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Tel #
Caddigan, Const. Michael Residence 25 Gower 2640W
Cadigan, Const. W. Residence Newtown 2467W
Cahill, Andy Residence 32 Barnes 1558W
Cahill, Miss C. Residence 39 Monroe 2273
Cahill, Mrs. E. Residence Long Pond 3309R
Cahill, E.J. Druggist St. Clare 4133
Cahill, E.M. Residence 5 Newtown 2160R
Cahill, John Residence 133 Military 2463R
Cahill, Dist. Inspt. M.J. Residence 26 Franklyn 3795
Cahill, S. Residence Top Battery 3302R
Caines, Mrs. Annie Residence 6 Bannerman 2662M
Caines, Eric Residence 13 Knight 3099J
Caines, Robert Store 98 Duckworth 2780
Caines, Robert Store 98 Duckworth 2781
Caines, Robert Residence Duckworth 2739M
Caines, Robert, Jr. Residence 5 York 2675M
Cake Box, The Mrs. Clift G.W.V.A. Bldg 1868
Cake, Geo. R. Residence 12 Allandale 147
Cake, S. Residence LeMarchant 2629M
Cake, W. Residence 18 Gilbert 3022M
Caldwell, Miss Helen Store 62A Colonial 4442
Caldwell, W.F. Insurance Agent Temple Bldg 465
Caldwell, Miss Winnifred Residence 27A Queen's 3323
Callahan, Mrs. Wm. Residence 610 Water 1985J
Callanan, Mrs. B. Residence 71 Pleasant 3508
Callanan & Co. Plumbing & Heating 544 Water 4166
Callanan, T.S. Residence 119 Hamilton 1885W
Calpin, Miss Isabel Residence 3 Devon Row 413J
Calver, Misses Residence 32 Newtown 2803
Calver, J.F. Store 162 Duckworth 739
Calver, Louis Residence 4 Newtown 3344
Calver, Victoria Residence 153 Pennywell 2507
Calvert, L. Residence 30 Monroe 1673R
Cameron, Mrs. Ethel Residence 9 Church Hill 972
Cameron, J.D. Residence 201 Gower 720
Camp, Nath. Residence 171 Craigmillar 2999M
Camp Taxi   LeMarchant W. 1318
Campbell, Mrs. Alex. Residence Water 3929W
Campbell, G. Residence 52 Circular 437
Campbell, J.O. Residence 256 Hamilton 2632M
Campbell, John Residence 54 Rennie's Mill 3685
Campbell, Miss Margaret (House of Beauty) 67 Queen's 2003
Campbell, Neil Residence Circular 2008
Campbell, N.N. Residence 59 Empire 3513
Campbell, R. Residence 23 Campbell 3215W
Campbell, W.E. Residence 15 Freshwater 3187J
Campbell's Meat Market   350 Water 478
Campbell's Meat Market   350 Water 552
Campbell, Wm. J., Ltd. Office Water 326
Canada Life Assurance Co.   Board of Trade Building 443
Canada, Office of the High      
Commissioner for     2788
Canada, Office of the High     2789
Commissioner for Residence   209
Canada Packers, Ltd.   Bond 4011
    Bond 4012
    Bond 4013
Canadian Bank of Commerce Private Branch Exchange    
    Connection All Departments   1910
    Staff Apartments   1911
Canadian Bank of Commerce     1912
Canadian Forces      
Royal Canadian Navy See Naval Services    
Canadian Government Trade Commissioner (J.C. Britton)   698
Canadian Industries Ltd.   Board of Trade Bldg 157
George Jost, Mananger Residence 52 Circular 1373
Canadian Liquid Air Co. Ltd. Order Dept Casin[sic] Avenue west 1222
  Office   271
Canadian Marconi Co.   New Gower 881
Canadian Marconi Co.   Cabot Tower 150
Canadian National Railways Passenger Service   3062
  Office Hours:    
    9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekdays   3063
    10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays   2400
Candow, Mrs. W. Residence 12 Monroe 1670M
Canning, Mrs. A.E. Residence 25 Victoria 2655W
Canning, Geo. Residence 92 Queen's 2871W
Canning, James Residence 103 Quidi Vidi 842J
Canning, Jas. Office, New Martin Bldg Water 4085
Canning, J.F. Residence 144 Queen's 1801W
Canning, J.T. Residence 60 Cochrane 4162
Canning, W.F. Office, New Martin Bldg Water 4085
Canning, Wm. F Residence 14 Forest 1492
Canon Wood Hall   Military 1437
Cantwell, C.J. Residence 729 Water 2539R
Cantwell, E.S. Residence 44 Barnes' 1464R
Cantwell, Hal Residence Bell 1166J
Cantwell, Mrs. I. Residence 197 Pleasant 966
Cantwell, J.F. Residence 120 Military 684
Cantwell, L.H. Residence 10 Cathedral 482J
Cantwell, Mrs. T. Residence 179 Merrymeeting 3196M
Caouette, Rene Residence Pine Bud Ave 1688M
Cape Broyle Raffle   Water 860
Cape Store, The (E.P. Prowse) 38 Golf 4141
Capitol Taxi (W.B. Pike) Harvey Road 587
Capitol Theatre   Henry 644
Carberry, Ed. & Sons (Chimney Sweepers) 21 Cook 3893
Carberry, E.G. Residence 15 St. Clare 1642W
Carberry, James Residence 79 Springdale 628R
Carew, A.M. Residence 99 Pennywell 457
Carew, Mrs. E. Residence 7 Prescott 2673R
Carew, G. Residence 155 Casey 1547J
Carew, Garland Residence 50 Gilbert 2567J
Carew, J. Residence 47 Springdale 2595J
Carew, J.F. Residence 46 McKay 548W
