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Tel #
Rabbitts, Fred E. Residence 94 Pleasant 713
Rabbitts, G.R. Residence 13 St. Clare 2357
Rabbitts, J.A. Residence Kilbride 2821R
Rabbitts, W.A. Residence 9 Mayor 3799
Radford, Arch Residence 470 Water 1355J
Radford, Arch M. Residence 9 Gower 3974R
Radford, Mrs. R.J. Residence 21 Prince of Wales [???]
Radio Cabs   83 George 384
Radio Range   Major's Path 1217
Radios & Refrigerators Gus Winter, Ltd. 248 Water 341
Radio Station V.O.A.R.   Cookstown 2785
Radio Station V.O.C.M.   Parade 741
Rahal, J.J. Druggist 44 New Gower 1499
Rahal, Mrs. John Residence 36 Henry 582
Railway, Nfld. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   1450
      Despatching Office   1450
      Ticket Office   1451
      Railway Information   1450
      Express Office   1453
      Stock Room (Machine Shop)   1452
      Car Shop   1454
Railway Direct Line to Central Despatching Office (All Hours)   293
    Passenger Department:     General Despatching Office   234
      Ticket Office   1256
      Baggage Room   2978
    Freight Department:     Freight Shed Office   3454
      Freight Shed Office   3455
      Freight Shed Office   3456
      General Freight Department    
         (Station)   742
    Coastal Department: Mr. Foley   3125
      General Office   306
    Dockyard:     Dock (Supt. R. Thompson)   678
      Dock Office   1407
    Dock Office (Accountant)   1405
      Superintendent Marine    
    Engineers (Electricians)   1184J
      Dockyard (Electricians)   1184R
      Pattern Shop   1184W
      Drawing Office   1184M
Railway Mechanical Department:     Superintendent Motive Power    
    (J.F. Pike)   2892
      Round House   2558
      Train Lighting Department   2559
      Machine Shop   4149
    Purchasing Department:     Purchasing Agent   153
      General Storekeeper's Office   2979
      General Stores   2977
      General Stores (Grocery Dept)   639
      Express Office   294
      General Manager's Office   588
      Yard Master's Office   3524
R.E.W.A. Store   458 Water 2974
R.E.W.A. Store   468 Water 2603
R.E.W.A. Store   484 Water 2611
R.E.W.A. Store   Craigmillar 1247
Railway Passengers Assurance Co. (W. Angus Reid) Duckworth 1810
Railway Taxi   Station Square 3046
Rainbow Candy Co.   New Gower 4173
Raines, P.J. Residence 110 New Gower 4416
Ralph, Mrs. N. Residence 25 Franklyn 3282M
Randell, C.A. Residence 8 Colonial 3466R
Randell, Mrs. Ernie B. Residence Craigmillar 3851
Randell, H.V. Residence 741 Water 3873
Randell, Miss M.P. Residence 8 Cookstown 2030
Randell, R. Residence 33 Cashin 1479M
Randell, Mrs. R. Residence 31 Boncloddy 3287M
Randall[sic], Capt. R.J. Residence 85 Military 3769
Randell, Samuel Residence Quidi Vidi 1093R
Randell & Stead Building Supplies Pleasant 4123
Randell & Stead Building Supplies Pleasant 4124
Randell & Stead Lumber Yard Empire 1056
Randell, V.L. Residence 124 Freshwater 2534
Rasmussen, Mrs. P. Residence 35 Bannerman 2952J
Rawlin's Cross Taxi   Rawlin's Cross 354
Rawlin's Cross Variety Store, The   Rawlin's Cross 231
Rawlins, J.M. Office 356 Water 933
Rawlins, J.M. Residence 25 Queen's 1064W
Rawlins, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Residence Kilbride 472
