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Tel #
Oake, Jesse Residence 23 Queen's 1971J
Oake, William Residence Top Leslie 2521R
Oake's Store   135 Gower 1179
Oakley, F.T. Residence 169 Pennywell 3314J
Oakley, James Residence 100 Duckworth 2739R
Oakley, Kenneth Residence Raleigh 3990M
Oakley, M.J. Residence 25 Barron 2676R
Oakley, Robert Residence Empire 3941R
Oakley, William E. Residence Hamilton 3151W
Oakley, Winston W. Residence 12 Coronation 819J
O'Brien, Mrs. A. Residence 73 Patrick 3545W
O'Brien, Bert Trucking Service 91 Bond 4035
O'Brien, Ernie Residence 56 Boulevard 3971R
O'Brien, Ernie The Osogood Store 238 Duckworth 301
O'Brien, Frank Residence 30 Quidi Vidi 2797W
O'Brien, G. Residence 99 Pleasant 2714M
O'Brien, Dr. Gerald Residence Topsail Rd 279
O'Brien, J. Store 7 LeMarchant 1482
O'Brien, Mrs. J. Residence 26 Mullock 2145M
O'Brien, Mrs. J. Residence 58 Colonial 273
O'Brien, Mrs. J.J. Residence 101 New Gower 3754M
O'Brien, J.T. Mfrs Agent, Oke Bldg Prescott 1330
O'Brien, J.T. Residence 19 Gower 1330
O'Brien, Leo Residence 76 Springdale 2594R
O'Brien, Mrs. Mary Residence 76 Brazil 1679J
O'Brien, Miss Maggie Residence 77 Cabot 1498R
O'Brien, M.J. & Co., Ltd. Office 414 Water 1575
  Grocery New Gower 1323
  Grocery Duckworth 4057
O'Brien, M.J. Residence Bay Bulls Rd 3858
O'Brien, Reg Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1534R
O'Brien, Richard Residence Monroe 1855R
O'Brien, Mrs. Ron Residence Mullock 1563W
O'Brien, Roy Store 278 Water 1221
O'Brien, S.J. Residence 20 Gilbert 3397
O'Brien, J.T. Residence 26 McKay 3955R
O'Brien, Wm. Residence Wishing Well Rd 3930R
O'Callaghan, Rev. Fr.   Outer Cove 2335
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp. Arthur Johnson Duckworth 54
Octagon Pond Pavillion   Topsail Rd  
    Call Toll Operator  
O'Dea, Dr. F.L. Surgery & Residence 281 Duckworth 498
O'Dea, J. Leo Residence 59 Military 3818
O'Dea, J. Leo Residence 59 Military 566
O'Dea, Hon. J.V. Residence 69 LeMarchant 501
O'Dea, John R. Residence 6 Howley 1947M
O'Dea, W.J. Residence 144 Freshwater 2834W
O'Deady, Mrs. M. Residence 21 Dick's 1864R
O'Deady, Mrs. M.F. Residence 735 Water 2272
O'Donnell Beauty Parlour   Prescott 346
O'Donnell, M.J. Smoke Shop Water 1340
O'Donnell, P.M. Residence Newtown 2894J
O'Driscoll, John D. Residence Torbay Rd 641
O'Driscoll, Joseph Residence 48 Cochrane 2422
O'Driscoll, Mrs. Mary Residence 44 Cochrane 1043W
O'Driscoll, P.C. Residence 115 Gower 937
O'Driscoll, P.C., Ltd. Office Henry 216
O'Driscoll, P.C., Ltd. Auction Rooms Henry 1149
O'Flaherty, Mrs. C. Residence 23 Bannerman 2682W
O'Flaherty, J.S. Residence 61 LeMarchant 3270M
O'Grady, J.J. Residence 161 Queen's 1085W
O'Grady, J.L. Residence 127 Bond 2158M