Carew, John Residence Kilbride 2485M
Carew, Leo Residence Allandale 1514M
Carew, S.J. Residence 1 Rennie's Mill 453J
Carew, W.J. Residence 155 Queen's 1113
Caribou Swimming Pool and
Bowling Alley
  Water 199
Caribou Taxi   Springdale 1214
Caribou Taxi   Springdale 4108
Carivan, T. Residence 169 Gower 3137W
Carlson, Victor Painter 245 Southside 779
Carmichael, Miss A.R. Residence 40A LeMarchant 2955J
Carnell, Mrs. A. Residence 146 Merrymeeting 3028J
Carnell, Dr. A.H. Residence City Terrace 775
Carnell, Andrew Residence 28 Cochrane 1237
Carnell, Andrew Country Residence Torbay Rd 685R
Carnell, A. Bertram Residence 24 Cochrane 996
Carnell, B. & H. Dressmakers 24 Cochrane 996
Carnell, Frank Residence 26 Cochrane 3463J
Carnell, Geoffrey C. Residence 28 Cochrane 1237
Carnell, H. Residence Uplands LeMarchant 3494R
Carnell & Mews   37 Campbell 26
Carnell, Thos. Residence 17 Carnell 2733R
Carnell, W.O. Residence 4 Freshwater 2820
Carnell's Carriage Factory Ltd.   Duckworth 595
Carnell's Funeral Home Day   595
  Night and Holiday   1237
    Geoffrey C. Carnell, Manager   1237
    Samuel Harris   2801R
    R.G. Bemister   2590M
Carrigan, J. Residence 32 Flower 1678J
Carroll, J. Residence 4 Boulevard 3735R
Carroll, Mrs. W.J. Residence 33 Monkstown 2103W
Carry On Café   224 Duckworth 1095
Carter, A.L. Residence 114 Springdale 2686W
Carter, Allan G. Residence Nagle's Hill 1536R
Carter, Austin Residence Forest 1067R
Carter, Mrs. B. Residence 16 Angel 2553J
Carter, Bert Residence 63 Quidi Vidi 1822M
Carter, Miss Betty Residence Southside West 2571R
Carter, Cyril B. Residence King's Bridge 248
Carter, Lieut. E.G. Residence 61 Duckworth 2131W
Carter, Mrs. Eliza Residence 68 Warbury 2949J
Carter, Ethelred Residence 15 Feild 3184J
Carter, F.A. Residence 16 Topsail Rd 2903R
Carter, Francis S. Residence 14 Alexander 1848J
Carter, Fred Residence 149 Craigmillar 1749R
Carter, Fred Residence 293 Pennywell 2017M
Carter, G.J., Ltd.   Water 1570
Carter, Mrs. Helen Residence 30 LeMarchant 2303
Carter, H.P. Residence 28 Circular 1057
Carter, Hubert Residence 65 Bannerman 3206M
Carter, Const. John Residence Southside West 3380R
Carter, K.J. Residence 185 LeMarchant 1931W
Carter, P.J. Residence 46 Prescott 3087W
Carter, Lieut. R. Residence 49 Cochrane 2255
Carter, Mrs. T.H. Residence 67 Cochrane 44
Carter, Miss V. Residence 77 Rennie's Mill 319
Carter, Capt. Walter Residence 31 Cabot 1665W
Carter, Mrs. W.F. Residence 15 Maxse 973
Carville, Geo. Residence Blackmarsh 3936M
Case, Jas. W. Residence 8 Beaumont 3439M
Case, S.H. Residence 114 Theatre 1709M
Case, W.F. Residence Fort Townshend 2326R
Casey, A.J. Residence LeMarchant 3844
Casey, James Residence Glenridge Crescent 390J
Casey, P.J. Butcher 80 Hamilton 1024
Casey, P.J. Residence 43 Scott 817W
Casey, P.J. Residence 12 Carnell 2308W
Casey, Wm. Butcher (A.J. Casey, Mgr) 191 New Gower 1341
Casey, Mrs. Wm. Residence 203 New Gower 3779
Cash's Tobacco Store   Water 573
Cashin & Co., Ltd.   358 Water 1045
Cashin & Co., Ltd.   358 Water 1046
Cashin & Co., Ltd.   358 Water 1424
Cashin & Co., Ltd.   358 Water 1607
Cashin, Lady Residence Mullock 4
Cashin, L.V. Residence Forest 633
Cathedral Parish Hall   Queen's 3417
Catholic Youth Club Holy Name Hall Harvey 3782
Caul, Alex Residence 72 Colonial 2825W
Caul, Miss Annie Residence 6 Brine 2644R
Caul, J.J. Residence 8 Central 1520
Caul, M.F., Ltd. Grocers 22 Colonial 416
Caul, M.F. Residence 71 Gower 1524M
Caul, P.J. Grocer 65 King's 12
Caul, Wm. J. (Undertaker) Residence 70 Prescott 489
Cave, Mrs. A. Residence 12 Brazil 2458W
Cave, Miss Cavell Residence 2 Duckworth 3240R
Cave, Raymond Residence Oxen Pond 3991M
Cawdry, F.G.V. Residence 37 Sudbury 3197M
Census Office   Water 291
Central Bakery   Central 2493
Central Bakery, M.J. Walsh Night and Holiday   2372
Central Book Store   Cr. Prescott and Duckworth 2868
Central Electric Shop J.A. Hogan 82 Queen's 4188
Central Drug Store Gordon Perchard 133 Casey 1314
Central Fire Hall   Bonaventure 173
Central Meat Market   41 New Gower 2584
Central Service Station, Ltd.   George 787
Central Service Station, Ltd.   George 2138
Central Taxi Office   Renouf Bldg 963
Central Truck Stand   Bishop's Cove 90
Chadwicke, J.A. Office Fort William 3804
Chafe, Arnold Residence 102 Pleasant 2725R
Chafe, Mrs. Beatrice Residence 25 Queen's 1064M
Chafe, C. Residence 3 Calver 3618M
Chafe, Mrs. Catherine Residence Stewart 846W
