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Tel #
T.A. Club Rooms   Duckworth 1279
Taffe, Ronald Residence Torbay Rd 3788J
Tait, Dr. A.C. Residence 21 Bond 1814
Tait, Dr. A.C. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3409M
Tait, Dr. A.C. Surgery Duckworth 18
Tapper, Mrs. E. Residence 11 Cavell 3906J
Tavernor, F.G. Residence Raleigh 3926W
Taylor, Arthur M. Residence 105 Springdale 2607W
Taylor, A.W. Residence 318 Pennywell 3946J
Taylor, B.R. Residence 43 Leslie 2929J
Taylor, Mrs. C. Residence 14 Prince of Wales 1625W
Taylor, Colin Residence 96 Springdale 3858R
Taylor, Mrs. David Residence 433 Southside 3355J
Taylor, Donald Residence 302 Hamilton 2462W
Taylor, E. Residence 10 Suez 3470M
Taylor, E. Residence Leslie [???]
Taylor, Mrs. Emma Residence 20 Jo[???] [???]
Taylor, Ernest Residence 24 Warbury [???]
Taylor, Ernest M. Residence Mount [???] [???]
Taylor, Eugene Residence 132 Duckworth [???]
Taylor, Miss Florence Residence 6 Victoria [???]
Taylor, Fred Residence 54 Monroe 1139M
Taylor, G.E. Residence 157 Patrick 2735
Taylor, Mrs. George Residence 202 Hamilton 1594R
Taylor, Mrs. H. Residence 78 Flower 1630J
Taylor, Mrs. Heber Residence 81A Southside 2592R
Taylor, Herbert Residence 69 Campbell 3900W
Taylor, H.J. Residence Cornwall [???]
Taylor, Mrs. H.J. Residence 5 Barter's [???]
Taylor, Mrs. I. Residence Rennie's Mill [???]
Taylor, Jacob Residence 164 Gower 2787
Taylor, John Residence 151 Pennywell 2486W
Taylor, John Residence 14 Morris 3423W
Taylor, Mrs. John Residence Hd. Mundy Pond 1576M
Taylor, J.J. Plumber 143 Casey 2268
Taylor, J. Guy Residence 119 Springdale 2688W
Taylor, J.S. Residence 243 Southside 2750M
Taylor, Leonard Residence Cowan 3939W
Taylor, Mrs. Lillian Residence Kilbride 2485J
Taylor, M. Residence 109 Cabot 1253W
Taylor, Maurice Job Residence 46 Circular 3430
Taylor, P.C. Residence 1 Dunford 2151M
Taylor, R.A. Residence 101 Springdale 2068J
Taylor, Mrs. R.H. Residence LeMarchant W. 2757W
Taylor, Samuel Residence 32 Warbury 2949R
Taylor, Mrs. Samuel L. Residence 133 Campbell 3942M
Taylor, Mrs. W. Residence 2 Job 1150W
Taylor, Wallace C. Residence 21 Campbell 3215R
Taylor, William Residence 11 Plank 1552W
Taylor, W.B. Residence 13 Blatch 1612J
Taylor, Mrs. W.H. Residence 21 Leslie 2522R
Taylor, Mrs. William N. Residence 70 Barter's 1752R
Taylor, William P. Residence 27 York 2738J
Taylor, W.R. Residence Waterford Bridge 139
Telegram, Evening Office Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   2900
Temple, W.B. Residence 23 Craigmillar 3339R
Templeman, A.M. Residence 177 Gower 2922W
Templeman, C.B. Residence 217 Pennywell 3917R
Templeman, D. Residence Golf 3980J
Templeman, Edgar Residence 101 LeMarchant 2518W
Templeman, W. Residence 46 Newtown 1738W
Templeton, R.A.   349 Water 41
Templeton, R.A.   343 Water 42
Templeton, R.A. Residence Bonaventure 539
Templeton, Robert   [???] Bonaventure 3895
Terra Nova Motors, Ltd. [???] Distributors Fort William 634
Terra Nova Motors, Ltd.   Fort William 635
Terra Nova Taxi   Fitzpatrick 1809
Tessier, Cyril W.G. Residence Waterford Bridge 124
Tessier, George Residence 19 Power 2737
T[???] Office [???] [???]
