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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O "P" Q R S T U V W Y Z
Pack Albert shoemaker h 96 Dreelan's Well rd
Pack Wm tailor h 29 Prescott
Pack Josiah Groceries and Provisions 370 Water h 56 Flower Hill st
Paine Bessie domestic Mrs J Crowdy  
Page Francis F painter Moses Wellman h 69 Rennie's Mill rd
Page Frederick R clerk h 69 Rennie's Mill rd
Palace The Residence of Right Rev Dr Thoma J Power, Allendale rd
    Bishop of Newfoundland and Clergyman of  
    R C Cathedral  
Palmiter Azariah laborer h St Mary's lane
Parade Curling and Skating Rink     n s Harvey rd west of
      Allendale rd
Park Mrs Harriet (wid James)   h 24 Beck's Cove
Parker James F (Parker & Monroe) h 6 Queen
Parker Lawrence Groceries and Hardware 329-331 Water h 21 Garrison
Parker Margaret (wid Wm)   h 9 Garrison Hill
Parker Margaret (wid Wm)   h s s Pennywell rd 3 w
Parker Miss Maude   bds Gordon House
Parker Thomas   h 25 Garrison Hill
Parker Wm & Co (A G Smith James Warren) hardware 327 Water e
Parker & Monroe (James F Parker   Boot and Shoe Mnfrs and Dealers 363 Water
Daniel Monroe)      
Parks Nathan polisher James McIntyre res 109 Hamilton
Parnell Elizabeth (wid John K)   h r 169 Gower
Parnell Frederick Groceries and Provisions 131 Water e h 5 Cathedral Hill
Parrell James laborer h 16 Carey's lane
Parrell James laborer h 85 King's rd
Parrell Johanna (wid Michael)   res 93 Long's Hill
Parrell Luke laborer h 10 Le Marchant rd
Parrell Michael clerk John Steer res 113 Gower
Parrell Michael fisherman h 20 Nunnery Hill
Parrell Patrick watchman J Fox & Sons h 113 Gower
Parrell Mrs Patrick grocer 113 Gower h same
Parrell Patrick laborer h 25 Boncloddy
Parrell Wm broommaker Nfld F & M Co res 95 Long's Hill
Parrott Kate domestic 263 Duckworth
Parsons Alexander master mariner h 27 Gower
Parsons Alexander A editor Evening Telegram h "Hawthorn Cottage" foot Carter's Hill
Parsons Alfred   res "Jubilee Cottage" Quidi Vidi rd
Parsons Allan clerk Z Cox res 60 Lazy Bank rd
Parsons Azariah laborer h 7 Darling
Parsons David striker Terra Nova Foundry res 27 Gower
Parsons Miss Esther   res 49 Williams
Parsons Eugene clerk Ayre & Sons h 207 Gower
Parsons Frank clerk Bowering Bros res 271 Gower
Parsons George laborer Victoria B & E Co h 69 Alexander
Parsons Heber carpenter Herder & Halleren res 271 Gower
Parsons Henry laborer Victoria B & E Co res South Side
Parsons Henry laborer h 14 Hunt's lane
Parsons James fisherman h 49 Williams
Parsons James P accountant J & W Pitts h 261 Water e
Parsons Jaspar watchman John Steer h 25 Stephen w
Parsons Jessie domestic 149 Le Marchant rd
Parsons John seaman h 55 Alexander
Parsons John laborer h 29 Quidi Vidi rd
Parsons Joseph blacksmith h 174 Water w
Parsons Mark tanner Nfld Tannery h 14 Hayward av
Parsons Martha domestic 18 Beck's Cove
Parsons Robert laborer W & G Rendell h 35 Williams
Parsons Robert laborer res South Side
Parsons Robert master mariner h 63 Long's Hill
Parsons S H Photographic Gallery 310 Water, Depot for Views 115 Duckworth h 115 Duckworth
Parsons Shenstone clerk Ayer[sic] & Sons h 172 Le Marchant rd
Parsons Theodore J Photographer 152 Water h "Jubilee Cottage" Quidi Vidi rd
Parsons Thomas laborer h 2 Stephen
Parsons Thomas laborer h 34 Carter's Hill
Parsons Thomas laborer h 60 Lazy Bank rd