Chafe, Mrs. C.S. Residence 41 Job 1150R
Chafe, E.F. Residence Cabot W. 1689J
Chafe, Fred G. Residence Topsail Road 3247R
Chafe, H.B. Residence 108 Hamilton 1431
Chafe, Herbert Residence 313 Southside W. 2064W
Chafe, Isaac Residence 1 Cochrane 1011J
Chafe, Jacob Grocery 34 Duggan 1162
Chafe, J.S. Residence 120 Casey 3257J
Chafe, Mrs. L.B. Residence 27 Warbury 3994W
Chafe, Leonard Residence Allandale 2285J
Chafe, Maxwell Residence 13 Gilbert 2585J
Chafe, Norman Residence 66 Pleasant 1832R
Chafe, Mrs. R. Residence 149 Theatre 2831W
Chafe, R. McK. Residence 12 Cathedral 1136W
Chafe, Walter C. Residence 116 Springdale 1506J
Chafe, W.J. Residence 5 Allan 2930
Chafe, Wm. L. Residence 32 Queen's 525M
Chafe, Wm. L. Tailor 300 Water 873
Chafe, W.T. Residence 22 William 2416W
Chaffey, James Residence 161 Patrick 2711R
Chalker & Co.   North Battery 3438
Chalker, C.R. Residence 696 Water D [sic] 2538R
Chalker, J.R., Jr. Residence 101 Forest 2165
Chalker, Mrs. J.R. Residence Forest 320
Chalker, Mrs. Ruth Residence Lake View 3856W
Chambers, M.G. Residence Raleigh 1060W
Chambers, Ron Residence 30 Power 4168R
Chambers, Walter Residence 16 Gear 3213R
Chancey, G.W. Residence 158 Merrymeeting 3027W
Chancey, Lloyd Residence 1 Kenna's 1173J
Chancey, R.T. Residence 11 Cookstown 1235R
Chancey, W.J. Jr. Residence 82 Pennywell 3989M
Channing, Mrs. J. Residence 52 Monkstown 785
Channing, J.G. Residence 70 Fleming 2919R
Channing, J.J. Residence 65 Long's 2497M
Channing, W.F. Residence 10 Gower 3811
Chaplin, Mrs. E. Residence 10 Gilbert 2585M
Chaplin, Mrs. E.J. Residence 23 Spencer 887M
Charles, R. Residence 120 Merrymeeting 1621W
Charles, W.A. Residence 52 Hamilton 2647J
Chatfield House Board and Lodging 9 Brazil 2983
Chatwood, Mrs. J. Residence 87 Barter's 3297W
Chauffeur's Lodge   Government House Grounds 1227R
Chaulk, Mrs. Harold Residence 51 Prescott 3081J
Chaulk, J. Residence 21 Eric 3704R
Chauncey, Mrs. M. Residence 302 Water 1197R
Chauncey, Willis Residence 38 Alexander 2550???
Chaytor, B. Residence 76 Brazil 2457J
Chaytor, Bert Butcher 108 New Gower 2417
Chayter [sic], Bertram M. Residence 18 Franklyn 1825J
Chayter, Gus Residence 14 Colonial 2280J
Chayter, Gus Residence 65 Gower 1004W
Chayter [sic], Mrs. Mabel Residence 139 New Gower 2471M
Chaytor, Ray Butcher 134 New Gower 2535
Checkter Taxi Office   39 Campbell 2213
Cherrington, Miss V.M. Residence 75 Barnes' 4093
Cheeseman, J.B. Residence 18 Brine 2637R
Cheeseman, John T. Residence 66 Fleming 2465
Chesman, F.V. Office 178 Water 536
Chesman, F.V. Residence Rennie's Mill 3840
Chidley, Mrs. Leo Residence 49 Calvert 1686M
Chief Operator Avalon Telephone Co., Ltd.   1001
Children's Home Waterford Hall   Waterford Bridge 1194
Chievers, John Residence Topsail Rd 2689J
Chipman, Mark Residence 49 Cornwall 2988R
Chislett, Geo. Residence 7 Monroe 1339W
Chislett, Hunter Residence 1 Victoria 1828R
Chislett, Mrs. Irene Residence 186 Freshwater 2387J
Chown, Mrs. A.E. Residence 100 LeMarchant 2077M
Chown, Mrs. N.W. Residence 39 Prescott 861
Christian, G.G. Residence 89 LeMarchant 3432W
Christian, W.H. Public Acct. Royal Bank Bldg 856
Christian, W.H. Residence 21A Leslie 2058
Christian, Mrs. Wm. Residence 134 Circular 2005R
Christopher, Mrs. Clayton Residence 164 Military 2234W
Christopher, Mrs. J. Residence 18 Colonial 2056J
Christopher, J.F. Residence 5 Victoria 2137R
Christopher, Sergt. T. Residence 57 Prince of Wales 2486R
Chrysler Sales & Service Marshall Motors Ltd.   1308
Chubbs, L. Residence 28 Warbury 3912R
Church of England Cathedral   Church Hill 2839
Church of England Cemetery   Forest 2033
Church of England Institute   Church Hill 1091
C. of E. Orphanage Boys' Dept. and Farm   2235
C. of E. Orphanage Girls' Department   638
Church of England Rectory   Church Hill 623
Church of England School   Beaumont 490
Churchill, Miss Residence 137½ Gower 1021R
Churchill, Mrs. A. Residence 46 Prince of Wales 2072R
Churchill, E. St. C. Residence 2 Ordnance 951J
Churchill, Geo. & Sons Wholesale Fruit & Vegetables 29 Mayor 4198
Churchill, Mrs. Capt. J. Residence 13 Coronation 2430
Churchill, Sergt. J. Residence 102 Merrymeeting 2223W
Churchill, Jas. Residence 16 Merrymeeting 1096
Churchill, L. Residence 11 Mount Royal 1029J
Churchill, M. Residence Mount Royal 3385R
Churchill, Mrs. N. Residence 16 Tessier 1713R
City Cab, The   Cor. LeMarchant and Lime 695
City Cab, The   Cor. LeMarchant and Lime 696
City Cab   City Club Building 167