Raymond, William Residence Stamp's Lane 3365W
Raynes, Hubert M. Taxi Office Rawlin's Cross 3653
Read, Sen. Watson & Leith Chartered Accountants Bank of Montreal Bldg 560
Reader, A. Residence 24 Howley Ext. 2324
Reddy, James Residence 801 Water 2519M
Reddy, Michael Residence Long Pond 1957R
Reddy, Mrs. P. Residence Blackhead 1307R
Reddy, Mrs. R. Residence 54 Brazil 2656R
Reddy, T. Residence Southside W. 3983J
Redman, L.* Residence 69 Queen's 2621
Redmond, Michael Residence 552 Water 1603M
Redmond, P.J. Residence Waterford Bridge 3960J
Redmond, Robert G. Residence 132 Circular 2005M
Redmond, R.P. Residence 9 Pennywell 2004J
Redmond, T.J. Residence 39 Victoria 875R
Redmond, T.P. Residence 9 Pennywell 2004J
Redstone, W.E. Residence Forest 2028M
Reelis, Harold Residence Torbay Rd 3936J
Rees, A. Residence Allandale 1689
Rees, Fred Residence Thorburn 2834M
Rees, W.S. Residence 57 Newtown 354J
Refrigerators & Radios, Ltd. (Norman Dick) 286 Water 2152
Regal Cleaners & Dyers   110 Theatre 734
Reid, Alfred Residence 8 Signal Hill 2053R
Reid, Calvert Residence 106 Duckworth 2739J
Reid, C.D. Residence 19 Calver 2943W
Reid, Charles Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2291W
Reid, Charles Residence 4 Feild 3303R
Reid, Clarence Residence 25 Long's 3021R
Reid, C.W. Residence 101 Pleasant 2810J
Reid, C.W. Sales Representative Imperial    
      Oil, Ltd. Water 2503
Reid, Miss E. Residence 4 Spencer 4103
Reid, Edward G. Residence 86 Springdale 2607M
Reid, Ernest Residence 3 Newtown 2243
Reid, Fred Residence 11 Scott 2472J
Reid, H. Residence 17 Parade 3049W
Reid, Harry Residence Old Railway Track 3266J
Reid, James Residence 169 New Gower 625W
Reid, John Residence 79 Calver 3932W
Reid, John, Painter Residence 11 Goodview 1745W
Reid Nfld. Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 1810
Reid, R.G. Sr Office Duckworth 389
Reid, R.G. Sr Residence Waterford Bridge 55R
Reid, R.G. Sr Green House Waterford Bridge 55W
Reid, Ronald Residence 9 Barter's 3123M
Reid, Stanley Residence 54 Cornwall 2968J
Reid, Victor Residence Robinson's Hill 1871W
Reid, W. Angus Residence King's Bridge 96
Reid, W. Angus Office Duckworth 1810
Reid, W.J. Residence 56 Spencer 3343W
Remington Typewriters & Adding      
    Machines Dicks & Co. Water 2700
Rendell, A.C. Residence 19 Waterford Bridge 3014
Rendell, F. Residence 62 Pennywell 2867R
Rendell, Mrs. James D. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1334M
Rendell, Philip B. Residence 93 Military 2024
Rendell, Rex Residence 40 Belvedere 3239[???]
Rendell, Col. W.F. Residence 82 Circular 986
Rendell, W. & G. Office 274 Water 190
Rennie, Mrs. Fred W. Residence Harvey 2838J
Rennie, H. Graham Residence 54 Circular 3705
Rennie, H. Graham, A.R.I.B.A. Registered Architect Board of Trade Bldg 194
Rennie, Miss P. Residence 61 Military 999
Rennie, R.M. Office Water E. 2038
Rennie, R.M. Residence 16 Pennywell 1643M
Renouf, Mrs. Charles Residence 73 Military 2076
Renouf, G. Rex Residence Forest 144
Renouf, H.J. Residence 43 King's Bridge 2346W
Renouf, H.T. Residence Forest 4046
Rension's Dry Goods   New Gower 2565
Retail Credit Co. (John J. Murphy, Mgr.) Water 1897
Reynolds, Kenneth Residence 38 Beaumont 2118J
Reynolds, Ronald Residence Southside W. 1224W
