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Tel #
Sacrey, A.J. Residence 3 Cairo 3044W
Sage, Charles G. Residence 101 Circular 983M
Sage, Charles G. Office, Muir Bldg Water 208
Sainsbury, John Residence 10 Pilot's 3957M
Sainsbury, Major R., S.A. Residence 139 Casey 2681R
Salter, Mrs. A.H. Residence 27 Henry 932
Salter, W.E Mfrs. Agent 27 Henry 933
Salvation Army Headquarters 12 Springdale 3420
Salvation Army Adelaide Street Quarters 259 Pennywell 2017W
Salvation Army Anchorage 28 Cook 308
Salvation Army Home   Torbay Rd 3516
Salvation Army Training College   91 LeMarchant 1063
Salvation Army East   Duckworth 599M
Sampair, John Residence 84 New Gower 3324W
Samson, Mrs. L.J. Residence Winter 1535R
Samson, Ron Residence 320 Duckworth 1748W
Samson, John Residence 84 New Gower 3324W
Samson, S. Residence 95 Brazil 2897
Samuelson, Fred Printer 173 New Gower 2668
Samuelson, Mrs. Isabel Residence Cornwall 2117R
Sanatorium Private Branch Exchange Topsail Rd  
  Connecting All Departments Topsail Rd 4040
Sanitorium   Topsail Rd 4041
Sanitorium   Topsail Rd 4042
Sansom, E.J. Residence 143 LeMarchant 2041
Sam, Rev. F. Presbyterian Church Queen's 3896
Sass, Rev. F. Residence 25 Victoria 2655W
Saunders, Miss Alyce Y. Residence 176 Queen's 3231J
Saunders, Chesley Residence 23 Shaw 661M
Saunders, Const. C.H. Residence 276 Pennywell 802R
Saunders, Mrs. George Residence 10 Campbell 3225W
Saunders, Mrs. George Residence 2 Angel Place 1848M
Saunders, Mrs. J. Residence 60 Brazil 127M
Saunders, R.E.G. Residence 34 Martin 3967M
Saunders, Stanley Residence 108 Circular 2105R
Savage, J.J. Grocer 76 Hamilton 1818
Savage, Michael, Ex Dist.      
    Inspector Residence Parade 3054R
Savage, M.J. Residence 71 Monkstown 2829
Scammell, George Manager [???] Ltd. 13 Prescott [???]
Scammell, Gordon Residence 22 Circular 359
Scammell, S.C. Residence 43 Cochrane 2426R
Scammell, W. Residence 36 Mullock 1418R
Scaplin, A. Residence Freshwater 1159W
Scaplin, Hubert Residence Wishing Well Rd 1996
Sceans, Miss E. Isabel Residence Lake View 287[???]
Sceviour, James Residence 51 Springdale 289[???]
Sceviour, G. Residence 106 Queen's 2975M
Scott, C.F. Residence 5 Monkstown 453M
Scott, Fred Residence 705 Water 1991R
Scott, John Residence Topsail Rd 2468R
Scott, Miss K. Residence 59 Gower 1524J
Scott, Mrs. M. Residence 24 Clifford 2687J
Scott, Richard Residence Forest E. 1093M
Scott, William Residence Hamilton 3425R
Scully, Mrs. F.M. Residence 13 Forest 829M
Scurry, D. Residence 164 Patrick 1646M
Scurry, L. Residence 8 Monroe 1670R
Searle, Mrs. H.L. Residence 74 St. Clare 3449
Searles, A.E. Residence 63A LeMarchant 4074
Sears, Edgar Residence Kilbride 2533M
Sears, J.F. Fishery Inspector Residence 40 Stephen 3122W
Sears & Moore Confectionery & Tobacco 182 New Gower 1675
Sears, William Residence 27 Patrick 896W
Seaward, Andrew Residence 37 Goodview 1745M
Seaward, Sergt. J. Residence 187 Pennywell 2973W
Sellars, A.C. Residence 166 Gower 1428
Sellars, E. Residence 22 Blatch 2179J
Sellars, E. Residence Pennywell 2321J
Sellars, J. Residence 20 Raleigh 3944M
Sellars, J. Residence Aldershot 2857R
Sellars, James H. Residence 22 Mayor 3025M
Sellars, Leonard Residence 43 LeMarchant 2955R
Sellars, O. Residence Blatch 1612M
Sellars, Randolph Residence 107 Quidi Vidi 1231J
Sellars, Mrs. Walter Residence Summer 3030W
Sergeant, T.W. Residence 47 Sudbury 2551W
Service Taxi   Water W. 3776
Severn, Seymour Residence 3 Livingstone 2953M
Sexton, D.B. Residence 65 Colonial 3025J
Sexton, Miss L. Residence 13 Feild 3001R
