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Tel #
Babb, Graham Residence 42 Cashin 2672R
Babstock, A. Residence Blackmarsh 1579R
Batstone, A. Residence Blackmarsh 1579R
Badcock, A.C. Residence 2 Pilot's 2749W
Badcock, Arch Residence 1 Aldershot 3205R
Badcock, Mrs. D.A. Residence 1 Blackmarsh 3900J
Badcock, Geo. Residence 35 Calver 944W
Badcock, Herbert Residence 7 Gilbert 2591R
Badcock, J.G. Residence 145 Patrick 389
Badcock, John Residence 140 Merrymeeting 3030J
Badcock, Louis Residence Southside 3125R
Badcock, Mark Residence 8 John 2283J
Badcock, Robert Residence Raleigh 3944W
Badcock, Mrs. Robert Residence 52 Gilbert 2567M
Badcock, Mrs. S. Residence 90 Cabot 3295J
Badcock, Wm. Residence 192 Merrymeeting 1998W
Baggs, George Residence 26 Golf 3907R
Baggs, John Residence 59 Signal Hill 1582M
Baggs, J.S. Residence 33 Leslie 3317J
Baggs, W. Residence 6 Young 2399M
Baggs, Walter Residence 166 Theatre 3013J
Baggs, Walter G. Residence 33 Boncloddy 2955W
Baggs, Walter Residence Middle Battery 847M
Bailey, Abram Residence Old Railway Track 3098M
Bailey, E.F. Residence Duckworth 1587
Bailey, Gus Residence 105 Pennywell 1628J
Bailey, Mrs. John Residence 157 Gower 2296R
Bailey, John J. Residence 84 Merrymeeting 3018W
Bailey, Richard Residence Forest 3958R
Bailey, R.P. Residence 19 Blatch 1612R
Bailey, Thomas Residence 71 Flower 2470W
Bailey, W.G. Residence 13 Power 3157M
Baine Johnston & Co., Ltd. Office Water Street 1760
  Office   1761
  Retail Store and Wharf   33
  Southside Premises   36
  Agency Department    
  Store (W. MacGillivary, Mgr.) 243 Water 2677
Baird, A.B. Office Duckworth 1854
Baird, A.B. Residence 5 Church Hill 2411
Baird, A.B. Residence Thorburn Road 2411
Baird & Co., Ltd. Office WATER STREET 438
Baird, David Residence Waterford Bridge 2427W
Baird, Mrs. David Residence 49 Rennie's Mill 524
Baird, Mrs. D.M. Residence 24 Monkstown 788
Baird, Gerald Residence 46 Franklyn 3706
Baird, J. Residence 81 Pleasant 2728W
Baird, J.A. Residence 9 Monkstown 222
Baird, James Residence 134 Casey 3361M
Baird, James "Bryn Mawr" Portugal Cove Road 535
Baird, James H. Residence 61 Merrymeeting 3019R
Baird, James, Ltd. Private Branch Exchange   1840
  Night and Holiday Calls:    
    Dry Goods Dept.   1840
    General Office   1841
    Whart   1842
    Store Water 1843
    Shop Office   1844
Baird, J. Boyd Nfld. Board of Underwriters   837
Baird, J. Boyd Residence Monkstown 2344
Baird, J.C. Residence 41 St. Clare 3904J
Baird, J. Mak. Residence Richmond 929
Baird, Patrick Residence 6 Hamilton 2665J
Baird, Robert Residence 186 Hamilton 448M
Baird, W.C. Residence 7 Power 3157R
Baird, W.H. Residence 99 Barnes' 1683
Baird, William Residence 10 Codner's 3162R
Baker, Allan Residence 18 Goodridge 2799J
Baker, Fred Residence 254 Pennywell 3991R
Baker, J. Residence 3 British 2318W
Baker, J. Residence 40 Raleigh 3990J
Baker, Thomas Residence 40 King's 2511M
Balfour, F.G. Residence King's Bridge 417
Ball, W.L. Residence 140 Hamilton 3823
Ballard, Jerome Residence 3 Dunford 3022R
Bally Haly Golf Club   Logy Bay 593
Balsam Hotel Annex Barnes' 1538
Balsam Place (Mrs. Leo McCrudden) Barnes' 136
Bambrick, C.J. Residence 182 Hamilton 541J
Bambrick, Thomas Residence 33 Brine 2653W
Banfield, Richard Residence 23 Colonial 1889J
Banikhin, F. & Sons Hides, Furs and Seal Skins 458-460 Water 367
Banikhin, F. Residence Waterford Bridge 4090
Bank of Commerce, Canadian Private Branch Exchange   1910
  Staff Quarters   1911
  Staff Quarters   1912
Bank of Montreal Private Branch Exchange   1950
  Night and Holiday Connections:    
    Office   1951
    Staff Quarters   1952
Bank Nfld. Savings   Duckworth 589
Bank Nfld. Savings (R.J. Crummey, Chief Accountant Duckworth 1381
Bank of Nova Scotia Private Branch Exchange   1900
  Water   1901
  Water   1902
Bank, Royal of Canada, The Private Branch Exchange   1860
  General Office   1861
  General Office   1862
Bank, Royal of Canada West End Branch   610
Bank, Royal of Canada West End Branch   811
Bannerman Park Military   1827
Bannister, Neil Residence 122 Craigmillar 3650R
Bannister, W. Residence 60 Springdale 2595W
Barbour, Allan Residence 40 William 728J
Barbour, B. Residence 17 Campbell 3222R
Barbour, Capt. C. Residence Blatch 1612W
Barbour, E. & S. Residence 45 Cashin 3399R
