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Tel #
Daily News Robinson & Co., Ltd. Duckworth 178
Daily News Robinson & Co., Ltd. Duckworth 179
Dale & Co., Ltd. Marine Underwriters,    
  H.A Dawe & Sons, Agents Board of Trade Bldg 967
Dale, Leonard Residence Southside 3963R
Dalton, Miss Betty Residence 83 Hayward 439J
Dalton, J.G. Residence Craigmillar 800J
Dalton, L.W. Residence 86 Pleasant 1832W
Dalton, Capt. M.G. Residence Topsail Rd 3048
Dalton, Mrs. Mary Walsh Residence Colonial 3444
Dalton, T.J. Residence 23 Topsail Rd 3020W
Dalton, Walter Residence 139 Patrick 1137R
Daly, J. Residence First Ave 1777
Daly, Mrs. Margaret Residence 117 Circular 2105W
Daly, Mrs. W. Residence 22 Barter's 3918W
Dancey, Mrs. B. Residence 32 Richmond 307J
Dancey, Mrs. Mae Residence 15 Livingstone 3963W
Daniels, W. Residence Empire 2387M
Daniels, Mrs. W. Residence 86 Goodridge 2705W
Danish American Seed & Supply Co.   308 Water 1816
Danish Consulate Furness House Water 2377
Darby, C.R. Residence 7 Flavin 1021J
Darby, G.B. Residence 96 Freshwater 1954W
Darby, H.W. Residence 42 Franklyn 2436M
Darcy, J.M. Residence 70 Bond 3080R
Darcy, W.J. Residence 69 Duckworth 851M
Davey, George Residence and Office 31 Victoria 1930
Davey, Mrs. J. Residence 107 Bond 1480
Davey, John, Contractor Residence 23 Maxse 3828
Davidson, W.H., Ltd.   258 Duckworth 669
Davies, Capt. R. Residence 22A Campbell 3222J
Davis, Mrs. Agnes Residence 7 Bell 1166M
Davis, Alex Grocery 71 Long's 3674
Davis, C. Residence 11 Spencer 2279W
Davis, Chas. Residence 23 Summer 2002M
Davis, C.J. Residence 15 Golf 3200M
Davis, Clarence Residence 42 Prince of Wales 3212M
Davis, E. Residence 205 Hamilton 3367J
Davis, Mrs. Frank Residence 8 Beaumont 2232M
Davis, F.M. Residence 69 Craigmillar 3144M
Davis, Fred Residence 203 Hamilton 3190J
Davis, Geo Residence 31 Raleigh 1009W
Davis Grocery 166 Merrymeeting 32
Davis Grocery 166 Merrymeeting 460
Davis, Mrs. J.G. Residence 17 Golf 3210M
Davis, John Residence Forest 899M
Davis, John Residence 112 Springdale 1506R
Davis, J.N. Residence 36 LeMarchant 2420
Davis, Mrs. L. Residence 43 Alexander 2550J
Davis, Miss Margaret Residence 570 Water 1848R
Davis, Mark B. Residence 306 Hamilton 2119J
Davis, Mrs. T. Residence 4 Cabot 1710W
Davis, Const. W. Residence 211 Pennywell 3481W
Dawe, Albert Residence Empire 2398J
Dawe, Chester E. Residence Waterford Bridge 3404
Dawe, Chester, Ltd.   Shaw's Lane 2097
Dawe, Chester, Ltd.   Shaw's Lane 3566
Dawe, D.H. Residence 68 Fleming 2473R
Dawe, D.J. Residence 54 Quidi Vidi 3922W
Dawe, Douglas Residence 22 Summer 3002J
Dawe, D.W.K. Residence Cornwall 1984R
Dawe, D.W.K. (Curtis & Dawe) Law Offices Board of Trade Bldg 241
Dawe, Edgar Residence 3 Devon Row 413M
Dawe, Eric Residence 5 Golf 2663J
Dawe, Mrs. Elsie Residence 8 Victoria 1828J
Dawe, Geo. Residence 176 Duckworth 1436
Dawe, Gordon Residence 49 Mullock 1502R
Dawe, Harold Residence 14 Cashin 1479J
Dawe, H.A. & Sons General Insurance Agents Board of Trade Bldg 967
Dawe, H.A. Residence 210 LeMarchant 1403
Dawe, H.C. Residence 2 Coleman Place 1614J
Dawe, H.L. Residence Top Battery 3302M
Dawe, Rev. H.M. Residence Cabot Ext. 3495
Dawe, Rev. H.M. United Church Office 441 Water 1484
Dawe, Mrs. J.W. Residence 28 Prescott 321