Tessier, Gerald [???] Barrister & [???] Bank of Montreal Bldg [???]
Tessier, Gerald G. Residence Monkstown 1449R
Tessier, Gladstone Residence Monkstown 1449R
Tessier, R.M. Residence Topsail Rd 2102
Tessier, William M. Residence Waterford Bridge 2111W
Theatre Hill Grocery   Theatre 3855
Thistle, A. Residence 59 Mayor 3277R
Thistle, Mrs. Alex Residence Richmond 1758J
Thistle, Mrs. Alex Residence 213 Hamilton 3129M
Thistle, Mrs. B.J. Residence 3 Chapel 1157R
Thistle, D.R. Residence 81 Circular 1747
Thistle, Mrs. Elizabeth Residence Waterford Bridge 3939M
Thistle, Mrs. F. Residence 18 Charlton 3988R
Thistle, Mrs. Frank J. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3880
Thistle, Herbert Residence Purcell's Ridge 1987?
Thistle, John Residence Pierce 3416?
Thistle, John Residence 7 Henry 2993W
Thistle, Mrs. R. Residence 69 Military 2625
Thistle, Rudolph Residence 122 St. Clare 3176
Thistle, R. Stephen Residence 44 Warbury 2109
Thistle Shoe Repair Shop   280 Water 3146
Thistle, Thomas Residence 126½ Water 2419
Thistle, William Residence 11 Feild 3303W
Thistle, W.L. Electrician 49 Prescott 1638
Thistle, W.L. Residence 12 Scott 1764
Thomas, A.S. Residence 85 Merrymeeting 3017R
Thomas, Cecil A. Residence 103 Springdale 628W
Thomas, Miss Dorothy Residence 67 Freshwater 3178J
Thomas, George Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3409R
Thomas, Henry, J. & Son. Office 8 Barnes' 757
Thomas, Mrs. James Residence Allandale 1514W
Thomas, John Residence 27 Morris 3967R
Thomas, Miss M. Residence 69 Freshwater 1604J
Thomas, Mrs. Rose Residence 14 Fleming 602J
Thomas, W.B. Agent Water 1456
Thomas, William Residence 29 Beaumont 3233J
Thompson, Mrs. A. Residence 42 Goodridge 2844J
Thompson, Frederick G. Residence 62 Hayward 559
Thompson, John Residence Southside W. 3245W
Thompson, Miss J. Residence 13 Garrison 1973W
Thompson, Mrs. Louise Residence 92 Gower 3498R
Thompson, Mrs. Peter Residence 264 Hamilton 2634R
Thompson, P.J. Residence 72 LeMarchant 570
Thompson, R. Residence 165 Patrick 1968
Thompson, William Residence 15A Bond 3156M
Thomson, B.B. Opt. D. Office & Res. 18 Leslie 3170
Thomson, Mrs. William Residence 22 Queen's 525R
Thorburn, Miss Ann Residence 4 Barnes' 747
Thorburn, A.G. Residence Topsail Rd 2284R
Thorne, G.W. Residence 27 Monroe 1772
Thorne, J. Residence 45 St. Clare 2063W
Thorne, Jack Residence 6 Forest 1812R
Thorne, J.B. Residence 76 Warbury 661J
Thorne, Mrs. Philip Residence 222 Duckworth 2242J
Tibbo, Mrs. William Residence 73 Casey 2614J
Tibbs, W.G. Residence 55 Golf 3980R
Tiller, Mrs. Cecil Residence 112 Barnes' 2767R
Tiller, Clarence Residence 6 Coronation 2616W
Tiller, D. Residence Bennett 4107M
Tiller, D. Residence 32 Bannerman 2952W
Tiller, N. Residence 62 Mullock 2572W
Tiller, William Residence Empire 3941M
Tiller, William Ltd. Plumbing & Heating Contractors 73 Casey 2184
Tilley, D.J. Residence 46 Gilbert 2597J
Tilley, Edward Residence 44 Long's 1726W
Tilley, Const. F.V. Residence 45 Scott 2418M
Tilley, Miss Grace Residence 123½ Circular 984M
Tilley, James Residence 72 Bond 3080J
