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Tel #
Wabana Light & Power Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 3070
Wadden, Miss Anna Residence 16 Waldegrave 3264M
Wadden, A.J. Residence 24 Coronation 3948J
Wadden, Charles B. Residence 257 LeMarchant 4150M
Wadden, Ernest Residence 36 William 2416M
Wadden, F.J. Store New Gower 180
Wadden, Fred J. Residence 46 Barnes' 1464J
Wadden, Gus Residence 28 Buchanan 625R
Wadden, L. Residence 16 Coronation 3337J
Wadden, Miss Mary Residence 99 Pleasant 2725J
Wadden, N.J. Residence Gower 2207
Wade, Daniel Residence 8 King's 1471R
Wagg, A.J. Residence 65 Calver 2834M
Wah, Hop Residence 44 Casey 2283R
Wakeham, H. Residence 98 Barnes' 1108W
Wakeham, Thomas Residence 4 Haggerty 1392R
Waldegrave Taxi   Waldegrave 2267
Walker, Arthur B. Residence 31 Charlton 2563W
Walker, E.P. Residence 2 Masonic Terrace 3772M
Walker, Llewellyn Residence 5 Haggerty 2835M
Walkins, Harold Residence 8 Bannerman 2609M
Wall, Miss Elizabeth Residence 168 LeMarchant 3255M
Wall, Miss Mary Residence 59 Springdale 4064
Wall, Miss Mary Residence 8 George 1197M
Wall, Philip Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3996M
Wallis, Mrs. A. Residence Newtown 965W
Wallis, John Residence 77 Pennywell 3989W
Walsh, Adrian Residence 35 Mullock 2226J
Walsh, Hon. A.J. Residence 62 Monkstown 2931
Walsh, Anthony Residence 25 Goodview 1745R
Walsh, Brian Residence 148 Gower 4089
Walsh, B. Grocer 785 Water 1160
Walsh, Mrs. Catherine Residence 59 Pleasant 2720M
Walsh, Mrs. Catherine Residence 49 LeMarchant 1549R
Walsh, Daniel Residence 15 Cook 3145R
Walsh, Mrs. E.D. Residence Queen 1957M
Walsh, Mrs. F. Residence 11 Boncloddy 3997R
Walsh, F.J. Residence 239 Hamilton 2629R
Walsh, Mrs. Frank Residence 106 Merrymeeting 3881
Walsh, Miss G. Residence 123 Signal Hill 3243R
Walsh, Mrs. G. Residence 5 Balsam 2982M
Walsh, George Residence LeMarchant 3292W
Walsh, George T. Residence 82 Allandale 1376M
Walsh, G.J. Residence 42 Mullock 1776M
Walsh, G.J. Public Accountant Renouf Building 1693
Walsh, Harold A. & Co.   154 Duckworth 456
Walsh, Dist. Imspr. J. Residence William 1583J
Walsh, J. Residence 45 Avalon Terrace 3485W
Walsh, Mrs. J. Residence Pierce 3379M
Walsh, James Residence 6 Chapel 2796M
Walsh, James H. Beauty Shoppe New Gower 4031
Walsh, J.M. Residence 9 Howley Ext. 1080R
Walsh, John Residence 10 Topsail 3892
Walsh, John Residence 48 Pleasant 3836
Walsh, Mrs. John   3 Beaumont E. 2232J
Walsh, J.P. Residence 739 Water 753
Walsh, Mrs. Justin Residence 183 LeMarchant 2007
Walsh, J.M. Residence 78 Gower 3867
Walsh, J.M. Residence 9 Howley Ext. 1080R