Barbour, Miss G. Beautician 11 Boncloddy 35
Barbour, Isaac Residence 80 LeMarchant 1433R
Barbour, Job K. Residence 45 Cashin 3399
Barbour, Jos. C. Residence 4 Campbell 3226J
Barbour, Kenneth Residence 207 Gower 2972W
Barefoot, Stanley Residence 62 Monroe 1839W
Barfoot, W. Residence 18 Balsam 3011M
Barnes, Miss Ada Residence 84 Allandale 1688R
Barnes, A.G. Contractor 11 George 657
Barnes, Allan Residence 19 Cook 3003W
Barnes & Co.   129 LeMarchant 1706
Barnes, C. Residence 5 Spencer 2279R
Barnes, Mrs. C.B. Residence 86 Monroe 2617
Barnes, Mrs. Charles H. Residence 15 Allandale 2294W
Barnes, Const. E. Residence 57 Freshwater 3175J
Barnes, E.F. Machine Shop 12 Waldegrave 1765
Barnes, E.F. Residence 32 Forest 4019
Barnes, Mrs. F.M. Residence 134 Patrick 2730W
Barnes, Gordon Residence Allandale 1691W
Barnes, H. Residence Topsail Road 2293W
Barnes, H. Residence Allandale 1376W
Barnes, H. Residence 25 Power 2731M
Barnes, Henry Residence 22 Pennywell 2004W
Barnes, H.G. Residence 21 Gear 3280J
Barnes, Isaac Residence 40 Cookstown 3108R
Barnes, Mrs. J. Residence 121 Campbell 152W
Barnes, J.A. Residence Burton's Pond 2060R
Barnes, J.G.   121 Springdale 1949
Barnes, Miss Jessie Residence Water 1197J
Barnes Marine Engines   26 Water 3166
Barnes, Ralph W.   Cashin 3327
Barnes, Robert Residence 64 Cabot 3474M
Barnes, Thomas Residence 62 Spencer 3005J
Barnes, W.J. Residence 23 Gower 3346M
Barnes, Mrs. W.J. Residence 82 Barnes' 952M
Barnes, Mrs. W.J. Residence 94 Hamilton 2651J
Barnes, William Residence Quidi Vidi 3925J
Barr, George M. Residence 42 Circular 211
Barr, George M. Office Morris Building 2190
Barr, Mrs. George M. Residence 82 LeMarchant 3992M
Barr, J.C. Residence Forest 3927M
Barrett, A. Residence 51 Spencer 3343R
Barrett, Eugene Residence 28 Feild 1466M
Barrett, Frank Residence 28 Springdale 1183
Barrett, H. Grocery Pennywell 4082
Barrett, Const. Harold Residence 15 Carnell 2733J
Barrett, I.E.H. Residence 73 Freshwater 1528M
Barrett, J. Residence 40 Craigmillar 3956W
Barrett, Mrs. Jacob Residence Suez 3470R
Barrett, Misses J. & E. Residence 50 Freshwater 3182R
Barrett, John Residence 333 Hamilton 2119M
Barrett, Mrs. M. Residence 1 Howe Place 2797R
Barrett, Miss Laura Residence 5 Wood 3346W
Barrett, Nathan Residence 52 Shaw's Lane 1448M
Barrett, Mrs. R. Residence 23 Collier's Lane 2590J
Barrett, Robert M. Residence 28 Cornwall 2941R
Barrett, Walter Residence 70 Flower 1630R
Barrett, W.G. Residence 156 Patrick 1187
BARRETT, W.J. & SON Mortuary Room 28 Dicks' 1696
  Furniture Factory 11 Hamilton 2580
Barrington, Ed. Residence 44 Quidi Vidi 2323R
Barron, F. Residence 20 Price of Wales 3284W
Barron, John Residence 221 Hamilton 3839J
Barron, John A., K.C. Residence 118 Military 2690J
Barron, John & Co.   33 Power 274
Barron, Miss K. Residence 100 Patrick 1885M
Barron & Lewis Law Offices Temple Building 1026
Barron, Mrs. Martin Residence 63 Pennywell 3140M
Barron, Mrs. P. Residence 5 Franklyn 3274R
Barron, P.J. Residence 176 Merrymeeting 3826J
Barron, T. Residence 128 Bond 2909W
Barry, Mrs. P. Residence 53 Casey 2283M
Barry, Mrs. Wm. Residence 4 Notre Dame 2678W
Barter, George Residence 12 Prospect 3329
Barter, J.H. Residence 20 Gear 3213W
Barter, William Residence 130 Circular 2661M
Bartlett, A. Residence 115 Springdale 3634
Bartlett, Bruce Residence 116 Freshwater 1615M
Bartlett, Miss Estelle, R.N. Residence 55 Pleasant 2720R
Bartlett, Fred Residence 11 Raleigh 2391W
Bartlett, Gordon Residence 305 LeMarchant 3368W
Bartlett, Harry Residence 22 Rankin 3415W
Bartlett, Harry Residence 68 Quidi Vidi 1321J
Bartlett, Heber Residence 116 Freshwater 1615M
Bartlett, Hedley Residence Mt. Royal 3386
Bartlett, J.W. Residence 10 Victoria 2569
Bartlett, J.W. Residence 158 Water 1362
Bartlett, Lem. Commission Agent, Reid Building Duckworth 527
Bartlett, Lem. Residence Topsail Road 3026W
Bartlett, Lewis Residence 35 Monkstown 1418M
Bartlett, Miss Priscilla Residence 112 Queen's 3408R
Bartlett, Robert Residence Freshwater 3165J
Bartlett, Rupert W. Office Board of Trade Building 544
Bartlett, Mrs. T. Residence 33 Aldershot 2841J
Bartlett Tailors 292 Water 3808
Bartlett, W.H. Residence 33 Sudbury 2542W
Bartlett's Barber Shop   Water 4426
Bassett, Mrs. James Residence 76 Colonial 3325R
Bastow, H.G. Auctioneer 30 George 3434