City Fish Shop   Military 226
City Hall See Municipal Council    
City Laundry Service Co.   Job 2325
City Service Co., Ltd. (J.W. Morris) Water 1147
City Service Co., Ltd. Office Water 1940
City Service Co., Ltd. (Repair Dept.) Rawlins' Cross 1767
City Service Co.   Rawlins' Cross 1963
City Service Co. (Motor Dept.) Catherine 3778
City Welding Service   Hamilton 1635
Citizen's Rehabilitation Committee   Water 3800
Citizen's Rehabilitation Committee   Water 3899
Clancey, James Residence 86 Aldershot 2857J
Clancy & Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 39
Clancy & Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 40
Clancy, J.A. Residence 23 Prospect 886R
Clancy, Miss M. Residence 85 Campbell 3915R
Clancy, P.J. Residence 3 Knight 1923W
Clancy, Mrs. T. Residence 8 Belvedere 1614W
Clancy, Wm. Residence 60 Carter's 2793J
Clare, Miss T. Residence 158 Military 130
Clark, C. Residence 25 Eric 1758R
Clark. F.R. Office Sun Life Assurance Co.   386
Clark. F.R. Residence "The Oaks" Carpasian 1228
Clarke, Arthur Residence Murphy's Lane 3266R
Clarke, Albert   38 Merrymeeting 3826R
Clarke, Albert Residence Mount Scio 1584W
Clarke, Miss Bridie Residence 37 Ropewalk 39908W
Clarke, Mrs. Clara   59 Freshwater 1604R
Clarke, Clarence Residence 25 Spencer 3009W
Clarke, Derry Residence 31 Craigmillar 3851
Clarke, Earl Residence Cor. Blackler 4199
Clarke, Enos Residence 179 LeMarchant 3261M
Clarke, Geo. Residence 97 Pennywell 1632W
Clarke, Mrs. Geo. Residence 77 Alexander 3138M
Clarke, G.W. Residence Major's Path 1334R
Clarke, Harold R. Residence 255 Hamilton 2702J
Clarke, H.G. Residence Allandale 2285R
Clarke, H.J. Residence 17 Craigmillar 2528J
Clarke, J. Residence 9 Bulley 2989W
Clarke, Mrs. J. Residence 16 John 2610R
Clarke, James Residence 42 Bannerman 2761R
Clarke, J.A. Residence 14 William 4145
Clarke, Mrs. John Residence 154 Pleasant 1211R
Clarke, Mrs. John Residence 13 Charlton 2582J
Clarke, Leo J. Residence Campbell 3416J
Clarke, Leonard Residence 31 Monroe 1673J
Clarke, Mrs. M. Residence 2 Belvedere 2161J
Clarke, Richard Residence 54 Carter's 3012J
Clarke, Richard Residence 183 Pennywell 3118J
Clarke, Roland Meat Str. 3 Long 1028
Clarke, Mrs. Roy Residence 41 Golf 3488W
Clarke, Samuel Residence 9 Pilot's Hill 1297J
Clarke, Mrs. Selina Residence 162 Merrymeeting 3027R
Clarke, S.J. Contractor and Builder 314 Hamilton 2628R
Clarke, Mrs. V. Residence 3 Cochrane 3301M
Clarke, W.A. Residence 253 Hamilton 2637R
Clarke, Wilson Residence 39 Craigmillar 2515R
Clarke, Wm. Residence 44 Calver 2842R
Clarke, Wm.H. Residence 56 Bannerman 2761M
Clayton Construction Co.   Royal Bank Bldg 1158
Clayton Construction Co.   Portugal Cove Rd 22
Clayton, Mrs. W. Residence Newtown 965R
C.L.B. Armoury   Harvey 2532
Cleaner Co. Morris Bldg Queen 2190
Cleary, A.M. Residence Topsail Rd 2195M
Cleary, J. Residence 101 Pleasant 2728J
Cleary, L.E. Residence 8 Atlantic 2724J
Cleary, R.C. Residence 35 Avalon Terrace 3106R
Clemens, Peter Residence 88 Lime 1396M
Clements, Mrs. H. Residence 24 Casey 3141M
Cliquot Club Ginger Ale (Gaden's Ltd.) 198-202 Duckworth 3605
Clift, Shannon Residence 65 LeMarchant 1613
Clift, T.B. Ltd.   Water 513
Clinton, Mrs. M. Store 161 New Gower 622
Clooney, Greg Residence 26 Portugal 1455J
Clooney, W.J. Residence 29 William 2095
Clouston, A. Residence 170 Duckworth 923
Clouston, A.A. Residence Forest 899R
Clouston, D.M. Residence 30 Monkstown 200
Clouston, Ernest, Ltd. Stoves, Ranges and Tinware 216 Water 483
Clouston, Ernest, Ltd.   216 Water 3546
Clouston, Ernest, Ltd. Residence Topsail Road 1550W
Clouston, John Residence Forest 863
Clouston, John, Jr. Residence 48 St. Clare 2570R
Clouston, John, Ltd. Tinsmiths 172 Duckworth 406
Clouston, John, Ltd. Tinsmiths 172 Duckworth 450
Clouston, J. Hutton Residence 6 Gower 1498
Clouston, J. Knox Residence 24 Winter 3822W
Clouston, Victor   Portugal Cove Rd
Call Toll Operator
Clouston, Walter Residence Patrick 405
louston[sic], Walter & Sons   178 Water 1363
Clouston, Mrs. W.B. Residence 79 Queen's 2153
Clouston, W.J. Residence 77 Queen's 2158R
Clouston, Wm. J. Ltd. Tinsmiths, Court House Corner 184 Water 497
Clouter, Frazer Residence 41 Cashin 3419J
Club Commodore   Torbay Road 3597
Cluett, C. Residence 52 Monroe 1839J
Coady, Frank Residence 67 Harvey 3159W
Coady, Jas. J. Residence 11 Allan 3408M
Coady, Mrs. John Residence 17 Mill Bridge 3355R
Coady, Richard Residence Blackmarsh 2659W