Parsons Wm F clerk M Monroe h Gower opp James
Parsons Wm H salesman Job Bros & Co bds 16 Queen
Partridge James porter C Macpherson h 246 New Gower
Partridge Patrick laborer bds 70 Barnes rd
Pasher Robert laborer h 20 Flavin's lane
Paton Thomas H grocer 56 Dreelan's Well rd h 54 same
Patrick David P foreman Edwin Duder h 64 Lazy Bank rd
Patrick Miss Elizabeth     h 42 Victoria
Patrick Walsh coachman res 71 Rennie's Mill rd
Patterson Patrick J baker and confectioner 175 Duckworth h same
Paul John laborer h 12 Battery rd
Paul Lizzie domestic 288 Duckworth
Paul Sarah domestic 13 New Gower
Payne Miss Daria saleslady J H Martin res 48 Water w
Payne Eliza domestic 12 Queen's rd
Payne Eliza domestic Mrs M Parker  
Payne Miss Elizabeth   h 111 Freshwater rd
Payne Miss Elizabeth   res 89 1/2 Carter's Hill
Payne Emily domestic 77 Le Marchant rd
Payne Francis cooper John Steer h 36 Livingstone
Payne Francis carpenter h 301 Water w
Payne George bookkeeper Jas Angel & Co h 37 Lazy Bank rd
Payne Henry T clerk h 14 Brazel's sq
Payne James clerk James Stott res 102 Lazy Bank rd
Payne John wharfinger J & W Stewart h 102 Lazy Bank rd
Payne Mrs Mary   res 14 Brazel's sq
Payne Mary J domestic The Rectory
Payne Peter fisherman h 46 Water w
Payne Peter jr wks boot and shoe factory res 46 Water w
Payne Thomas clerk John Anderson h 14 Brazel's sq
Payne Wm butcher Wm Campbell res 46 Water w
Payne Wm storekeeper Browning & Son h 28 Hutchings
Payne Wm   res Mrs M Parker
Peace Robert & Co (Alexander Taylor John Skeoch) Stoves and Tinware 199 Water
Peach John plumber h 46 Quidi Vidi rd
Pear John carpenter h s s Waterford Bridge rd, 4 w Water
Pearce Johanna cook St John's General Hospital  
Pearce Joseph carter Victoria B & E Co h 89 New Gower
Pearce Josiah wheelwright bds 89 New Gower
Pearcy see also Percy and Piercy      
Pearcy Bessie wks Victoria Tobacco Co bds 286 Water e
Pearcy Mrs Caroline   h 32 Wickford
Pearcy Jaspar rigger Terra Nova Foundry h 3 Holdsworth
Pearcy Joseph messenger Edwin Duder h 31 North
Pearcy Joseph fisherman h 34 Wickford
Pearcy Michael storeman T & J Grace h 23 Thomas
Pearcy Moses shipwright h 4 James
Pearcy Moses fisherman h 14 r 21 Barter's Hill
Pearcy Robert laborer res 14 r 21 Barter's Hill
Pearcy Robert blacksmith Terra Nova Foundry h 14 North
Pearcy Robert clerk h 31 North
Pearl Augustus printer bds 17 Balsam
Pearl Jane (wid Michael)   h 16 Boncloddy
Peckham George wharfinger Thorburn & Tessier h 178 Gower
Peckham Matthew butcher 101 Gower h same
Peckham Stephen jeweller John Lindberg bds 101 New Gower
Peddle see also Piddle    
Peddle John carpenter Herder & Halleren h 6 East
Peddle Maggie domestic 257 Gower
Peddle Patrick seaman h 17 Dammerill's lane
Pedigrew Christopher engineer h 26 Henry
Pedigrew Wm wheelwright J T Carnell h 14 East
Peel Thomas clerk Blackwood & Blair h 75 Long's Hill
Peet Elizabeth (wid Wm)   res 13 Allen's sq
Peet Samuel (Miller & Peet) h 11 Allen's sq
Pelican Life Insurance Co of London   W & G Rendell Agents 76 Water
Pender James laborer h 86 Dreelan's Well rd
Pender Miss Maggie dressmaker 29 Victoria h same
Pendergast Andrew seaman h 113 George
Pendergast Edward seaman h 22 Dammerill's lane
Pendergast Edward laborer h 34 Fleming
Pendergast Miss Mary J   h 11 Hutchings
Pendergast Sarah laundress St John's General Hospital  