Reynolds, Const. S. Residence 51 Quidi Vidi 2852W
Reynolds, Sampey Residence 73 Aldershot 1034M
Reynolds, Mrs. Walter Residence Blackmarsh 2773M
Rice, A. Residence 449 Southside W. 1261W
Rice, Charles Residence 11 LeMarchant 2768W
Rice, Leo Residence Harvey 3159M
Rich, Raymond Residence Outer Battery 2314W
Richards, Mrs. A. Residence 10 Mount Pleasant 3990M
Richards, Mrs. A. Residence 69 Golf 3975W
Richards, E.V. Residence 120 Quidi Vidi 2413M
Richards, G. Residence 192 Pleasant 2695W
Richards, L.A. Residence 15 Mayor 3954J
Richards, R.H. Residence 83 Pennywell 1637M
Richards, Mrs. William Residence 45 Barter's 3124R
Richards, W.J. Residence 208 LeMarchant 3255R
Richards, Mrs. W.S. Residence 49 Queen's 2415
Richardson, Thomas Residence 24 Bond 2032M
Richardson, W.G. Residence 28 Warbury 2945R
Riche, Mrs. C. Residence 17 Bannerman 2301M
Riche Bros. Fish Store Merrymeeting 2096
Riche Bros. Fish Store Campbell & Cashin 2784
Riche Bros. Fish Cutting Room Water 1493
Richmond Beauty Salon (Agnes Edwards Browne) 50 Richmond 2636J
Ricketts, Thomas Druggist 516 Water 2579
Ricketts, Thomas Residence 4 Craigmillar 809W
Riddle, J. Residence 6 Beaumont 1370R
Rideout, A. Residence 9 Danford 2151J
Rideout, Alfred Residence 55A Quidi Vidi 2229R
Rideout, Arthur Residence Winchester 4081R
Rideout, Daniel Residence 2 Allan 3126
Rideout, M. Residence Pine Bud 3406R
Rideout, W. Residence Hamilton Ext. 773M
Ridgley, E. Residence 44 King's 2029M
Ridgley, E.J. Residence 81 Gower 34[???]
Ridgley, James Residence 32 Mullock 2145J
Ring, Mrs. A. Residence Suez 2466M
Ring, Mrs. James Residence Quidi Vidi 2028W
Ring, T.J. Residence 162 Water 1319
Ringman, E. Store 23 New Gower 2588
Ritcey, R.W. Residence 274 Duckworth 1906
Ritz Beauty Salon, The   Cookstown 2240
Ritz Tavern, The   20 New Gower 1391
Riviera Hotel   452 Water 3356
Riverside Accessories Ltd., The   Bambrick 1907
Roach, J. Residence 2 Morris 4058W
Roach, P.G. Residence 17 Prescott 2673W
Roberts, Miss Bertha Residence 201 Pennywell 3933M
Roberts, Capt. Residence 14 Summer 960R
Roberts, Dr. C.A. Residence Mullock 677
Roberts, Clarence Residence Cornwall 2462M
Roberts, Eric Residence 11 Prince of Wales 3280W
Roberts, George Residence 4 McNeil 507M
Roberts, Dr. Harry D. Surgery and Residence 340 Duckworth 230
Roberts, Dr. Harry D. Country Residence   4135
Roberts, Dr. James B. Office and Residence 331 Duckworth 195
Roberts, J.H. Residence Crosbie Hotel 1065
Roberts, J.H. Office Cor. Queen and George 366
Roberts, John Residence 67 Power 1794M
Roberts, Mrs. John Residence Lake View 3958W
Roberts, Joshua Residence 203 Pennywell 3982J
Roberts, M. Residence 44 Cornwall 2988W
Roberts, Misses Residence 92 Freshwater [???]
Roberts, Capt. M.H. Residence 7 Blatch 3171M
Roberts, Capt. Ralph Residence 5 Cabot 1710J
Roberts, Ralph Residence 93 Allendale 1153J
Roberts Refrigeration Service   Morris Bldg 1769
Roberts, Capt. Roland Residence 14 Summer 950R
Roberts, Ronald Residence 37 Richmond 1366J
Roberts, Roy R. Residence 14 Mayor 3023W
Roberts, Russell B. Residence 15 Cook 3145W
Roberts, T. Residence 40 Monroe 1629R
Roberts, Miss Violet Residence 75 Monroe [???]
Roberts, Dr. W. Office 331 Duckworth [???]
Roberts, Mrs. Walter Residence 116 Quidi Vidi [???]
