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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 717 - 728

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 717              
143 160 THOMAS Ellis J Head M M 64
    THOMAS Maria A Wife F M 62
    THOMAS Philip Son M S 25
    THOMAS Emily Daughter F S 20
144 161 BELBEN Simeon A Head M M 34
    BELBEN Stella P Wife F M 37
    BELBEN Eli L Son M S 8
    BELBEN Wilfred J Son M S 1
    BELBEN Lavinia Mother F W 74
145 162 BELBEN Elam J Head M M 52
    BELBEN Amelia J Wife F M 42
    BELBEN Kenneth J Son M S 24
    BELBEN Wallace R Son M S 22
    BELBEN Ida B * Daughter F S 20
* NOTE: Entry for Ida B has a line drawn through it. Included here for reference
    BELBEN Nettie F Daughter F S 18
    BELBEN Preston J Son M S 16
    BELBEN Cecilia Daughter F S 14
    BELBEN Alfred Son M S 12
    BELBEN Isaac R Son M S 3
146 163 BELBEN Thomas Head M M 56
    BELBEN Martha A Wife F M 50
    BELBEN Hedley R Son M S 17
    BELBEN Dorcas M Daughter F S 16
    BELBEN Agness B Daughter F S 13
    BELBEN Lucy M Daughter F S 10
    BELBEN Jessie M Daughter F S 6
147 164 BUTTON Abner Head M M 48
    BUTTON Elmer Wife F M 48
    BUTTON Beatrice Daughter F S 22
    BUTTON Eugene Son M S 21
    BUTTON Elliot (sic) Son M S 18
    BUTTON Bernard Son M S 14
PAGE 718              
    BUTTON Ruth E Daughter F S 8
148 165 BURSEY John C Head M M 63
    BURSEY Annie P Wife F M 56
149 166 PALMER Ronald C Head M M 46
    PALMER Annie C Wife F M 42
    PALMER Alex C Son M S 22
    PALMER Vida M Daughter F S 20
    PALMER Andrew C Son M S 16
    PALMER Ida B Daughter F S 14
    PALMER William F Son M S 13
    PALMER Evelyn D Daughter F S 8
    PALMER Alfred T Son M S 4
    PALMER Pansey E Daughter F S 2 Mos
150 167 PALMER Chesley J Head M M 46
    PALMER Agnes L Wife F M 43
    PALMER Ettie M Daughter F S 18
    PALMER Stewart G Son M S 20
    PALMER Edward R Son M S 6
151 168 BELBEN Ernest J Head M M 54
    BELBEN Jennie Wife F M 54
    BELBEN Walter J Son M S 28
    BELBEN Bertha Daughter F S 25
    BELBEN Basiel (sic) Son M S 12
152 169 BELBEN Annie Head F M (sic) 48
    BELBEN Lorenzo Son M S 16
    BELBEN Reginald Son M S 8
    BELBEN Dorina Daughter F S 4
    BELBEN Edith Daughter F S 27
153 170 BAILEY Charles L Head M M 44
    BAILEY Daisy B Wife F M 45
    BAILEY Charles M G Son M S 20
    BAILEY Viney (sic) P Daughter F S 8
PAGE 719              
154 171 BAILEY Douglas Head M M 44
    BAILEY Violet M Wife F M 41
    BAILEY Ernest L Son M S 14
    BAILEY Elihu S Son M S 9
155 172 BAILEY Clayton Head M M 35
    BAILEY Dinah Wife F M 33
    BAILEY Harrison M Son M S 11
    BAILEY Joseph Son M S 9
    BAILEY Minnie Daughter F S 6
    BAILEY Ethie (sic) U Daughter F S 4
    BAILEY Annie J Daughter F S 1
    BAILEY Annisticha (sic) (?) Mother F W 74
156 173 HARRIS Eloi Head M M 36
    HARRIS Winnifred B S Wife F M 31
    HARRIS Gilbert Son M S 11
    HARRIS Hubert J Son M S 7
