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(R. L. POLK & CO.)





A B C D E F "G" H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z
Gabrielson Ewald jeweller N Ohman bds 210 Gower
Gadd Elizabeth (wid Frederick)   174 Water w
Gadd Miss Minnie finisher Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 174 Water w
Gaden Garland M operator Telegraph Co res 77 Prescott
Gaden George H Aerated Water Mnfr 152 Duckworth h 2 King's rd
Gaden Mary domestic 122 Military rd
Gaden Thomas W first clerk H M C h 43 Scott
Gagarall Alice cook 259 Duckworth
Gahan Miss Johanna   res 5 Williams lane
Gahan Kate (wid James)   h 5 Williams lane
Gale Thomas baker J & G Lash h 35 Long's lane
Galgay Miss Ellie tailoress res 215 New Gower
Galgay Miss Margaret dressmaker res 215 New Gower
Galgay Richard wks rope walk res 228 Water w
Galgay Wm laborer h 215 New Gower
Gall Francis (wid Patrick)   res 2 College sq
Gallagher Patrick shipwright bds 64 George
Gallagher Wm laborer h 37 Buchanan
Gallishaw Philip grocer 60 Gower h same
Gallivan John cooper 26 Duckworth h same
Gallivan Mary (wid Wm)   h 28 Duckworth
Gallivan Michael cooper Thorburn & Tessier res M Murphy, South Side
Gallivan Michael cooper Thorburn & Tessier h 7 Cochrane
Gallivan Thomas cooper h 74 Duckworth
Gallivan Wm cooper res 28 Duckworth
Galshow John pilot h 12 North
Galton Charles mason h 4 Plymouth rd
Galton Darestus sailmaker Charles Hutchings h 14 Plymouth rd
Galway Anthony laborer h 97 Monkstown rd
Galway Denis merchant tailor and crockery 24 and 332 Water h 332 same
Galway James clerk James Murray res 332 Water
Galway John fisherman h 87 Dreelan's Well rd
Galway Michael tailor D Galway res 332 Water
Galway Michael cooper res 4 Hamilton
Galway Nicholas cooper h 4 Hamilton
Gamberg Charles painter 22 Long's lane h 23 Long's Hill
Gamberg George painter h 12 East
Gamberg John painter h 41 Long's Hill
Gammell Patrick marble worker Alex Smith res 16 South West
Garcin Thomas clerk James Murray bds Gower
Garde Elizabeth domestic 43 Monkstown rd
Gardner Elizabeth tailoress O'Flaherty & McGregor bds 1 Young
Gardner Archibald constable Nfld Constabulary res Fort Townshend
Gardner Edward laborer res 24 Barnes rd
Gardner James laborer h 24 Barnes rd
Gardner James cabinetmaker h 60 James
Gardner Kate domestic 246 Water
Gardner Richard boilermaker Victoria B & E Co h 1 Young
Gardner Thomas seaman h 1 Young
Garland Annie domestic 218 Gower
Garland Benjamin laborer res 8 James
Garland Bessie domestic 29 Monkstown rd
Garland Miss Bessie tailoress John Maunder res 20 Carter's Hill
Garland Carlos clerk Richard Neyle res 66 Carter's Hill
Garland Charles D cooper Edwin Duder h 11 Parade
Garland Edward laborer h 20 Carter's Hill
Garland Edwin S carpenter Hy Earle res 11 Parade
Garland Eli school teacher h 66 Carter's Hill
Garland Esther domestic 28 Cookstown rd
Garland Frederick shoemaker D Smallwood & Sons res 25 Fleming
Garland Frederick carpenter h 10 East
Garland George telegraph operator bds 106 Barnes rd
Garland George cooper h 111 Hamilton
Garland George D carpenter res 11 Parade
Garland Miss Hannah   h 17 Duckworth
Garland Harriet domestic 49 Rennie's Mill rd
Garland John laborer h 8 James
Garland John planter h 106 Barnes rd
Garland Levi   h 94 Barnes rd