Tilley, John Residence 3 Spencer 2279M
Tilley, Joseph Residence 15 Boncloddy 3697
Tilley, Stanley Residence Howley Ext. 2276
Tilley, W.G. Residence 68 Spencer 1939R
Tilley, William Residence 40 Feild 3191J
Timmons, Bernard T. Residence 6 Gill Place 4114
Tiny Tots Toggery   4 Adelaide 2871
Tippett, Joseph Residence 112 Bond 2908M
Tipple, A.G. Residence 27 McFarlane 3136J
Tipple, Thomas E. Residence 10 Linscott 1628R
Tipton, J. Residence 145 Gower 1066R
Titford, J. Residence 84 Barnes' 952R
Titford, James Residence 31 Franklyn 1168
Tizzard, Charles Residence 119 Quidi Vidi 1231R
Tizzard, Kitchener Residence 13 Malta 2855R
Tizzard, Ronald Residence Forest East 3958J
Tizzard, S. Residence 5 Cavell 2144M
Tobin, Capt. A. Residence 12 Young 2495M
Tobin, Mrs. A. Residence 6 Macklin 2512R
Tobin, Mrs. A. Residence 10 McDougall 1293M
Tobin, A.J. Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables 404 Water 2423
Tobin, A.J. Residence Cornwall 2819R
Tobin, C.H. Residence 122 Barnes' 2756J
Tobin, E. Residence 26 Barter's 3112J
Tobin, Const. Ed Residence 36 Warbury 2948W
Tobin, Henry T. Residence Lintrose Terrace 3978M
Tobin, Const. J. Residence 202 Merrymeeting 1954R
Tobin, James Residence Southside West 2169R
Tobin, J.J. Residence Lake Ave 2477W
Tobin, J.M. Residence 12 Holloway 193
Tobin, L. Residence 8 Nunnery 2318R
Tobin, Michael Residence 35 Adelaide 764M
Tobin, Mrs. P. Residence 19 Young [???]
Tobin, Mrs. Patrick Residence 102 Duckworth [???]
Tobin, Peter Residence 26 Adelaide 1094R
Tobin, Mrs. Peter Residence 83 Campbell 3915W
Tobin, P.F. Residence 25 Beaumont 3230M
Tobin, Richard Residence 71 Colonial 2828W
Tobin, R.T. Residence Queen's 1835
Tobin, T. Residence 85 New Gower 2096M
Tobin, Thomas Residence 15 Topsail Rd 2875J
Tobin, V. Residence 5 Macklin 2512R
Tobin, William Residence 169 Murray 2234J
Tomlinson, A.J. Residence 7 Monkstown [???]
Toner, A. Residence 81 Long's [???]
Tooton, A. Residence 107 LeMarchant [???]
Tooton, Mrs. S.M. Residence 61 Long's [???]
Tooton's The Kodak Store   Water [???]
Torraville, Mrs. R.   36 Prince of Wales [???]
Torraville, Mrs. Capt. V.H. Residence 15 Monroe 1670W
Tor's Cove Trading Co. A.T. & W.P. Goodridge Water 163
Tor's Cove Trading Co.   Water 164
Tourist Bureau Militia Bldg Water 2361
Town Taxi, The   Casey 391
Tracey, Miss Mary Residence 101 Cabot 3558
Tracey, W. Residence 10 Chapel 1064R
Tracey, William Residence Torbay 1127M
Trade Printers & Publishers Ltd.   Duckworth 468
Trail's End Farms   Topsail Rd 1118
Trans-Canada Air Lines City Traffic Office   3062
      Office Hours:    
      9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays   3063
      10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays   2400
Trans-Canada Air Lines Torbay Airport    
      Open 24 Hours   2407
Trans-Canada Air Lines Air Express Services    
  (Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays    
      only)   370
Transport, Dept. of (Weather Office)   2154
Transport, Dept. of Torbay Airport   2107
Tran[???] Control Board Nfld. [???] Water [???]