Bastow, H.G. Residence 6 Bonaventure 919W
Bastow, Hugh A. Residence 153 Hamilton 1793R
Bastow, Mrs. William Residence 7 Golf 3209J
Bath, Sgt. Residence 53 Job 3331M
Batstone, R. Residence 109 Pleasant 2725W
Battcock, T.J. Residence 13 Hutchings 440W
Batten, Victor Residence 34 King's 493R
Batterson, Const. John Residence 33 Mt. Royal 2940W
Bavarian Brewing Ltd.   Top Leslie 3113
Bavidge, E. Residence 61 Gower 1245
Baxter, James Residence Rennie's Mill 2786
B.B.C. Taxi   63 Duckworth 1212
Bearns, Mrs. Ron Residence 56 Pennywell 3989R
Beauty, Box, The   133 Patrick 759
Bearns, Mrs. S. Residence 13 Edinburgh 2859R
Beauty Centre   73 Harvey 777
Beauty Service (H. Furlong) 100 Barnes' 1533
Beck, Mrs. Alma Residence 16 Springdale 1715R
Beehan, James Residence 22 Cookstown 2220W
Beer, James Residence 14 Bond 2301J
Belbin, A. Residence Battery 847J
Belbin, Ches. Residence 111 Cabot 1253R
Belbin, R.G. Grocery and Residence 85 Quidi Vidi 3775
Bell, Charles R., Ltd.   Water 1500
Bell, Charles R., Ltd.   Water 1501
Bell, Charles R., Ltd.   Water 3092
Bell, Charles R., Ltd. Residence King's Bridge 4087
Bell, Charles R., Ltd. Summer Residence Topsail  
  Call Toll Operator    
Bell, Mrs. E. Residence 207 LeMarchant 2337W
Bell, J. Residence Cornwall 773W
Bell, John F. Residence 153 Craigmillar 3144J
Bell Soap Co.   Campbell 1048
Bella Vista Fair Grounds   Torbay Road 641
Bellamy, William Residence 15 Garrison 1782W
Bellows, E.K. Residence Blackler 2773R
Belmont Tavern   162 New Gower 2316
Belmore, R. Residence 16 Bond 3156W
Belvedere Cemetery (Caretaker) Newtown 902M
Belvedere, St. Michael's Orphanage   Bonaventure 237
Bemister, Bert Residence 100 Pleasant 2707M
Bemister, Charles Residence 52 Pennywell 2321M
Bemister, Harry Residence Purcell Ridge 1975W
Bemister, J.G. Residence 93 Rennie's Mill 512
Bemister, R.G. Residence Collier's Lane 2590M
Bendell, Mrs. S. Residence 647 Water 2760R
Bennett, A.C. Residence 118 Queen's 132
Bennett Brewing Co., Ltd.   Sudbury 159
Bennett, Frank Residence Topsail Road 2903W
Bennett, James Residence 58 Gower 1524W
Bennett, Mrs. John Residence 29 Hayward 1502J
Bennett, Lady Residence 26 Monkstown 3285
Bennett, M. Residence Southside 2884M
Bennett, Mrs. M. Residence 397 Duckworth 1578W
Bennett, Mrs. N. Residence 40 Signal Hill 3241W
Bennett, Mrs. P. Residence 65 St. Clare 3377M
Bennett, Dr. Raymond E. Residence 44 Rennie's Mill 2152
Bennett, Mrs. Rhoda Residence 77 Campbell 3900M
Bennett, R.W. Residence 199 Hamilton 4067R
Bennett, S. Residence Masonic Temple 3772J
Bennett, T. Residence 169 LeMarchant 2877
Bennett's Grocery   Gower 149
Benson, Capt. A. Residence 230 LeMarchant 3226M
Benson, Mrs. Allan Residence 26 Balsam 1802R
Benson, Mrs. B. Residence 105 St. Clare 3377W
Benson, Ches. Residence 280 Pennywell 802M
Benson, H. Residence Coronation 1191
Benson, Mrs. Jane Residence 120 St. Clare 3443M
Benson, S. Residence Pennywell 2017R
Benson, Mrs. Sandy Residence 146 Campbell 2141W
Benson, William Residence 75 Calver 2836R
Benson, W.J. Residence 7 York 2718W
Benson, Mrs. Wesley Residence 55 Campbell 3442W
Bentley, Mrs. D. Residence 23 Power 2734R
Berrigan, E.J. Residence 115 Theatre 648J
Berrigan, E.J. Summer Residence Portugal Cove Road 2297W
Berrigan, Pat Residence 47 Monkstown 3950R
Berrigan's Service Station   109 Theatre 520
Berteau, Mrs. N.V. Residence Torbay Road 3789
Bertha's Beauty Parlour   79 Gower 380
Bert's Confectionary   183 Pleasant 4045
Best, Mrs. Benjamin Residence 21 McNeil 507R
Best, Clarence Residence 178 Blackmarsh 579M
Best, Earl Residence Robinson's Hill 3940M
Best, F.E. Motor Accessories Ltd.   Waldegrave 1213
Best, Fred Residence Cornwall 3313M
Best, Harold Residence 210 New Gower 1085M
Best, J. Residence 26A Monkstown 2830M
Best, Seebert Residence 65 Power 1211M
Best, Stanley Residence 11 Cashin 2331M
Bethesda Mission   108 New Gower 2612J
Bevan, Mrs. Anna Residence 87 Cabot 1898J
Biddiscombe, George Residence Kenny's Pond 1127R
Bignell, John Residence 24 Mt. Royal 3388M
Billiard, J.W. Trucking Water E 976
Billard, Mac Residence 37 Cook 1375W
Billard, Norman Residence 83 Aldershot 2857W
Bindon, Mrs. James [Residence?] 2 Barnes 1108R
Bindon, W. Residence 12 Cook 3195M
Bird, Mrs. William Residence 39 Suvla 3470J
Birmingham, Edward Residence 39 McKay 1267J
