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Tel #
Jack, Grant Residence 42 Cornwall 1282
Jackman, Ed Residence 74½ Pennywell 1687W
Jackman, Rev. F.J. Residence Bonaventure 166
Jackman & Greene Grocers Cookstown 353
Jackman & Greene   Cor. New Gower & Queen 3364
Jackman, Mrs. Margaret Residence 15 Campbell 3222M
Jackman, Mrs. Philip Residence 103 Circular 987R
Jackman, Mrs. Richard Residence 1 Pennywell 2282
Jackman, Robt. J. Residence 4 Mullock 2741
Jackman, T.R. Residence 99 Freshwater 2748
Jackman, W.J. Residence 5 Brine 2349J
Jackman, W.R.E. Residence Leslie 2925W
Jackson, Mrs. Oliver Residence 19 Newtown 1738J
Jacobs, Jas. Residence LeMarchant 3189J
Jacobs, L.J. Plumber 50 Monroe 2509
James, Mrs. C.S. Residence 261 Lemarchant 1982
James, C.T. Residence 285 LeMarchant W. 2808W
James, F.H. Residence Mundy Pond 1642R
James, J.D. Residence 59 Avalon Terrace 2886W
James, Samuel M. Residence 269 Hamilton 2627J
James, T.L.C. Residence Cornwall 2439W
James, Mrs. Capt. W.L. Residence Devon Row 1743
Jamieson, C.A. Residence 15 Spencer 3169R
Jamieson, Dr. D.G. Residence and Surgery 16 Freshwater 993
Jamieson, Mrs. J. Residence 240 Theatre 2393M
Jamieson, Mrs. L. Residence 269 Southside 1410J
Janes, Mrs. A.   82A Carter's 3104J
Janes, Mrs. B. Residence 143 Merrymeeting 3027J
Janes, C.C. Residence 49 Franklyn 3289J
Janes, Charles Residence 49 Warbury 2947M
Janes, Chesley F. Residence 29 Mount Pleasant 1290M
Janes, Frank Residence 46 Hamilton 1519J
Janes, George Residence Top Barter's 1932
Janes, George Residence 106 Circular 1879R
Janes, G.F. Residence 130 Bond 2907M
Janes, H. Residence 64 Hayward 1071J
Janes, Major H. Nursing Superintendent Grace Hospital 3598
Janes, Hudson Residence Warbury 2892R
Janes, J. Residence 7 Macklin 2946R
Janes, James Residence 120 Barnes' 2755W
Janes, J.F. Druggist 8 Campbell 3511
Janes, Leonard Residence 12 Bannerman 2609J
Janes, Mrs. M. Residence 36 Mayor 2914R
Janes, Max Residence Cashin 3797R
Janes, Mrs. S. Residence 288 Pennywell 3945R
Janes, William Residence 74 Brazil 2658M
Janes, William Residence 22 Campbell 3275R
Jardine, Charles E. Residence 9 Deanery 2653J
Jardine, Cyril Residence 118 Bond 3937M
Jardine, Mrs. P.H. Residence 7 Deanery 2645R
Jarvis, John Residence Middle Battery 2383M
Jean's Beauty Parlour   83 Military 4049
Jeans, R.F. Residence 25 Dicks' 1864J
Jeans, R.W. Residence 72 Cochrane 8462
Jeans, Mrs. Rose Residence 167 Military 2234M
Jeans, T. Residence 18 McNeil 545R
Jeans, W.T. Residence 131 Pennywell 1634J
Jeffery, C.E.A. Residence 12 Rennie's Mill 1707
Jenkins, C. Residence 100 Craigmillar 2527W
Jenkins, Miss Phyllis Residence 8 Hayward 1776W
Jenkins, Samuel Residence 47 Craigmillar 3256R
Jennings, Miss M.L. Residence 163 Gower 2671
Jensen, Chas. Residence 28 Mt. Pleasant 3993R
Jerrett, Eric, L.L.B. Law Office Duckworth 360
Jerrett, Eric, L.L.B. Residence Monkstown 3935
Jo-an Beauty Salon   87 Cabot 3720
Job Bros. & Co., Ltd. Connecting All Departments &    
      Wharf Office Day and Night   1275
      Insurance Dept.   1275
      Store Department   1276
      Private Office   1277
      General Office   1278
      Southside Premises   2964W
Job Bros. & Co., Ltd. Boyd Taylor   3964R
Job, Hon. R.B. Residence 64 Cochrane 3135
Jocelyn, Mrs. W.J. Residence 102 Queen's 304R
Johns, Harold Residence 9 Newtown 3056M
Johns, Miss Mary E. Residence Howley Ext. 2306
Johnson, Arthur The Insurance Man Prescott 54
Johnson, Arthur Residence 145 Patrick 3143
Johnson, E. Residence 79 Pennywell 2867J
Johnson, E.N. Residence 364 Duckworth 1807W
Johnson, Mrs. Geo. Residence 17 Patrick 2633M
Johnson, Mrs. Harold Residence 99 Craigmillar 3133M
Johnson, James Residence 44 Livingstone 2981W
Johnson, Mrs. J.C. Residence 108 Cabot 1253M
Johnson, M. Residence 215 New Gower 1599W
Johnson, R. Residence 64 Springdale 2743R
Johnston, David Residence 181 Gower 3431M
Johnston, F.J. Residence 56 Fleming 3905W
Johnston, James Residence 34 Summer 507J
Johnston, R.J. Residence 41 Scott 817M
Johnstone, Cecil Residence 11 Topsail 2531W
Johnston's Service Station   Merrymeeting 1936
Jolliffe, E. Residence 41 Prescott 1845W
Jones, Capt. E. Residence 62 Mayor 1080W
Jones, Mrs. H.G. Residence 182 Pleasant 2694W
Jones, Mrs. Helen M. Residence 73 New Gower 1799
Jones, John Residence 7 Pleasant 3970M
Jones, L. Residence 42 Colonial 3325W
Jones, Mrs. M. Residence 93 Pleasant 2714R
Jost, George Residence 52 Circular 1373
Jost, George Office Board of Trade Bldg 157
Joy, Mrs. A.G. Residence 35 Gower 1239J
Joy, James G. Residence 21 LeMarchant 1649R
Joy, W. Residence 21 LeMarchant 3999W
Joy, W. Residence Cornwall 2490M
Joy, William Butcher New Gower 2054
Joyce, Miss Beryl Residence 54 Bannerman 3206R
Joyce, Matthew Residence Nagles Hill 1957J
Joyce, Mrs. R. Residence 93 Springdale 2606J
Joyce, W.E. Residence Rennie's Mill 1326
Joyce, W.F. Residence 102 LeMarchant 495
Joyce, Wilson Residence 7 Franklyn 3284M
Jubilee Guild   Water 2136

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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