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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 335 - 341 & 398

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 335              
284 305 BENSON Edmond Head M M 57
    BENSON Emma Wife F M 51
    BENSON Nehemiah Son M S 19
    BENSON Emma Daughter F S 15
    BENSON Lydia Belle Daughter F S 7
    BENSON Melbie (sic) No Entry No Entry S 21
285 306 CHURCHILL Alexander Head M W 70
    CHURCHILL William Son M M 44
    CHURCHILL Lydia Daug-in-law F M 40
    CHURCHILL Valva (sic) (?) Daughter F S 17
    CHURCHILL Roland Son M S 10
    CHURCHILL Cora Daughter F S 8
    CHURCHILL Hubert Son M S 4
286 307 VEY William J Head M M 62
    VEY Emma J Wife F M 63
  308 VEY Alfred John Son M M 30
    VEY Claris Maud Daug-in-law F M 26
    VEY Minnie Anita (?) Daughter F S 3
    MARTIN Abraham J Servant M S 15
287 309 VEY Kenneth Head M M 30
    VEY Mildred Wife F M 27
    VEY Queena (?) M Daughter F S 8
    VEY Beaulae (??) B Daughter F S 6
    VEY Violet M Daughter F S 4
    VEY Chester Son M S 1
288 310 HOWSE Charles Head M M 47
    HOWSE Medeais (?) Wife F M 40
    HOWSE Millicent Daughter F S 16 (?)
    HOWSE Nelson Son M S 15
    HOWSE Joyce * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
* NOTE: Above entry for Joyce crossed out with a note "Adpt at Hatchet Cove)"
    HOWSE Albert Son M S 11
    HOWSE Eleasor Son M S 9
    HOWSE Gordon Son M S 8
PAGE 336              
289 311 MARSH Oliver Head M M 29
    MARSH Maggie J Wife F M 25
    MARSH Eli Weldon Son M S 3
    MARSH Alfred Geo Son M S 1
290 312 MARSH Jane Head F W 68
    MARSH Benjamin Son M S 26
    PEDDLE Marsha Grand Daughter F S 10
291 313 BENSON David Head M M 29
    BENSON Edith Wife F M 28
    BENSON Venetta Daughter F S 3
    BENSON Pricilla P Daughter F S 1
    BENSON John Step Brother M S 17
292 314 CHURCHILL William J Head M W 76
    CHURCHILL James Son M M 47
    CHURCHILL Maggie Daughter in Law F M 44
    CHURCHILL William L Son M S 17
    CROCKER Drucillia Servant F S 17
293 315 CHURCHILL Arthur Head M M 43
    CHURCHILL Bertha Wife F M 37
    CHURCHILL Albert J Son M S 15
    CHURCHILL George W Son M S 13
    CHURCHILL Laura P Daughter F S 3 *
* NOTE: This may be either 3 Weeks or 3 Months. Unable to determine for sure from original page.
294 316 CHURCHILL Alexander Head M M 37
    CHURCHILL Eliza Jane Wife F M 34 (?)
    CHURCHILL Harvey Son M S 13
    CHURCHILL Annie Blanche Daughter F S 1
295 317 GREEN Philemon *1 Head M M 59
    GREEN Flora M Wife F M 50
    GREEN Ronald E*1 Son M S 21
    ANDREWS Max Step Son*1 M M 9
    ANDREWS Enoch Step Son*1 M S 17 (?)
    ANDREWS Douglas Step Son*1 M S 13
296 318 STYLES James Head M M 75
    STYLES Keziah Wife F M 72
PAGE 337              
    MARTIN Willis J Grand Son M S 17
297 319 STYLES Edward Head M M 24
    STYLES Reta Wife F M 21
    STYLES Annie Daughter F S 1
298 320 STYLES Jordan Head M M 44
    STYLES Ida Wife F M 37
    STYLES William K Son M S 17
    STYLES Phoebe B Daughter F S 9
    STYLES Eric Son M S 7
    STYLES Ada Len Daughter F S 1
299 321 STYLES Edward Head M M 54
    STYLES Elizabeth Wife F M 54
    STYLES Alen Son M S 20
    STYLES David Jr Son M S 18
    STYLES Edward F Son M S 14
    STYLES Eliza Marcella Daughter F S 9
300 322 JACKSON Philip Head M M 35
    JACKSON Jessie Wife F M 34
    JACKSON John Thos Son M S 16
    JACKSON Philip Jr Son M S 14
    JACKSON Annie Daughter F S 13
    JACKSON Jane Daughter F S 10
    JACKSON Sarah Daughter F S 7
    JACKSON Willis Son M S 6
    JACKSON Florence Daughter F S 4
    JACKSON Bertha Daughter F S 1
301 323 STYLES David Head M M 49
    STYLES Pretoria Wife F M 35
    STYLES Albert Son M S 30
    STYLES Susanna Daughter F S 14
    STYLES Ellison Son M S 12
    STYLES Ethel Daughter F S 8
    STYLES John Son M S 6
PAGE 338              
    STYLES Weldon Son M S 8 Mos
302 324 STYLES Seth Head M M 55
    STYLES Amelia Wife F M 52
    STYLES Julia Daughter F S 14
  325 STYLES Alfred Son M M 31
    STYLES Lydia Daug-in-law F M 27
    STYLES Wesley Son M S 5
    STYLES Daisy Daughter F S 9
303 326 STYLES Wilson Head M M 45
    STYLES Elsie Wife F M 38
    STYLES Florence Daughter F S 18
    STYLES Marjorie Daughter F S 15
    STYLES Mary Daughter F S 10
    STYLES Edna Daughter F S 8
    STYLES Roy Son M S 2
    HARRIS Baxter Adopted Son M S 20
304 327 STYLES William Head M M 35
    STYLES Beatrice Wife F M 27
    STYLES Chesley Son M S 7
    STYLES Wilson Jr Son M S 4