Garland Pierce pressman The Herald h 45 Alexander
Garland Samuel fisherman h 47 Williams
Garland Samuel tide waiter H M C h 48 Henry
Garland Samuel E bookseller res 94 Barnes rd
Garland Miss Susan dressmaker res 66 Barnes rd
Garland Miss Susan milliner James Black res 47 1/2 William, Monkstown
Garland S E Books, Stationery, Toys and Fancy Goods 158 Water h same
Garland Thomas fisherman h 6 South
Garland Wm fisherman h 9 Le Marchant rd
Garland Wm P engineer h 45 Alexander
Garrett Amelia (wid James)   res 6 Knights
Garrett Henry seaman h 24 Nunnery Hill
Garrett Samuel Contractor and Dealer in Cement, Laths, Plaster, etc, 2 Duckworth h same
Garrett Wm T porter res 1 1/2 College sq
Garson Thomas clerk bds 267 Gower
Gatherall Joseph fisherman h 7 Carter's Hill
Gatherall Margaret (wid Wm)   h 33 Williams
Gatherall Thomas laborer Baine, Johnston & Co h Gunner's Cove, South Side e
Gaul Edward clerk Thomas Fitzgibbon h 43 New Gower
Gaul Ellen (wid Thomas) confectioner 43 New Gower h same
Gaulton Dorestus sailmaker John Shamler h Plymouth rd
Gaulton Samuel painter Lawrence Bros res Dorestus Gaulton
Gaze Mrs Wm Proprietress Gordon House 86 Water e
Gear Charles rigger h 26 King's rd
Gear Henry (Gear & Co) h 371 Water
Gear Joseph engineer h 15 Gower
Gear & Co (Henry Gear W J Barnes) Hardware, Plumbing, Gas Fitters, Tinplate Workers and Hot Water Engineers 349 Water
Gearin James master mariner res 21 Prescott
Gearin LJ president St John's Steam Laundry Co h 35 Springdale
Gearin Thomas master mariner h 21 Prescott
Geary Albert blacksmith res 52 Prescott
Geary Ann (wid Maurice)   h 17 Delahunty's lane
Geary John laborer res 17 Delahunty's lane
Geary John cooper Harvey & Co h 52 Prescott
Geary Patrick laborer h 17 Delahunty's lane
Geary Sarah (wid Joseph)   h 16 British sq
Geary Wm cooper res 156 Water w
Gellatley Alexander engineer h 5 Dammerill's lane
Gellatley James engineer h 50 Henry
Gemmell Miss Mary tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 6 South West
Gemmell Patrick stone cutter res 16 South West
Gemmell Peter clerk bds Globe House
Gemmell Wm fisherman h 16 South West
General Fire Insurance Co of London, England   J A Clift Agent 5 Cathedral Hill
General Mining Association (Ltd), North Sydney   Hon J J Rogerson Agent Water
General Protestant Academy and Presbyterian Commercial School   Emile Handcock U L principal, Freemason Hall Long's Hill
General Protestant Cemetery     Waterford Bridge rd
Gent John laborer W G Rendell h 4 Duckworth
Gent Miss Judeth housekeeper 22 Freshwater rd
Gent Mary Ann (wid Charles)   h 4 Duckworth
George Agnes (wid Daniel)   h 48 Williams
George Charles clerk bds 290 Duckworth
George James cabinetmaker Callahan, Glass & Co res 15 Allen sq
George Terrence cabinetmaker Callahan, Glass & Co res 15 Allen sq
George Thomas carpenter h 15 Allen sq
George St Wesleyan Church     n s George bet Hutchings and Buchanan
Gibb Archibald G (Gibb and Calvert) h Military opp Bannerman rd
Gibb & Calvert (Archibald G Gibb, James A Calvert)   Merchant Tailors 160 Water
Gibbins Francis (wid John) saloon 267 Water h same
Gibbins James carpenter res 267 Water w
Gibbons Mark carpenter h 4 East
Gibbs Charles accountant G C Fearn h 9 Queen
Gibbs Jane (wid Wm)   res 9 Queen
Gibbs John cooper P & L Tessier h 159 New Gower
