Frances domestic 169 Duckworth
Tobin James (M & J Tobin) h n s Pennywell rd, 2 w McCarthy's lane
Tobin James laborer Victoria B & E Co 124 Barter's Hill
Tobin James miner h 12 lane w from 27 Barter's Hill
Tobin James seaman res 60 King's rd
Tobin Miss Johanna dressmaker res 60 King's rd
Tobin John C wines and liquors 392 Water h same
Tobin Lawrence laborer h 22 Nunnery Hill
Tobin Lucy domestic 16 Wickford
Tobin Kate domestic 322 Duckworth
Tobin Mary J (wid J Henry)   res 247 Duckworth
Tobin Michael (M & J Tobin) Importer of General Groceries, Provisions, Wines, Liquors, etc. 382 and 385 Water h 382 same
Tobin Michael laborer h 47 Alexander
Tobin Michael messenger res 22 Nunnery Hill
Tobin M & J (Michael and James) Groceries and Provisions 170-172 Duckworth
Tobin Michael porter T J Edens bds Flavin's lane
Tobin Millie domestic 13 New Gower
Tobin Patrick laborer Thorburn & Tessier h 247 New Gower
Tobin Patrick laborer h 10 Bell
Tobin Thomas blacksmith C Petrie h 9 North
Tobin Thomas fisherman res 20 James
Tobin Thomas cooper Shea & Co h 102 Duckworth
Tobin Miss Winnifred   res 45 Gower
Toole see also O'Toole    
Toole John seaman h 12 Springdale
Toole Michael fisherman h 106 Dreelan's Well rd
Toole Peter fireman bds 12 Springdale
Toole Thomas shoemaker Parker & Monroe res 106 Dreelan's Well rd
Toole Wm fisherman h 6 Dammerill's lane
Toole Wm laborer res 12 Springdale
Tooney Denis seaman h 30 Williams
Tooney Mrs Denis grocer 30 Williams res same
Topp Charles carman Kennedy & Co h 79 Military rd
Topp James J driver Henry Blatch h 4 Knights
Tormey Edward carpenter M Morey h 4 Hayward av
Tormey Miss Hannah tailoress E M Jackman res 4 Hayward av
Tormey James laborer res 4 Hayward av
Torphy Patrick cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res junction Waterford Bridge rd and Water
Torphy Richard fireman h 116 Gower
Torran Mary Ann(wid Paul)   res 13 Knights
Torraville Joseph fisherman h 16 Hayward av
Torrington Hotel   James P Moore Proprietor Waterford Bridge rd, West End
Total Abstinence Hall     292 Duckworth
Toucher see also Tutcher    
Toucher Miss Margaret   h 9 Delahunty's lane
Toucher Mary (wid Wm)   h 36 William
Toucher Miss Mary A   res 9 Duke of York
Toucher Mary A (wid Matthew)   res 9 Pilot's Hill
Toucher Robert keeper The St John's Museum bds 9 Duke of York
Toucher Thomas pilot h 55 Gower
Townsend Michael laborer h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Tracy Edward master mariner h 45 Victoria
Tracy Miss Hannah tailoress John Vasey res 36 South West
Tracy James farm hand Wm Brazel h 21 Lazy Bank rd
Tracy John baker John O'Deady bds 351 Duckworth
Tracy Lizzie domestic 96 Prescott
Tracy Michael boatman h 36 South West
Tracy Wm clerk h top of Barter's Hill
Trahey Wm laborer bds 13 Dreelan's Well rd
Trainor Mrs P   res 66 Water
Trainor Thomas engineer Nfld Ry Co bds Thomas P Connors
Tramlit John laborer h 63 King's rd
Trask Sarah domestic A J Harvey  
Travers John messenger W H Mare, Son & Co h 19 North
Trebble James watchman East End Fire Station h 12 Knight
Treem Job ships carpenter h 28 lane w from Courting lane
Trelegan Francis saloon 12 Queen h same
Trelegan John shoemaker 34 New Gower h same
Trelegan Richard shoemaker res 34 New Gower
Trelegan Wm grocer 24 New Gower h same
Trelegan Wm trimmer Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 24 New Gower
Trembeth Mary domestic 7 Queen
Tremont Hotel   Mrs J McGrath prop. 293 Water
Trenchard Charles blacksmith 72 Water h 42 James, Monkstown
Trencher Miss Fanny tailoress M Chaplin res 42 James, Monkstown
Trennel Nathaniel blacksmith bds 340 Duckworth
Tresk Miss Annie dressmaker Miss M H Ayles rms 16 1/2 New Gower
Tribell James watchman h 12 Knights
Trimlett Aaron marble worker Alex Smith res 15 John
Trimlett Peter fisherman h 3 John
Trimlett Wm laborer M Morey h 15 John
Trimm Miss Elizabeth   res 81 1/2 Gower
Troy Miss Mary   h 41 Queen's rd
Trueheart Jesse tobacconist Victoria Tobacco Works res same
Truscott Mrs Ellen   h 17 Beck's Cove
Truscott Wm seaman h St Mary's lane s s
Tuck Eli tidewaiter H M C h 46 Freshwater rd
Tuck George carriagesmith Lawrence Bros h 2 Cook's lane, Hoylestown
Tucker Henry wharfinger Nfld Fish Drying Co (ltd) res same
Tucker Henry laborer h 7 Cuddihy's lane
Tucker Henry messenger St John's General Hospital  
Tucker Josiah laborer h 66 Williams
Tucker Mary (wid James)   bds 43 Rogerson's lane
Tucker Rebecca domestic 272 Gower
Tucker Robert coachman Shaw's lane
Tucker Sarah domestic The Rectory  
Tucker Samuel laborer h 45 Lazy Bank rd
Tucker Stephen clerk Goodfellow & Co h 18 West
Tucker Wm fisherman h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Tucker Wm H master mariner h 219 Gower
Tuff George   h 4 Lion's sq
Tuff Joseph wharfinger Hon J J Rogerson h 107 Hamilton
Tuffin Presillo (wid Charles)   h 62 James
Tuffin Wm tallyman Clift, Wood & Co res 7 Pilot's Hill
Tulk John laborer h 29 Quidi Vidi rd
Tune John master mariner h 62 Flower Hill st
Tupper Alvin C confectioner 212 Duckworth h same, opp Commercial Bank
Turnbull Miss Ann E   res Rev Adam Currie
Turner Albert painter John Stidstone h 42 William, Georgetown
Turner Ann (wid Wm)   h 42 William
Turner Annie (wid Alfred W)   h 1 Waldegrave
Turner George E third clerk Crown Lands Office h Mundy Pond rd
Turner John planter h 12 Freshwater rd
Turner Miss Mary   res 214 Duckworth
Turner Minnie domestic 22 Monkstown rd
Turner Philip seaman bds 26 Hunt's lane
Tutcher Ellen (wid Thomas)   res 92 Dreelan's Well rd
Tynes Louisa (wid Nathaniel)   h 13 Knights

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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