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Tel #
Gabriel, H. Residence Coleman Place 2921R
Gaden's Limited   198-202 Duckworth 3606
Gaden's Limited   198-202 Duckworth 3607
Gaden's Limited Storeroom Pleasant 4099
Galgay, Maurice J. Residence 5 Bradbury 3263R
Galgay's Gift and Card Store   Water 227
Gallagher, M. Residence Burke's Square 3115W
Gallagher, P.J. Residence 18 Freshwater 1466J
Gallivan, Miss Annie Residence 48 Duckworth 3333R
Galllivan, M.J. Residence 7 Cochrane 1011M
Galway, Mrs. D.J. Residence 9 Garrison 1782R
Gamberg, Charles F. Residence 4 Chapel 1157J
Gamberg, Mrs. Geo. F. Residence 11 Flavin 828R
Garcin, T.A. Residence 1 Empire 3943J
Gardner, A.M. Residence 8 Young 2052M
Gardener[sic], George Residence 30 Franklyn 1788
Gardner, Miss M. Residence 24 Brazil 2565M
Gardener, Mrs. P. Residence 10 Young 2399W
Gardener, R.W. Lighthouse Keeper Signal Hill 2139R
Garf, Walter Residence 70 Quidi Vidi 1051R
Garland, C.F. Residence Robinson's Hill 1244W
Garland, C.F. Office Water 2920
Garland, Mrs. E. Residence 199 Pennywell 3982M
Garland, F. Residence 10 Carter's 2506R
Garland, Fred   52 Cookstown 3716
Garland, Mrs. G. Residence 132 Bond 3937J
Garland, H. Residence 74 Gower 731M
Garland, Hedley Residence 117 Pennywell 4151
Garland, H.G. Residence 44 Goodview 383J
Garland, Miss Irene Residence 3 Charlton 805J
Garland, Mrs. J. Residence 215 Pennywell 3917M
Garland, L.G. Residence 23 Bond 2180
Garland, Mrs. M. Residence 24 Mayor 332M
Garland, Miss P.B. Residence 24 Bannerman 2451R
Garland, S. Residence 72 Merrymeeting 3018M
Garland, S.E. Residence Bond 2032J
Garland, T. Residence Allandale 2294J
Garland, Mrs. Walter Residence 117 St. Clare 2018J
Garland, William Residence 3 Blatch 2223R
Garland, Mrs. W.J. Residence 84 Brazil 1679R
Garland, William C. Residence 76½ Pleasant 958
Garland, William Residence 51 Spencer 3343R
Garneau, Ltd. Noah Bldg Water 726
Garneau, Ltd. Noah Bldg Water 727
Gas CO. Coal Orders Water 2782
Gatherall, Capt. John Residence 6 Cabot 1710R
Gaul, Miss Eva Residence 14 Balsam 1802J
Gay, Jim Laundry New Gower 3141R
Gaze, E.W. Residence 138 Hamilton 3525
Gaze Seed Co.   406 Water 2328
Gear, Mrs. E. Residence 17 Cornwall 664R
Gear, Mrs. H. Residence 143 LeMarchant 2188
Gellately, James Residence 14 Spencer 3354W
Gellately, John Residence 43 Craigmillar 3134J
Genge, Bros. Grocery 319 Hamilton 1571
General Accounting and      
Customs Service   McBride's Hill 2203
General Electric Co., Inc.      