    HARRIS Otto E Son M S 5
157 174 HARRIS Kelson Head M M 34
    HARRIS Violet Wife F M 34
    HARRIS Ethel May Daughter F S 12
    HARRIS Evelyn G Daughter F S 10
    HARRIS Lewis R M Son M S 2
158 175 HARRIS Eloil W Head M S 18
    HARRIS Albert F Brother M S 7
    HARRIS Dianah Sister F S 15
    HARRIS Alfreda Sister F S 11
    HARRIS Sarah J Sister F S 9
  176 BUTTON George Head M M 25
    BUTTON Pinina (sic) Wife F M 37
    BUTTON Alfreda G Son M S 3
    BUTTON Walter Son M S 1 Mo
PAGE 720              
159 177 BAILEY John C Head M M 44
    BAILEY Susannah Wife F M 38
    BAILEY Everett L Son M S 5
    BAILEY Dorothy R Daughter F S 3
    PIKE Florence M Step Daug F S 16
    PIKE Vidy (sic) J Step Daug F S 13
    PIKE Walter J Step Son M S 11
160 178 HARRIS Elias Head M M 66
    HARRIS Selina Wife F M 61
161 179 BAILEY Geroge W Head M M 51
    BAILEY Rona Wife F M 45
    BAILEY Howard Son M S 21
    BAILEY Jessie Daughter F S 18
    BAILEY Edward Son M S 17
162 180 FRANCIS Lorenzo Head M M 40
    FRANCIS Edith M Wife F M 32
    FRANCIS Bride D Daughter F S 15
    FRANCIS Hazel B Daughter F S 11
    FRANCIS Ellen F Daughter F S 9
    FRANCIS Wallace C Son M S 7
    FRANCIS Wilson M Son M S 4
    FRANCIS Freeman R Son M S 1
    FRANCIS William H Brother M S 46
163 181 BAILEY Bertram Head M S 35
    BAILEY Victoria Mother F W 55
    BAILEY Bramwell Brother M S 19
164 182 HARRIS Thomas H Head M M 73
    HARRIS Amanda Wife F M 67
  183 HARRIS William F Head M M 28
    HARRIS Milicent M Wife F M 24
    HARRIS Thomas D Son M S 3
    HARRIS Stillman G Son M S 5 Mos
PAGE 721              
    PYNN George Uncle M W 75
165 184 BAILEY Clarence Head M M 40
    BAILEY Isabella B Wife F M 38
    BAILEY Israel J Son M S 11
    BAILEY Willard M Son M S 1
166 185 BAILEY Duncan Head M M 46
    BAILEY Hannah Wife F M 46
    BAILEY Pansy L Daughter F S 16 (?)
    BAILEY Selby Son M S 8
167 186 BAILEY Ernest J Head M M 49
    BAILEY Lucinda M Wife F M 39
168 187 SINGLE Clifton Head M M 40
    SINGLE Lavina Wife F M 51
    SINGLE Desmond R Son M S 17
    SINGLE Una M Daughter F S 15
    SINGLE Ethel F Daughter F S 12
    SINGLE Frank Son M S 9
    SINGLE Samuel A Step Son M S 23
169 188 SINGLE Aerial Head M M 24
    SINGLE Fannie L Wife F M 25
    SINGLE Jemima Mother F W 70
170 189 BELBEN Sydney D Head M M 60
    BELBEN Vida M Wife F M 20
    BELBEN Inno (sic) W Daughter F S 3
    BELBEN Ivy L Daughter F S 3 Mos
171 190 TRIMM Frank W Head M M 61
    TRIMM Virtue Wife F M 66
    BELBEN Alex Step Son M S 28
172 191 TRIMM John R Head M M 50
    TRIMM Phoebe H Wife F M 44
    TRIMM Robert V Son M S 19
    TRIMM Barbara C Daughter F S 17
PAGE 722              
    TRIMM Phylis T Daughter F S 9
    TRIMM Luetta (sic) P Daughter F S 7
    TRIMM Minnie P Daughter F S 4
173 192 TRIMM Arthur G Head M W 54
    HARRIS Roune E Niece F S 25
    FROUDE Bronston I Nephew M S 9
  193 TRIMM Llewelyn Head M M 30