Walsh, Miss K. Residence Allandale 1376M
Walsh, Kevin Residence 55 Gower 2824W
Walsh, L. Residence 39 Freshwater 3179M
Walsh, Miss Laura Residence Adelaide 1094J
Walsh, Lawrence Residence 14 Cabot 1710M
Walsh, Len Residence 25 Monroe 1335
Walsh, Leo Residence 62 Patrick 2618M
Walsh, Mrs. Leo Residence Pennywell 3932W
Walsh, Constable M. Residence Southside W. 3306W
Walsh, Maurice Residence 86 Prescott 3065J
Walsh, M.J. Residence 52 LeMarchant 2372
Walsh, Michael Residence 50 Bannerman 2957R
Walsh, Michael Residence 31 LeMarchant 1549W
Walsh, Michael Residence Burke's 1354W
Walsh, Michael Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3120J
Walsh, Miss Minnie Residence 149 Gower 879R
Walsh, M.J. Residence 52 LeMarchant 2872
Walsh, Miss N. Residence 31 Brine 2653M
Walsh, Mrs. N. Residence 99 Springdale 2606M
Walsh, Patrick Residence 40 Barter's 3918R
Walsh, Patrick Residence 255 Southside 2750W
Walsh, P.E. Residence 3 James 1852R
Walsh, Raymond Residence Forest Ext. 1546W
Walsh, Richard Residence Kilbride 1888
Walsh, Robert Residence 128 Merrymeeting 3029M
Walsh, Mrs. T. Residence 219 Craigmillar 3256J
Walsh, Miss Tessa Residence 3 Quidi Vidi 2801J
Walsh, Thomas Residence 23 Parade 3053J
Walsh, Walter Residence 4 Notre Dame 1094W
Walsh, William Residence 9 Hamilton 2665W
Walsh, William Residence Topsail Road  
    Call Toll Operator  
Walsh, W.J. Residence 31 Parade 3594
Walsh, W.J. Residence 61 Duckworth 427
Walsh, W.J. Residence 14A Holloway 886M
Walsh's Bakery   Central 2093
Walters, Edward B. Residence 20 Pennywell 3699M
Walters, Egbert F. Residence Merrymeeting 1616R
Walters, Gilbert Residence 275 Pennywell 3419M
Walters, H.W. Residence 140 Duckworth 2638R
Walters, J. Residence 9 Mullock 3938J
Walters, Mrs. M. Residence 159 New Gower 2769W
War Assets Corp.   Fort William 378
War Assets Corp.   Southside W. 1720
War Assets Corp.   Southside 3504
War Assets Corp.   Fort William [???]
War Assets Corp.   Fort William [???]
War Assets Corp.   Chain Rock[???] [???]
War Assets Corp.   Blackhead Road 1441
Ward, C.P. Residence 37 Craigmillar 2737R
Ward, Mrs. H. Residence 215 Hamilton 541W
Wareham, A. & Sons (Ralph Wareham) Water 1251
Wareham, Mrs. A. Residence 42 Cashin 2672W
Wareham, Mrs. Esther Residence Top Brazil 3911J
Wareham, Ralph Residence 93 Brazil 2439
Wareham, W.W. & Sons Office, City Chambers Water 4006
Wareham, W.W. & Sons Residence 200 LeMarchant [???]
Warfield, Hubert Residence 11 Dunford [???}
Warford, Mrs. Joshua Residence Mount [???] [???]
Warford, S. Residence 7 Brine [???]
Warr, Charles Residence 32 Scott [???]
Warr, H. Residence 118 Merrymeeting [???]