International   Reid Building 2504
General Hospital Private Branch Exchange    
     Connecting All Departments   3560
General Hospital Constr. Architect's Office General Hospital 4137
General Motors Supply Co. G.M. Barr, Ltd.   2190
General Photo Service   76½ Pleasant 958
General Protestant Cemetery     2528M
General Repair Shop   14 Wood 2950
George, Mrs. Albert Residence 34 Mayor 2914M
George, Allan Residence 17 Mount Royal 3389J
George, Arthur Residence Pilot's Hill 4122
George, Richard Residence 168 Pleasant 3812J
George, Mrs. Wallace Residence 88 Brazil 3911W
George, William Residence 17A McKay 3951W
George St. Manse Rev. A.R. Baggs Hamilton 675
George St. United Church   George 2769R
Giannou, C.G. Residence 31 Gower 3089
Giannou, Geo. C. Residence 94 Barnes' 3805
Gibbons, E. Residence 61 Franklyn 3289R
Gibbons, Const. V. Residence 99 Circular 983J
Gibbs & Mercer Law Offices Bank of Montreal Bldg 66
Gibbs & Mercer Law Offices Bank of Montreal Bldg 184
Gibbs, J.A., K.C.   57 LeMarchant 592
Gibbs, Mrs. John Residence 62 Prescott 3069J
Giles, Frederick Residence 26 Goodridge 2799R
Gill, A.S. Residence 7½ Freshwater 2185J
Gill, Mrs. H. Residence O'Dea's Lane 2071W
Gill, John Residence 75 Mayor 3913J
Gill, Mrs. P. Residence 174 Pennywell 3364W
Gill, Robt. Residence 117 Merrymeeting 3205J
Gillard, H. Residence 8 Bate's 1585J
Gillard, H.F. Residence Mayor 3199J
Gillett, M. Residence 12 Morris 2068M
Gillingham, Prof. Allan Residence 6 Barnes' 1358M
Gillingham, Mrs. Carrie Residence 11 Golf 3209R
Gillingham, James Residence 17 Mullock 3918M
Gillingham, K. Residence 9 Golf 2970R
Gillingham, Laura M. Residence Barter's 3297R
Gillingham, Mrs. M. Residence 58 St. Clare's 3904M
Gillingham, Mrs. Maud Residence 27 Golf 3211M
Gillingham, N.W. Residence 220 LeMarchant 1432
Gillingham, Wm. Residence 19 Golf 3209W
Gillis, D.J. Residence 35 Cornwall 2941M
Gillis, George Residence Empire E. 3941W
Gillis, William Residence Balsam 3011W
Ginn, Miss M. Residence 26 King's 892M
Giovannetti, Dr. L.J. Residence 26 Mt. Royal 3952R
Girl Guides Headquarters   Water 2899
Gladney, Mrs. Jas Residence 41 William 1541W
Gladney, John Residence 56 Bonaventure 793
Gladney, P. Residence Freshwater 1935
Gladney, Raymond Residence Forest 1546J
Gladney, Sergt. T. Residence Fort Townshend 2326M
Gladys' Beauty Parlour   24 Prescott 2951
Glasgow, Thomas Residence 6 Brazil 2615J
Glendinning, Lieut. Ian Residence Long Pond 2256J
Glynn, Con. Residence 80 Springdale 2582R
Glynn, F. Residence 49 Duckworth 3388J
Glynn, Frank Residence 42 William 1773R
Glynn, L. Residence 10 Bannerman 2662R
Godden, C. Residence 109 Freshwater 2163
Godden, C.J. Residence 54 LeMarchant 1591
Godden, E.J., Ltd. Commission Merchants Water 920
Godden, E.J. Residence Waterford Bridge 2493
Godden, E.J. Residence 52 Gower 253
Godden, J. Residence Newtown 1886J
Godden, Robert Residence 11 King's Bridge 2347J
Godden, R.P. Residence 41 Craigmillar 2932W
Godden, Mrs. Thos. Residence 55 Cochrane 2
Godden, V.L. Residence 79 Alexander 1507M
Godden, Miss Winnie Residence 47 Freshwater 3179R
Godfrey, S.R. Residence 113 Queen's 954W
Goff, Mrs. M. Residence 19 Parade 3034W
Golden Arrow Coaches Ltd.   Merrymeeting 3330
Goldstone, Jos. Residence 102 LeMarchant 3497
Goldsworthy, Reginald Residence 13 Long's 3963R
Goobie, A. Residence 248 Hamilton 2133R
Goobie, A.N. Residence Atlantic 1734
Goobie, Const. C Residence 263 Pennywell 802J
Goobie, C.M.      