Coady, T. Residence 65 Gower 1004M
Coady, Thomas Blacksmith 24 York 596J
Coady, Thos. Residence 6 Spencer 2249
Coady, William Residence 56 Charlton 3948M
Coady, Mrs. Wm. Residence 19 Monroe 1339R
Coaker, Miss Beatrice Residence Torbay Rd 2379J
Coaker, J.F. Residence 11 Cairo 2302R
Cobb, Joseph Residence 43 Cochrane 2426R
Coca-Cola Bottlers (Gaden's Ltd.) 198-202 Duckworth 3606
Cochrane Grocery Jas. Case 148 Duckworth 3885
Cochrane Hotel   Cochrane 352
Cochrane, J.A. Residence 246 LeMarchant 325
Cochrane, John J. Residence 27 Scott 3193R
Cochrane, Const. L. Residence 63 Mayor 3277J
Cochrane, Mrs. Margaret Residence 1 Cabot 1235J
Cochrane St. Church Vestry   Cochrane 694
Cochrane St. Manse Rev. A.J. Barrett 66 Cochrane 608
Cochrane, Thos. Residence 29 York 2746R
Cocker, Bert Residence 51 Freshwater 3182M
Cocker, J. Residence 11 Catherine 797
Codner, M.J. Residence 25 Belvedere 2921J
Codner, Mrs. S. Residence 44 Signal Hill 3241R
Coefield, F.W. Residence 81 Merrymeeting 3033J
Coefield, J. Residence Freshwater Valley 2438R
Coefield, Wm. Residence 11 Mullock 4127
Coffee Shoppe   108 Water 4131
Coffen, C. Confectionary Store 720 Water 4055
Coffen, C.L. Residence Bennett 4107W
Coffen, Clayton Residence 72 Warbury 2945J
Coffen, Douglas Residence Freshwater 2290M
Coffen, Douglas Residence 38 Bannerman 2761W
Coffey, C. Residence 8 Brine 2651W
Coffey, Jas. Residence 17 Walsh's Sq. 1043J
Cohen, D. Residence LeMarchant 1931M
Cohen, Isaac Residence 52 Empire 2094
Coish, George Residence 98 LeMarchant 1663J
Coish, Samuel Residence 21 Monroe 1741J
Coish, Wm. J. Residence 156 Military 2044M
Colbourne, Chief A.J. Residence Southside E. 449
Colbourne, F.A. Residence 17 Gear 2435M
Colbourne, Geo. Residence 34 Mullock 2226M
Colbourne, T. Residence 68 Prescott 3083R
Cole, Mrs. E.G. Residence 42 Gilbert 3724
Cole, Harvey W. Residence 24 Monkstown 788
Cole, J. Residence 7 Dunford 2591M
Cole, John Residence 52 Quidi Vidi 903W
Cole, Mrs. M. Residence 18 Central 3110W
Cole, R.M. Residence Raleigh 3926R
Cole, Stephen Residence 22 Central 3119J
Cole, Mrs. V. Residence 236 Hamilton 640M
Coleman, E. Residence Long Pond 2286W
Coleman, Const. Edward Residence 150 Duckworth 3638
Coleman, Edward Residence 124 Gower 2069R
Coleman, F. Residence 229 Pennywell 2075W
Coleman, Miss Mary Residence 57 Feild 2530J
Coleman, Mrs. Patrick Residence 9 McFarlane 2660W
Coleman, R.J., Ltd. Office Duckworth 415
Colford, Miss Kay Kay's Beauty Parlor 747 Water 2181
Colford, Miss Mary Fruit and Confectionary Store 184 New Gower 2057
Colford, Miss M.T. Residence 89 Long's 2206W
Colford, P.J. Residence 28 Cochrane 2311M
Colford, Wm. Residence Higgin's Line 3309W
College Inn   Topsail Road
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College, St. Bonaventure's   Bonaventure 110
College of Our Lady of Mercy   Military 1106
College of Our Lady of Mercy   Military 3549
College, St. Bride's   Littledale 220
Collett, Albert Residence 12 Power 126
Collett, Chas. Residence 11 Howlett Ext. 915
Collett, Miss H.   2 LeMarchant 2315
Colley, Miss Josephine Residence 138 Patrick 2712W
Collier, Chas. Residence 4 Victoria 2187W
Collier, Eric Residence Collier's Lane 1292
Collier, M.J. Residence 5 Goodridge 2467J
Collier, T.W. Residence Top Robinson's Hill 390R
Collingwood, Arthur Residence 20 Golf 3210J
Collingwood, Edward Residence 118 Barnes 1293R
Collingwood, Henry (Baine, Johnson & Co., Ltd.) 4 King's Bridge 2742
Collingwood, N.   293 Hamilton 2674M
Collingwood, Thos. W. Residence 36 Bonaventure 721
(Baine, Johnson & Co. Ltd.)      
Collingwood's Grocery   Cor. Hamilton & LeMarchant 3185
Collins, Arthur Residence 43A Freshwater 3183M
Collins, Bernard Residence First Ave 3585W
Collins, Mrs. Carrie Residence 63 Gower 2609R
Collins, G. Residence 26 Mayor 2899
Collins, H. Residence 76 Lime 3293M
Collins, J. Residence 7 Boggan 2479W
Collins, J. Residence 291 Hamilton 1366W
Collins, J.J. Residence 180 Patrick 302
Collins, J.J. Marconi Wireless   881
Collins, John Residence 153 Craigmillar 3144W
Collins, Mrs. Louise Residence 103 Pleasant 2714W
Collins, P.F. Customs Broker Duckworth 87
Collins, P.F. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2364W
Collins, P.W. Residence 43 Newtown 1080M
Collins, Mrs. R. Residence 42 Brazil 2658J
Collins, Robert Residence 158 St. Clare 3385W
Collins, Stan Residence 78 Hayward 3153W
Collins, W.J. Residence 23 Mt. Royal 3385J
Collins, Wm. Residence Allandale 2285???