Warren, Erneset Residence 68 Prince of Wales 1866W
Warren, Frank Residence 14 Bannerman 2609W
Warren, W. Gordon[sic]   Glenridge Crescent 921R
Warren, Mrs. J. Residence 20 Bonaventure 1337W
Warren, J.L. Meat Market 6 Field[sic] 1425
Warren, Mrs. V. Residence 22 Henry 2994J
Waterfield, A.M. Residence 18 Newtown 2694M
Waterfield, Mrs. Annie Residence 48 Freshwater 3182J
Waterfield, Ralph Residence 55 Pennywell 2274R
Waterford Nurseries (William M. Tessier)    
  Greenhouses Waterford Bridge 2111R
  Night Phone and Holiday   2111W
  Store 208 Water 1729
Waterford Service Station   Waterford Bridge 3398
Watkins, A. Residence 638 Water 1694M
Watson, Alex Residence 18 Cavell 2891R
Watson, Alex Residence 7 British 2318M
Watson, William Residence Winter Place 1244J
Watts, C.M. Residence 26 LeMarchant 1549M
Way, Miss Beatrice Residence 35A Patrick 896R
Way, Ernest G. Residence Allandale 2366R
Way, Eugene Residence 57 St. Clare 2570J
Way, Mrs. S. Residence 122 Craigmillar 3133R
Way, Mrs. W. Residence Barter's 1220M
[???]   Alexander 2656J
[???], F. Residence 20 Waldegrave 1624R
Webber, Mrs. Arnold Residence 131 Hamilton 2619M
[???] Residence 44 Freshwater 3179W
We[???]   Newtown [???]
Wellman, [???]   2 [???] Terrace [???]
Wellman, T. Residence [???] Gower 379J
Wells, Everett Residence 2 McNeill 545J
Wells, Harold Residence 159 Pennywell 1562M
Wells, Herbert Residence Top Battery 3047M
Wells, Mrs. James Residence Outer Battery 2314R
Wells, J.B. Residence 15 Eric 3901J
Wells, Mrs. John Residence 16 Southside 3164M
Wells, Otto Residence 3[???] Hayward 874M
Wells, [???] C. Residence 100 Circular 984R
Wells, [???] G. Residence [???] Craigmillar 809M
[???], F. Residence 41 Charlton 2563M
[???], Dr. E.G. Residence 28 Winter 1659J
Wescott, Clifford R. Residence 4 Devon Row 1577
Wescott, Mrs. J. Residence 28 McFarlane 2459M
Wescott, Mrs. W. Residence 278 Pennywell 3946M
Wesley Church Manse (Rev. W.B. Perry) 130 Hamilton 702
Wesley Radio Station V.O.W.R Patrick 3858
West Atlantic Products Ltd.   Prescott 11
West Coast Power Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 3070
West End Bakery   Hamilton 1578
West End Farms   Topsail Road 3026R
West End Stove & Hardware Co.   572 Water 3816
West End Taxi Service   Cross Roads 1938
West End Trucking Service   George 1934
Westerland Country Residence    
  Ron H. Macpherson   80W
Westerland Farm House     80R
Western Café   372 Water 97
Western Union Telegraph Co. and Three Lines Available to All   2000
    Anglo-American Telegraph Co.,     Departments, At All Hours   2001
    Ltd.     2002
West Indies Codfish Association Ayre & Sons Cove   803
Westinghouse Electric      
    International Co.   241 Water 1830
Wheeler, C.H. Residence 22 Cairo 2302W
Wheeler, Mrs. E. Residence 49 Freshwater 3183J
Wheeler, Frank Residence Prince of Wales 3007
Wheeler, J.A.r Residence 66 Quidi Vidi 1321M
Wheeler, Capt. James   83 Craigmillar 3133W
Wheeler, John C. Residence 64 Quidi Vidi 2852M
Wheeler, Mrs. Victor Residence 17 Fleming 602M
Whelan, Bernard Residence 173 LeMarchant 4029