Gibbs M P solicitor M H Carty 268 Duckworth bds 161 same
Gibbs Thomas cooper res 161 New Gower
Gilbert John carter h Shaw's lane
Giles Edwin captain h 43 James
Giles Miss Jane teacher Fleming st school 35 James e
Giles Reuben wks Ayre & Sons h 27 James, Georgetown
Giles Richard grocer 41 James h 37 same
Giles Wm captain h 35 James
Gill Charles cutter Parker & Monroe h 23 Long's lane
Gill Henry   h 138 Duckworth
Gillard Elias carpenter h 48 Wickford
Gillard John T Broker, Commission Merchant and Notary Public, 119 Water e h 4 Barnes rd
Gillespie Hannah M (wid Thomas)   h 25 Long's lane
Gillatty Miss Johanna machine operator J & T Martin res Dick's sq
Gillett Eliza domestic 16 Allen's sq
Gillingham George carpenter h 61 Limekiln Hill
Gillingham George jr blacksmith T Curran res 61 Limekiln Hill
Gillingham Kesiah domestic 80 Lazy Bank rd
Gillingham Wm carpenter Josiah Laird res 61 Limekiln Hill
Gillion Wm seaman res South Side e
Gill's Wharf     east side Gill's Cove
Gladney John laborer George Elmsley bds same
Gladney Joseph coachman bds 10 New Gower
Gladney Martin tailor 264 Water h 4 Boggan's lane
Gladney Patrick fisherman res 33 Cuddihy's lane
Gladney Richard carter A D Rankin bds 2 Queen's rd
Gladney Richard clerk R J Kent res 264 Water e
Glasgow Frederick J engineer Nfld Ry Co 1 Forest row h Forest rd
Glasgow John butcher 396 Water h same
Glasgow John shoemaker N Coady res 96 Water w
Glasgow & London Insurance Co   L McGhee Agent 235 Duckworth
Glass Wm F (Callahan, Glass & Co) h 163 Duckworth
Glass Mrs Wm grocer 163 Duckworth h same
Gleeson James Proprietor Porto Bello House and Sportsman's Depot, 104, 105, and 107 Water e h 105 same
Gleeson John P reporter The Telegram h 3 Holloway
Glenn Martin laborer h 1 John
Glinn Francis ships carpenter h 50 Flower Hill st
Glinn Richard laborer Thorburn & Tessier h South Side e
Globe House   F Hamlin prop 253 Water e
Gloucester Marine Insurance Co of Mass U S A   S March & Sons Agents 89 Water e
Godden Llewellyn theological student res St John's Theological College
Godden Thomas clerk Goodfellow & Co h 40 Freshwater rd
Godden Wm clerk James Murray h 20 British sq
Godley Wm seaman h 54 Henry
Goff Frederick carpenter h 40 South w
Goff James cooper h 4 Princes
Goff John cooper W R Withycombe res 4 Princes
Goff Richard furniture mnfr Prescott h same
Goldie James Manager Union Bank of Nfld res same
Gollop Henry mason h 92 Limekiln Hill
Gooby Andrew clerk M Morey & Co h 112 Gower
Gooby Bernard laborer h 119 Gower
Gooby Wm fisherman h South Side e
Gooby Wm B clerk A P Jordan res 119 Gower
Goodall Annie (wid John)   h 28 Hutchings lane
Goodall James carter Ayre & Sons res 28 Hutchings lane
Goodall John baker John Eagan res 28 Hutchings lane
Goodall Patrick coachman res 28 Hutchings lane
Goodear Peter laborer h 43 Williams
Goodfellow James (Goodfellow & Co) pres Nfld Consolidated Foundry Co (ltd) The h 241 Water e
Goodfellow & Co (James Goodfellow, Alexander McDougall)   General Merchants 241-243 Water e
Goodfellow's Wharf     west side McBride's Cove
Goodland Annie domestic Albert Hotel  
Goodland Ellen (wid James) confectionery h 26 Flavin's lane
Goodland Henry clerk A D Rankin h 49 Parade
Goodland James cooper res 26 Flavin's lane
Goodland John fisherman h 18 Hayward av