Pendergast Thomas laborer h 26 Williams
Pendergast Wm cooper Baine, Johnston & Co h 7 James
Pennell Mary domestic 42 Cochrane
Pennington Thomas seaman h 32 Dreelan's Well rd
Pennock Mrs Harriet (James Pennock) h 284 Water e
Pennock James (Mrs. Harriet Pennock) Stoves and Tinware 284 Water
Penny Elizabeth domestic Col Fawcett  
Penny James laborer h 20 Tank Hill
Penny Jessie E domestic 99 Hamilton
Penny Jethro clerk John Steer bds 11 Queen
Penny Laurie nurse St John's General Hospital  
Penny Minnie domestic 110 Gower
Penny Rebecca domestic 260 Water
Penny Wm carpenter h 34 James
Penny Wm laborer h 55 Rogerson's lane
Penston Henry supervisor Lunatic Asylum h Waterford Bridge rd nr Asylum
Penston John engineer Terra Nova Foundry bds 51 Military rd
Penston Jacob laborer h 35 Long's Hill
Perchard James cooper George Luscombe res 107 Gower
Perchard John chimney sweep h 107 Gower
Percival Sophia (wid Albert)   h 48 Prescott
Percy see also Pearcy and Piercy    
Percy Edgar foreman St John's Nail Mnfg Co h 160 Le Marchant rd
Percy Francis wheelsman h 16 Victoria
Percy George captain h 30 William
Percy John tailor Mark Chaplin res 158 Duckworth
Percy Julia domestic 35 Hutchings
Percy Robert seaman h 24 Carter's Hill
Percy Triphoena tailoress Mark Chaplin res 80 Prescott
Perez Joseph C clerk Baine, Johnston & Co res South Side
Perez Joseph M captain "Adelaida Cottage" South Side rd
Perfect Miss Bertha dressmaker Miss E M Lynch res 20 Rocky lane
Perrin James shoemaker 261 Gower h same
Perry Alfred printer The Times res 101 Lazy Bank rd
Perry Annie (wid Thomas)   h 81 Lazy Bank rd
Perry Mary Ann domestic 117 Water e
Perry Wm wks Nfld B & S Mnfg Co h 101 Lazy Bank rd
Perry Wm jr tailor Mark Chaplin res 101 Lazy Bank rd
Peters Alfred M clerk Union Bank of Nfld h 25 Monkstown rd
Peters Arthur bookkeeper S March & Sons res 5 Devon row, Duckworth
Peters Charles engineer h 72 Limekiln Himm
Peters Mrs Charles grocer 72 Limekiln Hill res same
Peters Charles A clerk J E P Peters res 5 Devon row
Peters Joseph accountant Allan Goodridge & Sons res 5 Devon row
Peters J E P commission merchant 3 McBride's Hill h 5 Devon row
Peters Richard B currier[sic] H Coffin h 206 New Gower
Peterson Frederick machinist Nfld Ry Co h 3 Forest row, Forest rd
Petlen Susan domestic 6 1/2 Victoria
Petley Henry theological student res St John's Theological College
Petrie Charles blacksmith 7 Holloway h 70 William w
Phelan Bridget domestic 160 Gower
Phelan Denis bartender Mrs Bridget McGrath bds 10 Queen
Phelan Miss Eliza   res 52 Victoria
Phelan James grocer 63 Hayward h same
Phelan James P F James Manager, Grocer 145 Water e
Phelan Johanna (wid James)   h 145 Water e
Phelan John clerk res 338 Water
Phelan John J clerk John V O'Dea res 145 Water e
Phelan Margaret   res 161 Duckworth
Phelan Margaret (wid Andrew)   res 20 Brazel's sq
Phelan Martin boilermaker res 52 Victoria
Phelan Mary (wid John)   h 52 Victoria
Phelan Matthew laborer h 79 King's rd
Phelan Michael harnessmaker 4 Duke of York h same
Phelan Michael cooper h 30 Henry
Phelan Pierce confectionery 278 Duckworth h same
Phelan Richard   res 278 Duckworth
Phelan Timothy Grocers, Wines and Liquors, 161 and 338 Water h 338 same
Phillips Charles messenger H J Stabb res 38 Prescott
Phillips Charlotte (wid John)   h 15 Duckworth