Whelan, C. Residence 40 Suez 3045J
Whelan, F.C. Residence 171 LeMarchant 3261R
Whelan, H. Residence 308 Hamilton 808R
Whelan, H.M. Residence Rennie's Mill 1419J
Whelan, Mrs. Hattie Residence 67 Campbell 1590R
Whelan, J. Residence 56 Power's Court 3243R
Whelan, Capt. J.J. Residence 169 Pleasant 2696M
Whelan, James J. Residence 131 Patrick 2715R
Whelan, Mrs. John   18 Boncloddy 1644J
Whelan, M. Residence 100 Casey 3257R
Whelan, Mrs. Maud Residence 257 Southside 1806R
Whelan, P.J. Residence 96 Lime 3293R
Whelan, Thomas Store 2 Gilbert 2108
Whelan, Vincent Residence 8 Carnell 2308R
Whelan, William Residence 4 Central 3110R
Whelan, Mrs. William Residence 33 Monroe 3977J
Whelan's Garage Ltd.   Cornwall 2270
Whiffen's Fruit Store   Water W. 4056
White, Andrew Residence 64 Pennywell 1640R
White, Arthur Residence 165 Pennywell 3314M
White, Brian Residence Carpasian 2005W
White, C.E. Residence 321 South Side [sic] 1806W
White, Cecil A. Residence 103 Springdale 628W
White Clothing Co., Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   2288
White Clothing Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 2289
White, Mrs. D.J. Residence 48 Job 440J
White, E. Residence 11 Haggerty 1392J
White, Mrs. E. Residence Cornwall 666W
White, Edgar Residence 37 Feild 3375W
White, Ernest Residence 177 LeMarchant 3261J
White, Eric G. Residence 3 Empire 3273
White, Fred Residence 10 Allandale 3845
White, Mrs. George Store 133 Bond 4407
White, G.N. Residence 195 Water 3248J
White, Harold Residence 42 Freshwater 3177M
White, Miss Isabel   56 LeMarchant 4196
White, Mrs. J. Residence 85 Hamilton 3151M
White, Mrs. J. Residence Holdsworth 1371J
White, J. Residence 70 Merrymeeting 3019J
White, J. Trucking Service Bishop's Cove 1194
White, Miss J.E. Residence 58 LeMarchant 71
White, L.J. Residence 181 Pleasant 807
White Lily Café   310 Water 2125
White, Mrs. M. Residence 60 St. Clare 3377R
White, Mrs. Residence 227 Hamilton 640W
White, Sergt. M. Residence 93 King's 1893M
White, Malcolm Residence 38 Brazil 4092
White, Malcolm Residence 9 Spencer 3254R
White, Mrs. Mary Residence 45 Bond 2817W
White, Mrs. Mary Residence 25 Prince of Wales 1245J
White, R. Residence 20 Campbell 3225M
White, Ralph L. Residence 14 Henry 3966J
White, R.G. Residence 2 Lake View 3856W
White, Thomas Residence 19 McFarlane 2660M
White, Thomas Residence 5 Bond 1172W
White, Walter E. Office 365 Water 1521
White, Walter E. Residence Leslie 2522W
White, Mrs. W. Residence 46 Flower 2687W
White, W.L. Residence 67 Long's 2497R
White, Mrs. William Residence 94 LeMarchant 813
Whiteley, Capt. George Residence 103 Rennie's Mill 1419W
Whitemarsh, Wilfred Residence 21 Franklyn 3283M
Whitemarsh, William Residence 126 Campbell 2104
Whiteway, A.E. Residence 5 Brazil 2458M
Whiteway, Miss Alma Residence 339 Hamilton 1468W
Whiteway, Don Residence 331 Hamilton 2674R
Whiteway, Mrs. E. Residence 85 Springdale 2593W
Whiteway, F. Residence 48 Leslie 2512M
Whiteway, H.M.K. Florist Rennie's Mill 348
Whiteway, J. Co., Ltd.   359 Water 281
Whiteway, John Residence 44 Pennywell 1649M