Birmingham, J. Residence 47 John 2610J
B.I.S. Club Rooms   St. Patrick Hall 141
Bishop, A. Residence 30 Prince of Wales 3212R
Bishop, Dr. Alex Residence Cowan 1859
Bishop, Mrs. C. Residence 147 Craigmillar 880J
Bishop, D.C. Plumber 127 New Gower 1317
Bishop, D.C. Residence 3 Atlantic 1356
Bishop, Miss E. Residence 134 Patrick 832J
Bishop Feild College   Bond 21
Bishop, Fred Residence 89 St. Clare 3377J
Bishop, Mrs. G. Residence 39 Brazil 2656M
Bishop, George, Mason Residence 156 Gower 2726W
Bishop, H. Residence 69A Southside East 2765W
Bishop, H. Residence 71 Harvey 3159R
Bishop, Mrs. H. Residence 21 Duggan 3067R
Bishop, Mrs. H.A. Residence Circular 1369M
Bishop, I.J. Residence 162 Military 2234R
Bishop, James Residence 20 McKay 3961M
Bishop, Jacob Residence 97 St. Clare 3385M
Bishop, Jacob Residence 14 Power 2732R
Bishop, John Residence 48 Pennywell 1641R
Bishop, Mrs. John Residence 24 Victoria 3947W
Bishop Jones Memorial Hostel   Rennie's Mill 665
Bishop, Mrs. Joseph Residence 47 Feild 3303J
Bishop, Mrs. L. Residence 45 Brazil 2658R
Bishop, Mrs. L. The Dress Shoppe 37 Prescott 3869
Bishop, Mrs. M. Residence 31 Cochrane 2311W
Bishop, Samuel Residence 26 Gear 3279W
Bishop, Samuel Residence 114 St. Clare 3176W
Bishop Spencer College   Bond 1296
Bishop, W. Residence 7 Cummings 3466W
Bishop, W. Residence 6 Queen's 3068W
Bishop, Walter Residence 14 Gear 3279W
Bishop, William Residence 12 Dick's 2479R
Bishop's Cove Truck Stand   Water 1192
Blackburn, Supt. Harold Residence 35 Maxse 4017
Blackie, Mrs. J. Residence 2 Ordnance 951W
Blackler, Dr. A.W.J. Surgery and Residence 25 Military 730
Blackmore, F.M. Residence 17 Leslie 2523J
Blackmore, H. Residence Portugal Cove Road 1865W
Blackwood, E.C. Residence 35 Morris 3981M
Blackwood, Capt. Job Residence 94 Patrick 4172
Blackwood, Mrs. John Residence 141 Casey 2683M
Blackwood, Mrs. Jordan Residence 245 Pennywell 1336J
Blackwood, Peter Residence Allandale 1693J
Blackwood, Walter Residence 71 Mayor 3277W
Blair, A.A. Residence Forest 1812W
Blair, F.L. Residence 158 Patrick 4117
Blandford, D. Residence 167 LeMarchant 3259J
Blandford, John B. Residence Waterford Bridge 3172J
Blandford, S. Residence 17 Franklyn 1825M
Blind, Canadian National Institute      
for the Blind of Newfoundland (Broom Factory) Military 1824
Blind, Canadian National Institute      
for the Blind of Newfoundland (Social Service Dept.) Military 3505
Blood Plasma Bank   Queen's 1542
Blount, Rev. C.R. Residence 25 Cook 1686M
Blue Puttee Ice Cream Parlour   Rawlins' Cross 1016
Blue Taxi Office   Post Office Sq. 2016
Blundell, Miss S. Residence 168 Hamilton 2619J
Blundon, Loyal Residence 289 Pennywell 2927M
Blundon, Peter Residence 75 Campbell 1290W
Blundon, W.J. Residence 9 Cook 3195W
Blyde, John Residence 59 Warbury 661R
Blyde, Mrs. John Residence 47 Fleming 313J
Blyde, Miss M. Residence 63 Merrymeeting 3017J
Board of Trade Board of Trade Building Water 692
Boden, Joseph Residence 27 Waldegrave 1624M
Boggan, J.F. Residence 23 York 2746M
Boggan, Mrs. R. Residence 139 Theatre 1944
Bolger, Miss Helen (House of Beauty) 67 Queen's 2003
Bolger, Miss Helen Residence 63 Hayward 1258J
Bolger, James Residence 8 Maxse 1561
Bolt, Rev. Canon Residence 1 Queen's 646
Bon Marche (R.E. Innes & Co.) Store Water 531
Bonnave, M., French Consul Residence 37 King's Bridge 878
Bond Street School   Bond 1400J
Bonia, Alphonse Residence 23 Freshwater 1466R
Bonnell, Edgar Residence 296 Pennywell 3399W
Bonnell, John Residence 213 Hamilton 3129W
Bonner, A.F. Residence 3 Cavell 3906R
Book Mark, The   Rawlins' Cross 2340
Boone, Gordon Residence 146 Patrick 1137J
Boone, Mrs. J. Residence 87 Bond 3085W
Boone, Miss Mary Residence 71 St. Clare 1857W
Boone, Mrs. William Residence New Gower 2676J
Boone, William J. Residence Mt. Scio 1987W
Boulos, Edward Residence 90 LeMarchant 2409J
Boulos, Michael Residence 590 Water 1753
Boundridge, J. Residence 3 John 2491M
Bourne, Capt. A. Residence 10 Mayor 2779M
Bourne, B.R. Residence 108 Pennywell 1924R
Bourne, Herbert Residence Torbay Rd. 2034R
Bourne, I. Residence First Ave 1151M
Bourne, J.B. Residence Torbay Rd. 2379M
Bourne, Mrs. Laura Residence 266 Hamilton 2702W
Bourne's Grocery   12 Pleasant 1909
Bowater's Nfld. Pulp &      
Paper Mills Ltd. (W. Angus Reid) Reid Bldg 601