Sexton, Thomas Residence 190 Hamilton 4067W
Seymour, Eric A. Residence 2 Victoria 1828W
Seymour, Frank Residence 174 Gower 3499
Seymour, Miss G. Residence 19 Colonial 2056W
Seymour, Mrs. L. Residence 6 Mullock 2103M
Seymour, Leonard Residence 105 Campbell 3996W
Shano, D. Residence 51 Alexander 2042W
Shapter, Mrs. H. Residence 24 Belvedere 752W
Shapter, Miss Margaret Residence 2 Monroe 1855M
Sharpe, Dr. E. Leo Residence 122 Military 338
Sharpe, James Grocery 97 New Gower 4194
Sharpe, Max Residence 47 Quidi Vidi 2891W
Shave, [???]   Cabot 1396R
[???]   McKay 3955J
Shaw, B. Residence Mayor 902R
Shaw, C. Residence 7[???] Warbury 3821R
Shaw, [???]   Circular 1732
Shaw Steamship Co., Ltd. (George T. Shaw)    
  Marine Agencies   2815
Shea, Ambrose Residence 82 Cochrane 89
Shea, Clem   2 Topsail Rd 2195R
Shea, Miss Estelle Residence 1 Topsail Rd 2166
Shea, L.M. Residence New Portugal Cove Rd 2251W
Shea, M.A. Residence 118 Springdale 2686R
Shea, Miss May Residence 20 Waldegrave 2264W
Shea, W. Residence 12 Henry 3966W
Sh[???], H. Residence 183 Gower 1560
Sh[???], H.   19½ Maxse 3153J
Sh[???]   19 Maxse 2794
Shears, M.D. Agent Monroe Building 381
Shears, M.D. Residence 12 Waterford Bridge 2531J
Shears, Ralph C. Residence 79 Quidi Vidi 2852J
Sheehan, Mrs. John Residence 43 Patrick 2633J
Sheehan, Mrs. John B. Residence 17 Waldegrave 138J
Sheehan, J.P. Residence 68 New Gower 4096
Sheffman Bros. Store 329 Water 333
Sheffman, Maurice Residence 329 Hamilton 1429R
Sheffman, S.B. Residence Glenridge Crescent 998W
Sheila's Beauty Salon   161 Pleasant 807
Sheppard, A. Residence 184 Merrymeeting 3196J
Sheppard, Mrs. Elizabeth Residence 140 Gower 1021W
Sheppard, Sergt. G.R. Residence 52 Cook 3304R
Sheppard, Kenneth Residence 23 Franklyn 3282J
Sheppard, Mark Residence 28 Sudbury 2551R
Sheppard, Capt. R. Residence 282 New Gower 3837
Sheppard, R. Residence Mundy Pond 3429W
Sheppard, Roland J. Watchmaker 236 Duckworth 3794
Sheppard, William Residence Purcell's Ridge 3930W
Shields, James Residence 30 York 2718J
Ships' Stores Co.   Queen's 2834J
Shirran, Miss G. Residence 9 John 1544
Shirran, W.T. Residence 10 Dick's 2996W
Short, John Residence Southside West 2571J
Short, Const. P.J. Residence 60 Pleasant 2720W
Short, Samuel Residence 31 McFarlane 3136M
Short, S.W. Residence 185 Gower 3772R
Short, Mrs. William Residence 13 Goodview 363W
Shortall, G.J. & Co.   Water 796
Shortall, G.J. Residence 114 Patrick 2709J
Shortall, H.M. Residence 23 Sudbury 3457J
Shortall, J. Residence 60 Hamilton 2641M
Shortall, Mrs. J.J. Residence 125 Patrick 2729R
Shortall, John J. Residence 49 Campbell 1590M
Shortall, Mrs. M. Residence 124 Barnes' 2755R
Shortall, Mrs. S.J. Residence 15 Leslie 2036
Shortall, W.P. Residence 141 Gower 879W
Shorter, Rev. A. Residence Barnes' Place 3307
Shulstad, M.T. Residence 16 Cavell 3569W
Shute, Douglas Residence Duckworth 1515W
Shute, E. Residence Hamilton Ext. 1602
Shute, Harvey Residence 38 Charlton 2583M
Shute, Mrs. J. Residence 38 Cabot 3445M
Sidel, M. Residence 372 Duckworth 1807M
Signal Hill Grocery   Signal 3303
Signal Taxi   Corner Signal Hill 4044
Signs and Displays   36 New Gower 3780
Silver, Anthony Residence 11 Hutchings 2832J
Silver Ball Restaurant, The   230 Duckworth 1329
Silver, Mrs. I. Residence 31 Topsail Rd 2169M
Silverlock's Office & Showroom   New Gower 2245
Simard, Mrs. J. Residence 75 Queen's 3476M
Simmonds, George H. Residence 251 Hamilton 3367R
Simmonds, William Residence 50 Feild 3375M
Simmonds, W.J. Residence 85 Cabot 3474W
Simmons, Miss Annie Residence 77 Lime 2258M