Whiteway, O.A. Residence 215 LeMarchant 3237J
Whiteway, Dr. S.P.   153 LeMarchant 2601J
White, W. Evan Residence 12 Empire 3943M
Whiteway, Wilfred Residence Springdale 2593M
Whitten, A. Residence Topsail Road 3485J
Whitten, A.E. Residence 17 Sudbury 2370R
Whitten, Albert Residence 43 Pennywell 2802M
Whitten, Cecil Residence 58 Golf 3393J
Whitten, Charles Residence Southside 1272W
Whitten, Mrs. Daniel   23 Southside 1307J
Whitten, Donald Residence 97 Southside 1505M
Whitten, G. Residence 125 Southside 3318M
Whitten, Mrs. George Residence 58 Hamilton 2641J
Whitten, H. Residence 107 George 447M
Whitten, Harry Residence Cornwall 4146
Whitten, James Residence 23 Bell 1166W
Whitten, James S. Residence 20 Atlantic 2719W
Whitten, R. Residence 105 Military 3090M
Whitten, R.R. Residence 139 Pleasant 2707R
Whitten, Robert Residence Southside 254
Whitten, Robert Residence Gill Lane 2519R
Whitten, Mrs. V. Residence 61 Southside 3164R
Whitten, William Residence 32 Carter's 3013R
Whitten, William Residence Southside 2765M
Whitten, Mrs. William Residence 25 Job 440M
Whittens Bakery   42 Hamilton 4132
Whittle, A. Residence 225 Craigmillar 2819W
Whittle, W.F. Country Residence Kilbride 1286R
Whittle, W.F. Butcher Water 928
Whitty, G. Residence 1 Calvert 2842W
Whitty, J.V. Residence 3 Waterford Bridge 2536W
Whitty, P.J. Residence 1 Waterford Bridge 2536M
Wich, H. Residence 30 Sudbury 1114J
Wickham, Mrs. C. Residence 33 Job 2669R
Wickham, Thomas Residence 13 Deanery 2645W
Wigh, Miss Sylvia Residence 155 Gower 2726J
Wight, A.W. Residence 50 Pennywell 3989J
Wight, Mrs. George Residence 7 Charlton 2561R
Wight, Leonard Residence 5 Charlton 805W
Wilansky, Mrs. H. Residence 722 Water 2514W
Wilansky, Mrs. I. Residence Monkstown 2090
Wilansky, Maurice Residence Glenridge Crescent 998J
Wilansky, Maurice Residence 7 Leslie 1869W
Wilansky & Sons, Ltd.   312 Water 1156
Wilcox, Mrs. E. Residence 29 Plymouth 3529
Wilcox, J.G. Residence 231 Duckworth 3315W
Wilcox, Mrs. Laura Residence 3 Church Hill 1097
Wilkins, E.G. Residence 15 Richmond 2367M
Wilkins, M. Residence 125 St. Clare 3387W
Wilkins, Richard Residence Morris 3423J
Wilkinson, Geo. J. Residence 160 Hamilton 3138J
Willar, A.F. Residence 124 Circular 964J
Willar, W.F. Residence 21 John 2610M
Willard Battery Service Station (E. Rockwood, Manager) Cliff's Cove 1808
Williams, Mrs. Annie Residence 167 Pennywell 3314R
Williams, A.G. Residence 7 Empire 1005
Williams, Mrs. A.J. Residence 46 Fleming 2919M
Williams, Const. B. Residence 14 Central 3116R
Williams, Cecil Residence 34 Franklyn 3214J
Williams, Charles A. Residence Higgin's Line 3309J
Williams, E.B. Residence 11 Coronation 2751R
Williams, G. Residence 48 William 690M
Williams, G.J. Residence 21 Bannerman 3156R
Williams, George R. Residence Carpasian 600
Williams Grocery   85 Patrick 1310
Williams, J.H. Residence Blatch 2254W
Williams, John Residence 55 Barter's 3276W
Williams, Norman Residence 39 Mullock 2572J
Williams, Peter Residence Bay Bulls Road 2533W
Williams, Ralph Residence Blackmarsh 3429J
