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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q "R" S T U V W Y Z
Radcliffe Wm H janitor Academic Institute res same
Radford Archibald M cutter Nfld B & S Mnfg Coq h 34 Water w
Radford Miss Elizabeth saleslady J H Martin h 39 Water
Radford Mrs Isabella teacher St John's Training School res 39 Water w
Radford Miss Selina crockery 34 Water w h 39 same
Radford Wm C clerk Bowring Bros h 39 Water w
Raftus Bridget (wid Coleman) grocer 323 Water h same
Raftus James shoemaker 9 King's rd h same
Raftus James miner h 130 Lazy Bank rd
Raftus Miss Nora   h 75 Patrick
Raftus Richard   res 323 Water w
Rahal Alice domestic John Casey  
Rahal Edward (Scott & Rahal) res 5 College sq
Rahal Edward shoemaker h 78 Gower
Rahal John clerk M Connors res 5 College sq
Rahal Joseph fisherman h 26 Flavin's lane
Rahal Michael fisherman h 5 College sq
Railway Commissioner's Office   Athenaeum Building Duckworth
Railway Wharf     East Hoyle's Cove
Ralph Susan domestic 290 Duckworth
Ramsay see also Rumsay    
Ramsay Adam foreman baker G Browning & Son h 75 Prescott
Ramsay Miss Elizabeth   res 75 Prescott
Ramsay John pattern maker Victoria B & E Co h 65 Flower Hill st
Randall Richard G civil engineer bds Atlantic Hotel
Rankin Alex D Groceries, Wine and Liquors 288 Water h 2 Queen's rd
Rankin Charles engineer Terra Nova Foundry bds 18 Duckworth
Rankin Charles B manufacturers' agent 5 McBride's Hill
Rasmusson Carl A M seaman res 20 Boggan's lane
Raud Wm seaman h 105 Hamilton
Rawlins Edward J grocer 110 Military rd h same
Ray Bridget (wid Patrick)   h 9 Quidi Vidi rd
Ray David shoemaker Patrick Maher res Quidi Vidi rd
Ray David mason h 17 1/2 Balsam
Raymond Catherine domestic h 5 Maxse
Raymond Dora domestic 35 Springdale
Raymond Lizzie domestic Poor House
Raynes Charles cabinetmaker Nfld F & M Co (ltd) res Quidi Vidi
Raynes John shipwright h 6 Chapel lane
Raynes John laborer Goodfellow & Co h 7 Carter's Hill
Raynes Wm driver Blatch livery stable h 31 Kickham's lane
Raynes Wm plumber R Wills res King's Bridge rd
Read see also Reed and Reid    
Read George engineer Floating Dock h St Mary's lane, South Side e
Read Henry barber Franklin Hamlin res South Side e
Read Mrs Johanna   res 199 Gower
Reader Allan carpenter h 50 Prescott
Ready Anastasia (wid John)   h 77 King's rd
Ready Elizabeth domestic 40 Signal Hill rd
Ready Ellen domestic Wm R Withycombe  
Ready James baker G Browning & Son h Bay Bull's rd
Ready John carpenter h 23 Barnes rd
Ready John baker h 22 Alexander
Ready Miss Mary milliner Mrs J Haviland res 22 Alexander
Ready Mary domestic 60 Water w
Ready Michael boatman H M C h 32 Victoria
Ready Richard cabinetmaker Callahan, Glass 7 Co res 23 Barnes rd
Ready Michael wks G Browning & Son res Bay Bull's rd
Ready Patrick boilermaker Terra Nova Foundry bds 48 South West
Ready Thomas laborer J & W Stewart h 7 Job's lane
Ready Thomas laborer bds 12 Kickham's lane
Ready Wm wks shoe factory res 22 Alexander
Realis Henry fireman h 20 Flavin's lane
Reardon Miss Ann   res 13 Long's Hill
Reardon Miss Bridget   res 17 Long's Hill
Reardon Bridget domestic 119 Quidi Vidi rd
Reardon Daniel fisherman h 13 Long's Hill
Reardon John cooper res 13 Long's Hill