Phillips George T accountant res 15 Duckworth
Phillips James tinsmiths h 70 Hayward av
Phillips John cooper h 38 Prescott
Phillips Miss Mary   res 15 Prescott
Phillips Wharf     15 Water e
Philpot Mrs Emily   h 154 1/2 New Gower
Phiphard Richard mason res 63 Cookstown rd
Phiphard Wm accountant h 6 Hutchings
Phoenix Fire Assurance Co   W & G Rendell Agents 76 Water
Piccott Thomas watchman Thorburn & Tessier h Carter's Hill
Pickard Wm G cabinetmaker h 42 William
Pico Bridget (wid Robert)   h 12 Nunnery lane
Pico George laborer res 53 Carter's Hill
Pico John laborer h 57 Carter's Hill
Pico Mary domestic 68 Cochrane
Pico Michael laborer res 12 Nunnery lane
Pico Thomas laborer h 53 Carter's Hill
Piddle see also Peddle    
Piddle Bridget domestic 357 Water w
Piddle James fisherman res 38 Larkin's lane
Piddle John carpenter h 6 East
Piddle Michael fisherman res 38 Larkin's lane
Piddle Thomas laborer h 34 Quidi Vidi rd
Piddle Wm fisherman h 38 Larkin's lane
Pierce Aubrey registrar births and marriages h "Robertson's Hill" Old Portugal Cove rd
Piercy see also Percy and Pearcy    
Piercy Mary (wid Wm)   h 41 Gower
Piercy Wm clerk McDougall & Templeton bds 22 Beck's Cove Hill
Pierson Michael fisherman h 23 Thomas
Pierson Michael A laborer res 23 Thomas
Pierson Robert laborer res 23 Thomas
Pike Alfred auctioneer h 37 Cochrane
Pike Alfred jr clerk P & L Tessier res 37 Cochrane
Pike Annie domestic Rennie's Mill rd
Pike Archibald blaster h 39 Maxse
Pike Catherine domestic Rennie's Mill rd
Pike Miss Charlotte housekeeper 33 Gower
Pike Edward messenger John Anderson res 11 Hamilton
Pike Miss Elizabeth   res 65 Cochrane
Pike Miss Emma   h 65 Cochrane
Pike Emma (wid Francis)   h 188 Water w
Pike Enoch currier[sic] res 57 Monkstown rd
Pike Frances domestic 50 Rennie's Mill Rd
Pike Hannah domestic 29 Bulley's lane
Pike James carpenter res 7 Buchanan
Pike John fisherman h 57 Monkstown rd
Pike John miner h 37 Bulley's lane
Pike Joseph seaman h 39 William
Pike Joseph A storekeeper Hon J J Rogerson h 100 Lazy Bank rd
Pike Lavinia wks Victoria Tobacco Co res 27 Barnes rd
Pike Lorenzo laborer Job Bros & Co h 7 Buchanan
Pike. Martin   carman res 188 Water w
Pike Moses laborer Con Foundry Co h 97 Hamilton
Pike Richard captain h 40 Brine
Pike Robert seaman h 26 Brine
Pike Sarah nurse St John's General Hospital  
Pike Miss Sarah   res 65 Cochrane
Pike Simeon baker G Browning & Sons h 11 Hamilton
Pike Wm miner h 17 Barnes lane
Pike Wm tinsmith R & C Callahan h South Side 8 w Long Bridge
Pilley George carman res 16 Cathedral Hill
Pilley Harriet domestic 26 Victoria
Pilley James shipwright h 16 Cathedral Hill
Pilley Sarah domestic 12 Maxse
Pilley Stephen laborer h r 40 Buchanan
Pilley Wm carpenter h 24 Livingstone
Pilley Wm A laborer res 24 Livingstone
Pilot Rev Wm, B.D. succentor of Cathedral, Chaplain to the Bishop h Ordnance House, King's Bridge rd
Pinder John laborer h 37 Dreelan's Well rd
Pinniard Minnie domestic 14 Flavin's lane
Pinsent Charles A M clerk C F Bennett & Co res "Hillsboro" King's
      Bridge rd
Pinsent Charles accountant Union Bank of Nfld h 10 Maxse
Pinsent Dorcas domestic 75 Le Marchant rd
Pinsent Sir Robert J, KCMG Judge h "Hillsborough" King's Bridge rd
Pippy Francis cooper 44 Henry h 17 Balsam
Pippy George fisherman h 42 Henry
Pippy Henry ships carpenter h 46 Henry