(Spot Cash Rension's Ltd.) Residence 171 Penywell 3314W
Goobie, Don Residence Craigmillar 809R
Goobie, Mrs. J. Residence 82 Cabot 3474J
Goobie, W.H. Residence Topsail Rd 2117M
Goobie, W.B. Electrical Contractor Water W. 2680
Goobie, W.P. & Son Grocers New Gower 2174
Goobie, W.P. Residence Altantic 1734
Goobie, W.R., Ltd.   311 Water 547
Goobie, W.R. Residence Rostellan 287
Good, A.J. Residence 4 Calvert 1233M
Good, Fred Residence 43 Warbury 3821J
Good, Mrs. Mary Residence 13 Scott 3193W
Goode, Mrs. Neil Residence 59 Queen's 2904M
Goodland, Leo Residence 57 Parade 3055R
Goodland, Miss Mary Residence 25 Prospect 686J
Goodridge, A.T. & W.P.   Ayre's Cove 163
Goodridge, Avalon T. Residence Circular 2800
Goodridge, Mrs. T.B. Residence Rennie's Mill 4138
Goodridge, W.P. Residence Rennie's Mill 1372
Good View Café Sing Lee, Prop. 165 Water 235
Goodyear, Allan Residence 22 Eric 1833J
Goodyear, Arthur Residence 13 Goodridge 902W
Goodyear, Miss E. Residence Morris 3981J
Goodyear, M. Residence 70 Warbury 4583W
Goodyear, Valentine Residence 23 Walsh's Sq. 1043W
Goodyear, Mrs. W. Store 128 Casey 2863
Goosney, Albert M. Residence 1 Avalon Terrace 3186W
Gordon, H.B. Residence 6 Atlantic 3173R
Gordon, William Residence 33 Spencer 1939M
Gorman, Miss M. Residence 58 Freshwater 1528R
Gosling, A.G. Residence 37 Waterford Bridge 118
Gosling Memorial Library   Duckworth 2269
Gosse, Mrs. A. Residence 47 New Gower 2558
Gosse, D.H., Ltd.   368 Water 825
Gosse, D.H. Residence Waterford Bridge 3806
Gosse, Geo. Residence 11 Victoria 2911J
Gosse, Mrs. J. (Nurse) Residence Topsail Rd 3956M
Goss[sic], P.J. Residence 152 Gower 1379R
Gosse, R.G. Residence 33 New Cove Rd 2557R
Gosse, Mrs. T   8 Bell 1136M
Gosse, W. Residence 45 Quidi Vidi 3648
Gotelee, Moyne & Co. Chartered Accountants 163 Water 4100
Goudie, S.G. Residence 13 Freshwater 3194J
Gould, Cyril Residence 8 Winchester 4081J
Gould, James Residence Fleming 2162M
Goulding, Mrs. K. Residence Rope Walk Range 3208R
Gover, Mrs. F. Residence Mt. Cashel 3903J
Government listings are in
two sections: Section One shows
official hour connections
(9.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. and 2.30 to
5.30 P.M.); offices with special
after hours numbers are marked with
* and these listings are given in
in the Section Two.
Aliens, Registry of     1668
Assessor, Office of the     2392
Assistant Chief of Police Office*   1676
Bank, Newfoundland Savings     589
Bank, Newfoundland Savings     1381
Cabot Tower     2139W
Chief of Police Office, Private*   67
Chief of Police Office, General   68
Civil Re-Establishment:      
    Director, J.A. Cochrane     1103
    Accountant     1103
    Interviewing Officers     2643
    Investigating Officers     3700
    Vocational Institute A.E. Hart, Manager   2831
Comptroller and Auditor General's      
    Department P.B.X.     1880
Co-operative Division     3654
Constabulary, P.B.X.*     173
Constabulary Traffic Office     185
Council of Higher Education     8571
Criminal Investigation Department     73
Criminal Records Office     1730
Customs, Department of P.B.X.*     1880
Customs Examining Store     3570
Customs Long Room, Public     77
Customs Shipping Division W. Seymour   3501
Customs Station Officers:      
    Furness Pier     848
    General Post Office     1510
    Harvey's Pier No. 1     1722
    Harvey's Pier No. 2     1681
    Marine Agencies     4063
    Railway     1225
Customs, Water Guard     1353
Customs Weights and Measures     982
Defence, Department of      
    Accountant     3654
    General and Records Office,      
       and Secretary, Col. W.F.      
