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Tel #
Abbott, Mrs. A. residence 38 Freshwater 3177W
Abbott, Anna residence 24 Pennywell 1395W
Abbott, Const. E. residence Allandale 2723R
Abbott, Geo. W. residence 141 LeMarchant 1401
Abbott, L.K. residence 310 Pennywell 3399M
Abbott, Major R.G. residence Freshwater 1996J
Abbott, S. residence 41 Sudbury 1114M
Abbott, S.P. residence 25 Prescott 870W
Abbott, Thos. residence 109 Craigmillar 3935J
Abbott, T.W. residence 15 Mayor 3984J
Abbott, Victor residence 732 Water 3267W
Abbott, Mrs. Wm. residence 1 Balsam 3011J
A.B.C. Service Station F.E. Best & Co., LTD Waldegrave 1213
Abery, R residence Topsail Rd 2886J
Ace Agencies, The   LeMarchant 1755
Ace Taxi   Boncloddy 3539
Acadia Gas Engines Co. Office 304 - 306 Water 914
Adams, A.J. residence 52 Fleming 2919W
Adams, Miss Barbara residence 136 Pennywell 1625J
Adams Bros. Service Station 138 Pennywell 3831
Adams, C.B. residence 135 Theatre 2881M
Adams, Charles residence 47 Franklyn 2305W
Adams, Miss Claire residence 14 Freshwater 3192J
Adams, E. residence 311 Pennywell 2774M
Adams, E.   71 Carter's 2052R
Adams, Edgar residence 14 Morris 3382W
Adams, Geo. E. residence 119 Pennywell 1924J
Adams, H. residence Allandale 2723J
Adams, John residence Allandale 2723M
Adams, John residence York 2236J
Adams, Mrs. M residence 28 John 2613W
Adams, O. residence 8 Blatch 3171R
Adams, S. residence 28 Wickford 3011R
Adelaide Motors   Adelaide 1526
Adelaide Motors   Adelaide 1598
Adelaide Motors   Adelaide 767
Adey, Bernard residence 94 Springdale 2608J
Adey, Frank residence 288 LeMarchant 2524R
Adey, Herbert J. residence 313 LeMarchant 2753M
Adult Education Office   Water 3570
Aero Sales & Service Co. Hangar Quidi Vidi 2230
Ahee, Mrs. Charles residence 63 New Gower 2678J
Air Express Services Office hours 9 a.m. to    
  5 p.m. week days only   370
Aitken, J. A. residence 12 Bonaventure 1037
Aitken, William residence 39 Eric 1758W
Aitkin, A. R. residence Southside 2519J
Alcock, Henry P. residence 137 Patrick 832R
Alcock, James residence 9 William 690J
Alcock, Mrs Pearce residence 34 Codner's Lane 3275R
Alcock, William residence 13 Long's 3963R
Alcock, William residence 49 Gower 1196W
Alderdice, Mrs. F.C. residence 4 Park Place 927
Allan, J.W. residence 36 Circular 503
Allandale Grocery   Allandale 3871
Allandale Nurseries Gordon Johnston, Mgr. Allandale 3871
Allardyce, Mrs. James residence 334 Duckworth 2078W
Allen, G.W.D. residence 29 Queen's 2037
Allen, Miss L. residence Carter's 3013M
Allen, Miss Mercedes residence 25 Waterford Bridge 502M
Allen, Richard residence 110 Freshwater 3165W
Allied Merchant Seaman's Club   King's Beach 322
Allied Merchant Navy Officers Club   53 Cochrane 368
Alsop, Robert residence 11 Balsam 1946
American Aerated Water Co., LTD   7 - 9 Barter's 912
American Aerated Water Co., LTD   Forest 1082
American Beauty Parlor   165 New Gower 4052
American Café Tom Sing Prop. 124 Water, East 105
American Consulate General   Water 1804
American Consulate General   Water 1805
American Overseas Airlines, Inc. Furness House Water 2373
  Gander - 24 Hour Service    
  Toll Call   Gander 108
American Shoe Store   Water 523
Amminson, Jos. residence Quidi Vidi 1546R
Anderson, J.G. residence 96 LeMarchant 4054
Anderson, John residence 64 Barter's 1692W
Anderson, Dr. T. residence 3 Park Place 392
Anderson, Dr. T. Surgery 224 Duckworth 392
Anderson, Dr. T.G. Paediatrician    
  residence and Surgery 268 Duckworth 1421
Anderson, Dr. T.G. Paediatrician Country Res.  