Dawe, Max Residence Waterford Bridge 2427R
Dawe, Maxwell Residence 31 Cashin 2469J
Dawe, Peter Residence 64 Colonial 2825J
Dawe, Mrs. Philip Residence 30 Coronation 2751W
Dawe, R. Residence 46 Beaumont 2118R
Dawe, R.C. Residence Waterford Bridge 4156R
Dawe, Robert Residence Craigmillar 3339J
Dawe, Robert & Son Insurance Agents Royal Bank of Canada  
    Building 882
Dawe, Ronald Residence 14 Prince of Wales 24090R
Dawe, Roy Residence 46 Merrymeeting 3826M
Dawe, Sam Residence 19 Eric 3704W
Dawe, W. Residence 87 Pennywell 3699R
Dawe, Walter Residence Forest 2895W
Dawe, Wilfred Residence Pennywell W. 3394M
Dawe, Wilfred Residence Blackmarsh 8936J
Dawe, Wm. & Sons, Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
      Connecting Hardware,    
      Carpenter Shop, Sales,    
      Private and General Office   2587
Dawe, Wm. & Sons, Ltd.   Springdale 3870
Dawe, Wm. & Sons, Ltd. Carpenters' Loft Springdale 763
Dawe, W.R. Residence Quidi Vidi 2281
Dawe's Nail & Hardware, Ltd.   Springdale 2587
Dawe's Nail & Hardware, Ltd.   Springdale 3870
Dawson, T. Residence 643 Water 2760M
Day, Clarence Residence 51 Hayward 1583R
Day, E.G. Residence 37 Hayward 874W
Day, Frank Residence 188 Freshwater 1159J
Day, Geo. Residence 55 Feild 8875J
Day, Mrs. Geo. Residence 51 Cochrane 2935M
Day, J.J. Residence 155 Pleasant 2706M
Day, Kenneth Residence 106 Merrymeeting 3032R
Day, Mac Residence 9 Scott 3184M
Day, Walter Residence Quidi Vidi 3927J
Day, Wm. Residence 13 Cornwall 3425W
Deakin, Frank Residence Portugal Cove Rd 685J
Dean, Mrs. Joe Residence 13 Brazil 2959W
Deanery, St. Patrick's   Patrick 165
Dearin, Chas. Residence 19 Gear 2435W
De-Bourke, Edward Residence 70 Forest 959J
Decker, M.L. Residence Southside W. 3968R
Deir, J.J. Residence 7 Barnes' 1556R
Deir, Mrs. W.E. Residence Quidi Vidi 3922R
Delacey, L.S. Residence 33 McKay 548J
Delahunty, L.J. Residence 44 Golf 16
Delahunty, Miss M. Residence 18 Stephen 3110M
Delahunty, Mrs. M.J. Residence 195 Gower 1648
Delahunty, Thos. Residence 20 Waterford Bridge 3834
Delahunty, Arthur Residence 63 Barters' 1692J
Delaney, Mrs. C. Residence 167 Gower 3137M
Delgado, John A. Residence 14 Winter 4094J
Delight Café   159 New Gower 1467
DeLuxe, Beauty Parlour   150 Duckworth 3849
Denine, Wm. Residence Blackmarsh 2878M
Densmore, Stephen Residence Old Petty Hr. Rd. 2821W
Devereaux, F.J. Residence 25 Monkstown 1933J
Devereaux, Miss K.M. Residence 216 New Gower 626M
Devine, A. Residence 37 Victoria 2906W
Devine, J.H. Barrister & Solicitor City Chambers 1929
Devine, J.M. Store 339 Water 1823
Devine, Mrs. J.M. Residence 1 Queens' 875J
Devine, L.A. Standard Bedding Co. Flower Hill 2049
Devine, L.A. Residence 7 Campbell 3223J
Devine, P.J. Residence 1 King's 1471W
Devine, T.S. Residence 12 Prescott 814
Dewey, W.J. Residence 74 Monroe 4160J
Dewling, H. Residence 37 Cook 1375R
Dewling, Harry Residence 6 Stewart 846R
Dewling, J.W. Residence Waterford Bridge 603
Dewling, Stewart Residence Allandale 1690
Dewling, T. Residence 168 Pennywell 3431M
Diamond, Arthur Residence 86 Queens' 2971M
Diamond, B.S. Country Residence Kilbride 2821R
Diamond, C.P. Residence 300 LeMarchant 1856
Diamond Engineering Works   Water 704
Diamond, H. Residence 13 Colonial 2915
Diamond, S. Residence 335 Duckworth 2078R