       Rendell     3654
Education, Department of, P.B.X.*     3570
Employment Exchange:      
    Officer and General Office     3838
    Replacement Clerks     3750
    Interview Clerks     3751
Finance, Department of, P.B.X.*     1880
Fire Alarm     1000
Fire Department, P.B.X.*     173
Fisheries Board     3227
Foreign Exchange Control Board     1884
Government Geologist     3654
Government Labotory Office and      
    Fisheries Research Laboratory     4176
Analytical Laboratory     828
Government Tallyman     2128
Harbour Master     2127
Home Affairs, Department of P.B.X.*     1440
Inspector of Boilers and Machinery     2253
Inspection of Shipping     2114
Justice, Department of, P.B.X.*     1440
Juvenile Court     3370
Labour Relations Office     3540
    Law     2130
    Public, Gosling Memorial     2269
    Stores     2126
    Superintendant     1680
Liquor Control:      
    Accountant     801
    Central Warehouse     533
    General Office     347
    Retail Stores:      
    Central (Duckworth Street)     365
    East (Duckworth Street)     3149
    East (Water Street)     3286
    West (Water Street)     1920
    Permit Office (Water St. East)     361
Lloyd's Surveyor     2114
Magistrate's Court     261
Motor Registration     145
Munitions and Supply (Canada)      
    P.B.X.     3540
Natural Resources, Department of,      
    P.B.X.*     1200
Penitentiary     72
Penitentiary, Superintendent's      
    Residence     2326R
Police, P.B.X.*     172
Police Station, Court House     215
Post & Telegraphs, Department of      
    P.B.X.*     2200
Phonograms No number necessary    
Post Offices:      
    East End     604
    Harvey Road     3810
    Mundy Pond     2309
    West End     3129
Postal Telegraphs, General Office     781
Priorities, P.B.X.*     3540
Public Health and Welfare,      
    Department of, P.B.X.*     3370
    Connection all Divisions as follows:      
    Births, Deaths and      
       Marriages Registration      
    Business Management      
    Child Welfare and Juvenilie Court      
    Communicable Diseases      
    City Welfare Office      
    Health and Food Inspection      
    Junior Red Cross      
    Local Government Affairs      
    Medical Services      
    Old Age Pensions      
    Public Health Nursing Service      
    Public Health Clinic      
    War Pensions      
    Widows and Orphans Pensions      
       and Allowances      
    Night and Holiday Connections:      
       Public Health Nursing Service     1617
       Public Health Clinic     1618
       Transportation Service     3370
       General Office     3372
       Boiler Room, Fort William     3373
       Division of Business Management     3374
    Emergency - For Doctor or Nurse     3360
Institutions and Sub-Divisions      
    Blood Bank Presbyterian Hall   1542
    Central Laundry   Waterford Bridge Rd 4128
    Central Pharmacy   Cavell Ave 2079
    Central Stores   Cavell Ave 2079
    Child Welfare Assn. Presbyterian Hall    
    Fever Hospital Office   Forest Road 85
    Fever Hospital   Forest Road 86
    General Hospital, P.B.X.   Forest Road 3560
    General Hospital Orthopaedic Wing Cavell Ave 2560
    Home for Aged and Infirm   Sudbury Street 265
    Infants Home Waterford Hall   1194
    Mental Hospital   Waterford Bridge Rd 4128
Merchant Navy Hospital Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments Water St. West 3502
Merchant Navy Hospital Dr. E.F. Moores   3502
  Public Health Laboratory Water St. East 1967
  Sanatorium Topsail Road 4040
  Sydney Hospital Portugal Cove Road 2455
Public Relations Officer     2896
Public Works, Department of,      