Bowden, Mrs. Agnes Residence 34 Cook 945W
Bowden & Co. Printers   Boggan 182
Bowden, Chesley Residence Blatch 2179M
Bowden, George P. Mfrs. Agent 122-124 New Gower 571
Bowden, George P. Mfrs. Agent 122-124 New Gower 4007
Bowden, J.H. Residence 125 LeMarchant 2604W
Bowden, Mrs. M. Residence 105 Bond 1517J
Bowe, William Grocery 17 Allan 1032
Bowering, Isaac Residence Monroe 4178
Bowering, Mrs. Lester Residence 17 Bell 3863
Bowering, R. Residence Waterford Bridge 2496W
Bowman, William Residence 59 New Gower 1763
Bown, N. Residence 5 Job 563J
Bowring Brothers Limited Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   1870
  Night & Holiday Connections:    
    General Office   1870,1876,1877
    Private Office   1871
    Grocery Department   1872
    Watch House   1873
    Drygoods Department   1874
  Direct Connections:    
    Grocery Department   345
    Hardware Department   299
    Provision Store   1171
    Plumbing & Heating Department   312
    Special Sales Department   312
    (W.J. Richards)    
    If above lines busy, call   1870
    Tug "American"    
    At Northside Premises   1875
  Upper Southside Premises (Mudge's):    
    Office   1070W
    John J. Kelly, Residence   1070R
  Lower Southside Premises:    
    Office   459W
    Charles E. Snow, Residence   459R
    Marine Superintendant    
    William A. McGettigan,    
    Office (Mudge's)   2019
Bowring, Derrick Residence 78 Cochrane 1042
Bowring, Eric A. Representative Ministry of    
  Transport of the United Kingdom Water 1870
Bowring, Eric A. Residence 24 King's Bridge 488
Bowring Park   Waterford Bridge 4444
Brace, Sergt. E. Residence 7 Victoria 2655M
Bradbrook, J.A. Residence 36 Belvedere 2919J
Bradbury, Arch Residence 183 Freshwater 2135W
Bradbury, H.W. Residence 205 Pleasant 3265J
Bradbury, Jas. Residence 39 Pennywell 1641J
Bradbury, Mrs. L. (Nurse)   108 Springdale 2608J
Bradbury, Mrs. L. (Nurse)   2 Carnell 2685
Bradbury, Mrs. M. Residence Head Mundy Pond 2772J
Bradbury, Robert   72 Pennywell 1643J
Bradbury, T. Grocery New Gower 2209
Bradbury's Grocery   Southside W. 117
Bradley, A. Residence 60 Golf 3395R
Bradley, Andrew Residence Waterford Bridge 3172M
Bradley, George Residence 55 Franklyn 3214W
Bradley, Harold S. Residence 132 Merrymeeting 1621M
Bradley, K. Residence 199 Gower 30
Bradley, L. Residence 105 Merrymeeting 3031M
Bradshaw, F.W. Commission Merchant Bell 356
Bradshaw, F.W. Residence 57 Military 1397
Bradshaw, Fred L. Residence 61 Military 999
Bradshaw, James M. Office Duckworth 1
Brady, F. Residence 21 Spencer 3354J
Bragg, Mrs. C. Residence Portugal Cove Road 3409W
Bragg, Chas. Residence 59 Calver 2481W
Bragg, Lieut. F.H. Residence 5 Kenna's Hill 3732W
Bragg, W. Residence 43 Long's 3021M
Brake, J.E. Residence 227 Craigmillar 3132W
Brake, R. Residence 203 Craigmillar 3256M
Bray, M.G. Residence Southside W. 3125W
Brazil, F.A. Residence 17 Prospect 886W
Brazil, Chief Skipper James Residence 25 Waldegrave 138M
Brazil, L. Residence 168 Bradbury 2758
Breen, Miss Catherine Residence 145 Pleasant 2710W
Breen, Mrs. Edward Residence 69 Freshwater 1604J
Breen, John Residence Topsail Rd 2284M
Breen, Jerry Residence 18 Atlantic 2833M
Breen, Mrs. Mary Residence 45 Flower 3977W
Breen, Miss Moira, R.N.   153 Casey 1574M
Breen, Mrs. P. Residence 81 Lime 2258J
Breen, Mrs. Thos. Residence 369 Water 934W
Breen, William Residence 29 Angel Place 1361M
Breen, William Residence 9 College 2790
Brehm, Mrs. R.A. Residence First Ave 15
Bremmer, Miss Mary Mackenzie Residence 125 Military 3091
Brennan, Hugh Residence 136 Theatre 3336M
Brennan, John Residence Topsail Rd 3448W
Brennan, Const. M. Residence Torbay Rd 1127J
Brennan, Mrs. N. Residence 12 Bell 1748J
Brennan, Const. Phil. Residence 8 Bulley 2576W
Brennan, S. Residence 8 Coronation 819R
Brennan, W.P. Residence 126 New Gower 487
Brett, Don. B. Mfrs. Agent 17 Gower 3249
Brett, H.R. Residence 233 Pennywell 3933J
Brett, L.J. Residence 3 Forest 4187
Brewer, Thos. Residence 98 Blackmarsh 3207J
Bridden, J.T. Residence 4 Cook's Hill 2260M
Bride, Rev. Fr. T.J. Residence Mt. Cashel 56
Bridger, Miss Effie Residence 9 Carew 1025M
Bridle, Paul A. Residence Bonaventure 1312
Brien, P. Residence 165 Southside 2697M
Brien, Patrick Residence Kilbride 2492R