Goodland Mary A (wid Henry)   h 74 George
Goodland Miss Mary E   res 74 George
Goodland Michael E shoemaker h 5 Goodview
Goodland Wm printer The Telegram h 4 lane n Pilot's Hill
Goodridge Alan C cashier Alan Goodridge & Sons res Florence Grove
Goodridge Alan & Sons (Henry C, Augustus F and John R General Merchants 325 Water e
Goodridge Annie (wid John)   h 41 Monkstown rd
Goodridge Augustus F (Alan Goodridge & Sons) h 4 Parks pl, Rennie's Mill rd
Goodridge Charles J clerk A O Hayward res 41 Monkstown rd
Goodridge Henry C (Alan Goodridge & Sons) h "Florence Grove" Long Pond rd
Goodridge John R (Alan Goodridge & Sons) h 35 Monkstown rd
Goodridge Thomas manager Commercial Society res 41 Monkstown rd
Goodridge's Wharf     323 Water e
Goram Mrs Ellen attendant Lunatic Asylum  
Gordon House   Mrs Wm Gaze Proprietress 87 Water e
Gordon James cashier James Baird h 265 Duckworth
Gordon John clerk Baine, Johnston & Co h 22 King's rd
Gorman George shipwright h 38 Larkin's lane
Gorman John tallyman Job Bros & Co h 23 Plymouth rd
Gorman Joseph laborer h 17 Fleming
Gorman Virtue (wid Thomas)   h 100 Barnes rd
Gosling Sarah domestic 118 Water
Gosling Wm G salesman Harvey & Co h 58 Rennie's Mill rd
Goss David fisherman h 107 Gower
Goss Mrs David grocer 107 Gower h same
Goss Mrs D crockery and millinery 230 Water e h same
Goss David A clerk S O Steele h 230 Water e
Goss Edward shoemaker Parker & Monroe h Springdale cor George
Goss Mrs Edward grocer 159 George h Springdale
Goss James clerk res 230 Water
Goss Joseph master mariner h 179 Gower
Goss John tailor 218 Water h same
Goss John fisherman res 40 1/2 New Gower
Goss John laborer h 79 Hayward av
Goss Mrs John milliner 218 Water h same
Goss Miss Kate tailoress M Chaplin res Dreelan's Well rd
Goss Lizzie domestic 21 Maxse
Goss Margaret (wid Solomon)   res 179 Gower
Goss Peter master mariner h 179 Gower
Goss Samuel master mariner h 40 1/2 New Gower
Goss Samuel P shoemaker Parker & Monroe h 1 Carter's Hill
Goss Thomas fisherman res 40 1/2 New Gower
Goss Vincent S clerk John Goss res same
Goss Wm master mariner res 40 1/2 New Gower
Gosse Thomas H printer The Herald h 16 1/2 Prescott
Goubie Wm J fisherman h 33 Wickford
Goudie Alexander painter Moses Wellman res off Military rd opp Gov Gate
Goudie George porter 10 Stuart av
Goudie Mary (wid Elias)   h 46 1/2 Prescott
Goudie Wm tinsmith Goudie & Diamond bds 46 1/2 Prescott
Goudie Wm H baker and confectioner 43 Prescott h same
Goudie & Diamond (Levi Diamond)   Stoves and Tinware 270 Water
Gough Fred carpenter Herder & Halleren h 40 South West
Gough Samuel shipwright h 46 Hamilton
Gough Wm H (Gough & Moore) h 76 Gower
Gough & Moore (Wm H Gough   Plumbers and Gasfitters 176 Duckworth
Philip F Moore)      
Gould Celina domestic 78 Water e
Gould Thomas laborer h 23 Adelaide
Government Engineer's Office   Henry C Burchell Government Engineer, Athenaeum Building Duckworth
Government House     Military rd
Grace Anne domestic 31 Monkstown rd
Grace Bridget domestic 376 Water
Grace Mrs Bridget   h 7 Dreelan's Well rd
Grace Miss Ellen dressmaker bds 8 Lion's sq
Grace Ellen (wid James)   res 50 Prescott
Grace Jennie chambermaid Atlantic Hotel  
Grace John (T & J Grace) h 434 Water
Grace John P collector municipal council h 10 Knight