    Hogan's Pond Call Toll Oper.
Andrews, Arthur residence 64 King's 493M
Andrews, A.E. residence 254 New Gower 2359W
Andrews, A.H. residence 43 Cornwall 1917J
Andrews, Mrs. C. residence 23 Monroe 1741M
Andrews, Chris residence 208 1/2 New Gower 373
Andrews, Mrs. C.W. residence 20 Boulevard 3732M
Andrews, Donald residence Glenridge Crescent 3412R
Andrews, Miss E. residence 45 Sudbury 1114R
Andrews, Frank Meat Market 151 Gower 1919
Andrews, Mrs. Frank residence 308 LeMarchant 3494J
Andrews, Mrs. Fred residence 29 Henry 2990M
Andrews, G. residence 11 Avalon Terrace 3066R
Andrews, G.H. residence 24 Power 1462
Andrews, Gordon residence 2 Devon Row 3288J
Andrews, Harry residence 5 Fitzpatrick 2805M
Andrews, James W. residence Bennett 4107R
Andrews, Jospeh residence Lamb's Lane 3991J
Andrews, L. Meat Market 81 Hayward 4142
Andrews, Const. L.C.   Freshwater Ext 3991R
Andrews, Max residence 23 Scott 2418J
Andrews, Miss Myrtle residence 5 Murray 1711J
Andrews, R.L. residence 27 Leslie 3015
Andrews, Ted residence 15 Newtown 2227R
Andrews, Ted Butcher 274 New Gower 2866
Andrews, V.W. residence 37 Cornwall 1917W
Angel, Mrs. Fred. W. residence 146 Hamilton 681
Angel, Gerald residence First Ave 667J
Angel, Heber residence First Ave 667W
Angel, Herbert residence Pennywell 1350
Angel, J. residence 3 Allan 2944R
Angel, J.A. residence 161 LeMarchant 557
Angel, J.B. residence 24 Atlantic 2652
Angel, Stephen residence 12 Balsam 1802W
Anglo-American Telegraph Co. Three lines available to   2000
  all Departments at all hours   2001, 2002
Anglo-Nfld. Development Co.,Ltd N.W. Gillingham Water 2468
Anglo-Nfld. Development Co.,Ltd Botwood Shipping Dept. Water 3460
Anglo-Nfld. Development Co.,Ltd Paper Sched   3363
Anstey, Capt. Geo. residence 26 Craigmillar 2737M
Anthony, Mrs. J. residence 62 Springdale 2743M
Anthony, R.C. residence 45 St. Clare 1712W
Anthony, Mrs. T. residence Bates 1585M
Anthony, W. Store cor. Williams Lane 1899
Antle, A. residence 62 Leslie 4171W
Antle, Clarence residence 5 Eric 3704M
Antle, Miss E. residence Battery 847W
Antle, Fred residence 129 Patrick 2715W
Antle, J. residence Richmond 2045W
Antle, S. residence 1 Eric 1833M
Antle, W.R. residence 38 Franklyn 2436R
Arcade Store, The   303 Water 412
Armstrong, F.J. residence 110 Circular 1268
Armstrong, Jas. Cabinet Maker King's 1399
Armstrong, Jas. residence 64 Gpwer 1004R
Arnott, Mrs. E.G. residence 325 Southside 1181R
Arns, Mrs. G. residence 181 Graighmillar 880R
Arrow Development Co., Ltd.   14 1/2 Maxse 3787
Arrow Taxi   4 Waterford Bridge 3575
Artistic Beauty Salon   145 Duckworth 4080
Ash, A. residence 8 Rennie's Mill 2690R
Ash, Albert residence 69 Mayor 3199R
Ash, Ed. F. residence Cashin 2469M
Ash, Ernest residence 51 Avalon Terrace 2271
Ash, Gordon residence 54 Warbury 2949M
Ash, Mrs. G. Mackenzie residence 53 Patrick 1829J
Ash, Harold M. residence 45 Warbury 4083R
Ash, Herbert R. Chemist & Druggist 103 Long's 2155
Ash, H.G. residence 67 Long's 2497J
Ash, Jas. residence 28 Pennywell 1175R