Pippy Joseph (Sherran & Pippy) h 315 Water e
Pippy Joseph blacksmith W R Oke & Sons res 13 Barter's Hill
Pippy Joseph boatman H M C h 42 Henry
Pippy Stuart cooper Francis Pippy h 53 Henry
Pippy Thomas A machinist Victoria B & E Co h 11 Brazel's sq
Pippy Wm laborer h 13 Barter's Hill
Pippy Wm D grocer and tinsmith 30 William h same
Pippy Wm G stoves and tinware 425 Water h 16 Brazel's sq
Pitcher Eliza J domestic 164 New Gower
Pitcher John seaman 187 New Gower
Pitman Albert   h 6 Plymouth rd
Pitman Charles laborer h 47 Williams
Pitman James laborer bds 34 Wickford
Pitman James J Solicitor and Agent for Lion Insurance Co, (Ltd) of London Eng., Home Industries Bldg, 226 Duckworth res 17 Forest rd
Pitman Owen laborer bds 34 Wickford
Pitman Peter fisherman r 16 Hagerty lane
Pitman Rachel   res 20 James
Pitman Robert laborer h 20 James
Pittman Allan C letter carrier P O res 42 Lazy Bank rd
Pittman Corbet (Pittman & Mews) h 80 Lazy Bank rd
Pittman Elizabeth domestic 187 Duckworth
Pittman Ellen domestic 4 Chapel lane
Pittman Ellen (wid Thomas)   h 46 Queen's rd
Pittman George shipwright h 15 Princes
Pittman James carpenter h 52 Henry
Pittman John shipwright res 15 Princes
Pittman Robert official reporter L C h 42 Lazy Bank rd
Pittman Thomas laborer h 11 1/2 Bell
Pittman Wm laborer bds 77 King's rd
Pittman & Mews (Corbett Pittman Wm J. Mews)   Grocers 247 Water e
Pitts Hon James S (James & Wm Pitts) h 1 Sutherland place, King's Bridge rd
Pitts James & William General Commission Merchants, Auctioneers, Ships and Insurance Agents 261 Water e
Pitts Wharf     163 Water e
Ploughman Jane cook Central Hotel  
Poland Daniel laborer res Edward Green
Polfery James seaman h 19 Flower Hill
Polfery John fisherman h 4 Limekiln Hill
Polfery Joseph tinsmith James Pennock res 4 Limekiln Hill
Polfery Mary (wid Michael)   h 4 Limekiln Hill
Polfery Richard master mariner h 35 Queen's rd
Police Court   Daniel W Prowse, QC and James E Conroy Court House
    Stipendiary Magistrates  
Pollock Thomas machinist Nfld Ry Co h 45 Quidi Vidi rd
Pomeroy Patrick carpenter h 19 Parade
Pooke Thomas S manager St John's Electric Light Co and h 96 Barnes rd
    Terra Nova Bakery  
Pool Charles R Wines and Liquors 190 Water h same
Poor Commissioner's Office   John Casey commissioner 93 Military rd
Pope Alexander blacksmith res 103 George
Pope Frances (wid John)   h 103 George
Pope John (J & T Pope) res 103 George
Pope J & T (Matthew and John Pope) blacksmiths 5 Waldegrave
Pope Matthew (J & T Pope) res 103 George
Pope Matthew H cabinetmaker 108 George h same
Pope Richard J clerk John Steer bds 11 Queen
Pope Thomas cabinetmaker Matthew H Pope res 108 George
Pope Thomas blacksmith J & T Pope res 103 George
Pope Wm S blacksmith 12 Princes h 3 Brazel's sq
Porto Bello House and Sportsman's Depot   James Gleeson Proprietor 104, 105, 107 Water e
Post Office     354 Water
Potter James carpenter h 20 Hayward av
Powell Henry T private tutor bds 71 Prescott
Powell Thomas laborer h 45 Lazy Bank rd
Power Alice (wid Michael) grocer 61 Gower h same
Power Amelia domestic 11 Princes
Power Amelia (wid John)   bds 71 Long's Hill
Power Annie domestic Hon A J Harvey  
Power Miss Bridget machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 15 Brazel's sq
Power Catherine (wid James)   bds 67 King's rd