Reardon Joseph seaman h 15 Carter's Hill
Reardon Margaret (wid George) grocer 1 Livingstone h same
Reardon Patrick seaman res 1 Livingstone
Reardon Patrick locker H M Customs h 17 Long's Hill
Reardon Patrick jr tidewaiter H M C res 13 Long's Hill
Reardom Wm laborer h 9 Job's lane
Reay Rev John Methodist minister h 197 Gower
Reay John B clerk Ayre & Sons res 197 Gower
Receiver-General's Department   R H O'Dwyer Receiver-General Treasury Office Custom House
Red Cross Line   Harvey & Co Agents 113 Water e
Reddigan John laborer res 11 North
Reddise Johanna (wid Thomas)   h s s Waterford Bridge rd, 7 w Water
Redmond Alfred seaman bds 2 Stephen
Redmond Miss Bridget saleslady Mrs Joseph Feehan bds 5 Princes
Redmond Catherine (wid James)   h 31 Coady's lane
Redmond Charles steward h 12 Lion's sq
Redmond David assistant Thomas McMurdo & Co res 4 Livingstone
Redmond Ellen (wid Patrick)   h 6 Stephen w
Redmond Johanna (wid Joseph)   h 18 Brennan's lane
Redmond John tallyman Clift, Wood & Co h 42 Darling
Redmond Miss Kate   res 42 Darling
Redmond Lawrence fireman res 5 Long's Hill
Redmond Lizzie domestic 5 Military rd
Redmond Mary (wid Edward)   res 10 Dammerill's lane
Redmond Mary (wid Owen)   h 5 Long's Hill
Redmond Michael baker res 5 Long's Hill
Redmond Miss Monagar machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 13 Long's Hill
Redmond Robert fisherman h 35 Kickham's lane
Redmond Thomas sailmaker h 4 Livingstone
Redmond Thomas J tinsmith James Pennock h 4 Allen's sq
Redstone Ann (wid Wm)   h 10 North
Redstone Charles tailor J Adrain res 1 British sq
Redstone George carpenter h 1 British sq
Redstone John mate res 10 North
Redstone Wm J clerk Marshall & Rodger res 10 North
Reed see also Read and Reid    
Reed Alfred seaman res 92 George
Reed Annie domestic Wesleyan Parsonage
Reed Arthur painter h 14 lane w from 2
Reed George cooper res 92 George
Reed Harry hairdresser Franklin Hamlin res South Side
Reed Miss Jessie   res 92 George
Reed John carpenter J & W Stewart h 20 Rocky lane
Reed John laborer h 92 George
Regan see also O'Regan    
Regan John butcher 184 Water h same
Registrar's Office   A J W McNeily, QC, Registrar Court House
Rehr Frederick seaman h 26 North
Reid see also Read and Reed    
Reid Annie domestic Rev M Harvey  
Reid Miss Annie tailoress A W Martin res 56 Prescott
Reid Arthur cabinetmaker J Daymond res 175 Lazy Bank rd
Reid Caleb painter res Tank lane
Reid Caleb fisherman h 35 James
Reid Caroline (wid Wm B)   h 33 King's Bridge rd
Reid Catherine (wid James) confectionery 5 James h same
Reid Elias grocer 206 Duckworth h same
Reid Elizabeth domestic 46 William
Reid George laborer h 50 Young
Reid George L cooper Robert Moore h 178 Lazy Bank rd
Reid James messenger res 50 South West
Reid James fisherman h 18 Pilot's Hill
Reid James grocer 99 Military h same
Reid Miss Jemima tailoress A W Martin bds South Side above Upper Dundee
Reid Jemima (wid George)   h 15 James
Reid John painter E J Purcell res 73 Lazy Bank rd
Reid John laborer res 48 Nunnery Hill
Reid John captain h 47 Carter's Hill
Reid John jr laborer h 48 Nunnery Hill
Reid Joseph laborer h 50 South West
Reid Joseph seaman h 73 Lazy Bank rd
Reid Joseph carpenter h 13 Tank Hill
Reid Mrs Joseph grocer 73 Lazy Bank rd res same