Williams, R.J. Grocery 200 Pleasant 2046
Williams, R.J. Grocery 200 Pleasant 2047
Williams, Robert Residence 37 Parade 563
Williams, R.T. Residence 18 Young 3007W
Williams, S.C. Residence Southside E. 2938W
Williams, Mrs. Thomas Residence 15 York 2738R
Williams, W. Residence 44 Flower 2983
Williams, W.B. Residence 80 Circular 2425
Williams, W.B. Residence 84 St. Clare 3887M
Williamson, Mrs. John Residence Mt. Royal 3389R
Wills, F.F. Residence 35 Henry 827R
Wills, F.F. Residence 35 Henry 1740J
Wills, Miss Olive Residence 8 Gower 1195W
Wills, W.W. Residence Waterford Bridge 432
Wilsil, Ltd. Wholesale Meats & Provisions 13 Prescott 4182
Wilsil, Ltd.   13 Prescott 4183
Wilsil, Ltd.   13 Prescott 4184
Wilsil, Ltd.   13 Prescott 4153
Wilson, A.F. Residence 1 Signal Hill 906M
Wilson, A.M. Residence 78 Forest 959M
Wilson, Miss Elsie L. Residence Forest 899J
Wilson, H.K.M. Residence 172 Pleasant 2695R
Wilson, Sergt. John D. Residence 91 Pleasant 2716R
Wilson, William Residence 99 Pleasant 2713M
Wiltshire, W. Residence 542 Water 1150M
Windeler, Mrs. H.D. Residence Cochrane Hotel 3101
Winsborrow, Mrs. W.C. Residence 9 Freshwater 2185M
Winslow, George Residence 96 Circular 987J
Windsor, Mrs. Mary Residence 27 Victoria 2905R
Winsor, Mrs. A. Residence 10 Central 3116M
Winsor & Co., Ltd.   400 Water 2120
Winsor, Charles Residence 28 Golf 2329W
Winsor, Charles Taxi 16 Carter's 1287
Winsor, Charles A. Residence 328 Hamilton 1468M
Winsor, Capt. Ches. Residence 6 Prince of Wales 3547R
Winsor, E. Residence 90 Brazil 3320R
Winsor, Ford Residence Kilbride 3479W
Winsor, Garland Residence 44 Monroe 2620R
Winsor, Capt. H.W. Residence 464 Water 1355W
Winsor, Harry G. Residence 5 Sudbury 3457M
Winsor, Hedley Residence 48 Franklyn 2436J
Winsor, Herbert Residence 175 Pennywell 3118M
Winsor, C. Jack Residence 256 LeMarchant 3233R
Winsor, Jacob Residence 3 Saunders 1600W
Winsor, J.J. Residence 129 Bond 3698
Winsor, Miss Joan Residence 167 Pleasant 475R
Winsor, Capt. Joshua Residence 4 Prince of Wales 3547W
Winsor, Leonard Residence 12 Cashin 1479R
Winsor, Norman Residence Macklin Place 2512W
Winsor, Miss Olga Residence 1 Parade 3105W
Winsor, P. Residence 37 Beaumont 3216R
Winsor, Capt. P.H. Residence 12 Mayor 3024R
Winsor, Miss R. Residence 201 Craigmillar 3978W
Winsor, R.C., Ltd.   398 Water 154
Winsor, R. Clarence Residence Winter Place 3003
Winsor, Capt. S.R. Residence 24 Barnes' 1853W
Winsor, Capt. W.C. Residence 85 Circular 2601R
Winsor, Wilberforce Residence Waterford Bridge [???]
Winstons (Graham Mercer) 234 Duckworth [???]
Winter, G.A. Residence Winter Place [???]
Winter, Gerald Residence 22 Queen's [???]
Winter, Gus Residence Glenridge Crescent [???]
Winter, Gus, Ltd. Office 248 Water 341
Winter, Gus Warehouse 9 Mayor 332J
Winter, Mrs. H.M. Residence King's Bridge 488
Winter, Hon. H.A., K.C. Residence 5 Winter Place 128
Winter, J. Alex, K.C. Residence 4 Winter Place 58[???]
Winter, Mrs. Jean Residence 8 Catherine 1148
Winter, Lady Residence Rennie's Mill [???]
Winter, Mrs. Percy Residence 174 Hamilton [???]