O'Grady, J.L. Residence Forest 2358J
Oke, Alex A. Residence 118 Quidi Vidi 1051J
Oke, C.C. Residence 114 Quidi Vidi 2275
Oke, Gordon J. Funeral Director Forest 426
Oke's Carriage Factory   Prescott 419
o'Keefe, Miss A. Residence Blackmarsh 2771J
O'Keefe, Mrs. A. Residence Long's 2497R
O'Keefe, Charles Store Hamilton 4190
O'Keefe, Mrs. Charles Residence 530 Water 1770J
O'Keefe, Capt. E.J. Residence 25 Hamilton 3889
O'Keefe, F.C. Advertising Agency (OKA) Water 3531
O'Keefe, F.C. Residence 90 Queen's 2971R
O'Keefe, Frank Residence 10 Brine 3979M
O'Keefe, James L. Residence 80 St. Clare 3387J
O'Keefe, J.B. Residence 7 Avalon Terrace 3186R
O'Keefe, Mrs. John Grocery 116 New Gower 2444
O'Keefe, Mrs. M. Store 158 New Gower 2233
O'Keefe, Mrs. M. Residence 38 Leslie 3464M
O'Keefe, Miss Mary Residence 96 Duckworth 3310J
O'Keefe, M.J. Residence 22 McFarlane 2660R
O'Keefe, Capt. R.J. Residence Theatre 648M
O'Keefe's Corner (J.P. O'Keefe) Cor. Springdale &  
        New Gower 1320
Old Colony Club   Portugal Cove Rd 3786
Oldford, Mrs. J. Residence 23 Gear 2435J
Oldford, Capt. Rex Residence Forest 2927W
Oldford, Royo Residence 42 Alexander 3411J
Olford, Albert Residence Forest 2874J
O'Leary, Denis Residence 12 Gilmore 1044R
O'Leary, F.M., Ltd. Commission Merchants Water 119
O'Leary, F.M., Ltd. Commission Merchants Water 1348
O'Leary, F.M. Residence 55 Military 4053
O'Leary, F.M. Country Residence Kilbride 2846W
O'Leary, John Residence 112 Gower 823M
O'Leary, Philip Residence Torbay 685W
O'Leary, Vincent Residence 11 Flower 2471J
O'Leary, William Residence 48 Queen's 3336W
Oliphant, D.G. Residence 2 Maxse 1186W
Oliphant, D.G. Garage 234 New Gower 940
Oliver, Frank Residence 5 Cummings 1889W
Oliver, G.T. Residence 71 St. Clare 3914J
Oliver, L.A. Residence 44 Empire 1369R
Oliver, Les Residence 102 Springdale 2686J
Oliver, Philip Residence 26 Cornwall 2941J
Oliver, W.G. Residence Patrick 2712R
Olsen, Mrs. E. Residence Circular 4119
Olsen Dehydrating & Processing      
    Co., Ltd.   Water 799
Olsen Whaling & Sealing Co., Ltd.   Water 799
O'Mara, H.G. Residence 40 Freshwater 3177R
O'Mara, Kevin Residence 40 Merrymeeting 3334M
O'Mara, Leo Residence 31 Queen's 1653
O'Mara, Mrs. M. Residence 61 Mayor 2428J
O'Mara, Mrs. M.J. Residence 18 Freshwater 3187M
O'Mara, Peter Residence 6 Ordnance 1234
O'Mara, Peter Drug Store 488 Water 334
O'Mara, T.J. Residence 16 Queen's 3065R
O'Mara's Drug Store   Rawlins' Cross 238
O'Neil, Dan Residence 20 Balsam 1802M
O'Neil, Edward Residence 129 Freshwater 1978R
O'Neil, J. Residence 566 Water 1603R
O'Neil, J. Residence 21 Cochrane 3463R
O'Neill, James Residence 27 Monkstown 749
O'Neil, J.F. Residence 56 Cochrane 2935R
O'Neil, Mrs. John Residence 6 Allan 1719W
O'Neill, Miss K. Residence 24 Beaumont 3216J