Roberts, William Residence 16 Balsam [???]W
Roberts, William Residence 11 Calver 1886R
Roberts, William Residence 131 Gower 806R
Roberts, William Residence 39 Brine 1552M
Robertson, Misses E. & L. Residence 24 Bonaventure 647W
Robinson, Mrs. John Residence 69 Long's 3275W
Robinson, & Co., Ltd. Daily News Duckworth 178
Robinson, & Co., Ltd. Daily News Duckworth 179
Robinson, William J. Residence 79 Military 1144W
Robson, J. Residence 34 Barnes' 1358M
Robson, William Residence 8 Alexander 1361J
Robson, Mrs. William Residence 196 Craigmillar 3978J
Roche, F. Residence 2 Beaumont 2332W
Roche, His Grace Archbishop Office The Palace 1020
Roche, J. Residence 2 Morris 4058W
Roche, Sergt. Leo Residence 22 Gear 3213J
Roche, M. Residence 58 Monroe 1679M
Roche, P.J. Residence 60 King's Bridge 2347M
Roche, Richard Residence 9 Lime 3103J
Rock-a-Bye Baby Shop   190 Duckworth 3352
Rockwood, Edgar Residence 166 St. Clare 3369J
Roddis, W.S. Residence 17 Forest 144
Rodger, W. Residence 90 Barnes' 1979
Rodgers, Andrew Residence 60 Alexander 3411R
Rodgers, H.E. Residence 7 Young 2495W
Rodgers, J[???] Residence 249 Southside 3538J
Rodgers, L[???]   [???] Cashin 3707M
Rogers, Mrs. A. Residence 15 Tessier Place 1235W
Rogers, Lt. E.C. Residence 24 Brazil 2283W
Rogers, E.R. (Piano Tuner) Residence 13 McFarlane 3157
Rogers, F. Residence 42 Livingstone 2980J
Rogers, Mrs. Frank Residence 17 Avalon Terrace 2875R
Rogers, Mrs. J. Residence Mayor 2228J
Rogers, Richard Residence 34 Raleigh 10[???]M
Rogers, William Residence 251 Southside 2926R
Rogers, [???] Residence 65 Feild 2530W
Rodway, Miss Elizabeth Residence 108 Freshwater 2534M
Roll, Fred J. & Co. Office Imperical Optical Bldg 506
Roll, Fred J. Residence 28 Bonaventure 916R
Roll, Harrison Residence 120 Circular 3076
Rolls, Mrs. B. Residence 23 Feild 3001J
Rolls, Mrs. J. Residence 5 British 2318J
Rolls, Mrs. M. Residence 18 Feild 3405R
Rolls, Mrs. T.J. Residence 27 Carnell 2722M
Romaine, Miss E. Residence 51 Cochrane 2935M
Rompkey, W.H. Residence 17 Cook 3304W
Ronayne, Mrs. Mary Residence Hutchings 4430
Ronayne, M.F. Residence 5 Brennan 3043R
Rooney, H.S. Residence 312 LeMarchant 3189M
Rooney, J.C. Residence 39 Golf 3211R
Roper, E.T. Residence 29 Dick's 1864W
Roper, E.T. Country Residence Topsail Rd 2704W
Roper & Thompson Jewellers Water 373
Ropewalk General Line Mundy Pond 108
Ropewalk Private Line Mundy Pond 485
Rose, Bert Residence 9 Allan 3408W
Rose, Const. Residence 9 Howley Ext. 3462W
Rose, Const. Ches. Residence 21 Howley Ext. 3451W
Rose, Chesley Residence 34 Prince of Wales 2072J
Rose, Eric Residence 261 Pennywell 1013J
Rose, Frank Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2297J
Rose, Frank Residence 186 St. Clare 3443J
Rose, Mrs. G. Residence 229 Craigmillar 2819J
Rose, Isaac Residence 137 Craigmillar 2875M
Rose, John Residence 115 Craigmillar 880M
Rose, J.T. Residence 44 Leslie 3464W
Rose, Mrs. L. Residence 83 Lime 2961J
Rose, Mrs. Marmaduke Residence 7 Cornwall 1291W
Rose, V.G. Residence 76 LeMarchant 624
Rose, Mrs. William Residence 22 Monroe 3977R
Rosenberg & Co., Ltd. Office 321 Water 2215
Rosenberg, L.q Residence Topsail Rd 948
Ross, A.V. Dairy Farm Quidi Vidi 305
Ross, Geo. J. Residence "Dunluce" Portugal Cove Rd 2424
