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Tel #
Mackey, J.M. Residence 1 Signal Hill 3353W
Mackey, Mrs. M. Residence 27 Hayward 2572R
Mackey, Peter Residence Waterford Bridge 2492M
Mackey, William Residence 52 Barnes' 1464M
Macklin, G.W. Residence 9 Macklin Place 2512J
Macklin, Rupert C. Residence 221 Hamilton 4148
Madden, Mrs. John Residence Southside 2245J
Madden, Mrs. Joseph Residence 101 Hamilton 2637J
Madden, L.R. Store 719 Water 1746
Madden, Mrs. Paul Residence 359 Southside 862J
Madden, Samuel Residence 486 Southside 1224R
Maddick, H.M. Residence 10 Freshwater 2185R
Maddigan, Jerome Residence 23 Craigmillar 3235J
Maddigan, John Residence 40 Leslie 2157
Maddigan, Michael Residence Fleming 313M
Maddigan, Patrick Residence Leslie 2514M
Maddock, H.J. Residence 178 Patrick 1646J
Maddox, Tom Residence 63 Aldershot 2856R
Maher, Dr. B.J. Residence & Surgery 14 Cathedral 3753
Maher, Mrs. Cyril Residence 39 New Cove Rd 2354R
Maher, E. Residence 20 Rankin 2984M
Maher, Frank Residence 50 Prescott 3878
Maher, Frank Residence 38 Prince of Wales 2073J
Maher, Fred Residence 478 Water 3045J
Maher, James Residence 29 Barnes' 1358J
Maher, James Residence 53 Long's 1726J
Maher, James Residence 111 Patrick 2729M
Maher, Mrs. J.J. Residence 11 Garrison Hill 76
Maher, Miss Olive Residence 100 New Gower 3324R
Maher, Miss Peggy Residence New Portugal Cove Rd 1455R
Maher, Peter J., C.L.U. Office North American Life Board of Trade Bldg 3236
Maher, Peter J. Residence 165 Military 2044R
Maher, R. Tinsmith Duckworth 3842
Maher, Mrs. S.B. Residence 7 King's 1735W
Maher, William Residence 48 Brazil 127W
Maher, William Residence 25 Plymouth 2802W
Maher, W.J. Residence 50 Long's 2205M
Mahon, Mrs. A. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1724R
Mahon, Mrs. Richard Residence 21 William 1953W
Mahoney, J.J. Residence Waterford Bridge 186
Mahoney, Leo Residence 10 Barnes' 3435M
Mahoney, Patrick Residence 93 Monkstown 2327R
Mahoney, Mrs. T. Tea Rooms Queen's 3829
Maidment, R.E. Residence 203 Freshwater 2135J
Maidment, R.G. Residence Hamilton 1429J
Majestic Theatre   Duckworth 3715
Mallam, Dr. G.E. Dentist 3 Churchill Hill 1650
Mallam, Dr. G.E. Residence 78 Circular 1851
Mallard, Mrs. John Residence 4 Lime 764R
Malone, Mrs. A. Residence 41 Adelaide 3231R
Malone, Mrs. G. Residence 52 Colonial 2823J
Malone, Ken Residence 122 Theatre 1708J
Malone, Mrs. M. Residence 147 Gower 879M
Malone, Michael Residence 1 Kenna's 2364M
Malone, M.J. Residence 110 Pleasant 3173J
Malone, Mrs. T.J. Residence New Gower 676J
Malone, W.J. Residence 32 Monroe 1673W
Malone's Grocery   199 New Gower 822
Maloney, B. Store 183 Pleasant 4045
Maloney, C. Residence 11 Cashin 303J
Maloney, Mrs. E. Residence 75 Patrick 1820W
Maloney, Mrs. Thomas Residence 2 Lyon's Sq. 1725W
Maloney, W.J. Residence 190 Gower 2158J
Mammy's Bakery   Prince of Wales 1551
Mandarin Coffee Shop   143 New Gower 511
Mann, John Residence 56 Freshwater 543J
Manning, M. Residence 170 Gower 349J
Manning, Patrick Residence Blackmarsh 3936R
Manning & Rabbits Printing Office Prescott 270
Manning, T. Residence 54 Freshwater 1604M
Manning, Thos. J. Residence 72 Barnes' 952J
Manning, Valentine Residence 11 Long 2987M
Mansfield, Miss Monnie G. Residence 192 Gower 3137J
Mansfield, Mrs. P.F. Residence 253 Southside 3538R
Manston, H. Residence Cornwall 2238W
Manston, William Residence 263 LeMarchant 3230R
Manuel, G.C. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1621M
Manuel, Stewart Residence 111 Craigmillar 3935W
Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. R.J. MacKinnon, Manager 197 Water 172
Maple House T.M. Smith, Prop.    