Simmons, Mrs. B. Residence 84 Blackler 579M
Simmons, Mrs. Bert Residence 14 Allan 2944W
Simmons, Cyril Residence 161 Pennywell 2486M
Simmons, Const. M. Residence 1 Gilbert 2589J
Simmons, W.T. Residence Fleming 1955R
Simms, C. Residence Leslie 2635M
Simms, E. Residence 22 Howley Ext. 2894W
Simms, George Residence 16 Howley Ext. 3986R
Simms, Hal Residence Kenna's Hill 69
Simms, H.V. Cooper 90 Pleasant 1458
Simms, Dr. R.J. Surgery Renouf Bldg 3328
Simms, Dr. R.J. Residence 133 LeMarchant 3328
Simms, Robert H. Residence 12 Gower 3536
Simms, W. Confectionery 98 Cabot 1593
Simms, Wallace Residence 91 King's 1893J
Simms, Wallace Residence 129 Cabot 3298J
Simms, Mrs. William Residence 87 Pleasant 2728R
Sinay, Mrs. R.H. Residence 48 Quidi Vidi 3972J
Sinclair, Eric Residence 60 Patrick 2618W
Sinclair, Max Residence 13 Pennywell 2225W
Singer Sewing Machine Co.   Water 655
Sinnott, B. Residence 153 Pennywell 1562J
Sinnott, Edward Residence 350 City Terrace 1740M
Sinnott, J.J. Residence 37 Prince of Wales 1878M
Sinnott, Mrs. John J. Residence 12 Queen's 287
Sinnott, Mrs. Peter Residence 9½ Freshwater 2185W
Sinnott, Stan Residence 24 Franklyn 3282W
Skeans, Michael Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1865J
Skeans, Philip Residence 7 Newtown 3934R
Skifflington, Edward Residence 20 Colonial 1889R
Skifflington, E.M. Residence 95 Circular 2196M
Skifflington, Miss Mildred Residence William's Lane 1371R
Skifflington, S. Residence 124 Merrymeeting 3029J
Skinner, Fred Residence 273 Southside W. 2241M
Skinner, Mrs. G. Residence 15 Brazil 2458R
Skinner, J. Arthur Residence 369 Duckworth 3248R
Skinner, Miss Mary Residence 28 Prescott 382
Skinner, Mrs. S. Residence 273 Southside W. 2241M
Skinner, Mrs. S.A. Residence 163 Theatre 2965M
Skinner, Stan Residence Top Barter's 631
Skinner, W.P. Residence 66 Hayward 1071W
Skinner's Monumental Marble Works   369 Duckworth 19
Skirving, G.M. Residence 34 Charlton 2193J
Skirving, Harvey Residence 38 Raleigh 3976M
Skirving, Peter N. Residence 160 Pleasant 3265W
Slattery, Mrs. Jas. Residence 34 Bond 2167M
Slattery, J.L. Residence 94 Freshwater 1615J
Slattery's Wholesale Dry Goods   Duckworth 522
Slen Sound Service   25 Monroe 1335
Sloan, James Residence 699 Water 1991M
Small, Harvey Residence 168 Patrick 2172W
Smallwood, J.R. Residence Kenmount 3472J
Smallwood, Reginald Residence Southside West 2609W
Smallwood, W.R. Residence 40 LeMarchant 918
Smeaton, H. Residence 29 Sudbury 2542J
Smeaton, Miss Mary Beauty Parlor 701 Water 1727
Smith, A.B. Residence 53 Hayward 2917
Smith, Arthur Residence 2 Plymouth 1165
Smith, Miss B. Grace Residence 92 LeMarchant 1485
Smith, Mrs. Bert Residence Craigmillar 3132R
Smith, D. Residence 35 Alexander 2550R
Smith, David Residence 217 Hamilton 2631J
Smith, Miss E. Residence 142 Gower 4175R
Smith, E.C. Residence 1 Devon Row 3288M
Smith, Mrs. Ella Residence 28 Barnes' 1347R
Smith, Miss Ethel Lunch Counter Adelaide 1811
Smith, Mrs. Ethel Residence Blackhead Rd 1622W
Smith, Capt. F.D. Residence Forest 1938
Smith, Frank Residence 2 Holloway 1554
Smith, Gordon H. Residence Water 2749M
Smith, Dr. H.A. Residence Ordnance 942
Smith, Dr. H.A. Surgery Duckworth 1445
Smith, Mrs. Isabel Residence 34 Leslie 2059
Smith, James C. Residence 176 Queen's 3231J
Smith, Mrs. Jean Residence 95 Carter's 2506J
Smith, Kenneth Residence 451 Southside 2969M
Smith, L. Residence 1 Golf 2880J
Smith, M. Residence 64 Golf 2980W
Smith, N.H. Residence 1 Road de Luxe 2876W
Smith, Otto Chimney Sweeper 11 William 3733
Smith, Philip H. Residence 53 Flower 4163