Ross, Mac Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3120R
Ross, Mrs. Mae Residence 116 Barnes' 1108M
Rossiter Brokerage Co. Residence Kelly Building 549
Rossiter, J.J. Residence 150 Patrick 1240
Rossiter, John Residence 31 Pennywell 1175J
Rossiter, J.M.G. Residence 177 Pennywell 3118R
Rotary Club St. John's, Nfld. Hotel    
  (Meets Thursdays, 1.15 pm)   2400
Rothwell & Bowring, Ltd. General Office Water 2598
Rothwell & Bowring, Ltd. (G.R. Williams) Water 2599
Rothwell & Bowring, Ltd. Store Holdsworth 529
Roud, Mrs. C. Residence 35 Power 2730R
Rowe, Mrs. A. Residence 7 Hutchings 2928
Rowe, A.T. Residence Forest 2776R
Rowe, Mrs. A. Residence 74 Cabot 3474R
Rowe, D. Residence 3 Brine 2349W
Rowe, E.D. Residence 48 Prescott 3007R
Rowe, Frank Store Hamilton 2050
Rowe, Mrs. F. Residence 45 William 1773M
Rowe, F. Maxwell Residence 229 Southside 2920J
Rowe, Frank Residence Hamilton 2050
Rowe, F.W. Residence 29 Prince of Wales 3212W
Rowe, George Residence 62 St. Clare 843J
Rowe, H.L. Grocery 186 Freshwater 1588
Rowe, Harold Residence 74 Barter's 3276J
Rowe, Harold Residence 14 Beaumont 3439R
Rowe, Henry Residence 122 Circular 2661W
Rowe, Mrs. J. Residence Allandale 1695W
Rowe, James Residence 7 Gear 2410R
Rowe, Ken Residence 5 Cashin 3707W
Rowe, M. Residence 83 Quidi Vidi 3578M
Rowe, Miss M. Residence 72 Barter's 1752J
Rowe, Miss M. Residence 21 Henry 2993M
Rowe, Raymond Residence Torbay Rd 3996R
Rowe, W. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 3269R
Rowe, W.A. Residence 309 Pennywell 2774W
Rowsell, H. Residence Topsail Rd 2293M
Rowsell, H. Taxi 67 Hayward 597
Rowsell, H.R. Residence 63 Warbury 2392W
Rowsell, Mrs. Residence 8 Prince of Wales 1658M
Rowsell, S.H. Residence 6 Prince of Wales 1658R
Royal Aerated Water Co.   10 Barter's 977
Royal Bank of Canada Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   1860
      Night & Holiday Calls:    
      Manager   1860
      General Office   1861
      General Office   1862
Royal Bank of Canada, The West End Branch   610
      Manager & Accountant   611
Royal Garage, Ltd.   Carnell 1170
Royal Canadian Navy (See Naval Service)    
Royal Dutch Airlines Furness House Water E. 2373
Royal Grocers Co., Ltd.   Holdsworth 258
Royal Grocers Co., Ltd.   Holdsworth 259
Royal Securities Corp. Ltd. Office Board of Trade Bldg 2142
Royal Stores Ltd. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Departments   1120
      Night & Holiday Calls:    
      Mr. J.W. Bartlett   1120
      Retail Dry Goods Department   1121
      Private Office   1122
      Mr. Campbell Macpherson   1123
      Furniture Department   1124
      Grocery   290
      Stables 8 Spencer 3343J
Royal Trust Co. General Office Bank of Montreal Bldg 672
Royle, G. Residence 9 Parade 3105M
Royle, Mrs. Margaret Residence 252 New Gower 3331R
Royle, William Residence 40 New Gower 2791W
Ruby, Mrs. A.Q. Residence 90 Freshwater 3175W
Ruby, E. Gordon Residence Waterford Bridge 3172W
Ruby, Mrs. Kenneth Residence Waterford Bridge 3960R
Ruby, [???]   [???] 1075
Ruby, Miss Th[???] Residence 370 Duckworth 1807J
Ruby's Grocery   4 New Gower 4420
Ruggles, F.M. Residence 90 Duckworth 851R
Rumboldt, Ignatius Residence 35 Parade 265
Rumsey, Cyril Residence 53 Leslie 2521M