Reid Letitia (wid Thomas)   res 36 Dreelan's Well rd
Reid Mary (wid Wm) grocer South Side e  
Reid Mary wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 50 South West
Reid Moses watchman Goodfellow & Co h South Side e
Reid Ralph clerk Marshall & Rodger h 204 Gower
Reid Sarah (wid Moses)   h 18 British sq
Reid Solomon machinist Nfld F & M Co h 5 Buckley's lane
Reid Solomon sawyer h 65 Plymouth rd
Reid Thomas engineer Dry Dock h 17 Hutchings
Reid Wm captain h 175 Lazy Bank rd
Reid Wm laborer J & W Stewart h 8 Brennan's lane
Reid Wm H trader h 38 Henry
Reid Mrs Wm H grocer 28 Henry res same
Reiley see Rieley    
Rendell Arthur S (W H Mare, Son & Co) h Avalon House, Waterford Bridge rd
Rendell Charity domestic Circular rd
Rendell Eliza Ann domestic Leslie
Rendell Elizabeth domestic 201 Gower
Rendell Frederick J W (W & G Rendell) h 78 Water
Rendell George T (W & G Rendell) h 76 Cochrane
Rendell Herbert, MBCM (Edinburg) (Harvey & Rendell) Physician h 1 Tasker ter
Rendell Robert G (West & Rendell) h Long Pond rd
Rendell Wm clerk Crown Lands Office bds 54 Henry
Rendell W & G (George T and Frederick J W Russell) Insurance and Commission Agents, Lumber and Coal Merchants 76 Water
Rendell's Wharf     75 Water e
Rendle James cooper 41 Gower h same
Rennie Frederick N bookkeeper Bowring Bros h 7 Queen's rd
Rennie James S clerk John Steer h 183 Duckworth
Rennie Robert accountant Rothwell & Bowring h Rennie's Mill rd nr Bridge
Rennie Wm F secretary-treasurer St John's Gas Light Co and usher Black Rod res "Clydesdale Cottage"
Rennie Wm H clerk St John's Gas Light Co res Rennie's Mill rd nr Bridge
Renouf Annie (wid Dr Charles H)   h 6 Queen's rd
Renouf Anthony storekeeper G C Fearn h Newtown rd
Renouf Catherine confectionery h 120 Duckworth
Renouf Charles clerk res 6 Queen's rd
Renouf Herbert clerk h 120 Duckworth
Rex Annie domestic 84 Gower
Rex Sarah domestic 63 Cochrane
Reynolds Job fisherman h 286 Water e
Reynolds Mrs Mary A   res 224 Water
Reynolds Simeon fisherman res 286 Water e
Rhodes Charlotte (wid Capt Rhodes)   "Stowe Cottage" n s Waterford Bridge, 5 w Water
Rhodes Wm clerk h 96 Lazy Bank rd
Rice Arthur carter W P Walsh h 35 Freshwater rd
Rice Bridget (wid Michael)   h 18 Limekiln Hill
Rice John carman h 49 Harvey rd
Rice Mrs John grocer 49 Harvey rd h same
Rich Isaac seaman h 4 Alexander
Richards Abraham laborer h 15 Bell
Richards Ann Bella domestic 22 Freshwater rd
Richards Isaac wks Victoria Tobacco Works h 55 Alexander
Richards Isaac painter res 15 Bell
Richards John laborer h 5 Dogstown
Richards John fisherman h 21 Dogstown
Richards Mary domestic 305 Water
Richards Wm boiilermaker Victoria B & E Co res 55 Alexander
Richards Wm watchman h 33 Long's lane
Richards Wm J   h 9 Knights
Richardson Henry coachman res Brazel's sq
Richardson James laborer James Murray h 28 Nunnery
Richardson Wm coachman Dr Keegan 261 Duckworth
Ricketts James laborer h 19 Hayward av
Ricks Andrew seaman h 35 Barter's Hill
Ricks Thomas shoemaker M Wadden h 35 Barter's Hill
Rider Fanny domestic 75 Long's Hill
Rider Alfred J clerk Sidney Woods res 32 James, Monkstown
Ridout Fred W clerk John Steer res 146 Lazy Bank rd
Ridout George moulder Con Foundry Co h South Side
Ridout George W bookkeeper Blackwood & Blair h 146 Lazy Bank