    TRIMM Ella C Wife F M 22
    TRIMM Fredrick Son M S 1 Mo
174 194 TRIMM Martin S Head M M 51
    TRIMM Sadie H Wife F M 40
    TRIMM Warren E Son M S 20
    TRIMM Arthur G Son M S 18
    TRIMM Mildred A Daughter F S 16
    TRIMM Howard G Son M S 15
    TRIMM Myra M Daughter F S 13
    TRIMM Witney B Son M S 12
    TRIMM Myrtle B Daughter F S 10
    TRIMM Pearl S Daughter F S 8
    TRIMM Lewis C Son M S 6
    TRIMM Lester Son M S 4
    TRIMM Verina (sic) Daughter F S 2
175 195 BAILEY Rebecca Head F W 70
  196 BAILEY Arthur W Head M M 27
    BAILEY Jessie B Wife F M 26
    BAILEY Muriel M Daughter F S 1
176 197 HARRIS Norman Head M W 55
    HARRIS Mildred M Daughter F S 22
  198 BELBEN George L Head M M 27
    BELBEN Minnie B Wife F M 24
    BELBEN Helen L Daughter F S 1
PAGE 723              
177 199 BELBEN Harold B Head M M 38
    BELBEN Delilah Wife F M 35
    BELBEN Edna M Daughter F S 14
    BELBEN Joyce M Daughter F S 12
    BELBEN Hazel M Daughter F S 9
    BELBEN Horace R Son F S 5
    BELBEN Donald G Son M S 3
    BELBEN Walter J Son M S 1
    BELBEN Jane E Mother F W 78
178 200 PYNN Nehman Head M M 54
    PYNN Ascenith (sic) Wife F M 49
    PYNN Raymond R Son M S 16
    PYNN Clarence M Son M S 8
    PYNN Rita M Daughter F S 6
    HARRIS Moses B Uncle M W 77
179 201 BELBEN Arthur Head M M 35
    BELBEN Lilian B Wife F M 33
    BELBEN Edwin R Son M S 3
    BELBEN David L Son M S 5
    BELBEN Dorothy J Daughter F S 1
    BELBEN Name undecided (sic) Son M S 1 Mo
180 202 LOCKE William C Head M M 60
    LOCKE Laura L Wife F M 58
    LOCKE Henry Son M S 30
    LOCKE Ishmael Son M S 28
    LOCKE Maud L Daughter F S 26
    LOCKE William Son M S 23
    LOCKE Arthur J Son M S 21
181 203 BELBEN Aaron E Head M M 37
    BELBEN Flora J Wife F M 38
    BUTT Emma S Daughter F S 18
    BELBEN Nettie B Daughter F S 8
PAGE 724              
    BELBEN Muriel J Daughter F S 4
    BELBEN Fannie Mother F W 69
182 204 LEAWOOD Thomas Head M M 63
    LEAWOOD Mary L Wife F M 60
  205 LEAWOOD Lewis Head M M 24
    LEAWOOD Lily M Wife F M 21
    LEAWOOD Marina Daughter F S 9 Mos
183 206 HARRIS Wesley W Head M M 46
    HARRIS Jane S Wife F M 51
    HARRIS William Jr. Son M S 22
    HARRIS Amelia J Daughter F S 20
    HARRIS William E Sr. Father M W 79
184 207 HARRIS Eliol Head M M 47
    HARRIS Hannah A Wife F M 45
    HARRIS Harrison F Son M S 14
185 208 BELBEN William J Head M M 59
    BELBEN Rebecca Wife F M 55
186 209 BELBEN Isaac Head M M 60
    BELBEN Sarah Wife F M 50
    BELBEN Ethel Daughter F S 25
    BELBEN Hilda M Daughter F S 23
    BELBEN Albert Son M S 21
    BELBEN William Son M S 19
    BELBEN Marjorie Daughter F S 18
    BELBEN Andrew Son M S 16
    BELBEN Bennett Daughter? F? S 14
    BELBEN Harvey Son M S 12
    BELBEN Cora Daughter F S 9
    BELBEN Nelson Son M S 7
187 210 BELBEN Lemuel Head M M 54
    BELBEN Julia A Wife F M 50
    BELBEN Walter Son M S 27
PAGE 725              
    BELBEN Elden Son M S 25