Power Charles seaman res 346 Duckworth
Power David laborer h 47 James
Power David laborer bds 33 Kickham's lane
Power Edmund wharfmaster P & L Tessier h Wharf Premises, South Side e
Power Edward laborer h 17 Rossiter's lane
Power Edward laborer h 9 Tank Hill
Power Edward laborer h 5 Long's Hill
Power Edward cooper res 200 Duckworth
Power Edward laborer M Monroe res 36 George w
Power Edward laborer bds 127 New Gower
Power Elizabeth (wid Charles)   h 346 Duckworth
Power Elizabeth (wid Patrick)   h 45 Brine
Power Elizabeth (wid Richard)   res 33 Covil lane
Power Ellen domestic 281 Cochrane
Power Ellen (wid James) grocer 15 Brazel's sq h same
Power Miss Ellen (Misses E & K Power) h 127 New Gower
Power Ellen domestic 129 Military rd
Power Misses E & K (Ellen & Kate) grocers 127 New Gower
Power George cooper Michael F Ellard h 44 Hamilton
Power Mrs Honora wines and liquors 421 Water h same
Power James music teacher 7 Garrison Hill h same
Power James wines and liquors 190 New Gower h same
Power James fisherman h 226 Water e
Power James cooper res 44 Hamilton
Power James loborer[sic] h 27 Plank rd
Power James fisherman h 24 Thomas
Power James cooper h 13 Williams lane
Power James fisherman h 57 Dreelan's Well rd
Power James wks Riverhead Brewery h Galiger's Range
Power Jane (wid John)   h 44 Hamilton
Power Jeremiah laborer L Parker h 15 Dammerill's lane
Power Miss Johanna   res 16 lane r 21 Barter's Hill
Power John watchman h 18 South West
Power John baker Wm English h 59 South West
Power John laborer James Murray h 22 Delahunty's lane
Power John carpenter h 41 Signal Hill rd
Power John carpenter E H & G Davey h 39 Signal Hill rd
Power Mrs John grocer 16 Dreelan's Well rd res 14 same
Power John seaman h 23 Cuddihy's lane
Power John fisherman h 31 Dreelan's Well rd
Power John fisherman h 6 Dreelan's Well rd
Power John laborer h 56 James
Power John fisherman res 47 James
Power John laborer Nfld F & M Co h 12 Battery rd
Power John laborer h 3 Hayward av
Power John cooper h 11 Williams lane
Power John cabinetmaker Callahan, Glass & Co res 120 Barnes rd
Power John shoemaker Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 6 Dreelan's Well rd
Power John laborer Shea & Co h 18 South West
Power John carpenter M Monroe h 4 Dreelan's Well rd
Power John J accountant h 24 Prescott
Power Joseph cooper h 8 Bulley's lane
Power Joseph fisherman h 16 Dreelan's Well rd
Power Miss Kate   h s s Leslie 1 n Water
Power Kate domestic 282 Gower
Power Miss Kate (Misses E & K Power) h 127 New Gower
Power Kate domestic St Bonaventure College  
Power Miss Louisa tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 234 New Gower
Power Lucy domestic 6 Queen's rd
Power Margaret (wid Nicholas)   h 161 Gower
Power Margaret domestic 69 Prescott
Power Miss Margaret   h 16 lane r 21 Barter's Hill
Power Margaret domestic 39 Military rd
Power Martin laborer res 10 Dammerill's lane
Power Martin captain h 120 Barnes rd
Power Mary domestic 410 Water
Power Miss Mary photo printer Lyon & Vey res 15 Brazel's sq
Power Mrs Mary seamstress Lunatic Asylum  
Power Miss Mary   h 22 Pilot's Hill
Power Mary (wid Martin) confectionery 218 New Gower h same
Power Miss Mary   h 9 Dreelan's Well rd
Power Mary (wid Michael)   h 5 Carter's Hill
Power Mary domestic 27 Queen's rd
Power Mary (wid Michael) grocer 31 Water w h same
