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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 464 - 470

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 464              
173 213 DROVER Thomas Head M M 53
    DROVER Martha Wife F M 51
    DROVER William James Son M S 27
    DROVER Alen S. Son M S 25
    DROVER Cecil Son M S 15
    DROVER Malcolm Thomas Son M S 12
174 214 DROVER James Head M M 53
    DROVER Hannah Jane Wife F M 52
    DROVER Isaac Son M S 26
    DROVER John Son M S 18
    DROVER James Son M S 14
    DROVER Ella Daughter F S 12
    DROVER Eileen Daughter F S 10
    DROVER Annie Pearl Grand Daughter F S 6
175 215 BROWN Moses Head M M 36
    BROWN Elsie Beatrice Wife F M 32
    BROWN Eric Son M S 12
    BROWN James Son M S 9
    BROWN Florence Daughter F S 7
    BROWN Weldon Son M S 3
176 216 MERCER William Head M M 59
    MERCER Annie B. Wife F M 58
    MERCER Albert Son M S 26
    MERCER Harold T. Son M S 21
  217 MERCER Joseph Head M M 23
    MERCER Isabel Wife F M 21
    MERCER Dorothy Daughter F S 2
    MERCER Eric Son M S 6 Mos
  218 PRETTY Alfred Head M M 24
    PRETTY Laura E. Wife F M 18
    PRETTY Irene Daughter F S 2 Mos
177 219 MERCER William Head M M 29
    MERCER Elizabeth Jane Wife F M 26
PAGE 465              
    MERCER Ada May Daughter F S 1
178 220 MERCER John D. Head M M 31
    MERCER Hannah Wife F M 24
    MERCER Viola Daughter F S 7
    MERCER Reginald Clyde Son M S 5
    MERCER Edward J. Son M S 3
    MERCER Robert Son M S 1
179 221 OSBOURNE Moses James Head M M 37
    OSBOURNE Effie May Wife F M 37
    OSBOURNE Mary Ann Daughter F S 13
    OSBOURNE Vera Jean Daughter F S 11
    OSBOURNE Floral (sic) May Daughter F S 9
    OSBOURNE Sarah Phyllis Daughter F S 6
    OSBOURNE Stella Joyce Daughter F S 1
    OSBOURNE Julia Ann Mother F W 74
180 222 PEDDLE George H. Head M M 76
    PEDDLE Keziah Wife F M 74
181 223 OSBOURNE William J. Head M M 57
    OSBOURNE Alice Wife F M 54
    OSBOURNE David Son M S 21
    OSBOURNE Thomas Son M S 19
    OSBOURNE Edith Daughter F S 17
    OSBOURNE Frederick Son M S 15
182 224 OSBOURNE James A. Head M M 35
    OSBOURNE Susanna Wife F M 29
    OSBOURNE Herbert Son M S 8
183 225 MERCER Samuel Head M M 36
    MERCER Marcella Wife F M 33
    MERCER Robert Son M S 12
    MERCER Alvina Daughter F S 9
    MERCER Melbourne Son M S 6
    MERCER Marcella Daughter F S 4
184 226 MORGAN James Head M M 65
PAGE 456              
    MORGAN Mary Wife F M 47
    MORGAN William Son M S 27
185 227 MERCER William Robt Head M M 27
    MERCER Helena Wife F M 25
    MERCER Douglas G. B. Son M S 2
    MERCER Elizabeth L. D. Daughter F S 3 Mos
186 228 MERCER Eldred Head M M 50
    MERCER Martha Wife F M 47
  229 MERCER Norma Head M W 26
    MERCER Norma Blanche Daughter F S 8 Mos
187 230 MERCER Elizah Head M M 82
    MERCER Olivia Wife F M 83
    MERCER Hannah Grand Daughter F S 18
188 231 GOSSE William Head M M 33
    GOSSE Gertrude Wife F M 35
    GOSSE William E. Son M S 4
    GOSSE John R. Son M S 2
    GOSSE Orville (sic) Son M S 7 wks
  232 PENNY George Head M M 38
    PENNY Sarah F. Wife F M 36
    PENNY Selby Son M S 15
    PENNY Sarah E. Daughter F S 12
    PENNY Willis Son M S 10
    PENNY Raymond E. Son M S 7
    PENNY Nona May Daughter F S 4
    PENNY Harold J. Son M S 2
189 233 GOSSE Sarah Head F W 75