    BELBEN Edgar Son M S 21
    BELBEN Aaron Son M S 20
    BELBEN Hector Son M S 12
    BELBEN Lloyd Son M S 9
188 211 FRANCIS Aaron A Head M M 37
    FRANCIS Pamelia (sic) Wife F M 31
    FRANCIS Nita L Daughter F S 6
    FRANCIS Shirley Daughter F S 3
189 212 HARRIS Arthur J Head M M 54
    HARRIS Drucilla Wife F M 46
    HARRIS Jacob A Son M S 22
    HARRIS Olive G Daughter F S 14
    HARRIS Nettie R Daughter F S 9
190 213 MOORES John Head M M 57
    MOORES Mahala E Wife F M 61
    MOORES Wilfred Son M S 25
    MOORES Eric R Son M S 23
191 214 HARRIS Temar (sic) Head F W 62
    HARRIS Hedley Son M S 28
192 215 HARRIS Garfield Head M M 40
    HARRIS Stella D Wife F M 29
    HARRIS Gertie A Daughter F S 8
    HARRIS Uriah A Son M S 5
    HARRIS Ernest W Son M S 3
    HARRIS John A Father M W 71
193 216 HARRIS Delvenia Head F W 57
  217 SINGLE William R Head M M 29
    SINGLE Mabel W Wife F M 29
    SINGLE Clara M Daughter F S 8
    SINGLE Pansey E Daughter F S 7
    SINGLE Macolm R Son M S 5
PAGE 726              
194 218 PYNN Willis Head M M 60
    PYNN Jane Wife F M 48
    PYNN Mildred J Daughter F S 23
    PYNN Adelaide M * Daughter F S 22
* NOTE: Adelaide M has been lined out on the page. Included here for reference
    PYNN Wilfred F Son M S 17
    PYNN Margaret Daughter F S 16
195 219 PYNN John Head M W 55
    PYNN Lawrence Son M S 23
    PYNN Baxter E Son M S 21
    PYNN Clyde G Son M S 19
    PYNN Mahala E Daughter F S 15
    PYNN Kenneth S Son M S 11
    PYNN Lily E Daughter F S 9
196 220 PYNN Pleman Head M M 60
    PYNN Ida Wife M M 71
197 221 HARRIS Christopher Head M M 71
    HARRIS Maggie Wife F M 64
198 222 HARRIS Melvin C Head M M 24
    HARRIS Myra G Wife F M 25
    HARRIS Jessie M Daughter F S 2
    HARRIS Deliah U Daughter F S 3 Mos
199 223 HARRIS William E Head M M 52
    HARRIS Belinda Wife F M 47
    HARRIS Arthur C Son M S 17
    HARRIS Stanley H Son M S 15
    HARRIS Leonard N Son M S 12
    HARRIS Chester E Son M S 11
    HARRIS Lawrence A Son M S 8
    HARRIS John M Uncle M W 78
No Entry No Entry HARRIS Stephen No Entry M M 34
No Entry No Entry FRANCIS Eliol No Entry M S 18
No Entry No Entry SINGLE Edward No Entry M S 24
PAGE 727              
200 224 HARRIS William J Head M M 59
    HARRIS Drusilla E Wife F M 56
    HARRIS Bennette (sic) Daughter F S 31
    HARRIS Wilson L Son M S 27
    HARRIS Wallace J Son M S 25
201 225 LAUNDRY Mary Head F W 54
    LAUNDRY Hubert G Son M S 29
    LAUNDRY Milley Daughter F S 23
    LAUNDRY Ralph Grand Son M S 5
PAGE 728              
No Entry No Entry MOORES Wilfred No Entry M S 25
No Entry No Entry BELBEN Edward * No Entry M M 38
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry (Belben,Edward) Included here for reference

Transcribed by Dallas Greeley (August 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (August 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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