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Tel #
"Mc & Mac"      
MacAllister Residence 36 McKay 3961R
McAllister, Wm. Residence 243 Pennywell 1013R
McBay, Mrs. A. Residence 7 Summer 950W
McBay, Don Residence 38 Gower 2354W
McBay, Mrs. J. Residence 112 Freshwater 2534W
McCaffrey, Miss M. Residence 122 Duckworth 2548R
McCarter, W.D. Architect Royal Bank Bldg 1158
McCarter, W.D. Residence 214 Hamilton 729
McCarthy, Mrs. Residence 31 Wickford 3162M
McCarthy, Edward Residence Topsail Rd 2488W
McCarthy, Edward Residence 17 Carter's 2997W
McCarthy, Mrs. F. Residence 10 Duckworth 911J
McCarthy, F.C. Residence 12 Spencer 887W
McCarthy, J. Residence Glenridge Crescent 3384
McCarthy, J. Residence 17 Brine 2644J
McCarthy, Mrs. J. Residence 11 Charlton 2561W
McCarthy, Miss Lillian Residence 35 Charlton 2586J
McCarthy, M. Residence 12 Spencer 887W
McCarthy, Miss Mona, R.N. Residence 127 Merrymeeting 2578
McCarthy, P. Residence 4 Waterford Bridge 3575
McCormack, Chas. Residence 10 Mullock 1563R
MacCormac's Dry Cleaning, Ltd.   Gear 3603
MacCormac's Dry Cleaning, Ltd.   Gear 3604
McCoubrey, Chas. Residence 20 Prescott 3480M
McCourt, P.J. Residence 226 Duckworth 1723M
McCrindle, Alex Residence 113 St. Clare 2756M
McCrindle, David Residence Allandale 1687
McCrindle, Max Residence 35 Aldershot 1886W
McCrindle, Wm. Residence 101 Bond 2908R
McCrudden, H. Residence First Ave. 390M
McDonald, A. Residence Thorburn 2834W
McDonald, A. Residence Malta 3016R
McDonald, Aubrey Residence 9 Military 2664R
MacDonald, Ernest C. Residence Cor. Circular &  
        Bonaventure 38
MacDonald, Elwood Residence 3 Rennie's Mill 2690W
MacDonald, Elwood Country Residence Kilbride 1286M
McDonald, Miss G. Residence Waterford Bridge 1697R
McDonald, Gerald Residence 224 Hamilton 3129J
McDonald, Guy Residence 58 Pleasant 2716M
McDonald, Miss Gertrude Residence 84 Queen's 304J
McDonald, Miss Hettie Residence 32 Belvedere 3239J
McDonald, Mrs. J. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1127W
McDonald, Mrs. J.A. Residence 62 Central 4154
McDonald, James Residence Brine 2644W
McDonald, John Residence 19 Flower 1601M
McDonald, Luke Residence Mundy Pond 3908M
McDonald, M. Residence 13 Parade 3049M
McDonald, Peter Residence 39 Power's Ave. 607
McDonald, R. Residence 42 Hayward 3771
McDonald, A. [sic]   Thorburn 2834W
MacDonald, R.G., Ltd. Drug Store 243 Water 1164
MacDonald, T., Druggist Residence 58 Prescott 2956
MacDonald, Thos. Residence Allandale 989M
MacDonald Wholesale Drugs, Ltd.   158 Water 3702
McDonald, William Residence 45 Spencer 3192M
McDonald, William Residence Mundy Pond 3908J
MacDonald, W.J. Office Water E. 926
McDonald, W.W. Residence 702 Water 2806
McDonald's Fruit Store   Long's Hill 2386
McDonald's Fruit Store   Rawlin's 4003
McDougall, Frank Residence Waterford Bridge 3960W
McDougall, Howard J. Residence 129 Hamilton 2062R
McDougall, Howard J. & Co. Chartered Accountants    
      Commercial Chambers Water 442
McEvoy, John B., K.C. Office Royal Bank Bldg 4033
McEvoy, John B., K.C. Office Royal Bank Bldg 4034
McEvoy, John B., K.C. Residence Moorland 155 Patrick 2149
McFarlane, Const. A. Residence 22A Livingstone 2880M
Macfarlane, Alex Residence 31 Temperance 3332W
Macfarlane, D.M. Residence 35 Temperance 708
McFarlane, John J. Residence 15 Long's 2968R
McGettigan, Jas. P. Residence 63 Craigmillar 2759W
McGettigan, Mrs. W.A. Residence 30 Leslie 2516W
MacGillivray, H. Darroch Residence 20 Gower 2222
MacGillivray, H. Darroch Office Board of Trade Building 614
MacGillivray, T. Residence 39 Shaw's Lane 2464R
MacGillivary, Wm. Residence Irving's Rd 2351R
McGinn, Miss Paula Residence Walsh's Sq. 3953J
McGrath, Mrs. F. Residence 4 Knight 3099W
McGrath, Frank Residence Long Pond 2286M
McGrath, Francis Residence 23 Craigmillar 3235J
McGrath & Furlong Law Office Duckworth 50
McGrath & Furlong Law Office Duckworth 61