  Residence 11 Brazil 3088
March, Miss A. Residence Circular 1373
March, Act. Sargt. H.J. Residence 33 Cookstown 3107J
March, Major J.W. Residence 4 Kimberley Row 1062
March, Major J.W. Office Water 9
March, R.G. Residence St. Clare 1712R
March, W.W. Residence 109 Patrick 2729W
Marett, E.R> Residence Carpasian 6
Marguerite Beauty Parlor   4 Prescott 198
Marie Louise Beauty Salon, The   582 Water 3872
Marine Agencies, Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Depts.   1795
  Private Office   1638
Marine Ironworks, Ltd.   449 Water 1185
Maritime Life Assurance Co. (C.W. Puddister, Manager)    
      Office 170 Water 1797
Markey, A.J. Residence 136 Duckworth 2548J
Marks, Mrs. Emma Residence 129 Campbell 152R
Marry, Mrs. Hugh J., Nurse Residence 33 Pennywell 1105
Marsh, A. Residence Southside 2699R
Marshall, Alex Residence Robinson's Hill 620
Marshall, Cyril F. Residence 12 Victoria 4139
Marshall, Derek Residence 58 Monkstown 1449M
Marshall, Mrs. Elizabeth Residence 197 Gower 2910
Marshall, Frank Residence 190 LeMarchant 2113
Marshall, Fred Residence 12 Victoria 3232
Marshall, H.H., Ltd. Wholesale News Dealers Duckworth 1389
Marshall, Mrs. J.C. Residence Rennie's Mill 1620W
Marshall, John W. Residence Mount Scio 1584J
Marshall, John W. Residence 101 Quidi Vidi 1231W
Marshall, Dr. K.H.A. Residence & Surgery 277 Duckworth 1529
Marshall, Leslie Residence Winter Place 104
Marshall, Mrs. M. Residence 71 King's 2123W
Marshall Motors, Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
     Connecting All Depts.   1308
     Gas and Service Office   1308
     General Office   1309
     Director of Service    
         (Frank Marshall)   3822
Marshall Studio   Military 3111
Marshall Studios, Ltd. (The Holloway Studio) Cor. Bates Hill & Henry 768
Marshall, T. Hunter Residence 32 Coronation 3337W
Marshall, W. Residence Cornwall 2953M
Marshall, Walter M. Residence Queen's 640
Martin, Alfred Residence Hamilton 2627M
Martin, Mrs. Annie Residence 30 Barter's 3124W
Martin, Mrs. B. Residence 10 Quidi Vidi 2801M
Martin, Cecil Residence 11 Raleigh 2391R
Martin, Mrs. Charles Residence 131 LeMarchant 2178J
Martin, Charles E. Residence 60 Barter's 3276M
Martin, Mrs. C.J. Residence 18 Holloway 806M
Martin, Dan Residence 46 Springdale 2595M
Martin, E. Residence 28 Winter 1659J
Martin, Const. E. Residence 33 Mt. Royal 3378W
Martin, Edward Residence 302 Hamilton 1306R
Martin, Edward A. Residence 166 Pleasant 3312R
Martin, Elisha Residence 189 LeMarchant 3254J
Martin, Major E.L. Residence Forest 285
Martin, Eric Residence Mount Pearl Park 3945R
Martin, F. Residence 291 LeMarchant 2753W
Martin, F.W. Residence 48 St. Clare 947M
Martin, Mrs. Florence Residence 32 Mayor 332R
Martin, Florence M. Residence 11 Prince of Wales 3280W
Martin, G. Residence Walsh's Sq. 1043M
Martin, G.R. Office, North American Life Duckworth 3236
Martin, G.R. Residence Circular 4195
Martin, George Residence 58 Spencer 3169W
Martin, George F. Residence Mount Royal 3034
Martin, George Residence 50 Barter's 1692M
Martin, Graham Residence 155 Hamilton 1472W
Martin, H. Residence 80 Lime 2861R
Martin, Mrs. H. Residence 45 Cookstown 3220M
Martin, Herbert Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3120M
Martin, Herbert Residence White Hills 1165M
Martin, Fire Const. Hugh Residence 52 King's Bridge 3925R
Martin, Const. J. Residence 89 Allandale 939W
Martin, J. Residence 38 William 1953M
Martin, James J. Store Casey 2081
Martin, J.M. Residence 110 Springdale 3358M
Martin, M.E. Residence 70 Freshwater 1061
Martin, R. Residence 52 Avalon Terrace 3349R
Martin, R.F. Residence 325 LeMarchant 3189W
Martin Royal Stores Hardward      
    Co. Ltd.   Water 4026
Martin Royal Stores Hardward      
    Co. Ltd.   Water 4027
Martin Royal Stores Hardward      
    Co. Ltd.   Water 4028
Martin, Thomas Residence 21 Young 2452J
Martin, Mrs. T.J. Residence 15 New Cove Rd 2323J
Martin, W.J. Residence Fleming 1965M
Martin, Wm. Residence 61 New Gower 2791J
Martin, Wm. Residence 33 Victoria 3478R
Martin, Wm. Residence 11 Livingstone 2976M
Martin, W.R. Residence Carpasian 218W
Martin's Cycle Shop   124 Duckworth 4001
Martin's Cycle Store Ron Martin, Prop. Top Lime 695
Martin's Cycle Store Ron Martin, Prop. Top Lime 695
Martin's, J.T. Undertakers 38 New Gower 489
Mason, Mrs. J. Residence 24A Mill Bridge 3355W