Ash, Mrs. Jas. E. residence 53 Pierce 3208M
Ash, Mrs. Leonard residence 9 Military 2664W
Ash, Leory residence Cowan 3939R
Ash, William residence 1 Gear 2343M
Ash, Wm. resdience 105 Quidi Vidi 3578W
Ash's Economy Store   25 Cashin 1781
Ashford, Kell Druggist 72 Hamilton 2849
Ashley, Joe. F. residence 69 Patrick 1193
Ashley, Louis residence 13 Atlantic 2706J
Ashley, Wm. J. residence 71 Patrick 1226
Askew, Mrs. J. residence 127 Pennywell 2365J
Assistant Harbour Masters Office   King's Wharf 2021
Atkins, Mrs. E. residence Topsail Rd 3066W
Atkinson, D.O. residence 27A Queen's 1942
Atkinson, Mrs. E. residence Forest 959W
Atkinson, James M. residence 134 Military 2257
Atkinson, J.M. residence 20 Forest 1812J
Atkinson, M.P. residence Portugal Cove Rd. 3269W
Atwill, John residence 40 Cochrane 2426J
Atwill, W.G. residence 217 LeMarchant 3238M
Attwood, J. residence 77 Calvert 2984W
Atwood, K.J. residence Mayor 2428W
Auchinleck, J.H. residence 54 Pennywell 1640W
Austin, E.H. residence 56 Calvert 944M
Austin, Eric residence 3 Macklin 3142
Austin, Mrs. F. residence 11A Scott 1606M
Austin, Jas. E., Jr. residence 17 Howley Ext. 2298W
Austin, J.E. residence 4 Malta 2836W
Austin, Mrs. M. residence 8 Feild 3184W
Austin, Thos. residence Liverpool 2860W
Auto Service Co., Ltd., The   57 Job 2847
Avalon Bus Ltd. L. Hennessey, Mgr. Foot Lime 1533
Avalon Garage & Service Station, Ltd.   LeMarchant West 3433
Avalon Printing & Binding Co.   2 Hamiltojn 2122
Avalon Taxi   Water 79
Avalon Telephone Co., Ltd. Trouble Department   3070
  Radio Room   3071
  General Office   3072
  Installation Department   2216
Avalon Trading Co., Ltd.   Bank of Montreal Bldg. 1110
Avery, Cecil residence 15 Young 3007R
Avery, George C. residence 38 Gilbert 2597W
Avery, Norman residence 31 Coronation 2751M
Aylward, Miss A. residence Robinson's Hill 1209
Aylward, J. residence Craigmillar 3650J
Aylward, M. residence 17 Livingstone 1265
Aylward, Mrs. M. residence 138 Theatre 1801J
Aylward, W.P. residence Patrick 569R
Ayre, Anthony Green residence Trail's End, Topsail Rd 1118
Ayre, Miss B.R. residence 2 Devon Place 580M
Ayre, Mrs. C.P. residence Trail's End 1118
Ayre, Fred residence Waterford Bridge 3526
Ayre & Sons, Ltd. Private Branch Exchange   1409
  Night & Holiday Connections:    
  General Office   1410
  Ledger Office   1411
  Wharf   1412
  Dry Goods, Wareroom   1413
  Grocery & Hardware Delivery   1414
  Dry Goods Delivery   1415
  Retail Store   1416
Ayre & Sons, Ltd. Direct Grocery Connection   1288
  If Busy Please Ring   1410
Ayre & Sons, Ltd. Direct Retail Store Connection   4039
  If Busy Please Ring   1410
Ayre, Jas. S. residence 112 Military 706
Ayre, John F. residence 29 Leslie 2517
Ayre, Lewis H.M. residence King Bridge 4037
Ayre, Ronald H. residence 7 Waterford Bridge 156

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (February 2003)

Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2003)

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