    P.B.X.*     2010
Public Works, Carpentry Shop     1490
Public Works, Buildings Warehouse     3643
Public Works, Engineering Division     2010
Public Works, Highroads:      
    Draughting Office     3750
    Bridge Plant     2482
    Garage Stockroom     2650
    Garage Office     3410
Ranger Force:      
    Chief Ranger and General Office     3634
    Training and Stores Depot   Kilbride 1368
Registry of Deeds and Companies     3683
Savings Publicity Officer     2896
Security Office, Headquarters     1666
Services Medical Board     3540
Supply, Dept of, P.B.X.     3540
Supreme Court*     3045
    Hon. Sir Edward Emerson,      
       Chief Justice      
    Hon. Mr. Justice Dunfield      
    Hon. Mr. Justice Fox      
    Registry of the Supreme Court      
    Registrar of the Supreme Court      
    Sheriff's Office      
    Court Reporter's Office      
SECTION 2      
After Hour Official Connections:      
   Finance, Hon. L. Wild, O.B.E.     2811
   Home Affairs and Education,      
       Hon. A.J. Walsh, K.C.     1442
    Justice and Defence,      
       Hon. H.A. Winter, K.C.     1444
    Natural Resources      
       Hon. W.H. Flinn, C.M.G., O.B.E.     1204
    Public Health and Welfare      
       Hon. Sir J.C. Puddester     3371
    Public Utilities and Supply      
       Hon. J.S. Neill, C.M.G.     2012
    Assessor, G.W.D. Allen     3592
    Customs, J.G. Howell, Miss Caldwell      
    Education, G.A. Frecker     3573
    Defence, Col. W.F. Rendell     3658
    Finance, W.M. Marshall     1884
    Home Affairs, W.J. Carew     1441
    Justice, H.G. Puddester (Actg.)     1443
    Natural Resources      
       K.J. Carter     1301
       G.M. Drover     1302
    Public Health and Welfare,      
       I.J. Crummey, D.L. Butler     3374
    Public Works, R. Manning     2014
    Supply, J. McIntyre     3510
    Civil Re-Establishment, G.F. Harnett     1103
    Customs, H. Dawe     1883
    Education     3574
    Finance, F. Hickey     1884
    Home Affairs, J.G. Woodward     1440
    Justice, J.M. Howley     1481
Natural Resources, P.A. Brien     1300
    Public Health and Welfare,      
       H. Skirving and H. Bartlett     3374
    Public Works, C.B. Dicks     2012
    Supply, T.G. Morry     3540
Adult Education     3544
Agriculatural Division, Natural Resources     1303
Asst. Chief of Police, E.A. Whelan     712
Assorting Officer, General Post Office     2200 
Chief Inspector, Post Office     2204
Chairman Board of Customs, J.G. Howell     1832
Chief Engineer, Public Works, W.J.      
Robinson     2010
Chief of Police, L. Strange Residence   421
Child Welfare     3544
Co-operative Division     2637
Comptroller and Auditor General,      
    L.G. Machin     1881
    Audit Staff     1881
Council of Higher Education     3571
Crown Lands and Surveys, Natural      
Resources     1300
    Long Room (1.00-2.30 P.M.)     1830
    Preventive Officers     1883
    Surveyor, S. Samson     1831
Defence, Dept. of     3658
District Inspectors of Police Residences:    
      M. Cahill   3795
      M.P. Mahoney   1236
      John Walsh   1583J
Employment Exchange Office     3838
Fisheries Division, Dept. of Natural      
    Resources     1303
Forestry Division, Dept. of Natural      
    Resources     1303
Game Division, Dept. of Natural      
    Resources     1303
Geological Survey, Dept. of Public      
    Works     3655
Labour Relations Office     3542
Land Development Division, Dept.      
    of Natural Resources     1303
Medical Health Officers     3374
Nursing Services, Public Health and      
Welfare     3654
Plumbing and Heating Supt. W.L.      