Masonic Club   Cathedral 52
Mathieson, D. Residence 3 Avalone Terrace 3186J
Matthews, Mrs. A.E. Residence 44 Barnes' 1464R
Matthews, Chas. Residence Blackmarsh 2678W
Matthews, Esau Residence 1 Spruce 3415J
Matthews, George H. Residence 127 St. Clare 3443W
Matthews, H. Residence First Ave 390W
Matthews, Mrs. Norman Residence 75 Flower 1601R
Matthews, Ralph Residence Robinson's Hill 1244M
Matthews, Mrs. T. Residence 19 Morris 2068J
Maunder, Miss B. Residence Forest 829R
Maunder, E. Residence 4 Forest 1374W
Maunder, Fred Residence 101 King's 1893W
Maunder, H.T. Residence 61 Springdale 2898M
Maunder, John Tailor 335-337 Duckworth 403
Maunder, Ralph Residence Forest 1532J
Maunder, Robert S. Residence 25 Mayor 3023M
Maunder, S.G. Residence 27 Beaumont 3216W
Maunder, T. Residence 5 Gower 3974W
Mawer, Mrs. E. Residence 23 Prescott 870M
May, J. Residence 7 Livingstone 2968J
May, Mrs. L. Residence Quidi Vidi 2028J
Mayfair Tea Rooms, The   297 Water 4181
Maynard, Mrs. D. Residence 63 Harvey 2497W
Maynard, Philip Commission Agent Water 2851
Maypole Grocery   St. Clare 3414
Mead, Mrs. G.W. Residence 51 Prince of Wales 1562R
Meaden, Rev. Canon, J.A. Residence Empire 1369W
Meades, Dan Residence Freshwater 2290J
Meades, J. Residence 12 Boncloddy 1644M
Meadus, Elizabeth Residence 257 Southside 2750J
Meadus, H.T. Residence 192 Hamilton 342W
Meadus, J. Residence 7 John 2491W
Meadus, Mrs. R. Residence 17 Hutchings 2832R
Meadus, Ralph Residence 37 Prescott 3087J
Meaney, Basil Residence 74 Flower 1629M
Meaney, Mrs. James Residence 711 Water 2539W
Meaney, J.J. Residence 720 Water 3267J
Meaney, R. Residence 17 Victoria 2911W
Meaney, Ted Residence 40 Bonaventure 1050
Meehan, Mrs. Charles Residence 39 Prescott 861
Meehan & Co.   Water 556
Meehan, Mrs. Gertrude Residence 22 Wood 2623M
Meehan, J.F. Residence 22 Gower 1198J
Meehan, Miss M.H. Residence 17 Garrison 1973R
Megann, J.E. Residence Masonic Terrace 3431R
Melendy, Eli Residence 16 Cashin 3797J
Melvin, J.H. Residence 480 Water 1355R
Memorial University College Professor Hatcher, President Merrymeeting 3749
Memorial University College   Merrymeeting 2027
Memorial University College Students' Rep. Council Merrymeeting 2205W
Memorial University College Ladies' and Men's Common    
      Rooms Merrymeeting 2205R
Mend-It Stores   82 George 4020
Menzies, K.J. Residence Waterford Bridge 2498
Mercer, A. Residence 9 Campbell 3223R
Mercer, Mrs. A. Residence Richmond 2521J
Mercer, Bert Residence 83 Springdale 628J
Mercer, C. Residence Collier's Lane 3887
Mercer, Mrs. C. Residence 65 Cochrane 2070J
Mercer, C.E. Residence 9 Boncloddy 3999R
Mercer, Chesley Residence 48 Warbury 3994J
Mercer, Doug Taxi Springdale 2035
Mercer, E.A. Residence 103 St. Clare 2756W
Mercer, Graham Conception Bay Taxi Adelaide 1925
Mercer, Herbert E. Residence 20 Richmond 2508W
Mercer, Isaac Residence 54½ Pleasant 1328R
Mercer, Isaac, L.L.B. Law Offices Duckworth 1636
Mercer, Isaac, L.L.B. Residence 1A Howley 2827
Mercer, J. Residence 10 Chapel 2954R
Mercer, J.F. Residence 37 Quidi Vidi 2229M
Mercer, J.G. Residence Allandale 1693M
Mercer, J.H. Residence 106 LeMarchant 2519R
Mercer, John Residence 6 Codner's 3102R
Mercer, Leander Residence 128 St. Clare 3176M
Mercer, Mac Residence 23 Newtown 2227J
Mercer, Ralph Residence 52 Warbury 2947J
Mercer, Ralph K. Residence 116 Gower 3437J
Mercer, R.C.B. Residence Forest 3
Mercer, Richard Residence Thorburn 2834J
Mercer, R.J. Residence 80 Queen's 2975J
Mercer, Rev. W.D. Residence 48 Monroe 2620W
Mercer, William Residence 6 John 2491R
Mercer, William Residence Mundy Pond 2772W
Mercer, Const. William Residence 9 Boggan 2831W
Mercer, W.K. Residence 92 Springdale 2607J
Merchant Navy Officers' Club   53 Cochrane 368
Mercy Convent   Military 1106
Merner, Mrs. Catherine Residence 18 Pilot's 1297W
Merner, C.I. Residence 76 Pennywell 2274W
Merner, D.J. Residence 18 Cathedral 3937W
Merner, Miss M. Residence 534 Water 1829M
Merrils, E. Residence 53 Prince of Wales 4079R
Mews, Arthur Residence 2 Park Row 500W
Mews & Dunne, Ltd. Agents Crosbie Bldg 917
Mews, E. Residence Waterford Bridge 2496R
Mews, H. (Carnell & Mews) 37 Campbell 26
Mews, H.G.R. Office North American Life Duckworth Bldg 3236
Mews, H.G.R. Residence 53 Rennie's Mill 7
Mews, I.C. Residence 20 Leslie 3807
Mews, R.C. Residence 30 Power 4168W
Mews, R. [???] Residence [???] Leslie [???]