Rumsey, P. Residence Bennett 2524W
Rumsey, S.J. Residence 11 College 2763R
Rumsey, T.S. Residence 154 Hamilton 3138R
Russell, E. Residence 191 Pennywell 3902R
Russell, Mrs. Edward   [???] 1943M
Russell, [???]   Freshwater 3165M
Russell, [???] Residence 3 York 2675J
Russell, [???] Residence 44 Circular 2474
Russell, Herbert J. Residence 22 Leslie 191
Russell, H.J., Jr. Residence Water 113
Russell, J. Residence Topsail Rd 2487J
Russell, James Residence Calver 554M
Russell, Miss Phyllis Residence 116 Casey 3493R
Russell, Mrs. R. Residence 54 Springdale 2743W
Russell's Grocery   237 Pennywell 3672
Rusted, Dr. Nigel F.S. Surgery 272 Duckworth 82
Rusted, Dr. Nigel F.S. Residence 28 Monkstown 82
Ryall, Mrs. C.J. Residence 88 Circular 1980
Ryall, F. Residence 46 Hayward 1258W
Ryall, Frank R. Garage LeMarchant 938
Ryall, James A. Residence 61 Power 2605W
Ryall, Mrs. L. Residence 86 Circular 1012
Ryall, M. Residence 55 Brazil 1839R
Ryall, Miss M. Residence 14 Freshwater 3192W
Ryall, R.J. Residence 23 Henry 2994W
Ryall, Mrs. T.J. Residence 6 Wood 2623J
Ryall, Mrs. William Residence 22 Cabot 3445J
Ryall, Mrs. W.J. Residence 126 Freshwater 2393M
Ryan, A. Residence Quidi Vidi 2770
Ryan, Austin Residence 49 Leslie 2521W
Ryan, Mrs. Clarence Residence 198 Merrymeeting 3196W
Ryan, D. Residence 9 Lime 3100M
Ryan, E.P. Residence 5 Howley Ext. 3879
Ryan, Rev. F., P.P.   Hoylestown 2043
Ryan, F.J. Residence Carpasian 2212M
Ryan, Miss G. Residence 26 Flower 2470M
Ryan, Fire Const. Garrett Residence 26 Cabot 3103M
Ryan, H. Residence 9 Suez 2860M
Ryan, J.A. Residence 14 McDougall 1033R
Ryan, James Residence 3 Murray 1711W
Ryan, Mrs. James Residence Rennie's Mill 135
Ryan, James Residence 3 George 1197W
Ryan, Mrs. J.J. Residence 43 Parade 3055M
Ryan, J.F. Residence 17 Flower 2470R
Ryan, John Residence 715 Water 2589M
Ryan, John Residence Mt. Royal 3952M
Ryan, John Residence 63 Suvla 2466R
Ryan, John J. Residence 22 Golf 3211W
Ryan, J.S. Grocery and Residence Job 2991
Ryan, J.V. Residence 16 Maxse 2051
Ryan, L.S. Residence 47 Newtown 2937
Ryan, Miss M. Residence 39 Merrymeeting 1616J
Ryan, Miss M. Residence 56 King's 1400W
Ryan, Miss M., R.N. Residence 51 Harvey 2541
Ryan, Mrs. M. Residence Cor. Bonaventure and  
  Residence     Howley 1699
Ryan, Mrs. Mary Residence 37 Patrick 2633R
Ryan, Michael Residence 6 Topsail Rd 682J
Ryan, Miss Maud Residence 116 Barnes' 1106M
Ryan, Mrs. M.J. Residence 1 McFarlane 2186R
Ryan, Miss Mona Frederix Beauty Parlour Prescott 3477
Ryan, Mrs. O. Residence 22 Freshwater 2530R
Ryan, Robert Residence 122 Bond 2909J
Ryan Supply CO.   127 Theatre 853
Ryan, T.J. Residence LeMarchant 3261W
Ryan, T.J. Residence 60 King's 2817J
Ryan, W. Residence 47 Campbell 3381R
Ryan, W.D. Plumber 126 Duckworth 1325
Ryan, W.D. Residence 70 Monkstown 4136
Ryan, William Residence 63 Pleasant 2727J
Ryan, William J. Architect Renouf Building 47
Ryan, W.J. Residence 62 Fleming 114
Ryan, W.P. Residence Newtown 232

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

* See the following errata

REDMAN Recorded incorrectly in Directory, Phone No. for L Redman at 69 Queens Rd should be 4621, Kenneth LeGrow

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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