Smith, P.J. Residence 53 Belvedere 313W
Smith, Rev. T.E. Residence Forest 262
Smith, Mrs. Thomas Residence 18 Brazil 2615M
Smith, Dr. J . Tolson Surgery and Residence 290 Duckworth 1343
Smith, W.   Adelaide 764W
Smith, Mrs. W. Residence 26 Rankin 944J
Smith, Wallace Residence Blackhead 1622W
Smith, Walter Residence 41 Freshwater 3179J
Smith, Warwick Residence 17 Gower 3249
Smith, William Residence 11 Brine 1552J
Smith, Mrs. William G. Residence Allandale 2353J
Smith, W.R. Residence 234 Pennywell 2075R
Smithville Bakery     481
Smythe, Miss Annie Residence 51 Belvedere 313R
Smyth, Thomas, Sr. Residence 34 King's Bridge 388
Smyth, Thomas, Jr. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 744R
Smyth Bros. Office 1 Adelaide 2138
Smyth's Garage & Car Sales   George 787
Snack Bar   53 Harvey 3815
Snelgrove, Mrs. B. Residence Quidi Vidi 1093W
Snelgrove, Baxter Residence 74 Pennywell 2321W
Snelgrove, Charles Residence 18 Cashin 1479W
Snelgrove, E.B. Residence 321 Hamilton 1429M
Snelgrove, Miss Edith Residence 29 Stephen 3115R
Snelgrove, Mrs. Frank Residence 29 Portugal Cove Rd 2557W
Snelgrove, Hedley Residence 97 Campbell 4065
Snelgrove, Mrs. H.T. Residence 43 Cook 3003M
Snook, John Residence 56 Pierce 3379J
Snow, A. Residence 35 Cookstown 3107M
Snow, Mrs. A. Residence 46 Leslie 3464J
Snow, Mrs. A. Residence 160 LeMarchant 3260J
Snow, A.K. Residence 48 Colonial 1056M
Snow, Alex Residence Quidi Vidi 1546M
Snow, Mrs. Annie Residence 14 Feild 3405M
Snow Bros. Confectionery Casey 3250
Snow Bros. Grocers 88 Monroe 2352
Show, Charles Residence 161 Southside 2697J
Snow, E.A. Residence 152 Campbell 3942R
Snow, Edwin R. Residence 23 Cook 1686R
Snow, Fred Residence Cornwall 2117W
Snow, George F. Residence Waterford Bdg 2499M
Snow, George Residence 122 Pleasant 2722W
Snow, Miss Gertrude Residence 34 Victoria 2905M
Snow, Gordon Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1206J
Snow, G.W. Mfrs. Agent, Office Queen 1837
Snow, G.W. Residence 68 Monroe 2581W
Snow, H., Jr. Residence 21 Plymouth 2260J
Snow, Harold Residence 251 Pennywell 802W
Snow, Mrs. H.E. Residence 204 Hamilton 342R
Snow, Const. Hugh C. Residence 54 Hayward 952M
Snow, Mrs. J. Residence 77 Military 1053W
Snow, John D. Store 9 New Gower 4008
Snow, John T. Residence 18 Golf 3210W
Snow, Miss Nellie Residence 26 Prescott 3480W
Snow, Raymond Residence 9 Bell 1138J
Snow, W. Residence 21 Morris 2068W
Snow, William Residence Mount Royal 3388J
Snow, William Residence Southside 2571W
Snow-White Laundry   Aldershot 1762
Snow's Iron & Electrical      
    Works, Ltd.   25 Springdale 866
Somerton, Jacob Residence Codner's Lane 3102M
Somerton, Joseph Residence 21 Morris 2074J
Somerton, Robert Residence 7 Flower 1678W
Soper, Albert Residence 34 Cook 945W
Soper, Mrs. G. Residence Newtown 1738R
Soper, George W. Residence 32 Cook 941
Soper, George W. Summer Residence Kilbride 2821M
Soper, John Residence 82 Mayor 2428R
Soper, Jonas Residence 66 Mayor 1228R
Soper & Moore General Office New Gower 480
Soper, S.G. Residence Scott 945R
Soper, Sam J. Residence 7 Gower 1367R
Soper, Sam J. Country Residence Kilbride 4062
Soper, Stephen Residence 33 Cornwall 1917R
Soper, William Residence 7 Gower 1367W
Soper, William Country Residence Kilbride 2821J
Southcott, Miss Rebecca Residence 26 Allandale 1434
S.P.A. Informary   George 2812
Sparkes, Albert Residence Top Battery 2314M
Sparkes, Arthur Residence 20 Merrymeeting 78R
Sparkes & Son, Ltd. Mgrs. Agents 200 Water 1006
Sparkes, Miss G. Residence 74 Carter's 3104R