Michaels, Albert Residence New Gower 2791M
Michaels, F.G. Residence 43 Harvey 2338M
Michaels, M.J. Residence 14 King's 1735J
Middleton, Cyril Residence 70 Brazil 4160M
Midstream Farm Midstream   1986M
Mifflen, Mrs. Jane Residence 29 Morris 2074W
Miles, A.G. Residence 117 Bond 2908W
Miles, Arthur Residence 21 Pennywell 1175W
Miles, Charles Residence [???] Road 1430R
M[???] [???] [???] LeMarchant 2877
M[???] [???] [???] Campbell 1579J
M[???] [???] 105 Freshwater 3175M
M[???] Residence 55 Plymouth 911M
Miller, Mrs. J. Residence 10 Balsam 2985R
Miller, James Residence 27 Aldershot 3030R
Miller, James A. Residence 38 Mullock 1418W
Miller, L. Residence 115 Merrymeeting 3029W
Miller, Dr. L. Residence Forest 699
Miller, Miss Laura Residence 17 Henry 411
Miller, Martin Office Imperial Life   3860
Miller, Martin Residence Glenridge Crescent 4164
Miller, Mrs. Residence 83 Bond 3094
Miller, Mrs. N. Residence 58 Mullock 1685W
Miller, Oswald Residence 22 Boulevard 3735W
Miller, Peter Residence 105 Freshwater 3175M
Miller, Ross Residence 311 Southside 2064M
Milley, Mrs. Alfreda Residence 319 LeMarchant 2753R
Milley, Frank Residence 43 Cashin 2469R
Milley, J. Residence 57 Campbell 1590J
Milley, J. Residence Cowan 3290W
Milley, S. Ltd. Dry Goods Water E. 540
Milley, Mrs. W. Residence 15 Dunford 2591J
Miling, Geoffrey Residence Waterford Bridge 3316
Mills, A. Residence 78 Barnes' 2170W
Mills, Mrs. Annie Residence 65 Golf 3919W
Mills, Ches. Residence 76 Forest 2155J
Mills, E.J. Residence 75 Golf 3975J
Mills, F. Residence 82 Springdale 2167W
Mills, Reginald Residence Cashin 3946W
Mills, Capt. W.G. Residence 12 Catherine 1933W
Ministry of Transport (E.A. Bowring) Water 1870
Mink Farm   Mount Pearl 2334J
Miracle Beauty Parlor Mrs. D. Wilansky 290 Water 961
Miskell, James Residence 69 Feild 3949M
Mitcham, J. Residence 210 Hamilton 445W
Mitchell, Alex Residence 17 Long's 2976J
Mitchell, Chesley Residence 2 Cabot 1605M
Mitchell, H. Residence 114 Freshwater 1615W
Mitchell, Harold Residence 70 Cochrane 2020
Mitchell, Harry Residence Beaumont 2118W
Mitchell, J. Residence 7 Beaumont 1370M
Mitchell, Mrs. J.B. Residence 1 Devon Row 2355
Mitchell, J.B.& Son, Ltd. Office Water E. 714
Mitchell, J.B.& Son, Ltd. Private Office Water E. 718
Mitchell, J.W. Residence 12 Campbell 3224R
Mitchell, Mrs. W. Residence 20 Blatch 2179W
Mitchell, William Residence 64 Leslie 519
Mitchell, W.J. Residence 106 Springdale 3358W
Mitchell, W.R. Residence 12 Bonaventure 2962
Moakler, Harry Residence 130 Pleasant 2707W
Moakler, Miss Josephine Residence 24 Barter's 3123W
Model Shop   173 Water 3521
Model Shop   173 Water 3522
Model Sweepstake   Bonaventure 3830
Modern Beauty Shop Miss Goss 250 Duckworth 70
Modern Clothing Store   295 Water 653
Modern Home Supplies Ltd., The   196 Water 102
Modern Shoe Hospital   370 Water 2537
Modern Shoe Hospital   110-112 Duckworth 4098
Molloy, E. Residence 59 Long's 3007M
Molloy, E.J. Residence 15 Power 2732M
Molloy, F.L. Residence 35 Temperance 3332J
Molloy, Fred Residence 11 Bradbury 3312W
Molloy, Mrs. J. Residence 2 Barnes' 1041
Molloy, Thomas Residence 13 Campbell 3215M
Molloy, Mrs. Thomas Residence 57 Long's 3278M
Molloy, Thomas J. Harness Maker 384 Duckworth 2210
Monck, John Residence Monck Ave 2698J
Monroe Export Co. Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Depts.    