Power Mary (wid Patrick)   h 24 Victoria
Power Mary domestic Charles Loughlan 21 Forest rd
Power Mary domestic Hillside Circular rd
Power Mary (wid James)   h Barnes lane
Power Mary A (wid Wm)   h 10 Dammerill's lane
Power Mary A (wid John)   res 11 Long's Hill
Power Miss Mary A   h 135 George
Power Mary E domestic 42 Water w
Power Miss Mary E finisher Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 45 Plank rd
Power Mary E domestic 67 Flower Hill st
Power Matthew carpenter h 234 New Gower
Power Matthew seaman h 20 Dreelan's Well rd
Power Matthew cooper h 85 Monkstown rd
Power Michael Chairman Municipal Council Country Res "Glen Power", Blackmrsh rd, City res 139 George
Power Michael wines and liquors 42 Cochrane h same
Power Michael storekeeper P & L Tessier res 47 James
Power Michael cooper res 5 Carter's Hill
Power Michael mate res 15 Brazel's sq
Power Michael mate h 8 Darling
Power Michael fisherman h 35 Dreelan's Well rd
Power Mogue cooper 42 Cochrane res same
Power Miss M T   h 47 Military rd
Power Nicholas fisherman h 24 Hutchings lane
Power Nicholas seaman res 227 New Gower
Power Patrick laborer h South Side 5 w Gas House
Power Patrick laborer h 242 New Gower
Power Patrick shoemaker h 355 Water w
Power Patrick carpenter h 49 Victoria
Power Patrick laborer h 3 Plank rd
Power Patrick laborer h 35 Coady's lane
Power Patrick cooper James Murray h 8 Duke of York
Power Patrick accountant h 33 Covil's lane
Power Patrick cooper h 8 Duke of York
Power Patrick laborer h 36 George
Power Peter painter J Udle & Son h 26 Belvidere rd
Power Peter stevedore h 50 Cookstown rd
Power Peter cooper h 59 Long's Hill
Power Peter fisherman h 227 New Gower
Power Philip fisherman res 35 Dreelan's Well rd
Power Pierce laborer Victoria B & E Co h 14 Convent lane
Power Pierce fisherman res 227 New Gower
Power Richard blacksmith Terra Nova Foundry h 40 North
Power Richard cooper Michael Power h 148 New Gower
Power Richard porter J T O'Mara h 180 Gower
Power Richard clerk M Tobin res 226 Water w
Power Mrs Richard grocer 148 New Gower res same
Power Robert tallyman h 66 Patrick
Power Robert clerk to broker H M C res 66 Patrick
Power Robert J clerk O'Flaherty & Macgregor bds 44 Hamilton
Power Sarah (wid John) grocer 30 Springdale h same
Power Miss Sarah milliner S O Steele res 24 Prescott
Power Thomas laborer P & L Tessier h 242 New Gower
Power Thomas laborer Riverhead Brewery h 27 Plank rd
Power Thomas wheelwright J T Carnell res 49 Victoria
Power Right Rev Dr Thomas J R C Bishop of Newfoundland h The Palace
Power Wm blacksmith Wm McGrath res 68 Duckworth
Power Wm pilot h 68 Duckworth
Power Wm fisherman h 11 North
Power Wm laborer h 11 South
Power Wm boilermaker Terra Nova Foundry res 40 North
Power Wm clerk M Fenelon & Co res 8 Bulley
Power Wm fireman h 14 Cookstown rd
Power Wm laborer h 230 1/2 New Gower
Power Wm painter Nfld F & M Co res 28 James
Power Wm cooper Michael Power bds 20 Carter's Hill
Power's Hardware Store   Importers of Hardware, etc 232 Water
Presbyterian Church     Duckworth n e cor Cathedral
Presentation Convent   Rev Mother Cecilia Buckley Superioress Cathedral sq
Presentation Convent Academy   Mother Joseph principal Cathedral sq
Preston John boatman h 54 South West
Preston John jr shoemaker res 54 South West
Pretty Emma domestic 30 New Gower