Sparkes, H.R. Residence 56 Prince of Wales 2071M
Sparkes, I. Residence 14 Mount Royal 3914M
Sparkes, Isaac Residence 5 Cook 3198R
Sparkes, Mrs. J. Residence 114 Pleasant 2710R
Sparkes, James Residence 52 Prince of Wales 1878R
Sparkes, Dr. J.C. Dentist 284 Water 4159
Sparkes, Dr. J.C. Residence Robinson's Hill 4073
Sparkes, L. Maxwell Residence 5 Bennett 1594J
Sparkes, Lloyd Residence 4 Raleigh 3926M
Sparkes Meat Market   77 Golf 2752
Sparkes, Reg. F. Residence Allandale 812
Sparkes, Robert A. Residence 199 LeMarchant 298
Sparkes, R. Winston Residence 236 Pennywell 3917J
Sparkes Taxi   Water W. 3725
Sparkes, Thomas W. Residence 201 LeMarchant 2175W
Sparkes, V. Residence 21 Cuddihy[sic] 3275W
Sparkes, Walter S. Residence 109 Springdale 1913
Sparrow, A.J. Residence 89 Monkstown 2005J
Sparrow, James Residence 12 Convent 2573J
Spearns, Charles Residence 28 Colonial 2056M
Spencer, A.G. Residence Carpasian 3510W
Spencer, William Residence 97 Cabot 1669W
Spot Cash Rensions Ltd.   New Gower 2565
Spot Cash Grocery   Monroe 3792
Spracklin, B. Residence Southside W. 3380W
Spracklin, Ernest Residence 27 Cook 1686J
Spracklin, Harold Residence 6 Convent 2573R
Spratt, Mrs. Edward Residence 23 Boncloddy 3997M
Spratt, James J. Residence 44 Pennywell 2432
Springdale Taxi Service   Springdale 1030
Spry, Miss N.E. Residence 67 Monkstown 1445W
Spurrell, A. Residence 23 Brazil 2568W
Spurrell, A. Residence Morris 3981R
Spurrell, Miss Alice M. Residence 92 Lime 3103W
Spurrell, Charles Residence 27 Springdale 1937W
Spurrell, E.D. Residence 26 Cook 3006
Spurrell, E.D. Office 247 Water 374
Spurrell, J. Residence 49 Mayor 3262M
Spurrell, J. Residence Top Battery 2314J
Spurrell, J.G. Residence 23 Raleigh 1384
Spurrell, W. Residence Newtown 1786M
Spurrell, Mrs. W. Residence 17 Scott 1605W
Spurrell, William Residence Dononvans  
    Call Toll Operator  
Spurrell, W.J. Residence 4 Blackmarsh 2025R
Square Taxi   Water 4177
Squibb, Hd. Const. Residence 18 Merrymeeting 3005W
Squires, Mrs. Beatrice Residence Macklin Place 2946M
Squires, Ben Residence 29 Barter's 3124J
Squires, David Residence Freshwater Valley 2248M
Squires, Mrs. F.W. Residence 6 Kimberley Row 1740W
Squires, George Residence 143 Gower 4175W
Squires, George Residence Glendale 1550J
Squires, Gordon B. Residence Wishing Well Rd 2290W
Squires, Mrs. H. Residence 176 Merrymeeting 545W
Squires, Lady Helena Residence    
      Midstream Waterford Bridge 1505
Squires, J. Residence 154 Military 2044J
Squires, J. Residence 14 Barter's 3112M
Squires, James Residence 70 Calvert 2855J
Squires, J.H. Residence 299 Pennywell 303M
Squires, Joseph Residence Nagle's Hill 1584R
Squires, Miss Joyce Residence 103 Craigmillar 2627J
Squires, Mrs. L. Residence 7 College Sq. 3244R
Squires, Mrs. L. Residence 175 Craigmillar 3134R
Squires, Mrs. L. Residence 21 Goodridge 2799W
Squires, Mrs. Mabel Residence 16 Duggan 1044W
Squires, Mrs. Malcolm Residence 114 Bond 482W
Squires, Robert Residence Midstream 1936M
Squires & Saunders Law Offices Muir Bldg 707
Squires & Saunders Law Offices Muir Bldg 708
Squires, Mrs. S. Residence 20 George 1826M
Squires, W. Residence 289 Southside 2241R
Squires, William Residence 49 Cookstown 3107W
Squires, Mrs. William Residence Lake View 2074R
Stabb, H.J. & Co. Office 59 Water 14
Stacey, A. Residence Torbay Rd 3996W
Stacey, Mrs. M. Residence 10 Boncloddy 1644W
Stacey, Mrs. S. Residence 73 St. Clare 3052W
Stack, Miss M. Grocery 27 Brazil 3684
Stack, S.H. Residence 22 Empire 618R
Stafford, A. Residence 166 Duckworth 687
Stafford, Dr. F. & Son, Ltd. Wholesale Department Duckworth 687
