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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 544 - 548

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 544              
1 1 POTTLE Isaac Head M M 35
    POTTLE Beatrice Susannah Wife F M 32
    POTTLE Robert Arthur Son M S 16
2 2 POTTLE Joseph Head M M 42
    POTTLE Harriet Wife F M 39
    POTTLE Lucy Jane Daughter F S 18
    POTTLE Stanley Gordon Son M S 15
    POTTLE Alfred Son M S 13
    POTTLE Olive Daughter F S 12
    POTTLE Emma Daughter F S 11
    POTTLE John Thomas Son M S 9
3 3 HARNUM Jethro Head M M 50
    HARNUM Katherine Wife F M 38
    HARNUM Beatrice Daughter F S 16
    HARNUM Mirtes (?) Daughter F S 14
    HARNUM Donald Son M S 12
    HARNUM Florence Lilian Daughter F S 10
    HARNUM Margaret Nellie Daughter F S 6
    HARNUM Robert George Son M S 4
4 4 POTTLE Benjamin Head M W 50
    POTTLE Louisa Daughter F S 24
    POTTLE Minnie Voilet (sic) Daughter F S 20
    POTTLE Malcolm Son M S 17
    POTTLE Elie Thomas Son M S 8
    POTTLE Geraldine Mary Daughter F S 3
5 5 JACKSON James Head M W 61
  6 JACKSON Simeon Head F M 20 (?)
    JACKSON Laura Beatrice Wife F S 22
    JACKSON Myra Ethel Daughter F S 2
6 7 JACKSON Joshua Head M W 35
    JACKSON Reginald Son M S 9
    JACKSON Gladys May Daughter F S 5
    GEORGE Madeline Domestic F S 17
PAGE 545              
7 8 JACKSON Gilbert Head M M 38
    JACKSON Esther Wife F M 32
    JACKSON Sarah Eliza Daughter F S 11
    JACKSON Martha Annie Daughter F S 9
    JACKSON James William Son M S 6
    JACKSON Mary Margaret Daughter F S 3
8 9 LEGGE William James Head M M 55
    LEGGE Patience Wife F M 52
    LEGGE Hayward Son M S 27
    LEGGE Richard Son M S 25
    LEGGE John Thomas Son M S 23
    LEGGE William James Son M S 18
    LEGGE Mildred Sarah Daughter F S 14
    LEGGE Joseph Son M S 10
    LEGGE Robert Son M S 7
    CHISLETTE Fannie Mother F W 77
9 10 WALSH Absalom Head M M 33
    WALSH Jane Wife F M 30
    WALSH Lilian Greta Daughter F S 10
    WALSH Edna Gladys Daughter F S 7
    WALSH Rosie Blanche Daughter F S 6
    WALSH Sterling Stewart Son M S 4
    WALSH Harvey Maxwell Son M S 1
10 11 BISHOP Eli Head M M 33
    BISHOP Miriam Ann Wife F M 30
    BISHOP Agnes Daughter F S 3
11 12 ROWE Edmund Head (sic) M M 62 (sic)
12 No Entry ROWE Arthur John Son (sic) M S 31 (sic)
    ROWE Elizabeth Wife (sic) F M 55 (sic)
    ROWE Effie Louisa Daughter F S 22
  13 ROWE Randell Head M M 29
    ROWE Mary Jane Wife F M 25
PAGE 546              
11? 13 ROWE Reginald Brian (??) Son M S 6
    ROWE Grace Doreen Daughter F S 3 Mos
13 14 GEORGE Pleamon Head M M 48
    GEORGE Mary Wife F M 38
    GEORGE Annie Mother F W 80
    GEORGE Leah Niece F S 14
    GEORGE Maxwell John Adopted Son M S 14
14 15 WALKER Joseph Head M M 45
    WALKER Amelia Wife F M 40
15 16 ROWE Nathan Hopkins Head M M 50
    ROWE Mabel Eliz (?) Wife F M 47
    ROWE Allan Son M S 14 (?)