Ridout Jabez clerk Shirran & Pippy res 32 James, Georgetown
Ridout Jacob clerk D Smallwood & Sons h 32 James, Georgetown
Ridout Mary domestic 139 George
Ridout Mary (wid Frederick)   h 146 Lazy Bank rd
Ridout Mary A (wid Samuel)   h 43 Cuddihy's lane
Ridout Thomas tailor h 3 George
Ridout Walter shoemaker H Heath res 32 James
Ridout Wm clerk res 146 Lazy Bank rd
Riel John fisherman h 30 Wickford
Rieley see also O'Reilley    
Reiley Bernard mate h 55 Gower
Reiley Frank mattressmaker Nfld F & M Co (ltd) res 55 Gower
Reiley Harriet (wid James)   h 17 lane e from 52 King's rd
Reiley Joseph head constable Infantry Nfld Constabulary res Ft Townshend
Reiley Kate domestic 77 Prescott
Ring Patrick laborer h 34 Nunnery Hill
Ring Wm attendant Lunatic Asylum h 59 Prescott
Ringwood Nelvina (wid John)   h 36 Quidi Vidi rd
Ringwood Sydney domestic 122 Hamilton
Riverhead Brewery   E W Bennett & Co Props Riverhead, Water w
Rixon John barber res 40 Wickford
Rixon Joseph fisherman h 40 Wickford
Roach see also Roche    
Roach Bro David S house steward Christian Brothers Monastery  
Roach James cooper P & L Tessier h 13 John
Roach Mary domestic Sergt Wm Grimes Fort Townshend
Roach Mary J domestic 123 Water e
Roach Michael laborer bds 2 Dreelan's Well rd
Roach Richard laborer bds 2 Dreelan's Well rd
Roach Thomas fisherman h 18 Dreelan's Well rd
Roberts Amos fisherman h 46 Cookstown rd
Roberts Azariah watchman Nfld Ry Co res 86 Hamilton
Roberts Azariah jr engine cleaner h 86 Hamilton
Roberts James mason bds 21 Balsam
Roberts James fisherman res 95 Lazy Bank rd
Roberts James J seaman opp Long Bridge s s
Roberts John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 263 Water w
Roberts Joseph laborer Nfld F & M Co h 7 Chancey's lane
Roberts Mary domestic 141 Gower
Roberts Mary Ann grocer 86 Hamilton h same
Roberts Nathaniel seaman h r Job's wharf, South Side e
Roberts Nathaniel fisherman h 95 Lazy Bank rd
Roberts Samuel cooper h 23 Butler's lane
Roberts Samuel seaman h 43 Harvey rd
Roberts Samuel J carpenter res 17 Bell
Roberts Sarah domestic 2 Park pl Rennie's Mill rd
Roberts Selina (wid Wm)   res Wm Seymour
Roberts Miss Susannah laundress St George's Hospital  
Roberts Thomas carpenter Jerrett & Searle h 20 Balsam
Roberts Thomas carpenter h 20 Balsam
Roberts Thomas fireman h 10 Dogstown
Roberts Wm laborer h 17 Bell
Roberts Wm fisherman h 88 Hamilton
Roberts Wm   res South Side rd, 7 w Long Bridge
Robertson Alexander clerk M Monroe h 121 Hamilton
Robertson Allan A clerk Bowring Bros res 298 Water e
Robertson George W tailor res 298 Water
Robertson John tailor 298 Water h same
Robertson John R clerk C Macpherson h 82 Lazy Bank rd
Robertson Robert J clerk Bowring Bros h 137 George
Robins Amelia (wid Wm)   h r 34 Signal Hill rd
Robins John fisherman h 31 Duke of York
Robinson Edward managing director Nfld Fish Drying Co (ltd) res 45 Cochrane
Robinson Commander George R N Examiner-in-Chief and Harbor Master Queen's Wharf bds Atlantic Hotel
Robinson James seaman h 18 Hunt's lane
Robinson John clerk G Knowling bds Parnell's lane
Robinson Miss Margaret I   res 68 Prescott
Robinson Mary A (wid Richard)   h 53 James
Robson Rober[sic] engineer h 76 New Gower
Roche see also Roach    
Roche Ann (wid James)   h 3 West