Collis, H.G. Residence 5 Flavin 3347R
Colonial Broadcasting System   Parade 741
Colonial Cordage Co. Gen. Office Mundy Pond 108
Colonial Cordage Co. Pte. Office Mundy Pond 485
Colonial Garage G. Elton Hamilton 2624
Colonial Sales Co. Muir Bldg Water 208
Colonial Stationery Wholesale & Retail 166 Water 2552
Colton, Cyril Residence 106 Pleasant 2725M
Colyer, J. Residence 62 Springdale 2595R
Combdon, H. Residence 13 Flower 2356
Comerford, Mrs. Annie   157 Queen's 1585W
Comerford, Edward Residence Liverpool 3470W
Comerford, W.A. Residence 246 Hamilton 3129M
Comerford, W.B. Residence King's Bridge 893
Comerford, W.B. Jr. Residence 66 LeMarchant 3635
Commercial Cable Company   111 Water E. 1100
Commercial Cable Company   111 Water E. 1101
Commercial Cable Company   242 Water 1102
Conception Bay Taxi Service Aubrey Sparkes, Don Parsons and Doug Mercer Vail Bldg 2035
Conception Bay Taxi Lloyd Leamon & Graham Mercer Adelaide 1925
Conception Bay Taxi (Noel's Taxi Service) 34 McFarlane 1623M
Condon, Miss Irma Residence 354 City Terrace 1739
Condon, J.K. Residence LeMarchant 3095
Condon, Stan Residence 108 LeMarchant 674
Condon, Stan Surveyor and Real Estate Agent Majestic Theatre 2813
Condon, W.H. Residence 37 Merrymeeting 1616M
Confederation Life Assoc. Private Branch Exchange    
  Connecting All Depts. Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg 1283
Confederation Life Assoc. E. Fox Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg 1284
Congdon, S.J. Residence 77 Monkstown 1778W
Connolly, Mrs. A.F. Residence 141 Craigmillar 2960M
Connolly, Mrs. Blanche Residence 95 Military 3244J
Connolly Bros. Grocers Duckworth 1394
Connolly, Bruce Residence 107 Craigmillar 2936W
Connolly, Gerald Residence 46 Signal Hill 1582R
Connolly, Mrs. Isabelle Residence 20 Wood 679
Connolly, J. Residence 205 Craigmillar 3235M
Connelly, James Residence 24 McKay 548R
Connolly, J.J. Undertaker Adelaide 1896
Connolly, Mrs. L. Residence 248 Duckworth 2242M
Connolly, P. Residence 85 King's 2123M
Connolly, P.J. Residence 70 Carter's 2306M
Connolly, Miss Ruth Residence 38 Spencer 887J
Connolly, Mrs. T. Residence 23 Goodview 383M
Connolly, Mrs. Thos. Residence 87 Hamilton 534
Connolly & Tucker Trucking Service Bowring's Cove 953
Connors, Mrs. A. Residence 10 Clifford 2687R
Connors, Alfred Residence Power 1794W
Connors, Miss Elizabeth Residence 200 New Gower 1599J
Connors, Jos. J. Residence 3 Goodview 913M
Connors, M., Ltd. Druggists 362 Water 205
Connors, Capt. T. Residence 18 Cathedral 1921
Connors, Mrs. T. Residence 57 Harvey 2520R
Connors, Thos. Residence Portugal Cove Rd 2291J
Connors, William Residence Codner's Lane 2861J
Conran, John J. Residence 157 Pennywell 2486J
Conran, Mrs. P.J. Residence 101 Freshwater 2183
Conroy and Bradshaw Law Offices Reid Bldg 1
Conroy, Chas. O'Neill, K.C. Residence 50 Bonaventure 133
Conroy, E.P. Residence 41 Pennywell 391
Conroy, Dr. Louis O'Neill Res. & Surgery 3 Monkstown 4072
Constantine, Harry A. Residence 47 Merrymeeting 3334W
Constantine, P.J. Residence 60 Mullock 1685M
Convenient Fuel Supply   Water 1135
Convoy Lunch Rooms   746 Water 1922
Conway, D.J. Residence 17 Monkstown 1933M
Conway, G.C. Residence 22 Livingstone 3953M
Conway, Geo. Residence Kenna's Hill 1173R
Conway, J. Residence 11 Power 2733W
Conway, Philip Residence 8 Gorman's Lane 884J
Conway, T.P. Residence 91 Military 2143
Cook, Mrs. A. Residence 4 Hamilton 2665M
Cook, Albert G. Residence Logy Bay Rd 2259W
Cook, Alex Residence Parade 1786W
Cook, Arthur Residence Portugal Cove Rd 1151W
Cook, B. Residence 45 Mayor 3913W
Cook Bros. General Trucking    
  East End Stand Water E. 3390
Cook, Charles Residence Logy Bay Rd 1588
Cook, Mrs. C.S. Residence 52 Charlton 2193W
Cook & Bartlett Law Offices Board of Trade Bldg 544
Cook, Eric, K.C. (Cook & Bartlett) Office Board of Trade Bldg 544
Cook, Eric, K.C. Residence Forest 594
Cook, Mrs. Elizabeth Residence Forest 2358M
Cook, E.S. Residence 51 Franklyn 2305J
Cook, Frank Residence 30 Belvedere 752M
Cook, Mrs. Geo. Residence 32 Hayward 874J
Cook, Geo. H. Grocery 16 Signal Hill 4165
Cook, Geo. J. Residence White Hills 1107W
Cook, James Residence Long's Hill 2986J
Cook, Mrs. Jas Residence Quidi Vidi 2028R
Cook, John Residence 48 Springdale 2858M
Cook, Jos. H. Residence White Hills 1167J
Cook, Mrs. Joseph Residence Blackmarsh 2771M
Cook. J.P. Residence 87 Merrymeeting 3017M
Cook, Lewis G. Residence 67 Southside 2765R
Cook, Lloyd Residence 80 Mayor 3277M
Cook, Miss May Residence Outer Cove Rd 2066
Cook, Reginald Residence Logy Bay Rd 2259R
Cook, Richard Residence 3 Colonial 1196M
Cook, Richard Residence 70 Allandale 989R
Cook, Ron Residence Calvert 2943J