Price Ann (wid James)   h 32 Cochrane
Price John coachman res 10 Duckworth
Price Joseph laborer h 12 Duckworth
Pride Miss Mary A principal primary dept Col Cont Church Soc School bds 218 Gower
Prideaux Mrs Isabella grocer 23 Hutchings h same
Prideaux Wm watchmaker G Langmead h 23 Hutchings
Pridham Ann domestic 72 Water w
Prim Catherine (wid Peter)   res 69 1/2 New Gower
Prim John cooper h 158 Water w
Prim John butcher 69 1/2 New Gower h same
Prim Joseph cooper h 156 Water w
Pritchard Trivinia domestic 13 Allen's sq
Prowse Algernon clerk res 75 Le Marchant rd
Prowse Charles laborer Nfld Coastal Co bds 111 Hamilton
Prowse Daniel W, QC Stipendiary Magistrate for the Island and Judge of the Central District Court h "Cliff Hill" Torbay rd
Prowse Elgeron Henry cashier R Prowse & Son res 75 Le Marchant rd
Prowse Miss Ellen   h 18 Victoria
Prowse John   h 251 Water
Prowse John blacksmith Con Foundry Co res 111 Hamilton
Prowse John tinsmith h 3 Carew
Prowse Kenneth R (R Prowse & Son) h 75 Le Marchant rd
Prowse Robert & Son (Robert H Kenneth R) Brokers and Commission Merchants, Ship Owners 227 Water e
Prowse Robert H (R Prowse & Son) notary public, German Counsel, Norwegian and Swedish Vice Consel, 227 Water e h 75 Le Marchant rd
Prowse Wm tinsmith R Peace & Co h 111 Hamilton
Prowse Wm boilermaker Terra Nova Foundry h 93 Quidi Vidi rd
Puddicombe Hannah E domestic 35 Water w
Puddington Hannah domestic 35 Water w
Puddister Jordan fisherman h 35 Wickford
Puddister Laura domestic R Whitten  
Puddister Miss Mary H   res 31 Goodview
Puddister Stephen fisherman h 33 Kickham's lane
Pumphrey Wm J captain h 27 Hayward av
Puncheon John laborer h 181 Lazy Bank rd
Purcell Miss Agnes   h 93 King's rd
Purcell Edward laborer h 33 Maxse
Purcell Edward J painter 20 Pilot's Hill bds same
Purcell John J builder 345 Duckworth h same
Purcell Marcella domestic 24 Scott
Purcell Mary domestic Circular rd
Purcell Michael laborer h 5 Barnes lane
Purcell Patrick laborer h 27 Wickford
Purcell Richard laborer Bavarian Brewery h 21 Covil lane
Purcell Stephen clerk John Steer res 345 Duckworth
Purcell Timothy laborer h 20 Pilot's Hill
Purcell Wm laborer bds 9 Dreelan's Well rd
Purcell Mrs Winnifred domestic 156 Duckworth
Purchard Charles fisherman res 37 Williams
Purchase Albert clerk res 151 Duckworth
Purchase Annie (wid Jonas)   151 Duckworth
Purchase Charles fisherman h 10 Battery rd
Purchase Susannah domestic 37 Military rd
Purchase Wm locksmith E G Coleman res 141 Duckworth
Purchett George laborer bds 89 1/2 Carter's Hill
Pye John commission agent 232 Water h 50 Rennie's Mill rd
Pyles Mary domestic Hon M Monroe  
Pyne Ellen domestic mess room Fort Townshend
Pyne Miss Mary   res 259 Gower
Pyne Wm laborer h 259 Gower
Pynn Ann (wid Richard)   h 110 Barnes
Pynn Gilbert pattern maker Terra Nova Foundry h 86 Gower
Pynn Jeremiah seaman h South Side rd 6 w Long Bridge
Pynn John fisherman h South Side 2 w Gas House
Pynn Robert carpenter bds 86 Gower
Pynn Thomas tide waiter H M C h 37 Gower
Pynn Wm laborer h 78 King's Bridge rd

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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No part of this project may be reproduced in any form for any purpose other than personal use.

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