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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 152 - 158 & 144

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 152              
223 224 HOOKEY William John Head M M 56
    HOOKEY Sarah Wife F M 48
    HOOKEY Gladys Daughter F S 27
    HOOKEY Veta (sic) (?) Daughter F S 25
    HOOKEY Wilfred Son M S 12
    HOOKEY Otto Son M S 10
    MILLER Isabella Mother-in-law F W 81
224 225 HOOKEY Kedar (sic) (?) Head M M 46
    HOOKEY Amelia Wife F M 39
    HOOKEY Arthur Leslie Son M S 17
    HOOKEY Elsie Daughter F S 13
    HOOKEY Horace Alfred Son M S 10
    HOOKEY Collin Quinton Son M S 8
    HOOKEY Donald Son M S 2
225 226 HOOKEY Reuben Head M M 53
    HOOKEY Virtue Wife F M 43 (?)
    HOOKEY Clarence Son * M S 15 (?)
* NOTE: It appears that the word Step may have also been written for this individual. It is not clear but is possible.
    HOOKEY Edith May Daughter F S 12
    HOOKEY Sterling Son M S 8
PAGE 153              
    HOOKEY Hazel Baxter Son M S 4
    GOLDSWORTHY Andrew William Step Son M S 20
226 227 GOLDSWORTHY Elizabeth Head F W 53
    GOLDSWORTHY Moses Son M S 22
    GOLDSWORTHY Isabel Daughter F S 20
    GOLDSWORTHY Elma (sic) Daughter F S 15
    GOLDSWORTHY Florence Daughter F S 12
227 228 GOLDSWORTHY Ambrose Head M M 43
    GOLDSWORTHY Ada Wife F M 39
    GOLDSWORTHY Marjorie Phyllis Daughter F S 19
    GOLDSWORTHY William Edward Son M S 17
    GOLDSWORTHY Sarah Jane Daughter F S 15
    GOLDSWORTHY Victoria Daughter F S 13
    GOLDSWORTHY Richard Son M S 11
    GOLDSWORTHY Cecilia Daughter F S 7
    GOLDSWORTHY Garland Son M S 4
    GOLDSWORTHY Sarah Mother F W 82
228 229 GOLDSWORTHY Walter Jr. Head M M 35
    GOLDSWORTHY Pheobe (sic) Wife F M 27
    GOLDSWORTHY Cecil Roy Son M S 2
229 230 GOLDSWORTHY Walter Sr. Head M M 64
    GOLDSWORTHY Jessie Wife F M 64
    GOLDSWORTHY Gertrude Daughter F S 29
    GOLDSWORTHY Alpheaus (sic) Son M S 22
230 231 GOLDSWORTHY George Head M W 40
    GOLDSWORTHY Louisa Daughter F S 8
    GOLDSWORTHY Mary Blanche Daughter F S 6
231 232 GOLDSWORTHY Nehemiah Head M M 41
    GOLDSWORTHY Helen Wife F M 35
    GOLDSWORTHY Reginald Son M S 15
    GOLDSWORTHY Earl Chesley Son M S 13
    GOLDSWORTHY Frances Daughter F S 11
    GOLDSWORTHY Ruby Madeline Daughter F S 6
PAGE 154              
232 233 FREEMAN Mark Head M M 49
    FREEMAN Ellie Grace Wife F M 48
    FREEMAN Victor Son M S 20
    FREEMAN Ethel Mary Daughter F S 18
    FREEMAN Albert Kenneth Son M S 13
233 234 FREEMAN Eli Head M M 59
    FREEMAN Sarah Jane Wife F M 49
    FREEMAN Edison Son M S 19
    FREEMAN Maxwell Son M S 18
    FREEMAN Beatrice Daughter F S 15
    FREEMAN Elias John Son M S 12
234 235 FREEMAN William Head M M 64
    FREEMAN Elizabeth Ann Wife F M 59
    FREEMAN Edgar Son M S 26
    FREEMAN Amy Daughter F S 23
    FREEMAN Cecil Son M S 18
235 236 MOODY George Head M M 66
    MOODY Edith Wife F M 66
236 237 FREEMAN James Head M M 71
    FREEMAN Olivia Wife F M 63
    FREEMAN Norman Son M M 32
    FREEMAN Janet Daughter-in-law F M 32
    FREEMAN Daphne Granddaughter F S 7
237 238 HISCOCK Randell Head M M 41
    HISCOCK Florence Wife F M 37
    HISCOCK John Son M S 11
    HISCOCK Chesley Son M S 10
    HISCOCK Cecil Son M S 8
    HISCOCK Kathleen Daughter F S 6
    HISCOCK Jessie Florence Daughter F S 2
    HISCOCK Albert Son M S 1 Mo
    HISCOCK Charity Mother F W 66
238 239 HISCOCK Norman Head M M 37
PAGE 155              
    HISCOCK Violet Wife F M 35
    HISCOCK Kezia Daughter F S 13
    HISCOCK Frances Daughter F S 11
    HISCOCK LeRoy Son M S 9
    HISCOCK Doreen Daughter F S 6
    HISCOCK Benjamin Son M S 2
239 240 HISCOCK William Head M M 37
    HISCOCK Bessie May Wife F M 32
    HISCOCK Eunice Daughter F S 16
    HISCOCK Eva Mary Daughter F S 14
    HISCOCK Walter Son M S 13
    HISCOCK Hubert Son M S 11
    HISCOCK Amy Daughter F S 7
    HISCOCK Lewis Son M S 5
  241 HISCOCK William George Head M M 61