Cook, T.A. Residence 65 St. Clare 1857M
Cook, T[???]ker Residence Sugar Loaf 1167M
Cooke, Geo. P. Residence 99 Bond 1517W
Cook's Marble Works   445 Water 760
Coombs, Herbert Residence Winter 1659R
Coombs, Lester Residence 24 Mullock 2226W
Coombs, Richard Residence 15 Suez 2466M
Cooney, Mrs. Theresa Residence 4 Adelaide 1826R
Cooper, A. Residence 4 Stewart 2625R
Cooper, A.S. Residence 14 Empire 1532W
Cooper, Geo. Residence 1 Charlton 2561J
Cooper, Gordon Residence 12 Calvert 2943R
Cooper, Joseph Residence 39A Long's 2986W
Cooper, Miss M. Residence Southside Road West 3983M
Cooper, Miss M. Residence 49 Parade 3056W
Cooper, Miss Monica Residence 16 Scott 2472M
Cooper, Stanley Residence 143 St. Clare 1029M
Cooper, Mrs. T. Residence 140 Patrick 832M
Cooper, Mrs. T.G. Residence 193 Gower 975R
Cooper, T.J. Residence 22 Signal Hill 619J
Cooper, Wm. Residence 19 Feild 3001W
Cooper, Wm. Residence 51 Beaumont 1509M
Cooze, Edgar Residence 110 Queen's 1709W
Corbett, Miss Residence 2 LeMarchant 1649W
Corbett, Miss Bessie Residence 216 New Gower 2612R
Corbett, Mrs. M. Residence 35 Patrick 569M
Corbett, P. Service Station Torbay Rd 4104
Corbett, Mrs. P.J. Residence Allandale 2366W
Corcoran, E. Residence 46 Quidi Vidi, N.S. 3922M
Cormack, Mrs. E. Residence 150 Theatre 3336J
Cormack, Jack Residence 32 Quidi Vidi 2851M
Cornell Macgillivray, Ltd.   Board of Trade Bldg 614
Corner Variety Store, The   26 Cookstown 2189
Cornick, Mrs. Ada Residence 118 Circular 924
Cornick, Cyril W. Residence 10 Merrymeeting 3004R
Cornick, Eric Residence 173 Pleasant 1211J
Cornick, F. Residence 326 Hamilton 1468J
Cornick, Harry P. Residence 162 LeMarchant 3260R
Cornick, Wm. F. Residence 27 Parade 3053M
Cornick, W. Max Residence 147 Duckworth 3876
Corrigan, Mrs. C. Residence 53 Bannerman 2952M
Costello, J. Plasterer 43 Young 1817
Costello, John Residence 200 Hamilton 3190R
Costello, Miss R. Residence 40 McKay 3961J
Cottage Garden Tea Rooms   30 Freshwater 4449
Cotter, Mrs. W.P. Store 69 King's Bridge 122
Couch, Capt. C. Residence 10 Sudbury 3931R
Coughlan, Mrs. Elizabeth Residence 121 Theatre 954R
Coughlin, John Residence 2 Howley 1981
Coughlin, Wm. F. Residence 4 Belvedere 1614M
Coultas, Herbert Residence 353 Southside 1181W
Coultas, William F. Residence 151 Casey 1574W
Council of Higher Education   Water 3570
Courage, M. Residence 133 Craigmillar 3133J
Courage, R. Residence 198 Freshwater 1159M
Courage, Ronald Residence 30 Waldegrave 1624J
Courish, Jas. Residence Freshwater 1934W
Courish, Stan Residence 76 Mundy Pond 2772R
Court House Taxi   Water 1078
Courtney, Mrs. B. Residence 35 St. Clare 3210R
Courtney, B.E. Residence Bay Bulls Rd 2846R
Courtney, Mrs. E. Residence 152 New Gower 2769J
Courtney, Mrs. Margaret Residence 103 Freshwater 3163
Courtney's Ladies Hairdressing   132 Water 1559
Cousens, C.C. Residence 35 Sudbury 1114W
Cousens, E.G.C. Residence 266 Hamilton 1117
Cousens, R.L.C. Residence 50 Empire 542
Cousins Cleaners, Dyers, Furriers Alexander 2600
Cousins, F. Radio Sales & Service Water 3728
Coveyduck, John Residence Duckworth 2242W
Cowan, Mrs. E.J. Residence Blackmarsh 1576J
Cowan, Geo. Residence 25 Warbury 3912M
Cowan, Mrs. Hattie Residence Topsail Rd 1383
Cowan, Mrs. H.J. Residence 25 Gower 4095
Cowan, Henry Residence Topsail Rd 2085J
Cowan, James Residence Topsail Rd 2481W
Cowan, P.H. Office Theatre 445
Cowan Mission Old Ladies' Home   Forest 868
Cowan Robert, A. Jr. Residence Topsail Rd 2481R
Cowan, Robert Residence Topsail Rd 2085M
Coward, F.J. Residence 4 Raleigh 1099J
Cox, A. Residence 1 Murray 1711M
Cox, Chesley Residence Southside W. 2957J
Cox, Const. Jas. Residence 28 Franklyn 3283R
Cox, Mrs. W. Residence 101 Hamilton 2637J
Cox, W.E. Residence 30 Bond 2167W
Coxworthy, Frank Residence 120 Freshwater 3163M
Cramm, J.A. Residence 46 Pennywell 1641M
Cramm, Richard, K.C.   Royal Bank of Canada Bldg 1972
Cramm, Richard, K.C. Residence 3 Barnes' 1580
Crane, Angus Residence 37 Cochrane 2426M
Crane, E.W. Residence 116 Circular 2105M
Crane, Geo. Residence 137 Military 2463W
Crane, Hubert Residence 2 Duggan 3115M
Crane, Mrs. John Residence 88 Cabot 3295M
Crane, L. Jeweller 142 Water 732
Crane, Llewellyn Residence 2 Forest 451
Crane, Ltd.   Water E. 4070
Crane, Ltd.   Water E. 4071
Bishop, F.W. [sic] Residence   3377J
Crane, Ralph A. Residence 172 LeMarchant 3259M
Crane, Mrs. Selby Residence 6 Lime 764J
Crane, W.A. Residence Robinsons Hill 3940W
Crane, W.H. Residence 338 Duckworth 3859
Crane, Wm. Residence Waterford Bridge 4193
Craniford, Miss A. Residence 57 Quidi Vidi 2852R
Craniford, Albert Residence 385 Southside 1181M
Craniford, A. Roy Residence 39 Merrymeeting 1616J
Craniford, Jas. Residence 41 Franklyn 2305R