McGrath, J. Residence Mount Cashel 3729R
McGrath, Mrs. J. Residence 2 William 1592J
McGrath, Mrs. J. Residence 10 Calver 1233W
McGrath, Dr. James Residence 44 Bonaventure 446
McGrath, John A. Residence 18 Gower 424
McGrath, J.W. Commission Agent 168 Water 1966
McGrath, Kenneth Residence 57 Queen's 1157M
McGrath, Kevin Residence 85 Circular 2681J
McGrath, Leo Residence 22 Mt. Royal 3378R
McGrath, P.B. Residence 21 Freshwater 3188R
McGrath, Const. Ronald Residence 5 Long's 2953W
McGrath, T. Residence 23 Henry 2998R
McGrath, T.J. Residence 83 Military 1144J
McGrath, Thomas Residence Long Pond 2286R
McGrath, Thomas Residence 11 Raleigh 3990R
McGrath, William Residence 31 Hayward 2414M
McGrath, William Residence 106 Barnes' 2767J
McGrath's Cooperage Ltd. Office Springdale 2121
McGuire, B. Residence 162 Patrick 2721
McGuire, Bernard Residence 224 LeMarchant 3223W
McGuire's Bakery   Adelaide 794
MacIntyre, James Residence 7 Church Hill 2171
McKay, Fred W. Residence 73 Alexander 3793
McKay, John Residence 109 Circular 2159
McKay, W. Residence 40 Merrymeeting 2162
McKay, W.J. Residence 2 Richmond 2367J
McKee, H.L. Residence 20 Convent 3758
MacKeen, Mrs. A. Residence Waterford Bridge 2055
Mackenzie, J.A. Residence 33 Barnes' 3435W
McKie, Mrs. B. Residence Mount Pearl 2480W
McKinlay, Mrs. A. Residence 389 Water 1342R
McKinlay, Gavin Residence 310 LeMarchant 3494M
McKinlay, James Residence Topsail Rd 3788M
McKinlay, Joseph Garage LeMarchant 1487
McKinlay, Joseph Residence LeMarchant 43
McKinlay, Joseph Repair Shop Lime 4144
MacKinnon, R.J. Residence Waterford Bridge 3820
McLaughliin, Dr. James P. Residence 205 George 1104
MacLellan, Mrs. H. Residence 113 Springdale 2688M
MacLellan, Neil Residence 71 Military 3730
McLeod, Bob Residence 92 Queen's 304W
McLeod, E.F. Residence Kenmount 3057J
McLeod, Murdock Residence 76 Circular 2212R
McLeod's Meat Market   23 Hamilton 3484
McLoughlan, James P. Residence "Roleen" 504 Water 642
McMurdo, T. & Co., Ltd. Office 210 Water 277
McMurdo, T. & Co., Ltd. Store 210 Water 1380
McMurdo, T. & Co., Ltd. Store 210 Water 1964
McNab, Mrs. C.R. Residence 5 Empire 3943W
McNab, J.A. Residence 11 Forest 1976
MacNab, T.A. & Co., Ltd. Office Water 444
MacNab, Mrs. T.A. Country Residence Asylum Rd 3486
MacNab, Mrs. T.A. Residence 9 Forest 546
McNamara, A., Opt. D. Optical Parlours Duckworth 956
McNamara, Mrs. A. Residence Robinson's Hill 771
McNamara Construction Co., Ltd. Torbay Airport   3640
McNamara, F., Ltd.   16 Queen 2441
McNamara, F., Ltd.   16 Queen 2442
McNamara, Hon. F. Residence LeMarchant 1491
McNamara, Frank Jr. Residence 127 LeMarchant 746
McNamara, George C. Residence 8 LeMarchant 1649J
McNamara, Dr. J. Arch. Residence & Surgery 182 Patrick 558
McNamara, Mrs. John Residence 29 Pennywell 1643W
McNamara, Mrs. Margaret Residence 63 Prescott 1736
MacNaughton's Meat Market (F.T. McNaughton) 117 Theatre 3514
McNeill, Allister Residence 51 Warbury 661W
McNeill, H.F. Residence 63 Golf 2224M
McNeill, J.G. Grove Hill Farm Waterford Bridge 3963R
McNeill, Miss Margaret Residence Waterford Bridge 3965W
McNeill, Kenneth N. Residence Stewart 846M
McNeill, S.J. Residence 5 Blatch 2254R
McNeill, Mrs. T. Residence Waterford Bridge 2549
McNeily, J.A.W.W., K.C. Office 357 Duckworth 431
McNeily, J.W. Residence 55 Prescott 621
McNiven, Mrs. J. Residence 91 Campbell 3442J
Macpherson, Dr. C. Surgery Rawlin's Cross 455
Macpherson, Dr. C. Residence 65 Rennie's Mill 455
Macpherson, Campbell Residence 5 Park Place 1766
Macpherson, Doublas W. Residence Devon Place 1374M
Macpherson, Mrs. E.T. Residence Calvert House 1771
Macpherson, Hon. H. Residence Westerland 80W
Macpherson, Dr. William H.      
    Chiropractor Residence 15 Atlantic 4180
McRae, G. Residence 42 Scott 870J

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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