    HISCOCK Martha Wife F M 53
    HISCOCK Henry Son M S 28
    HISCOCK Martin Son M S 26
    HISCOCK Peter Son M S 23
    HISCOCK Arthur Son M S 21
    HISCOCK Kitchener Son M S 17
240 242 HISCOCK Charles Edmund Head M M 32
    HISCOCK Emma May Wife F M 28
    HISCOCK Wilfred Raymond Son M S 7
    HISCOCK Melena Daughter F S 5
    HISCOCK Harold James Son M S 4
    HISCOCK Sarah Daughter F S 1
241 243 HISCOCK Abram Head M S 30
    HISCOCK Abigal (sic) Step-mother F W 74
242 244 FREEMAN George Head M M 58
    FREEMAN Mary Jane Wife F M 56
    CROCKER Clayton Adopted Son M S 23
243 245 HISCOCK Robert, of John Head M M 42
PAGE 156              
    HISCOCK Rosana (sic) Wife F M 32
    HISCOCK Lillian Myrtle Daughter F S 8
    HISCOCK Mary Ann Mother F W 66
244 246 HISCOCK Richard Head M M 32
    HISCOCK Annie Wife F M 33
    HISCOCK Eileen Daughter F S 6
    HISCOCK Shirley Daughter F S 5
    HISCOCK Frederick Son M S 3
245 247 HISCOCK Edward Head M W 76
246 248 GOLDSWORTHY Thomas Head M M 52
    GOLDSWORTHY Eliza Wife F M 51
    GOLDSWORTHY Abram Son M S 22
    GOLDSWORTHY Sophie Daughter F S 17
    GOLDSWORTHY Gerald Son M S 14
247 249 MOODY Orlando Head M M 38
    MOODY Blanche Wife F M 25
248 250 FREEMAN Colin Head M M 52
    FREEMAN Jessie Wife F M 49
    FREEMAN McKenzie Son M S 19
    FREEMAN Margaret Pearl Daughter F S 16
249 251 HISCOCK Colin Head M M 31
    HISCOCK Norah Wife F M 28
    HISCOCK Ida Daughter F S 5
    HISCOCK James Son M S 3
    HISCOCK Gerald Son M S 1
    HISCOCK Deborah Mother F W 70
    HISCOCK William Cousin M S 17
250 252 FREEMAN John Sr. Head M M 36
    FREEMAN Amy Ann Wife F M 33
    FREEMAN Helen Daughter F S 12
    FREEMAN Edwin Charles Son M S 10
    FREEMAN Harold Son M S 7
251 253 HISCOCK Robert Jr. Head M M 38
PAGE 157              
    HISCOCK Mary Wife F M 26
    HISCOCK Raymond Douglas Son M S 1
    HISCOCK Peter Sr. Father M M 69
    HISCOCK Annie Mother F M 75
252 254 BARNES Martin Head M M 33
    BARNES Doris Wife F M 33
    BARNES Joan Daughter F S 8
253 255 BARNES Josiah Head M M 74
    BARNES Eugiene (sic) Wife F M 66
    BARNES German Son M M 30
    BARNES Ettie Daughter-in-law F M 24
254 256 MOODY Mark Head M M 57
    MOODY Sarah Wife F M 52
    MOODY Harvey Son M S 25
    MOODY Florence May Daughter F S 24
    MOODY Edwin Son M S 21
    MOODY James Clayton Son M S 17
255 257 PENNY Charles Head M M 63
    PENNY Rhoda Wife F M 62
256 258 PENNY Lindsay Head M M 31
    PENNY Effie Wife F M 31
    PENNY Eric Son M S 7
    PENNY Mary Daughter F S 5
    PENNY Chesley Son M S 3
257 259 BARNES David Head M M 37
    BARNES Bessie Wife F M 36
    BARNES Roy Son M S 9
    BARNES Clayton Son M S 5
258 260 BARNES Francis Head M M 68
    BARNES Joanna Wife F M 60
    BARNES Bennett Son M S 34
    BARNES Richard Son M S 23
    BARNES Garland Son M S 20
PAGE 158              
    BARNES Eldred Son M S 18
259 261 BARNES Abram Head M M 63
    BARNES Annie Wife F M 60
    BARNES Howard Son M S 27
260 262 BARNES Joseph Head M M 45
    BARNES Ellen Wife F M 41
    BARNES George Ethridge Son M S 17
    BARNES Weston Stanton Son M S 15
    BARNES Eric Watson Son M S 13
    BARNES Florence Myrtle Daughter F S 11
    BARNES Cyril Son M S 9
    WELLS Edwin Step Brother M S 62
261 263 HISCOCK Ambrose Head M M 68
    HISCOCK Jane Wife F M 65
    BARNES Isabelle Grand Daughter F S 19
262 264 PENNY Reuben Head M M 56
    PENNY Emily Wife F M 54
    PENNY Richard Howard Son M S 28
263 265 HOOKEY James Head M W 65
264 266 HOOKEY Alonzo Head M M 30
    HOOKEY Amy Cecilia Wife F M 25
PAGE 144     BROOKLYN        
No Entry No Entry MILLER Ruby Irene No Entry F M 23
No Entry No Entry BUTLER Ralph Head M M 36
No Entry No Entry BUTLER Elizabeth Wife F M 35
No Entry No Entry BUTLER Kathleen Daughter F S 8

Transcribed by Laurie Lockhart (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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