Trapnell, R.H. Ltd Opticians & Jewellers Water 537
Trask, Burton L. Residence 205 Pennywell 339[???]
Trask Foundry Wm. H. Trask, Mgr. Blackmarsh 2554
Trask, W.A. Residence Waterford Bridge 1697W
Trask, William H. Stoves & Ranges 462 Water 1815
Trask, William H. Residence 79 St. Clare 3052R
[???], W.H., Jr. Residence 105 Pennywell 3694M
[???] Library   Morris Bldg 2703
[???], Mrs. Thomas Residence Mount Pearl Park 2452M
Tremblett, Albert Residence 283 Hamilton 2627W
Tremills, A. Residence 11 Bennett 3368R
Tremills, Miss Jessie Residence 142 Theatre 1801R
Trenchard, K.E. Residence 24 Cook 3198J
Trenchard, W. Residence 83 Southside E. 3164J
Tricco, John Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3269J
Trickett, Graham Store 24 Merrymeeting 2873
Trickett, Sergt. H. Residence 77 Patrick 2618
Trickett, Sergt. J. Residence Allandale 2351
Trickett, Const. T. Residence 65 Brazil 3320
Tricoche, Mrs. L. Residence 284 Water 3248W
Troke, John Residence 249 Hamilton 2632W
Truscott, Mrs. G. Residence 1 Queen 663
Truscott, Miss Residence 40 George 4439
Trust Co., The Eastern   Water 28
Trust Co., The Eastern   Water 27
Trust Co., The Royal   Bank of Montreal Bldg 672
Tuberculosis Association Geo. V. Institute Water 295
Tucker, Mrs. A. Residence 53 Prescott 3062R
Tucker, Sergt. A. Residence 122 Merrymeeting 1621J
Tucker, Bert Residence 158 Gower 2296W
Tucker, Const. Bert Residence 21 Queen's 2795W
Tucker, Mrs. C. Residence Blackhead 1622R
Tucker, Cyril Residence 43 King's 2029W
Tucker, Douglas D. Barrister & Solicitor Board of Trade Building 2560
Tucker, Douglas D. Residence 20 Gear 2882
Tucker, E.B. Grocery 91 Pennywell 2278
Tucker, Fred Residence Oxen Pond 1997W
Tucker, Herbert Residence 33 St. Clare 3904W
Tucker, James R. Residence 70 Golf 3152
Tucker, James R. Office 25 Springdale 856
Tucker, John Residence Southside 2884J
Tucker, Mrs. Paul Residence 16 King's 892J
Tucker, Philip Residence Belvedere Lodge 671W
Tucker, R. Residence Store Pennywell 1090
Tucker, R. Residence 55 Lintrose Terrace 2999R
Tucker, Ralph Residence 86 St. Clare 3973W
Tucker, Reg B. Residence 51 Golf 3673M
Tucker, R.V. Restaurant 32 George 3494
Tucker, William Residence 16 Barnes' 1556M
Tuff, Mrs. E. Residence 69 Hayward 1974M
Tuff, H.V. Residence Allandale 2176
Tuff, Roy Residence 94 Mayor 3913R
Tulk, A.W. Residence 114 St. Clare 2663M
Tulk, B. Residence Merrymeeting 3031R
Tulk, Ben, Ltd.   Water East 3717
Tulk, J. Residence 25 William 2416J
Tulk, Ex-Sergt. S.   44 Prince of Wales 2072W
Tulk, W.G. Residence 45 Franklyn 3214M
Turner, A. Residence 131 Craigmillar 2955R
Turner, Mrs. C. Residence 375 Southside 862R
Turner, Capt. Joseph Residence 124 Bond 2384
Turner, Ray Residence 2 Monkstown 882R
Turner, Mrs. Stan Residence 197 Gower 2972M
Turpin, R.J. Residence 80 Hayward 1785W
Two-Way Stores Grocery St. Clare and Golf 3335
Two-Way Stores Dry Goods St. Clare and Golf 778

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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