      Night & Holiday Calls   2380
Monroe, Hon. W.S. Residence 8 Forest 564
Mooney, Const. A. Residence 20 Howley Ext. 3934J
Moore, Arthur Residence 13 Mayor 3984W
Moore, Capt. C. Residence Hamilton 2639
Moore, Ches. Residence 16 Feild 3303M
Moore, Ches. Residence 38 Craigmillar 2932M
Moore, Cluney Residence Cornwall 2462R
Moore, Cyril Residence Walsh's Sq. 1582W
Moore, Miss E. Residence 10 York 2718R
Moore, Mrs. E. Residence 12 Knight 735W
Moore, E.B. Broker, S.U.F. Building William's Lane 462
Moore, E.B. Residence 187 LeMarchant 2175R
Moore, Rev. Edwin Residence 148 Hamilton 2062J
Moore, Mrs. Eric S. Residence 32 Warbury 3912J
Moore, F.C. Residence 163 Pleasant 2495J
Moore, Mrs. Francis Residence 36 Bond 2032R
Moore, Mrs. Frank Residence 10 Spencer 887R
Moore, Mrs. Fred Residence LeMarchant 1404
Moore, Gordon Store Mt. Pearl Park 3945J
Moore, Gordon   Portugal Cove Rd 1206R
Moore, H.J. Residence 44 Merrymeeting 2472W
Moore, Mrs. James Residence Pine Bud Ave 1688J
Moore, Mrs. James Residence 88 Queen's 2975W
Moore, John Residence 81 Springdale 2697R
Moore, J.R. Residence 63 Colonial 2825R
Moore, Const. K. Residence 118 St. Clare 2663R
Moore, L. Residence 37 Adelaide 1004M
Moore, Miss Madge Residence 47 Duckworth 3333W
Moore, Miss Mary Residence 188 Duckworth 2221
Moore, Otto Residence Craigmillar 3339W
Moore, Mrs. R. Residence 16 O'Dea's Lane 3547J
Moore, Ralph Residence 62 Golf 3907J
Moore, Mrs. S. Residence 59 Southside E. 1595R
Moore, Samuel Residence 5 Hayward 1502W
Moore, Solomon Residence 46 St. Clare 947R
Moore, T. Residence 27 Shaw 2464M
Moore, T.G. Residence 100 Merrymeeting 2148J
Moore, William Residence 55 Quidi Vidi 1822R
Moore, W.G. Residence 227 Pennywell 3982R
Moore, W.S. Residence 206 LeMarchant 3251R
Moores, Calvert Residence Southside 3306R
Moores, Mrs. Catherine Residence 50 Warbury 2945W
Moores, Dr. E.F. Residence & Surgery 329 Duckworth 1631
Moores, F.H. Residence 128 Freshwater 3163W
Moores, George Residence 13 Morris 3423M
Moores, George Residence 198 New Gower 3995W
Moores, H. Residence 8 Cook 3304M
Moores, J.C. Residence 323 LeMarchant 3189R
Moores, John Residence 10 Coronation 819M
Moores, Const. Lloyd Residence 3 Gear 2343W
Moores, M. Residence 75 Alexander 1507W
Moores, Miss M. Residence Quidi Vidi 2801W
Moores, Miss Mary Residence Blackhead 1307W
Moores, Melvin Residence 209 Hamilton 3357W
Moores, Oscar Residence 123 Merrymeeting 3028M
Moores, Robert Residence 27 Morris 3423R
Moores, Walter M. Residence 10 Coronation 819M
Moors, Alex Residence 247 Hamilton 2634W
Mootrey, Mrs. H. Residence 160 St. Clare 3381M
Morals, J.H. Portugese Consul Pennywell 344
Morecombe, G. Store 20 Calvert 1728
Morcombe[sic], Mrs. R. Residence 236 Hamilton 3839W
Moreira, Mrs. A. Residence 4 Gower 3496
Morey, S. Residence 16 Boncloddy 3997W
Morey's Coal Dept. Office Queen 376
Morey's Coal Dept. Office Queen 1426
Morgan, A.Mc-G. Residence Prince of Wales 1866R
Morgan, Mrs. Ben Residence 26 Calvert 1958J
Morgan, Edward Residence 71 Aldershot 1034W
Morgan, George H. Residence Pennywell 3364J
Morgan, H. Residence 78 LeMarchant 3270J
Morgan, I.H. Residence Newtown 1786J
Morgan, J. Residence 104 Casey 3493W
Morgan, Jacob Residence Long Pond Rd 1608W
Morgan, Joseph Residence Water 2383R
Morgan, J.B. Residence 145 New Gower 3141J