    STYLES Lilly Sister F S 9
305 328 FROST Walter W Head M M 45
    FROST Phoebe Wife F M 46
    FROST Jessie (?) Daughter F S 21
    FROST Levi * Son M S 20
* NOTE: Levi was crossed out on the page with the note: "Married"
    FROST William Jas Son M S 17
    FROST Irene Daughter F S 15
    FROST Clayton Son M S 13
    FROST Phylis (sic) Daughter F S 11
    FROST Ernest Son M S 9
    FROST Flora Daughter F S 7
    FROST Walter Jr Son M S 4
PAGE 339              
  329 FROST Levi Son M M 20
    FROST Mary Daughter in Law F M 18
306 330 FROST W. Bertrain (sic) Head M M 37
    FROST Alice Wife F M 32
    FROST Harry Son M S 13
    FROST Audrey Daughter F S 11
    FROST James Son M S 9
    FROST Reginal (sic) Son M S 6
    FROST Bertrain (sic) Jr Son M S 4
    FROST Florrie Daughter F S 1
307 331 FROST William J Head M S (?) 60
    AVERY Miriam Niece F S 35
    CHURCHILL Samuel Servant M S 35
    MANUEL Nellie Servant F S 23
    ??? Rev Albert Boarder M S No Entry
308 332 PRICE John Head M M 58
    PRICE Mary E Wife F M 56
    PRICE Lilly B Daughter F S 19
    PRICE Clarabel Daughter F S 13
  333 PRICE William Jas Son M M 27
    PRICE Mary ???? Daughter in Law F M 23
    PRICE Mildred Daughter F S 2
309 334 PRICE Stephen Head M M 47
    PRICE Mary A Wife F M 45
    PRICE Walter Son M S 21
    PRICE William J Son M S 18
    PRICE Eldred Son M S 14
    PRICE Wilson Son M S 11
    PRICE Ida May Daughter F S 7
310 335 PRICE Elijah Head M M 47
    PRICE Sarah Wife F M 39
    PRICE Gertie Daughter F S 12
    ANDERSON Maxwell Adopted Son M S 9
311 336 STANFORD George Head M M 53
PAGE 340              
    STANFORD Leah Wife F M 48
    STANFORD John C Son M S 22
    STANFORD Clarence Son M S 20
    STANFORD Susanna Daughter F S 18
    STANFORD Marion Daughter F S 15
    STANFORD Dorothy Daughter F S 12
    STANFORD Herbert Son M S 9
312 337 AVERY Abraham Head M M 42
    AVERY Phoebe Wife F S 39
    AVERY Annie Daughter F S 24
    AVERY Plemon (sic) Son M S 18
    AVERY Nicholas Son M S 15
    AVERY William Son M S 12
313 338 AVERY Robert Head M M 41
    AVERY Louie (sic) Wife F M 35
    AVERY Mary Daughter F S 15
    AVERY Charles Son M S 11
    AVERY Elois (sic) Son M S 9
    AVERY Carrie Daughter F S 2
    AVERY Bertha Daughter F S 6 *
* NOTE: This might be 6 Weeks or 6 Months. Unable to be sure from original entry.
314 339 CRITCH George Head M M 41
    CRITCH Alice Wife M F 35
    CRITCH William J. Son M S 15
    CRITCH Cecil Son M S 13
    CRITCH Benjamin Son M S 11
    CRITCH Flora Daughter F S 9
    CRITCH Jennet (sic) Daughter F S 5
    CRITCH Luke Son M S 3
315 340 BAKER Allan Head M M 46
    BAKER Lizzie Wife F M 43
    BAKER William Son M S 23
    BAKER Alexander Son M S 19
    BAKER Ernest Son M S 16
PAGE 341              
    BAKER Simeon Son M S 12
    BAKER Allan Jr Son M S 9
    CHURCHILL Myrtle Servant F S 20
316 341 BAKER William M Head M M 56
    BAKER Rachel Wife F M 52
    BAKER Daisy Daughter F S 10
  342 BAKER Edwin Son M M 25
    BAKER Amelia Daughter in Law F M 18
317 343 GREEN John Head M M 51
    GREEN Minnie Wife F M 40
    GREEN Gordon Son M S 21
    GREEN Drucilla Daughter F S 19
313 344 LODER Richard Head M M 50
    LODER May Wife F M 30
    LODER Kenneth Son M S 20
    LODER James Son M S 13
    LODER Eli Son M S 9
    LODER Edna Daughter F S 7
    LODER Eugene Son M S 4
    LODER Juanita Daughter F S 3
PAGE 398              
No Entry No Entry VIVIAM James * Head M S 32
No Entry No Entry STYLES Wm * Head M S 24
* NOTE: James & Wm were botyh crossed out on the page. Included here for reference.
No Entry No Entry LODER George No Entry M S 23
No Entry No Entry SOPER Edward No Entry M S 28

Page Transcribed by Michael Cooper
Verified to Original Pages (November 2003 - Craig Peterman)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

* See the following errata

GREEN*1 I was doing some family history and noted errors on my grandfather's data; His name should be Pleoman Green (not Philemon) as recorded; his sons, Andrew, Ronald, Enoch & Douglas (my father) were his natural sons from a first marriage with Victoria Hyde. Flora (noted as wife), was 2nd wife....I guess depending on whether you are noting that the sons were indeed step-sons to Flora, then the data would be correct. If the info is as of the father, then the data should reflect my grandfather's correct name of Pleoman & the four sons as natural vs step-sons. Brenda (Green) Buffett

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