    Halfyard     2011
Postal Telegraphs Operating Room     2201
Rangers, Major E.L. Martin, Residence   285
Rangers     3543
Records Office, Dept. Natural      
    Resources     1300
Roads Engineer, R. French     2015
Works, Superintendent      
    L.W. Hopkins     2011
Supply Department:      
    M.J. Ryan, Food Division     3540
    W.A. Trask, Engineering Divison     3540
    P. Parsons, Main Office     3541
    J.L. Seymour, Rationing Division     3543
Supreme Court:      
    Hon. Sir Edward Emerson,      
       Chief Justice     3547
    Hon. Mr. Justice Dunfield     3632
    Hon. Mr. Justice Fox     3686
    Registry of the Supreme Court     3645
    Sheriff's Office     3646
Government House General Line and All Calls    
      After 6 p.m.   107
Government House Office   1092
Government House Private Secretary & A.D.C.   1092
Gower St. Manse (Rev. Dr. Burns) Gower 717
Gower St. Market, The B.F. Peckham, Prop. 120 Gower 1008
Gower St. United Church   Gower 1989
Grace Hospital Private Branch Exchange LeMarchant 3340
Grace Hospital   LeMarchant 3341
Grace Hospital   LeMarchant 3342
Grace, P.J. Residence 3 Forest 3556
Grace, Richard Residence Pilot's 3957J
Graham, Alex Residence 151 LeMarchant 2691W
Graham, A.P. Residence Kilbride 224W
Graham, Ian D. Residence 27 Sudbury 2542R
Graham, W.F. Residence Waterford Bridge 3453
Grandville, J.H. Residence 59 Freshwater 3182W
Grant, B.J. Residence 15 Forest 829W
Grant, C.J. Residence 19 Bond 2453
Grant, H.G. Residence 21 Bond 1814
Grant, H.G. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3409M
Grant, J.E. Residence 25 McKay 1267W
Grant, P.J. Residence Southside W. 1895W
Grant, Thos. Residence 3 Goodridge 902J
Grant, Mrs. Vincent Residence 220 Pennywell 3392R
Grant, W. Residence Old Railway Track 3117R
Grant, W.M. Residence 42 Pennywell 1395J
Granter, George Residence 12 Pleasant 1328W
Granter, Llewellyn Residence 40 Calvert 2842M
Granter, Lloyd Residence 69 Leslie 2929M
Gray & Goodland, Ltd. Stationers 206 Water 327
Gray, Mrs. M. Residence 62 Freshwater 543M
Great Eastern Oil & Import Co., Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments    
  (Five Lines)   2448
Great Eastern Oil & Import Co., Ltd.   Southside 2889
Great Eastern Oil & Import Co., Ltd. (Accounting Dept) Water 711
Great War Veteran's Ass'n.   Water E. 609
Greaves, A.H. Residence 150 Pleasant 2698R
Greaves & Sons, Ltd.   324 Water 905
Greavett, Rev. T. Residence 150 LeMarchant 350
Greeley, Walter Residence 192 New Gower 3483W
Green, Mrs. A. Residence 34 Henry 2994M
Green, Alex Grocer Mayor 2292
Green, Alex Residence Mayor 3689
Green, Archibald Residence 32 Pennywell 1395M
Green, Fred Residence 105 LeMarchant 3432M
Green, Mrs. H. Residence 15 Maxse 1785M
Green, Hayward Store 284 LeMarchant 781
Green, I.G. Residence 185 Gower 3718R
Green, J.G. Residence 92 Allandale 2285M
Green, J.G. Residence 166 LeMarchant 2371
Green, Stanley Residence 12 Franklyn 2805W
Green, Mrs. Stella Residence 37 St. Clare 2880M
Green, Albert Residence 35 Prince's 2461W
Greene, Cyril Residence 56 Quidi Vidi 2229J