Diamond, S. Residence Old Railway Track 2856M
Diamond, Mrs. S.C. Residence 9 Gower 1198M
Diamond, Mrs. S.C. Residence Kilbride 1286W
Diana Sweets Ltd.   Freshwater 1555
Dick, Norman Residence 176 Queens' 3231M
Dickinson, H.W. Office Bank of Montreal Bldg 1305
Dickinson, H.W. Residence Cochrane Hotel 1357
Dicks & Co., Ltd.   247 Water 2700
Dicks & Co., Ltd.   247 Water 2701
Dicks, C.B. Residence 98 Circular 987W
Dicks, Mrs. Dorcas Residence 28 Goodridge 2859J
Dicks, F.W. Residence Sudbury 2370W
Dicks, Jas. Residence Old Railway Track 3117M
Dicks, Miss Margaret Residence 24 Flower 1630W
Dillon, Capt. Gerald Residence 74 Lime 1572
Dillon, J. Residence 29 Waterford Bridge 502W
Dillon, Mrs. John Residence 21 Feild 1072
Dillon, Mrs. K. Residence Freshwater 1995W
Dillon, P.J. Residence 370 Water 948R
Dillon & Rowe General Trucking Service Buchanan 3756
Dillon, Walter Residence Freshwater 4076
Dillon, Capt. Walter Residence 24 Rankin 3932R
Dingle, E.M. Residence 130 Gower 2296M
Dinham, A.G. Residence St. Clare 3062M
Dinn, Joseph Residence Upper Battery 2339R
Dinn, Joseph Residence Glenridge Crescent 3585M
Dinn, Philip Residence 799 Water 636R
Dinn, Mrs. R. Residence Top Battery 2339W
Diocesan Synod of Nfld. Office Board of Trade 300
Dobbin, Cyril Residence Signal Hill 3615
Dobbin, Mrs. E. Residence 28 Stephen 1386R
Dobbin, P.J. Office City Chambers 1177
Dobbin, P.J. Residence 198 LeMarchant 434
Dobbin, P.J. Residence King's Bridge 1227M
Dodd, Jas. J. Office Exchange Bldg. 4068
Dodd, James J. (The Book Mark) Rawlin's Cross 2240
Dodd, Jas. J. Residence Glenridge Crescent 3412J
Dodd, Jas. J. Residence Oxen Pond 1997J
Dodd, Thomas Residence 17 Holloway 1511R
Dodd, W. Residence 62 Livingstone 2932J
Doheney, Mrs. Elizabeth Residence 17 Prospect 585W
Doheney, Michael Residence 37 Gower 1049M
Doheney, T.J. Residence 259 Duckworth 70
Dominion Atlantic Insur. Co. A.E. Hickman Co. Ltd.    
  Managers   1133
Dominion Distributors Co.   Royal Bank of Canada Building 1014
Dominion Life Assurance Co. C.C. Pratt, Mgr. Water 3550
Dominion Meat Market Eric Clarke 177 New Gower 2426
Dominy, Capt. J.C. Residence 22 Gilbert 2545R
Dominy, Miss L. Residence Old Railway Track 3098W
Donahue, Dr. H.F. Surgery and Residence 5 King's 251
Donnelly, A.J. Delmar Residence 21 McKay 2506R
Donnelly, Chas. Residence Wickford 3141J
Donnelly, Mrs. E.R. Residence 110 Water E. 2419W
Donnelly, Frank Residence 40 Mullock 2226R
Donnelly, Mrs. J. Residence Pennywell 2774R
Donnelly, Patk. Residence 56 Signal Hill 4197
Donovan, Miss J. Residence New Gower 2791R
Doody, John T., Ltd. Furniture Dealers 436 Water 102
Doody, J.T. Residence 10 Deanery 2545J
Doody, Leo Residence 137 Theatre 2479M
Doody, T.J. Residence Southside W. 1895M
Dooley, Edward Residence Southside W. 1895J
Dooley, Jas. Residence 4 Pennywell 3499J
Dooley, J.M. Residence 133 St. Clare 2756R
Dooley, John Residence Topsail Rd 2482W
Dooley, Mrs. John Residence Logy Bay Rd 1457
Dooley, Ralph Residence 4 Ordnance 410
Dooley, T. Residence Southside W. 3125J
Dooley, T.J. Residence 65 New Gower 3920J
Dooley's Dry Cleaning & Dye Works   Long's 1488
Dooling, Mrs. Margaret Residence 11 Eric 3901M
Doran, E.J. Residence 7 Hayward 3659
Doran, James Residence 38 Barnes' 1347M
Doran, W.F. Residence 51 Duckworth 3333M