Bright, Mrs. B. Residence 30 Colonial 2032W
Bright Star Restaurant   382 Duckworth 922
Brinston, Mrs. A. Residence 122 Casey 805M
Brinton, Rev. J. Residence Cathedral 1540
British American Oil Co. Ltd., The   Water 1607
British American Novelty Shoppe Murphy and Radford 25 Freshwater 4167
British Import Co., Ltd., The General Office and Warerooms   894
British Import Co., Ltd., The C.J. Grant, Mgr. Water 2457
British Overseas Airways Office Hours   3062
  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays   3063
  10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays   2400
Britton, J.C. Residence 30 Monkstown 170
Broadcasting Corporation of Nfld.   Newfoundland Hotel 1047
Broadcasting Corporation of Nfld. Station Manager Nfld. Hotel 4075
Broadway Store Ltd.   97 Carter's 3050
Broadway Store Ltd.   97 Carter's 3051
Brocklehurst, F.J. Residence 5 Howe Place 2797J
Brocklehurst, Miss Lillian Residence 150 Gower 670R
Broderick, William Residence 20 Holloway 2494J
Brookes, H.R. Residence Waterford Bridge 1372
Brookes, Capt. Lewis Residence 163 Patrick 2711M
Brookfield Ice Cream Ltd. Office LeMarchant 2312
Brookfield Ice Cream Ltd.   LeMarchant 2313
Brookfield Ice Cream Ltd.   LeMarchant 2317
Bromley, Patrick Residence 28 Coronation 3337R
Bromo-Seltzer Agency   Water 917
Brophy, Edward Residence 65 Prescott 3083M
Brophy, H.J. Residence 38 Signal Hill 452
Brophy, Mrs. Steve Residence Battery 3204R
Brown, Mrs. A. Residence 14 Boulevard 3735J
Brown, Al Grocery 9 Charlton 3675
Brown, Arlington Residence Liverpool 2860J
Brown, Charles Brownsdale Hotel New Gower 1195
Brown, Mrs. C.F. Residence 196 LeMarchant 3251W
Brown, Major Chesley, S.A. Residence Freshwater 1615R
Brown, George Residence 66 Golf 3395J
Brown, George Residence 72 Fleming 3239W
Brown, George Residence 145 Duckworth 599J
Brown, G.W. Residence 165 LeMarchant 3259R
Brown, Miss H. Residence 17 Hayward 1609J
Brown, Mrs. H. Residence 93 LeMarchant 1663W
Brown, Harold Residence 109 Carter's 492W
Brown, Mrs. Harold A. Residence Portugal Cove Road 2389R
Brown, Mrs. Jeanette Residence 69 Calvert 2841M
Brown, Mrs. J. Residence 1 Colonial 1196R
Brown, Mrs. James Residence 16 Wood 2623W
Brown. J.M. Grocer Cross Roads 1040
Brown, J.M. Grocer Cross Roads 2792
Brown, Mrs. J.M. Residence "Brookfield" Cross Roads 2704J
Brown, Joe Residence 53 Gower 1196J
Brown, Joe Residence 24 Hutchings 2669???
Brown, John S. Residence 11 Bulley 3928???
Brown, Leo Residence 50 Fleming 3846
Brown, Mrs. Neville Residence 28 Belvedere 752???
Brown, Owen Residence 22 McDougall 1243J
Brown, Mrs. Philip Residence 56 Belvedere 3905???
Brown, R.A. Residence 12 Cavell 3569???
Brown, R.B. Residence 34 Bonaventure 3427
Brown, R.G. Residence 6 Coleman Place 1313???
Brown, Reg Service Station King's 1435
Brown, Mrs. Reg Residence Rennie's Mill 2282???
Brown, Mrs. R.J. Residence 24 Goodview 913J
Brown, Thomas Residence 10 Lime 3100R
Brown, Thomas Residence Suez 3045W
Brown, Thomas B. Residence 13 Waterford Bridge 502R
Brown, Miss Victoria Residence 106 Casey 2614R
Brown, W. Anson Residence 176 Pennywell 3766
Brown, Wilfred Grocery 72 Allandale 3767
Browne, J.T. Residence 4 Mayor 3024M
Browne, Noel P. Residence Southside 2883
Browne, Mrs. S. Residence 50 Richmond 2636J
Browne, Judge, W.J., K.C. Residence Rennie's Mill 895
Browne, Judge, W.J., K.C. Private Office Court House 3628
Browne Taxi   Water W. 3471
Browne, W.J. Office Water 2843
Browning-Harvey Ltd. West End Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting all Departments   3040
  Night and Holiday Calls, West   3041
  Night and Holiday Calls, East   3042
Brownrigg, G. Office Barter's Hill 977
Brownrigg, G. Residence 56 Leslie 81
Brownrigg, Dr. G Residence and Surgery 47 Queen's 786
Brownrigg, H.J. Residence 4 Patrick 69
Brownrigg, Thomas R. Residence 14 Hamilton 510
Bruce, Francis Residence 17 New Gower 1578J
Bruce, M. Residence Southside 2926M
Bruff, Mrs. L. Residence 117 Patrick 2715M
Brushett, Mrs. B. Residence 18 Angel Place 2553M
Brushett, John Residence 25 Morris 3967W
Bryant, Chesley Residence 56 Golf 3488M
Bryant, H. Residence 54 Golf 2224J
B.T. Taxi Office Ted Neville, Prop. LeMarchant 212
Buchanan, Mrs. Lillian Residence 9 Tessier 3714M
Buchanan, Miss M. Residence 20 Goodview 913R
Buck, Mrs. M.F. Residence Cr. Brazil 2656J