Stafford, W.J. Residence 261 Southside 1806W
Stafford's Agencies, Ltd.   208 Water 1129
Stamp, C. Residence 82 Brazil 4160W
Stamp, Mrs. Frank Grocery Top Battery 2360
Stamp, J. Trucking Service 25 George 1846
Stamp, James Residence Topsail Rd 2689M
Stamp, Peter Residence Quidi Vidi 2954W
Stamp, Richard Residence 31 Scott 3193M
Standard Bedding Co. Office Flower 2049
Standard Brands Ltd. Office Water E. 1654
Standard Cabs   King's Bridge 1252
Standard Mfg. Co. Ltd., The Private Branch Exchange   1087
      Night & Holiday Connections:    
      General Office   1087
      Sales Office   1088
      Chemist   1089
Stanford, J. Residence 469 Southside 1261M
Stanford, S. Residence Topsail Rd 3180M
Stanley, Albert Residence 52 Golf 4030
Stanley, Charles Residence Kilbride 2479R
Stanley, Ern Residence 8 Flower 2067J
Stanley, Mrs. Herbert Residence 35 Cook 1375J
Stanley, J.A. Residence Waterford Bridge 1248
Stapleton, A. Residence Southside 2571R
Stapleton, Leo Residence 98 Queen's 2975R
Stapleton, Mrs. P. Residence 129 George's 2612R
Star Movie Theatre   Henry 471
Star R.R. & B. Committee   Henry 2129
Star Taxi, The   Boncloddy 3130
Starkes, Mrs. C. Residence 26 Feild 3191W
Starkes, Capt. E. Residence Pennywell 3364M
starkes, R. Residence 6 Knight 2763W
Stauffer, Sergt. Howard A. Residence Fort Townshend 2326J
St. Andrew's Kirk Manse   Queen's 464
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church      
    & Hall   Queen's 2247
St. Augustine's Hall   Littledale 2492W
St. Bonaventure's College   Bonaventure 110
St. Bonaventure's College Farm Signal Hill 3243J
St. Bride's College Littledale Waterford Bridge 220
St. Clare's Dry Goods   39 St. Clare 1459
St. Clare's Mercy Hospital Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments LeMarchant 1141
St. Clare's Mercy Hospital   LeMarchant W. 1142
St. Clare's Mercy Hospital Annex 184 Patrick 2691M
St. Clare's Mercy Hospital Nurses' Res. LeMarchant W. 4415
St. Clare's Mercy Hospital Const. Office St. Clare 1459
St. George, Eric Residence 25 New Portugal Cove Rd 2251R
St. George's School   Merrymeeting 2039
St. John, Walter Residence 616 Water 1985M
St. John's Consumers Co-operative      
Society, Ltd.   36 William 1904
St. John's Consumers Co-operative      
    Society, Ltd. Store 154 Hamilton 4186
St. John's Consumers Co-operative      
    Society, Ltd. Office 154 Hamilton 4186
St. John's Gas Light Co. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   2787
      Night & Holliday Calls:    
      J.P. Steinhauer, Manager Res.   2795
      Coal Orders, West End   2783
      General Office   2784
      Mr. Steinhauer & Mr. Shears   31
      Plant Residence Water W. 3000
St. John's Housing Corporation Monroe Bldg Water 935
St. John's Housing Corporation Garage Carpasian 3510R
St. John's Housing Corporation Office Freshwater 3587
St. John's Housing Corporation Office Freshwater 3644
St. John's Housing Corporation   Water 3690
St. John's Housing Corporation Village B. Pine Bud Ave. 3841
St. John's Housing Corporation   Strawberry Marsh 1002
St. John's Housing Corporation Tunnel Rennie's River 2231
St. John's Housing Corporation Lumber Yard Lamb's Lane 3531
St. John's Regatta Committee Boat House Quidi Vidi 2874W
St. Joseph's Convent of Mercy   Hoylestown 2040
St. Mary's Taxi S. Gibbons 33 Adelaide 740
St. Patrick's Convent   Convent Sq. 1352
St. Patrick's Hall   Queen's 141
St. Patrick's Hall Schools   Merrymeeting 1473
St. Patrick's New High School Bowling Alleys Merrymeeting 1926