Morgan, Kenneth Residence 96 Pleasant 2713J
Morgan, Ralph Residence 20 Plymouth 911W
Morgan, R.J. Residence 21 Prince of Wales 3081M
Morgan, Reg Residence 38 Belvedere 3239M
Morgan, Robert Residence 120 Quidi Vidi 340
Morgan, Constable Ronald Residence 64 Goodridge 3016J
Morgan, T. Residence 154 Hamilton 1507J
Morgan, Mrs. V.M. Residence 12 Sudbury 2547W
Morgan, W.G. Residence 15 Long 1726R
Morgan's Printing Office Board of Trade Building   850
Moriarity, Miss Frances Residence 4 Hutchings 3331W
Moriarity, J. Residence 29 Springdale 1937J
Moriarity, J.J. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 744W
Morris, Alan Residence 4 Fahey Row 3714W
Morris, B. Residence 209 LeMarchant 3238J
Morris, Cyril Residence Freshwater W. 2135M
Morris, Edgar W., Jr. Residence Forest 3959R
Morris, George Residence 96 Merrymeeting 3033R
Morris, Gordon Residence 3 Signal Hill 906W
Morris, G.W. Residence 6 Raleigh 1009M
Morris, John Residence Lake View 3927R
Morris, Jonah Residence 63 Springdale 1647W
Morris, Joseph Residence 13 Maxse 2327J
Morris, Judge Residence Waterford Bridge 351
Morris, J.W. Residence Atlantic 288
Morris, Miss K. Residence 57 Casey 660
Morris, R. Residence 63 Queen's 1971R
Morris, Roland Residence "Glendale"   1550R
Morris, Rupert Residence 11 Avalon Terrace 3066R
Morris, Sandy Wheelright Adelaide 876
Morris, Sidney H. Residence 7 Military 165
Morris, T.J. Residence 11 Military 2450
Morris, Mrs. T.J. Residence 17 Freshwater 3187R
Morris, Tom Residence 23 Waldegrave 138R
Morris, W. Residence 30 Feild 1466W
Morris, W.H. Residence 64 Flower 1691J
Morris, Mrs. W.J. Residence 63 Feild 3194M
Morrissey, Mrs. C. Residence Pennywell 3394R
Morrissey, Mrs. David Residence 38 Springdale 625W
Morrissey, E.D. Residence 15 Hayward 1609R
Morrissey, John Residence Allandale 1693W
Morrissey, Ex-Head Constable Residence 129 Military 3090J
Morrissey, Mrs. L. Residence 34 Livingstone 2981M
Morrissey, P.S. Residence 47 Parade 3055W
Morrissey, Miss R. Residence 67 Feild 3375R
Morrissey, S.J. Residence 194 Duckworth 2459
Morrissey, W.G. Residence 25 Power 2731M
Morrissey, W.J. Residence Patrick 2633W
Morrissey's Grocery   Cor. Patrick and Water 441
Morry, Fred Residence 29 Patrick 569W
Morry, H. Residence 8 Brazil 3483J
Morry, John Residence Mullock 2154M
Morry, S. Residence 16 Boncloddy 3907W
Morry, Sheila Beauty Salon 101 Pleasant 807
Mouland, John Residence, Silverton Kilbride 2533J
Moulton, Adjt. A., S.A. Residence 14 Springdale 1937M
Moulton, Mrs. Henry Residence Quidi Vidi Rd 2358W
Moulton, John Residence 126 Quidi Vidi 1083J
Moulton, R. Residence 39 Cabot 3445R
Mt. Carmel Cemetery Caretakers Residence 3972M  
Mosdell, Mrs. H.M. Residence Waterford Bridge 284W
Mosdell, Mrs. R. Residence 174 LeMarchant 3253R
Moss, Mrs. A. Residence 11 St. Clare 947W
Moss, H. Residence 209 Pennywell 2902J
Moss, Mrs. William Residence 189 Pleasant 3711J
Motion Picture Supplies, Ltd.   22 Prescott 3599
Motty, Geo. Store 44 Pleasant 3465
Motto, Geo. E. Office and Residence 127 Patrick 2942
Motty, Stan. William Residence 239 New Gower 2666J
Motty, William Residence 136 Patrick 832W
Mount Cashel School of Industry   129
Mount St. Francis Monastery Merrymeeting 1473
Movie Chai Tea Rooms   28 Henry 3887
Movie Chai Tea Rooms   28 Henry 4430
Moyse, R.B. (Go[???], Moyse & Co.)    