Buckingham, H. Residence 41 Cochrane 2426W
Buckingham, Mrs. Jas. J. Residence Waterford Bridge 2575
Buckle, Mrs. G. Residence Kenna's 1173M
Buckley, E. J. Residence 113 Quidi Vidi 842M
Buckley, Mrs. Leo Residence 22 Balsam 1022
Buckley, Mrs. R. Residence 57 Gower 2824J
Buckley, Ron Residence 3 Barnes' Place 3435J
Budden, George Residence 195 Pennywell 1633
Budden, George Grocer Pennywell 4125
Budden, H. Residence 168 St. Clare 2018W
Budgen, A. Residence 6 Bell 1166R
Bugden, Andrew   Thorburn 2834R
Bugden, E.R. Residence 21 Mayor 2914J
Bugden, Mrs. F. Residence 82 Carter's 2506W
Bugden, Harry Residence Cr. LeMarchant 583
Bugden, John R. Residence 8 Freshwater 3008W
Bugden, Monroe Residence 51 Pennywell 3140W
Budgen, Neville Residence Hamilton 2100
Bugden, Neville, Ltd. Meat Market 798 Water 800
Bugden, Neville Ltd. Meat Market 798 Water 3743
Building Supplies, Ltd.   Richmond 3086
Bulger, Mrs. M. Store 64 King's Bridge 4126
Bulger, Miss R. Residence 41 Cook 3304J
Bulger, Wm. Residence 61 Barter's 3276R
Bulley, Arthur Residence 5 Bell 818
Bulley, Arthur Office Water 1177
Burden, Capt. Eugene Residence 102 Freshwater 3165R
Burden, Dr. F.W. Res. & Surgery 333 Duckworth 733
Burden, Geo. Residence 44 Cornwall 2988W
Burden, Gilbert Residence 168 Merrymeeting 324
Burden, Harold Residence Empire 3399J
Burdock, W. Residence 79 Bond 3069W
Burfitt's Drug Store   206 New Gower 1635
Burgess, Capt. Albert Residence 14 Pleasant 3970R
Bugess Bros. Cabs   63 Duckworth 1212
Burgess, Harry Residence Prince of Wales 146
Burgess, Jimmie Residence 14 Pleasant 1219
Burgess, John Residence 10 Blatch 2223M
Burgess, Miss Louise Residence 11 Gilbert 2589W
Burgess, R. Residence 47 Golf 3617
Burke, Mrs. Catherine Residence 47 Patrick 896J
Burke, Dan Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2389W
Burke, H.A. Residence 67 Prince of Wales 1627W
Burke, Mrs. J.P. Residence 30 Barnes' 1347W
Burke, Capt. Mark Residence 41 Monkstown 1418J
Burke, Martin Residence 4 Pilot's Hill 1297R
Burke, Thos. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1334W
Burke, Dr. V.P. Residence 38 Bonaventure 343
Burley, Frank Residence 211 Hamilton 3190W
Burling, Geo. S. Residence Southside W. 2699J
Burnell, D.G. Residence 77 Freshwater 3271
Burnell, E.J. Residence Topsail Rd 2528W
Burridge, Cecil Residence Rd. Le Luxe 2876R
Burridge, Cecil Residence 229 Southside 2926J
Burridge, Ernest Residence 377 Southside 2574
Burridge, F. Residence Cornwall 1984M
Burridge, H.J. Residence 3 Bradbury 2965J
Burry, Arthur Residence Mt. Pearl Park 3945W
Burry, Mrs. Bertha Residence 7 Brazil 2566J
Burry, D. Residence 42 McFarlane 3136R
Burry J. Residence 5 Prospect 1471J
Burry, Lewis Residence 24 Campbell 1509J
Burry, Mrs. P. Residence 10 Pleasant 1328M
Burry, R. Residence 38 Cashin 2331J
Burry, Miss Stella Residence Golf 3907M
Burry, Mrs. W. Residence 63 Brazil 2657R
Bursell, S. Residence 23 Springdale 1085J
Bursell, S.E. Residence 74 LeMarchant 1433J
Bursey, E. Residence 226 Hamilton 2766
Bursey, F. Residence Allandale 2060W
Bursey, Fred, Jr. Residence 39 Brazil 2614W
Bursey, Mrs. J.M. Residence 11 Bell 1138R
Bursey, L. Residence 8 Fitzpatrick 2805J
Bursey, M.B. Residence Waterford Bridge 1697M
Bursey, R. Residence Southside 3380W
Bursey, Robert Residence 26 Mullock 1776J
Bursey, S.L. Residence Freshwater 1978W
Bursey, W. Residence 43 Cornwall 1917M
Bursey, W.J. Residence 71 Freshwater 543R
Bursey, Mrs. W.H. Residence 35 Prescott 1845M
Bursey, W.J. Residence 104 Barnes' 2767W
Bursey, Wm. J. Residence 5 Carter's 3013W
Burt, Miss Frances Residence Forest 580M
Burt, Fred Residence Battery 847R
Burt, Mrs. Harold Residence Top Battery 3204W
Burt, H.N. Residence 59 Hayward 425
Burton, A.J. Residence 2 Pennywell 1175M
Burton, Mrs. Emma Residence 1 Voy's Lane 3264J
Burton, F. Residence Oxen Pond 3174J
Burton, Harold Residence 25 Long 2987M
Burton, Miss I. Residence Craigmillar 2960W
Burton, Mrs. John Residence 81 Carter's 2793R
Burton, T.J. Residence 10 William 1592W
Burton, V. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2291R
Burton, W. Residence 109 Craigmillar 3132M
Burton, W. Residence Torbay Rd 2379W
Bussell, Miss J. Residence 119 Bond 2924R
Bussey, H.G. Residence 174 Duckworth 3825
Bussey, Mrs. John Residence 64 Pleasant 1832???