Grace Miss Katie milliner Mrs D Goss res 230 Water
Grace Miss Margaret   res 16 Covil's lane
Grace Mary (wid Patrick)   res 16 Covil's lane
Grace Maurice fireman h 35 Wickford
Grace Michael carpenter h 22 Stephen
Grace Michael jr carpenter res 22 Stephen
Grace Patrick shoemaker 16 Covil's lane h same
Grace Patrick fisherman res 10 Knights
Grace Patrick carpenter h 11 Coady's lane
Grace Richard road inspector eastern div h 21 Maxse
Grace Thomas (T & J Grace) h 434 Water
Grace Thomas fisherman h r 211 New Gower
Grace Thomas carpenter h 44 Duckworth
Grace T & J (Thomas and John) Groceries and Provisions 434 Water
Grace Wm bartender Bavarian Beer Depot h Signal Hill rd
Graham Duncan clerk Goodfellow & Co res 290 Duckworth
Graham James painter R Hanley h 8 Dammerill's lane
Graham Miss Mary A   res Rev Wm Graham
Graham Robert shoemaker 34 King's rd h same
Graham Thomas asst M Connors res 34 King's rd
Graham Thomas (Beck & Graham) h 5 Brazil's sq
Graham Rev Wm pastor St Andrew's Presbyterian church h r 70 Queen's rd
Graham Wm F clerk M & J Tobin res 34 King's rd
Grant Miss Agnes machine operator Nfld B & S Mnfg Co res 309 Water w
Grant Bridget (wid Richard)   h 5 Pennywell rd
Grant Claude messenger Ayre & Sons res 14 Victoria
Grant James laborer West & Rendell h 317 Water w
Grant Johanna (wid Thomas)   h 5 Buchanan
Grant John fisherman h r 309 Water w
Grant Mary E domestic 64 King's rd
Grant Richard manager lobster factory h 14 Victoria
Grant Thomas shoemaker 26 Water w h same
Granter Eli keeper Masonic Hall h 187 Gower
Gray George accountant P & L Tessier h 309 Water
Gray John tinsmith h 15 South
Gray Joseph laborer h 24 James
Gray Wm M secretary St John's Floating Dry Dock h 309 Water e
Greaves Henry clerk Bowring Bros h 90 Freshwater rd
Greeley Joseph shoemaker 20 West bds 23 South West
Green Annie domestic 16 Queen's rd
Green Annie domestic 70 Queen's rd
Green Bridget (wid Wm)   res Edward Greer
Green Charles harnessmaker W S McGarth res 17 Young
Green Charles W printer The Telegram h 87 Long's Hill
Green Edward fisherman h r 115 New Gower
Green Elias laborer Bowring Bros h n s Freshwater rd 1 w Riel's lane
Green Ellen (wid Nicholas)   h 3 West
Green Emily domestic 149 Le Marchant rd
Green Fanny domestic 128 Hamilton
Green Francis fisherman res Edward Green
Green James seaman h 17 Young
Green James fisherman res Edward Green
Green James boilermaker h Hughes lane
Green Jessie domestic 78 Barnes rd
Green John shoemaker h 14 Brine
Green John clerk James Murray res 267 Gower
Green Capt John manager steamers C F Bennett & Co h 149 Le Marchant rd
Green John watchman J & W Stewart h 18 James
Green Joseph fisherman h 46 Queen's rd
Green Lavinia domestic 41 Monkstown rd
Green Maurice carpenter h 114 Military rd
Green Nora domestic Samuel Colton  
Green Robert engineer h 49 Hamilton
Green Susan domestic 229 Water e
Green Thomas blacksmith res Edward Green
Green Thomas laborer J & W Stewart h 15 Bell
Green Tobias works Col Cordage Co res 15 Bell
Green Wm tide waiter H M C h 3 Parade
Greene Elizabeth (wid James)   h 87 Long's Hill
Greene Louisa (wid Randall)   res 15 Queen's rd
Greene Joseph barrister 24 Duckworth h same
Greene Michael K (Dryer & Greene) h 15 Queen's rd
Greene Patrick cooper James Fitzhenry res 18 James
Greene Thomas J bookkeeper Shea & Co h 28 Gower