  Chartered Accountants Office 163 W[ater] 4100
Moyse, R. Residence 31 Leslie 4100
Moyst, Ethel Residence 11 Woods Range 2383W
Moyst, Herbert Residence 2 Boggan 2393J
Moyst, W.J. Residence Battery 1611R
Mugford, Frank Residence 194 Hamilton 1594W
Mugford, J. Residence Tessier 3104M
Mugford, James Residence 10 Franklyn 3281W
Mugford, R. Residence 2 John 2610W
Mugford, W. & Son Grocers Springdale 255
Mugford, W. & Son Grocers Springdale 257
Mugford, Wilfred Residence Cornwall 2628W
Muir, Mrs. C.F. Residence 127 Military 3090M
Muir's Marble Works, Ltd.   Water 1990
Mulcahy, Mrs. J.J. Residence 1 Gower 1198R
Mulcahy, John Residence 64 New Gower 2678R
Mulcahey, M.J. Residence 2 Saunders Place 1000R
Mulcahy[sic], S.J. Residence 17 Atlantic 2719J
Mullett, Const. Residence Fort Townshend 2326W
Mullett, E. Residence 20 Eric 3704J
Mullett, Mrs. J. Residence 81 St. Clare 3387R
Mullett, Miss M. Residence 2 Devon Row 3740J
Mullett, P. Residence 8 Power 2308?
Mullett, Mrs. Rosella Residence Pennywell 2225?
Mulley, Mrs. H. Residence 73 Monroe 2581?
Mullins, Mrs. Elizabeth Residence 50 Livingstone 2981W
Mullings, Miss Residence 5 Parade 1863
Mulrooney, J.E. Residence 94 Circular 3535
Mulrooney, J.E. Taxi Fleming 4157
Mulrooney, J.E. Taxi Fleming 4158
Mulrooney, Wm. Residence Topsail Rd 3180R
Mundy Pond Post Office   Mundy Pond 2309
Municipal Council, City Hall Private Branch Exchange    
  Connnecting All Departments:    
      Night & Holiday Calls    
      General Office   1790
      Engineer's Department   1791
      City Hall   1792
      Sanitary Department   134
      Water Store   142
      Crusher Plant   2802
      City Engineer's Office   1183
      East End Rock Shed   2385
      Hayward Avenue   3739
      Watering Vessels Dept.   1331
      Councillors' Office   3038
      Mayor's Office   3019
Munn, A. Residence 28 Gower 400
Munn, Mrs. Dugald Residence Topsail Rd 839
Munn, Errol Residence Waterford Bridge 433
Munn, Errol Summer Residence King's Rd  
      Hogan's Pond  
        Call Toll Operator  
Munn, Henley M. Residence Waterford Bridge 3294
Munn, Robert D. Residence Topsail Rd 839
Munn, W.A. & Co. Ltd. Board of Trade Building   275
Munn, W.A. & Co. Ltd. Insurance   276
Munn, W.L.G. Residence 7 Forest 580R
Munro, R.W. Residence Craigmillar 307R
Murdock, James Residence Craigmillar 3956R
Murdock, J.M. Residence Allandale 2366M
Murdock, W. Residence Kenmount 3057W
Murphy, Mrs. Agnes Residence 45 Hamilton 2645R
Murphy, Mrs. Agnes Residence 68 Hayward 3153M
Murphy, Anthony Residence 103 Military 3099M
Murphy, Augustus Residence 356 Water 1150J
Murphy, Dr. Bliss Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1207M
Murphy, Burgess Residence 556 Water 1941
Murphy, Mrs. C. Residence 41 Sulva 3044M
Murphy, C.J. Residence 48 Freshwater 357
Murphy, Denis Residence 179 Pleasant 475M
Murphy, Mrs. E. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2297M
Murphy, E.C. Residence 150 Signal Hill 3242M
Murphy, Ed Residence 30 Pierce 3416W
Murphy, Edmond Residence 29 Monroe 3977M
Murphy, Edward Residence 48 Golf 3393W
Murphy, F. Residence 120 Springdale 2686M
Murphy, F. Residence Quidi Vidi 3959J
Murphy, F.J. Residence 19 Dicks' 2996R
Murphy, Frank Residence 22 Alexander 2047R
Murphy, Frank Residence 51 Brazil 2457W
Murphy, Frank D. Residence 26 William 1241R
Murphy, Frank J. Residence Mt. Cashel 635M
Murphy, Mrs. George Residence 460 Water 3043W
Murphy, Gerald Residence 12 Chapel 2796J
Murphy, Mrs. G.N. Residence Berteau Ave 115
Murphy, Mrs. J. Residence 8 Bell 1138W
Murphy, James Residence 39 Power 1239R
Murphy, Dr. J.B. Residence Rennie's Mill 1242
Murphy, Dr. J.B. Surgery 126 Military 904
Murphy, J.B., Electrician Residence 460 Water 3043W
Murphy, J.J., Broker Residence 29 Power 1073
Murphy, John Tailor Duckworth 2814