Doran's Drug Store   Duckworth 637
Dove, F.R. Residence 52 Bonaventure 2353W
Dowden, Cyril Residence 67 Colonial 2823W
Dowden, Donald Residence Logy Bay Rd 1167R
Dowden, George Residence 30 King's 1471M
Dowden, Gordon Residence 7 Rankin 3932J
Dowden, L. Residence 24 Signal Hill 619W
Down, Const. Frederick Residence 238 Pennywell 2075J
Down, L.S. Residence 55 Harvey 3159J
Downer, Mrs. Leona Residence 7 Mullock 2938W
Downer, W. Residence Southside W. 1895R
Downey, John Residence 68 Golf 3319R
Downey, John Residence 14 Dicks' 827J
Downey, Joseph Residence 11 Henry 3928J
Downey, Mrs. P.J. Residence 105 Hamilton 2639M
Downey, Norman Store 45 New Gower 3727
Downs, Gordon J. Residence 36 Hamilton 1519W
Downs, Mrs. H. Residence 159 Casey 1574R
Downs, Miss Joyce Residence 27 Freshwater 3184R
Downton, Chas. Residence 19 Carnell 2577W
Downton, Mrs. Ed. Store and Residence 43 Fleming 418
Downton, F. Residence 296 LeMarchant 2806R
Downton, Fred Residence 60 Prince of Wales 1878W
Downton, Hubert G. Residence 43 Fleming 418
Downton, James Residence 57 Brazil 2656W
Downton, M. Residence 65 Pennywell 3140R
Downton, Wm., Blacksmith Residence 39 Fleming 1313J
DO-X Stores   Water 854
Doyle, Mrs. Allan Residence 20 Cook 1686W
Doyle, F. Residence 101 Pleasant 2714J
Doyle, Gerald S., Ltd. Mr. Doyle   812
  General Office   3854
  Radio News Bulletin   2023
Doyle, Gerald S. Residence Carpasian 1948
Doyle, Gerald S. Residence Queen's 1945
Doyle, J. Residence 58 Cochrane 1172R
Doyle, Capt. Wm. Residence 49 Prescott 1845R
Drayton, Mrs. G. Residence 20 Queen's 3338
Driscoll, Albert Residence 293 Hamilton 2674M
Driscoll, C. Residence St. Clare 843R
Driscoll, Cyril Residence Pine Bud 3929J
Driscoll, Mrs. D. Residence 38 Feild 3182M
Driscoll, Hubert Residence Cornwall 1429W
Driscoll, Mrs. S. Residence 123 Cabot 4155
Driscoll, Walter Residence 27 Feild 3191R
Driscoll, William Residence Forest 2716M
Drodge, Enoch Residence 91 Cabot 1898W
Drodge, H. Residence 14 Hayward 834W
Drodge, Levi Residence 20 Bond 2451M
Drodge, Mrs. Mary Residence 22 Franklyn 3274M
Drodge, William Residence 42 Belvedere 1019W
Drover, Mrs. Ern Residence 104 Cabot 1253J
Drover, G.M. Residence 42 Newtown 2160W
Drover, H.B. Residence 55 Patrick 2649W
Drover, Miss M. Residence 92 Cabot 3295W
Drover, Mrs. T.L. Residence Bond 532
Drover, W. Office Temperance 826
Drover, W. Residence Forest 2194W
Drover, Mrs. William Residence 206 Water 1371W
Druken, Mrs. Leo Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2389M
Drysdale, Chas. Residence 42 Bonaventure 1698R
Duder, C.R. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1207W
Duder, H.J. Residence 17 Circular 1775
Duder, Mrs. S.C. Residence 67 Freshwater 1604W
Duder, S.R. Residence 17 Circular 1775
Duff, Mrs. D.P. Residence 69 LeMarchant 709
Duff, Edward Residence Oxen Pond 3174W
Duff, James Residence 15 Raleigh 2391J
Duff, J.J. Grocer Cor. Casey and Monroe 3742
Duff, J.J. Grocer Cor. Casey and Monroe 3473
Duff, Mrs. J.J. Residence Waterford Bridge 2536J
Duff, John Residence Freshwater 1936R
Duff, Leo Residence Kenmount 3657M
Duff, Michael Residence Mundy Pond 2772M
Duff, Michael J. Garage LeMarchant 2394
Duff, M.J. Residence 81 King's 2090W
Duff, P.M. Residence Topsail Rd 2195J
Duff, William Garage 172 Campbell 2122