    MENCHIONS Katherine Grand Daughter F S 18
    MENCHIONS Isobel Grand Daughter F S 12
190 234 DAWE Alfred Head M M 52
    DAWE Mary Wife F M 47
    DAWE Stanley R. Son M S 19
    DAWE Henry Chas Son M S 17
PAGE 467              
    DAWE Elizabeth A. Daughter F S 14
    DAWE William Jas Son M S 7
  235 DAWE Alfred Jr. Head M M 22
    DAWE Ida Susanna Wife F M 19
    DAWE Arthur James Son M S 3 Mos
191 236 SMITH William David Head M S 49
192 237 OSBOURNE James E. Head M M 48
    OSBOURNE Stella Wife F M 49
    OSBOURNE Rita Daughter F S 16
193 238 ANTHONY Joseph Head M M 75
    ANTHONY Elizabeth Wife F M 72
  239 ANTHONY George Head M M 33
    ANTHONY Fanny Wife F M 31
    ANTHONY Sarah Elizabeth Daughter F S 12
    ANTHONY Lillian Daughter F S 9
    ANTHONY George Son M S 8
    ANTHONY Bertha Daughter F S 6
    ANTHONY Julia Daughter F S 3
    ANTHONY Evelyn Daughter F S 1
194 240 CLARKE Joseph Head M M 56
    CLARKE Rebecca Wife F M 58
    CLARKE George Son M S 20
    SHARPE Henry Father in Law M W 83
    PRETTY Isobel Grand Daughter F S 5
195 241 LUNDRIGAN Archibald Head M M 60
    LUNDRIGAN Maud Wife F M 50
    LUNDRIGAN Randolph Son M S 8
196 242 PIKE Richard Head M M 50
    PIKE Eliza Jane Wife F M 49
  243 PIKE Victor Roy Head M M 18
    PIKE Florence Wife F M 18
197 244 RUSSELL William John Head M M 34
    RUSSELL Annie Bell Wife F M 34
PAGE 468              
    RUSSELL Greta Daughter F S 8
198 245 RUSSELL Eldred Head M M 32
    RUSSELL Isobel Wife F M 32
    RUSSELL Cyril Son M S 9
    RUSSELL Margaret A. Daughter F S 8
    RUSSELL Frederick G. Son M S 7
    RUSSELL Eldred Son M S 5
    RUSSELL Stirling Son M S 2
    RUSSELL Julia Daughter F S 6 Mos
199 246 GOSSE Richard Head M M 83
    GOSSE Melina Wife F M 69
200 247 RUSSELL Chesley Head M M 29
    RUSSELL Mary Wife F M 24
    RUSSELL Edna B. Daughter F S 9 Mos
201 248 BROWNE Archelaus (sic) Head M M 68
    BROWNE Elizabeth Wife F M 63
    BROWNE Lillabell (sic) Daughter F S 27
    BROWNE Weldon Son M S 21
    BUCKLEY Lawrence Grand Son M S 8
202 249 SMITH Abram Head M S 48
    SMITH Sarah Mother F W 78
203 250 SMITH Frederick Head M M 68
    SMITH Eliza Wife F M 61
    SMITH Harvey Son M S 22
    SMITH Jesse Son M S 20
204 251 SMITH Samuel Head M M 39
    SMITH Beatrice Wife F M 36
    SMITH Winnifred Daughter F S 13
    SMITH Raymond Son M S 3
    SMITH Clifford Son M S 3 Mos
205 252 DROVER Eugene Head M M 48
    DROVER Winnifred Wife F M 46
    DROVER Kenneth Son M S 27
PAGE 469              
    DROVER Florence Pearl Daughter F S 17
    DROVER Roland Son M S 15
    DROVER Mildred Daughter F S 13
    DROVER Henry Son M S 5
    DROVER John Father M W 87
206 253 GEORGE Edmund J. Head M M 27
    GEORGE Edna Julia Wife F M 24
    GEORGE Kevin Son M S 2
207 254 OSBOURNE John Head M M 29
    OSBOURNE Edna Wife F M 26
    OSBOURNE Alma M. Daughter F S 2
208 255 JONES William Head M W 48
    JONES Walter Son M S 22
    JONES Llewellyn Son M S 20
    JONES Gladys Daughter F S 16
    JONES Elsie Daughter F S 14
    JONES Earnest Son M S 11
PAGE 470              
No Entry No Entry MENCHIONS Wm No Entry M S 21
No Entry No Entry BUCKLEY Florence No Entry F S 30

Transcribed by Winona Mann (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday January 24, 2018 (Don Tate)

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