Roche Mrs Bridget   h 44 South West
Roche Miss Elizabeth   res 189 Water e
Roche John carpenter h 89 Gower
Roche Miss Kate   res 44 South West
Roche Patrick storekeeper J & W Pitts h 24 South West
Rochford John laborer h 36 Flavin's lane
Rochford Michael laborer bds 4 Hayward av
Rochford Thomas laborer h lane 3 from 52 King's rd
Rodger Alexander (Marshall and Rodger) h 20 Cathedral
Rogers Alfred fisherman h 23 Fleming
Rogers Alice (wid Edward)   h 84 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogers Ann (wid Robert)   res 89 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogers Edmund B clerk bds 39 Hayward av
Rogers Edward laborer h 42 Barter's Hill
Rogers Edward moulder Con Foundry Co res 54 Alexander
Rogers Eliza cook Hon A J Harvey  
Rogers Miss Harriet laundress St John's Steam Laundry bds 93 Carter's Hill
Rogers Henry fisherman h 91 Water e
Rogers James stevedore h South Side rd
Rogers James wks Col Cold Co h 54 Alexander
Rogers James laborer res 84 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogers James cooper N Cousens res South Side w
Rogers James laborer h 7 Stephen
Rogers James laborer h 67 King's rd
Rogers James cooper George Luscombe res 22 James
Rogers Mrs James   h 61 Flower Hill st
Rogers John fisherman res 84 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogers John engineer Col Cord Co h 74 Water w
Rogers Miss Kate seamstress Government House
Rogers Kate domestic 18 Stephen w
Rogers Levi fisherman h 83 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogers Mary domestic 45 Water e
Rogers Mary (wid Thomas)   h lane off Rogerson's lane
Rogers Nora wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 84 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogers Rachel (wid John)   2 Brewery lane
Rogers Richard clerk M Monroe res South Side
Rogers Richard cooper h 8 Hutchings
Rogers Robert fisherman h 75 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogers Samuel farmer h 27 James
Rogers Sarah A wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 84 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogers Stephen wharfinger M Monroe h Wharf Premises South
Rogers Stephen fisherman h 66 King's rd
Rogers Wm seaman h 6 Pilot's Hill
Rogers Wm laborer h 41 Cuddihy's lane
Rogers Wm laborer res 2 Brewery lane
Rogerson James C Broker 11 McBride's Hill bds Tremont Hotel
Rogerson Hon James J General Merchant Water h 2 Queen
Rogerson Mrs John   h 32 Dreelan's Well rd
Rogerson Wharf     East Side Rogerson's cove
Roil Eliza domestic 270 Gower
Roil James farmer h s s Freshwater
Roil James bailiff Central District h 25 Maxse
Roil Joseph laborer h 21 Darling
Roil Thomas   res 15 Gower
Roil Wm clerk John Baird bds 278 Gower
Roland George clerk h 211 Gower
Rolls Ellen domestic 2 Livingstone
Rolls Francis fisherman h 18 Signal Hill rd
Rolls George carman h 93 Long's Hill
Rolls Susan (wid Abel)   h 42 North
Rolls Thomas   res 20 Stephen w
Romsey see Rumsay    
Roman Bridget domestic 66 Duckworth
Ronayne Catherine grocer 7 Hamilton h same
Ronayne Miss Mary E clerk J W Foran bds same
Rooney Alexander accountant Colonial Cordage Co h 45 Hamilton av
Rooney Esther domestic 55 Le Marchant rd
Rooney James machinist Victoria B & E Co res 45 Hamilton