O'Neill, Miss Mary Residence 24 Cabot 3293W
O'Neill, Mrs. Maud Residence 25 Cochrane 2311J
O'Neill, Mrs. P.J. Residence Patrick 1652
O'Neill, R. Residence 111 Military 2336
O'Neill, Richard Residence Topsail Rd 3448R
O'Neill, Mrs. Stan Residence 8 Gilmore 3067M
O'Neill, Miss Stella Residence 16 Barter's 3123J
O'Neill, T.H. Residence Rennie's Mill 772
O'Neill, Mrs. W. Residence 13 Allan 1719M
Orchard, The   LeMarchant 404
O'Regan, Dr. D.J. Residence and Surgery 25 Patrick 116
O'Regan, Dr. D.J. Country Residence Kilbride 2846M
O'Regan, Miss Katherine Residence 23 Monkstown 484
O'Reilly, A.W. Residence 761 Water 1779J
O'Reilly, Miss Bride Residence 604 Water 2088
O'Reilly, Mrs. E. Residence 28 Cookstown 701
O'Reilly, Mrs. F. Residence 57 Merrymeeting 3834J
O'Reilly, James J. Residence 11 Bond 2301R
O'Reilly, Dr. J.B. Residence and Surgery Duckworth 148
O'Reilly, Dr. J.B. Country Residence Topsail  
  Residence Call Toll Operator  
O'Reilly, L. Residence 2 Brine 2653R
O'Reilly, M. Residence Craigmillar 2489R
O'Reilly, M.O. Residence 33 Angel Place 2554W
O'Reilly, P.J. Residence Forest 2895J
O'Reilly, P.J. Residence Long Pond 2964W
O'Reilly, R. Residence Water 964
Organ, James Residence 1 Bonaventure 2156
Organ, M.J. Residence 160 Military 686
Ormiston, A.L. Residence Waterford Bridge 10
Osbourne, Fred Residence 11 Gear 2435R
Osbourne, Mrs. William Residence 7 Howe Place 2797M
Osmond, A. Residence Topsail Rd 2528R
Osmond, A. Residence Freshwater Valley 3910W
Osmond, A. Residence 1 Gill 758R
Osmond, A.G. Residence Cookstown 1098
Osmond, B. Residence 74 Merrymeeting 3019M
Osmond, B., Jr. Residence 53 Calver 2859J
Osmond, Douglas Residence 4 Devon Row 3781
Osmond, George Residence Empire 2467R
Osmond, George Residence 14 Belvedere 2473W
Osmond, J. Residence 36 Boulevard 3723R
Osmond, J. Residence Bonaventure 1337M
Osmond, Mrs. J. Residence 29 McFarlane 2659W
Osmond, Mrs. J. Residence 137 Gower 2958R
Osmond, N. Residence Blackmarsh 3207R
Osmond, Mrs. W. Residence 127 Southside E. 3318W
O'Toole, E.D. Residence Southside W. 2957W
O'Toole, Frank Jr. Residence 1 Bulley 2989M
O'Toole, F.P. Residence 375 Duckworth 3058W
O'Toole, John Residence 10 Dunford 1298
O'Toole, Mrs. Mary Residence 4 Signal Hill 3353R
Ostroskie, E. Residence 113 Patrick 2729J
Ottenheimer, F.W. Residence Waterford Bridge 798
Ottenheimer, F.W. Office Bank of Montreal Bldg 1110
Outerbridge, Mrs. Florence Residence King's Bridge 4152
Outerbridge, Sir Leonard C. Residence Robinson's Hill 738
Owen, Mrs. William Residence 311 Hamilton 2674W
Ower, W.L. Residence 54 Leslie 3912W
Oxley, H. Residence 33 Gower 1049R

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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