Gregory Jane domestic 25 Monkstown rd
Grenning Patrick rope binder h 26 Thomas
Gribble Miss Ellen   res 19 Cathedral
Gribble John cooper h 52 Queen's rd
Gribble Miss Mary A dressmaker 19 Cathedral Hill h same
Grieve Walter Baine (Baine, Johnston & Co) h "Avalon", Waterford Bridge rd
Griffin Bridget domestic 167 Duckworth
Griffin Ellen (wid John)   h 4 Dreelan's Well rd
Griffin Hannah domestic 45 Water e
Griffin John fisherman h 46 Barnes rd
Griffin John laborer h 23 Duke of York
Griffin John clerk J P Shea h 303 Water w
Griffin Lawrence messenger G H Gaden res 4 Dreelan's Well rd
Griffin Mary domestic Hon A J Harvey  
Griffin Miss Mary   res 23 Duke of York
Griffin Miss Mary tailoress Gibb & Calvert res 2 Deady's lane
Griffin Maurice laborer h 18 Cookstown rd
Griffin Patrick fisherman h 5 John
Griffith Alexander culler h 30 Rocky lane
Griffiths Richard laborer P & L Tessier h South Side
Griffiths Wm fitter Con Foundry Co h 30 Rocky lane
Grills John steward res 7 Delahunty's lane
Grills Michael seaman h 7 Delahunty's lane
Grimble Alfred seaman h 28 Springdale
Grimes Rhoda domestic 298 Water
Grimes Wm sergeant Infantry Nfld Constabulary h 23 Le Marchant rd
Grinslade Mary (wid Henry)   res 46 Dreelan's Well rd
Grinslade Mary A (wid Matthew)   h lane r 56 Dreelan's Well rd
Grouchy Francis ships carpenter h 4 Boggan's lane
Grouchy Francis carter h 18 Goodview
Grouchy Joshua seaman h 3 Goodview
Gruchy [sic] Noah laborer Bavarian Brewery h 4 Walshe's sq
Grouchy Philip restaurant 7 Adelaide h same
Grouchy Philip fisherman h 26 Pilot's Hill
Grouchy Wm fisherman h 2 Nunnery lane
Groves George wks Nfld F & M Co res 34 Nunnery lane
Groves James   h 34 Nunnery lane
Guardian Insurance Co     Water cor Custom House Hill
Guarantee & Accident Co of London   T W Spry Agent 132 Water
Guest James fisherman res R Guest, South Side e
Guest Robert planter 2 e Baine, Johnston & Co's premises, South Side e
Guest Wm fisherman res R Guest, South Side e
Guinan Anastasia (wid Francis)   h 17 Long's lane
Gullage James seaman h South Side e
Gullage Priscilla domestic 16 West
Gunn Alexander shipwright h 114 Gower
Gunn Angus boiler maker Terra Nova Foundry bds 114 Gower
Gunn Donald cabman h 114 Gower
Gunn John cabman res 114 Gower
Gunnerson Elizabeth (wid David)   h 19 Waldegrave
Gush Wm J cook h 38 Prescott
Gushue Francis stoves and tinware 148 Water h 56 Gower
Gushue Francis jr tinsmith F Gushue res 56 Gower
Gushue John tinsmith F Gushue res 56 Gower
Gushue Joseph tinsmith F Gushue res 56 Gower
Gushue Miss Lillie saleslady C McPherson bds 18 Dick's sq
Gushue Lucy domestic Mrs Mary Delaney  
Gustafson Miss   bds Atlantic Hotel
Gustafson Frank caretaker City Club res same
Gustive Bridget (wid Alexander)   h 12 James
Guy Laura domestic "Richmond" Shaw's lane
Guy Mary domestic 168 Water
Guzzle John laborer h 6 Convent lane
Guzzle John farmer h 9 Dreelan's Well rd
Guzzle Maria cook John B & G Ayre 46 New Gower
Guzzle Walter laborer Bavarian Brewery h 41 Signal Hill rd
Guzzle William farmer h s s Waterford Bridge rd

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (January 2004)

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Page Revised: January 2004 (Don Tate)

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