Winter, R.G. Residence Rennie's Mill 776
Winter, T.H. Residence Rennie's Mill 1419M
Winter, T. & M., Ltd. Private Office Duckworth 229
  Mr. C.H. Butt   229
  Mr. E.T. Furlong   1052
  General Office   51
Wiseman, J. Residence 56 Hayward 1258R
Wiseman, Mrs. Jennie Residence 104 New Gower 1327
Wiseman, J.F. Grocer 97 Carter's 3050
Wiseman, J.F. Residence 242 Pennywell 1336R
Wiseman, John Residence Quidi Vidi 842R
Wiseman, Mrs. L. Residence 152 St. Clare 1290R
Wiseman, Mark Residence 132 Theatre Hill 3336R
Wiseman, Major C.D., S.A. Residence 46 Cornwall 3313W
Wiseman, Sidney Residence Mt. Pearl Park 3945M
Wiseman, William Residence 70 Pennywell 3140J
Withers, E.J. Residence Temperance 3332M
Withers, P.J. Residence 16 Hayward 1609W
Women's Patriotic Association   Water 4109
Wood, A.T. 5-10-50c Store 203 Water 3061
Wood, Arthur T. Residence 63 LeMarchant 1262
Wood, Arthur T., Ltd. Office 56 New Gower 736
Wood, F.L. Residence Robinson's Hill 998R
Wood, Frank Residence 46 Empire 369
Wood, Mrs. W.E. Residence 14 Empire 2477M
Wood, W.J. Residence 63A LeMarchant 3270W
Wood & Kelly Law Offices Duckworth 83
Woodford, G. Residence 125 Cabot 3296W
Woodford, Mrs. William Residence Cross Roads 1952
Woodford, W.J. Residence Hamilton 2637W
Woodland, W.C. Residence 97 Springdale 2853J
Woodley, W. Residence Empire 1369J
Woodrow, James P. Residence 93 Circular 2196R
Woods, J.S. Residence 69 Cochrane 2070W
Woods, Miss Margaret Residence 106 Lime 2861W
Woodstock Sales & Service (G. Perry) Typewriter and    
      Office Supplies Water 188
[???], Albert Residence 38 McKay 3821M
[???], William Residence 109 Quidi Vidi 1231M
[???] Residence 64 Patrick 3545J
[???], Arthur Residence 252 Hamilton 3246M
Woolridge, Mrs. Dorothy Residence 147 Southside 1272M
Worrall, A.E. Store 278 New Gower 656
Worrall, Miss M.G. Residence 73 Springdale 2594
[???], A.C. Residence 31 Eric 4171
Wornell, [???]   [???] LeMarchant [???]
Wornell, E.J. Residence 4[???] Freshwater 3183W
[???] Office Confederation [???] [???]
Wornell, F.J. Residence 226 LeMarchant 3225J
Wornell, J.B. Residence Irvin Road 2351M
Worsley, N. Residence 203 Gower 245
Worthman, Melvin Residence 91 Gower 3319R
Wright, Harold Residence 769 Water 1342W
Wright, Kenneth Residence 9 Blackmarsh 1590W
Wright, Sydney Residence 56 Brazil 3320M
Wright, W. Residence Pennywell 3365J
Wyatt, H.K. Residence Pennywell 1626
Wyatt, Henry J. Residence Pennywell 1626
Wyatt Coal and Salt Co., Ltd. Office 433 Water 297
Wyatt Coal and Salt Co., Ltd. Office 433 Water 1474
Wyatt Coal and Salt Co., Ltd. Southside Premises   654
Wyatt, Mrs. Walter Residence 28 Prince of Wales 3088W
Wylie, F.G. Office New Gower 4112
Wylie, F.G. Residence 704 Water 207
Wylie, Miss H. Residence 137 Theatre 1035R
Wylie, Harvey Residence 3 Cornwall 1448J
Wylie, Mrs. L. Residence 30 Hayward 2414W
Wylie, Mrs. William Residence 89 Pennywell 1359

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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