Murphy, John Residence 54 Warbury 2945M
Murphy, J.P. Residence 39 Quidi Vidi 1321R
Murphy, John T. Residence Forest 1522
Murphy, Joseph Residence Military 2182
Murphy, Miss Kay Residence 6 Colonial 3466M
Murphy, Kevin Residence 139 Craigmillar 2940J
Murphy, Mrs. L. Residence 20 Warbury 2948R
Murphy, Mrs. L. Residence 5 Parade 1863
Murphy, Leo Residence 183 Theatre 945
Murphy, Leo Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1724M
Murphy, L.J. Residence Freshwater 1954J
Murphy, M. Residence 17 Richmond 2367R
Murphy, Miss M. Residence 4 Alexander 1985W
Murphy, Miss M. Residence 172 Gower 349M
Murphy, M. Residence 2 Mt. Royal 2940R
Murphy, M.P. Residence 72 Prescott 3068J
Murphy, Mrs. M.P. Residence 12 Pennywell 3609W
Murphy, Mrs. Martin Residence 37 Craigmillar 3256W
Murphy, Miss Mary Residence 19 Prince's 447W
Murphy, M.F. Residence 80 Warbury 4083M
Murphy, W.P.[sic] Residence 72 Prospect 3068J
Murphy, Mrs. Residence 83 Carter's 1299J
Murphy, N.J. & Sons Wheelrights & Undertakers 32 Bambrick 737
Murphy, Mrs. Nora Residence Southside 1224M
Murphy, N. Residence 8 Bond 2451W
Murphy, P. Residence 22 Warbury 2948M
Murphy, Mrs. P. Residence 726 Water 3267R
Murphy, Peter Residence 31 Job 2669J
Murphy, Peter Residence Topsail Rd 2284W
Murphy, Peter J. Residence 21 Barnes' 1853R
Murphy, Ralph B. Residence 16 Brazil 1015
Murphy, Mrs. Richard Residence 148 Pleasant 475W
Murphy, R.J. Residence "Mayfield" Waterford Bridge 745
Murphy, R.J. Residence 62 LeMarchant [???]
Murphy, Mrs. T. Residence Kilbride [???]
Murphy, Terry Residence 11 Alexander 2042J
Murphy, T.J. Residence 787 Water 2519W
Murphy, Mrs. T.J. Residence 142 Water 397W
Murphy, Victor Residence Southside W. 3983W
Murphy, William Residence Kilbride 224R
Murphy, William Residence 6 Hayward 1502M
Murphy, Mrs. William Residence 10 Knight 1923R
Murphy, William J. Residence 18 Belvedere 2579
Murphy, W.J. Grocer Rawlins' Cross 3250
Murphy, W.J. Grocer Rawlins' Cross [???]
Murphy, W.J. Grocer Rawlins' Cross [???]
Murphy, W.J. Grocer Rawlins' Cross 950
Murphy, W.J. Grocer 556 Water 615
Murphy, W.J. Grocer 556 Water 530
Murphy, W.J. Residence 144 Military 106
Murphy, W.J. Residence Carpasian 106
Murphy, W.J. Residence 6 Fitzpatrick 3971M
Murray, A.H.   Circular 428
Murray, A.H. & Co. Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connnecting All Departments:   3400
      Night & Holiday Calls    
      Coal Office   3400
      General Office   3401
      Wharf   3402
      Lumber Office   1316
      Grocery & Provision Dept.   3817
Murray, Miss Alice Beauty Parlor 13 LeMarchant 2310
Murray, Andrew Residence 63 St. Clare 843M
Murray, Arthur G. Residence Topsail Rd 2704M
Murray, Miss B. Residence 5 LeMarchant 1649M
Murray, D.H. Residence Circular 774
Murray, Edwin, Ltd.   15 New Gower 158
Murray, Edwin, Ltd.   15 New Gower 125
Murray, Mrs. Edwin Residence Forest 414
Murray, Jack Residence 47 Bannerman 789J
Murray, Luke Residence Kenmount 3472M
Murray, Myles P. Residence 37 Sudbury 3457R
Murray, Neil Residence 88 Freshwater 2826
Murrin, Alonzo D. Residence 142 St. Clare 2018R
Murrin, Joseph F. Residence 44 Hayward 1258M
Murrin, Ralph Residence 18 Cook 3195J
Murrin, Mrs. William Residence 12 Macklin Place 2946W
Mutual Agencies Board of Trade Building   479
Mutual Life Assurance of Canada   Water 1554
Myers, D. Residence 32 Empire 885
Myers, M. Residence 218 Hamilton 3367M
[???] Residence 2 Chapel [???]
[???] [???] Aldershot 1621R
Myler, William Residence 95 Cabot 2816M
My[???] [???] 35 Cochrane 22[??]M
Myrick, Mrs. Frank Residence 58 Franklyn [???]
Myrick, Mrs. William Residence 51 Parade 3058J
Myron, Mrs. Residence 123 Bond 2954W

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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