St. Peter, John Residence 84 New Gower 3324W
St. Theresa's Consumers      
    Co-operative Society   Mundy Pond 943
St. Theresa's Mercy Convent   Mundy Pond 2833
St. Thomas's Rectory   King's Bridge 684
Stead, Miss E.M. Residence 39 King's Bridge 1461
Stead, Leo B. Residence Alexander 1985R
Stead, William Residence Pennywell 2225J
Steele, Arch Residence Topsail Rd 2490J
Steele, Dick, The Shop With      
    The Cup & Saucer Sign   Water 1476
Steele, Dick Residence Winter Place 2740
Steele, Eli Residence 77 Goodridge 3415M
Steele, James R. Residence 74 Cochrane 1332J
Steele, Mrs. R. Residence 103 Merrymeeting 3031W
Steele, S.O. & Sons, Ltd. Crockery & Glass 90-100 Water E. 192
Steele, Victor J. Residence 9 Maxse 363R
Steele, Walter Residence 14 McFarlane 1623W
Steers Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   3550
      During Meal Hours & Holidays    
      Please Ask for the Following:    
      Private Office, C.C. Pratt   3550
      Store Office   3551
      Watch House   3552
      Retail Dry Goods   3553
      General Office   3554
      Insurance   3555
      Steers Ltd. East End Premises 3557
Steinhauer, J.P. Residence 2 Forest Ave. 2705
Stentaford, Dr. T.G. Residence Winter 1266
Sterling Restaurant   Water 377
Stephens, C.B. Residence Howley Ext. 3934W
Stephens, J.R. Residence 28 Power 3157W
Stevens, James Residence Fleming 602W
Stevens, Mrs. N.W. Residence 48 Gower 2640J
Stevens, W.H. Residence 29 Maxse 363W
Stevenson, Alex C. Residence 20 Victoria 2911M
Stevenson, Mrs. Alfred Residence Long Pond 1605J
Stevenson, Mrs. C. Residence 356 City Terrace 1515J
Stevenson, J.H. Residence 1 Hamilton Ext. 2238J
Stevenson, L. Residence 35 LeMarchant 3292R
Stevenson, William Residence 42 LeMarchant 1489W
Stevenson, William Residence 13 Cook 296
Stevenson's Repair Shop   474 Water 1961
Stewart, Alex Dry Goods Water 2168
Stewart, Alex Residence 17 Waterford Bridge 840W
Stick, Mrs. Olive Residence 5 Devon Row 1218M
Stick, Mrs. Olive Residence Kilbride 4062
Stick, J.R. & Co., Ltd.   10 George 632
Stick, J. Robin Residence Rennie's Mill 1654
Stick, Miss M.K. Residence 5 Devon Row 1218W
Stirling, Rev. Canon A.B. S St. Mary's Rectory Southside 313
Stirling, C.H. Residence 9 Rankin 2984R
Stirling, Geoff Sunday Herald Duckworth 901
Stirling, Mrs. Gertrude Residence 117 Gower 700
Stirling, Herbert W. Residence 30 Victoria 2905W
Stirling, Weston Residence 64 Cochrane 3475
Stockley, A. Residence 23 Barter's 3112W
Stockley, Arthur Residence 12 Central 3116W
Stockwood, Cecil Residence 233 Southside 2750R
Stokes, B. & Sons Contractors 20 Gear 1250
Stokes, Bela Residence 27 Prince of Wales 2995
Stone, C.L. Residence Torbay Rd 2379R
Stone, Clifford Residence Cornwall 808W
Stone, E. Residence 25 Goodridge 2799M
Stone, Eugene Residence Portugal Cove Rd 998M
Stone, G.W. Residence 200 Merrymeeting 1998J
Stone, H.T. Residence 32 Merrymeeting 3826W
Stone, Joseph Residence Rankin 545M
Stone, M. Residence 107 Springdale 1506M
Stone, M. Comm. Agent Holdsworth 4091
Stone, Miss Marion (Nurse) Residence 61 Gower 2824R
Stone, Thomas Residence Pennywell 3707R
Stone, William Residence 28 Goodridge 2859J
Storey, G.E. Residence Southside 862M
Stott, Mrs. Bertha Residence Waterford Bdg 680
Stowe, Mrs. J. Residence 43 Golf 3211J
Stowe, Mrs. S. Residence 66 Warbury 2392J
Stowe, William Residence 45 Golf 3488R
Strang, J.J. Residence 8 Kimberley Row 1740R
Strange, A. Residence 53 Warbury 2949W
Strange, William Residence Hanley Place 1735R
Stratton, Arthur Residence 30 Cabot 1665R
Stratton, W.D.G. Residence 145 Gower 1088W