Bussey, Ken Residence 120 Duckworth 3301???
Butcher, E. Residence 4 Cabot Row 1965???
Butler, A. Residence 42 McKay 2508???
Butler, A. Residence 58 Lime 2258???
Butler, A.E. Residence 76 Calver 2984???
Butler, Abner Residence 52 Prescott 3084???
Butler, Bert Residence 11 Campbell 3224???
Butler, Mrs. Bertha a [sic] 19 Mayor 3023???
Butler Bros. Typewriters and Scales Etc. 161 Water 1023
Butler, Mrs. C. Residence 17 Young 436
Butler, Charles N. Residence 36 Richmond 2367???
Butler, Ches. Residence Rennie's Mill 1419???
Butler, Ches. Residence Cornwall 2462???
Butler, C.O. Office Confederation Life   1283
Butler, C.O. Residence 164 LeMarchant 1783
Butler, C.V. Residence 96 Cabot 2816???
Butler, D., Butler Bros. Residence LeMarchant 2963
Butler, David L. Residence Winter 2408
Butler, Mrs. E. Residence Cookstown 3714???
Butler, E.T. Residence 68 Spencer 1939???
Butler, Mrs. Emily Residence 24 Monroe 1673???
Butler, Eric Residence 6A Raleigh 1311???
Butler, Fred Residence 249 Pennywell 1336???
Butler, Geo. A. Residence 156 Pleasant 3265???
Butler, Gordon & Co., Ltd. Butler Bldg Adelaide 1503
Butler, Gordon & Co., Ltd. Butler Bldg Adelaide 1504
Butler, Gordon Residence 121 Merrymeeting 4047
Butler, Mrs. H. Residence 32 Franklyn 3283???
Butler, H.A. Residence 15 Parade 3049???
Butler, Mrs. J. Residence 54 Pennywell 2274J
Butler, Mrs. J. Residence 190 Merrymeeting 1998???
Butler, J. Boyd Residence 144 Casey 867
Butler, J. Boyd Mfrs.' Agent Morris Bldg 1915
Butler, James Residence 123 St. Clare 1029???
Butler, Mrs. J.C. Residence Beaumont W. 3216???
Butler, J.E. Residence 250 LeMarchant 3222???
Butler, J.G. Residence 343 Hamilton 2636???
Butler, J.L. Residence 98 Freshwater 4118
Butler, John Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1334J
Butler, Mrs. John Residence 91 New Gower 3324J
Butler, Mrs. Lillian Residence Queen's 4051
Butler, Mrs. Michael Residence 217 Craigmillar 3235???
Butler, R. Mason Cont. Office 11 Mayor 3984???
Butler, Simon Residence 170 LeMarchant 3255J
Butler, T. Residence 102 Springdale 2608???
Butler, T.F. Residence 93 Pennywell 1628W
Butler, Mrs. Thos. Residence Mt. Cashel 3903R
Butler, Thomas G. (Butler Bros.) Residence Topsail Rd 3321
Butler, Const. W. Residence 78 Calver 3932M
Butler, W.E. Store 74 Goodridge 1360
Butler's Grocery   86 Barter's 2777
Butt, A.B. Residence Cowan 2704R
Butt, C.H. Residence Masonic Terrace 1970
Butt, Mrs. E. Residence Stamp's Lane 3930J
Butt, E.T. Residence 84 Flower 3298M
Butt, Mrs. Fred Residence Mayor 3199M
Butt, Mrs. George Residence 97 Forest 3824
Butt, Harvey, P. Residence Forest 899W
Butt, Henry Residence Stamp's Lane 1995R
Butt, Stanley Residence 129 Gower 2958M
Butt, Capt. Thos. Residence 123 Pennywell 1627R
Butt, W.F. Residence 103 LeMarchant 1789
Butt, W.H. Residence Raleigh 1311W
Butt, Mrs. W.J. Residence 16 Holloway 2494R
Butterfly Tea Room   422 Water 385
Butterworth, C.H. Residence Duckworth 181
Butterworth, Mrs. Geo. Residence 5 Beaumont 1370J
Button, Dr. C., V.S. Residence Freshwater 3396W
Button, Jacob, Pilot Residence 40 Charlton 2563R
Button, John Grocery 154 Merrymeeting 1053
Button, Miss M. Residence 5 Fleming 1965J
Byrd, Andrew Residence Forest 3958M
Byrne, Miss A.   55 Prescott 3081R
Byrne, Mrs. A. Residence 50 Carter's 3012R
Byrne, Mrs. C. Residence 50 Alexander 3411M
Byrne, Mrs. Edward Residence 4 Duggan 3115J
Byrne, Mrs. G. Residence 33 Topsail Rd 2169J
Byrne, J. Residence 43 Quidi Vidi 1822J
Byrne, J.J. Residence 158 Theatre 4097
Byrne, Mrs. J.J. Residence 21 Queen's 1064J
Byrne, John Residence 14 Sudbury 2370M
Byrne, John Residence 51 Mayor 2228M
Byrne, John Residence Torbay Rd 1377M
Byrne, Mrs. Monica Store Cross Roads 4400
Byrne, Mrs. Nellie Residence 23 Mullock 2145R
Byrne, Mrs. P. Residence 64 Freshwater 1528J
Byrne, Ron Residence 8 Golf 2970M
Byrne, T.J. Residence Robinson's Hill 1545W
Byrne, Wm. Residence 54 Victoria 3478J
Byrne's Grocery Store   52 Alexander 3252

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (February 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2003)

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