Greene, F. Grocer 60 Feild 3037
Greene, G.M. Residence 73 Pennywell 2321R
Greene, J. Residence 30 Young 3036R
Greene, John P. Residence 2 Walsh's Sq. 1043R
Greene, Jos. M. Public Accountant Residence 33 Queen's 4014
Greene, Miss Mary Residence 128 Gower 3770
Greene, Miss M. Residence 29 Coronation 2708J
Greene, R.J. Residence 129 Pennywell 1628W
Green[sic], R.N. Residence 7 Mullock 3938W
Greene, T.J., Ltd. Commission Agents Water 1780
Greene, T.J. Residence 36 Gower 1780
Greene, Miss Vera M. Residence 101 Freshwater 2183
Grenfell Association International Water 750
Greenslade, Mrs. E. Residence 11 Carter's 2997J
Grieve, Mrs. H. Residence 117 Quidi Vidi 3959M
Grieve, James C. Residence 171 Gower 292
Griffin, T. Residence Collier's Lane 2590W
Griffiths, George Residence LeMarchant 3476
Grills, Miss Margaret Residence 26 Barter's 3121R
Grills, Mrs. Michael Residence 25 Atlantic 3173M
Grimes, Mrs. R. Residence 32 Feild 1757W
Grimes, T.A. Residence 9 Cookstown 1299M
Grobin, Dr. W. Surgery and Residence 15 Church 3676
Grouchy, A. Residence 131 Theatre 1953
Grouchy, A. Grocery Theatre 2348
Grouchy, C.C. Residence 11 Maxse 309
Grouchy, Frank Service Station LeMarchant W. 3433
Grouchy, Frank Residence 311 LeMarchant 2808J
Grouchy, Gus Residence 17 Dick's 1854M
Grouchy, Const. P. Residence 7 Allan 2944M
Grouchy, Philip Residence 23 Scott 1606J
Grouchy, Robt. J. Residence 32 Livingstone 2381J
Grouchy, Walter J. Residence 72 Freshwater 3178M
Groves, Bernard Residence Groves Road 1975R
Groves, W.J. Office 36 New Gower 3780
Groves, W.J. Residence 27 Collier's Lane 3887
Gruchy, Albert Residence 63 St. Clare 873M
Gruchy, Mrs. C.H. Residence 7 Mt. Royal 3388W
Gruchy, H.W. Residence 23 Howley Ext. 2298R
Guaranteed Beauty Parlour, The   119 Cabot 3723
Guard's A.A. Club Rooms   LeMarchant 836R
Guard's Bowling Alley   LeMarchant 836W
Guehring, Jacob Residence 63 Cochrane 204R
Guest, George Residence 279 Southside 1430M
Guest, Mrs. Wm. Residence Blackhead 2969R
Gulbrandsen, G.A. Residence Devon Row 3240W
Gullage, Augustus Residence 117 Southside 2765J
Gullage, Capt. J. Residence 24 Cashin 2072J
Gullage, Peter Residence 121 Southside 1595J
Gulliford, H. Residence 290 LeMarchant 2524J
Gulliford, Mrs. Marjorie Residence 6 Sudbury 2547R
Gulliver, John Residence Top Golf 3975R
Gulliver, Mrs. T. Residence 16 Cook 3145J
Gulliver, W. Residence Craigmillar 2737W
Gunn, Mrs. J.S. Residence Topsail Rd 1119
Gunn, Mrs. W.D. Residence 58 Monkstown 1449M
Gunnerson, Miss M. Residence 173 Craigmillar 3272W
Gush, Miss Annie Residence 150 Duckworth 599W
Gushue, Raymond, L.L.B. Residence LeMarchant 3060
Guy, James Residence 5 Mount Royal 3376J
Guy, Joseph Residence 12 Deanery 2645M
Guzzwell, Bert Master Carter Pleasant 1270
Guzzwell, Bert Residence 34 Campbell 1270
Guzzwell, Chas. Residence Patrick 3545M
Guzzwell, Eric Residence 14 Beaumont 3439W
Guzzwell, Ernest Residence Logy Bay 3220
Guzzwell, Walter Residence 16 Beaumont 2232R
G.W.V.A. Ladies' Auxiliary   Water 3586

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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