Rooney John manager St John's Gas Light Co h 45 Hamilton
Roost Elizabeth (wid Wm)   res 16 Springdale
Roost Wm fisherman h s s Lazy Bank rd
Roper Ann (wid Henry)   h 18 Dick's sq
Roper Joseph watchmaker J A Whiteford h 18 Dick's sq
Rorke see also O'Rourke    
Rorke Elizabeth (wid Michael) confectioner 13 King's rd
Rorke Mrs Ellen (wid Michael)   bds Mrs Mary Byrne
Rorke Miss Margaret tailoress h 4 Signal Hill rd
Rorke Miss Mary tailoress P Kelly res 28 Belvidere
Rorke Miss Mary clerk J Cantwell 252 Water
Rorke Michael fisherman h 13 Beck's Cove
Rorke Sarah cook Bannerman House Circular rd
Rorke Sarah domestic 3 Monkstown rd
Rorke Thomas cooper N Hayes h 7 North
Rorke Wm cooper Bowring Bros h 2 Brine
Rorke Wm blacksmith Moses Butt bds 20 George
Roscoe John bookkeeper H J Stabb h 7 Battery rd
Rose Alexander wood turner Nfld F & M Co res 24 Hunt's lane
Rose Alfred sawyer h 24 Hunt's lane
Rose Elizabeth domestic 16 Water w
Rose Laura domestic 9 Adelaide
Rose Miss Mary A   res 24 Young
Rose Mary R (wid Samuel)   h 11 Garrison Hill
Rose Stephen coachman 1 Bannerman House,
Rose Stephen seaman h 59 Plymouth rd
Rose Thomas carpenter Edwin Duder h 24 Young
Rose Wm laborer h 14 Rossiter's lane
Ross Forbes H B clerk Kennedy & Co bds T C Kennedy
Ross Joseph L farmer h Grove Farm, Quidi Vidi
Rossitter John fisherman h 15 Coady's lane
Rossitter Mark laborer W & G Rendell h 11 Tank lane
Rossitter Thomas messenger h 37 Wickford
Rossitter Mrs Thomas grocer 37 Wickford res same
Rossitter Wm laborer Victoria B & E Co res Cookstown
Rothwell Edward, M.H.A. (Rothwell & Bowring) h Harvey's place, Rennie's Mill rd
Rothwell & Bowring (Edward Rothwell MHA John Bowring)   Commission Merchants, Importers of Provisions Hunter's Cove
Rouse Miss C A saleslady Mrs M Rouse res 298 Water e
Rouse Miss Jane saleslady Mrs M Rouse res 298 Water e
Rouse Rev John MA principal Theological College res same
Rouse Mrs M S P C K Depot and Stationery 201 Water e h 298 same
Rouse Andrew fireman bds 121 New Gower
Rouse Ellie H (wid Wm)   h 121 New Gower
Rouse Wm fireman h 48 Cookstown rd
Rowe Edward J clerk Bowring Bros res 29 Bulley's lane
Rowe Elizabeth (wid John)   res John Rowe
Rowe Mrs Francis   h 32 Boggan's lane
Rowe Frederick   h 54 Barter's Hill
Rowe George J Mus Bac music teacher 31 South West h same
Rowe John bookkeeper h 26 lane w from Courting Lane
Rowe Louisa domestic Church of England Academy  
Rowe Wm cooper Bowring Bros h 29 Bulley's lane
Rowe Wm seaman h 31 Young
Rowe Mrs Wm grocer 29 Bulley's lane h same
Rowells John laborer res 1 Delahunty's lane
Rowells Thomas boatman h 1 Delahunty's lane
Rowland George accountant Job Bros & Co h 211 Gower
Rowland James   bds Tremont Hotel
Royal Gazette The John Collier Withers publisher and Proprietor Duckworth off McBride's Hill
Royal Insurance Co of England   Job Brothers & Co Agents 137-139 Water e
Royal Patrick laborer h 49 James
Royle see Roil    
Ruby Kenneth blacksmith Samuel Fever h Signal Hill rd
Rudd Edward laborer h 19 Dogstown
Rumsey see also Ramsay    
Rumsey Charles laborer J A Whiteford h 10 Tank Hill
Rumsey Elizabeth (wid John)   h 2 Livingstone
Rumsey Francis   res 122 New Gower
Rumsey George seaman h 7 1/2 Carter's Hill
Rumsey Henry coaster h 40 Lazy Bank rd