Duffett, Mrs. Alex Residence 37 Spencer 3008J
Duffett, Fred Residence 27 McNeil 507W
Duffett, J. Residence 121 Patrick 2476
Duffett, Max Trucking Office Water East 2678
Duffett, Maxwell Residence Quidi Vidi 2954R
Duffett, Walter Residence 35 Spencer 3169M
Duffy, A.M. Residence 212 Hamilton 1594M
Duffy, A.M., Ltd.   166 Water 2552
Duffy, A.V. Grocer Cr. Patrick & Pleasant 852
Duffy, James W. Residence 9 Morris 3973J
Duffy, Peter Residence 17 College 2763M
Duggan, Gus Residence 23 Feild 3949R
Duggan, Mickey Store 61 Long's 1159
Duggan, P.M. Grocer Queen's 423
Duggan, P.M. Grocer Queen's 402
Duggan, W.J. Residence 72 Golf 2224W
Duggan, William Residence 21 Barnes' 1853M
Duley, C.C. Residence 51 Rennie's Mill 565
Dun & Bradstreet of Canada, Ltd.   Bank of Montreal Bldg 577
Dun & Bradstreet of Canada, Ltd.   Bank of Montreal Bldg 1188
Dunfield, Hon. Mr. Justice Residence Waterford Bridge 260
Dunford, C.H. Service Station Topsail Rd 1892R
Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co. Ltd. Board of Trade Bldg Water 157
Dunn, Harry Residence 97 Merrymeeting 939
Dunn, Henry Residence 6 Hayward 1776R
Dunn, Mrs. John Residence 2 Nunnery 2494W
Dunn, Robert Residence Blackmarsh 3579W
Dunne, Mrs. A. Residence 100 Barnes' 2237
Dunne, A.J. Residence 160 Patrick 2709R
Dunne, Mrs. Aline Residence 140 Queen's 770M
Dunne, Frank Residence 15 Bannerman 2662J
Dunne, Harry Residence 11 Flower 2471W
Dunne, Mrs. Henry Residence 41 Hayward 372
Dunne, Miss Isabel Residence 71 Hayward 1974J
Dunne, J. Residence 64 Mullock 2284W
Dunne, J. Residence Southside W. 2371M
Dunne, James Residence 9 Mullock 1563M
Dunne, Mrs. J. Residence 70 Gower 731W
Dunne, Mrs. J.F. Residence 63 Lime 3035R
Dunne, Mrs. Joseph C. Residence Waterford Bridge 3533R
Dunne, R.R. Residence 38 Cornwall 2941W
Dunne, T. Residence 26 Coronation 3337M
Dunne, Thomas Residence 74 Aldershot 1034J
Dunne, Thomas Residence 17 Rankin 3415R
Dunne, William Blacksmith James 697
Dunphy, Miss A. Residence 100 Gower 1671R
Dunphy, Miss Elizabeth Residence 24 Henry 2993J
Dunphy, John Residence 61 Craigmillar 680M
Dunphy, Joseph Residence 43 Hayward 874R
Dunphy, M. Residence Blackmarsh 3936W
Dunphy, Mrs. Margaret Residence 87 King's 2123J
Dunphy's Groceteria   112 Duckworth 247
Durdle, Levi Residence 7 Hamilton 2641W
Dutot, Miss Elizabeth Residence 18 Maxse 1785R
Dwyer, Miss Beryl Summer Residence Nagle's Hill 1603J
Dwyer, Miss Elsie Residence 188 Merrymeeting 3196R
Dwyer, J.G. Residence 26 Prince of Wales 2073W
Dwyer, John Residence 98 New Gower 1220R
Dwyer, Martin Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2359J
Dwyer, Mrs. P. Residence 121 Circular 983W
Dwyer, P.J. Residence Topsail Rd 3788W
Dwyer, Mrs. S. Residence 33 Mayor 3025R
Dwyer, Thomas Residence 22 Clifford 2687M
Dyer, Mrs. A. Residence 62 King's Bridge 3735M
Dyer, Geo. T. Residence 38 Queen's 1495
Dyke, Clarence Residence 18 Winchester 4081M
Dyke, Eric Residence 2 Linscott 1627J
Dyke, Isaac Residence 1 Hayward 384M
Dyke, Mrs. J. Residence 201 Craigmillar 3978W
Dyke, John Residence 11 Alexander 1694W
Dyke, Mrs. P. Residence 182 Freshwater 2135R
Dymond, Eric Residence 98 Gower 3437M

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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