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1935 Population Census Index
for Communities
In Trinity Bay District



This index has been taken from a combined LDS and PANL Index for the census. As the actual census pages have not been copied yet, we have put the index up as a combination of the two and will revise it again after all of the 1935 census pages can be copied and the index verified. We have posted all communities that have been sent to us and if you have access to any that are not posted, please send them along and we will be glad to add them to the available communites for research.

Don Tate


Adeyton Arnold's Cove Station Aspen Cove Aspey Brook Barton
  Bellevue Black Brook Black Duck Cove Blaketown
Brickyard Britannia British Harbour Broad Cove Brownsdale
Burgoine's Cove Butter Cove Caplin Cove (T.B.) Cat Cove Catalina
Cavendish Champney's Arm Champney's East Champney's West Chance Cove
Chapel Arm Clarenville Clifton Dark Hole Deep Bight
Deer Harbour Delby's Cove Dildo Dunfield East Point
Elliott's Cove Elliston English Harbour Foster's Point George's Brook
George's Cove Gin Cove Goobies Siding Goose Cove Gooseberry Cove
Green's Harbour Hant's Harbour Harcourt Hatchet Cove Heart's Content
Heart's Delight Heart's Desire Hickman's Harbour Hillview Hodge's Cove
Hopeall Horse Chop House Cove Inglewood Island Cove
Islington Ireland's Eye Ivanhoe Ivany's Cove Kerley's Harbour
Lady Cove Lancaster Lead Cove Little Catalina Little Harbour
Little Harbour - 2 Little Heart's East Little Ridge Lockston Long Beach
Long Cove Loreborn Lower Lance Cove Maberly Markland
Melrose Milton Monroe Neck New Bonaventure
New Burn Cove New Chelsea New Harbour New Melbourne New Perlican
Norman's Cove North West Brook Northern Bight Old Bonaventure Old Shop
Otter's Cove Petley Placentia Junction Pope's Harbour Port Rexton
Port Union Queen's Cove Rantem Island Random Head Harbour Rantem
Rantem Station Sandy Cove Shoal Harbour Sibley's Cove Snook's Harbour
Somerset South Dildo Southport Spaniard's Cove Spiller's Cove
Spreadeagle St. Jones Within St. Jones Without Sunnyside Thornlea
Thoroughfare Torquay Trinity Trinity East Trouty
Troytown Turk's Cove Type's Cove Ville Verte Vitter's Cove
Whale's Brook Waterville Whitbourne White Point White Rock
Whiteway Winterton      
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