Rumsey John fisherman h 112 Dreelan's Well rd
Rumsey Thomas trader h 122 New Gower
Rumsey Wm fisherman h 110 Dreelan's Well rd
Rumsey Wm fisherman res 10 Tank Hill
Rusk Alexander gardener h 21 Barnes rd
Rusk Patrick blacksmith Moses Butt h 21 Barnes rd
Rusk Wm laborer res 26 Barnes rd
Russell Bridget domestic 300 Water
Russell Cyril tinsmith Gear & Co res 106 Lazy Bank rd
Russell Edward fisherman h n s Lazy Bank rd
Russell Edward fireman Nfld Ry Co h 21 Boncloddy
Russell Emily wks Victoria Tobacco Works res 10 South
Russell Miss Georgina tailoress John Maunder res 177 Le Marchant rd
Russell Henry fisherman h 106 Lazy Bank rd
Russell James fisherman h 83 Dreelan's Well rd
Russell Jane domestic 12 King's rd
Russell Miss Jessie tailoress John Maunder res 177 Le Marchant rd
Russell Kate domestic 207 New Gower
Russell Miss Mary dressmaker Mrs M Sommerville res 21 Boncloddy
Russell Mary Ann (wid George)   h 177 Le Marchant rd
Russell Patrick baker Wm English bds 20 Gower
Russell Robert C tidewaiter H M C h 54 King's Bridge rd
Russell Susan domestic 28 King's rd
Ruthven Mrs Johannah   h 313 Water w
Rutledge Paul laborer h 10 Signal Hill rd
Rudledge Peter hotel "Pleasant Ville" Quidi Vidi Lake rd
Ruxton Wm master mechanic h 63 Flower Hill st
Ryall Mrs Margaret keeper Colonial Buildings res same
Ryall Samuel L clerk James Murray bds W Irwin
Ryall Thomas   res Colonial Buildings
Ryall Wm carpenter 144 Hayward av
Ryan Agnes (wid Martin)   r 76 Dreelan's Well rd
Ryan Alice (wid Charles)   h 15 King's rd
Ryan Annie domestic 71 Rennie's Mill rd
Ryan Miss Annie tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 4 Delahunty's lane
Ryan Bridget domestic 51 Le Marchant rd
Ryan Bridget (wid Patrick)   h 13 Holdsworth
Ryan Bridget domestic Poor House  
Ryan Bridget (wid Patrick)   h opp 35 Cuddihy's lane
Ryan Miss Bridget A dressmaker res 59 Carter's Hill
Ryan John & Bro (John and Wm) Shipwrights 4 e Baine, Johnston & Co's Premises South Side
Ryan Charles cooper Baine, Johnston & Co h 130 New Gower
Ryan Dinah (wid James)   res 6 Flavin's lane
Ryan Edward carpenter h 52 King's rd
Ryan Edward laborer res 15 1/2 Carter's Hill
Ryan Elizabeth (wid Edward)   h 59 Carter's Hill
Ryan Ellen (wid Patrick)   h 59 Dreelan's Well rd
Ryan Mrs Ellen   bds 87 New Gower
Ryan Miss Ellen clerk J & G Lash res 12 Livingstone
Ryan Miss Ellen   bds 14 Gower
Ryan Miss Ellen school teacher bds 44 South West
Ryan Ellen domestic 23 Cathedral
Ryan Miss Ellen M dressmaker res 59 Carter's Hill
Ryan Frederick cooper James Murray h 4 Delahunty's lane
Ryan George wks Nfld F & M Co h Quidi Vidi rd
Ryan James tinsmith Goudie & Diamond res 59 Carter's Hill
Ryan James currier A Mackeen res Topsail rd
Ryan James laborer M Monroe h Carter's lane
Ryan James tailor h 12 Hamilton
Ryan James laborer h 85 Dreelan's Well rd
Ryan James fireman h 37 Cookstown rd
Ryan James fisherman res 20 Plank rd
Ryan James fisherman h 31 Hayward av
Ryan James tailor E M Jackman res 21 Cochrane
Ryan James shoemaker res 33 Bulley's lane
Ryan James D Groceries, Wines, Liquors 281 Water e h 267 Duckworth
Ryan James F carpenter h 11 Carter's Hill
Ryan Miss Jennie machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 20 Plank rd
Ryan Johanna (wid Thomas)   res 52 King's rd