Street, William Residence 52 Livingstone 3012W
Strickland, Mrs. E. Residence 99 Campbell 3915M
Strickland, Mrs. F. Residence Blackhead 2969J
Strickland, Capt. Uriah Residence 114 Merrymeeting 3205M
Strickland, William Residence Old Railway Track 3266M
Strombert Carlson Radios Dicks Co. Ltd. 247 Water 2700
Strong, C.W. Residence 35 New Cove Rd 1455W
Strong, Jas., Ltd. Office Muir Bldg 708
Strong, Miss Joyce The Artistic Beauty Salon 145 Duckworth 4080
Strong, P. Residence Winter 1306
Strong, Rev. T.A. Residence 147 Casey 2681J
Strong, Mrs. W.H. Residence 92 Springdale 2606W
Stuckless, S.J. Residence 144 Merrymeeting 3029R
Sturge, Charles Residence 8 Pleasant 2995M
Sturge, Mrs. Residence 4 Summer 3030M
Sturge, Mrs. James Residence Lamb's Lane 3991W
Sub-Station, Nfld. Light &      
    Power Co.     409
Sulley, Miss G. Residence 61 Queen's 875W
Sullivan, Eric Residence 160 Gower 1784W
Sullivan, Miss Gertrude Residence 125 Circular W. 1879W
Sullivan, Mrs. James Residence 4 Flavin 823W
Sullivan, J.J.   29 Warbury 3994M
Sullivan, John Residence 20 Power 2734W
Sullivan, John Residence Torbay Rd 1377J
Sullivan, John Residence 25 Pierce 3206J
Sullivan, J.M. Residence 43 Newtown 1080J
Sullivan, M. Residence 10 McFarlane 1623M
Sullivan, M. Residence 17 Morris 2068M
Sullivan, Miss Mary Residence 4 Plymouth 2260W
Sullivan, T.R. Residence 194 Duckworth 2459
Summers, C. Residence 100 Freshwater 3568
Summers, Mrs. D.A. Residence Howley Ext. 1337J
Summers, G. Residence 25 Campbell 3225M
Summers, Mrs. G. Residence King's Bridge 2347[???]
Summers, George Truck Office Water E. 838
Summers, George Residence Quidi Vidi 3446
Summers, Mrs. Georgina Residence 41 Pennywell 391
Summers, Gerald Residence Quidi Vidi 1003J
Summers' Grocery   152 Duckworth 1704
Summers, Rev. H.A., P.P. Residence Mundy Pond 1605
Summers, J.P. Butcher Freshwater 1469
Summers, Peter, Truckman Residence Forest 864
Summers, The Smart Shop For Men   329-330 Water 936
Summers, Vincent Residence Waterford Bridge 4043
Summers, William Residence Quidi Vidi 831
Summers, William, Jr. Trucking Service    
  Trucking Water 2368
Summers, William, Jr. Residence Quidi Vidi 2954J
Sunkist Fruit Store   New Gower 3883
Sun Life Assurance Co. of   Royal Bank of Canada  
    Canada (F.R. Clark)     Bldg 386
Sunnydale Farm   Thorburn Rd 3910R
Sutherby, Robert Residence 17 Bond 2261R
Sutton, Miss Anne Residence 127 Cabot 3296W
Sutton, J.T. Residence 43 William 1541J
Sutton, Mrs. Margaret Residence Freshwater Valley 2290R
Sutton, J.T. Residence First Ave. 667R
Sutton, W. Residence 18 Victoria 3923W
Sutton, William Residence Blackler 2773J
Swedish Consulate Furness House Water E. 2373
Sweets Shop, The   213 Water 1289
Sweets Shop, The   213 Water 4418
Sweetapple, George Residence 215 Pennywell 2973M
Sweetapple, H.W. Residence 72 Hayward 3969R
Sweetapple, Sidney Residence 46 Monroe 2620J
Swersky, L. & Co.   332 Water 4110
Swersky, L. Residence Howley 1685J
Swift Canadian Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 2933
Swift Canadian Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 2934
Swimming Pool   Quidi Vidi 3305
Symonds, Fire Const. A. Residence 314 Hamilton 2629W
Symonds, George Residence Hamilton Ave. 2629J
Symonds, Joseph Residence 52 Bannerman 789W
Symmonds, Reginald Residence Hamilton 808M

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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No part of this project may be reproduced in any form
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