Crawford, Harry Residence Long Pond 2964R
Crawford, James Residence Circular 3428
Crawford, James G. Office Buchanan 643
Crawford, James G.   Buchanan 4036
Crawford, James G. Residence 94 Freshwater 1610
Crescent Theatre   Water W. 2475
Crew, Chief Skipper, Harold Residence 78 Springdale 2594M
Crewe, N.C. Residence Battery 3204M
Critch, Mrs. Geo. Residence 28 Monroe 3619R
Critch, J. Residence 43 Freshwater 3576
Critch, Mrs. John Residence 115 Cabot 3814
Critchley, Mrs. Wm. Residence 80 Aldershot 2856W
Crocker, Mrs. A. Residence 14 Brazil 2458J
Crocker, A.J. Residence 19 Craigmillar 2874
Crocker, Miss B. Residence 90 Bond 756
Crocker, Mrs. Boyd Residence 2 Devon Row 3288W
Crocker, E. Residence 9 Avalon Terrace 2217M
Crocker, H. Residence 26 Boncloddy 1644R
Crocker, Herb Residence 185 Gower 3718J
Crocker, H.W. Residence 240 LeMarchant 3234M
Crocker, Mrs. J. Residence 30 Bannerman 2761J
Crocker, Mrs. J. Residence 31 Henry 3966R
Crocker, J.G. Residence 362 Duckworth 2299W
Crocker, Joseph Residence 500 Southside West 1224J
Crocker, Lawrence Residence 6 Nunnery 3347J
Crocker, Mrs. Maud Residence 36 Mayor 2914R
Crocker, Mrs. R.B. Residence 366 Duckworth 1918
Crockwell, Wm. J. Residence 34 Young 2399J
Croft, Fire Const. Angus Residence 2 Kickham 3315M
Croke, Mrs. Jas. Residence 56 Livingstone 1271W
Croke, Miss M. Residence 12 Allan 1719J
Croke, R.S. Residence 11 Wood 3346J
Croke, T. Residence 2 King's 892R
Crosbie & Co., Ltd. General Office   20
  Insurance   4106
  Cashier   2436
  Wharf   748
Crosbie, Chesley Residence 18 Rennie's Mill 2747
Crosbie, George Residence 34 Rennie's Mill 985
Crosbie Hotel   Duckworth 3450
Crosbie Hotel   Duckworth 3451
Crosbie Hotel   Duckworth 3452
Crosbie, Hotel Taxi   Duckworth 1547
Crosbie, John Jr. Residence Forest 1447
Crosbie, Lady Residence King's Bridge 56
Crosbie, Percy Residence Topsail Rd 538
Crosbie, Mrs. R. Residence Signal Hill 619M
Cross & Co., Ltd.   Duckworth 1257
Cross & Co., Ltd.   113 Long's 2342
Cross, Geo. Residence 51 Patrick 3748
Cross, Const. M. Residence 88 Bond 1672W
Crossman, G. Residence 107 Pennywell 2365W
Crossman, W.B. Residence 10 Prescott 3480J
Crotty, Const. A. Residence 76 Circular 2282J
Crotty, J. Residence Mundy Pond 3217
Crotty, J. Residence 48 Hayward 1974R
Crotty, Mrs. P. Residence Old Railway Track E. 2282W
Crotty, P.J. Residence 49 Prince of Wales 2071R
Crotty's Taxi & Service Station   Theatre Hill 954
Crotty, Taxi & Service Station   Theatre Hill 3600
Crowdell, Mrs. Jas. Residence 32 Henry 2994R
Crowley, Dr. J. Residence, Balsam House    
  Night Calls   869
Crowley, Dr. J. Residence, Balsam House    
  Day Calls   136
Crown Life Insurance Co.   195 Water 1768
Crown Taxi   Springdale 316
Crowther, Mrs. A.M. Residence 81 Bond 3069M
Crummey, A.F. Residence 203 Water 3893
Crummey, Lewis Residence Mount Scio 1945
Crummey, Mrs. Lillian Residence 41 Parade 1494
Crummey, R.J. Residence 98 Hamilton 2639R
Cuff, Clayton Residence 19 Young 2052J
Cull, Charles Residence 60 Monroe 3320J
Cull, L.J. Residence 49 Pennywell 1637R
Cullen, Mrs. M. Residence 3 Bond 2261M
Cullen, Mrs. Mary Residence Craigmillar 3134M
Cullen, Mrs. S.P. Residence 356 Water 933
Cullen, Mrs. S.P. Residence 59½ Military 2625M
Cullen, W.H. Residence 27 Pennywell 1395R
Cullmore, S. Residence 25 Scott 3193J
Cumming, Geo. C. Residence 31 Beaumont 1509W
Cummings, A. Residence 22 King's 892W
Cummings, Mrs. B. Residence 16 Charlton 2593R
Cummings, Wm. Residence 247 LeMarchant 3234W
Curling Rink   Factory Lane 137
Curnew, Gus Residence Freshwater 3910J
Curnew, R. Residence 107 St. Clare 3176R
Curnew, Samuel Residence 279 Pennywell 3365M
Curran, Miss A. Residence 11 Barter's 3112R
Curran, Mrs. D. Residence 214 New Gower 626R
Curren, Thos. & Sons Office 4 Holdsworth 167
Curren, Wallace Residence 35 Leslie 3317W
Currie, Hon. J.S. Residence Winter Place 228
Currie, L.C. Residence Waterford Bridge 284J
Curtin, Mrs. John Residence 65 Hayward 1059
Curtis, Mrs. A. Residence 12 Carter's 2907R
Curtis Academy   Bradbury Place 3537
Curtis, D. Residence 163 Southside 2592M
Curtis & Dawe Law Offices, Board of Trade Bldg Water 241
Curtis, L.R., K.C. (Curtis & Dawe) Law Offices Board of Trade Bldg 241
Curtis, Fred Residence 9 Franklyn 3284M
Curtis, Rev. Dr. I.F. Residence 44 Craigmillar 2737J
Curtis, J. Residence 63 Pleasant 2727J
Curtis, Rev. L.A.D. Residence Long's 581
Curtis, L.R., K.C. Residence 24 Craigmillar 2515W
Curtis, Mrs. M. Residence Craigmillar 3272J

Contributed by Cindy Tedstone (2002)
Transcribed by Norma Elliott (March 2003)
Co-ordinated by Mary Rawlinson

Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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