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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 344 - 348 & 353

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 344              
334 361 GREEN Joseph Head M M 40
    GREEN Leah Wife F M 42
    GREEN Martha F Daughter F S 15
    GREEN Warick Son M S 13
    GREEN Martin Son M S 11
    GREEN Eldred L Son M S 6
    GREEN Delila Daughter F S 4
    GREEN Er??? Son M S 4 Mos
335 362 GREEN Jasper Head M M 48
    GREEN Susanna Wife F M 55
    GREEN Annie Daughter F S 21
    GREEN Ingham Son M S 19
    GREEN Clarence Son M S 16
    GREEN Mildred Daughter F S 12
336 363 GREEN Edward Head M M 39
    GREEN Mary Wife F M 36
PAGE 345              
    GREEN Eugene No Entry M S 14
    GREEN Clemy? May No Entry F S 12
    GREEN Petley No Entry M S 10
    GREEN Nathan No Entry M S 7
    GREEN Rachael S No Entry F S 4
    GREEN Catherine No Entry F S 10 Mos
337 364 GREEN Charles Head M M 80
    GREEN Racheal Wife F M 74
    PENNEY Blanche Grand Daughter F S 20
338 365 HISCOCK James Head M M 44
    HISCOCK Lucy Jane Wife F M 50
    HISCOCK Willis Son M S 21
    HISCOCK Joshua M Son M S 18
    HISCOCK Charles Son M S 16
    HISCOCK Winston Son M S 14
    HISCOCK Jacob J Son M S 11
    HISCOCK Gilbert Son M S 8
339 366 HISCOCK Robert Head M M 44
    HISCOCK Sarah Wife F M 37
    HISCOCK Alice J Daughter F S 18
    HISCOCK Hayward Son M S 15
    HISCOCK Harrison Son M S 12
    HISCOCK Maria Daughter F S 8
340 367 HISCOCK Absolom Head M M 32
    HISCOCK Jathaleen (sic) (?) Wife F M 30
    HISCOCK Henry Geo Son M S 9
    PITCHER Mary Jane Mother in law F W 76
341 368 GREEN Levi Head M M 45
    GREEN Isabella Wife F M 35
    GREEN Gordon Son M S 21
    GREEN Viola Daughter F S 20
    GREEN Herbert Son M S 16
    GREEN Nellie Daughter F S 12
    SEWARD Herbert? Adopted son M S 7
PAGE 346              
342 369 HISCOCK George Head M M 28
    HISCOCK Lydia Wife F M 28
    HISCOCK Alvenia (?) Daughter F S 8
    HISCOCK Noreen (?) Daughter F S 4
    HISCOCK Laura F Daughter F S 2
343 370 GREEN Caleb Head M M 67
    GREEN Martha Wife F M 65
    GREEN Chesley Son M S 20
    GREEN Bartlett Son M S 15
  371 GREEN Louis Head M W 40
    GREEN Lizzie Daughter F S 9
344 372 GREEN Mark, Jr Head M M 38
    GREEN Lillian Wife F M 38
    GREEN Mabel Daughter F S 15
    GREEN Earl Kitchener Son M S 13
    GREEN Rolland Son M S 11
    GREEN Walter Son M S 9
    GREEN Phylis Daughter F S 1
345 373 PITCHER Henry Thos Head M M 38
    PITCHER Mary Wife F M 34
    PITCHER Albert Son M S 13
    PITCHER Clara Maud Daughter F S 11
    PITCHER Edgar Son M S 8
    PITCHER Cecil Son M S 4
    PITCHER Jessie Niece F S 7
346 374 GREEN Arthur Head M M 24
    GREEN Annie Wife F M 21
    GREEN Wilfred Son M S 2
347 375 GREEN Leander Head M M 44
    GREEN Blanche Wife F M 38
    GREEN Bertram Son M S 15
    GREEN Reta Daughter F S 14
    GREEN Harvey Son M S 11
PAGE 347              
    GREEN John Son M S 9
    GREEN Pierce Son M S 7
    GREEN Calvin Son M S 5
    GREEN Raymond Son M S 2
348 376 GREEN Mark, Sr Head M M 82 (?)
    GREEN Caroline Wife F M 67
  377 GREEN Jethro Head M M 38
    GREEN Jessie Wife F M 28
    GREEN Victor Son M S 8
    GREEN Minnie Daughter F S 5
349 378 GREEN Adam Head M M 48
    GREEN Mary Wife F M 46
    GREEN Wallace Son M S 21
    GREEN Malita (sic) Daughter F S 17
    GREEN William J Son M S 15
    GREEN George Son M S 12
350 379 GREEN Mary Ann Head F W 65
    DODGE Eli Son in law M M 29
    DODGE Gladys Daughter F M 25
    DODGE John Grandson M S 2 Mos
    DODGE Marjorie Grand Daughter F S 2
    BENSON Lizzie C Grand Daughter F S 9
351 380 BANTON Caleb Head M M 45
    BANTON Mary Wife F M 36
    BANTON Gordon Son M S 16
    BANTON Myrtle Daughter F S 14
    BANTON Flossie Daughter F S 12
    BANTON Frederick Son M S 11
    BANTON Annie Daughter F S 9
    BANTON Windros (?) Son M S 4
352 381 GREEN Jacob Head M M 75
    GREEN Mary Wife F M 68
    GREEN Nehemiah Son M S 26
PAGE 348              
    GREEN Abraham Son M S 24
    GREEN Bertha Daughter F S 20
    GREEN Eliza Daughter F S 26
    GREEN Elizabeth Grand Daughter F S 3
353 382 GREEN Peter Head M M 37
    GREEN Stella Wife F M 25
    GREEN Azariah Adopted Son M S 16
354 383 BANTON Ernest Head M M 23
    BANTON Leah Wife F M 22
    BANTON Eva F Daughter F S 2
    BANTON Hettey W Son M S 1 Mo
355 384 GREEN Loyal Head M M 46
    GREEN Violet Wife F M 26
    GREEN Leah Daughter F S 6
    GREEN Susannah Daughter F S 4 Mos
    GREEN Rebecca Mother F W 71
356 385 PITCHER Martin Head M M 51
    PITCHER Keziah Wife F M 45
    PITCHER Caroline Daughter F S 23
    PITCHER Ella Daughter F S 19
    PITCHER Olive Daughter F S 17
    PITCHER Leslie Ad. Son M S 9
357 386 PITCHER Simeon Head M M 29
    PITCHER Myrtle Wife F M 25
PAGE 353              
138 149 TOOP Reuben Head M M 30
    TOOP Alice Wife F M 24
    TOOP Hilda Daughter F S 5
    TOOP Beatrice Daughter F S 4
    TOOP John Son M S 8 Mos

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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