    ROWE Stanley Son M S 12
16 17 ROWE John Head M M 59
    ROWE Minnie Jane Wife F M 55
    ROWE Wilfred Gordon Son M S 19
    ROWE Hedley John Son M S 16
    ROWE Raymond Clayton Son M S 12
17 18 GEORGE Charles Head M M 51
    GEORGE Annie Lizzie Wife F M 49
    GEORGE Albert William Son M S 27
    GEORGE Robert James Son M S 18
    GEORGE Norah Daughter F S 5
18 19 GEORGE Robert James Sr. Head M M 49
    GEORGE Eliza Wife F M 47
    GEORGE Bertha Hellen (sic) Daughter F S 15
    GEORGE Esau Son M S 13
19 20 GEORGE Moses Head M M 57
    GEORGE Elizabeth Jane Wife F M 55
    GEORGE Frank Jorden (?) Son M S 19
    GEORGE Sarah Elizabeth Daughter F S 15
20 21 GEORGE Fred Head M W 46
    CRITCH Blanche Adopted daughter F S 26
PAGE 547              
21 22 ROBERTS Thomas Henry Head M M 28
    ROBERTS Florence Sarah Wife F M 26
    ROBERTS George William Father M W 68
    ROBERTS Evelyn Louise Daughter F S 3
    ROBERTS Ida Velma Daughter F S 7 Mos
22 23 DROVER Walter Henry Head M M 40
    DROVER Lilian Wife F M 34
    DROVER Margaret Drover Daughter F S 16
    DROVER Elinor (sic) Elisabeth (sic) Daughter F S 13
    DROVER Lilian Charlotte Daughter F S 11
    DROVER Phyllis Ethel Daughter F S 8
    DROVER Graham Harvey Son M S 6
    DROVER Valerie Jean Daughter F S 2
23 24 DROVER Leander Head M M 69
    DROVER Charlotte Wife F M 69
  25 DROVER Frank Head M M 40
    DROVER Sarah Louisa Wife F M 37
    DROVER Muriel Golyn Daughter F S 16
    DROVER Clifford Laing Son M S 9
    DROVER Joan Marie Daughter F S 1
24 26 BURGESS Richard Head M M 58
    BURGESS Joan Maver (?) Wife F M 58
    BURGESS Jesse Son M S 33
    BURGESS William Son M S 30
    BURGESS Miriam Elinor (sic) Daughter F S 24
    BURGESS Mary Elisabeth (sic) Daughter F S 16
    BURGESS Henry Clarke? Son M S 12
    GOLDING Archie Father M W 74
  27 GOLDING George Edward Head M M 34
    GOLDING Mary Elisabeth (sic) Wife F M 29
    GOLDING Rita Daughter F S 12
    GOLDING William James Son M S 11
    GOLDING Maxwell Eldred Son M S 9
PAGE 548              
25 27 GOLDING Minnie Louise Daughter F S 7
    GOLDING Elinor (sic) Blanche Daughter F S 3
    GEORGE Rosie Cousin F W 65
26 28 BURGESS Henry Charles Head M M 52
    BURGESS Maud Wife F M 50
    BURGESS Lewis Son M S 28
    BURGESS Charles Fredrick Son M S 24
    BURGESS Llewlyn Burgess Son M S 19
    BURGESS Voilet (sic) Burgess Daughter F S 17
    BURGESS Clara Burgess Daughter F S 15
    BURGESS Pleamon Son M S 14
    BURGESS Nellie Daughter F S 12
    BURGESS Mary Annie Daughter F S 10
27 29 DROVER Josiah Head M M 62
    DROVER Sarah Dorcas Wife F M 61
28 30 DROVER Eldred Head M M 57
    DROVER Agnes Wife F M 50
    DROVER Eldred Son M S 23
    DROVER Clara Daughter F S 19
    DROVER Gaylord Son M S 17
    DROVER Joseph Son M S 15
    DROVER Esther Daughter F S 13

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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