Ryan Johanna G (wid Wm) tailoress h 8 Lion's sq
Ryan Very Rev John St Patrick R C Church h 28 Patrick
Ryan John accountant Engineer's Office Municipal Bldgs h 173 Duckworth
Ryan John hostler Government House  
Ryan John tailor John Goss res 218 Water
Ryan John tailor h 62 King's rd
Ryan John fisherman h 20 Plank rd
Ryan John fisherman h 22 Plank rd
Ryan John ships carpenter h 45 Prescott
Ryan John pressman The Colonist h 14 Barter's Hill
Ryan John servant Jas Gordon  
Ryan John storeman Thorburn & Tessier h 13 Holdsworth
Ryan John clerk J J & L Furlong res 59 Carter's Hill
Ryan John baker Alex Harvey & Co h 49 Gower
Ryan John (John Ryan & Bro) shipwright h 31 Prescott
Ryan John jr sailmaker res 62 King's rd
Ryan Joseph cabinet maker Callahan, Glass & Co h 10 Allen's sq
Ryan Joseph laborer h 244 Water w
Ryan Miss Kate tailoress res 13 Holdsworth
Ryan Kate domestic 210 Water
Ryan Margaret domestic 6 Queen's rd
Ryan Margaret   20 Kickham's lane
Ryan Margaret domestic The Palace  
Ryan Margaret (wid Martin)   h 11 Boncloddy
Ryan Margaret domestic 62 King's Bridge rd
Ryan Margaret domestic 3 Park Place Rennie's Mill rd
Ryan Martin carpenter h 10 Alexander
Ryan Mary domestic 382 Water
Ryan Mary domestic 241 Water e
Ryan Miss Mary   bds 161 Gower
Ryan Miss Mary   res 193 Duckworth
Ryan Miss Mary   res 76 George
Ryan Mary (wid Michael)   h 50 King's rd
Ryan Mary (wid Wm)   h 10 Allen's sq
Ryan Mary (wid Michael) grocer 1 Le Marchant h same
Ryan Mary domestic Hon E D Shea  
Ryan Mary (wid Patrick)   res 52 King's Bridge rd
Ryan Miss Mary M   h 21 Cochrane
Ryan Miss Mary P dressmaker res 59 Carter's Hill
Ryan Michael tailor P Kelly h 15 1/2 Carter's Hill
Ryan Michael messenger A G Smith & Co res 15 1/2 Carter's Hill
Ryan Michael coachman 5 Park Place, Rennie's Mill
Ryan Michael carman h r 50 Monkstown rd
Ryan Miss Minnie saleslady Shirran & Pippy res 59 Carter's Hill
Ryan Michael carman h s s Newtown rd
Ryan Miss Minnie forelady C Macpherson res 4 Allen's sq
Ryan Nicholas tailor h 12 Hamilton
Ryan Nora clerk J W Foran bds same
Ryan Patrick master mariner h n s Topsail r 1 w Water
Ryan Patrick mason h 243 Water w
Ryan Patrick fisherman res 20 Plank rd
Ryan Patrick carter Ayre & Sons h 14 Allen's sq
Ryan Philip J clerk James Baird h 125 Military rd
Ryan Richard chief warden Colonial Penitentiary res same
Ryan Richard ships carpenter h 28 Duke of York
Ryan Richard grocer 15 Flower Hill h same
Ryan Robert laborer h 95 Monkstown rd
Ryan Samuel pilot h 17 Cochrane
Ryan Sarah (wid Wm)   h 257 Water w
Ryan Susanna domestic 7 Adelaide
Ryan Thomas clerk M Monroe res 59 Carter's Hill
Ryan Thomas tailor P Kelly bds 9 Carter's Hill
Ryan Thomas keeper Agricultural Stables h 85 Hamilton
Ryan Thomas fisherman h 10 Water w
Ryan Thomas fisherman h South Side opposite
Ryan Wm cooper George Luscombe h 33 Bulley's lane
Ryan Wm servant John Syme  
Ryan Wm cooper Nicholas Hayes res Logy Bay rd
Ryan Wm (J Ryan & Bro) shipwright h 10 Allen's sq
Ryan Wm fisherman h Quidi Vidi rd
Ryan Wm cooper Bowring Brothers h Bulley's lane
Ryan Wm J printer The Colonist res 40 Henry
Ryder Jessie domestic 263 Duckworth

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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